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Legal Disclaimer: The Power Rangers belong to Saban or Disney, not me. I'm not making any profit from this story. I own Vadaei, [that's pronounced VAY-di-I,] the Phaedos Powers and their bearers, Mistri, Geneva, Calcia, Edy, Asharani, Karei, Vedi, Dalila and Bambi. These nine characters cannot be borrowed, as I'm using them in a story for publication. They are protected under international copyright law. Resemblances between characters and real people, dead or alive, is purely unintentional. I've been reading and watching The Lord of the Rings, and I like the name And└ril, the Blade that was Broken and Reforged, so I rephrased the meaning, rewrote the word, and voila! The teaser also comes from the movie. This story comes after The Gathering in the series The Circle Draws Inward. This is rated PG by the Motion Picture Association of America.
Terminology: Rangers is everyone. Morphed or unmorphed, the Avatars are called by first name. Unmorphed, or with helmets off, they are referred to by first name. [Colour] [Team Specific] Ranger refers to the morphed Ranger in battle. Therefore, Pink Zeo Ranger is Kat.

The Unknown
by Mistri, Cho's Observer

June 13th, 1997

Two days ago, mused Tommy. Jason lost the Gold Ranger Powers, and now he's a Morphin Avatar. And so are the others. Rita and Zedd are back, as well, but we don't have to deal with them.

Somehow they had managed to throw together a impromptu party to celebrate the return of Trini, Zack, Kim and Billy, and the Zeo Rangers and the Morphin Avatars were partying their hearts out.

Kim came back to sit with Tommy. "What are ya thinking about?"

"This situation, it just seems so unreal," said Tommy. "Even if we're in for a doozy of a situation, like usually happens when this sort of stuff happens, it still is all good. I just wonder what crap is going to happen to us now."

"Well," said Kimberly slowly. "Maybe something bad will happen, but not necessarily to us."

"True enough. And Kim," said Tommy. "Why did you send that letter?"

She froze and then came back. "Tommy, it was a number of reasons. As I was all by myself, I realised that I had to be my own person. And so I became my own person. As I did, I saw that I had relied on you, and I didn't like that. I was defining me as me and you. I thought that if we had time apart I could come back and really see what I wanted out of our relationship."

"What about the other guy?" asked Tommy. "What about forgetting that we had ever existed? Well, you didn't write that, but it seemed to me that was what it implied," he added hastily.

"Tommy, what are you talking about? There was no other guy, I just wanted some space and to know myself." Tommy looked at Kim. She was telling the truth, he was sure. He pulled out the letter and she read it.

"I didn't send this letter," she said. "And Tommy, this looks like my writing, but I can tell it's not. Someone must have tampered with the letter I sent."

"So.. where are we in our relationship?" he asked.

"I wanted a temporary separation, just to find who I was. Perhaps we would get together again, perhaps we wouldn't. I still want us to be friends."

"Well, it's not as bad as permanently breaking up," Tommy said. Kim allowed a small smile.

The others were watching, and they smiled as the two apparently quickly sorted out their differences.


"The Varox!" yelled a voice. "Battle stations!" The ship glowed silver, and the MegaLasers began firing.

"Condor and I can fight in this. Pink. Teleport to Earth, and get help. There's six Ninjetti there. The rest of you, NinjaZords." The voice was terse. As laser fire hit the ship, he snapped "Now!"

They nodded and ran out, morphing as they did so. "Hawk!" "Osprey!" "Harrier!" "Owl!" "Seagull!" "Merlin!" "Condor!" Parrot!" "Pelican!"

A pink streak was seen heading from MegaDeck 4. And slowly, Avia Nova formed. "I hope we can hold out," muttered Gold Parrot. The others silently agreed.

The Varox closed in.


Owl streaked through the stratosphere of Earth, on her Glider. Many who saw her passed her off as a shooting star. She was heading for Zordon of Eltar. As soon as she saw far below her the outskirts of Angel Grove, she jumped off her glider, and became an owl.

