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Legal Disclaimer: The Power Rangers belong to Saban or Disney, not me. I'm not making any profit from this story. Ellen Brand owns the Dinosaur Crystal, Thunder Crystal, and concept for Ninjetti Crystal was borrowed from her, but since I modified it, the Crystal belongs me. [Thanks to Ellen for clearing that up]. A warm and huge thank-you must go to Ellen for putting up with my emails, some of which weren't even related to this fic. I own Vadaei, [that's pronounced VAY-di-I,] the Phaedos Powers and their bearers, Mistri, Geneva, Calcia, Edy, Asharani, Karei, Vedi, Dalila and Bambi. These nine characters cannot be borrowed, as I'm using them in a story for publication. They are protected under international copyright law. Resemblances between characters and real people, dead or alive, is purely unintentional. This is rated PG by the Motion Picture Association of America.
Terminology: Rangers is everyone. Morphed or unmorphed, the Avatars are called by first name. Unmorphed, or with helmets off, they are referred to by first name. [Colour] [Team Specific] Ranger refers to the morphed Ranger in battle. Therefore, Pink Zeo Ranger is Kat.

The Gathering
by Mistri, Cho's Observer

Time has been said to be like light. What many do not realise is that Time is Light and Dark. Roughly twelve hours is Light, and roughly twelve is Dark. In this, Time is another aspect of the Grid, both sides drawing from whatever side they choose. But, only evil can draw from the Dark sides of Time and the Grid, and only good can draw from the Light side of Time and the Grid. Each day, at midnight and noon, evil and good are at their strongest. It is for this reason, that Zords are never any good at night, and important spells are usually kept to a minimum in the day. Rita's spell cast on Tommy to make him the evil Green Ranger was one exception and that was partially why the spell failed.

Only two things keep the universe in check. Time, and the rule that not every decision creates a new universe. That is a common misconception. If it had been correct, the universe would not exist. Time cannot be destroyed, but it can be weakened. The only way to weaken time is to disrupt it. When MasterVile turned time back seven years, turning Angel Grove to seven years prior, everything would have been fine when it was fixed. However, for this to happen, what went in had to come out.

What went in, did not come out. Thus, Time was split from Herao, normal time, into Herao, normal time, and Kaura, displaced time. Very few were split into Kaura, and those that were, could blame Aisha Campbell. Staying behind in Kenya, and sending Tanya in her place, she created this paradox of Time itself.

Six Golden Power Coins, forged by Ninjor, Blue Morphin Master, Forger of Power Artifacts entered the reversal of Time. They did not come out. The Zeo Crystal was reclaimed from its five locations, thus preventing any other weakening. Those Powers eventually weakened Time so much, that instead of destroying the inhabitant's lives, it opened up a door in the barrier separating each dimension.

It pulled out something that had been for all time in another dimension, and had rattled around there, being used by the Rangers. Due to the hole in time, caused by the reversal, and its need to stay there, three exact replicas of these artifacts came into being in this dimension, instead of the actual artifacts. Incredibly enough, these three artifacts closed the hole in time, for some of what they were, were the six Golden Power Coins. All was repaired, except for the paradox of time.

They were best described as a regular octahedron, shaped like two four sided pyramids placed base to base. They were clear quartz, but there were some coins of some golden-bronze metal embedded in each side. It was supported by four posts on a square base of the same metal. There were animal symbols on the coins. There were eight coins in each of the Crystals.

The first one contained Black Mastodon, Pink Pteradactyl, Blue Triceratops, Yellow Sabre-Tooth Tiger, and Red Tyrannosaurus. On the sixth coin was the fleur-de-lis symbolising the Green Dragon. The last one was White Velociraptor. The last one was blank. This was the Dinosaur Crystal.

The next one held Black Lion, Pink Firebird, Blue Unicorn, Yellow Griffin, Red Dragon, Green Basilisk, and White Tiger. The last Coin was blank. This was the Thunder Crystal.

