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Legal Disclaimer: The Power Rangers belong to Saban or Disney, not me. Lord of the Rings and all associated characters are copyright of J.R.R. Tolkien. Harry Potter and all related indicia is copyright J.K. Rowling. I'm not making any profit from this story. I have borrowed from Ellen Brand ¤ Trevor, Eileen and Franklin Park, plus Chelsea Oliver. I own Vadaei, [that's pronounced VAY-di-I,] the Phaedos Powers and their bearers, Mistri, Geneva, Calcia, Edy, Asharani, Karei, Vedi, Dalila and Bambi. These nine characters cannot be borrowed, as I'm using them in a story for publication. They are protected under international copyright law. I also own Niamh Ralin, Kalika Alinir, Fleure Vahala and Dylan Jalaz. Those four may be borrowed, but drop me a line, okay? I also own Penelope and Lee Kwan. Resemblances between characters and real people, dead or alive, is purely unintentional. This story comes after The Fellowship in the series The Circle Draws Inward. This is the second in a six to twelve story arc. This is rated PG by the Motion Picture Association of America. Cameo appearances are welcomed. Kudos to anyone who gets the third season MMPR reference.
Terminology: Rangers is everyone. Ninjetti is all empowered as Ninjetti. When morphed into the Ninjetti suits, the reference is [Colour] [Spirit] Ninjetti. Therefore, Pink Crane Ninjetti is Kim. Morphed or unmorphed, the Avatar Ninjetti [morphed being Ranger Powered] are called by first name. Unmorphed, or with helmets off, all Rangers are referred to by first name. [Colour] [Team Specific] Ranger refers to the morphed Ranger in battle. Therefore, Pink Zeo Ranger is Kat. In the same sense, Pink Zeo Ninjetti is Kat using her Ninjetti Powers as a Ranger.

The Unveiled
by Mistri, Cho's Observer

July 25th, 1997.

On Earth, Trini, Adam and Edy were walking through the park with Bulk and Skull when a very strange things happened. The sky darkened and it spat a lightning bolt of darkness down to where Trini, Adam and Edy were.

"Bulk, Skull! Get to the Chamber!" cried Adam. Bulk and Skull hit their teleport buttons and got out of there as fast as they could.

"Zeo Ranger IV, Green!"

"Eagle! Power Up!"

"Phaedos NovaFour Activate!"

They were no sooner morphed than a most godawful blackness surrounded them.

And when it cleared, they were no longer there.


The alarms were blaring. Alpha hurriedly began to locate the source of the disturbance, and once he had found it, he sent the Zeo Rangers to the park.

They landed near the area, and watched as three black shapes took form. Cursing his bad luck, Red Zeo Ranger gave orders for everyone to go to the Power Chamber, morphed, with the three beings.

Once in the Power Chamber they noticed that Trini, Adam and Edy were missing. Billy simply went to the consoles, and began analysing the disturbances in the park. At long last he looked up.

"The disturbance in the park seems to have burnt out. As far as I can determine, its activity was simply the switching and conversion of mass from anywhere to anywhere. There is energy radiating out, with a distinct time signature, due to magnetic particles, reacting to the active particles of today."

Years of listening to Trini allowed Zack and Kimberly translate it, after figuring it out for themselves. "He means, that he can determine points in time due to magnetic particles from those times being affected by today's magnetic field."

"Affirmative. Scientists have proved that we have have magnetic field switches, due to the relevant positions of magnetic particles in the Earth's crust. These slowly change as time passes. While there is no seen change by the scientists from day to day, with the Power Chamber's technology, I should at least be able to determine the year, if not precise dates and times. Now, find out who our guests are."


The three guests, once they had arrived in the Power Chamber, had huddled.

"What happened, Sam?" asked one.

"Mr. Merry, Mr. Pippin, I don't know. It was dark, and then it was darker, if you get my meaning, and then I felt an almighty pull, and then it was light," said Sam. "Where's Mr. Frodo?"

"No idea," said Merry. "We were ahead of him, you remember."

White Zeo Ranger came over. "Who are you?" she asked. The other remaining Rangers turned as well, to see what they would.

"Who are you?" countered Sam. "What has happened?"

"As best as we know, you were taken from wherever you were, and placed here. Three of our friends are lost in time. Got any dates?" She addressed this last to Billy.

"Well . . . 3018, September 29th?" Billy said, dubiously. "1812, June 9th. 480BC, October 18th. And 1586, March 22nd."

"It was the first date where we were," said Sam, begrudging them that information.

"Have you heard of Power Rangers?" asked White Zeo Ranger.

"No, but that's what you are, right?" said Pippin. White Zeo Ranger nodded. "Another dimension?"