She fluttered towards the Power Chamber, straining for every bit of energy. The others ¤ she didn't know how long they could fight for.

She changed back, and dissolved into a pink teleport stream.

She landed in the Power Chamber. "Zordon!" she cried. "Zordon of Eltar!"

"Who are you?" Zordon asked.

"Pink Owl Ninjetti," she said. Zordon was dumbfounded. Here before him was one of the Ancient Ninjetti, the first to find and tap the power. She removed her helmet. Long glossy brown hair cascaded forth, reaching to her waist. Desperate brown eyes looked at Zordon. "We need help from the Ninjetti of Earth."

"They would only too gladly give it," said Zordon. "Unfortunately, MasterVile and his Orb of Doom turned the timestream back seven years, rendering their powers inactive. With the power of the Zeo Crystal, we were able to restore the timeline, and we became the Power Rangers Zeo."

"You idiot!" yelled the Ninjetti. "All that was needed was time, and the Ninjetti would have returned of it's own volition! The Zeo Crystal has now blocked the power of the Ninjetti! The spirits are dead to your Rangers!!"

"There are seven who held the power of the Ninjetti. Three of them are Zeo, and one does not have the proper animal spirit. Of the three remaining, I am not sure if the Ninjetti would have returned to one of them, because of circumstances. The Crane and the Wolf may be able to help," said Zordon.

"Call them."


Eleven communicators toned. Zack, Kim, Billy, Trini, Jason, Kat, Tanya, Rocky, Adam, Tommy and Trey, [who had decided to stay on Earth to help defend it,] quietly finished their activities.

They went outside, and Ernie watched them go. I hope they'll be alright, thought the burly man.

"Zordon, what is it?" asked Trey.

"Oh Rangers, you will have to see to believe," chittered Alpha. "Especially you, Trey." With a glance, they dissolved into eleven teleport streams. One black, one green, two pink, two blue, two yellow, two red and one gold.

Upon reforming, Trey looked at Zordon.

"Rangers. We have been asked to give our aid, and fast. Kimberly, Billy, you are needed, for you are Ninjetti."

"Who requests our aid?" asked Billy.

"I did," came a voice. "Pink Owl Ninjetti. Please, will you help my team in our time of need? The Varox are after us."

Trey's jaw dropped. "But... you're only myth, legend!" he stammered.

"Not so, Gold Ranger. We are quite real." She was smiling.

"How can we help?" asked Kimberly.

"What power do you carry?"

"We're Morphin Avatars," said Billy.

"Keep the name, but not the power. For when Ninjetti returns, you will be at full strength as you are not now, Crane and Wolf."

Pink and blue light flashed. All assembled saw the Pteradactyl and Triceratops within the Dinosaur Crystal disappear. Then a crane and wolf flew out from the hands of the Ninjetti warrior, and into their respective Chosen.

"You are now the Morphin Avatar Ninjetti. Ninjetti, Ranger, and your NinjaZord are yours," she said. "Call upon your Zords, and follow me. If the Zeo Rangers wish to fall afoul of the Varox before their time, if such a time will ever come for them, come with me. It is a full twelve minutes since I left my team."

And with that, she transformed into an owl, and fluttered out, reaching for the stratosphere. Billy and Kim looked at each other.

"Well, I guess we're stepping into unchartered territory, in terms of new weapons and costume imagery," Kim said wryly. "Ninjetti! Crane! Power Up!" In a flash, she was in her old pink Ninjetti suit, which then transmuted to an armored version, styled in pink and silver. A crane rose to her head and formed her helmet, and then disappeared into her coin set into her chest.

"I certainly agree. Wolf! Power Up!" Like Kim, he wore his old Ninjetti suit which then transmuted to a blue and white armored version. With a glance, they transformed into a crane and wolf, and raced after the owl.

