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Legal Disclaimer: Saban owns all the Rangers depicted here, I just borrowed them. Contrary to popular, or not so popular belief, I am not getting paid.
Author's Note: Most of the text in the first part was taken from Countdown to Destruction, Part 2. Yes, I actually watched the show just to write down what took place. So what if I have no life? The people who love the show, and the fanfics written won't think so, and if you do think that I have no life, well, where's your life? You do happen to be reading this, ya know.

Where Be The Rangers?
by Mistri, Cho's Observer

"The Power Rangers aren't going to save you. They've already tried. And they FAILED!!" Astronema glared at the assembled population of Angel Grove. "I control Earth. The Rangers are among you, somewhere, hiding from me. I want the Rangers. It's them—or you."

Still noone moved. Then Astronema exploded. "Power Rangers, you're cowards! You'll sacrifice the whole planet? I'll ask one more time. Where are the Power Rangers?"

Noone moved, and Astronema said, "Destroy them."

Then Bulk yelled "Wait! Wait!", pushing his way to a space in front. Astronema looked at him. "I'm the Blue Ranger!" Skull looked at him and then said, "I'm the Black Ranger!"

Professor Phenomus scrambled to join them, and shouted, "And I..I am the Red Ranger!"

A lady joined them and yelled "I am the Yellow Ranger!"

A old homeless guy, with a white beard, stated "I am the Silver Ranger!"

Adelle stepped out and said "You can call me the Pink Ranger!"

Then other people stated that they were also Rangers.


Zhane, Cassie, Carlos, TJ, and Ashley watched the proceedings.

Astronema snarled, "Destroy them all." They scrambled out.


"Hold it right there!" yelled Zhane. Everyone looked at them, standing on a building. "We are the Power Rangers." Then they yelled "Let's Rocket!" and morphed, and fell into the ancient patterns. "Blue!" "Black!" "Pink!" "Yellow!" "Silver!"

Bulk and Skull looked at each other. "Them?! Them?"

Everyone leapt into battle.


Andros was aboard the Dark Fortress.

He got into the main place, with Ecliptor hammering on the door, and turned to face Zordon.


"Yes, Andros, it's me."

"Zordon, I can't believe it. I was beginning to think I'd never see you again."

"Andros, listen to me. There is not much time. The forces of evil have already captured most of the universe. Soon they will capture the Earth."

"Yeah, I know."

"You can stop that from happening."

"How?! Tell me."

"Scatter the energy from my tube. Only the good energy from my tube will destroy the forces of evil."

"What will happen to you?"

"I will be gone, but my spirit will forever live in all that is good."

"There's got to be another way!"

"There isn't."

"Goodbye, old friend." Andros raised his Spiral Saber, and slashed it down. But he stopped an inch from the tube.

"Zordon, no! You ask too much. I won't destroy you."

"How about I destroy you?" Andros whirled around, and leapt into the battle against Astronema. Just as Ecliptor finally broke into the main place, Astronema fell, dead or in a coma, Andros didn't know.

"What have you done!"

"I didn't mean to, it was a accident..."

"My Princess....." Then Ecliptor and Andros started fighting. Zordon spoke.

"Andros, it is your duty as a Power Ranger to save the universe."

Andros didn't hesitate, he smashed the tube, and saw golden light envelope him.


Outside, the Rangers saw the light, and demorphed involuntarily. The evil beings on Earth were turned to sand. Then the Rangers came running, and slapping hands of the people on the way to the Dark Fortress which was landing.

A figure walked out, and they ran up. But they stopped about fifty metres away from the ship. Andros laid the body of Karone/Astronema on the ground, and they all ran up. Andros cried silently, and the tears splashed onto Karone/Astronema. She began to fade, and she turned into Karone.

"Andros? What am I doing here?"

"That's a long story, Karone. A long, long story."



Kat woke up, and screamed as the light came closer. It hit her, and she felt a warmth and comfort she hadn't felt in years. Then it was gone. She got up, dressed and made some coffee. Her roommate hadn't been woken up. She now had an important position with the Royal Ballet Academy, and she had broken up with Tommy, both knowing that it wasn't real. Real life was okay, but sometimes she missed the old days. Then she screamed, with pain and sorrow. Her roommate came running in.

"Kat, what is it?"

Kat didn't know what to say, Zordon was dead, she knew that. "I'm.. I've got to go home." She then packed her bags and walked away, to see what had happened.



Zack, Trini, and Jason had been glued to the TV. They saw the golden light, and then after one minute exactly, it hit them. They had all come back to the Peace Conference, having no other places at the time they came back. Jason, who had suffered from slight weaknesses in his body ever since the Golden Powers were given back to Trey, because Jason couldn't hold them, felt that leave. He felt as strong as ever. None of them regretted the old days.

And again, screams rent the Earth, and they packed and left.


Angel Grove.

Tommy and Justin, after they had left, had gone onto other things. Tommy now raced cars for a living, while Justin now lived with his dad, and actually did his homework. Tommy and Justin had been fighting the Quantrons, and they felt the warmth of the light. And they also knew, that it had been Zordon, having heard the arguement between Ashley and Andros. They held onto each other, and cried their hearts out. They had lost the only one who had believed in them from the start. Tommy had been evil, and Justin was a kid, compared to the others.



Aisha was with the villagers, discussing the disease that Aisha had stayed behind to cure, and the light hit them and Aisha wondered at the warmth and love it carried. Only one person had loved her like that. Zordon. She fainted, and when she woke, would not eat.



Billy and Kim watched the news, horrified. Kim had recently won three gold, six silver and ten bronze in the gymnastics at the Pan-Globals. Billy had come back from Aquitar, after an event involving him taking off his shirt. Apparently, Aquitians only took off their shirts when they were about to have sex. Cestria had gone mental, and Billy, after clearing everything up, had left, knowing they were too different to be together. This couldn't be. They saw the light, and felt the love held there. They felt the pride contained for them, the light's longest serving Rangers, and they knew that it was Zordon. And their faces were streaked in tears, for they knew they could not bring him back.


Stone Canyon.

At Frog and Ape Martial Arts, Adam and Rocky tried to teach a class, but they gave that up and sent the kids home. They had opened this place after Adam had left the team, and Rocky had actually done the research, after he hurt his back, so they opened up right away, and it was actually quite profitable. And thus, they honoured a times-old promise. As the light enveloped them, they remembered their first meeting with Zordon, and they bowed their heads in silent pain.


New York.

Tanya was out on a lunch break from her job as a DJ for one of New York's top radio stations. The light hit her, and she knew at once, by the love and warmth extended, that it was Zordon.


After a week, everyone met up at the Surf Spot. Adelle had given them the place, seeing as TJ was her nephew, and he had explained that the ex-Rangers wanted explanations that they didn't need, or would really like.

"Zordon's gone," said Tommy. Andros nodded, it hadn't been a question, they just wanted confirmation of what they already knew. Everyone sank to the floor.

And sitting there, they talked. Remembered. And found some strange comfort in their being together. Kim pulled out her guitar, and slowly strummed the strings, and sung a song that they all knew, in some context, and it was forever their song, Zordon's Song.

Down the road, we never know,
What life may hold in store.
Winds of change, will rearrange,
Our lives like not before.
But you'll never stand alone, my friend,
Memories never die.
In our hearts, they'll always live,
And never say good bye.