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Legal Disclaimer: The Power Rangers belong to Saban or Disney, not me. I'm not making any profit from this story. I own Vadaei, [that's pronounced VAY-di-I,] the Phaedos Powers and their bearers, Mistri, Geneva, Calcia, Edy, Asharani, Karei, Vedi, Dalila and Bambi. These nine characters cannot be borrowed, as I'm using them in a story for publication. They are protected under international copyright law. I also own Niamh Ralin, Kalika Alinir, Fleure Vahala and Dylan Jalaz. Those four may be borrowed, but drop me a line, okay? Ellen Brand is allowing me to borrow Trevor Park. Resemblances between characters and real people, dead or alive, is purely unintentional. All foreign words come from FreeTranslation.com, so sue them, not me for bad language. This story comes after The Prophecy in the series The Circle Draws Inward. This is rated PG by the Motion Picture Association of America.
Terminology: Rangers is everyone. Ninjetti is all empowered as Ninjetti. When morphed into the Ninjetti suits, the reference is [Colour] [Spirit] Ninjetti. Therefore, Pink Crane Ninjetti is Kim. Morphed or unmorphed, the Avatar Ninjetti [morphed being Ranger Powered] are called by first name. Unmorphed, or with helmets off, all Rangers are referred to by first name. [Colour] [Team Specific] Ranger refers to the morphed Ranger in battle. Therefore, Pink Zeo Ranger is Kat. In the same sense, Pink Zeo Ninjetti is Kat using her Ninjetti Powers as a Ranger.

The Sword
by Mistri, Cho's Observer

July 18th, 1997.

The Louvre, France.

Since the thirteenth century, when The Louvre was built, first as a fortress, there had been a sword, held in the highest regard. When it became a museum, in the nineteenth century, it had gained a position as the rarest item and so while it was on display, it was heavily guarded, even more so than the rest of the items.

The hilt was seven and a half centimetres long. On each side, a thin strip of metal curved upwards and then down, fusing at the bottom. This metal was a streaked white and silver color that looked almost like centuries old leather. Embedded in the hilt was a clear crystal, that occasionally had the grace to flash a silverish-white color.

The blade extended for ninety-nine centimetres on a straight, but then curved slightly, tapering to a sharp tip. Etched into the blade were many runes, of an old language long forgotten by many, but remembered by only one person. It too was silverish-white.

It had been named Airin, for that was the only word that experts could make out of the runes. Never mind the fact that it was the only word in English.

And everyone was freaking out. It had disappeared, and then about half an hour to an hour later, it had reappeared. Sensors that had been placed on the sword several years back showed that it had been in Angel Grove for that length of time.

And when the security guards were let go, they went home.

Bobby Maddon got himself a beer, and sat down in front of the telly. He was pleased that his time was nearly up, he'd be heading back to Los Angeles and back to his own security firm. He'd always wondered why they needed to do an exchange of partners, but he hadn't questioned it. He flipped to the American news station. And once he saw the report on the newest Rangers, he dropped his beer.

The Silver Zeo Ranger had Airin!


"Look," said Bobby for the umpteenth time. "I am serious. One of the newest Rangers had Airin. I've studied that sword from every angle. I know what it looks like."

"How can you be sure it was Airin?" asked Mr Grank.

"I know it was Airin. Consider the facts! Airin disappears. During that time, the sensors show that it was in Angel Grove. The Power Rangers come from Angel Grove. The news showed the newest Silver Ranger as holding Airin!"

"You're going home in a few days," began Mr Grank. Bobby nodded. "Then you'll be in the perfect position to investigate the matter further."

"Whoa . . . " said Bobby . His own case. . .

"Which means you're going home now. Go pack your clothes up. You leave in ninety minutes." Bobby nodded and left.


July 19th, 1997. Angel Grove.

"This is amazing," said Fleure. "Does it really feel this good all the time?"

"The Power does that," said Jason quietly. "Don't get overconfident, that's when it becomes a disaster. There was something about Niamh's sword that bothered me, though."

"Will we get . . . ?" asked Dylan. Jason shook his head.

"Not beyond the animal of spirit. We'd have to rework the others of crystal to make it completely integral. However, Billy is looking into getting the four of you your own Mega."