The third Crystal had undergone one change. It had a big Coin which was blank. This had been the Ninja Crystal, but it had slightly adjusted to be in line with the Powers operating here. This was now known as the Ninjetti Crystal, and would show the spirit animal of who approached.

These Crystals would flash a colour, indicating whether that person was suitable to take up that power. But even though their appearance in the dimension had been noticed, no one could find them anywhere.


June 11th, 1997

Only a few short hours ago, he had been a Power Ranger. And now, the Power had been stripped from him. The Golden Powers were no longer his. Jason Lee Scott sighed. Trini and Zack were in Geneva. Kim, and surprisingly, Billy were in Florida. And where would he go? He didn't really feel wanted in Angel Grove anymore.

He looked at his two morphers, that he had always kept with him. One without a coin in it, it looked completely new, and the other with a coin, completely charred and burnt. Rocky had sent it back to him. Kim had her two, as did Billy. Aisha and Adam had returned their charred morphers to Trini and Zack.

He would never be a Power Ranger again.

He sighed, and went out to the lake. Mondo and his stupid Empire had made his life useless. Rita and Zedd were wherever, he hadn't seen them since they tried to claim the Golden Powers when he was losing them.

He hit his communicator, and teleported to the Power Chamber, where he found Zordon and Alpha playing chess via the viewing globe.

"Zordon, Alpha, what's been happening?" he asked.

"Nothing much Jason," chittered Alpha. "We have been picking up strange fluctuations around Phaedos. You seem to be getting better after having returned the Golden Powers, and well... there seems to be an increasing number of ciari particles... but we can't locate them."

"Ciari particles, Jason, are what enable you to morph, by opening up the connection to the Morphin Grid. However... we are not meant to be able to track an increase in them because we are not meant to be able to track them at all," said Zordon.

"What do you mean?" asked Jason, very puzzled.

"They're part of the Power, Jason," said Alpha. "As far as we know, there are a number of particles. The Zeo particles are known as vilai particles. The ones we've mentioned, are the Morphin particles. The Turbo particles are ziua particles, and that's all we know of. There are many more, we are sure of it."

"What does this mean?" asked Jason.

"We do not know, Jason," answered Zordon gravely. I wish I could tell him what I suspect. Perhaps there is a way if my suspicions are correct, for us to become a larger force. But he kept this to himself.

Jason nodded, and teleported back to his home. He looked at his shelf. There were the photos. Of him, Trini, Billy, Kim and Zack unmorphed. Then with Tommy in green. Then with Tommy in white. And the most recent one, Jason, Tommy, Adam, Rocky, Tanya and Katherine. Along with them were photos of the morphed Rangers.

Little did he know he would have his greatest wish soon enough.


"Rangers, please report to the Chamber immediately!" cried Alpha. In six blazes of light, they appeared in the Power Chamber.

"The Machine Empire is still trying to put themselves together, so Rita and Zedd have moved back into their Lunar Palace. They've sent down a squad of Tengas and a monster known as Eaoma. We are still analysing Eaoma, and will send status reports as soon as we are able. Go, and may the Power protect you."

The Zeo Rangers morphed and teleported down to the park. They noticed a slight change in their powers, but paid it no heed. They stood at opposite ends, sizing each other up.

"Hey! Zordon said that cold iron disrupted the Morphin powers, didn't he?" yelled Green Zeo Ranger suddenly.

"He did," called back Pink Zeo Ranger.

"Is it possible that Zedd and Rita could have ingrained some sort of disruptor for the Zeo Powers into their monsters? My Powers don't feel right!"

"Possible, but I hope not," yelled Red Zeo Ranger. "Zeo V Power Sword!"

"Zeo IV Power Hatchets!"

"Zeo III Arm Blades!"

Suddenly, they demorphed. They tried remorphing. All that happened was a burst of light.

"Get back to the Power Chamber!" yelled Yellow Zeo Ranger. She took a flying leap at the monster, and fell to the ground, demorphed. With a worried tone, Pink Zeo Ranger asked for teleportation back to the Power Chamber.

When they got there Jason was getting ready to go out. With a voice as cold as steel, he explained.