"Unlikely," said Billy, still at the consoles. "As I said, all it was supposed to do was switch mass. It would be easier for it to be confined to one dimension, and require less energy. Even though it was breaking up by the time we got here, there still was residue energy. Not enough for them to be from an alternate dimension."

"We're in the Third Age," said Merry. "Soon, according to Gandalf, who heard it from Lord Elrond Halfelven, it will pass away, and times will change ¤ "

"Drastically in the Fourth Age," said Yellow Phaedos Ranger, interrupting. All of Phaedos were shocked. "I know more, now, but not enough, for I was not the Lore-Keeper of Phaedos." She began to pace.

"They're in the past. They could only be where Samwise Gamgee, Meriadoc Brandybuck, and Peregrin Took were previously," said Yellow Phaedos Ranger, looking directly at Zordon. "The War of the Ring will begin, and the Walkers must be Nine. Three of the Nine are here. So we have sent three for the Nine Walkers to be complete."

Jason looked up. "That sounds familar . . . That's from The Lord of the Rings!" he said. "That was fiction!"

"No. It was a true story, passed on from the Fourth Age," said Yellow Phaedos Ranger. "Basically, all of us are the wrong person to ask. Our respective talents lie elsewhere. You know what we know. If you want to know more, you'll have to wait and ask Edy, cause she knows it all. Studies it backwards and forwards."

The others accepted this. "So you three are who she mentioned?" said Zordon, taking command. The hobbits nodded.

"Well, what do we do with them?" asked Trini. "I mean, they can't go around like they are, and not as who they are."

"True," allowed Red Zeo Ranger. "As long as they wear our clothing, they should pass as one of us. Samwise can be Sam. Peregrin can be Perry. Meriadoc can be Meredith. Those names are normal for today," he said, looking towards the hobbits.

"Very well, but who are you people?" asked Merry.

"We're the Power Rangers. We trust you not to tell anyone who we are," said Jason.

"And if they do," said Dalila, "I can fix it." The hobbits did not hear, but the Rangers and Zordon and Alpha did.

"Power Rangers, POWER DOWN!" they cried in unison. In sparkling light, they demorphed. They introduced themselves all around, and decided to go to the Youth Bar.

At the Youth Bar, they began to introduce the three hobbits to the sights of Angel Grove. There was a lot to discuss about what they could do and what they shouldn't do. Finally, about five, they decided to split.

Phaedos was gone before anyone could so much as bat an eyelid. "OH SHIT!" cursed Jason. "We forget to alert the 'rents!" Sam went off with Kali, who'd said she'd house him for the while.

"Jason. I'll alert the Parks, you alert the Kwans," said Tommy. "My parents will likely house Meredith."

"I'm staying with Billy's dad and him," said Kim.

"Nah, I'll take Perry," said Zack. Jason and Tommy quietly morphed and went to their respective destinations.

At the Kwans, Jason knocked. It was opened by Penelope Kwan. Here goes nothing, thought Jason. Penelope looked startled.

"Can I help you?"

"Could I come in and speak with you and your husband?" Jason said, uncomfortably. Penelope ushered him in, and calling her husband, she took Jason to the living room.

"I have some bad news," said Jason. "Earlier this afternoon, your daughter and two others were caught in the crossfire of a time spell. We know where they are, but from what we can determine -" here Jason paused. It was what he thought, but he thought it sounded reasonable. "- they will have to complete a quest before they can come home again."

"What do you mean?" demanded Lee.

"Mr. Kwan, this has happened before. Three of our Rangers were transported into a book. Only by helping the book to its conclusion, were they returned. They're in the middle of a quest, and they will now be part of it."

"How do you know?"

"Because we got three of the travellers that were supposed to be making the quest." Jason rose. "We've done all we can. But we will keep trying."

"What protection do they have?"

"A wizard, an archer, an axe-wielder, a Man of the West. And one lore-mistress." Jason left, and went home.

Tommy, at the Parks, had had similar success. He had told them Adam was gone, and that they were doing what they could. Trevor ordered him out, and Tommy had left, pissed off.

"Damn you Trevor," muttered Tommy.


July 26th, 1997.

Bambi was sitting with Tommy at the Juice Bar, them being the only ones around at that early hour of seven o'clock, so it was safe to talk openly. Bambi was pulling in calculations and systems on her laptop, working out calculations of power to create more morphers. Tommy was silently brooding over the current problem.

"Tommy, just give it up," she snapped. "It's said and done. I let you come because you were interested, but if you're going to just brood, go home."

"Sorry, it's just that . . . well, I'm the leader of the Earth Rangers. I should have done something," said Tommy.