The four of them nodded, to show their understanding of his code. "Is there anything else we need to know?" asked Kali.

"Well, I've told you most of what I know, but to get the real dirt on spirit, you'd have to ask the north," concluded Jason. "I've got a session now, so I have to go."

"What do we do now?" asked Niamh. "I mean, the others are busy, with whatever."

"Actually," said Kali. "Jason, Rocky, Adam, and Tommy are teaching martial arts. Zack, Kim, Kat, Tanya, and Trini are in the park, teaching limbering exercises. Trey is currently conversing with Mistri, Vedi and Edy, in between trying to fix something or other. The rest of those girls are out at some lawyer joint. We four are here."

"What should we do?" groaned Dylan. "There's got to be something we can do . . . "

"Well . . we are the most powerful . . " said Fleure suddenly. "Why not see if we can get some training in?"

The others assented.


Up on the moon, Mondo fumed. But then something caught his interest. A guy was reading a document. Looking at it, it seemed that a sword was in the possession of the Silver Zeo Ranger, and she had no right to it, according to the French government.

This guy wanted proof that she had the sword.

"Klank!" Klank came running with Orbus. "Klank! You see that man?"

"Yes, yer majesty!"

"All the Rangers are tied up right now. I want a monster that can be easily dealt with by the White, Silver, Black and Purple Zeo Rangers. They are training. Hopefully they will think they can take it on alone. Make sure that man gets several good photos of the Silver Ranger with the sword!"

Klank was horribly confused, but said, "Yes, yer majesty!" and scuttled off.


At the Power Chamber, they had barely begun training before they were called away to the main room.

"Zordon, we can take him on," said Niamh. "The others are tied up, and it's always best we don't disturb if possible. I assure you, IF we need backup, we'll call for it."

"Very well. May the Power protect you," said Zordon.

"Airin Zeo Power!" yelled Niamh.

"Zeo Ranger VIII, White!" invoked Kali.

"Zeo Ranger IX, Purple!" called Fleure.

"Zeo Ranger X, Black!" cried Dylan. In an instant, they were out in the park, well away from where the limbering exercises were. The only civilian around was Bobby , and he was well hidden.

Silver Zeo Ranger summoned her sword. Bobby began to click quietly, getting very good shots of the Ranger holding the sword. As she descended into battle with her teammates, shots were impossible.

But he had what he wanted. He made his way away as quickly as possible.

Bobby went and developed the photos in his uncle's lab, marvelling at the quality. These photos were good enough for proof. He got on the phone with Mr Grank.

"I've got the photos. The sword is definitely Airin. No doubt about it."

"Well, we'll just have to see. Please send me a copy of those photos."

"Right away, sir!"

Julian Grank cut the connection. "What can you do then?"

"Well, sir, one main problem is that nobody knows how to reach the Power Rangers. So unless we get huge media coverage of this, it's likely to go nowhere since they won't know," said the head lawyer.

"I figured as much. What else might stand in our way?"

"Sir, it's the POWER RANGERS! We win, we'll be hated! We lose, we'll be ridiculed."

"Hmm . . . perhaps we can negotiate a compromise. Well, please start on the case."

"We will."


"Trey, what are you looking at now?" Edy's voice bordered on the verge of exasperated. Trey turned around.

"I'm sorry, I was just looking at the nine cars. Wind Chaser, Dune Star, Mountain Blaster, Desert Thunder, Red Lightning, Phantom Stealth, Comet Flame, White Astra and Luna Velocity."

"The TurboZords," summarized Vedi, having heard the list as she came in. "We're still looking for holders of the Power."

"Trey, we don't mind. You just seem to be too highly impressed by the technology."

"Well, not even Pyramidas has this, and it's younger than your ship!"

"He's got a point," said Mistri. "Speaking of which, I'm going to contact Geneva and see what's been happening."

He stabbed a button on his morpher slash communicator, opening a line to Geneva.


Geneva sighed. The lawyer, Allan Lakrin was so annoying. They had the proofs of ownership of several houses around the world, some modest dwellings, some so opulent one might think a queen lived there. But he was refusing to sign the papers.

