Author's Note for Tekno Rangers:

Some things about the Power Rangers story line have been adjusted and assumed to fit my own little universe. Also note that I've NEVER seen an episode of Power Rangers Turbo so I'm working off of other fics and general info, please bear with me.

For example, the Rangers did visit Phaedos like in the film, but also visited Ninjor when they bonded with the Ninjetti power.

The original power coins still exist, but are not connected to the morphin grid, causing the users life force to be tapped in order to morph. This was shown in use on an episode of Power Rangers in Space where Adam morphed into the Black Ranger to aid the Black Astro Ranger.

The clone of Tommy had his own Power coin that when he returned to the past, was still partially evil, but Tommy's clone was not connected to it. Tommy eventually found the coin when he located his clone's gravesite in Angel Grove Cemetery.

Evil Disclaimer Thing:The only thing I own is my 1995 Elantra and the Celeron 433 that this is written on, so suing me for using characters owned by Haim Saban would be fruitless.

Tekno Rangers
by Lee Burton

At the end of the 21st century, the Earth was invaded by a horde of mutant fighter craft, under the control of the Venemoid warlord, Darkon. Even the heroic men and women of the Space Knights cannot defend the Earth without the help of a mysterious young man named Slade, who has the ability to transform into the superhero known as Teknoman.

Location: High Earth Orbit
Time: Late 21st Century

"Slade, we're under close attack by Venemoid Spider Crabs!" called young Star Summers from across the bridge of the Blue Earth, the ship of the Space Knights who are the last line of defense for the Earth. "They're too close to hit with the main laser batteries, can you take care of them?"

The young man observing the attack from the bridge reluctantly agreed, "Okay, piece of cake." He held out his hands and a strange emerald colored crystal appeared, holding it aloft, he yelled "Tekno Power!"

The crystal shimmered with a green light before disappearing and only moments later; Slade's body began to be surrounded by metallic plates of armor that simply appeared from some other plane or dimension.

Slade was a Teknoman, a product of the evil Darkon, created to be evil, but when he was taken by the Venemoids during the initial invasion of Earth, he managed to escape their clutches before the parasitic creature that controls them had taken full control of his mind. This allowed him to use the Teknoman powers to fight back against the Venemoids with their own technology, but with one major drawback, Slade knew that if he stayed in the Teknoman guise for over thirty minutes, the parasite would have sufficient time to take control of his mind.

Slade disappeared from the bridge once the transformation was complete, and exited through the nearest airlock, heading towards the Spider Crabs that had already began latching on to the hull of the Blue Earth.

"Tekno Lance!" He called out to the heavens, summoning a lance that was almost as long as he was tall, even sporting the mighty Teknoman armor. It was made of a similar material to what the suit was composed of, making it incredibly powerful in the arms of a seasoned fighter. Slade then proceeded to run through three of the creatures that had broken away from the ship to pursue him, totally ripping them apart.

Upon the destruction of the three Spider Crabs, the remaining beasts took their attention from the mighty spacecraft and placed it on the traitor that had destroyed their fellow creatures. They quickly swarmed the young man, but were decimated by a 360 degree spin by Slade that cut a large number of them in two, prompting the creatures to back off and attack in lesser numbers to minimize the body count in their ranks.

Slade had started to head away from the ship so that he could use more destructive means to remove the Spider Crab threat without risking damage to the Blue Earth. The creatures followed, as expected, and Slade turned, opening the missile bays integrated into the shoulders of his suit, releasing a large volley of missiles, vaporizing the numerous crabs in a massive explosion.

Upon the dispersion of the blast, Slade saw that a swirling mass of energy had appeared in the wake of the explosion, something that certainly was out of the ordinary. "Slade to Blue Earth, what the hell is that!"

"Slade, get out of there, the explosions hit some kind of temporal nexus and created a rip in the fabric of space-time!" Communications officer Tina Corman called out, having read the report on the anomaly from the sensors.

"Don't have to tell me twice!" Slade replied, heading back towards the Blue Earth as fast as possible, however, upon firing the thrusters in the suit, the expended energy detonated the spatial rip. Slade disappeared into a bright flash of light.

"No!" cried the two female bridge officers in unison, who both had developed crushes on the mysterious warrior that had saved their lives more times than most could count.

The explosion sent out a shock wave that rocked the mighty starship, sending the crew flying as the hull buckled under the stress from the wave. The ship ripped apart at the middle before disappearing in a mighty blast.

Part Two

Long ago, a set of coins infused with the power of the Morphin Grid was created to empower a special group of warriors called Power Rangers to defend the galaxy. Zordon of Eltaire was chosen to guard the coins on planet Earth after he was imprisoned in a time warp during a great battle. Years later, Earth came under attack by many foes, but were thwarted by the heroic group of teenagers chosen to carry the ancient coins. Eventually, the coins were destroyed, but alternate means to access the grid have been discovered, and the Rangers continue to guard Earth from destruction.

Location: Power Chamber: Angel Grove, California
Time: Present Day, 4:30 PM

Dimitria, the new mentor of the Turbo Power Rangers, reveled in the quiet state of the Power Chamber, not having had an attack in over a week. Deep down, they feared that was an indication of something big on the horizon, but all of them tried to avoid letting it get in the way of the much-needed break. The teens were going on with their normal lives and Alpha 6 was performing some maintenance on the Turbo Zords.

Suddenly, as if to punish her for the enjoyment of the quiet, the sensor grid began to emit an alarm, quickly removing her from the relaxed state Dimitria had found herself in.

"&%@#!" Alpha cursed in some sort of digital language as the little automaton hit his head on the underside of Pink Ranger's Wind Chaser, startled by the sudden noise. Once he realized that it was the Power Chamber alarm, he teleported himself away from the Zord hangar.

As soon as he appeared, Dimitria questioned, "Alpha, can you determine the nature of the disturbance?"

"Yeah, just gimme a minute." He replied as he checked the sensor logs to find out what set off the alarm. "Sensors located an unidentified object passing through the upper atmosphere at 1630 hours, travelling at 1.8 times the speed of sound" Alpha reported as he began to calculate probable crash sites. "You'd better contact the rangers."

Location: Angel Grove Youth Center: Angel Grove, California
Time: Present Day, 4:35 PM

Four of five of the rangers were seated at their usual table, relaxing after a brutal day of midterms, and fortunately for them, their communicators had remained silent during the testing. None of them felt like explaining that they couldn't take the test because they had to save the city from destruction.

T.J., the new Red Turbo Ranger, carrying a tray of drinks, approached the table, placing it on the tabletop and seating himself.

"Thanks, man" Carlos Miranda, Green Turbo Ranger said as he grabbed his cola. "Those tests were hell. I'm sure that Mrs. Applebee is trying to flunk me." Carlos complained before taking a good long drink.

