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by Mistri, Cho's Observer

Hi. I'm Trini Kwan. An amazing thing happened to me the other day. I was given the chance to become part of a superhuman fighting force. Myself, and four of my friends. Zack Taylor, Kimberly Hart, Billy Cranston and Jason Lee Scott. Okay. I'm writing this. Noone asked me to. I figured that every team has a chronicler, and I thought noone else would do it so I'm gonna do it. I'll record every battle we go through. Me. Trini Kwan, Yellow Ranger of Earth.


Entry 1. Day Of The Dumpster.

Billy, Jason, Kim, Zack and I were in the Juice Bar. We were talking when this weird earthquake happened. Everyone started yelling and running around. Jason snapped out that we were to stay together. Then we felt a weird sensation and then we noticed we weren't in the Juice Bar. We didn't know where we were. We saw a robot. He said he was Alpha 5. Billy was fascinated. Then we saw a giant floating head. It seemed that he was an interdimensional being known as Zordon. He had established a Command Center for his never-ending struggle against evil. That's where we were. He explained that an evil empress named Rita Repulsa had escaped and would destroy Angel Grove. He asked us to become Power Rangers. It seemed we would have a coin, and be able to call on a Zord. We would have a colour.

"Zack, you will be Black and command the mighty Mastodon DinoZord."
"Kimberly, you shall pilot the agile Pteradactyl DinoZord, as Pink."
"Billy, the swift Triceratops DinoZord shall be yours. Blue is yours."
"Trini, as Yellow, you will have the lithe Sabre-tooth Tiger DinoZord."
"Jason. You will assume Red, use the fierce Tyrannosaurus DinoZord and be the leader."

Well, we listened to that and we weren't impressed.

"Can we go now?" asked Jason. We left. However, we took the morphers with us. We scrambled down the rock and Kimberly commented on how Zordon could have given us a ride home. We were attacked by putties.

"Zordon said these would give us power. Let's do it. It's Morphin Time!!" shouted Jason.

"Sabre-tooth Tiger!!"

We fought the putties. Then some big gold monkey comes along. Says he's Goldar. We started attacking him. Then he grew big. We called upon our Zords and formed the MegaZord. We didn't kill him but he disappeared anyway. We went back to the Command Center. There Zordon welcomed us in as Power Rangers and we made three promises.

Never to use our powers for personal gain.
Never to escalate a battle unless we were forced to.
And to never reveal our identities. Then we went home by teleportation.


Entry 2. High Five.

Today we went to the Command Center and we got communicators. They allow us to communicate with each other outside morphed state, and we can use them to teleport when not morphed. Some putties trapped Billy on a high ledge when I was with him. I can not stand heights. I knew I had to help Billy, noone else was there. I swallowed my fear and went up there. It probably was no longer than two minutes. It felt like years. I was trying not to look down and yet look at Billy, and not think about how long I'd fall for if I fell. Eventually I made it, and we kicked butt. Then we were alerted to the presence of a monster. Called Bones, it tried to trap us in a time warp. Billy figured out it was being caused by a device, so we destroyed it and the monster after heavy fighting.


Entry 3. Teamwork.

Kim and I are trying to get a waste dump closed down. We talked about it with Ernie, who gave us some ideas and help. But of course, the beeps went off. We teleported to the Center. It appeared that Rita wanted to use the Earth's pollution to destroy it. She sent down putties and a monster called Minotaur. Jason and Zack went to work on Minotaur and Kim, Billy and I took care of the putties. When we finished with the putties, we all went for Minotaur. Our Auto Blasters and defense moves were not doing anything against him. We teleported to the Center, in the hopes Zordon might know something. We got new weapons. Awesome!! was our verdict.

"Zack, you will wield the Power Axe."
"The Power Bow will be yours to use, Kimberly."
"Billy, the Power Lance is for use at your discretion."
"Trini, use the Power Daggers wisely and well."
"Jason, you will call upon the Power Sword."

We went back to Minotaur. This time we were able to get in blows which hurt him. Then we combined them to form a more powerful weapon and we blasted him. Unfortunately, Rita grew him big with her wand. She splits the Earth. Smoke, steam, whatever comes out, and he grows because of that. We called upon our Zords and defeated him.


Entry 4. A Pressing Engagement.

Jason's been trying to beat Angel Grove's bench press record for some time now. He was at it in earnest today. We were called out. For some reason or another, she separated us from Jason. He had to fight Goldar and King Sphinx by himself. Well, we weren't too happy. Zordon told us to get our Power Coins and we drew crystals out of them. Alpha teleported them to Jason in a leather bag. He got them and threw them as far as he could. When they hit the ground, we appeared out of them and we came to help him. We defeated King Sphinx.


Entry 5. Different Drum.

Kim has a new friend, Melissa. She's deaf, and it's kinda hard for her to live in a hearing world. Rita sent down Gnarly Gnome today. He hypnotizes and kidnaps by using music. It appears that Melissa followed him, and saw where he took some people he'd kidnapped. She showed Kim and I, and we contacted the others after sending Melissa away. It's starting to become really annoying. I'm writing this after every battle, and I'm writing the same thing over and over. We won. Man, will we ever lose? And I can't put down everything I'd like.


