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Legal Disclaimer: The Power Rangers belong to Saban or Disney, not me. I'm not making any profit from this story. I own Vadaei, [that's pronounced VAY-di-I,] the Phaedos Powers and their bearers, Mistri, Geneva, Calcia, Edy, Asharani, Karei, Vedi, Dalila and Bambi. These nine characters cannot be borrowed, as I'm using them in a story for publication. They are protected under international copyright law. Ellen Brand is kindly allowing me to borrow Trevor Park. Resemblances between characters and real people, dead or alive, is purely unintentional. This story comes after The Unknown in the series The Circle Draws Inward. This is rated PG by the Motion Picture Association of America.
Terminology: Rangers is everyone. Ninjetti is all empowered as Ninjetti. When morphed into the Ninjetti suits, the reference is [Colour] [Spirit] Ninjetti. Therefore, Pink Crane Ninjetti is Kim. Morphed or unmorphed, the Avatars are called by first name, including Kim and Billy as Avatar Ninjetti. Unmorphed, or with helmets off, all Rangers are referred to by first name. [Colour] [Team Specific] Ranger refers to the morphed Ranger in battle. Therefore, Pink Zeo Ranger is Kat.

The Finding
by Mistri, Cho's Observer

June 14th, 1997.

Zordon was lost in thought. Now there were three teams under his guard, although in all actual fact, the Ancient Ninjetti outranked him by a few good rungs. But they had wordlessly submitted to his guidance. No complaints there, although they would usually take a full three minutes to respond, either by communicator or by teleporting in, whereas Tommy and that were responding in no more than ninety seconds.

He was so lost in thought that he didn't notice Billy teleporting in. Billy cleared his throat after a few minutes.

"Yes Billy. What do you require?"

"I was just coming in to check out the Zord Holding Bay. I think we may have to do some expansion in them. After all, they're holding the ZeoZords, SuperZeoZords, and now they need to hold eleven more NinjaZords. Pyramidas and the NinjettiMegaShip are landed and cloaked outside."

"Very well Billy. However, you are not to spend more than two hours here," said Zordon.

"I only need to check figurative space," said Billy, crossing to some panels. Calling up a figure of the Zord Holding Bay, he looked at it critically. "Zordon, how many levels do we have to the Zord Holding Bay?"

"We have several levels, but only one open level," said Zordon. "When the time comes, we will open new levels, if necessary."

"Righto. Catch ya on the flip side," said Billy, and he teleported away.

"What's on the agenda for today?" he asked the others who had waited at the Youth Bar. Nineteen faces looked at Billy in shock.

"Billy, we thought you'd be longer!" exclaimed Tanya. Billy grinned.

"I'm getting better," he said.

"Well, we thought we might have a bit of a sparring competition, see how much these newcomers know," said Jason. "Tommy reckons he can beat them, all bets are up."

"Tommy," called Ernie. "If you can beat half of them, I'll pay for you and a date at Mon Chere. If you lose, I take a day off and you mind the place."

"Okay. You're on," said Tommy.

"Is anyone going to bet on us?" asked Calcia.

The girls looked at each other. "Well, I think you could beat all of us one after the other, without much strain, so I'll bet on you to beat Tommy. Thirty dollars." said Trini. "Anyone game to take me on?" Tommy himself called her on that bet.

"Fifteen minute break between sessions. If Tommy begs off, than he loses," stated Jason. "Who's up first?"

"I believe I'll take Tommy on," said Dalila. She rose, and pulled off her top. Clad only in her sports bra and shorts like the rest of the girls, she moved onto the mats. Tommy followed nervously. They bowed, and Dalila forced Tommy on the defensive as she lauched a kick, appearing to defy gravity. She caught Tommy's shoulder, and he fell to the ground. He leapt up, and launched into a whirlwind of punches and kicks, landing several blows.

