Disclaimer: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers are copyright Saban Entertianment. All other characters(in other words The Spice Brats) are my creation. The Spice Brats are a Spice Girls cover group. That is why the songs sound so familiar.

The Power Rangers Meet The Spice Brats
by The Masked Writer

Scene 1:
Ernie's Juice Bar

(Billy, Rocky, Aisha, Kim & Adam are sitting at a table talking.)

Billy: So in other words, the sensation is just your body being materalized or breaking up into-

(Tommy walks in and sits next to Kim)

Rocky: Hi, Tommy!

The other rangers: Hi, Tommy!

Tommy: Hi guys. Would you guys happen to know what that stage is for?

Billy: What stage?

Tommy: Uh, that one over there.

(Tommy points to a medium-sized stage with five microphones stands lined along the front of it.)

Adam: Who is so important that they're performing in the youth center?

(The rangers start talking agian, while at another table, filled with five girls(one redhead, one African-American, one with short, black hair, one with long black hair, and one with blonde hair) sit up from their chairs and jump onto the stage. Grabbing one of the mics., the blonde-haired girl speaks)

Gloria:(in a British accent) Hello! We're the Spice brats.

(everyone in the youth center looks up at the girl. Billy stares especally hard. The red-head speaks next.)

Lauren:(also in a British accent) Don't let the name fool ya! We aren't as "spicy" as we look!

(some people in the center laugh. Billy is still staring at the blonde. The African-American takes her microphone)

Tyra: Let do this!

(the girls take the mics. and turn around, their backs to the adiunce as music starts up) During this part they sing.

All the girls: La la la la la la la la la.La la la la la la laa!

When your feeling sad and alone

We will take you where you got to go

Smiling, dancing, everything is free

All you need is positivity


Tyra: Colors of the world!

The other girls: Spice up your life!

Tyra: Every boy, every girl!

The other girls: Spice up your life!

Tyra: People of the world!

The other girls: Spice up your life!

All, but the long, black haired girl: Slam it to the left!

Melissa: If your having a good time!

All, b.t.l.b.h.g: Shake it to the right!

Melissa: If you know that you feel fine!

All, b.t.l.b.h.g: Chicas to the front!

All: Uh uh go round!

All,: Slam it to the left!

Melissa: If you're having a good time!

All,: Shake it to the right!

Melissa: If you know that you feel fine!

All,: Chicas to the front!

All: Hi ci ya hold tight!

La la la la la la la la la la la la la!

All: Yellow man in Timbuckto, color for both me & you.

Kung fu fighting! Dancing queen! Travel spaceman and all that's in between!

Repeat Chorus

Lauran: Flamenco!

Melissa: Lambada!

Tyra: But hip hop is harder!

Rachel(short haired): We moonwalked the foxtrot!

Gloria: Then polka the salsa!

All: Shake shake shake haka! Shake shake shake haka!

( the girls make spanish cries)

(They sing the chorus twice then stop. Applase roars from the aduidence)

Gloria: See ya later from the Spice Brats!

(the girls hop off the stage to their table where people are waiting to get their autographs. Gloria heads out the door. Billy races after her)

Billy:(outside now) Hold up!

Gloria:(no longer talking in her accent): Sup'?

Billy: What happened to your accent?

Gloria: It's just an act. I'm Gloria.

Billy: I'm Billy Cranston.

(Billy holds out his hand to her. They shake. Billy realizes his hand is sweaty)

Gloria: Good to have met you. I gotta g-

( Gloria stops in mid sentence. He turns to see what she is staring at.)

Billy: Puddies! Run!

(Gloria starts to run then turns around . She pulls a necklace out of her shirt. It has a small medallion at the end. Gloria holds it up. Billy turns to see what is happening)

Gloria: Girl Power!

( In a flash of light, Gloria appeared in front of the puddies, dressed in a silver dress and silver shoes)

Billy(in his blue ranger suit): What are you?

Gloria: I'm just a girl!

(suddenly the other rangers appear, including the other Spice Brats also dressed in silver coustumes. A huge creature appears and points a finger at the teams)

Rocky: Guess what, Billy? They're superhe-Aaaaahhhh!

(Rocky falls to the ground. Melissa runs over to the creature to attack it. It shoots a stream of light at her too. Tommy helps her up. The creature suddenly grows an enormus amount.)

The Power Rangers: We need the Megazord now!

The Spice Brats: We need Spice Power!

( the rangers zords attached to each other forming the megazord. The Spice Brats "zords" appear. A oval, a square, a plus, a triangle, and a star.)

Kimberly: Whoa! Who would of thought that Girl Power exsisted as a weapon!

( the creature shoots at the Megazord and makes it stumble. The megazord shoots at the creature only nudging it a little. Billy comes up with a great idea)

Billy: Hey, guys I just got a great idea!

Kimberly: Duh, the writer just said that!

Billy: Well, my idea is that both megazords combine to become one zord!

Gloria(in the Spice Zord): That's great idea! We need more power to unleash a power we have never used.

( The zords combine. The Spice brats push a few butttons and a light streams out from the top. The light hits the creature and it stumbles to the ground and disappears)

The Spice Brats: Yea, we did it!

( the girl begin to dance around in the cockpit)

The Power Rangers: Yes! Thank you Spice Braaaahhh-

( the rangers stop when they see the girls dancing)

Gloria(to Billy): How'd you ever figure that idea to combine the zords?

( Billy blushes, he then sits straight up in his bed. Al, his teddy bear besides him. He looks at it)

Billy(to Al): You wouldn't believe the dream I just had, Al.

( Billy's eye caught something shiny on his dresser. He picked it up. It was the exact same madallion Gloria had in his dream. He turned it over. An inscription on the back said "Girl Power forever")

Billy: It was a dream wasn't it?