"But you didn't know it was going to happen. Now, anyway." She turned her attention back to the screen, calling up the specifications of a new set of Powers. Tommy looked on with interest. "These powers come from Eltar. Only in the event of Eltar being captured will they fail, due to the fact no one is sure where the source of power is, save me. And I'm not telling. I've been checking over them lately, because I just feel we're going to need to activate them."

"What are they?" Bambi looked at Tommy.

"All will be revealed. As you might have guessed, I work with the Power. Have done ever since I can remember."

Tommy let it go at that. "What do the others do?"

Bambi considered, and replied, "You'll find out, I'll let them tell you themselves. Besides, I think you have a date with Kali today?" Tommy blushed.

"Not a date. . . we're just hanging out."

Bambi let it go, and quietly shut off her programs, and teleported her laptop back to the NMS. Tommy left to go find Kali. And Bambi looked around and teleported away. They're really similar, they should be well together.


Kali sat in her house, newly purchased. It was not terribly fancy, but it served her purposes. She was waiting for Tommy, and was exceedingly nervous. She really felt that she could have a decent relationship with Tommy, if circumstances allowed it. But she had to keep her past hidden, her ancient plague dampened.

And she just didn't know if she could do it. Everything had been slightly out of balance since whatever it was had caused her to forget who she was, so that the prophecy of the Four could come to pass. For the first time in what must have been many, many months, she wanted her secrets to be exposed.

In a flash of red, Tommy appeared. "Kali," he said warmly. "You look like you've been up all night."

"I have been up all night," she said. "Unlike you, who likely slept fitfully, due to these new circumstances." Tommy was startled, Kali was indeed right.

"What does Bambi say?" she asked, changing the subject.

"Not much," Tommy said. "They know much, say little." Kali smiled at that.

"I spoke to Zordon earlier. He said . . . "


Kali sat cross legged, and thought. Glancing at the time, noting it was about three am, she teleported out. Once in the Chamber, Kali stood before Zordon, and spoke quietly and quickly of everything. When she finished, she looked up. The Chamber was dark, the only light coming from the warp tube.

"And what do you wish to be done, Kalika?" asked Zordon.

"I don't know," she said. "I must tell the Rangers, but I do not know how to tell them. Will you keep my secret until then? I fear that the Ancients have figured out my secret. But I believe they are keeping it, if that is indeed the case."

"Very well, Kalika. Anyway, I believe you Rangers may have some downtime, for at least today, if not longer."


" . . . We should have at least today off," finished Kali.

"Good. So, what do you want to do?" asked Tommy. Kali looked distractedly around them, and finally came to her decision.

"I have to tell you Rangers something. The hobbits as well, since they are our temporary allies. But where?"

"Would this include Bulk and Skull?" At her nod, he then tentatively asked another question. "Some time before, I finally met my biological brother. He's a sort of ally, we have used his help before. I was hoping to introduce him to you newbies. Would you allow him to come and join the group?" Kali nodded again, and he sent Zordon the call, allowing him to brief the others.

After some time, Karei said over the lines, "Is the SimuDeck alright?" Kali eagerly answered in the affirmative. And so it was, that at eight-thirty, all twenty-one available rangers, and six non-Powered allies met up in the SimuDeck on MegaDeck V of the NinjettiMegaShip.

Introductions and quick explanations of who everyone new was were quickly disposed of. Billy sat with Kim, his lifelong friend, Trini being absent. Tanya sat with Rocky and Kat, Adam being absent. Mistri and Vedi were sitting together, as were Jason and Dalila and Dylan and Asharani.

Tommy turned to Kalika. "Well, Kali. It's your show."

Kalika began. "Ali, initiate program KalikaZeo."

Affirmed. They were all standing in the country side. Kalika began. "Florence. 770. What translates to June 9th in today's calendars. This was where I was born. My mother was Lalitra. My father was Ramod. For many, many months, we had been plagued by creatures unidentifiable. Too often we found bodies drained of blood . . . some wounded at the throat, others at the wrists. My mother was one who was attacked. This was a year before my birth."

"The female creature who attacked her was given one hell of a fight. My mother was a very good fighter. She managed to beat her, and she would have killed her. But she did not. Instead she forced a promise out of her that they would all go, and never trouble anyone again."

Everyone listened silently. And then they were plunged into a darkness. "Then my mother was told she would bear a child. A child who would be the last of these creatures. Her name would be a mantra, a prayer, and a name for that which cannot be named. Kalika. Kali Ma. A child who would destroy humanity, the humanity that my mother had saved. My mother saved humanity. I will destroy humanity."

Kalika sighed. "Kalika. Kali Ma. She who destroys. And I was born. And indeed I was one. But the sun did not bother me. Crucifixes, running water, white roses, none of those hurt me. A stake through the heart would likely kill me. And what were these creatures? These creatures were vampires." She was silent. "And I have not fed for many weeks. The pain is almost killing me."