"How'd you do Teej?" Ashley Hammond, Yellow Turbo Ranger asked T.J., who looked distracted.

"Not so great, I swear the teacher thinks we're all Billy Cranston." T.J. said regarding the former Blue Ranger.

"Yeah, I know that feeling." She replied quietly, "I may have flunked my Calculus midterm. I would've killed for a study session with Billy before the test."

If only to break the depression that was setting in, the six familiar yet irritating tones chimed from their communicators. 'What the hell was Billy thinking when he built these things?' Carlos thought as the little tune finished.

The five stood up and walked towards the exit of the Youth Center, as Ernie watched on with a smile. He been able to figure out what the secretive conversations and musical wrist watches had signified back when Tommy Oliver had shown up in Angel Grove as the Green Ranger and was glad to see that new blood was ready to defend the planet from evil.

"Yes Dimitria?" T.J. called into his communicator once they were clear of the building and any eavesdroppers.

"Rangers, we have detected an object that crashed in the Nevada desert. Can you investigate?" Dimitria asked as the Rangers listened intently. Dimitria was from the planet Inquiris, where the people spoke mostly in the form of a question. 'She'd do great on Jeopardy' Carlos mused as he listened to her report of the event.

"Sure thing, Alpha, can you send us the coordinates?" T.J. asked into the communicator, and seconds later, he heard, "Okay, done. You may wanna morph in case it's something big and nasty though." The little robot replied.

"You're right Alpha, SHIFT INTO TURBO!" T.J. shouted as the five Ranger summoned their Turbo Keys and morphed into the Turbo Power Rangers. Seconds later, they disappeared from sight as Alpha sent them to Nevada.

Location: Unknown location in Nevada desert
Time: Present Day, 4:40 PM

The five spandex clad teens appeared in a desert setting, with sand as far as they could see. "Alpha, I don't see anything." Carlos spoke into his communicator as he looked around the area.

"There is some kind of field blocking the teleporters. You will have to locate the object manually." Alpha 6 replied much to the dismay of the Rangers, who had already began to feel the heat of the sun beating on them.

Fortunately, they didn't have to search long when Justin Stewart, Blue Turbo Ranger, called out "Guys, look!" pointing to a billowing cloud of smoke that emanated from the sands.

The Rangers all broke out in a run for the source of the smoke. Upon arrival, they found that the object hit and created a deep channel in the sand. They realized that it was moving very fast, as the sand around the edges of the channel had become glass from the heat.

"Dee-yam!" T.J. remarked as he saw the object at the end of the channel in the sand. Running closer to get a better look, they saw that it was some form of craft or robotic being, but as they drew closer, all five of them fell to the ground as if they had run full force into a brick wall.

A sudden wave of nausea hit the five as the Ranger armor that normally served to protect them dissolved from their bodies in a strange display of color and within seconds, they were totally de-morphed.

Attempting to re-summon his Turbo Morpher and Key, Carlos silently cursed as he realized that he couldn't. The rest tried as well, but with no success. "It's blocking the powers!" Justin cried as they began to move closer to the object now that the resistance that blocked them before was now gone.

"Rangers! Get away from that, it belongs to Auntie Divatox!" Elgar shouted seconds after appearing behind the teens.

The Rangers turned quickly to see that they faced not only Elgar, but also a number of Piranhatrons as well, a large number of them.

"No, I don't think so Elgar" Carlos said as they went into combat against the Piranhatrons. They were fighting well, but without powers, they eventually tired out and were completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of them.

As the Piranhatrons held the Rangers back, Elgar approached the downed craft, but when he got to the point where their powers disappeared, he was thrown backwards like he had hit an energy field.

"Yow!" he shouted in pain as he stood up. "Well, we've got the Rangers, I guess we can come back for this. Auntie D will be pleased." Elgar surmised and in a flash, they all disappeared.

Part Three

Location: Power Chamber: Angel Grove, California
Time: 4:55PM

The silent humming of the equipment in the Power Chamber ended in the wail of alarms, which gave way to the various consoles exploding in showers of sparks and fire. Far worse, the containment field for the Zeo Crystal gave way as the crystal that had powered an entire Ranger team for many months shattered into a cloud of fragments.

"Holy shit!" cried Alpha, who ran to a console to check the situation and was rewarded by the panel, which exploded with a blinding display of sparks.

Dimitria was certainly surprised at the vulgarity the little robot displayed and decided that he must be using the Viewing Globe to watch cable television, but then returned to the situation at hand.

The smoke and sparks died down, revealing the massive damage that had occurred, with almost all of the panels destroyed, the Turbo Powers and the Zeo Crystal that they were linked to were gone. Alpha proceeded to a working panel and started fire control.

Routing control to the working panel, he checked to see what had happened in Nevada and if it was linked to the sudden catastrophe in the Power Chamber. Alpha gasped, realizing that there were a number of Piranhatrons patrolling the area, meaning that the Rangers had been taken by Divatox. Adding to his worries, he checked on the Zord hangar, only to find that all of the Zords had been totally destroyed by the mysterious power surge as well.

"Dimitria, we are in deep shit! The Rangers have been captured, the Turbo Powers, the Zeo Crystal, the Zeo Zords, the Turbo Zords, AND the Red Battlezord have been destroyed, what the hell are we gonna do?" The robot shrieked at the increasingly bad situation they were in.

"Calm down, Alpha, are teleporters still functional?" Dimitria asked Alpha, who was running in circles, his positronic matrix overloaded by the situation.

"Yeah, about the only thing that works at the moment." Alpha 6 replied after calming down.

"Good, can you retrieve the Zeo Rangers and William Cranston?" Dimitria questioned, realizing that they were running out of options. She had received a transmission from Billy on Aquitar only a week earlier and he had just gotten back to Earth.

"Okay, here goes nothing!" Alpha said as he manipulated a few controls on the teleportation console. Dimitria winced at Alpha's quick actions, warning the former Rangers would have been courteous to say the least. Seconds later, six flashes of light appeared in the chamber, forming six very confused teens.

Tommy, Rocky, and Adam fell to the floor, while Billy and Tanya just stood there confused. Kat however, appeared with only a towel around her. She shrieked upon realizing that she had been teleported while showering.

"What the hell?" Adam grumbled as he stood up to find out where he was. "The Power Chamber? What are we doing here..." he began to say as he turned to face his teammates and noticed Kat's state of undress. "Uh, you might wanna send Kat back for a change of clothes." He said before Katherine again vanished.

"Hey, sorry for the sudden teleport, but some crazy shit went down." Alpha started to explain as the other Rangers stood up and looked around the Power Chamber, or what was left of it.

"What the hell happened here? The place is a wreck!" Billy started to say before turning to see the storage system for the Zeo Crystal. "Oh my god, the Zeo Crystal is gone!"

At this point Dimitria cut in, "I believe that Alpha will better explain the situation when Katherine returns?"