"Zeo Ranger I, Pink!"
"Zeo Ranger II, Yellow!"
"Zeo Ranger III, Blue!"
"Zeo Ranger IV, Green!"
"Zeo Ranger V, Red!"
"Gold Ranger Power!"

The Zeo Rangers teleported to the SuperZeoZords, while Trey launched Pyramidas.


Kim was having major fun, flying deep into the sky, following the trail of the owl. Behind her, Billy was loping along. He felt as if the air was just a sloping stretch of grass he was running over.

Once they had reached the stratosphere, they paused. <Call your Zords now!> commanded the owl. <You can't travel in space in those forms.> She was slowly becoming herself again, and soon she yelled "Owl Glider, hang ten!"

Kimberly and Billy summoned their Zords, and were soon in the cockpits of their old Zords. "Wow, nice stereo," said Kimberly. Billy noticed the six Zords coming after them.

"Let's go," said the mystery Ranger.


"SuperZeoMegaZord, engage!" yelled Red Zeo Ranger. Pyramidas was already breaching the cross to space.

The lone Ranger, and four Zords headed off and soon reached the battle. With a great leap the Ranger landed in the MegaZord that was there. "I have been able to summon two Ninjetti and six Zeo Rangers. Let's rock. And Trey? History became legend; legend became myth. But still we were and are."

The Varox seemed to have been reduced. Red Zeo Ranger realised his folly, and and separated the SuperZeoZords. More targets, more hard to hit something. Pink Zeo and Yellow Zeo Rangers activated the pure energy beams from their Zord's chest symbol, destroying more of the fleet of the Varox.

"We did manage to deal with most of them, Owl."

"Don't kill the messenger!" she snapped back. "OwlUltraBow!" A pink bow appeared in the hands of the MegaZord. An arrow appeared as the string was pulled back. It was released and the rest of the Varox ships that remained decided to leave, but not before firing several volleys at the Zords.

"Oh damn! I just finished the damn paint job on them!" cursed Condor. Sparks flew from Pyramidas and the unknown MegaZord.

"Easy, Condor," said Hawk. "They've left, for the time being, and now, we'd better pay attention to our guests." Turning to the communications consoles, he tapped in a few commands. "If you guys would like to come over, maybe we can sort out a few things."

"Yeah," said Red Zeo Ranger. "I think we'd like that." In a flash, Avia Nova returned to it's secret holding bay, and the remaining six Zords returned to their locations on Earth. And fourteen teleport streams were seen heading to the ship.


In the main docking bay the teleport streams coalesced into the nine Ninjetti and six demorphed Zeo Rangers. They grouped into opposing sides. Tommy found himself facing the one clothed in white. He swallowed nervously. This guy was burning a hole right through him, and he was just calmly standing there.

"Greetings, friends," he said at last, and Tommy visibly relaxed. "We are glad of your assistance. But who are you?"

"We're the Zeo Rangers," said Tommy, indicating all but Kim and Billy.

"And you?" he said.

"We're Ninjetti," said Billy. Mistri's eyes flickered.

"The Crane and the Wolf. The Bear is dormant. The Falcon, Frog and Ape are entrapped. So be it."

"You are all under Zordon's guard?" he continued.

"Yes. We are," stated Tommy.


"I believe that we should speak to Zordon, if what Owl says is true. I cannot believe that pathetic excuse for a -"

"Merlin. If you are going to insult him, do you mind doing it where those that serve under him cannot hear you?"

"For using the Zeo Crystal when the Ninjetti would have returned of its own volition!" she finished. "But even with that aside, we should speak with him." Her face returned to its blank visage.

"Would you Rangers be adverse to a quick trip back to the Power Chamber by ship?" the white one asked.

"No, we would like it," said Billy.

"Very well. Merlin, take them to MegaDeck 5, kitchen area."

"Understood," she said.


They had soon reached Earth, and now they were in the Power Chamber.

