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Viva La Resistance!

This is a new series that involves careful planning and a lot of net time. Why? Because when the authors Robert J. Gutheim and Mistri live in different time zones and hemispheres it isn't easy planning. Please note that Robert will when possible and if asked first loan out one of his characters. However, since the nine characters of the Phaedos team are being used in a story for publication, they cannot be borrowed. They are protected under international copyright law. They are not available for borrowing under any circumstances. So don't even bother asking.

Viva La Resistance. When Earth is taken over by the UAE a crack resistance force is their last hope. Viva La Resistance!

Intergrations. The Rangers start to integrate their operations around the Chamber.

Coming To Terms. When tragedy strikes Viva La Resistance the rest of them must band together.

Moving On. The Rangers attempt to move on in the wake of the Phaedos team's death.

Finally, Back To Normality...... Just as things are settling down... everything is screwed over. Again.

.....Or At Least As Normal As Things Can Get Around Here.. The UAE is concentrating on Earth. They're not at full strength. And they will need to be...

Reactions. Rocky's questions opens up a potential evil...

A Lost Teammate. Is the Purple Phaedosian Ranger really alive?...

Facing The Truth. Not all twins are alike.

Taming The Equinox. Equinox is ready... Phaedos injured... And Rocky eats a lot.

Failing Phaedos. They never failed. And now... they're being failed.

Venturing Out. As the fight continues the Rangers find freedom.

Edenite Intruder. Familiar things are popping up again.

Inquirian Outpost. The Demona Rangers search for an abandoned outpost on Capsilon IX while the Equinox visits Inquirius.

The Team Rejoins. A price is paid but the rest of the Rangers arrive on Capsilon IX.

Unsettled. Not everything is going well on Capsilon IX.

A War Begins. A second War of the Grid has begun...

Showdown at OK Corral. The final days are upon the Bearers of the Mark...