Dalila knocked his punches away, drove a punch into his chest, tripped him over, and drove another punch into his chest. He grabbed her arm, pulled himself up, and stood. Dalila stood up, ducked, lauched a spinning kick, and knocked Tommy down for good.

"Time!" yelled Jason. "Who's next?" Asharani uncurled herself from the bone numbing position she had been in, and walked on to the mats.

When their battle began, Asharani assumed the defensive. Tommy was getting frustrated, none of his attacks were doing anything, he wasn't hitting her. She finally got hit in the side, and then grabbed Tommy, kicked his feet from under, and slammed him into the mat. Once more, Tommy was beaten.

Edy rose next. However, her pattern she had chosen was one Tommy found easy to counteract, once he had managed to recognise it. Stepping back, and then aiming two punches, he had her on the ground. She only smiled, and then he found himself on the ground as well.

Mistri was next. Everyone saw that Tommy had lost before he had begun. In a series of lightning fast moves, he had thrown ten punches, swept Tommy's feet out from under, and delivered another punch to his chest. Tommy was down before he had even had a chance to draw a breath.

"If two more beat you, you've lost," said Jason. Tommy nodded.

Calcia and Bambi went down to Tommy, in a double team attack. Then Geneva beat him, and Karei lost to him.

"Okay. This is the final match. If Tommy loses, he has to take care of the Youth Bar for a day, and pay Trini thirty bucks. If he wins, Ernie pays for him and a date at Mon Chere, and Trini pays him thirty bucks," said Jason.

Vedi rose. She was a full foot shorter than Tommy, at five feet, two inches. Tommy outweighed her by at least 75 pounds.

"This doesn't seem too fair, Jason," said Adam. "Look at them!"

Jason had to admit, it did seem quite unfair. But the Ancient Ninjetti didn't seem too worried. And Vedi looked like she had quite a bit hidden.

"Objection registered, but I think she can take care of herself. Her friends don't seem to be worried, and she's not, so I won't," said Jason. "Time!"

Vedi stepped back, and then lauched a flying kick at Tommy. He was more prepared so he stepped to the side and dropped. Yet as she landed, she launched a hurricane kick at Tommy, and then a few moves were made leaving Tommy winded. He then recalled some moves from his Green Ranger days and swiftly blocked a punch, and then landed a fast series of punches on her abdomen, and then tried to kick her feet out from under.

But she had moved and she kicked out, hitting his shoulders and then swung under and slammed his abdomen and landed on her feet. No sooner had she done it than she landed another heavy punch on his sternum.

He recovered and spun around, meaning to catch her side. But she grabbed his leg, and dropped him to the ground. Then another punch to the sternum laid him out flat.

"Do you yield?" she asked formally.

"Not much choice, is there?" he asked, but a smile was evident in his tone.

She helped him up, and Tommy looked at the others. "What can I say? Apparently, they're more powerful than they look. Especially the little one here."

They laughed, and then their communicators toned.

In one movement, their group of twenty had shrunk to eleven. "I have got to get them to teach me how to do that," muttered Billy as they quietly made their way to the place they called the Ranger Teleport.

"What is it?" asked Tommy.

"Rangers, Rita and Zedd and Mondo have sent down monsters, two monsters each to be exact. The Phaedos Rangers are aware, and are currently analysing the monsters from their ship," came Alpha's voice.

"We're on our way, Alpha," said Tommy, and with that, eleven streams of light whooshed out.

At the Power Chamber, the number rose to twenty again.

"What can you find out?" asked Jason.

"Rita and Zedd have sent down two monsters. One is the Valapire, capable of creating illusions from nothing, and making what is real, unreal. The second is Pyrolya, who is busy setting fires in the park." Vedi paled.

"Mondo has sent down ChopBlockStop, a monster gifted in the arts of karate and kungfu, and Zapinator, who can change the dimensions that you inhabit," finished Alpha.

"How should we split ourselves up?" asked Adam.

"Five to each monster," replied Asharani absently. "Three Zeos, plus two Phaedos for each of Mondo's. The rest split between Rita and Zedd's."