Adam had finally spoken. "Would someone kindly fill me in on what the hell is happening? Trey thinks you're not real, my Ninjetti powers are gone, and Jase and that can be Ninjetti again?"

"Perhaps they can be. Maybe not totally. And I am not surprised," came the answers in reverse order.

"We are the Ancient Ninjetti, birthed at the start of the Grid War. Ever since then, we have been around the galaxy. Our encounters with Triforia, for instance, have happened at a rough remembrance, once every four thousand years, twice since the Grid War ended. Our tendancies was to help limited outposts, so we passed into legend, and then into myth. Besides, outposts and new worlds were not given much respect. Triforia could say we were at Triforia yesterday, and everyone would believe them. You could say we were here, and no one would believe you." Again the white clad one shot a look at the yellow clad one.

"Your usage of the Zeo Crystal has deadened you to the Animal Spirits within you. To reactivate that, and retain your powers as Zeo Rangers, you would have to request for the Ninjetti, while carrying your Zeo Subcrystal. Then when you received the Ninjetti Powers once more, the Power would hopefully recognise your Crystal, and thus future usage of the Crystal will not deaden you to your Animal Spirit."

"And as for the three remaining Avatars, they will have to quest separately for the Great Power, having not received it before. There are your long version answers, in order."

Everyone thought over that, and the nine new Rangers retreated back together.

"What brings you here, though?" asked Zordon.

"Frankly, Zordon, we have no clue. We just decided to come here. Vadaei's Grid-knows-where, and we had hoped to see the Ninjetti of Earth," said the red one.

"I see," said Zordon. "Well, I am glad that you are now on Earth, for if you wish, you may join with us."

"It shall be considered," said the yellow clad one.


The twenty teens then departed. They decided to kick around at the park, where the mysterious Rangers would join them after acquiring appropriate clothes. The Zeo Rangers and Morphin Avatars went to Ernie's to pick up enough food for them all.

They met back at the park, and they finally got a good look at the Rangers. The white clad one was wearing a loose white top and white pants, with hiking boots. Caucasian, brown hair pulled back past his shoulders with two long braids either side of his head, tucked behind his ears. Blue eyes that seemed to burn right through you. He stood at five feet five.

The green clad was barefoot, African American, and wore a karali, which appeared to be just a sheet wrapped around the body. Beneath the material, she wore a green leather bikini like Dulcea, and seeing the others had no clue how one was worn, she showed them. The end was slanted across the right side, and went over her chest, up to her left shoulder, down to her right side and around it, and then around and around, down the length of her body, belted at the waist. It was green silk, and was loose enough to fight in. Brown eyes stared out of a calm face framed by braided black hair, reaching just a bit past her shoulders. She stood five feet ten.

The black clad wore black pants, boots, a black sports bra and a leather jacket over it. African, black hair brushed back to her waist and tied. Brown eyes looked out past the group. She stood five feet six. The pink clad Caucasian had brown waist length hair clipped back with pink flower clips. She wore sandals, and a pink buttoned shirt with a long white skirt. Brown eyes surveyed the group. She stood just over five feet seven.

The blue clad Caucasian wore a blue shirt over black pants with joggers. Blonde hair cascaded down her back to her waist and was left loose. Anxious blue eyes shone with caution. Her height was just over five feet six. The yellow clad Korean wore a long yellow dress, belted at the waist with a silver sash. Brown eyes that burned right through people stared out of a face that betrayed no emotion. Her brown hair was pulled up into a bun and had two yellow feathers threaded into it. Ugg boots adorned her feet. She stood proud at five feet eight.

The red clad Caucasian wore white shorts beneath a red shirt with the right shoulder ripped off. Her brown hair was tinted red and reached to her shoulders. Blue eyes shone forth, with a light that seemed to be undiminished. Her height tapered off at five feet two. The gold clad Caucasian wore a shirt of gold silk and it hid her shorts. Sandals covered her feet. Blonde hair was pulled up into a twist. Blue eyes looked around the park. She stood at just under five feet ten. The silver clad Caucasian wore a silver silk dress, belted with a yellow sash. Sandals were on her feet. Brown eyes studied the Triforian Gold Ranger. Brown hair was braided in three braids. She was just under five feet four.

