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Legal Disclaimer: The Power Rangers belong to Saban or Disney, not me. I'm not making any profit from this story. I have borrowed from Ellen Brand ¤ Rosa DeSantos, Tasha Young, Franklin Park and Trevor Park. I own Vadaei, [that's pronounced VAY-di-I,] the Phaedos Powers and their bearers, Mistri, Geneva, Calcia, Edy, Asharani, Karei, Vedi, Dalila and Bambi. These nine characters cannot be borrowed, as I'm using them in a story for publication. They are protected under international copyright law. I also own Niamh Ralin, Kalika Alinir, Fleure Vahala, Dylan Jalaz, Libby Kiyria, Paige Perkins and Kira Watana. Those seven may be borrowed, but drop me a line, okay? Resemblances between characters and real people, dead or alive, is purely unintentional. This story comes after The Ending in the series The Circle Draws Inward. This is rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America. Cameo appearances are welcomed.
Terminology: Rangers is everyone. Ninjetti is all empowered as Ninjetti. When morphed into the Ninjetti suits, the reference is [Colour] [Spirit] Ninjetti. Therefore, Pink Crane Ninjetti is Kim. Morphed or unmorphed, the Avatar Ninjetti [[Morphin or Thunder] morphed being Ranger Powered] are called by first name. Unmorphed, or with helmets off, all Rangers are referred to by first name. [Colour] [Team Specific] Ranger refers to the morphed Ranger in battle. Therefore, Pink Zeo Ranger is Kat. In the same sense, Pink Zeo Ninjetti is Kat using her Ninjetti Powers as a Ranger.
Author's Note: Even after research, I have found out that my knowledge of the Royal Ballet Academy in London is next to nothing. I admit freely that my only knowledge of programs and courses and lengths and such stuff is from what I've read in Dagmar Buse's fanfiction, so I have been forced to fabricate much of what applies.

The Job
by Mistri, Cho's Observer

August 6th, 1997.

At nine o'clock in the morning, Zack, Kim, Trini, Jason, Kat, Tanya, Rocky, Adam, Tommy, Trey, Niamh, Kali, Fleure, and Dylan were discussing the aspects of their proposed business.

"Well," said Fleure. "Instead of flumping around, talking, let's get it done. We need a good building site that can house proper space for martial arts, swimming, gymnastics, meditation and dance. We should look into that first thing. Then we should also look at Angel Grove Business Institute, AGBI, so we can get training for running a business."

"Good," said Kat. "But I have some news. The Royal Ballet Academy has accepted me. However, I'm not sure myself that I want to do this. It would mean that I would be away for at least three years. In looking over everything, I find that a year and a half would give me enough credit to be a teacher of ballet, notwithstanding the tests and stuff . . . so that is one option I have."

"While we're raising uncertaincies, I'll add my dilemma," said Tommy. "Uncle John has asked me to help him out with his racing track. Now, I could take it and make all the money we need to finance this business venture. But if I take it, I could conceivably kill myself or do something else equally damning. He's assured me that it's temporary, but no matter what, I make two point six million for doing it. If I place anything to fourth, there's more money in it for me."

"This is just crook," muttered Dylan. "We're saving the world, and we have these stupid choices."

"Aye," said Niamh. "Ye two have a wee small problem." They looked at her. "Can't I speak like the bloody Irish poplace once in a while?" she snapped, reverting back to the way she usually spoke. "I'm Irish, so I am!"

"No, we're just surprised, is all," said Trini hastily. "But there is one thing I'm not in the loop about. What is Billy doing for a job, or at least occupying himself with?"

"Wish we knew, Trin," said Jason. "He's not said anything."

They were interrupted by a silver blur rushing into the Youth Center. Not many people were there that early in the morning, it usually filled up around half twelvish and stayed filled for the rest of the day.

"Have you guys seen my computer?" asked Bambi, breathlessly. As they shook their heads, she turned half around and called, "Ernie! I left my goddamn computer here!! You seen it?" He shook his head.

"Oh, sweet Grid!" exclaimed Bambi. "It's got all the information anyone could want to make another set of Ranger Powers!!"

All fourteen seated Rangers shot to their feet. "This is serious," snapped Jason. "Can't you erase the information?"

"No. You see, I back it up every night. But for security purposes, I can't access the NMS from it. Unfortunately, that also means I can't access it from the NMS," rasped Bambi. "Vadaei has gotten her hands on it once before, which made it necessary for those methods. Since then, she's not tried to grab it. It's an Earth person who's taken it."