Entry 6. Food Fight.

Today the Youth Center held an International Food Festival. It was awesome. Practically everyone was there. Sampling foods, talking. It was really fun. Of course, Rita had to crash the party. She sent down Pudgy Pig. He ate everything. Including OUR WEAPONS!!!! So we went to the Command Center. We complained about the monster and about the food at the same time. Kim said that she liked the Mexican food, but it was unsettling to her stomach a tiny bit. And then Billy said that Kim's a genius. So, armed with our idea we went back, and fed Pudgy Pig all the Mexican there was. He regurgatated our weapons and the same standard battle ensued.


Entry 7. I, Eye Guy.

Billy's been helping a kid named Willy with a science project. Virtual Reality. Kim and I had our own. It's like a washing machine, only ladies go in, and they come out ready to go on a date. So at the fair, Bulk and Skull turned up and caused trouble resulting in Willy's being disqualified even though it wasn't his fault. He went away and got captured by Eye Guy. We were looking for Willy and we had to fight Eye Guy. We combined our Power Weapons and blasted him to pieces. Unfortunately, he reformed and grew big. We defeated him and released Willy in the process. We got back to the fair where Willy was apologised to, reinstated into the fair and won first prize.


Entry 8. For Whom The Bell Trolls.

I brought in my collection of dolls for Hobby Week. Jason brought in a stick and showed us martial art moves. Kim showed us a backflip. Zack showed us his dancing moves. Billy showed us a homemade volcano. Anyway, I showed my dolls and talked about my favourite. Mr. TickleSneezer. He goes around collecting in bottles. I dreamed that Rita brought him to life. And that he collected all sort of things. He even collected Billy and me in a bottle. We didn't actually defeat him, we just convinced him to put it all back.


Entry 9. Happy Birthday, Zack.

It's been really hard trying to keep Zack from finding out about his surprise party. We succeeded too well. He went off, depressed and faced Rita's monster, the Nasty Knight. Luckily, we got there in time and helped him out. Then when he came to the Youth Center, he was really surprised.


Entry 10. No Clowning Around.

My cousin Sylvia and the gang were at the fair today. We were having lots of fun. Unfortunately, clown-impersonating putties and their leader, Pineoctopus were also there. They turned Sylvia into a cardboard cutout. I took her to Alpha, while the others fought them. Alpha was able to restore Sylvia to normal. I took her home and went straight to the battle. Once again good prevailed. [Better yet, Sylvia never asked who the robot was or where she was or how we got home.]


Entry 11. Power Ranger Punks.

The gang was at the park today. Someone, we suspect Baboo, slipped something into Kim's and Billy's lemonade. It turned them into punks. They decided to tear up the high school. Luckily, Zordon captured them, and Alpha got a magic root which healed them. While that was going on, Jason, Zack and I were battling Terror Toad. Finally, the others turned up. We called for our Zords, formed the MegaZord, and kicked butt!!!


Entry 12. Peace, Love And Woe.

Billy didn't have a date for the party until he met Marge. Everything went great for him until Madame Woe mistook her for a Power Ranger. She and Jason, Kim, myself and Zack were sent to an alternate dimension. Poor Billy had to use the combined powers of the Power Coins to get us out. Once again, victory.


Entry 13. Foul Play In The Sky.

Kim and her Uncle Steve wanted to spend the afternoon over Angel Grove. Uncle Steve got a sleeping potion, however, and Kim had to land the plane by herself. Bulk and Skull, who came along for the hell of it were absolutely no help. She managed to do so. As if that wasn't enough, she then had to come help us fight the Slizzard.


Entry 14. Dark Warrior.

My Uncle Howard nearly got killed today. He's a famous scientist/martial arts expert. Billy re-enrolled in Jason's karate class, and my uncle offered to tutor him in the park. Since my uncle invented an invisibility potion, Rita wanted it. Dark Warrior tied Uncle Howard to a bomb. Billy had to fight all sort of things, disable the bomb and get a yellow belt. All in one afternoon. Luckily we could help.


Entry 15. Switching Places.

Billy had invented a mind reading machine. Thanks to an unknown person, when he and Kim tried it, it switched their minds over. Rita sends down the Genie while we were distracted. We were able to beat Genie, but due to having to pass as each other, Billy's and Kim's friendship was nearly ruined. We switched them back and also Bulk and Skull, who tried it without asking.


Entry 16. Big Sisters.

Kim and I got to be big sisters to Maria today. It would have been fun, only Rita interfered. Seemed Maria was the only one who could open some trunk so Rita could have the contents. Well, we had to fight Chunk Chicken, who wanted to kinap Maria and destroy us. Big surprise. We won.


Entry 17. Out Of Control. Green With Evil, Part 1.

Let's see. There's been a lot happening lately. At the begining. There was this new guy in town. Tommy Oliver. His martial arts skills rival Jason's. I write now as it has become clear. Rita kidnapped him, and placed him under a spell. She happened to have the Green Power Coin. She stole it milennia ago it seems. So we have an evil Ranger. He got into the Command Center, fed a virus into Alpha, destroyed the control panel, thus cutting off Zordon's window into this dimension. We were then defeated and the MegaZord nearly destroyed. Of course, we didn't know who the Green Ranger was. Yet.


