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Power Rangers: To The Tenth Power!

This is a new series from the people who brought you Viva La Resistance that involves careful planning and a lot of Net time. Why? Because when the authors live in different Time Zones and hemispheres it isn't easy planning.

The Prophecy of the Ten. When a new evil awakes, ten teens are given an extraordinary chance.

A Festival Shattered. Adria's village festival is ruined... And just what are their Zords?

A Political Daughter. The things you go through when you're a Ranger and your dad is The President.

A Mother's Heartbreak. A mother understands... if you'd let her.

The Archer. Dani causes Kylara a few problems.

Questioning. Charda questions his life as it relates to his mother's problems.

Silver Difficulties. Adria is having difficulty with an upcoming event in her life.

Mr. Second In Command. Isidore is trying to plan strategy in the way of attacks.

Golden Love. Will went looking for rocks but found something more.

Enemy Ranger. Sita's loyalties are questioned when she learns something shocking.

Leadership Woes. Valdi questions his leadership abilities shortly before someone close to him is injured.

Many Stories. Radha's writing out her stories... only to go and fight a monster of another story.

The Quest for Phaedos. The Great Power - The ground is littered with the bones of those who have tried for it... and failed.

Wedded Bliss. Chaos ensues on Adria's wedding day.

Prophecy Unravelled. The prophecy is decoded... but what will it say?

Lighted Darkness. Dani's weird, and Isidore's sister has been long gone. Or so he thinks.

Timely Discussions of Present and Past. The Rangers don't know what's going on in Fortress Articia . . .

A Father's Fury. When Melody is captured the Rangers see a side of their mentor they didn't recognize.

A Mother Scorned. Dani is not pleased to be a prisoner in her own lord's dungeon especially with Sita also a prisoner.

Day Of The Phantom. The Champion is revealed. The Prophesized Champion is Thala Nuehousner.

The Light Is Revealed. The prophecy passed, a villain freed.

Prelude To Battle. Something has gone horribly wrong.

Ultimatum Issued. A choice has to be made.

Horrors. Vengeance is sworn... ??

Final Endings. The war is over, but there was a price.