The silence grew ever more heavy as they all digested what it was Kalika had disclosed. Skull walked over to her. "You need blood."

"Yes ¤ I do," she said. Skull nodded, as if he had expected it. Then in a fast move, he had slashed his wrist open with her long fingernails. The others watched apprehensively.

"Feed from me, then," he said. Kalika looked at him, and then fell upon his wrist, hungrily drinking. They who were assembled watched.

"It's a dream come true," Skull said. "I have a beautiful girl sucking on my wrist. Am I lucky or what?" After three minutes, Kalika stopped, slashed her wrist, and let the blood fall on his wound, which immediately closed up. She looked more alert and ready for action, though still a little sad in the eyes.

"Now that you know truly what I am, will you still accept me?" she asked. They all looked around at each other, and finally Rocky spoke.

"Speaking from a purely religious point of view, from I have been brought up to understand, association with 'dark magic', and I use that term loosely, is not acceptable. It is quite blasphemous. However, I also know that religion doesn't always allow for the exceptions to the rules."

He took a deep breath. "There are always points in life where you have to chuck religious teachings, and go on what you feel is right. Bearing that in mind, you can suck on my wrist anytime you want."

"ROCKY!!" everyone yelled. Kat threw a convenient pillow at him. Typical Rocky!

"Well, Rocky had the general idea, albeit phrased incorrectly," said Tommy. Kali smiled, and this time it reached her eyes. The program ended.

"Anyone else have anything to say?" asked Jason. Dalila stretched and looked at Mistri questioningly. He nodded slightly, and one by one the rest of the Phaedos Rangers nodded. And then Dalila moved over to the consoles, and tapped in a series of commands. A holoimage of Edy moved into the room.

"Who is that?" asked David, entranced by the beauty of the woman.

"Edith Maree LaShawn. But you can call me Edy," replied Edy.

"Holoimage. Computer generated holoimage of her, and will act exactly as Edy really does, since all parts of her, memories, attributes, and so forth are stored in our databanks, regularly updated," replied Dalila.

"If I know Edy, and I like to think I do, after all we've been through together, then she will have explained to Trini and Adam why she knows so much of the journey, if we are indeed right, and they have taken the place of you three on the Quest of Frodo of the Nine Fingers and the Ring of Doom," began Mistri.

Sam leapt up at this. "Patience, Sam. Frodo will be fine," said Vedi, kindly. "But where to begin? Well, I suppose you know that the War of the Grid ended ten thousand years ago, correct?" At their nod, she continued. "That's a rounded up figure. Although the exact figure is known, we just say ten thousand."

"by then," continued Bambi. "The exact nature and existence of the Grid had been known for ten thousand, three hundred and thirty eight years, coming to the start of the thirty ninth year. Time in galactic circles is measured from the start of the Grid's use. The seven who first tapped the Grid, are still around, having been granted a supposedly never ending lifespan. No one's tried to kill them yet, so it is unknown."

"Who were they?" asked Jason with interest. "They did use our original coins, correct?"

"Precisely," said Calcia. "The White Ranger was Zordon of Eltar. The Green Ranger was Dulcea of Phaedos. Black Ranger was Lexian of Edenoi. Pink Ranger was Dimitria of Inquirius. Blue Ranger was Ninjor of Phaedos, and brother of Dulcea. Yellow Ranger was Triana of Triforia. And Red Ranger was Delaphi of Aquitar."

"Because they were the first Rangers, they fought for as long as they could. They were the Order of the Meledan. And they did pass the power on. It was only in the last battles of the Grid War that Rita was able to capture the Green Coin," said Geneva.

"It was at the start of the Grid War that Phaedos fell. We received our powers as Phaedos fell. Then we, by accident, bound Dulcea to the Sacred Grounds. She had always spent her time there, but because of our mistake, she could never leave. We went to our MegaShip, and it was there that we were chucked through time and space, finally coming to rest many years before we had even been born," continued Asharani.

Billy at long last spoke. "Then how is it that you can still be alive? I mean, it just doesn't seem possible."

"Dulcea was our second mistake. Our first mistake was when we became the Ninjetti, we chose without knowing what it was that we were doing, to bond with our powers. It made us immortal. If we should die, our bodies will be regenerated, if necessary, and our spirits will reenter them," said Karei. "There have been sacrifices made, unknowingly, because of that unknown choice. But we all would make the same choice all over again if we had to, knowing then what we know now."