"As it was explained to the people who put it into our trust, Miss Shizli, we would require payment before handing over the keys to the houses, and other things. That was a pre-determined amount of $2.8 million dollars, in today's monetary values. If I remember correctly, it was demanded that happen by one of them."

Asharani quietly checked the values and found he was correct.

"Miss Baha, unlike other lawyers, I'm an honest one. Now, while I do realise your predicament, and I do believe you are the right people, since this is the first time anyone's ever come in and wanted to discuss this particular agreement, I'm afraid that unless you can pay me first, as per the agreement, I can not hand over anything."

"Curse Mistri for making that a stipulation," muttered Bambi.

Dalila glanced at her watch. They'd been here for about two and a half hours, and gotten nowhere. Suddenly a six tone chime was heard, and Geneva quietly excused herself.

Once she was in the bathroom, she opened communication on her end.

"How's it going?" asked Mistri.

"Well, considering that some idiot made it a stipulation that we had to pay the money before we got the crap, not well!" hissed Geneva.

"And why didn't anyone think to grab the money out of the safe before they left? I told you that it was there, waiting for you," calmly retorted Mistri.

"Can you bring it down? With Edy and Vedi?" she asked.

"I will. I'll be about five, ten minutes."

Geneva came back to the office. Allan poured out more coffee for the six girls.

"Don't worry. He's coming."

True to his word, in ten minutes Mistri, Edy and Vedi had arrived. Allan stood up.

"Good morning, Mr Xades, Miss LaShawn, and Miss Halai. You are also recipients of these long-dead people's generousity?"

"Being dead since the 1600s isn't that long," said Mistri.

"True," allowed Allan.

"I believe that you required money, Allan, if I may call you Allan?" began Mistri.

"Uh, yes, I did, and yes, you can call me Allan."

"Well, this place has a bank account, right?" asked Mistri. Allan nodded.

"You wouldn't be adverse to putting the money straight in the account, so you don't get robbed?" Allan shook his head.

Half an hour later, the money was deposited in the account, and Mistri took the keys to their houses. Geneva picked up the bank statements. Edy took the documentation of their company. They all shook Allan's hand, and left.

Allan stared after them, wondering what was up with them. He didn't pay much mind to them, since his business was filthy rich!


They reappeared on the ship, and safely stashed their crap, to go over another time. In a wave of his hand, Mistri had changed the keys and the locks they fitted, and thus they were protected, if anyone had a copy. This being done, he collapsed and Edy and Asharani put him to bed, to restore his spent energy.

They then went out, to try and find the others. And they found them in the park, just lazing around.

We'll just keep the secret of our assets for now, was the general consensus.

Jason greeted them as they walked closer. Dalila happily joined Jason underneath his tree, and they began to discuss various styles of martial arts. Edy smiled; she had been expecting that. If I'm right, Tommy and Asharani are in the market for a relationship occuring soon, but I don't think it's with each other. It was confirmed as Dylan joined Asharani and they began talking animatedly.

Looking around, she couldn't sense any other relationships occuring, so she quietened that part of her mind, and concentrated on the matter at hand.

"Hey," Bambi said suddenly. "You've mentioned Bulk and Skull a few times, but who are they exactly?"

"They're two guys who attract trouble without really trying," muttered Billy. "They used to be bullies, then they were obsessed with discovering the identities of the Power Rangers, then they joined the police force, and now they're detectives with Detective Jerome Stone. They've changed a lot."

"Yeah, they have," said Trini. "Skull's not the skinny punk anymore. He's been doing some defensive training or something, and he's on his way to looking like Tommy or Jason."

"And Bulk went to a slim centre, and he's let it be known, so we can tell you. All he did was change his eating habits, and he looks way better, although still portly," said Tanya.

"Thanks for the compliment," said Bulk, startling them all. "I think. We were just passing by and we heard our names, so we decided to hear what was being said about us."

"We'd best be going," said Skull.

"Guys," said Trey, startling them all. "You can stay if you want."

"Are you sure?" asked Skull.

"Free party," was all Jason said. "Doesn't bother us." Exchanging glances, the two guys sat down.

"What have you guys been up to?" asked Edy.