"I'm Tommy. This is Trey, Adam, Kat, Kim, Billy, Tanya, Trini, Jason, Rocky, and Zack," he said, indicating each one in turn.

"I'm Karaxoilienia Lystrisnzican Addexldraminas. Red is Vediasxiualo Sabkrlialineis Haldirianido. Gold, Daliliniankli Alianiancia Calarinslia. Blue, Asharlianicis Ariaaznie Balinehais. Silver, Baoimbinaiclis Naotrislismi Womroemaaba. Pink, Edriathxia Malinareeioa Larioashaioiwn. Green, Genxievna Linzisatori Shaizialica. Black is Calamcaia Zatiria Shaizialica. And our leader in white is Misxistrzia Lunicoais Xiadrinesa," said the one in yellow, indicating the Rangers in turn.

The others looked blankly at them. "Um, could we have Earth translation, please?" asked Trini. "Even I, who translates for Billy can't translate that."

"White ¤ Mistri Lucas Xades," said Mistri, a smile almost coming into existence.

"Green ¤ Geneva Lisa Shizli," said Geneva.

"Black ¤ Calcia Zara Shizli," replied Calcia.

"Pink ¤ Edith Maree LaShawn. But call me Edy," Edy added.

"Blue ¤ Asharani Ariane Baha," said Asharani.

"Yellow ¤ Karei Lynn Adams. Sorry about that," Karei sighed.

"Red ¤ Vedi Sabria Halai. We've all done it, don't worry," Vedi hissed to Karei.

"Gold ¤ Dalila Alica Calis," Dalila said.

"And finally, Silver ¤ Bambi Naomi Womba," finished Bambi.

"It's good to meet you," said Tommy, finally.

The twenty Rangers tucked into the picnic, and managed to do Ernie justice. Asharani was quietly explaining their association with the Power.

"We are the Ancient Ninjetti. We were the first to tap the Ninjetti Power. We tapped it through our Phaedos Morphers, and the two powers routed together as one, and we became holders of incredible power. For you, your powers were destroyed, so they couldn't have routed together. We have two powers working as one. Once we had tapped the Great Power, we raised the Monolith over the warphole of the Grid, from whence the Great Power came."

"Now," said Edy. "The Morphin Avatars, when they tap the Ninjetti, will lose their Morphin Avatar powers, since they are not full strength powers. The Ninjetti Power does not interact with powers that draw from sources other than the Grid, like the Zeo Crystal."

"And just for your future reference, we're known by a number of terms. Ancient Ninjetti is the most common. In no particular order, Phaedos Rangers; Phaedos Ninjetti; Rangers of the Ninjetti; Rangers of the Great Power; Avia Rangers; Rangers of the North; and finally, Erind└ril,
[A/N: pronounced AI-rin-drul], the Team that was Broken and Reforged."

The others listened with interest, and found themselves in awe of the many things that the Phaedos Rangers had to say.

When they finished the picnic, the Earth girls grabbed the girls of the Ninjetti, and went off to do some girl-talk, leaving Mistri with the guys.

"I believe that I have some business to attend to, back on the ship. I'll see you guys later." He stood to leave.

"Rocky, one word of advice. Only you choose what you think and say. But with what you're thinking now, I'd watch what I thought and said when around any of us, if I were you. I'm telepathic, and if those thoughts are that close to the surface . . ." Mistri stated before he teleported out.

Rocky blushed deep crimson, and the others groaned. "Rocky, why can't I take you anywhere?!" asked Adam, in perfect imitation of Kat.

And they stood up. "Let's go to the Youth Center," said Tommy, and they headed off, Rocky still blushing.

The End... for now...