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Disclaimer: Everything even related to Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers belong to Saban Entertainment(All hale Hiam Saban). This is set (buffy) after Angel turns evil and the rangers gained the Ninjetti powers.

The Angel in Angel Grove
A Buffy the Vampire Slayer/MMPR crossover
by the Masked Writer

Saturday morning in Sunnydale, CA.

(Willow is sitting on a bench next to Xander's black jeep. They are in the parking lot of Sunnydale High School. Buffy and Xander walk out of the school. Giles runs after them.)

Buffy: Look Giles, we are just going to Angel Grove. That's two towns over.

Giles: Well, I just want you to take a few percautions. There are monsters there, ya know?

Xander: Yea, we haven't seen all that stuff about monsters and Power Rangers on the news all the time.

Willow: Hey guys, ready to go?

Buffy: Yea, Giles was just telling us to beware of the monsters that have appeared all over Angel Grove.

Willow: Oh, yea! The Power Rangers thing.

Xander: They are lucky there. They just have monsters. They also have a team of superhero aliens to protect them.

Buffy: Hey, I'm not good enough for you?

Xander: Well, er, I don't know.

Giles: Yes, well, Sunnydale is the hellmouth and Angel Grove is not.

(Buffy throws the bag she was carrying into the already-too-packed trunk of the jeep. Just then Cordileia heads towrds them.)

Cordiliea: Where are you guys going?

Xander: Angel Grove. How'd you know we were here?

Cordiliea: Oh, come on. You are the only weirdos in the world that would come to school on a weekend. No offense Xander.

Xander: None taken.

Cordiliea: Why are you going to Angel Grove? Isn't Sunnydale weird enough?

Willow: We're going to see Xander's gradparents. I'm coming with them.

Buffy: And my cousin, Kimberly Hart.

Cordiliea: What are you doing here, Mr. Giles? Don't you have a life? Saturday Afternoon in Angel Grove at Ernie's Juice Bar

(Kim and Tommy are talking. Buffy, Xander and Willow enter)

Kim: Buffy!

Buffy: Kim!

Tommy(softly): Buffy?

( Kim and Buffy hug. Tommy watches, confused. Xander and Willow watch the two)

Kim: Tommy this my cousin, Buffy Summer.

Buffy: These(pointing to Willow and Xander)are my friends, Xander and Willow.

Willow(shyly): Hi.

( Rocky, Billy, Aisha, and Adam enter)

Billy: Uh, Hi!(looking at Buffy, Xander and Willow)So which one of you is Kim's cousin?

Kim: Oh, Billy, Adam, Aisha, Rocky! This is Xander and Willow. Buffy's friends.

Xander and Willow: Hi.

Buffy: I'm Buffy.

Rocky(staring at Buffy's body): That's a cool name. Do you have a boyfriend, by any chance?

Buffy(thinking of Angel): Uh, not at the moment....

Saturday Late Evening.

(It is dark and a figure in a black trench coat creeps out of the back of a truck. A car's distant headlights slowly reveiles a deformed face. The figure runs out in front of the car, being hit by it. Thr driver runs over to the seemingly lifeless body near a couple of trees)

Driver: Hey! Are you okay?

Figure: I am now.

( the figure gets up quickly and bits the neck of the struggling driver. Whithin minutes, the struggling body goes limp. The figure throws the body behind a tree)

Figure: Oh, isn't Buffy going to be suprised to see me?

( the figure runs through the woods humming the tune to "Unchained Melody" In seconds the figure disappears from the road's view)

Sunday Morning in the Hart home

( Buffy sits up, wondering where she is. She remembers the day before. She's in Angel Grove and this is her cousin's room. She jumps out the sleeping bag on the cot her aunt set up that previous night. Buffy looked at the white dresser piled with make-up and jewelry. Taped on the mirror was pictures of Kim with her friends, her family and one with her boyfriend holding her. Buffy shivered at the thought of Angel. Her boyfriend.)

Mrs. Hart: Buffy? Breakfast is ready!

Buffy: I'll be down in sec.!

(Buffy pulled on a old pair of jeans and a sweater. She tied a blue scarf around her neck. She trotted down to the dining room. Her aunt was reading the paper. Kim was nowhere to be seen)

Buffy: Where's Kimberly?

Mrs Hart: She said she had some buissness at the youth center. She said for you to come down with your friends after breakfast.

( Buffy grabbed a piece of toast and ran over to the phone to call Xander and Willow. Willow was staying with Xander and his grandparents.)

Willow: Hello?

Buffy: Willow! It's Buff. Come to Ernie's Juice Bar and bring Xander.

Willow: Sure. if I can get Xander up. He's still asleep. Bye, see you there!

Later that morning at Ernie's juice bar.

(Buffy, Willow and Xander enter. Rocky walks over to them)

Rocky: Good morning. We're over here.

(he points to a table. Adam, Kim, Tommy, Billy, and Aisha are sitting there)

Tommy, Billy, Adam, and Aisha: Hi!

Kimberely: Hi, sorry I ran off this morning. We had already made plans to eat here.

Buffy: Don't worry 'bout it.

( Bulk and Skull run in, out of breath.)

Billy: What's wrong? Why were you running?

Bulk: Police......body.......woods.....holes in the neck.

Skull: What he said.

(Buffy, Willow, and Xander look at each other and nod. They get up and start to walk out)

Buffy: Uh, Kim, we are going to check out the city, ok?

Kim: Sure, we got something else to do, anyway.

( The rangers look at each other and also nod. They go around a corner and vanish in a multi-color streak of light.)

Outside highway 102 around noon.

( Buffy, Xander, and Willow appear. Yellow tape wrapped around trees, Buffy slips under the tape behind Xander and Willow while no one is looking. She slides back under)

Xander: Well, do we have a vamp?