Merry and Pippin looked at them. "With regards to our journey to Rivendell," began Merry. "You are saying that you all were there as it happened. Well, how would this change in travellers affect your pasts? I think that is what I mean . . . "

"Rivendell and the House of Elrond Halfelven. Now there's a blast from the past. Yes, we do say that we were alive as it happened, and we know what occurred," said Mistri. "To tell you the truth, any change would take time to catch up to us, that change having to affect forty-three thousand years of history or so before it reaches the present."

But they exchanged glances, unseen by the others. Edy was smart, she would do what was needed.

"Anyway, anyone want something to eat?" said Asharani, uncurling herself, and calmly deactivating the holoimage of Edy.

"Hang on, I have some other questions," said Niamh. "You guys are over forty-three thousand years old. That explains your phenomenal fighting abilities. It explains much. It just doesn't explain how if you want to, you can disappear instantly, and it doesn't explain how Asharani can twist herself into those positions! I hurt by looking at her."

"Your first question," said Karei. "Is answered by the fact that we are the Ancient Ninjetti. We've had many, many years to perfect the tricks we use." Niamh looked around but they weren't there. Suddenly, they reappeared, and the girl's bodies were twisted into a gymnastical position, all supported by Vedi alone and everyone present winced.

"Having to train incessantly, to always have a calm, clear mind, no matter the situation, to be agile and limber, to be perfect with our primary weapon of choice, and with any weapon we can lay our hands on," said Mistri, "has resulted in us being able to do what we do." He reached out his arm, and a staff appeared. And he decended into an attack on the girls. Even though, by Jason's estimates he should have hit one within the first two minutes, he never hit a girl.

The girls were writhing and changing positions quickly. So quickly that Mistri never touched one of them. And suddenly, he stopped, holding it in the center of the staff, two handed. Karei and Vedi had each grabbed one end, and held it one handed. They nodded calmly.

Then with a flick of their wrists, Mistri went flying over their shoulders. The others applauded heartily, and then they dispersed to go have a late breakfast. As they ate, Bambi sat in a corner, flicking through the information of the Turbo Powers.

"What's happening today?" asked Sam.

"Depends on what happens. Assuming we have a free day, what would you like to see?" asked Kim, diplomatically. "Or we can just show you places that we frequent."

"I think that would be best," said Merry.

"Okay then. We Avatars will take Perry and show him around," volunteered Zack. "Tommy, you Zeos take Meredith. And Sam can go with Phaedos."

This was agreed upon and the respective parties broke off, with an agreement to meet up for dinner.


Considering that Angel Grove was only a medium sized city, containing only four hundred thousand regular citizens, and in the whole city there were definite places no one should really go, the tours were done with by dinner time.

Karei returned to the house before dinner, having . . . needing to search for what little peace she could be granted. She entered the house, and immediately headed for the room on the second floor, where they kept their shrine.

She was so absorbed that she did not notice that she was followed. She entered the room, and with a wave of her hand, the blinds were drawn and candles sprang alight. She crossed to the shrine to St. Teresa, who they had taken as the spiritual guide of the Ninjetti. Most of the universe had no religion except for the near universal belief in the Power. But for many hundreds of years, they had prayed to her. And so St. Teresa had gained her place among the Ninjetti, since the Ancient Ninjetti followed her, and later Ninjetti followed suit.

Karei knelt down, and bowing her head, began to speak the prayer.

"St. Teresa of the Little Flower
Please pick me a rose from your Heavenly garden
And send it to me with a message of love.
I ask you to grant me the favor,
I Thee implore,
And I will love you each day, more and more."

When she finished, she remained in her position for some time, before standing and walking from the room. Once outside the room, she bumped into Skull.

"What are you doing here?" she said calmly.

"Meeting up for dinner," he answered. "Dalila said we should all meet here, so I came here. What is that you were doing?"

"What I was doing is only for those who are Ninjetti," said Karei. Skull nodded, and the two descended into the lower floor. "Now what to make for dinner?" wondered Karei, walking into the kitchen.

"Can't you just use the Synthetron?" asked Skull. Karei looked at him. "I guess not," added Skull hastily. "Do you need help?"

"Once I figure what to make, then yes."


Vadaei was sitting in her room, gazing at three candles. One glowed green, one yellow and one pink. And she got up, took the yellow and green candles and teleported off to see Rita and Zedd.

She appeared in her standard yellow DNA teleport. "Greetings," she said lazily.

"What is it that you require?" asked Zedd, humbly. Vadaei tossed the yellow candle to him, and he caught it.

"Do not let the flame go out, or you will regret the consequences of such an action," she said, before disappearing.

And she went to see Mondo, and gave him the green candle, with the same warning.


Asharani and Calcia came back to the house, and were astonished to find Karei and Skull cooking dinner. "I thought we were doing it," said Calcia, coming in.

"I volunteered, and since Skull was here when he shouldn't have been, he had to help," replied Karei, checking her watch.