"Nothing much," said Bulk. "Just been waiting for some case to get further developments."

"How do you mean?" asked Kali.

"Well," said Bulk cautiously. "Apparently, there's some case over in France. The Louvre instigated it." Kim and Trini tossed everyone a drink from the esky, and they were opened gratefully.

"You won't believe who the defending party is," said Skull. "The defending party is apparently the Silver Zeo Ranger."

There were twenty-three simultaneous sprays of soft drink as each Ranger choked in disbelief. Skull nodded.

"That was our reaction too," he said. Karei regained her head faster than the others.

"Do you have any more information?"

"Well, apparently, it's over a sword. The Louvre says it's their sword, and since it's been there since it was first built back in 1200, they've got a pretty strong case on that," said Bulk. "It should be public tomorrow, so I'm ruining it for you now." He grinned, but no one grinned back.

"What's the case, then?" asked Dylan.

"The Silver Zeo Ranger has taken it into combat, and here are the pictures," said Skull. Each Ranger looked at them, growing more concerned by the moment.

"Are you in league with them?" asked Niamh, having found her voice.

"No," said Bulk.

"Tell the truth, Bulk," said Edy, her voice very strained.

"We're not. We heard about this from a Bobby Maddon. His part was just to get the picture, and then hand over the information to the police of Angel Grove. Det. Stone and us got stuck with it, since Det. Trevor Park, even though he hates the Rangers, wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole," explained Bulk.

"He's telling the truth, guys," said Edy wearily. "Trust me on this."

"How the hell can you sue a Power Ranger?" asked Skull. "I mean, I have the opinion that the Rangers are proof that there are other worlds out there, more developed than we are, and Rita, Zedd and the Machine Empire also back that up. If that is true, wouldn't there be some sort of Ranger court for Ranger trials?"

"There probably is, but we'll never know," said Billy. "Besides, who would let a court for Rangers rule in a Ranger vs Earth case?"

"Suppose that's right," muttered Skull. "But why should an Earth court rule in a Ranger vs Earth case?"

"I guess all we can do is hope that everything turns out for the best," said Tommy dispiritedly.


Zordon and Alpha had been watching the transpiring events and Alpha was growing quite anxious.

"Ay yi yi! Zordon, we must do something!" cried Alpha 5.

"I agree, Alpha. However, we must exercise caution. Bulk and Skull have given us an advantage in this case, and we must use that as best as we can. Check for surrounding people and teleport them all here. Contact Ali as well, and see if Mistri has rested enough."

"Right away, Zordon! Ay yi yi yi!" chittered Alpha.

Mistri teleported in, before Alpha could even start. "What is it, Zordon?" he asked, looking up at the inter-dimensional sage. "I keep a sensor on the Chamber at all times, Alpha," Mistri said, cutting off the little robot.

Alpha pressed the consoles, and they watched as twenty-five teleport streams lowered into the Chamber.

"What the hell just happened, Bulkie?" said Skull.

"Welcome, Bulk and Skull. I have heard of your news, and it is quite distressing to hear of it," rumbled Zordon.

"Where are we?" Bulk asked, trying to calm his heart.

"You're in the Power Chamber, base of the Power Rangers," replied Tommy. "Zordon, why did you do that?"

"You guys are Power Rangers?" asked Skull. When the others nodded, he pumped his fist. "I knew it!"

"You can explain later," said Jason absently. "What's up Zordon?"

"We are in need of Bulk and Skull's help. We must prepare for this trial, and they have the most news," said Zordon.

"We can help," said Bulk. "What do you need?"

"When will the order be served on the Silver Zeo Ranger?"

"Most likely tomorrow," said Bulk. "That's when it goes public, at least."

"And the trial date?" asked Zordon.

"They've arranged it for July 22nd, Zordon," said Skull seriously.

"That does not leave me much time. I must arrange for whoever is able to testify on her behalf."

"And who might they be?" asked Niamh.

"The creators of the Zeo Crystal, the various people who forged the powers and the weapons into the Crystal, and perhaps those who fought alongside previous Zeo Rangers."

"Can we testify on her behalf?" asked Fleure.

"I would hope so," said Zordon. "Bulk and Skull?"