"Well, that's easy enough," said Tommy. "We'll just teleport it back."

"There's more," said Bambi, heavily. "If they have the computer, and the resources, they'll be able to build a huge complex, equal to the Power Chamber in complexity. For either land or space."


A young woman rapped at the door of an office and entered.

"Lieutenant, Ensign, I have some interesting information," she replied.

"Please sit down," replied the man. "What is it?"

The woman moved to her case. She lifted out a small silver case. She lifted the top, typed in a quick passcode, and turned it around. "I managed to get this, after some work. I've come directly here. We've hit the jackpot."

As the two looked at the information scrolling, the man smiled. "How long? I don't know how much longer we do have."

"I think I can have most things prepared in a year, Lieutenant. But if you'll check file Complex-L1, you may find that more interesting." He took a cursory look, and grinned in victory.

"Once again, you've out done yourself. Congratulations. Ensign, I'd like you to get an appointment with the government, right away."


Bambi and Billy, from their respective points in the NMS and Power Chamber had been busy trying to get a lock on the computer that Bambi was convinced was stolen. But at twelve, they had to concede defeat. Two hours of searching for it had brought nothing up on the scanners.

"It's got to be in a shielded area," muttered Bambi.

Suddenly, the alarms were blaring in the Power Chamber. Billy went to the consoles, and swore quite suddenly. Bulk, Skull, David, Jerome Stone, Trevor Park, and three women he didn't recognise were being attacked in the park by a number of Cogs, Tengas, NejiNinjetti, and Piranhatrons. Suddenly on view were Kimberly and Tanya, each unmorphed.

Zordon seemed unconcerned, for each person there was more than able to cope, so Billy teleported out for lunch. Meanwhile, in the park, the ten people were fighting quite well against the troops.

"You know, these are the Rangers' beat!" yelled Trevor. "Where are they?"

"Detective Park," yelled Bulk. "They'd be here if Rito, Goldar, Elgar, Rygog, Klank and Orbus, or anyone else we're forgetting were here! As long as they're not, the Rangers aren't! Besides, we're doing pretty well, aren't we, Lt. Stone?!"

It was unfortunate at that precise moment that they each felt the tingling of transportation. When it had ceased, they found themselves in a spacious room, filled with a banquet. What made it unappealing was the holo-image of Vadaei, Mondo, Divatox, Rita and Zedd. "Greetings, humans!" spoke Vadaei. "We have decided to use you for sport. After you eat your fill of this food, you will have to attempt to leave here by whatever means you can. We may or may not place obstacles in your path. All abilities are allowed to be harnessed to leave."

"How do we know this food's not tampered with?" asked Skull, hotly.

"Behold the white circle with the dove. That is the symbol of intergalactic truce, in the sense that if that banner is up in a room or on a planet, all quarrels are to be put aside while in or on that room or planet. But once you leave this room, you are fair prey." The image flickered out.

"Let's introduce ourselves, if we don't know each other," said Tanya. "I'm Tanya Sloan. I'm trying to start a business."

"Kimberly Hart. I'm with Tanya in job choice."

"Det. Kira Watana," said the young Asian. "I work with Trev ¤ Det. Park."

"Lt. Paige Perkins," identified the pretty African-American. In Det. Park's div."

"Obviously with Det. Park," sighed the Korean. "Lt. Libby Kiyria."

"David Trueheart. Live on the Reservation," David said. "I'm going to be working with the Reservation in actual fact, soon as things get determined." They sat down somewhat tentatively to eat. But it was as Vadaei had said, the food was untainted with anything inappropriate. Once everyone had eaten their fill, they stood up.

An exit appeared, and they found themselves drawn to it. Looking around, Kimberly and Tanya saw they were on some planet, filled with lush life. Kim and Tanya held a hushed conversation, debating about what to do.

"Can the rules be bent enough to allow us to morph?" hissed Tanya.

"I don't know. I don't think we could even exit out here and come back," replied Kim. "Which really only leaves us with the option of breaking the Code. If we must, then we'll do it if necessary. Ninjetti Ranger."

Skull leaned over. "Can you contact Zordon?" he whispered.

"Not with the civilians. And I'm afraid we'll run into too much trouble for only two Rangers to handle," answered Kim. "Let's just walk."