Entry 18. Jason's Battle. Green With Evil, Part 2.

Billy and I were trying to repair Alpha and get rid of the virus. We succeeded. It appeared that the Sword of Darkness was given to the Green Ranger, thus keeping him under Rita's spell. We regrouped while Billy tried to repair the control panel. That would keep him busy for a while. Unfortunately for Jason, he got warped into Rita's Dark Dungeon, where he had to fight Goldar to get his Power Morpher back.


Entry 19. The Rescue. Green With Evil, Part 3.

Kim, Zack, myself and Billy had to fight Scorpina while Jason was still in the Dark Dungeon. After we finished with that, we split up to find Jason. Jason was battling the Green Ranger to get free. Meanwhile, Billy has restored communications and repaired the control panel. He warped Jason out in the nick of time. We then had to fight Scorpina and Goldar.


Entry 20. Esclipsing MegaZord. Green With Evil, Part 4.

So Goldar attacked again. We went in but a power surge shut down the entire Morphin Grid, which prevented us from morphing. Billy had to hotwire the control panel, which restored power. Alpha restored communications with Zordon. It failed after a second. The Green Ranger got into the Command Center a second time, shut down Alpha and destroyed Zordon's communication link with this dimension. Luckily, the Green Ranger was trapped in a forcefield when Alpha's backup systems kicked in. The Green Ranger broke free, went to help Goldar and Scorpina. When the moon esclipsed the sun, the MegaZord was destroyed. But we found out that the Green Ranger was Tommy Oliver.


Entry 21. Breaking The Spell. Green With Evil, Part 5.

We all split up to look for Tommy. Kim found him, but he wasn't receptive. Rita called forth the DragonZord, and gave control of it to Tommy. To control it, Tommy got the Dragon Dagger. Meanwhile, Alpha restored communications with Zordon, who resurrects the Zords. This time, we defeated DragonZord. Jason destroyed the Sword of Darkness. Tommy was free.

"What have I done?" he said. I was impressed. No saying "Oh, but I couldn't help it."

"What you did, you did under Rita's influence." said Jason. To cut this short, he joined us. Tommy was now a TRUE Power Ranger.


Entry 22. The Trouble With Shellshock.

It seems that the monster we faced today was created by Baboo and Squatt. We were playing basketball and Shellshock interrupted us. Well, it was Morphin Time!!

"Saber-tooth Tiger!!"

Shellshock was part turtle, traffic light, and sporting goods store monster. He used his lights to cast spells on us. He froze the DragonZord, and MegaZord. He hit me with his green light and I couldn't stop moving. Zordon got me to move towards the location of a plant that would nullify the spells. It worked and we defeated him. It was our first battle with Tommy. Alright!!


Entry 23. Itsy Bitsy Spider

Billy and I are collecting signatures to save the Forest Spirit Statue. It's believed to protect the forest from nasty bugs. So, today, Rita put a duplicate in its place. It was full of nasty bugs which will put you to sleep. Zack's entire Hip Hop Kido class fell asleep. Zack had to face his fear of bugs so we could destroy the Slimy Spider. He did, and we did. The original statue is back, thank goodness.


Entry 24. The Spit Flower.

Kim has been working for ages on this parade model float. Today, when putties invaded the Youth Center, it was trashed. Kim wasn't very happy about that at all. Then Rita sent down a monster called Spit Flower. It spat flesh-eating blossoms. We had to work very hard in order to stop it eating all the flowers for the parade.


Entry 25. Life's A Masquerade.

As we found out later, Rita wanted to mine a special clay so she could make Super Putties. In order to distract us, her Frankenstein monster trashed Angel Grove's costume party. Jason and Tommy weren't happy at all. She really has to trash a party where she could hurt civilians?


Entry 26. Gung Ho!

There's an upcoming Team Ninja Competition. Jason and Tommy can't seem to get the teamwork together for that, and anything else. Rita was happily playing with her Ball O' Putty(tm), creating virtually indestructible Super Putties. Zordon sent Tommy and Jason on a quest for new weapons. They had to get past Titanus. In order to do that, they had to work together, as a team. When they returned, they were able to work together for the competition.


Entry 27. Wheel Of Misfortune.

Angel Grove's High School's play featured a spinning wheel loaned by Kim's grandmother to Kim. Rita put a spell on it, causing it to destroy anything it touches. She also sent down Goldar and Scorpina as backup, before the curtain rose. It was a tight battle, since we had to beat them, and get back to the school in time. But we managed it and the play was excellent.


Entry 28. Island Of Illusion, Part 1.

Zack entered this dance competition. But he started getting cold feet about it. Rita decided we needed an island vacation, and with the help of Lokar and Mutitis, sent us to the Island of Illusion. That wasn't so bad. It was a nice place. Then we discovered we couldn't morph. A little while later, Zack saw a snake that noone else could see. And he started disappearing.


Entry 29. Island Of Illusion, Part 2.

Zack was disappearing fast when this guy, Quagmire says we have to have self-confidence. Zack slowly remembered a battle, and reappeared. Then one by one, we started seeing things too. Jason saw us all fade away. Tommy viewed us as putties. That's the only ones I found out about. Then we were off the island and we came back to Angel Grove and defeated the monsters yet again.