"Right," said Tommy. "Kat, Rocky, you're with me, we'll go after Zapinator. Trey, Tanya, you're with Adam. Think you can beat ChopBlockStop?" They nodded.

"Asha, Dalila, go with Adam. Edy, Karei, Tommy," said Mistri. "Jason, you, Zack and Trini want Billy and Kim, or two of us?"

"I'm fine with either," they said. "Billy, Kim, you're with me, Vedi and Geneva. Hopefully, we can remember how to stop Valapire. Calcia, Bambi, you're with Jase, Trini and Zack. And on that note . ."

"It's Morphin Time!"

"The Crane!"
"The Wolf!"
"Sabre-Tooth Tiger!"

"Zeo Ranger I, Pink!"
"Zeo Ranger II, Yellow!"
"Zeo Ranger III, Blue!"
"Zeo Ranger IV, Green!"
"Zeo Ranger V, Red!"
"Gold Ranger Power!"

"Phaedos NovaActivate!" As the eleven Ninjetti empowered Rangers morphed, they bypassed their Ninjetti suit and went straight to Ranger empowered. Then in four blocks of five streaks, they teleported to their destinations.

Zack, Trini, Jason, Calcia and Bambi went to the park to fight Pyrolya.

Kat, Rocky, Tommy, Edy and Karei went after Zapinator in the warehouse district.

Kim, Billy, Mistri, Geneva, and Vedi landed in the Youth Center to go up against Valapire.

Tanya, Adam, Trey, Asharani and Dalila located ChopBlockStop in the business district of Angel Grove.


Pyrolya turned around, as the Rangers came up behind him. "Well, what do we have here? Five little Ranger snacks . . . extra crispy! Tengas, arise!" He sent a tongue of fire barrelling towards them and they jumped away, Black Phaedos Ranger summoning her Ice Whip and lashing out towards him. It struck a tongue of fire, and the fire dissipated.

Jason grabbed his katana, Zack called his axe into being, Trini spun her daggers and Silver Phaedos Ranger handled her Invisibility Axe with the grace born of centuries of practice.

"He can't hit what he can't see," cried Silver Phaedos Ranger. And slowly, she began to fade. As she got to the end, a 3-D outline remained, only to be swept away by the wind. Jason rushed Pyrolya, and the others began to fight the Tengas. Black Phaedos Ranger lauched into battle, followed by Trini and Zack.

Jason found that he was severely outmatched, because he had to keep ducking flames that were threatening to engulf him. It was only by the grace of the invisible Silver Phaedos Ranger that he was managing to at least hold his own. He swung his katana upwards and over, right into Pyrolya's flame center, causing it to explode.

The Tengas were getting thrashed by the other three, and were going to retreat, when a dome of fire encapsulated the area of park they were currently fighting in. Black Phaedos Ranger scanned the fire, and came up with some unwanted answers. They were trapped. It was preventing teleportation and it was so hot they'd invariably die getting through. Getting in, she couldn't analyse.

"We're trapped in here," she said, snapping her whip around the Tengas who were attacking. They became ice, and Black Phaedos Ranger shattered the statues. "And it gets better. I'm not sure if we have to destroy Pyrolya or not to be able to escape. The only good thing is that the fire isn't hurting anyone or anything."

"What do we do now?"

Silver Phaedos Ranger did a flying kick over towards them, becoming slowly visible as she did so. "We wait, and fight."


Pink Zeo Ranger, Blue Zeo Ranger, Red Zeo Ranger, Pink Phaedos Ranger and Yellow Phaedos Ranger landed in the warehouse district. All around them, they saw buildings and machinery that was existing in more, or less dimensions than they were supposed to. "We'd best be careful," whispered Yellow Phaedos Ranger. "If Edy or I can get one decent strike, then this will all be over. Phaedos Alairete!"