"Right," said Asharani. "What is for dinner?"

"A chicken stirfry," replied Skull absently, poking at the stove. "My dad taught me how to make 'em. Although I have never cooked for twenty-seven people."

"We have. It's bloody annoying," said Karei.

Skull only grinned. As if answering some call that was not made, all twenty-seven allies were at dinner as it was being served.

"I like Angel Grove," said Pippin. "It reminds me of the Shire in parts."

"How can we be sure that they are alright?" asked Sam.

"We can't be," answered Tommy. "Because of those possibilities that Billy expounded, they might not even be where you were. We can only hope. If they are indeed there, then they have Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli to help them." All except the hobbits noted the ommission of Boromir.

"But there is really no reason to worry," said Geneva. "Edy knows what is to happen, and therefore, she will make it happen." And with that, Samwise Gamgee's mind was set at rest, and dinner continued onwards.

As they finished, Dylan commented, "Did you heard that Ernie's giving a party soon? August 2nd, I believe. Some reason of he hasn't had a party in ages. And it's his first formal party as well."

"Is he really?" asked Kim. "Okay, girls, there are thirteen of us. We'll go shopping tomorrow for dresses!" All the males assembled shuddered dramatically.

Dalila raised her hand. "And how much would these dresses cost at the minimum and maximum?"

"Oh, anything from one hundred and fifty to two hundred and seventy-five dollars," said Kim. "Of course, from what I recall, these parties were usually spaced out enough, so I required a new dress everytime, and then I used it for other appropriate gatherings, so it wasn't a total waste."

Dalila looked positively disgusted. "I could make a reasonably fancy dress and it would cost at the most sixty! Forty if I made no profit!" At this admission, the six Rangers to whom this was new swivelled around, their eyes hopeful.

"You can?" asked Fleure.

"I make clothing. I can make anything. Cheaper than what you could get in the store, and better quality, too. Prices dependent on how fancy the dress will be. Come around tomorrow, and we'll talk," replied Dalila.

The males sighed in appreciation. "Now we won't get dragged around so much," said Zack, grinning.

"If Dalila makes clothing," began Billy. "What do the rest of you do?"

"I work with nature," responded Calcia. "I can make anything grow. I will begin work on our garden tomorrow."

"Edy contents herself with gathering lore, whilst I work with all manner of ingredients to heal," said Karei. "But I have not the one plant Edy desires."

"I work with the Power," said Bambi, settling into a chair and picking up her laptop, turning to the Turbo Powers.

"Of what history of Earth we experienced, I record," said Geneva.

"The history of the Grid, the Power, the fight and the Council, I record," said Asharani, looking towards the east.

"I create intricate computer systems," said Mistri, glancing once at the computer Bambi held.

"And I create all manner of bladed weapons, and I paint," ended Vedi. And with that statement, all the Rangers and their allies dispersed, to pursue their separate ways.


The next day, the Avatars were up at seven, responding to duty.

"What is it now?" yawned Jason. "Cougar! Power Up!" He morphed for the rush, and the other three followed suit.

"Rita and Zedd have sent down some Tengas, along with Rito," chittered Alpha.

"Oh god," muttered Kim. "Let's get going." And they teleported to the warehouse district to see about twenty Tengas outside of an abandoned warehouse. Jason headed for Rito, leaving the Tengas for the others.

You'll come calling
Slowly crawling
Attitude defined
Take and conquer is your honor
Weak of soul and mind
Call on the Five
Keep hope alive!

Jason summoned his katana and began to trash Rito. Rito was a good fighter in his own right, but Jason was also good. They began their swordplay, moving around each other for the best attack.

Meanwhile, the Tengas were being soundly trounced by Zack, Kim and Billy. Working together, they were throwing kicks, punches and blocking all attacks made on them in fluid movements.

Call the 5-4-1!
Anytime you say you want us!
Call the 5-4-1!
Everytime you say you need us!
Call the 5-4-1
Anytime you say you want us!
Call the 5-4-1
Everytime you say you need us!

5 ¤ 4 ¤ 1
5 ¤ 4 ¤ 1
5 ¤ 4 ¤ 1
5 ¤ 4 ¤ 1

The Tengas soon disappeared, and the three moved over to Rito, summoning their own weapons. But still Jason remained in swordplay. Kim drew an arrow, and held it steady.

Call the 5-4-1!
Anytime you say you want us!
Call the 5-4-1!
Everytime you say you need us!
Call the 5-4-1
Anytime you say you want us!
Call the 5-4-1
Everytime you say you need us!

Rito, realising that he was outnumbered, decided to leave. "So long, and maybe you'd like to find the surprise that we left for you!" And he teleported out.