Entry 30. The Rockstar.

Jason and his cousin Jeremy found a map today on the beach, which lead to the Mirror of Destruction. Rita sent down Scorpina and the Rockstar to get that map away from them and the mirror. Once again, we won. I hate when I'm not around, cause then it is hard for me to write about it.


Entry 31. A Star Is Born.

Today, while the gang was at the beach, Tommy tried out for a part in a commercial. Our day was then ruined by a pet worm that belongs to Scorpina. It trapped us in a cocoon. It took ages to break free from that. Whe we finally did, we then had to deal with Babe Ruthless. Then we had to deal with the worm, one last time, before going away.


Entry 32. Calamity Kimberly.

Today must rate as one of the worst days of Kim's life. Apart from her parent's divorce, and things like that. She was trapped, by the Samurai Fan Man, in a bottle. If we had been more slow to open that bottle she would have warped out of existence. But we took on the Fan Man, and kicked his sorry ass to wherever. Of course, Kim helped with that too, like personal revenge.


Entry 33. The Yolk's On You.

Angel Grove High School held a talent show today. For one reason, Fang, a monster came down to trash the city, along with Goldar and crew. For another reason, Fang's prized Gooney Bird Eggs were eaten by Baboo and Squatt. This might actually work out in our favour, I thought. Then Fang tried to destroy us so, we destroyed him.


Entry 34. The Green Candle, Part 1.

Tommy told me that he wants to ask Kim to the dance, but he doesn't know how to do so. I really wasn't much help to him. Then two things happened at once. A monster, Cyclops was attacking Angel Grove. The team, minus Tommy went to defend Angel Grove. Tommy couldn't come help because he was warped into the Dark Dungeon. There was a Green Candle, which slowly took Tommy's powers away from him. He could serve Rita, with his powers or not have them.


Entry 35. The Green Candle, Part 2.

Jason went into the Dark Dungeon to retrieve the Green Candle. Tommy was forced to go into battle by Cyclops who posed as the DragonZord. Tommy was nearly defeated and killed. Jason aborted his mission to help Tommy. When he wanted to go back to finish what he'd started, he was unable. The Green Candle had burned out. To prevent Rita from getting his powers, he surrended his Power Coin to Jason, losing the Power and his status as a Ranger. The only bright note, he said later, was that he and Kim revealed their feelings for each other. And that's the last of him we'll see, most probably.


Entry 36. Birds Of A Feather.

Zack was preparing a student for an upcoming karate competition, but he got called away on Power Ranger business. Rita sent down the Hatchasaurus. The only way to defeat Hatchasaurus was to get inside and destroy the command center, Cardiotron. So three of us distracted it and the other two destroyed it. Isn't anyone ever going to question us about how we disappear all the time?


Entry 37. Clean Up Club.

The gang has started the 'Clean Up Club', dedicated to cleaning up and protecting the enviroment because of a video project I did on pollution. And we were in Angel Grove Park when Rita's newest monster, Polluticorn attacked us. Great. We're trying to clean it up, and a monster wants to dirty it up to destroy Earth. I'm getting sick of Rita.


Entry 38. A Bad Reflection On You.

Again, I am writing with the benifit of hindsight. As we know now, Rita created a bunch of putties to impersonate us, morphed and unmorphed. They landed us in detention. We were all indignant, because 'WHAT THE HELL HAVE WE DONE?' So, everything became clear. We now had to escape from detention, vanquish the bad guys, and get back before we got into worse trouble. We barely made it back in time.


Entry 39. Doomsday, part 1.

Angel Grove declared a 'Power Rangers Day.' After much persuading, Zordon gave permission for us to break the first rule. Although, what was in it for us? And if we were given permission to do so, how's that breaking the rules? We were going to appear at the celebration as Power Rangers. Before that happened, everyone was warped to another dimension, and we had to do battle with Cyclopsis. We destroyed him, but Rita buried Titanus in a fit of rage and got Lokar to resurrect Cyclopsis.


Entry 40. Doomsday, Part 2.

We faced Cyclopsis and Lokar at half power today, and risked destroying the Zords. MegaZord and DragonZord were nearly destroyed by Cyclopsis. We finally changed our strategy and did some major morphin'. We freed the citizens of Angel Grove. And then the best was yet to come. We heard some kids arguing.

"The Red Ranger's the best."

"Nah uh. Pink Ranger."

"Blue Ranger's the coolest." Then we heard the voice we'd thought never to hear again.

"I'll tell you what. They're all totally awesome." Tommy!! As we passed him we either grabbed his hand or nodded at him. We went up to the stage and listened to the Mayor. I for one didn't hear, because I was really happy to see Tommy again.


Entry 41. Rita's Seed Of Evil.

What inspired Rita to attack Earth I don't know. Today she planted a seed which would grow on Earth, spreading tendrils round and finally crush it, exploding it. Well, we were planting saplings in the park and we had to go off and fight the vain Octoplant. It's just getting a bit too much. Doing things when we're trying to lead personal lives is bad enough. But when we're trying to do community service? Puh-leeeze.