The others then turned to face Billy, and Tommy spoke, "Bill, you're back!" he shouted happily, pulling his closest friend into a hug. "When did you get back?"

After a hearty round of greetings, Billy explained. "I got back from Aquitar about a week ago. I would have contacted you all earlier, but I was getting settled in my new apartment."

Tanya then dared to ask, "Uh, so why did you come back?"

Billy's face became a little crestfallen, and he started to explain. A pink flash that indicated Kat's return interrupted him. She was wearing a pink T-shirt and jeans, with her still wet hair pulled back into a ponytail. "Thanks," she said to Alpha, who nodded.

Kat turned to face the rest of her ex-teammates and saw the one person she didn't expect, Billy. "God, Billy! You're back! When did you get back, why didn't you call?" She pulled him into a hug, while talking faster than Billy could even pay attention. Billy meanwhile, was concentrating on controlling the blush forming on his face.

"Good to see you too Kat." He choked out, returning the hug. Pulling away, he started his explanation to the rest. "Like I was saying, I got back a week ago. Things didn't work out too well with Cestria, we had an argument and broke up, and since she was the only reason I was there, I came home."

Tanya immediately hugged Billy and said, "Oh, Billy I'm so sorry. I know how much she meant to you." She didn't even notice the strange look on Katherine's face.

Breaking from her daze about Billy's return and his breakup with Cestria, Kat offered support, "I'm sorry Billy."

"Well, enough about my problems, this place is a wreck, what happened?" Billy decided to change the subject, which was still a little raw.

"Alpha, can you explain the situation?" Dimitria asked the little robot, which again returned to the only working console.

"Well, I was working on Wind Chaser when the alarms started going off like mad. Anyway, I get back to the chamber and something from space crashed in Nevada. We sent the Turbos to check it out, and suddenly the Zeo Crystal and all the stuff in the Power Chamber blows into a million bits. It scared the hell out of me. Without the Turbo powers, the others got taken by Divatox."

"Basically, we need you guys to get that thing from the desert so we can find out why it busted the Zeo Crystal." Alpha summed up the reason for them being there, leaving the teens in shock. The Zeo Crystal was an incredibly powerful artifact that became the source of their powers when the Ninja Power Coins were destroyed after Master Vile disrupted time.

"I'm in, we've gotta help the others!" Tommy agreed, turning to the others, awaiting their response.

The five other teens nodded in acceptance. "I can teleport you within a half mile of the crash site, but there are some Piranhatrons patrolling around the area. They can't get close to the site either, I assume there is some form of force field. I figure that the Turbo Rangers couldn't get close to it because of their powers. None of you hold the powers anymore so you should be able to pass in and out without any problem."

"No problem, we can handle a few of those goons if we have to, right guys?" Tommy asked his team, when they all replied in the affirmative, Alpha 6 approached Billy and handed him a transport beacon. "I can't get a lock on the object, attach this to it if you can get close enough to it, then I can teleport it to the Zord hangar."

"Okay, Alpha, we're ready." Tommy finished, and seconds later; they disappeared from the Power Chamber.

Location: Unknown location in Nevada desert
Time: Present Day, 5:20 PM

The six ex-rangers appeared in the desert, and quickly got their bearings, heading for the crash site where they could see the patrolling Piranhatrons. Once they were close enough, the Piranhatrons noticed the new arrivals and rushed them and the ex-Rangers stood ready for battle.

"Let's take em'" Tommy shouted before jumping into the thick of the battle. Although they held no powers, the six had a far more combat experience than the current Turbo Rangers did, and as a result, they made quick work of the Piranhatrons.

Tommy had been amazed as he watched Billy fight the Piranhatrons; he had become an excellent fighter, and had kept it up despite no longer being on the front lines of battle. Billy knocked away the oncoming beasts and fought them off with speed and skill.

Billy, being the first to finish off the Piranhatrons that had gone after them, called out to the rest, who were finishing up, "Guys, let's get this thing back to the Power Chamber before Divatox sends anymore friends!"

They all ran along the long track left in the sand during the objects crash, and as soon as the Rangers reached the deep pit that resulted from the collision with Earth, Billy gasped.

The object was a metallic suit, obviously humanoid in nature, and it was like nothing any of them had ever seen before. "Prodigious!" Billy managed to speak before running down the sides of the small pit that the suit was embedded within.

Upon a closer inspection, the suit appeared to have taken quite a hit on impact. What worried him is that it looked like it wasn't an android or some form of artificial life, but a suit, meaning that someone was inside of it.

Billy pulled out a Bio scanner and began checking the suit of armor for life signs. He was disappointed to find that the wearer was dead. The other Rangers made their way into the pit, awaiting Billy's expert opinion on what the hell the suit was.

"It appears to be an armored suit similar to the old Ranger armor, obviously a lot more powerful, and it did have a wearer, but he must've died on impact. Took one hell of a beating before that too." Billy explained as the others gave the armored suit a look over.

"Let's get this back to the Power Chamber. Alpha, I've put the beacon on the suit, teleport it and us to the Zord hangar bay, you may want to come along, it's pretty impressive." Billy called into his communicator.

Seconds later, the six teens and the mysterious suit disappeared from the scorching desert sands of Nevada.

Location: Zord Hangar Bay: Exact Location Classified
Time: 5:45PM

They all appeared in the Zord hangar bay, and for a second they all forgot the strange suit that brought them all back together. The wreckage of the Turbo and Zeo Zords were further back in the hangar, a sight that caused Billy to nearly collapse. "Oh god." He gasped at the sight of all of his hard work smashed by the strange suit before him, the Zeo Zords and the Red Battlezord were of his own creation and it was quite a kick to the groin to see them destroyed.

"God, Billy. I can't believe it, all your work." Kat trailed off as she looked over the mighty robots who hadn't been destroyed in battle, but just by their connection to the now smashed Zeo Crystal.

"Well, nothing we can do about it, what's done is done," Billy said, pushing the pain back into the little place in his heart where he had always kept his pains and fears. When he was bullied as a kid, he just pushed it all back, when he lost the Ninjetti powers, he pushed it back and when he fell for Kat, he also pushed it back. What he didn't know was that he had almost pushed back his limit of pain, and he would pay dearly for it.

Seconds later, a small white flash indicated Alpha 6's arrival in the hangar bay. "Yo, quite a piece of work there." Alpha commented as he began to scan the suit for a power source.

"There is a humanoid inside the suit, can you get him out?" Billy asked the robot, which replied by pressing a few buttons on his small hand link. Seconds later, the suit began to collapse in on itself, forming into a small emerald green crystal.

The six teens turned away from the body of the young man who had perished, probably in the crash. Alpha noted their uneasiness and teleported the body into sickbay so they could examine him later and find out where the hell he came from.