"UltraBow!" Pink Phaedos Ranger pulled the string back, causing an arrow to form. They prowled the area, but in the end, Zapinator found them first. He fired a volley of strikes at them. Pink Phaedos Ranger fired her arrow, and it was hit by a strike, and it became two dimensional.

"Kiathrin!" she cursed.

"What does it mean?" asked Blue Zeo Ranger.

"Let's just say that your mother would never stop washing your mouth out with soap," she replied as she summoned another arrow. Yellow Phaedos Ranger fired off a triwave of energy that once more, became victim of a strike. Sharing a glance, the three Zeo Rangers summoned their Zeo Power Weapons.

"Zeo I Power Shield!"
"Zeo III Arm Blades!"
"Zeo V Power Sword!"

Zapinator rushed them. Red Zeo Ranger fell into position and raised his sword to strike. Unfortunately, a strike bounced off Pink Zeo Ranger's shield, and smashed into his sword. It expanded into more dimensions and Red Zeo Ranger dropped it, afraid of what it could do. They regrouped. Pink and Yellow Phaedos Rangers shared a glance.

"AlaireteBow!" cried Pink Phaedos Ranger. She drew back the string, and a lightning bolt appeared.

Red Zeo Ranger rushed Zapinator, trying to distract him. Zapinator fired two shots, hitting him and Pink Phaedos Ranger as she released the bolt. They became one dimensional. The bolt rushed towards Zapinator, and hit him directly on. For one tense, agonising moment, he stood upright, and then he fell. As he exploded, a wave seemed to ripple out from him, which restored everything he had changed.

The Zeo V Power Sword rippled and burbled back to normal. The buildings around them shimmered and returned to their prior state of existence. But the two Rangers didn't appear. They checked if they were clear, and demorphed.

"Hey, you wouldn't be writing us off that easily, would ya?" asked Tommy as he came walking up. "We got blown at the mercy of the wind," he said. "And when we returned to a normal existence, we were demorphed."

They nodded. "Rangers," came Alpha's voice. "If you are able, morph and go assist the others in the park!"

"You heard him," said Tommy. "It's Morphin Time!"

"Zeo Ranger I, Pink!"
"Zeo Ranger III, Blue!"
"Zeo Ranger V, Red!"

"Phaedos NovaFour Activate!"
"Phaedos NovaSix Activate!"

Pink light glowed around Edy's wrists and shot upwards to her fingers, encasing them in a grey and pink material. Then it came back, properly forming her gloves. It travelled up her arms, and then around her body, leaving her head free. As soon as her suit was formed, an owl could be heard hooting, and one flew towards her, forming her helmet.

Yellow light glowed around Karei's wrists and shot upwards to her fingers, encasing them in a grey and yellow material. Then it came back, properly forming her gloves. It travelled up her arms, and then around her body, leaving her head free. As soon as her suit was formed, a merlin could be heard shrieking, and one flew towards her, forming her helmet. The five Rangers teleported out.


Kim, Billy, White Phaedos Ranger, Green Phaedos Ranger, and Red Phaedos Ranger found themselves in the abandoned Youth Center.

"How do you stop Valapire?" asked Kim.

"You know, we don't remember offhand," said Red Phaedos Ranger.

"How do you defeat his illusions?"

"The mantra of Airine Siliani," said Green Phaedos Ranger. "Repeat that firmly and strongly, and if your will is strong enough, the illusions will disappear. As for reversing what is unreal back to it's proper real state, you need the mantra of Telinu Consanthe Xija Oleia."

Suddenly, tables and chairs and equipment shimmered into existence in the Youth Center. "Oh zalini!" cried White Phaedos Ranger. "He's started!"

The five exchanged a glance, and summoned their weapons. White Phaedos Ranger spun a staff, looking very much like Dulcea had when Tommy had stated "Well, we're different. We won't fail." Green Phaedos Ranger twirled a staff with flames emanating from the ends. Red Phaedos Ranger carried a sword, etched with many runes.