"Kat is the only one who could fight, but she'd have to do it unmorphed. Besides, we need a nurse here, and Kat's the only one we've got!" And having said that, he teleported out and Kat's eyes focused sharply.

Was that white streak fading into red?


Jason dropped out of the teleport stream. He surveyed the scene very warily.

He took the charred morpher and the new looking morpher. As he watched, they combined together in a flash of red light. But something still did not feel right. But he didn't have time to dwell on that as a flock of Tengas rushed him.

He began to move fluidly through the swath of Tengas, but due to the weakness the Golden Powers had left him with, he soon had to stop. Suddenly he grabbed his morpher, and yelled "Tyrannosaurus!"

He was left with a faded red suit around him. What?! he thought. I need more power!

Unconsciously, his hand shot out, and a crystal flew right into it.

"TYRANNOSAURUS!!!!" Jason yelled. In a brilliant flash of ruby red, he was morphed properly. He had red karate bottoms on, with blood-red boots. A long sleeved shirt covered his top, and he had gloves to match his boots. A shiny red metal alloy was fashioned over his shirt and pants, as protection. A coin bearing the Tyrannosaurus was set into the alloy. Incredibly, it was super light.

A double-edged katana hung by his side. He unsheathed it.

"I am the Red Morphin Avatar. Leave this place." Instead, they rushed him. Jason swore, and spun around, lashing out with his katana. The Tengas soon left, and he ran at Eaoma. Soon they were engaged in combat, and it was only by Jason's speed and agility that he was able to avoid getting injured.

Finally, Jason defeated Eaoma. He teleported back to the Power Chamber, completely exhausted.

"Jason, how were you able to morph?" asked Tommy. Jason shrugged.

"I just morphed, more out of desperation than anything else, guys, and it was a powerless morph. Then my hand flew out, and grasped this crystal. And then I yelled out Tyrannosaurus again, and I was morphed."

"This crystal is powerless in and of itself, Jason," said Alpha, who had scanned it. Jason shook his head.

"I felt power! I saw a big crystal, and there were eight coins in it! And the Tyrannosaurus reared up and that's when I morphed! And I saw the others! Mastodon! Pteradactyl! Triceratops! Sabre-Tooth Tiger! DragonZord! Velociraptor!" he insisted.

"I was told I was the Red Morphin Avatar," continued Jason, quietly. "It sounded... vaugely like what you said Dulcea's voice sounded like. Guess I'm back in the ranks again."


Meanwhile, on the moon, Rita and Zedd had finished moving back into their palace. Not more than six miles away was the base of the Machine Empire. Very soon, however, the moon would be inhabited by quite a few evils. And until then, Earth would be left in relative peace.

Goldar and Rito were called to the throne room. "I want you to take a squad of Z-Putties down to wherever it is that you land, and cause havoc. Bring me the hostages. If you need to be told who they are when you will know them, I will disembowel you both. Understood?" ordered Zedd. Goldar bowed.

"As you wish, my Lord and Lady."

"Sure thing Ed!" said Rito brightly.

They entered the random teleportation beam. Once they were on Earth, they just followed signs that led them to a talk on "World Peace Dignitaries Fight Against Abortion," figuring that a lot of people would be there.

"Miss Kwan? Mr. Taylor?" queiried the director.

Trini Kwan stood up. Her yellow Chinese robe accentuated her features that had only grown sharper and more lovely. Zack Taylor stood up besides her. Suddenly, Goldar and Rito walked in.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am Goldar, servant of Lord Zedd and Empress Rita. This is Rito, a co-servant. Bow before me! Submit yourselves to Rita and Zedd's might!"

"Everybody, please stay calm," said Trini. "Who here can fight?" She and Zack noted that there were about ten. "Take everyone through the squad of fighters there. Hit the Z." She turned back to look at Rito. "He's... Rito, according to Billy," she murmered to Zack.

by now, the people had been escourted outside. "There are no cameras, right?" asked Zack. When Trini nodded, he pulled out his two morphers, now one. Trini followed suit.