Alpha picked up the crystal, which appeared to have taken some damage in the crash, and placed it in a sealed container. "I'm gonna take this to the Power Chamber, we can find out what it is with the equipment there." Alpha explained.

"Come on guys, let's check this thing out." Billy said to the others, who stood next to him and they all disappeared from the hangar in a spectrum of colored flashes.

Location: Power Chamber: Angel Grove, California
Time: 6:05PM

Appearing in the main chamber, Alpha placed the crystal in a tray, and slid the tray into one of the more exotic machines in the Power Chamber. "Billy, can you give me a hand? A lot of the consoles are still dead from the explosion."

"Sure, I guess we'll have a bit of work ahead of us." Billy sighed, looking at the numerous damaged consoles.

After a few minutes, Billy asked Alpha 6, "So, what do you think, can we fix this thing?"

"Not with what we have here, not enough power, the crystalline matrix is unstable. I think it may actually contain some sort of life form, but I'm not quite sure." Alpha said, then realized the only power source they possessed that would be able to rebuild the crystal.

"Yo, Tommy, do you still have the Green Dragon coin?" Alpha asked Tommy, who was very surprised at the question, he hadn't thought about the Green Ranger in months, pushing it back so the pain would go away.

"Um, yeah, why?" Tommy nervously replied. He had stashed the coins, knowing they might be needed again, but in the back of his mind, he hoped that he'd never see them again.

"I think I can stabilize the crystal using the morphin energies left in the coin." Alpha explained to a hesitant Tommy.

"Will that help us find out why it destroyed the Zeo Crystal?" Tommy asked, saddened by the loss of such a powerful device for the forces of good. Plus he really liked the Red Battlezord. 'I'll have to thank Billy for building it later' he thought.

"That's what I'm hoping for" Alpha replied, and Tommy vanished from the Power Chamber.

Location: Apartment of Thomas Oliver
Time: 6:15PM

A white flash of light marked Tommy's entrance into his apartment, and seconds later, he was digging through one of his drawers, and at the same time, his head was spinning with the events that were unfolding. He had been reunited with all of his friends, and they were needed to save the Rangers that had replaced them only a couple of months earlier.

Tommy paused when he pulled out a black box from the back of his dresser. Opening it, he found two golden coins bearing the mark of the Green Dragon. Seeing both coins also brought back memories of his clone, created by Rita to be a new Green Ranger, but just like he was brought back to the side of good, so was his clone.

Later, his clone had been sent back in time, with the Green Ranger power, and many years later, Tommy had discovered a gravestone of a Thomas Oliver, and he knew that it was the grave of his clone, since the headstone was engraved with the mark of the dragon. It was here that he found the second Green Dragon power coin. He wasn't sure if it still had the powers within the coin, but he had no previous intention of ever finding out.

"Well, lets see if his coin worked." Tommy said, holding the coin out and calling the power, "DragonZord!"

When nothing happened, Tommy realized that when the coin was sent back in time with his clone, the coin sat in the grave fully powered until the Green Candle drained his coin, but since they were exactly the same, it actually drained both coins.

Tommy replaced the coin, closed the lid of the black box, and shook his head with uncertainty before teleporting himself back to the Power Chamber. He had a strange feeling that the Green Ranger was about to be reborn.

Location: Power Chamber: Angel Grove, California
Time: 6:25PM

Tommy appeared before the other Rangers and Alpha, and he again opened the box, revealing the two coins. They all gasped at the sight of two identical power coins. "Tommy, why do you have two power coins?" Kat asked, confused.

"You wouldn't remember, but back when I was the first White Ranger, before the Ninja Powers, Rita used the Wizard of Deception to create a clone of me from when I was the evil Green Ranger." He paused, remembering when he had to face himself in battle, certainly an unforgettable experience.

"Anyway, we were sent back in time, and after breaking the spell on my clone, he stayed in the past with the powers. Last year, I stumbled upon his grave, and found this." Tommy explained, holding up one of the two Green Dragon coins.

The second he picked the coin from the box, it took on a green glow, and pieces of armor similar to the suit they had just discovered began to magically surround Tommy's body, but as soon as it started, it had finished, leaving a pack of confused Rangers.

"What the hell!" Tommy shouted in surprise, looking at his hands as armor appeared and disappeared around his body.

Alpha and Billy ran back to the working console and scanned the crystal for any strange power readings, and sure enough, a large spike of morphin energy had permeated the room.

"Holy crap, Tommy, the crystal temporarily re-connected you to the morphin grid through the Green Dragon coin!" Billy cried out in surprise.

"Is that why the armor surrounded me like that?" Tommy was very confused, but while it was happening, he felt a rush of power that reminded him of the old days.

Billy's face brightened as an idea ran through his head. "Guys, teleport back home and get your old morphers and coins!"

"Why, the power coins are powerless?" Adam asked, just as confused as everyone else in the room, except Billy, of course.

"If I'm right, they won't be for long." Billy finished before teleporting himself back to his apartment building.

Part Four

Location: Power Chamber: Angel Grove, California
Time: 7:00PM

The other five ex-rangers had all gone to retrieve their power coins and morphers that had allowed them to become the Power Rangers before they even knew of the Zeo Crystal's existence, and were returning from their respective homes.

After Billy had returned, he quickly returned to Alpha's side and aided in scanning the crystal and the green coins while talking in the techno-babble that Billy was once famous for.

Katherine approached the table where the other Rangers had deposited their old Power coins, and placed the old morpher and Pterodactyl coin that Kimberly had given her on the table. When Kim left her position as Pink Ranger to train for the Pan Global Games, she decided to give Kat the working Crane Power Coin, but also the old drained Pterodactyl coin because of the risk of it being found while she was in Florida.

Kat then decided to listen in on the conversation a little, since no one else knew what was going on. She frowned when most of it was unintelligible to the average person.

However, the amount of the conversation that Kat did understand insinuated that they could infuse the coins with the crystal's power, in essence recreating the powers that they once held. She walked over to the other teens that had re-appeared in the Power Chamber and began to talk to them.

"Guys, it sounds like we can use this crystal to fix the old coins!" she said excitedly as she reported some of the things that Alpha and Billy had gone over.

The rest of the ex-rangers approached Billy and Alpha, hoping to get some input and hopefully confirmation that they could become Rangers again in order to save their friends.

Billy's concentration was broken by a light cough from Adam. "Oh, hey guys, here's what's going on, in layman's terms. I can merge the power of the crystal with what's left of the Power Coins to re-energize them." Billy explained, trying to act professional, but was hardly able to hold in his excitement at the possibility of bearing the power again.

"Great! Do you need a test subject?" Tommy asked as he stepped forward.

"Yeah, actually I do, but are you sure about this? It could be dangerous." Billy warned.

"We'll probably need Ranger powers to save the others, and since neither of the two coins work by themselves, I would like to volunteer." Tommy explained.