"I wouldn't count on it guys," said Skull. "Mondo or Rita and Zedd's likely to try something, and they would do it when you testify."

"Kylaran!" cursed Vedi. "How can I present my side, then?" she said. Everyone looked at her. "I forged that sword! I know it inside out!"

"You can't," said Skull. "They'll try something, most likely to stop you from testifying. The longer you are tied up, not at full strength, the better it is for them."

"True," allowed Vedi. "But I'm going to damn well try!"

"Bulk and Skull," said Zordon. "I offer my thanks for the help you have given us, and I ask that you take an oath to never reveal the identities of the Power Rangers."

"We'll take that vow," said Skull.

"Count on it," affirmed Bulk.

"Then repeat after me. I promise by all that is good in the universe, to never reveal the identities of the Power Rangers."

"I promise by all that is good in the universe, to never reveal the identities of the Power Rangers," said Bulk and Skull solemnly.


Everyone woke up to be greeted by the headline: The Louvre vs Silver Zeo Ranger: Who Will Triumph?

Trevor Park read it over his breakfast. Finally Adam asked the question he desperately wanted an answer to.

"Dad, what happens if the Silver Zeo Ranger is unable to be contacted?" he asked.

"Well, the standard procedure is to case the areas of known sightings. In this case, we'd have to stake out the entire town."

"Great," sighed Adam. Meanwhile, across the city, Jerome Stone looked at the envelope containing the arrest warrant for the Silver Zeo Ranger, and information of the court case. I can see why Trevor didn't want this case, sighed Jerome.

He stood up, and tucking away the envelope, began walking around the city. He had got no further than past his door after locking it when his world dissolved into white light. He was rather shocked to see himself in the Power Chamber. On second thoughts, maybe he wasn't.

"Uh, where am I?" he asked.

"You're in the Power Chamber," said a voice. "I'm the Silver Zeo Ranger. I believe you have something for me?"

Jerome handed over the envelope. She took it and opened it. She read the court details. "Hmm. The UN is presiding over this case. Be at the Hague, Netherlands at 9 am local time July 22nd. A warrant for my arrest? Bullshit."

"I'm terribly sorry, ma'am," Jerome said uselessly.

"Thank you," she said. Jerome found himself outside his door. Unlocking it, he went inside and poured himself a drink.


The Hague. 9 AM, July 22nd.

The court was in session. "All rise," said the baliff.

"Please be seated," said the Honorable Grant Adams. "First case for hearing?"

"The Louvre vs Silver Zeo Ranger." As the baliff finished reading, ten teleport streams lowered into the courtroom.

Silver Zeo Ranger stepped forward. "I am here," she said.

"And we have come in support of our teammate," said Red Zeo Ranger. "The other Rangers stay behind so that we may not be attacked."

"Very well. Silver Zeo Ranger, where is your counsel?" asked Judge Adams.

As she formulated an answer, the doors opened. "Her counsel is here," said a strange voice.

"Who are you?"

"My name is King Lexian, the very first Black Morphin Ranger. Millenia ago, when the battle between good and evil began."

"Where's Masked Rider?" asked Gold Zeo Ranger.

"He did not feel it was his place to come, Gold Ranger." Lexian seated himself besides the nervous Silver Zeo Ranger. "Please begin your trial."

"Would the prosecution make their opening statement?"

The lawyer, Geoffrey Saman rose. "Your Honor, my client, the Louvre has had, since the time of its being built, in its possession, a sword simply known as Airin. Since 1200, it has been the owner of Airin. Since it is the property of the Louvre, the Silver Zeo Ranger has no right to have it in her possession, no matter what she does with it! Thank you, Your Honour."

Lexian rose. "Your Honor, while Airin may have been in the possession of the Louvre since 1200, that does not make it theirs. We will show the court that Airin was created as part of the Silver Zeo Powers and is therefore owned, if such a term can be used, by the holder of the Silver Zeo Powers. I say if such a term can be used, because the Powers may be stripped from you, at any time."

"Except of course, for the Ninjetti Power, which can never be taken away from you. Therefore, if the sword is part of the Silver Zeo Powers, then the Louvre does not have any claim to Airin. Which means that they can be sued for harbouring property that did not and does not belong to them. Thank you, Your Honor."