"Can anyone hazard a guess as to where exactly we are?" asked Libby .

"Well," replied Bulk. "I would guess somewhere shielded from the sensors of the Rangers. There's a lot of life around, so I would hope no villain has made this planet their one to attack. From what the Rangers have said, a lot of destruction goes on in attacks, more so if it's undefended."

"Or we could be in a pocket dimension," added David. "Mondo might've stuck me in one when he wanted the power of this arrowhead I have a half of. But the Rangers when rescuing me didn't say." Trevor was silent, which was a surprise. His feelings on the Power Rangers were well known, and it seemed he never missed an opportunity for making them known even more so.

"I remember the Green Ranger attacks," said Kira. "He nearly tore them to shreds."

Kim shuddered, and lazily replied, "He was under a spell, so the Rangers said." But Jerome caught a deeper knowledge in those words.

"Well, what's the deal with all these Rangers?" asked Paige. "There seem to be a lot of them." They began walking single file, pushing through the dense foliage. "I mean, four separate teams?"

"Well, one of them isn't an Earth team it seems," said Tanya. "I mean, the Zeo and Turbo are Earth teams, in that they defend Earth. Not to say they wouldn't go off and defend other planets that would be attacked by Mondo or Divatox. The Morphin Avatars are also seemingly in that regard." She ducked under a jutting branch.

"But the Phaedos team seems to be a universal force," said David. "They do not seem to be a Earth team, and you can see the difference."


The other Rangers, back on Earth were not taking this new development well.

"Can we get a lock on them?" asked Dalila, calmly.

"I am afraid not, Dalila," said Zordon. "As it stands, they are now on their own, and all decisions lie with them."

"What do you mean?" asked Trey.

"I mean the decision to reveal their identities, if such a situation should require it," said Zordon. "They may have no other alternative."


"My wife is going to be pissed," muttered Trevor. "Here I am stuck some -" An arrow flew by into a tree, barely missing him. They jumped to alert and withdrew what weapons they had. This left Kim, Tanya and David unarmed, and the other seven with standard police firearms.

A whole volley of arrows descended upon them, from unseen places. They dropped to the ground, the officers peering for sight. The five Rangers and allies regrouped.

"I don't think we have a choice," muttered Tanya. "It's either morph or face that octopus monster with -" Suddenly they all turned to the octopus monster, which had just come into their vision. Kim and Tanya morphed almost instantly, withdrawing their weapons. Tanya had chosen normal morph.

Kim and Yellow Zeo Ranger descended into battle. The five officers were watching in disbelief, and then were treated to another light show. Skull, Bulk and David had been watching the events, and feeling quite useless, began to desperately wish they could do something of some help. As they wished this, they began to notice a strange tingling.

Skull shouted, "Thunder Roll, Tiger!"

Bulk invoked, "Thunder Roll, Lion!"

David yelled, "Thunder Roll, Unicorn!"

In white, black, and blue flashes, they were morphed. The only difference that would be noted, was that the Thunder Crystal was not seen to them. Trevor, Kira, Libby and Paige seemed stunned, whilst Jerome only nodded. He had suspected, but the shock for him was to realise that Bulk and Skull were Rangers as well.

With the five Rangers fighting the new threat, it was not long before it had passed a motion to leave, seconded it, and put it into action. They turned around, and demorphed. "Well, cat's out of the bag," quipped Tanya.

"You are the Power Rangers?" asked Kira, astonished.

"Yes," said Kim. "Now that you know, do you mind if we try some now available methods?" At their nods, she morphed and called her NinjaZord. In a pink glimmer, it arrived. Tanya followed suit, and a crane and elk were side by side.

"The Monolith is activated . . . but unless you're on Phaedos you can't be aware of your Spirit Animal," muttered Kim. "I'm going to set a course tracker on my Zord, Tanya, you do the same. Then set it to go back to the Zord Holding Bays."

"And then Zordon can figure out where we are," Yellow Zeo Ninjetti said, catching on. "But we should keep moving."

"Of course. If we're not in a pocket dimension, they can track us back to this planet or whatever, and then scan the planet," said Kim. Once it was done, they hopped out. Now something had been done, and they all felt a little more secure. That is, until about twenty warriors came and found them.

Upon seeing Kim and Tanya, in standby morphed mode, they bowed to them.

"Thank you Rangers! You have delivered us from a great evil. Name your price, and we shall pay it," said the leader.