Billy paused to consider his reply, then nodded, not seeing any other option at the moment. 'I hope I'm doing the right thing here' he thought.

"Well," Tommy said, sounding excited, "What are we waiting for, let's try it!"

"Ok, Tommy, hold one of the coins in each of your hands, and I'll take the crystal." Billy explained.

"Ok, let's try this out." Tommy said, following Billy's instructions, then standing before Billy, who now held the crystal, and was reading from an ancient tome. "In the name of the morphin master, Ninjor, I call upon the spirit of the mighty Green Dragon." As he spoke, the area around the two of them took on a green glow. Billy continued, having entered a trance like state. "Merge your forces with the crystal before you," he paused before shouting to no one in particular "Tekno Power!"

A magical green mist surrounded the crystal and the coins, then a beam of green light connected between each coin and the crystal. Bright green light surrounded Billy and Tommy, and the mighty roar of a dragon sounded throughout the Power Chamber, and soon after the roar dies down, the light show had ended as well.

Tommy looked up to Billy, who had just exited the trance that the incantation had put him in, and remarked. "That was one helluva trip!" Looking down at his hands, he found that only one coin remained, and upon closer examination, he saw that the coin was no longer golden.

Tommy held the new coin up to one of the lights in the chamber and noted that the coin was green and was marked with the insignia of the Green Dragon. Besides the color difference, the coin lacked a metallic sheen, appearing closer to a gemstone, allowing light to pass through the coin.

"Wow, the coin looks different, but it feels familiar." Tommy remarked, in awe of the renewed power he held in his hand. He could feel the raw energy rushing through his veins.

"Hey guys, lets test this thing out!" Tommy called to the rest of them. "We'll teleport somewhere secluded and I'll try to morph. Alpha, you might want to come along too."

Location: Unknown Location
Time: 7:30PM

The group teleported to a large field, at which point, Tommy walked to the center of the field, gave a thumbs up to the rest of the group, pulled his morpher out, inserted the new coin, and called out to the sky "It's Morphin Time, Tekno Power - DragonZord!"

They saw his eyes glow green, then his old Green Ranger suit formed around his body, but in addition, pieces of armor not unlike the ones on the downed pilot of the strange armor suit began to appear in certain locations around his body. The armor seemed to compliment their normal Ranger armor, allowing for full mobility.

Tommy felt the sudden energy rush as the morphing began, but as it continued, he felt something else, something very evil. He fought the sensation that began in his legs and slowly crept up the rest of his body, but he was unsuccessful and was no longer in control.

The rangers ran closer to get a better look at his new Tekno Ranger suit, "Wow! Tommy, the new armor looks great!" Adam commented as he approached his friend. Tommy rushed Adam without warning, ripping him off of the ground and holding him in the air by his neck.

"Tommy!" Kat called out, seeing him attack his friend. The Green Ranger looked up and laughed with an evil shriek that Billy had heard once before. "Oh shit!" Billy cried out, realizing what had happened, the evil Green Ranger was back.

"Alpha, teleport him to a stasis field in the Power Chamber!" Billy shouted frantically. He had created a monster.

In a flash of green light, the evil Green Ranger vanished, allowing Adam to fall to the ground, where he caught his breath and stood up. "Let's get back to the Power Chamber, now!" Billy called out as they all nodded in agreement, vanishing from the field.

They all approached the protected stasis tube, where the Green Ranger was demanding release. "Let me out of here! I will destroy you all!" He ranted. Billy approached the console next to the stasis tube and activated it, instantly putting the Green Ranger into suspended animation.

He turned from the tube, breathed a sigh of relief, and sank down to the floor. "Oh, god, I've brought him back." He mumbled as the rest of the rangers approached him.

"What do you mean?" Rocky asked, not having seen the first Green Ranger that existed before he joined the ranks.

"I forgot that the cloned Green coin was still under partial evil control. The crystal must contain some amount of evil, and that amplified it, bringing back the Evil Green Ranger. I was so excited to try it out, I didn't even think it through." Billy started to go into a self-pity rant.

Katherine walked over to Billy, helping him to his feet. "Don't blame yourself Billy, he was just as gung-ho about getting his powers back, it's not your fault." She hugged him, causing a blush to appear on his face and for a second, he forgot exactly what he had done.

"Thanks Kat, but we need to get Tommy back." Billy said but was still torn up over what he had done. "Dimitria, can you contact Zordon, tell him it's an emergency."

"Do you want to return to your homes while the message is sent? It will take time to contact Eltaire."

"Dimitria, I'd like to stay here and run some scans on Tommy, the Tekno Crystal, and the body of the wearer." Billy said after the rest of the Rangers had teleported home.

Dimitria nodded in agreement, but was worried that he'd put all the responsibility on himself like Tommy used to do when he was a Turbo Ranger.

Location: Power Chamber: Angel Grove, California
Time: 8:30PM

"Dimitria, I found out why the Tekno Coin turned Tommy back into the Evil Green Ranger. Apparently the crystal is an organic based device, carrying an evil parasite within it, and if used for a prolonged time, the parasite takes control. Apparently the evil from Rita's spell triggered an instant change when he morphed." Billy explained

"Good work Billy, can we use this to our advantage?" Dimitria asked.

"I hope so..." Billy replied, although he was unsure of what he could do about it.

Part Five

Location: Angel Grove Youth Center
Time: 2 days later, 4:10 PM

Billy walked into the Angel Grove Youth Center after an exhausting, yet rewarding day of research into the nature and origins of the mysterious Tekno Crystal and how it could have done what it did to Tommy.

He approached the table where his friends were seated, found a chair, and slumped into it, worn out and ready for a break.

Adam turned to the newly arrived Billy and asked, "Hey Billy, any good news?" hoping that he could break the control that have been put over their friend.

"No progress on breaking the coin's control yet, but I've learned volumes about the nature of the Tekno Crystal itself. Alpha 6 and I discovered a positive temporal variance in the subatomic structure of the crystalline matrix." Billy spouted off, forgetting the technical background of his friends. He looked to them and saw that they looked stumped. "Oh, sorry, the crystal is from the future." Billy simplified.

"I also found that the evil control was triggered by the residual evil in the Green Dragon coin. Your coins would fare much better than his, and there would be less of an effect, in fact, the Tekno Power Coin, as I've dubbed it, would work for about 30 minutes before turning the user evil." Billy said to his now captive audience. They were all anxious to break Tommy out of the state he was in.

"Any word from Zordon?" Katherine asked, knowing that Zordon would have some valuable insight into the situation since he knew far more about the Power Coins than Billy did, and he knew a lot.

"Oh yeah, He is onboard an Eltarian transport ship which should arrive soon since they have faster than light capability." Billy told Kat who couldn't wait to see their old mentor again.

"Is Alpha 5 coming too? I miss him." Kat added.

