Disclaimer: The immortals aren't mine, Iolaus and Hercules aren't mine, The Rangers aren't mine. Shana, Robyn, Madelyne, Ripley, My Scottish Vamp and myself are mine... this is what happens when I get writers block!

Chaotic Musings
by Mandi B. Gordon

Muses... you can't live with them... and you can't bury them in a shallow grave without breaking your nails. And they always dig themselves up. Why am I telling you this? Because I have writers block... again! And that means for me... that I got a full house. Not only do I have my Fan Fic muses running around... but then I got my role playing characters mixing with them. Not good at all.


Madelyne Night, my messed up immortal, cheetahmorph, role playing character and usually all purpose Fan Fic character was once again getting into a pillow fight with Robyn, my What If Highlander Fan Fic.

"By the Gods of Earth and Air, will you please keep it dooOOOF!"

Pulling the pillow from my face I glared at Tommy and Shana. They started scrambling over each other and giggling to get out of view. Methos and Iolaus were watching the action while sharing beers. I could tell that they were betting which fic or RP character was going to be forced into the closet first.

Sighing, I read over Ellen Brand's "Battle Royal" again, she was lucky, her muses were only three inches tall, me... I get full growm muses... not that it didn't hurt sometimes... having a few of the characters I drool at hanging around large as life was fun... but when they get restless... look out.

"Hey Guys..." I heard Jason's voice downstairs, "Mandi's mom went shopping, and she bought cookie dough!"

"Guys... I am trying to work on a story!" I yelled as most of the younger muses bolted down the steps, the more reckless one jumped over the rail.

"Kids," Methos smirks.

"Hey Methos," Madelyne called up, "They got beer!"

Wow... I never knew a muse could break the sound barrier. Sighing I looked around the room, the only three muses left were Hercules, and two of my Live Action Role Playing Characters. I looked at them with a suffering glance. "What do you three want?"

"I'm not hungry... and I don't drink." Hercules replied, as if that was a big revelation for me.

"Mandi... both LARPs are next week... Ripley over here needs a back ground, and I need a write up," my Scottish Vampire reminded me. "And Logan's gonna want more Midnight Stories up for his Wolverine Site."

"Um Herc, Mandi fainted again... Can I toss her into the shower with no hot water again?"