Kim and Billy looked on in astonishment, and then examined their own weapons. Kim carried a bow of holly, and called into existence a pink silver arrow of energy. Billy ran his eyes over a pair of shaken, coloured light blue.

"From lances to shaken?" he asked, clearly astonished.

"The Ninjetti Power give you what you most clearly feel is the right weapon. You may find that they do what you would not expect," replied Red Phaedos Ranger.

"Yeah, but shaken?" Billy asked. Flames began to run up and down the sword that Red Phaedos Ranger held, and she pointed it at a column of steam that began to solidify into Valapire.

"Nexus Sword, Power ready!" she cried. The energy poured out of her sword, heading towards Valapire. But Valapire made it cease to be real. Red Phaedos Ranger chanted the mantra while also concentrating on dissolving the energy.

"That's why it's so hard to defeat him. We'll have to outsmart him," said Green Phaedos Ranger.

"Why don't we fight fire with fire?" asked Billy.

"What do you mean?" snapped White Phaedos Ranger.

"Aren't there special illusory tricks unique to the Ninjetti?" he asked. "I remember Dulcea saying something about them." The others considered what he had said. Finally, White Phaedos Ranger spoke.

"The problem is whether Rita made him with the memories of the original Valapire," he said. "We should assume so. In that case, what tricks do we have that we didn't use before or that we can change?"

"What about appearing everywhere and firing weapons?" asked Kim.

"Done," replied Green Phaedos Ranger, and launched an attack against Valapire. Kim fired a few half hearted arrows, that passed into unreality.

"Well, there is one last one that I remember," muttered Red Phaedos Ranger. "Let's just shift to Ninjetti."

"Ninjetti! Hawk!"

They were in their Ninjetti suits, and slowly they transmuted to their Ninjetti forms. The Condor began to glow bright red, casting a eerie red glow on the other forms. Pink and white light joined the red, and the light began to rise out of them. The Osprey glowed green and finally the Wolf glowed blue. The lights collided and created a shimmering Ranger.

It had a pink suit, with green and blue overtones. It had a female form, but its physique was more of a male martial artist's.

<There's a nasty shock in there for Valapire,> muttered the Osprey. Valapire was slowly approaching the lone false Ranger, and he had a triumphant look on his face. As he was about to carve into it, all five Ninjetti forms attacked.

They shocked Valapire enough so that his knife cut into the false Ranger. There was an almighty explosion as the power exploded outwards. It slammed full force into Valapire, and ricocheted into the five Ninjetti. The illusion of the Youth Center disappeared, leaving them in the park. The Crane was caught in a whirlwind of energy and slammed into a tree, reforming into the unconscious Pink Crane Ninjetti.

The Wolf was more lucky, he stayed conscious. However, he was thrown through the dome of fire that surrounded the fight where Pyrolya, Jason, Zack, Trini, Black Phaedos Ranger, and Silver Phaedos Ranger were.

"I know you can get in without being hurt now," muttered Black Phaedos Ranger, as the Wolf returned to the form of Blue Wolf Ninjetti. The Osprey, Condor and Hawk had instantly reformed, and for that, had dropped straight down, losing consciousness.


Gold Zeo Ranger, Green Zeo Ranger, Yellow Zeo Ranger, Blue Phaedos Ranger, and Gold Phaedos Ranger located ChopBlockStop in the business district, shooting cars.

"This is old," muttered Green Zeo Ranger. "The monsters always shoot up cars in the business district."

"It's time for a Gold Rush!" called Gold Zeo Ranger. Golden energy began to coalesce around his staff and when it had built up as much as he could hold, he threw it towards ChopBlockStop. Golden sparks flew, and he charged Blue Phaedos Ranger.

She didn't seem too worried, but she jumped towards him and became a blue spiral of energy. She struck him and blue sparks flew. But he had turned faster than thought, and she was held fast.