Entry 42. A Pig Surprise.

We helped give up stray animals for adoption today. An elderly lady asked us to find a new home for her pet pig. Soon, we were called for duty, and we found out that the pig is Pudgy Pig, in disguise. He wanted to be with his sweetheart, so we fought Goldar and reversed the spell.


Entry 43. Something Fishy.

Today Jase, Zack and I went scuba diving. Kim and Billy opted to stay on land and have a picnic. From what I gather, Billy has a fear/dislike of fish due to one biting him as a child. Rita sent down putties to attack them. Finally, when we were out of water, we joined in. Rita then sent down the Toxic Goo Fish. Billy had to face his fear/dislike of fish in order to beat it. Again, we won.


Entry 44. Lions And Blizzards.

We won the Noble Lion trophy at the Oddball games!! Alright!! It disappeared, and we blamed Bulk and Skull, because they had their eyes on it. What actually happened to it, was Rita took it and used it to create Gotan, who could control freezing types of weather. We did eventually beat him and we apologised to Bulk and Skull.


Entry 45. Crystal Of Nightmares.

We have a big test coming up. With that in mind, we headed up to a mountain resort that Billy's uncle owned to do some studying. We did some studying, and later that night when we were asleep - Goldar used this crystal, named the Crystal of Nightmares to make us dream... - Long and short of it was we all ended up sitting together, because we'd dreamed that Zordon had 'fired' us as Rangers. We all jumped when Zordon contacted us. He explained that Goldar had been using the crystal to make us dream bad things and lose our self-confidence. To regain it we had to destroy the crystal. When Jason did, we all felt reenergised.


Entry 46. To Flea Or Not To Flea.

The Youth Center was in danger of going out of business. The five of us decided to help by collecting donations, but none really cared enough to donate. While that was going on, Jason found a stray dog. Rita used the dog to get her newest monster, Fighting Flea near us. Jason ended up with a very itchy arm as a result. Billy got the antidote, and we blasted the Flea to smithereens. Better yet, there was a reward for the lost dog, so we gave it to the Youth Center, and it was saved.


Entry 47. Reign Of The Jellyfish.

Angel Grove High School decided to make a time capsule and bury it in Angel Grove Park. Rita sent down the Jellyfish to warp us into another dimension and destroy Angel Grove. At the same time, she felt her image should be in the capsule, so she sent down Baboo and Squatt to capture it. We managed to defeat the Jellyfish. We did get the capsule back, but I forgot to see if Rita's image was in it. Oh well.


Entry 48. Plague Of The Mantis.

I've been having difficulty mastering a new Praying Mantis Technique. So what does Rita do? Send down The Mantis to challenge my skills. We managed to beat it, but I don't think that Rita was too happy with me.


Entry 49. Return Of An Old Friend, Part 1.

It was Parents' Day at Angel Grove today. Unfortunately, Rita decided to send down the Dramomonster to send our parents to another dimension. She then put Billy under a spell and made him steal the Dragon Dagger. We were contacted and told if we gave up our Power Coins to Goldar, who would turn them over to Rita, we would get our parents back. So we agreed. We handed over our Power Coins. Goldar held a chest. I guess it was another form of the Dragon Dagger, making it the Dragon Chest. Billy was the last, and he wasn't under a spell anymore. We were all demorphed. Billy apologised and handed over his coin. Jason, nearly on the verge of tears, demanded our parents. Big surprise...We didn't get them. There was only one Coin left. Would Tommy help us??


Entry 50. Return Of An Old Friend, Part 2.

Tommy was brought back to the Command Center, and he agreed to help us. It was a moot agreement, since he didn't have any powers. Zordon infused Tommy with his own energy, which only gave him temporary powers, but it was better than nothing. He went through Goldar and Scorpina and got our Coins back. Zordon had almost been lost in the infusion, as had Tommy, so we infused him with power from the Black, Pink, Blue, Yellow and Red Power Coins and got him back. We then fought the Dramomonster and released our parents.


Entry 51. Grumble Bee.

Billy got his first B ever. He was so shocked that he and I put aside some extra study time. We were studying, and the others were shooting hoops. Rita sent down Grumble Bee, which trapped them in an unbreakable rope. Billy and I were alerted and then we faced him on our own to release our friends. Same old story. We won.


Entry 52. Two Heads Are Better Than One.

Jason and Tommy have started teaching a self-defense class to the moms of Angel Grove. Their main message today was that two heads are better than one. Rita hears this and sends down a two headed Parrot monster. It had twice the intelligence, so most of our normal manuevers didn't work. Again, we worked as a team and Tommy teleported to the park, and got into a fight with Putties over the last Pamango on the tree. He lost, but then he went to Ernie's and got the last Pamango to defeat the Parrot.


Entry 53. Fowl Play.

Zack really likes this girl called Angela. To impress her, he put on a magic show. If you asked him he'd say that his only objective was to entertain the kids. Anyway, Rita decided to send down the Peckster. He tried to trash us, but we trashed him.


Entry 54. Trick Or Treat.