"I don't know, but Zordon said that he had some kind of surprise for us when he got here." Billy told them, having talked with him over a secure voice transmission earlier that afternoon.

"I can't wait to see him again." Rocky admitted, knowing Zordon would have the answers and guidance that they needed to stop Divatox and rescue the Turbo Rangers.

"I know," Billy replied.

Location: Hillard Residence
Time: 3:00 AM

Katherine couldn't get to sleep, her dreams were full of haunting and disturbing memories of Rita, her deception of the Rangers, Tommy and his return to being the evil Green Ranger. The most disturbing dream was of Billy stepping off the edge of a cliff, she tried to grab out for him, but he went over, and she tumbled over the edge as well.

She knew that Billy had taken the whole situation pretty badly and was severely overworked trying to find a solution to their problems. He was holding in all of his feelings of guilt and all of the pain was going to build up and eventually boil over if he didn't do something about it.

Location: Power Chamber Lab
Time: 3:10 AM

Kat manipulated the controls on her communicator, disappearing from her room, and re-materializing in the Power Chamber. She entered the lab with a distinct feeling that Billy would be in there, probably straining his brain about what to do about the crystal.

She entered the room, and saw Billy at a workbench, with his head down, asleep from pure exhaustion. Kat approached his sleeping form and looked at the expression on his face, it was strained and it appeared that he was in the midst of a dream. "No!" he suddenly cried out in his sleep, then began to mumble, "Kat, you can't be dead, no I won't let you go, I love you." Billy said in his sleep, very much to her surprise.

Kat stood near him in shock at what she had just heard, and then she felt blood rush into her face as she began to blush. "I probably wasn't supposed to hear that." She said to herself quietly, leaving the room, closing the door behind her. She leaned against the door; thinking about what had just happened, and a smile crept up her face. She again manipulated the controls on her communicator and disappeared.

Billy suddenly sat up with a start, brought from his nightmare by the sound of the door to the lab closing. He had been working on the crystal again, against the wishes of Dimitria, who had seen the exhaustion in the way he moved.

He had been having another dream about Kat, but this one scared him. She had been battling with Tommy, who was still the evil Green Tekno Ranger. The Green Ranger had been fighting with a large lance that seemed to be made from the same material as the armor, but Kat was unarmed, and unmorphed.

Kat had been placing great hits on him, and she seemed to be winning, except suddenly she lost her footing and landed on her back, allowing the Green Ranger to use it's lance to gut her, lifting her in the air, helpless.

The Green Ranger considered it a win, and disappeared, leaving Kat there, bleeding heavily. "No!" Billy shouted, running to her. He could do nothing as most of her internal organs were destroyed. She looked into his eyes with tears running down her cheeks, winced in pain, and she closed her eyes as everything went dark. "Kat, you can't be dead, no I won't let you go, I love you!" Billy cried as he held her limp body. Seconds later, he heard a slamming noise, and he felt his face on a cold drool covered surface.

Billy got up from the table, thanking the lord that it had only been a dream. Everything he had dreamed were his worst fears, that she would die before he could tell her that he loved her.

He ran his hands through his hair, deciding that whatever he was working on could wait. He needed sleep. Manipulating the controls on his communicator, he transported to his bedroom, dropped onto his bed and sleep came quickly.

Location: Angel Grove Youth Center
Time: 12:00 PM

Kat was seated at the table picking at the salad she had ordered, but wasn't really in the mood for eating. What she had learned the night before had affected her somehow, knowing that Billy cared for her like that. 'Oh, it must have been hell for him to watch me with Tommy.' She thought as she pushed the salad away from her.

Sure, she was Tommy's boyfriend, and she cared for Billy a great deal, she wasn't sure if it went any further than that. It was very confusing to her, and it would probably be uncomfortable to even talk to him.

As if to pour salt on already open wounds, Billy entered the Youth Center and approached the counter. He ordered a soda and turned to find a table, and their eyes met. Billy looked in a different direction for a second to compose himself before walking to her table and sitting down. Kat noticed that he looked considerably healthier than he did the day before, 'maybe he actually went home for some sleep' she thought.

"Hey Billy," Kat said, hiding the nervousness in her voice, still unsure how to act around him. "Hi Kat. Are you going to the Power Chamber today? Zordon should be arriving today." Billy asked Kat timidly.

"I wouldn't miss it!" Kat said with as much fake enthusiasm as she could muster up considering the circumstances.

"Yeah, I can't wait to see him." Billy admitted.

Location: Power Chamber
Time: 3:00 PM

The Rangers appeared in the chamber one by one to await the return of their mentor and friend Zordon. Dimitria had called them to inform them that the cruiser was in orbit and they would be teleporting him down soon.

Katherine was sat in the Power Chamber, looking at the old Ranger costumes in the tubes on the wall. It occurred to her that if Billy succeeds, she might be wearing it again. Her attention was diverted as the electrical crackle from teleporting sounded from the hallway that leads to the main chamber.

"Huh?" she said as she walked to the center of the chamber, to see a small red robot making his way into the chamber. "Alpha!" Kat cried out in happiness, running to the robot to give him a big hug. "Aye-aye-aye! Hello Kat!" the robot squeaked at the sudden greeting by the lovely Australian girl.

The commotion startled the rest of the Rangers, who all came out to greet Alpha. "Alpha 5!" Billy called out to the robot who he had repaired a number of times, and in return had saved the Rangers collective asses countless times.

"Billy! You're back from Aquitar!" Alpha said, not knowing he had hit a soft spot. Billy winced but shrugged it off knowing that his relationship with Cestria couldn't work due to incompatible biological makeup. Neither could remain on the other's planet for extended periods, and Billy figured that it was for the best since he didn't really love Cestria, he was just drawn to her intelligence.

"Yeah, it seems that prolonged time on Aquitar gives you wrinkles." Billy joked, getting a laugh from the jubilant robot.

After all of the greetings with the robot had completed, Adam asked "So Alpha, is Zordon coming in anytime soon?"

"He sure is," Alpha started "...and he's got a surprise. A big one!" the robot buzzed like he had a secret he was dying to spill the beans about.

Alpha 5 pressed a button on his wrist, and spoke into it. "OK Zordon, they're ready."

Seconds later, the electrical sound of an incoming teleport came from behind them. Turning to see whom it was, they all got the shock of a lifetime. Zordon was back, but he was stood there, in a body, not in a tube with a giant image of his head.

After they all stood gaping at their mentor for five seconds, Zordon spoke. "Ha, ha, hello Rangers."

"Zordon?" Adam asked, in disbelief. "Is it really you?"

"Yes Adam, it is me. While on Eltar, Alpha discovered a way to break me free from the time warp that I had been stuck in for a millennia." Zordon explained, sending shock through his Rangers.

"Zordon!" Kat squealed, running to him and giving him a bear hug, which he kindly returned.