"Drop the weapons, or she gets it," he said. They did, but Gold Phaedos Ranger dropped hers towards the two. It hit his arm, and it became composed of helium, which quickly blew away. Blue Phaedos Ranger twisted out and drop-kicked him.

"Get creative," she snarled.

"Zeo IV Power Hatchet!" cried Green Zeo Ranger.
"Zeo II Nunchaku!" yelled Yellow Zeo Ranger.

They attacked and between the two of them and the fact he was slowly losing body structure due to the Element Daggers of the Gold Phaedos Ranger repeatedly hitting him, he never stood a chance.

"Hmmphm," said Yellow Zeo Ranger. "Not as strong as I would've expected."


All Rangers had headed towards the park. Pink Zeo Ranger had instantly returned to the Power Chamber while Red and Gold Zeo Rangers, and Pink and Yellow Phaedos Rangers brought in the unconscious Pink Crane, White Hawk, Green Osprey, and Red Condor Ninjetti. Blue Wolf Ninjetti was cursing the lack of science equipment when he decided to change to wolf form and attack Pyrolya.

He did so, and for his efforts got thrown out of the area surrounded by the dome of fire and knocked unconscious. Black Phaedos Ranger swore, there had to be some way for Jason, Trini and Zack to get out.

A merlin fluttered in and reformed. "How do we take the spirits to Phaedos to attain the Ninjetti?" asked Yellow Merlin Ninjetti.

"The only one who could tell us is unconscious. Go and try to revive Geneva."

But as she prepared to leave, Jason lost his temper, and threw his katana at Pyrolya. It did what they had not been able to: it struck his Achille's heel, and he self-destructed, bringing down the dome of fire.

Gold Zeo Ranger sighed as he saw the inevitable crowd of reporters and police come swarming in. "You guys go, I'll deal with them this time." They nodded and teleported out. Gold Zeo Ranger sighed and turned to face the crowd.

"Excuse me, what exactly happened today?"

"Who are these new Rangers?"

"Can we trust them?"

"HOLD IT!" yelled Gold Zeo Ranger. "Our new allies five of them are a self contained team slowly changing powers. Three of them are holders of a less than full strength power, and I believe that's them there, heading off to gain full strength powers." He pointed to four teleport streams heading out of the asmosphere. "The other two already hold the power that the three are going to attain."

"The other allies are the Phaedos Rangers. They're not officially under our mentor's guard, so I have no answers for you relating to them, except that you can trust them. You can also trust the Morphin Avatar Ninjetti."

"Who exactly are these Avatars?" asked Trevor Park. Gold Zeo Ranger studied him.

"Do you remember, Detective, the first set of Zords? The DinoZords?"

"Yes," he replied.

"We believe we have the potential for the next power to become Avatar, the Thunder Avatars. However, these Rangers are the Morphin Avatars." Gold Zeo Ranger spoke very slowly, as if explaining to a three year old.


As Gold Zeo Ranger had decided to face the press, the others went to the Power Chamber. It was quickly decided that Edy would accompany Zack, Trini and Jason on ther trip to Phaedos, and so, they left.

The others just did what they were directed to as the unconscious Ninjetti were force-demorphed and attended to.


The four rematerialized on Phaedos. Edy immediately headed for the Sacred Grounds. As she walked across the landscape of Phaedos the land of Phaedos seemed to sense she walked among it again, and the land of Phaedos became vibrant with lush new life. Finally, the four made it to the Sacred Grounds, after some hours of hiking.

There Dulcea greeted them. The fire was already prepared, and wordlessly, the three teens arranged themselves around the fire. Dulcea blew the dust across the fire, sending it higher. The three teens were suddenly outside their bodies.


Jason found himself in a rainforest. Is this the Amazon? he thought. A slow soft noise caught his attention. He whirled around, stepping into a defensive position. He came to face a jaguar. He swallowed, and suddenly the Jaguar leaped at him. As it got closer, it turned into a coin which landed in his chest.