"What do you know of Vadaei?" asked Kim.

"We know a little, Ranger. She is quite fond of messing with Rangers, playing little games on them," said the leader.

"How do you know?" asked Skull. In response, the warriors became Tengas. The landscape changed, and they found themselves in a barren land. Each member of this party leapt into action, the Rangers morphing once more.

"This is not my idea of a good day!" cried Trevor.

"Shut up and you might live!" cried Kim. "What the hell is Vadaei playing at?"

"I'm sure I don't know!!" yelled Bulk. "It's like she knows something we don't!!"

"Now that seems like enough of a possibility!" returned Skull. "But why would she drag us all out to the middle of nowhere? Why us?" In the midst of this talk, fierce hand to hand was had by all ten humans. The Tengas seemed unusually difficult to defeat this time around, and only Kim noted this, she being the only one present who had ever fought Tengas with good regularity.

Finally, the Tengas left them to slump to the ground in exhaustion.

"When I said I wanted to have some excitement in my life, I didn't exactly mean this," said Jerome. Tanya withdrew her AutoBlaster, and fired it into the sky idly. As it hit the sky, the sky rippled and the wide open space changed. "Well, this is an interesting game Vadaei is playing. I just wish I knew the rules. We're jumping from situation to situation, at random chance, it seems," Jerome added.

"Isn't there anything you can do?" asked Libby , huddling aside with the other four non-Rangers.

"I wish I knew," sighed Kim. "The whole problem is that this game would be relatively simple to break if one of us were Phaedos. But we're not, and so it's not. And to add to the dilemma, Rita, Zedd, Divatox, and Mondo have likely added their own touches."

"Let's split up," suggested Jerome. "If perhaps we all go off in different directions, we can perhaps defeat this game."

"Got nothing to lose," allowed David. "But how?" He looked to Kim.

"Skull, Jerome. David, Kira. Bulk, Libby . Tanya, Paige. And Detective, you're with me." They headed off in different directions, Kim cautioning them to keep together and in touch by communicator.


The NinjaCraneZord and NinjaElkZord arrived back at the Zord Holding Bays, alerting Trey and Rosa to their presence. Checking them over, they noted the course trackers.

"Zordon," said Trey. "We have course trackers set for the Crane and Elk NinjaZords."

"Very good news, Trey. Please determine wherein they originated from." Trey and Rosa set to work, but with no success.

"The course picks up in the atmosphere of Earth, Zordon," said Rosa. "Before that, it's wildly erratic, like it came together from a thousand different directions."

"Concur here," said Trey. "It's too erratic." They came back to the main chamber.

"That sounds like the effects of the Paranaiel of TÝraie," said Geneva. "But it's been inactive for three hundred years . . . What could have persuaded them to open it?"

"Who's they?" asked Katherine.

"The Guardians of TÝraie," replied Dalila. "They guard a nexus of energy, let's call it. Within that nexus, is quite conceivably anything. But to open it is to risk upsetting the balance upon the universe is dependant. And they'll open it and they'll keep it closed. It makes no difference to them."

"Well . . . why were the Zords so erratic?" asked Fred.

"Because infinite NinjaCraneZords escaped. The leaving process is quite difficult to explain. So we won't. But once out of it, you have infinite NinjaCraneZords. They have to combine together, and do so. Until you hit Earth's atmosphere. If that's where they are, and they're there by request of Vadaei, then it's all in her hands," finished Asharani.

"What do we do?" asked Jason.

"Hope they know how to beat the request of Vadaei."


Jerome and Skull were moving through a forest. "Oh come on, Skull," said Jerome. "Surely you have some idea of what is going on?"

"I'm new at this," muttered Skull. "This is all much too fast for me. But I know it's no good to worry." They continued onwards, but everytime they seemed to be getting somewhere, the place would shift. Finally, they all gave up and came back together.

"Now I really wish we had one of Phaedos," muttered Kim. "No matter what, as soon as I think I've got something, it all changes. I'm never in one situation long enough to decide what I can do!" At this, Libby cocked her head.

"Kim . . . what say we just give up?"

"Fine," said Kim wearily, and they all slumped to the ground, not caring any longer about trying to make any plans or anything. But the peace was not to last, as a great rumbling began almost immediately. In ten flashes of light, they disappeared.


"Where are we?" asked Skull upon regaining bearings.