Kim and Skull were on this show called 'Trick or Treat.' Kim did really well, and came close to winning, before she was called for duty. This time around, we fight the Pumpkin Rapper. A pumpkin that is a rapper. (And a bad one at that). We beat him but Kim wasn't too happy about not being able to go back to the show.


Entry 55. Second Chance.

Jase and Zack helped their friend Roger make the junior soccer team. They were in the park when they were attacked by the Soccerdillo. When they'd gotten rid of Roger, they had morphed and called for backup.We went into battle and beat the Soccerdillo. Afterwards Ernie picked two soccer teams so everyone could play.


Entry 56. On Fins And Needles.

Tommy and Jason are teaching free karate lessons at the Youth Center. Rita was so sick of their teamwork, that she cast a spell on them, using the Slippery Shark. They both touched the Shark's boomerang and that caused them to hate each other. It grew so big that they nearly had a fight after school. The spell was defeated by defeating the Shark through teamwork.


Entry 57. Enter...The Lizzinator.

Kim cousin, Kelly wants to be a cheerleader, but was having a bad time trying out for the junior high cheerleading squad. Rita kidnapped Kelly and sent down the Lizzinator to destroy Angel Grove. While we defeated the Lizzinator, Kelly escaped, using her cheerleading skills to annoy/tire out/bore her captors.


Entry 58. Football Season.

The boys were getting ready for football tryouts, but Tommy was suffering from self-doubt. The Rhinoblaster was sent down by Rita with football playing putties to do battle with us. All of us, except Tommy were swept into a multi-dimensional vortex. It was up to Tommy to save us, and save us he did. And he made the football team, as well.


Entry 59. Mighty Morphin' Mutants.

Tommy has a bit of trouble remembering things these days. We all decided to help him out. While that happened, Goldar trained some putties to impersonate us. Cmdr. Crayfish was chosen by Rita to lead the putties. To beat them, Zordon created new weapons. We all thought it, and one of us said it 'They look exactly like the old ones.' We were told that they were new and improved. I thought 'Couldn't they have looked different?' But we beat the Mutants and Cmdr. Crayfish with them.


Entry 60. An Oyster Stew.

Zack decided to take Angela out to dinner with Tommy and Kim at the fanciest French Resturant in Angel Grove, and give her pearl earrings when he tried to find the perfect birthday gift. Rita got the Ecocyte Pearl to free the Oysterizer and pollute the ocean. Using his Pearls of Stillness, the Oysterizer created pearl earrings, gave them to Zack, who gave them to Angela. They paralyzed everyone within a short distance of the wearer. We defeated the Oysterizer and Zack learnt that money is not the way to a girl's heart.


Entry 61. The Mutiny, Part 1.

Well, it seems that Rita's boss, Lord Zedd was so upset by the inability of Rita to conquer Earth that he resumed command, locking Rita in the dumpster again, and took Rita's supporters with him. He sent down new and improved putties with Pirantishead. He can create monsters out of things. Rita used Finster for her monsters. We were making our way through a charity race when this happened.


Entry 62. The Mutiny, Part 2.

Pirantishead began his assault on Angel Grove by taking over our Zords. Once he's armed with those, he begins his assault in earnest. There wasn't much we could do, but Zordon decided, if we could regain control of our Zords, he would redesign them.


Entry 63. The Mutiny, part 3.

I, and Billy, designed a signal blocker. This blocked Pirantishead's signals to our Zords and we regained control. Zordon redesigned the DinoZords into ThunderZords.

"Zack, you will command the mighty Mastodon Lion ThunderZord."

"Kimberly, you shall pilot the agile Pteradactyl Firebird ThunderZord."

"Billy, the swift Triceratops Unicorn ThunderZord shall be yours."

"Trini, as Yellow, you will have the lithe Sabre-tooth Tiger Griffin ThunderZord."

"Jason. You will use the fierce Tyrannosaurus Red Dragon ThunderZord."

With these, we went back to the battle. We needed our Zords.

"We need ThunderZord Power, NOW!!"
"Mastodon Lion ThunderZord Power!!"
"Pteradactyl Firebird ThunderZord Power!!"
"Triceratops Unicorn ThunderZord Power!!"
"Sabre-tooth Tiger Griffin ThunderZord Power!!"
"Tyrannosaurus Red Dragon ThunderZord Power!!"

We looked up. We saw our original Zords, and then, they were hit by something that looked like lightning and they transformed into the ThunderZords. With these, we defeated Pirantishead.


Entry 64. Wanna-Be Ranger.

As we found out when we were called for duty, a tempory galactic imbalance caused Zordon to have to temporarily deionize. While that happened, Alpha snuck out and ran across a lost boy and a monster Zedd created out of Zack's ape suit, Primator. With the ability to imitate us, it was very hard to defeat him. But, like we always do, we won. You'd think that Zedd might have learned something from Rita's defeats.


Entry 65. Putty On The Brain.

Zack got new sunglasses. He thought it was a big deal. Zedd decided to put a spell on them. When Billy and Zack put them on, we looked like putties to them when we were in civilian mode. While we were busy with that, Zedd sent down the Saliguana to destroy Earth. One thing for Zedd, his monsters are really powerful. Better than Rita's but not much when it all comes down to it.


Entry 66. Bloom Of Doom.