Trini found herself sitting on an eyrie. She looked around, noting the unusual calm she felt. She was afraid of heights, wasn't she? A shriek was heard, and an eagle came flying towards her. It formed a coin which landed in her chest.


Zack found himself on a savannah. It seemed endless, and he began to grow nervous. Where on Earth was he? He heard a galloping, and twisted around, throwing his body back instinctively. A giraffe was coming towards him, full tilt. Just as Zack was about to jump out of the way it became a coin, landing in his chest.


The three teens were clad in their Ninjetti suits. Dulcea smiled. She stepped over to the teens.

"Jason, you are balanced in both mind and body. You are the Jaguar."

"Trini, peaceful by nature but fiery in spirit. You are the Eagle."

"Zack, graceful and lover of fun. You are the Giraffe." Dulcea paused. "Because you are not questing as a team, then you will only be tested at the Monolith. People you thought were friends may hinder you, but walk straight and true, and you shall overcome."

"Right," Jason said. "And thanks."

The three began literally running through the Neola Jungle. Knowing that there was only going to be one challenge made the job that much easier, and they were throwing caution to the winds.

Perhaps they should not have.

As they reached the Monolith, they approached with caution. There they saw a scene that chilled them to the bone. Tommy was lounging there, along with Kim. Angela was standing over to one side. "Been waiting for you," whispered Tommy. "DragonZord!"

"Pteradactyl!" yelled Kim.

Angela watched them lazily. "TigerZord!" she yelled. Now there were three Evil Rangers against three Ninjetti.

"We don't stand a chance," said Zack, looking at the three Evil Rangers.

"You're wrong Zack," said Trini with sudden conviction. "There is always a way. And as for me. . ." She walked up to Kim, sucker-punched her, and walked past.

Jason watched, astonished, and finally, it dawned on him. He ran towards Trini. As he passed Tommy, he performed a spin-kick and ran past him, stopping beside Trini.

Zack frantically searched for reasons as to why Jason and Trini had behaved like that. He came up with none, until he remembered Dulcea's words. People you thought were friends may hinder you, but walk straight and true, and you shall overcome. He thought, and then came up to Angela and drove an uppercut into her chin, and then joined Trini and Jason.

Suddenly, the Monolith activated, and they morphed into armored versions of their Ninjetti suits. They were styled in their primary colour, along with white for Zack and Jason, and silver for Trini.

"We did it!" they cried.

"Yes, you did it," said Edy, coming out from the Monolith. "However, I believe it is high time we departed for home."


They made their way back to the Sacred Grounds. They stood there, simply taking in the beauty of the Sacred Grounds, and Edy sighed. "I've missed this place so much... the only home I really ever had . . . apart from the NinjettiMegaShip."

"Goodbye, Ninjetti, and may the Power protect you," said Dulcea warmly.

The others looked to Edy, wondering what the protocol was in this case. They soon found out. "Goodbye, Dulcea, Master Warrior of the planet Phaedos, Green Ranger, Queen of Inquirius, Silver Snow-Owl Ninjetti." A wink from Edy told them she was just repeating the names for their benefit.

As they prepared to teleport, they saw a weird sight in deep space just outside of Phaedos. A tricoloured shape streaked across the sky, leaving fading patterns of light.

"Jason, Trini, Zack, go to Earth, and send backup. Owl Glider, hang ten! I'm going after that box." They looked at her, wondering what she was going on about. In a matter of seconds, she was perched on her glider.

"Get Vedi to access the file path E:\Edy\Pers\Proph\Trans\Cry.zna. All files are relevant and numbered. Open in order of numbers. Password is nrkafvdj for all files. It'll be explained there. Hyperrush glide, speed three!"

And Edy streaked away in a rush of pink light. Jason turned to the others.

"I don't have the faintest of what she's going on about, but you heard her. Let's go." In tandem streaks of black, yellow and red light, the three Rangers teleported back to Earth. Dulcea watched them go.

The time of the Four draws near.

The End... for now...