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Author's Note: The title is taken from Not Another Teen Movie starring Cerina Vincent. I believe it is self explanatory.

Not Another Bloody Muse!
by Mistri, Cho's Observer

I settled back into my chair, and opened my file dealing with some personal stories, having decided to break for Christmas and New Years on the PR scene. I read over some transcripts of chats with Robert, and chuckled again.

RobertJGutheim (8:23:29 AM): Mike when it comes to your muses a very old American TV show title comes to mind.
siamp3 (8:23:37 AM): Really?
RobertJGutheim (8:23:44 AM): yes Eight is Enough.
RobertJGutheim (8:23:50 AM): hehehehe.
siamp3 (8:24:01 AM): um, I don't get it?
RobertJGutheim (8:24:15 AM): in translation don't get another muse.
siamp3 (8:24:22 AM): ah...
siamp3 (8:24:35 AM): You heard him girls!
RobertJGutheim (8:25:00 AM): back when I was a kid there was a TV show here in the US titled Eight is Enough. I don't remember the premise but the title fit.

The girls had asked me to ask Robert and Dagmar about getting another. Robert vetoed it. Dagmar said something nice about it being my psychriatric bill (which, by the way, not that anyone else cares, of course, is high enough already, in my humble opinion. *We have heard your humble opinion and it certainly is,*) so I gathered it was a no.

But of course, these girls don't listen to anyone. Not even each other at the best of times. Which explains, why when I was just deciding what should happen, the portal of fire opened, and in traipsed the muses that 'help me'.

Well, it was Saturday night, and well, the fact there were nine muses and not eight, was not terribly worrisome. Especially when the ninth muse was apparently getting in good with little Geneva. She had a boyfriend, I surmised. And correctly, too.

"So, are you going to introduce me to your new friend?" I asked.

*This is... * Here they hesitated. I looked sharply at them.

"Okay, what is this muse?" I asked, hoping it was easier.

*I am some cross between a male dragon and a male tiger,* he said. *For the record, I am male.* I looked strangely at him. He was indeed what he said was. His fur was sort of blackish-silver, much like the Phantom Ranger of the Turbo\Space era.

"I kinda figured you were male," I said. "Now. What sort of cross?"

*The kinda cross that results in me looking like a tiger,* and he came out of the shadows, *with dragon wings and the ability to breathe fire.*

"Well, there have been weirder muses," I said.

*Yeah. DataTrekster to name one,* said Calika proudly.

"So, who are you?" I asked once more.

*Well... I'm Bivius Phantom,* said Bivius.

"Bivius - having two ways... seems to fit. Okay... so why are you here?"

He grinned, and I paled slightly. *You don't know my first name, do you? But you can probably guess it.*

"I think I'll pass... " I said faintly.

*These little girls got the idea you needed another muse, so they came and got me,* he said brightly. *It's real nice of you.*

"Uh... yes... Are your records better than these girls?" I asked.

*Nah. They're just as bad. I have a lot of detentions, visits with the director, and visits with the Muse counsellor to add to the total. Oh, and you get a lifetime supply of Muse furniture and accessories since you took me in.*

Somebody please rescue me...