Kim was very jealous when nobody joined her gardening club, opting instead to join my volleyball one. Zedd intensified her jealousy by casting a spell over one of her plants. When she was out of the way, Zedd sent down the Bloom of Doom to take us out, as if that'd ever happen. Kimberly was endowned with a Magical Killer Rhythm Gymnastics Ribbon to defeat the Bloom of Doom by Zordon.


Entry 67. The Green Dream.

Tommy has been having very frightning dreams about losing his Green Ranger Powers. Things got worse when Zedd kidnapped him and put him under a spell. We were tricked into summoning the Sword of Power, which he took and gave to Robogoat. He realised what he'd done was wrong and we trashed Robogoat. But at what cost, Tommy? At what cost?


Entry 68. The Power Stealer.

We held another drive to clean up Angel Grove's pollution problem. While that happened, Octophantom came to do some work on some of the statues. We morphed and Billy used Octophantom's incredible vanity against himself to destroy him. Then everything is well again. Except for the fact that when we morphed, cameras were rolling. Some switcherooing took care of that.


Entry 69. The Beetle Invasion.

Stone Canyon's Broomball Beetles challenged us to a game of broomball. The Beetles' poster inspired Zedd to create the Stag Beetle, which would take what remaining power Tommy had left. Of course, Tommy spoils plans by using a Green Power Transducer to draw his powers back from the Beetle and saved the day.


Entry 70. Welcome To Venus Island.

Kim, my friend Hallie, Tommy and I, were building sand castles at the beach. Goldar kidnaps Hallie while I'm thinking about Richie saving the day in shining white armor. He transported her to Venus Island, which appears and disappears at Zedd's will. We made our way there, and we had to fight Invenusable Flytrap to rescue Hallie.


Entry 71. The Song Of Guitardo.

While Jason, Billy, Tommy and I prepared for a picnic, Kim and Zack honed their song writing skills. Zedd sent down the Guitardo to steal Kim's guitar. Guitardo used it to put us into hypnotic trances. Kim and Tommy saved the day by making sweet music together. And then, afterwards, at the Juice Bar, Kim and Zack sang a song they'd written for Tommy.

Down the road, we never know,
What life may hold in store.
Winds of change, will rearrange,
Our lives like not before.
But you'll never stand alone, my friend,
Memories will never die.
In our hearts, they'll always live,
And never say good bye.


Entry 72. Green No More, Part 1.

Tommy recieved a strange warning from...himself. His future self. Angel Grove was visited by five new faces, who Zedd used as Dark Rangers. It only was a diversion from his real purpose...using an evil Green Crystal to suck Tommy's powers away completely. Turban Shell separated us from Tommy, and sped up the power loss. Zedd then used the Crystal to seal the Command Center and trap us in the Other World.


Entry 73. Green No More, Part 2.

Tommy continued his battle with Turban Shell, as Zordon and Alpha search for a way to get out of the shrinking force field that surrounds the Command Center. Zedd must have been feeling generous, because he sent us back to Earth sans morphers. Turban Shell trashed the city while Goldar broke down Tommy's confidence, via a slide show. It did the opposite, Tommy wrestled the time device that allows passage through the Other World, he smashed the Green Crystal, rejoined us, did some major intestinal damage to Turban Shell, and sadly had to leave as his powers were completely gone, due to the battle with Turban Shell.


Entry 74. Missing Green.

Jason had incredible guilt over not being able to save the Green Candle. So much that he couldn't concentrate on an upcoming karate tournament. Zack, Kim, Billy and I went looking for Tommy, but we were captured by Zedd, thrown into a dungeon and we had Black, Pink, Blue and Yellow Candles lit, to drain away our powers. Jason had to battle the Pipebrain Monster so he could enter Zedd's Dimension of Doom. After he defeats Goldar, he restored our Candles and our Powers. And he did win the tourney. And he got rid of his guilt.


Entry 75. Orchestral Maneuvers In The Park.

Zack's cousin Curtis, using a trumpet Zack inherited off his uncle, staged a successful concert. Zedd stole it, and transformed it into Trumpet Top. Trumpet Top placed us under a spell that made us believe that Stag Beetle, Grumble Bee, Mantis, Lizzinator, Figghting Flea, Soccerdillo and Slippery Shark had come back for another round. We 'faced the music' and the monsters disappeared except for Trumpet Top. We defeated him. Oh yeah, in case you're wondering, when Zedd creates a monster, it's more often than not, created out of something on Earth, i.e. a trumpet, and when we defeat the monster, whatever it was created out of comes back.


Entry 76. Beauty And The Beast.

Kim was today consulting spirits with Madame Swampy. Zedd decided he wanted an evil empress, so Goldar kidnapped Kimberly, and transformed her using his magic. Zedd transformed the mirror that Tommy gave to Kim, which she loves, into the Mirror Maniac monster. We managed to free Kim and get rid of Mirror Maniac Monster.


Entry 77. White Light, part 1.

Kim received the news that Tommy is coming home!! Alright!!! Zedd decided to attack as he had sensed Zordon's and Alpha's disappearance into a secret chamber. He sent down Nimrod, the Scarlet Sentinel. Bulk and Skull found a certain familar dumpster that crashlanded on Earth. They immediately started to try to force it open. We tried to find Zordon, but Billy eventually found out what they were doing.


