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Legal Disclaimer: The Power Rangers belong to Saban or Disney, not me. Lord of the Rings and all associated characters are copyright of J.R.R. Tolkien. Harry Potter and all related indicia is copyright J.K. Rowling. I'm not making any profit from this story. I have borrowed from Ellen Brand ť Rosa DeSantos, Tasha Young and Franklin Park. I own Vadaei, [that's pronounced VAY-di-I,] the Phaedos Powers and their bearers, Mistri, Geneva, Calcia, Edy, Asharani, Karei, Vedi, Dalila and Bambi. These nine characters cannot be borrowed, as I'm using them in a story for publication. They are protected under international copyright law. I also own Niamh Ralin, Kalika Alinir, Fleure Vahala and Dylan Jalaz. Those four may be borrowed, but drop me a line, okay? Resemblances between characters and real people, dead or alive, is purely unintentional. This story comes after The Return in the series The Circle Draws Inward. This is the sixth in a determined six story arc. This is rated PG by the Motion Picture Association of America. Cameo appearances are welcomed.
Terminology: Rangers is everyone. Ninjetti is all empowered as Ninjetti. When morphed into the Ninjetti suits, the reference is [Colour] [Spirit] Ninjetti. Therefore, Pink Crane Ninjetti is Kim. Morphed or unmorphed, the Avatar Ninjetti [morphed being Ranger Powered] are called by first name. Unmorphed, or with helmets off, all Rangers are referred to by first name. [Colour] [Team Specific] Ranger refers to the morphed Ranger in battle. Therefore, Pink Zeo Ranger is Kat. In the same sense, Pink Zeo Ninjetti is Kat using her Ninjetti Powers as a Ranger.

The Ending
by Mistri, Cho's Observer

August 5th, 1997.

Shaken and terribly wearied, Trini, Adam and Edy found themselves in the park, from which their journey had begun eleven days ago. They carried their packs, and their gifts from their friends.

"But I at last with weary feet will turn towards the lighted inn, my evening-rest and sleep to meet," repeated Edy softly. "We're back in Angel Grove. Let us go now to Zordon and see what we may." In three streams of yellow, green and pink they came to rest inside the Power Chamber. Their arrival was unnoticed until Edy blew a piercing whistle, as it was only two A.M.

Alpha came scurrying out, and Zordon appeared in his tube. "Welcome back, Trini, Adam and Edy. We have been most concerned. Perhaps you could enlighten us as to what happened?" And so in one half hour, they quickly summarized what had happened to them. Then Zordon informed them of the events that had occurred during their absence, and then they teleported to Edy's quarters in the NMS, and promptly fell asleep.


They awoke some hours later, somewhat refreshed.

"Damn sleeping patterns," moaned Trini. "I've existed far too long on minimal sleep." Adam concurred sleepily.

Edy was about the only one who was anywhere near normal sleeping patterns, having slept for so long after being rescued. "Guys, it's eight o'clock. Let's just go to the park and get everyone there."

Assuming the voice of Jason, she called the Zeo and Turbos. "Get unmorphed butts to the park." Taking Tanya's voice, she called Phaedos. And finally assuming Dalila's voice, she called the Morphin Avatars.

They arrived in a light show and looked around. Questioning each other, they finally realised no one had called anyone else. They looked around once more, and found themselves surrounded by three people of strange raiment. In actual fact, it was a mix of the raiment of the Elves, of Rohan and of Gondor.

"Rangers," said the one who bore a shield. "It's nice to see you again."

"I don't think we've met," ventured Franklin.

"I think we have," said the one who carried a sword.

"Look," said Jason, diplomatically. "We don't mean you any harm. I hope you don't mean us any harm. But if you're looking for a fight, we may be forced to defend ourselves."

The third one responded. "Jason, is that any way to treat three of your friends?" Suddenly, they realised who they were, and Trini, Adam, and Edy found themselves engulfed in hugs. And Bulk, Skull and David were called in as well.

"What the hell happened to you guys?" asked Fred, quite bluntly.