Buffy: Yep, looks like Giles was right to make me pack those stakes.

Willow: I guess our vacation will just have to wait. To bad the Power Rangers couldn't handle this.

Buffy: Better this than giant monsters.

Willow: Oh, yea. I forgot about the giant monsters.

Xander: They handle the harmless space creatures while we get to handle the demons, vampires and other evils of the hellmouth.

Buffy: Well, I wouldn't say the vampires were so hard to destroy.

That same time at the command center.

(Billy, Adam, Tommy, Aisha, Rocky and Kimberely are standing around trying to figure out what kind of monster leaves two holes on the base of the neck)

Aisha: I got it! The guy's blood had been drained and he had two holes on his neck. It's a vampire!

Billy: A vampire? Aisha, we all know that those don't exsist.

Adam: Hold on a second, Billy! It could be! All the evidence is there. I mean, before becoming a Power Ranger you didn't think that monsters and space creatures didn't exsist. Did you?

Billy: The thought had crossed my mind, but there is no way a vampire could exsist. That's like saying unicorns still exsist!

Zordon: Billy, I'm afraid Aisha and Adam may be right. Alpha has done a scan of Angel Grove and there is a unfamiliar energy source in the city.

Tommy: How do we get rid of the vampire? (The rangers all shrug their shoulders)

4:00 at Ernie's Juice Bar

(Willow, Xander, and Buffy are sitting around the table eating burgers and fries. Rocky and Adam enter and sit with them)

Rocky: Hello.

Adam: Hi.

Willow and Buffy: Hi!

Xander(with a mouthful of food): Melow!

Adam: Huh?

Rocky(sitting next to Buffy): so pretty scary about the murder, huh?

Buffy: Uh, yea. A driver is killed during the dark by a unidentified person. Sca—ry.

(Adam, Xander, & Willow all laugh at Buffy's joke.)

Rocky: I'd ask you guys to have dinner with us, but I see you already have.

Xander: Yea, too bad.

Rocky: Hey, Buffy! It's getting a bit dark.

Buffy: Yea, I better get home and make a phone call.

( Buffy looks at Willow and Xander)

Willow: Yea, you better go make that call.

(Bulk runs in once agian, breathless.)

Bulk: Dead guy......gone from.....morge........no enrty.....reported.

Xander: Who is this guy?!

(Buffy heads out the door. Rocky follows her.)

Dusk outside the youth center

Rocky: Whoa, hold up. What's the important phone call?

Buffy: Just to a friend of mine.

(Suddenly a figure in a black trunch coat jumped out at the two It knocks

Buffy down and bends Rocky's neck over. Just before it could sink it's teeth into his neck, Buffy knocks the figure off. The figure looks up. It's Angel)

Buffy: Hi honey, I'm home!

(She kicks Angel, but he flips her over his back. Rocky jumps on Angel's back. Angel flips him over his back, too.)

Buffy: Rocky, run!

(Rocky jumps up and runs into a group of people with what looks like a deformity. Rocky's eyes widen as one of the people shows a pair of fangs.)

Rocky: Aaaahhhhhh! Vampires!

Buffy: Hold on Rocky!

( Angel throws Buffy aginst a tree. The group of vampires disappear with Rocky)

Angel(to Buffy, sloped on the ground): Soon we'll be togeather forever.

(Angel disappears and Buffy slowly stands up as Willow, Xander, Billy, Aisha, Tommy, Kim, and Adam run over)

Xander: Buff. what happened?

Aisha: Where's Rocky?

Buffy: Angel's back. And he's got some new friends.

Billy: Who's Angel?

Willow: It's a long story.

Tommy: We've got time.

( the group heads over to Billy's house and sitting in his basement room, Buffy, Xander, and Willow explained of the vampires.)

Aisha: So, Angel is your 2000 year-old dead boyfriend?

Buffy: You make it sound so bad.

Billy: So he is trying to turn you into a vampire. Then, why didn't he just do that when he the chance?

Buffy: I know him, he's trying to keep me in terror. To strike when I least expect it.

Outside the Cranston home after dark.

(Angel knocks at the door. Billy's father answears.)

Mr. Cranston: Yes?

Angel(in his human form): I'm one of your son's friends. Could you tell me if you know where he is?

Mr. Cranston: I think he is in the garage with some of his friends.

Angel: Thank you sir.

(Angel leaves the doorstep and a group of vampires. They smash through the garage door. They grab Willow and Tommy. Vampire Rocky grabs Buffy quickly and pins her aginst a wall.)

Rocky: You know I always have liked you Buffy.

( Rocky closes in to bite Buffy's neck. Angel throws him off her) Angel(to Rocky): Listen, that's my girl and my bite. Got it?

Rocky: Whatever you say, Angel.

( The rangers(except Rocky),Willow, and Xander were fighting off vampires with wooden stakes. Buffy kicked Angel while he pinned Rocky. Angel then got up and threw Buffy aginst Billy. Then Angel picked Buffy and proceeded to bite her. Aisha, who had fought vampires off Tommy and Willow, broke a chair aginst Angel's back. Angel hit Aisha unconisious for a moment. Buffy kicks Angel in the crotch. He lets her down. Buffy grabbed a chair leg, broke it off in a stake form and missed Angel, and went right into another's heart. Rocky's)

Monday at noon in the Sunnydale High School library.

(Giles is reading a book when Buffy, Xander, and Willow enter. Giles is started because it's a holiday and no is supposed to be at the school.)

Buffy: Hi Giles.

Giles: Buffy! You startled me. Oh how was your trip?

Willow: You know. Same old, same old.

Buffy: What can I say? Nothing happened there that we haven't experenced before. Ha-ha.

The End... or is it?