"What?" asked Jason, confused. And then the warehouse next to them exploded outwards. They dove for the ground, feeling parts of the warehouse come crashing down on them.

Jason reached for his communicator, trying to call for help. He staggered to his feet, and saw his teammates also struggling to sit up.

"Black! Pink! Blue!" he yelled, in case others were coming. "You alright?"

"I am, Red. But we should see what caused that," answered Billy. "Rito gave up, we won. Therefore the damage should be repaired by magic."

"I don't think so," said Zack. "It occurred after the battle."

"Be as that may," snapped Kim. "Let's just get inside." The Avatars crept inside, looking around.

"The inside structures seem to be somewhat intact," said Billy. "We can use magic hopefully, to repair the damage, unless it is repaired by the automatic win theory."

"Can you find anything that would explain what caused the outer casing to explode?" asked Jason, looking around.

"Affirmative. I'll look now." There was a pause. "There is an energy pattern, but it is degrading. Recorded, and I'll try to maybe recreate the original composition later on."

"Success rate?" asked Kim.

"At the level of degradation, sixty-eight percent," replied Billy.

"Good," said Jason. A flash of light swept through the warehouse, and it was repaired. "Rangers, let's go." And in four bright streams, they teleported away.


The three male Avatars, and the four male Zeos, along with Sam, Merry and Pippin had decided to discuss the needed requirements for their martial arts centre, Trey having decided to join with them, for lack of anything else to do whilst on Earth.

This left the six female Avatar and Zeo Rangers in Dalila's hands to get their dresses. The lack of the Phaedosian females was noted.

"Where are the others?" asked Fleure.

"Off doing what they said was their job," said Dalila. "They either don't need or want dresses. Now. If you'll just grab a piece of paper, and write down the color of your dress, specific requirements you may want, and you may go all out on those requirements, and the third and last thing you write down is your name."

And so they sat down and did so. While it was happening, Dalila calmly sorted through her materials, and set up her sowing machine. Once they were done, they came over and handed her their requests.

She skimmed through them, closed her eyes and calculated the cost. "Kim. Seventy-two dollars, seventy-five cents. Kat. Sixty-nine dollars, thirty cents. Tanya, even seventy-nine dollars. Niamh, eighty-five dollars, twenty cents. Kali, forty-seven dollars, ninety cents. And Fleure, fifty-five dollars, five cents."

The girls whistled at the prices. "How soon?" asked Fleure.

"Come here August 1st," was the absent reply. "Oh, wait! Stand in a line, a meter apart." The six girls fell into line. And Dalila moved around them and studied their forms and finally smiled and let them go.

And then she fell to her work. The six girls left, and decided to join up with the guys, who were talking at the Youth Center/Juice Bar.

"Hey girls!" called Tommy. "It was that quick?"

"We didn't do much," said Tanya. "Just wrote our name and specifications down. Oh, and stood in line like mannequins."

"Well," said Rocky. "Trey here had a brilliant idea, I'm amazed we didn't think of it earlier. Trey, would you do the honors?"

"Well. You girls said you wanted to do something towards the end of gymnastics, diving, self-defense and meditation for girls mainly."

"Correct," replied Tanya. "We think girls are not adequately prepared or considered in the area of self-defense, and so it just was natural to expand to our other talents."

"My idea was this: Why not just go in it together?" asked Trey.

"Could work," said Kat. "In order to cover us in terms of insurance and liabilities, we'd best limit the numbers of owners of the business. In which case I would suggest Kim and Jason, being originals, of course."

"Seems fair," said Zack.

And so the next few days passed over without much intervention from the three UAE members on the moon. There were a few minor skirmishes, but nothing that wasn't quickly dealt with.

In fact, the only notable event that occurred happened at the Skybase.


Klank and Orbus had been given the thankless task of minding the candle. And things had been going alright. Right up until the moment that Orbus knocked it to the ground and the flame went out.

And then Vadaei turned up. "Oh," she said. "The flame's gone out. Oh well. Your loss, not mine." And with that said, she disappeared.

Klank and Orbus looked at each other, and continued working on their newest monster, hoping to release it upon the Zeo Rangers.


August 1st, 1997.

Dalila finished the last stitching on Niamh's dress and set it down. And no sooner had she done so, then she heard Kim, Kat, Tanya, Niamh, Kali and Fleure entering their home.

She raised her eyebrows at them. "Ready for the dresses?" she asked. They nodded.

She handed each of them the appropriate dress bag. "Just go into those dressing rooms and put them on," she advised. They did so, and Dalila sat back and waited for the exclamations to be heard. And when she heard them, she smiled.

"That was amazing!" cried Niamh, coming out, dressed normally. "Fitted me like a glove! And you never measured me!" The others expressed similar applause.