"Sabre-Tooth Tiger!"

Once more, the faded black and yellow suits formed around them. Unconsciously, their hands reached out and grasped a crystal. They saw the big crystal, the Tyrannosaurus already 3-D. As they watched in awe, the Mastodon and then the Sabre-Tooth Tiger reared up, becoming 3-D.



In a combined flash of ebony black and canary yellow light the two Dignitaries were morphed. Trini wore a lightweight yellow tunic, hem extending to mid-thigh. It was gathered and belted at the waist. Below were yellow leggings, and yellow boots. On her hands were yellow gloves. Like Jason, a shiny yellow metal alloy was fashioned over her clothes, with a coin bearing the Sabre-Tooth Tiger set into it.

Zack wore black leather from foot to head. His feet were encased in boots. His hands wore gloves. A coin bearing the Mastodon was set into his chest. He summoned his old axe and swung it at Goldar.

Trini had a whip split in three at the end. Attached to the end were three thin daggers. Everytime she hit Rito, an electric shock zapped him. She snapped it back and grabbed the daggers, which became more like the ones she remembered. Rito disappeared, having had enough of being electrocuted, and when Trini turned to Goldar, he left.

Hitting their communicators, they teleported out of the wrecked hall.

Upon reaching the Power Chamber, they recounted their story to the audience.

"Rangers, I cannot say that I am fully certain of the happenings," said Zordon. "It could simply be that we are coming up for a truly momentous event, one that requires every Ranger we can lay our hands on. It could simply be that the Powers could not be held inside the timesnarl. It could be almost anything."

Jason nodded, and then twigged. What about the increase in ciari particles? He looked at Zordon. Zordon looked at him, and silenced him. He'd find out later, Jason decided, joining Trini and Zack.


Goldar and Rito were trying again. Only this time they were more successful in capturing hostages.

They had found themselves in a compound. Charging up to the buildings, they had gotten inside, and had found the place packed with gymnasts and some friends. Kimberly Hart and Billy Cranston in particular.

The whole place was then fighting the two henchmen. But even skill couldn't deny the fact that Goldar was herding Kim and Billy away. And finally, Goldar obliviated all their memories with a spell Zedd had given him. Then they were taken to Zedd's dungeons.

"You won't get away with this," declared Billy. Kim nodded.

"You can't expect to get out of this," laughed Zedd.

"No, but somewhere, somehow, you'll be defeated. There will always be a way. Just because we don't escape, doesn't mean that some day, your reign won't come to an end. We don't have to have a hand in it."

"And you will not!" screeched Rita. Kim rolled her eyes.

"As if you'd know, Rita."


In the empty void of space, a ship headed towards Earth.


Billy pulled out his morphers, and Kim followed suit. "There won't be much power in them," said Billy, in a low voice.

"It'll be enough," said Kim confidently. "Pteradactyl!"

"Triceratops!" In a brilliant flash of pink-blue light, they were morphed, but it degraded to Ninjetti suits. The Ninjetti had returned for a time.

They snapped the chains and raced out of the dungeons. Billy's mind was working on old equations and he said, "We only have fifteen minutes before we need a new source of power, to continue being morphed."

And with ten minutes to spare, they were on Earth. The power just went, leaving their suits crackling.

They grabbed the crystals that flew over. They saw the large crystal. The Pteradactyl and Triceratops became 3-D.



Billy was dressed in blue metal, not unlike his old Blue Ranger costume. There were a few subtle differences, that only one truly familiar with the suit would see. The Triceratops was set into his chest. Kimberly was dressed in a pink leotard, with a sort of Ninjetti suit covering her leotard. The Pteradactyl was set into her chest.

Three minutes later, they were in the Power Chamber, getting filled in.

"I hate to say this, but somehow, I know that the Velociraptor, and the DragonZord are not for Tommy. Probably because he has the Red Zeo Powers. I just sensed it, as I morphed," said Kim.

"That's totally fine with me," said Tommy. "I have enough on my plate."


One team had returned.

The End... for now...