One Question Too Many
By Man-At-Arms

Inside the Power Chamber, alarms were blaring. Alpha 6 hurridly tries to shut them off but to no avail. Demitria attempts to asses the situation. "Alpha 6, is there no way to shut off the alarms?"

Alpha was getting way annoyed. To himself he thinks, _Why is it I got stuck with this moron? Oh yeah, because Alpha 5 and Zordon split._ "Um yo, Demitria, is there ever a time that you don't ask questions?"

"Would I not be lying if I said yes, Alpha 6?" was her reply. Alpha groaned in anguish. "Have you yet to determine the cause of the alarms, Alpha?"

Ignoring yet another of her endless questions he taps on the control panel, it beeps in response as a light flashes stating "Channel Open."

"Yo, Yo, Yo, Power Rangers. You better get your butts down here!"

"We're on our way, Alpha.", replied Tanya over the Power Chamber speakers. In an instant, five beams of light streaked down into the room.

"Yo, Yo, Yo, that's what I call hustling!"

"Alpha, what's wrong?" asked Tanya.

"These stupid alarms keep going off and I can't seem to get them to stop!"

"Let me try something." replied Tanya. She tapped a series of buttons on the panel in front of her. The alarms shut down.

"Yo, Yo, Yo, thank god. I was about to shut myself off so I wouldn't have to hear that crap anymore!"

"Should you not watch your mouth in front of Justin, Alpha?"

Alpha turned to face Demitria, ready to attack with a stream of foul words and gestures when Adam, at the computer console now, reported what was causing the alarms to sound. "Divatox has sent another monster to plant a detonator. Computer memory banks show him to be Infuritron. The computer registers him as a level 2 danger."

"That isn't a very high danger rate for one of Divatox's monsters," replied a stunned Kat.

"Yeah, this will be a piece of cake!", Tommy spoke sternly, "SHIFT INTO TURBO!"

Alpha watched the action on the viewing globe (what globe, it looks like a screen!). The Rangers were beating Infuritron's butt into the ground but he was doing his job. He was keeping the Rangers busy while the detonator ticked away.

"Is there no way to speed up the destruction of this monster?" asked Demitria, sounding sincere. Alpha didn't reply. "Alpha, I said is there no way to speed up the destruction of this monster?" Alpha still did not answer. "Alpha...."

At this point he could no longer stand it. His circuts were melting together and steam was blowing out of his helmet. "Errrrrr, LOOK! I AM SICK OF YOUR DAMN QUESTIONS! STOP ASKING THEM OR I WILL TELEPORT YOU INTO A GARBAGE CAN!" With this revelation, he felt better. His stress was relieved. He no longer wanted to kill Demitria. He spoke. "Ay, yi, yi that felt good." He no longer said those annoying yo, yo, yo's.

Demitria, on the other hand was stunned. She had a look of utter shock on her face. On the viewing globe (?) the Rangers had destroyed the monster but failed to stop the bomb. Oh well, it was only planted at an orphanage. The Rangers, totally stoked, teleported back to the Power Chamber to see a happy Alpha and a shocked Demitria. "What happened?" asked Tommy.

"Ay, yi, yi! I blew off some steam."

"Yes. He... blew... off... some... steam." replied Demitria.

"Hey, you didn't ask a question, Demitria!" said Tanya, "Why is that?"

"I was afraid to," was all Demitria said.