"Well, I pulled off another miracle, yet again," said Dalila. The girls paid her, and left for their homes.

And the next day, there was a flurry of activity as everyone prepared. Kat was going with Rocky, Jason with Dalila, Tommy with Kali, Asharani with Dylan and Mistri with Vedi. Those were the official couples within the group. Billy and Tanya decided to accompany each other, for lack of their significant other.

Bambi, Niamh and Fleure were taking Sam, Merry and Pippin, respectively. Geneva had asked Zack, Skull had managed to force himself to ask Kim. Tommy had arranged for his sister Chelsea to go with Trey. Which left David, Karei and Calcia without partners.

And David was trying to ask Karei to go with him, in hopes of learning more about the girl, Edy, who was so mysterious to him.

"Let me get this straight," said Karei. "You want to go this dance with me, but you want me to tell you all about Edy, cause you are interested in her?"

"Uh . . . yes," said David.

Rolling her eyes, Karei said, "So much for great romance. Fine, I'll come with." It had been decided that the girls would all get ready at Xv└ril. And then they would proceed from there.

The males all looked like carbon copies, all in tuxes, with a vest of matching Ranger color and a tie of their date's color. The hobbits had decided to just be simple, and go with vests of black.

The seven Phaedos females descended in traditional Inquirian dress, only distinguished by color.

"Miss Niamh Ralin," said Dalila. And Niamh came down the stairs. She wore a shimmering silver shin length dress, hugging her lithe form. It was woven of silver silk ribbons, and the left arm sleeve ended at the wrist, and traced into the sleeve was a design of her sword. Her right arm was bare. Sown on to the dress were drops of silver.

"Miss Kimberly Hart." Kimberly floated down the stairs, in a full length sparkling pink dress. It was woven of pink carnations, and on the back the flowers were interwoven with a second type of pink carnation, where the flowers were a shade lighter. And it showed a crane in majestic flight.

"Miss Tanya Sloan." Tanya walked gracefully down the stairs. Her knee length yellow dress started with a lightish yellow at the top, and became darker shades of yellow, finally resting at the bottom with the standard shade of yellow. It was backless, but once more, the thin straps intercrossed with each other, creating a heart containing an A and T.

"Miss Fleure Vahala." And Fleure came down, in a full length purple dress, made of overlapping nonagons of velvet. At her stomach, exposing an area of nine square centimetres, was cut a nonagon. And at her back was a much larger nonagon.

"Miss Katherine Hilliard." Katherine came down in a thigh length pink dress, woven of three percent tourmaline and ninety-seven percent silk. The tourmaline was formed into a butterfly, resting on her chest.

"And finally, Miss Kalika Alinir." Kalika came down in a full length white dress, very simple and fine for her tastes. But the trails of white lilies and red roses hanging from the waist were eye grabbing. All of the females wore the barest makeup and hint of perfume.

by now, the males were in shock, excepting Mistri, who was used by now to Dalila's incredible talent. And once all were collected, they departed for the Juice Bar.


When the six females had walked in, they grabbed the attention of all who were in the room. And for most of the night, a good time was had by all who attended. Until they were forced to all make their apologies, and rush to the Chamber.

Once there, they gathered around Sam, who was glowing green. Billy began to ran scans, and Vedi did scans from the NMS, but they could not find out what was happening.

"How are you feeling?" said Tommy.

"Like . . . I'm being pulled away by gravity . . . down a slide," Sam said. Billy ran another scan, and groaned.

"It's the exact same energy that caused him to be here. But not as potent. Which I theorise, means we're not getting anyone back in return."

And indeed he was correct, for soon Samwise Gamgee disappeared altogether.

The End... for now...

Closing Notes:
St. Teresa:
I mean no disrepect to St. Teresa of the Little Flower [1873 ¤ 1897] by giving her as a spiritual guide to the Ninjetti. I simply felt, considering that by all canon knowledge, there is no religion among the universe except a near universal belief in the Power, it would be interesting to place some religion into the Phaedos Rangers' lives. I simply chose St. Teresa because she intruiged me. Note that I did not, and will not, explain how she came to be their guide, since I am fully aware of her period here on Earth.
Prayer of St. Teresa: The prayer quoted within this fic, is as far as I know, a real prayer. It is quoted again in its correct entirety below these notes. As stated above, there is no religion except a near universal belief in the Power. Therefore, I simply removed the references to God, since they would not believe in God as such. The closest that they will get to religion is following St. Teresa.

St. Teresa of the Little Flower
Please pick me a rose from your Heavenly garden
And send it to me with a message of love.
Ask God to grant me the favor,
I Thee implore,
And tell Him that I will love him each day, more and more.