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Author's Note: Questions. Questions that need answering.

by Mistri, Cho's Observer

"We're closing out to another year, girls," I said to my eight little dragons.

*Yeah, we are,* muttered Geneva. *Why didn't we get a one year fic?*

"Well, look, this year has probably been the worst year in terms of updates. I had no time, due to all those requirements of the HSC. So... yes, we were around for one year, but it just wasn't looking like it. Besides, I was busy trying to plan a Graduation Mass with the committee."

*Well, how are submissions going?* asked Ebrale.

"Hard to say. I sent Peregrine and Mele invites, and so far, only Peregrine has responded. All she said was to ask how I would like her to send the fics. That I view as an unofficial acceptance, because she didn't actually say, yes, she would like to become a submitter. Robert has given me all his stuff, and so it's a matter of getting it out."

*Perhaps you should stretch it out over some updates,* suggested Brlyn.

"I was actually considering that," I allowed. "Dagmar is working on several fics, to my knowledge. I could ask her for the other ones she has done, but I'm not sure whether I will. As to mine, I've got several in the works."

*Why can't we get more submitters?* asked Kalends.

"Hmm. Well, I did ask Jeremy, but I may just send him another email, asking once more, since he never did reply," I mused. "I'll also get back to Peregrine, see if she'll send hers soon. As to getting more submitters, the problem is having a bit of diversification. I may look around and see if there are any good authors out there."

*What will we be doing next year?* asked Lares.

"Uncertain at this point. I want to try and get more submitters, hopefully, but that's about it."

*What about Phaedosian Origins?* asked Calika, brightly.

"That's just started up in terms of being written. As it is, I'd like to have a few fics written before I even start broaching the idea of setting up the ideas for posting it."

*Fair enough,* allowed Destini. *But what about the Yellow Chronicles?* I looked sharply at her.

"Good question. Power Rangers Spoiler Warnings should be able to help out with some seasons, like Turbo for instance. But I can't find a decent Zeo episode summary website. Power Rangers Central doesn't have episode pic synopsises for Zeo either, or I might work from there. I've got no clue, really."

Before someone else could open their mouth, I said, "And don't ask me what's happening with Circle Draws Inward. My main problem there is getting a LOTR book, because I don't want to end up ruining mine by breaking the spine so much that pages fall out."

*I thought your main problem was that you had written yourself into a corner,* they piped up.

"Well, if I did, it's your fault!" I snapped, paraphrasing a line from Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. "If you eight actually did your job, maybe we'd get somewhere!"

*Maybe if you stopped analysing your feelings for a certain female, we'd get somewhere,* spoke a little voice. I turned around and locked eyes with a certain red scaled dragon.

"Vedic Collins, care to repeat that?" I asked.

Vedic held my gaze, but declined to repeat it.

"And where are Calika Park and Lares Stewart? They were here." My voice was getting calmer and calmer, a sure sign of increasing annoyance.

*They left, crying,* said Kalends. *They're very upset that Asharani and Calcia are sort of ending up not appearing in your other, personal, work.*

*Which gives rise to other interesting questions... * said Ebrale.

"And those might be?" I asked, a dangerous edge to my voice.

*Well... * They all decided to leave, as I glared at them.