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Winds Of The Heart
by Mandi B. Gordon

Tommy was in Joe's bar having a drink and hanging out with Duncan, Richie, Joe, and Methos when they heard the door open. The five of them froze when they saw the tan slender legs of Kimberly Hart start to descend the stairs. Joe got up and walked over to her as Methos and Richie took a reluctant Tommy to the back room of the bar and listened at the door.

"Hi Kimberly." Joe smiled. "Can I help you?"

Kim looked up at Joe with tear filled eyes. "I needed someone to talk to, and I didn't think my friends would listen." Her voice was thick with emotion. "They just keep trying to cheer me up. The tell me not to blame myself but it's my fault."

"What's your fault?" Joe asked confused.

"Tommy's death." Kim replied.

A mountain of stone, a door of steel
Can't stand in my way I'd go on
Brutal machines, unbending laws
Can't slow me down, I'd go on
I've learned how to deal and when to fight
I know what's real, I know what's right
I'm not afraid, a wounded dove
I can be tender in a world so tough

"What?" Duncan asked as he walked over to Kim.

"If I didn't come here Tommy would have never got into that accident," Kim whispered. "He wouldn't have died."

At those words Tommy opened his mouth. "Ki-mmmppphhh!" Richie and Methos both clamped their hands over Tommy's mouth before he could go to Kim.

"Have a seat Kim." Joe sighed. "We do need to talk."

"The others say that I shouldn't blame myself." Kim sobbed as she sat down. "They tell me that he's in a better place. They don't even know the truth. They just don't get it."

"The truth?" Duncan asked.

"Tommy's body disappeared from the morgue. His parents had someone else take his place in the coffin," Kim whispered.

"I see." Joe said sparing a glance to Duncan.

I'm sure I could face the bitter cold
But life without you, I don't know
{I don't know}

"Mr. MacLeod, I loved Tommy and when I heard that his body was missing I had two thoughts running through my head." Kim said as she looked at Duncan. "Either Tommy was alive or someone stole his body. I don't know how I'm going to live without Tommy. I loved him so much."

"I'm sure Tommy doesn't blame you for the accident." Duncan replied as he placed a hand on Kim's. "I didn't know him but if he was anything like Joe said he was Tommy would never blame you for anything.

The winds of the heart can blow me down
{Blow me down}
But I get right up and I stand my ground
I've tasted fear, my share of pain
The wasted tears of love in vain
I've held you tight, pushed you away
Now with all my might I beg you to stay

"I was so blind." Kim sobbed. "When I could have stayed with him I left. I pushed him away. I wanted him to be happy. But I made him miserable. I would give anything for him to be with me now. I begged him to stay with me when I was in the hospital. But he slipped through my fingers."

"It happens." Duncan said. "It was his time to go. I'm sure he knew you were there every step of the way."

"I begged him to stay. I was holding his hand so tight." Kim whispered. "Why couldn't he stay?"

I'm sure I could face
{Sure I could face}
The bitter cold
{So Cold}
But life without you, I don't know
{I don't know}

Tommy struggled against Richie and Methos as they held him back from the door. Hot tears were streaming down his face. But their heat couldn't do anything to easy the cold that was growing in hischest. He wanted to go to Kim and make everything better. Finally he bit Richie's hand with all his might.

"Ow!" Richie whispered yanking his hand away from Tommy's mouth. "What the hell was that for?"

"Let me go to her." Tommy sobbed quietly. "Please. You can't do this to us. Can't you hear her pain?"

"It's better this way Tommy." Methos replied. "Let her go. She thinks you are dead. Don't kill her."

"Kill her?" Tommy asked.

"If you told her you were immortal, a part of her would die." Richie explained. "She might leave you again. She might stay. But she will die before you. It's much more painful than what's going on now."

"But you don't understand!" Tommy hissed and lunged for the door. Methos and Richie grabbed him and wrestled him back. He finally gaveup and slumped onto the couch sobbing.

"I don't know how my life will be without her," Tommy sobbed.

I know what I want, I know what I need
I know just what I need
But there's just one thing I must believe
{I must believe}
Deep in the night by a dying flame
You will be there when I call your name
{Call your name}

"I believe that he's alive." Kim said "He's too good to die. Not like that. Not without a fighting chance. He's not like that. He's a fighter."

"Kim that's a good thing to believe but the others won't accept that." Joe sighed. "They don't understand your connection."

"I know Joe." Kim smiled slightly. "I haven't told them that though. I know Tommy's alive. I can feel it in my gut."

"You better get back home before it gets too dark." Duncan said as he looked at Joe questioningly. Joe shook his head negatively.

"Yeah." Kim said as she wiped her eyes dry. "Thanks for listening. I needed it. I know why Tommy liked you so much Joe."

"I always heard bartenders made good psychologists." Joe smiled.

"Nice to see you again Mr. MacLeod." Kim held out her hand.

"It's nice to see that I could help." Duncan replied kissing it.

I'm sure I could face
{Sure I could face}
The bitter cold
{So cold}
But life without you, I don't know
{I don't know}
Kim smiled and walked out of the bar. As she got outside she felt the bitter cold of Seacouver's winter air. She turned her collar up and walked to her car knowing she could face it knowing Tommy was alive.


Tommy watched her car pull out of the parking lot. He closed his eyes as the wind blew a tear off his face. She could face the cold of the world, but could he face the cold of eternal life without her?

"You going to be okay Tommy?" Richie asked as he walked up next to the immortal teen.

"I don't know." Tommy sighed. "I honestly don't know."

I don't know.