"Katherine, it is good to see you again." He said, looking very happy to see them.

Once they broke from the hug, Billy approached Zordon, since he had known Zordon the longest of all of them; this greeting was extra special.

"William, you I am most happy to see. How have you been?" Zordon asked as they shook hands. Only a second later, Billy proceeded to hug him as well.

They all looked at Zordon in amazement. He was very tall, well built, and despite the bald image that they had all seen for years, had a full head of dark brown hair.

"Wow Zordon, you look... great!" Tanya said as she greeted the man that had saved them so many times.

After they had all finished with greetings, Zordon noticed that Tommy was nowhere to be found. "Where is Thomas and the Turbo Rangers?"

"That's why we called you Zordon, it is indeed an emergency." Billy started, since he was responsible, he figured that he should explain the situation.

"It all started four days ago when a strange object crashed in the Nevada Desert. Dimitria sent the Turbo Rangers to investigate, but the object had the unforeseen effect of shattering the Zeo Crystal, which destroyed the Turbo Powers, and allowed the Turbos to be captured by Divatox. Dimitria called us to find out what happened and what object could possibly shatter the Zeo Crystal." Billy paused to catch his breath and collect his thoughts before continuing. Zordon had a displeased and shocked look on his face.

"We found a strange suit of armor, which we transported to the Zord hangar bay where we found that it was a partially organic suit that could be summoned over the wearer's body like Ranger armor by using a strange crystal." Zordon's interest perked as he heard this. "The crystal was cracked, and we didn't have the equipment to repair the armor, so I sent Tommy home to get his green power coin, which had an astounding reaction with the crystal, reattaching Tommy to the morphin grid. Then in an oversight on my part, We used the crystal to re-create the Green Dragon coin, but I had forgotten that the cloned coin was evil. I've re-created the evil Green Ranger." Billy said, then hanging his head in shame.

"What!" Zordon said, astonished at what had occurred. "The green coin has been re-activated!"

"Yes Zordon, it actually re-made the coin into a crystalline coin that shared the properties of both the crystal and the Green Dragon coin. Unfortunately the coin was tainted by the evil nature of the second coin, and by the strange nature of the crystal. It twisted Tommy into the evil Green Ranger, but more powerful than ever. Fortunately we managed to put him in a stasis field. We need your advice to get Tommy back so we can find the Turbo Rangers" Billy finished, sounding defeated.

Zordon stood silent, absorbing what he had heard before he spoke again. "I must admit that your actions border on foolish, but that is not important anymore, we must find a way to get Tommy back. Take me to the stasis field where he is being held."

Billy led Zordon and Alpha 5 who had heard of the situation from Alpha 6 to the stasis field holding Tommy. Zordon looked at the Ranger Armor surrounding Tommy with interest and worry at the same time.

"Incredible!" Alpha said, as he looked the Green Ranger armor over. "This armor suit is thirty times stronger than your previous Ranger suits."

Alpha 5 walked to Billy and asked "Billy, do you have this Crystalline entity that created the coin?"

"Yes Alpha," Billy said as he removed the Tekno Crystal from the storage bin where he had placed it while he worked on helping Tommy.

Alpha 5 looked over the crystal with a scanner that he had brought along, and after about a minute, cried out, "Aye-aye-aye! Zordon, this crystal is incredibly powerful, in some ways more powerful than even the Power Coins, but contains an evil parasitic soul. The crystal is bio-organic as well as crystalline in nature."

Zordon walked over to Alpha, who was deep in thought regarding how to solve this dilemma. "Alpha, since the crystal is bio-organic, the Spring of Hope on Phaedos may be able to cleanse the spirit of the crystal and save Tommy."

The robot brightened up, "Yes! That's it! Zordon, you're a genius." The robot declared, and began to rush around doing numerous things at once, but then requesting Alpha 6's help.

"Zordon," Billy spoke up, "If this spring on Phaedos will save Tommy, I would like to retrieve the waters, since I am responsible."

Zordon thought about Billy's offer, then replied. "Billy, you should not go alone. You will need the rest of your team to survive the creatures that dwell in the forests of Phaedos. This time will be far more difficult since you no longer possess the power of Ninjetti."

"That may be true Zordon, but I have determined that the rest of the power coins, if merged with the crystal, would allow normal operations for thirty minutes before the parasite would take control of whoever uses them." Billy told his mentor.

"That may be true, but the risk is too great. The five of you must travel to Phaedos to purify the crystal." Zordon replied, knowing that the crystal was too dangerous in its natural state.

The five of them stood together, and Alpha 6 activated the teleporters, sending them to Phaedos. "May the power protect you all." Zordon whispered.

Part Six

Location: Planet Phaedos
Time: 5:00 PM Earth Time

The five ex-rangers re-materialized in a small clearing, in fact, it was the same site where they had appeared on their first trip to Phaedos. They all knew that finding the spring would be impossible without the help of an old friend.

The five teens headed back down the path they had taken on their way to the Temple of Ninjetti. Katherine and Tanya, however, didn't remember any of Phaedos since they never underwent the Ninjetti quest.

"Wow, this place is amazing!" Kat stated as they passed a large overlook of a great chasm.

"Yeah, the views are pretty amazing." Billy replied, not at all looking at the view. Katherine didn't notice, but Rocky silently picked up on it and decided to talk to Billy about it later.

About two hours later, the Rangers arrived at the entrance to the Temple, and the two girls whistled, impressed at the ancient temple that stood before them. Adam stepped forward and approached the temple. The creepy silence that seemed to surround the area was broken by the sound of an owl's approach, which three of five of them knew was the temple guardian, Dulcea.

The owl's form dissolved rapidly dissolved into the form of a young female warrior, dressed in green clothing that left very little to the imagination.

"Young Ninjetti, you have returned!" Dulcea exclaimed, seeing that three of her five trainees had returned.

"Yes, it is good to see you again Dulcea, but we come seeking a guide to the Spring of Hope. Tommy has been taken over by his old Green Dragon powers because I made a mistake. We need to bring him the waters to cleanse his power coin as well as this crystal, which reactivated the power in the first place." Billy explained.

"You no longer possess the power of Ninjetti?" Dulcea asked, resulting in a quick reply by Billy.

"Master Vile used a powerful spell to revert time back seven years, removing the powers from us. We then used the Zeo Crystal for a time, then after I left for Aquitar; the Rangers created the powers of Turbo. Only recently the Zeo Crystal was shattered by this." Billy said, removing the crystal from the pouch he carried.

She winced from the evil that emanated from the dark crystal. "Yes Rangers, this crystal contains an evil that I am not familiar with, but the Spring of Hope should allow you cleanse it and re-create your powers for the side of goodness. I will send a guide with you, as I cannot leave the temple unguarded for very long.