"Angel Grove Park," said Tanya slowly. "Let's go to the Power Chamber, alright?" Hearing no objections, each Ranger grabbed their partner, and teleported to the Power Chamber. Once there, Kim explained the whole situation and what had happened to them. When she ceased, Zordon looked at the three new Rangers.

"Bulk, Skull and David. You have come into the possession of three of the Thunder Powers. You know the Ranger Code, do you promise to uphold it?"

"Of course!" said David.

"Seriously," said Skull.

"Definite," added Bulk.

Now Zordon turned his gaze to the five officers. "You know the identity of five of my Rangers. Will you swear by the Power never to reveal the identities of the Power Rangers?" In a chorus of voices, they all agreed, in one form or another.

"Then I present my Morphin Avatar Ninjetti. Zack Taylor, Black. Billy Cranston, Blue. Trini Kwan, Yellow. Jason Lee Scott, Red. The Zeo Rangers. Katherine Hilliard, Pink. Rocky DeSantos, Blue. Adam Park, Green. Tommy Oliver, Red. Lord Trey of Triforia, Gold. Niamh Ralin, Silver. Kalika Alinir, White. Fleure Vahala, Purple. Dylan Jalaz, Black."

Trevor Park was in shock. "The Turbo Rangers. Rosa DeSantos, Pink. Tasha Young, Yellow. Justin Stewart, Blue. Franklin Park, Green. Fred Kelman, Red." Trevor slid to the floor weakly, not at all prepared for the shock. His sons were the Power Rangers who he continually badmouthed?

When Trevor was sufficiently composed again, Zordon ended. "And the Rangers of Phaedos, Mistri, White. Geneva, Green. Calcia, Black. Edy, Pink. Asharani, Blue. Karei, Yellow. Vedi, Red. Dalila, Gold. Bambi, Silver."

"Um . . . so what happens now?" asked Kira.

"I give each of you a communicator," replied Billy, tossing Bulk, Skull and David ones in the respective color, and David tossed his old one back. The colored ones had replaced the plain silver bands, and it was five of these plain silvers that he gave to the five officers.

"You should be able to contact us if need be," said Billy. "And if the situation requires it, you will be able to teleport. I suggest you cook up a decent enough story, and go explain to your superiors."

They had no arguments with that. And Jerome turned to Trevor. "Detective Park? I was thinking. We know the force now, as I suspected would happen. Maybe we could suggest that AGPD put together a small unit for dealing with the daily Ranger emergencies, with us five, and Bulkmier and Skullovitch as the unit?"

Trevor looked at Jerome. "I'll discuss this back at the station, Lieutenant. Let's go."


August 7th, 1997.

So the Phaedos Ranger sat around their table early in the morning, looking over their plans.

"Right. And we'll offer the Zeo and Morphin a place for their business," said Karei.

"Is this plan even plausible?" asked Dalila.

"Who's going to go against the wishes of Erind└ril?" asked Mistri, rhetorically.

"Good point," returned Dalila. "So Angel Grove here. Stone Canyon to the north. Mariner Bay to the south. Silver Hills to the east, south-east of Angel Grove, and north-east of Mariner Bay. With Turtle Cove directly north of Silver Hills, putting it at north-east of Angel Grove, and south east of Stone Canyon."

"Which means we want it likely in Angel Grove. As it is, the desert where the Power Chamber is, is actually more an extension of the Nevada desert, two miles wide. Looks terribly natural," said Edy. "At the edges, it tapers into actual soil and plant life."

"Mariner Bay is sixty miles south of here, which translates to a forty minute drive. From Mariner, you can then get to Silver Hills, driving thirty miles, a fifteen minute drive," said Asharani. "Stone Canyon is only fifteen miles north of Angel Grove, a ten minute drive. Turtle Cove is around the only lake in that area, and takes about sixty-five minutes to get there, and you've driven fifty miles. The road there is a bit treacherous," she added as explanation. "Although Silver Hills and Turtle Cove are connected by a freeway. Twenty five minutes."

"And Turtle Cove Lake is connected to the sea by way of a river above Stone Canyon and coming down to Turtle Cove," added Vedi.

"And these are the sites likely to be sites of attack?" asked Geneva.

"Near as we can determine," muttered Bambi. "Although Stone Canyon has never really been attacked, it's just been in threat of attack."

"Well," said Calcia. "We'll be ready."

The End... for now...