Entry 78. White Light, Part 2.

Billy informed us of what Zordon and Alpha were doing. It seemed they were making a new Ranger. Zordon and Alpha revealed their plan to us. The White Ranger. He removed his helmet very slowly. I really wanted it to be Tommy. When we saw who it was, Kim fainted. It was Tommy.

"We were all hoping it would be you," Jason said. Then, with a glance at Kim, "Especially Kimberly."

Tommy walked over and kneeled down and picked her up. Then when we were all standing, Saba was given to Tommy, so he could control the TigerZord. He also was given the leadership of the Rangers. I've known Jason a long time. He acted really happy, but to have the leadership ripped off him after 77 battles. It must have really hurt. Meanwhile, Bulk and Skull had nearly got the top of the dumpster off. Tommy took on Nimrod, Jason, Kim, and Zack fought the putties, and Billy and I repaired the Zords. Then Jason, Kim, and Zack prevented Bulk and Skull from freeing Rita.


Entry 79. Two For One.

Tommy and Kim's date in the park was interrupted by putties. They stole Kim's purse, and Zedd used the contents to make two monsters, Pursehead, and Lipstick Monster. They were bent on giving Angel Grove a gigantic cosmetic makeover. Of course, we fight them and beat them. As usual.


Entry 80. Opposites Attract.

Billy was doing an experiment in the park that involved magnets when he was introduced to Laura. Zedd, obviously not knowing that it isn't polite to use other people's things without asking, used Billy's machine to harness a strong magnectic field that occurs only every hundred years in the universe. Magnet Brain, Zedd's monster, tried to destroy the Earth by messing with our magnetic field.


Entry 81. Zedd's Monster Mash.

It was Halloween Night and we Rangers had volunteered to escort little kids around the neighbourhood for trick or treating. Zedd decided that now was the perfect time to try and kill us all. Starting with Tommy. He sent down a group of putties transformed into little Ranger wannabes, who, with the help of the Gatekeeper, put him into the Dark Dimension. Tommy faced up against Robogoat, Pumpkin Rapper, Primator, Invenusable Flytrap, Rhinoblaster, and the Slizzard. He won out.


Entry 82. The Ninja Encounter, Part 1.

There's three new kids in town. Adam Park. Aisha Campbell. Rocky De Santos. They helped in a very weird baby rescue. Well, Zedd decided he wanted his own evil Rangers, so he kidnapped them plus another man and took them to a cave. Goldar was left in charge there.


Entry 83. The Ninja Encounter, Part 2.

Zedd sent down Terror Blossom, a monster that freezes anything that it touches. Goldar was inches away from transforming them into evil Rangers. He called forth the Snake of Destruction. If the snake bites anyone, they will become evil. They tried to break free but failed. Billy, Kim and Tommy attempted a rescue but their attention was diverted by Hatchasaurus, who was called by Terror Blossom.


Entry 84. The Ninja Encounter, Part 3.

Jason, Zack and myself were frozen by Terror Blossom. Billy created a cell-based stimulator to unfreeze us. We went back to battle, but Billy, Tommy, Kim and I were called away. Jason and Zack finished off Terror Blossom. I got the guy and teleported him to his son. The others rescued Adam, Aisha, and Rocky. However, Billy was in a bad way, so Kim and Tommy removed his helmet. The others came in after being told to stay out, and discovered our identities. But they took the oath never to reveal our identities.

"We'll take that vow." Adam.

"Count on it." Aisha.

"And never betray you." Rocky.


Entry 85. A Monster Of Global Proportions.

Angel Grove hosted a get together with teenage peace ambassadors from all over this world. Zedd kidnapped them and demanded the Power Coins in exchange for them. He also stole a statue that was donated by Angel Grove High School's Art Department. We went to the cave where they were being held and handed over our coins. We then asked Goldar to do his part. He refused. Billy snatched the box back, saying, 'These aren't our Power Coins anyway.' They were chocolate coins. We led the ambassadors to Adam, Aisha and Rocky and then left to battle the four headed statue.


Entry 86. Zedd Waves.

Rocky, Aisha, and Adam really saved the day today. Zedd constructed a monster called Beam Caster, which sent out powerful 'Zedd waves'. A radio monster, no less. The waves brainwashed everyone into worshipping Lord Zedd. Including the Rangers. They worked as a great team and Aisha used her broadcasting knowledge to stop the monster.


Entry 87. The Power Transfer, Part 1.

Okay, here's what happened. Jason, Zack and I were chosen to represent USA in the World Teen Summit. That reduced the team to half its size. Zordon started searching for three new Rangers. To transfer our Powers, we had to get the Sword of Light from the Deserted Planet. Zedd came after us in Serpentera, his extremely dangerous Zord and completely destroyed the planet. We got back to the Command Center with the Sword and met our replacements.


Trini Kwan, Yellow Ranger of Earth, signs over control of this chronicle along with the Sabre-tooth Tiger Coin, the Sabre-tooth Tiger Griffin ThunderZord, and the Yellow responsibilities, to the next Yellow Ranger of Earth. Trini out.