"In the space of eleven days passing here, we've aged chronically eleven days," said Trini. "We've lived ten months worth in our time to get home. It's been quite frightening. But it's also been enjoyable. But I would be as happy as to never think about it again, once we've explained everything."

The others nodded. And so once more, the three of them began to explain what had happened, their suspicions as to why it had happened and some consequences. The narrative held together until they reached the Falls of Rauros, wherein they closed their eyes, remembering the Breaking of the Fellowship.

Then Adam and Trini took up their part, telling how their half had split, and rejoined at Isengard, and from there gone onwards together, not wishing to be separated, until Trini was taken to Minas Tirith. But soon their narrative joined up again at the cries of 'The Eagles are coming!'

This then was Edy's clue, and she spoke of the Three of Mordor's journey and trials in coming into Ithilien and onwards to Mordor, Cirith Ungol and finally to Mount Doom. She then spoke of the utter exhaustion, and Trini quickly filled in with what had occurred during those days they had beeen sleeping, at which Edy resumed and spoke to the events up until they came back.

"It was so strange," spoke Edy at last, after they had finished. "I did no more than I thought I could do, but I was always wondering if maybe I should have tried to change the events that occurred."

"You did as you could, Edith," said Mistri. "But everything turned out as it should, and therefore, it is pointless to worry now. But it is our nature to worry, so . . . " He left the sentence unended.

"So what did you get?" asked Dylan. "These gifts from Aragorn, Arwen, ˘omer, ˘owyn, Faramir and Galadriel?"

Adam displayed his sword of Rohan and horn of Gondor. "A sword from ˘omer and Lady ˘owyn, such as was used by the Men of Rohan. From Faramir, a horn of Gondor. I only need blow it, and help will come to me. And from Aragorn and Lady Arwen, I received this." He unfurled his standard. They gasped as they laid eyes on it, for it seemed more majestic than it had when it was received. "And from the Lady Galadriel, I received this book."

"What is it?" asked Rosa.

"I have a small confession to make. I'm a wizard." And so he quickly explained what he had explained to Trini and Edy. "It's a book of Elven spells."

"And I just bet Edy wants to get her hands on it and copy everything to add to her store of Elven lore," muttered Karei. Edy blushed but said nothing.

And Trini took her shield and sapling of Ithilien. "A shield of Rohan, from ˘omer and Lady ˘owyn. And as Edy has so kindly explained to me, it means that I am now a shield-maiden of Rohan. From Faramir, a sapling of Ithilien, to bloom in leaves and flowers forevermore to adorn my hair with. Aragorn and Lady Arwen gave me my standard." And they were in awe of it once more. "And from the Lady Galadriel, an elven dagger, set with topaz."

"From the Lady Galadriel," spoke Edy, "I received athelas and earth of the Golden Wood to grow it in. And I also received the instructions of making lembas or elvish waybread, if you prefer. And from Aragorn, King Elessar, Queen Arwen, ˘omer King of the Mark, Lord Faramir, Prince of Ithilien, and Lady ˘owyn, Princess of Ithilien I received a pure white spherical gem."

Now she reached into her bag. She rummaged around. Her face registered happiness and she withdrew the gem. Slowly, her face registered puzzlement as she brought it up to see the gem.

Flashing pink, it was now a gem carved in the likeness of an owl.

"I thought it was a spherical gem?" asked Tommy, puzzled.

"It was." She tossed it to Tommy. As he caught it, it became a falcon, flashing red.

"What's going on?" asked Kim.

"It would appear that the gem can sense Ninjetti. Give it to Justin." But when he held it, it returned to being the white spherical gem. "Those who are Ninjetti cause it to react," Edy said, reconstructing the theory.

"Hadn't we better go to Phaedos?" asked Tasha.

"When Divatox gives up for a little while, guys," said Dalila. "You've just foiled her plan. She's liable to be a little pissed."

"A little?" asked Franklin. "She seemed right over the top, so I could see. But enough. What's on the agenda for today?" Further discussion proved that no one had any plans, and so they decided to go their separate ways.

The End... for now...