Julian Grank looked more nervous.

"Mr. Saman. Your first witness."

"Due to the length of time that Airin has been in the possession of the Louvre, we do not have witnesses as such, but we have writings that prove that the sword has been in their possession."

After half an hour, the Rangers requested a ten minute recess, as they couldn't stay morphed entirely. "You see, Your Honor, we could sleep morphed, but wait! Ninjetti, what happens when in Ninjetti mode?" said Red Zeo Ranger.

"You'll be as if you were unmorphed. Except for heightened reflexes and senses, like we said," came the reply.











"We apologise for the interruption," said Silver Dove Ninjetti.

"That is quite alright," said Judge Adams.

The reading took the remainder of the day. They were able to prove they had claim to it by having had it for the past seven hundred and ninety-seven years. Then the trial was recessed until the next day.


The next day, the prosecution made short work of the two actual witnesses that they had. Neither of which Lexian chose to cross-examine. And when they were done, Judge Adams nodded to King Lexian.

"Your first witness, King Lexian."

"I call Dimitria, one of the people who helped to create the Zeo Crystal." As Lexian finished speaking, a pink teleport landed in the chair.

"Greetings. I am Dimitria, the original Pink Morphin Ranger, now a mentor to Rangers. I swear upon the Power and the Grid that what I say is the complete and utter truth."

"Dimitria, what was your role in creating the Zeo Crystal?" asked Lexian bluntly.

"The weapons and Zords were created separately and prior to the carving of the Zeo Crystal. My role was to bind the Zords and weapons to the separate Zeo Shards."

"And what did you bind to the Silver Zeo Shard?"

"A Zord, currently being restored by your Blue Wolf Ninjetti, Silver Dove, and a sword that the Red Condor Ninjetti forged."

Lexian looked at the Silver Dove Ninjetti. "Airin Zeo Power!" she yelled, becoming the Silver Zeo Ranger. She summoned Airin, and handed it to Lexian.

"Is this the sword?"

"It is indeed," said Dimitria.

"Thank you Dimitria."

"What happens in the process of binding the weapons and Zords?" sighed Geoffrey.

"They are held in the Crystal, I suppose you could say. I do not know any more than that," said Dimitria.

"I call the Red Condor Ninjetti, the one who forged the sword," said Lexian.

The doors opened, and a Ninjetti came striding in. "I swear by the Power, the Grid and by the Great Power that what I say is the truth."

"Did you forge the sword that is the cause of this dispute?"

"Yes, I did."

"And for what purpose did you create it?"

"At the time? I knew it would be for either the Silver or White Zeo Ranger. Which is why it is the colour it is. Eventual? To be the weapon of the Silver Ranger."

"Thank you."


Geoffrey rose. "Why was it not for the White Zeo Ranger?"

"Because the White Zeo Ranger used the mental capabilities that most White Rangers possess to do battle, so no weapon was ever really created for her, assuming that she would fashion one from her mind."

"It has been said that the weapons were held inside the Crystal. Then how could have the Louvre have the sword?"

"When the Zeo Crystal was broken apart, four shards, including the Silver shard were set adrift. The last Silver Ranger died, and her sword was lost. It must have come to Earth, and there, come to the Louvre. That would be at best, a guess."

Suddenly, thunder boomed, lightning struck and everyone yelled.

"Oh, great! Nice mess Zordon wants us to fix up!"


Niamh found she was demorphed, and in the Power Chamber, along with the other demorphed Zeo Rangers. Tommy was next to Kali, and was trying to rouse her from her faint.

"What happened?" she asked. Zordon looked sheepish.

"The Council decided to wipe all memories of the world of this incident. So, while it happened, nobody except Council members, Rangers, Ernie and Bulk and Skull remember it. It was a measure I hoped they would take before the trial began, but they were unable to."

"What about the sword?"

"It is yours, Niamh. It is as if the Louvre never had it."

"Just what I need. More confusion. Thanks . . I guess." And with that, they teleported out.

Zordon looked around the Chamber. Hopefully, soon Earth can be part of the Council, like it should have been . .

The End... for now...