At Dulcea's will, an owl appeared on her shoulder, and immediately took to the air. "He will take you to the spring, but beware of the dangers that lie between the Temple and the spring. You no longer possess the Ninja Ranger powers, so you are fully susceptible to the dangers. I have faith however."

The owl flew away from the temple, prompting a quick goodbye. "May the power protect you." Dulcea whispered as she reverted to her owl form and vanished from sight.

The Rangers quickly made chase, attempting to keep pace with the owl, which seemed to be in an awful big hurry. They made their way through a deep forest, and quickly lost sight of the owl.

"Where did it go?" Kat asked as they all looked around, and the area became very quiet.

Without warning, arms plunged from the ground and grabbed for the Rangers legs. They all managed to work free, but were surrounded by about twenty skeleton creatures similar to the ones from their first quest.

"There's too many of them!" Billy shouted as they were all backed into a circle.

Billy considered all of the rational possibilities, but none came to mind. Remembering that the Dino-coins were no longer connected to the morphin grid and would draw from his life force, he pulled out his old morpher, prayed to the gods, and let out a cry that surprised the rest of his teammates. "Triceratops!"

A blue flash surrounded Billy, and his old Ranger armor appeared. He immediately went to work defending his friends. They all looked on in shock, realizing the risks he was enduring to help them out.

"Billy! The power will kill you!" Kat shouted as she looked on in horror as he plowed through the creatures. Billy didn't even hear her and continued to fight off the creatures.

The others could see him weakening though, as his armor would become transparent for brief moments. As Billy went for one of the creatures, he weakened suddenly and the thing got in a good shot, knocking him flying.

Billy landed in a heap and de-morphed, unconscious and bleeding. The creatures began to approach the prone Blue Ranger.

"Dammit Billy!" Kat cried out, reaching for the morpher on her back, only to be stopped by Rocky.

"Kat, he's been a ranger for years, if you do it, you might die." Rocky shouted to Kat, who was far from interested in listening. The creatures drew closer to Billy, and Kat made her decision. "Sorry Rocky... Pterodactyl!"

The Pink Ranger appeared, and ran after her fallen comrade, performing a spinning jump kick that took one of the creatures down. She grabbed Billy, and ran back to the group before de-morphing on her own.

"Come on guys! Let's take down the rest of these things!" Kat shouted, despite looking a little drained.

The four conscious Rangers went to work on the last of the creatures, leaving a large pile of bones scattered along the battlefield.

Rocky approached Katherine and scolded "Kat, that was really stupid, you could have been killed!"

"Well, I wasn't killed, so let's help Billy, okay?" She replied, not really concerned with the real risk she took, and another minute or two in the armor would have killed her

They all got to work cleaning Billy's wounds and trying to get him back to the conscious world. "Billy, come on, wake up man!" Adam called as they shook him.

"He's out cold." Tanya replied as they watched Adam shake the young man.

"Give him some room, I have an idea that just might work." Kat said as she approached Billy's unconscious body. She kneeled down next to him, leaned over and planted her lips against his, to the immediate shock of the others.

A matter of seconds later, Billy reacted, slowly coming out of his unconscious state. Kat moved away quickly, not wanting him to see just what resuscitated him. She gave the others a 'tell him and die' look that said it all.

Billy opened his eyes, looking very tired, but strangely enough, he had a small grin on his face. He started to sit up, and Tanya moved in to help him up. "Billy, that was really, really dumb!"

"Yeah, but those things would have ripped us apart if I didn't even up the numbers a little." Billy replied to Tanya and the group in general.

They accepted what he said, reluctantly, but at Kat's non-verbal request, they didn't tell him what occurred while he was unconscious.

Once Billy had stood up, he placed his hand to his lips as if something had touched them. He had dreamed of Kat kissing him in a short but pleasant dream. What he didn't know was that he hadn't dreamed it.

They all moved through the forest until they located a clearing. Tanya again spotted the Owl that was to lead them to the spring. After Billy had rested up, they again followed the bird that flew at a rate just a little too fast for them in their battle-weakened states, but they persisted and the owl soon stopped. The bird perched on a low tree branch on the edge of a small puddle of water, that ran off to a stream, flowing away from its source.

"This must be the spring." Rocky spoke as they approached the water hole. Billy pulled out the flask that hung from his belt, approached the Spring of Hope and filled the flask with the water. As Billy filled it, he got some of the water on his hands, and immediately was cleansed with feelings of serenity and calmness.

Once the flask was filled, he hung it back on his belt and pulled out the Tekno Crystal. As he held the crystal close to the water, a fog began to develop over the spring. He decided then to plunge the crystal into the water. Seconds later, Billy cried out in pain as the water became superheated as the goodness in the spring fought the evil parasite within the crystal.

Pulling his hand out to watch what happens, he noticed that the bubbling water had calmed and the temperature had returned to normal, and he retrieved the crystal.

"Did it work?" Kat sat down next to Billy, hoping that the strange waters in the spring would help their friend.

"I think so, here, place your hands in the water, it feels incredible." Billy suggested to Kat.

She did as Billy suggested, and felt feelings of warmth and goodness surge through her body. Katherine also felt something else, something that surprised her a little.

"Oh my god," she said quietly before jumping to her feet, startling Billy a little.

"Something wrong?" Tanya asked her shocked friend.

"No, something's great! Ever since I was put under Rita's spell, I had a light mental link to her, nothing strong, but I kinda felt strange whenever she was plotting against us. It is totally gone!" Kat squeaked in delight not mentioning another revelation that she had made during her cleansing.

"Here, everyone, place your hands in the waters, it feels incredible!" Kat suggested to her friends.

They all did so, all feeling great after doing so. With a renewed sense of hope, they returned to the point that they arrived at, and contacted Zordon.

"Mission Successful, Zordon." Billy reported, "we're ready to return to Earth."

"Yes Billy," Zordon replied, turning to the Alpha units. "Bring them home" he directed to the Alpha units who were joyful at the success of the Rangers mission.

Location: Power Chamber
Time: 7:35 PM Earth Time

Seconds later, the Rangers were stood before Zordon and Dimitria, who awaited the waters so they could be put into the stasis chamber to bring Tommy back to normal.

Billy handed Zordon the flask, and watched as his mentor poured the water into an opening in the environmental control panel for adding ionized liquids to the air within the stasis field.

A minute later, they noticed that the stasis field holding Tommy had began to glow red as the waters fought off the evil within his Tekno Coin and the residual evil left in him from his past actions as the Green Ranger.

"Zordon, will this work on Tommy? It seemed to work on the crystal." Billy asked as he handed the Tekno Crystal to Alpha 5 who began to scan the crystal for the parasites influence.

"Aye-aye-aye! You did it Billy, the crystal's parasite is no longer in control of the crystal!" Alpha 5 cried out after reading the results.

"...And what about Tommy?" Kat asked as they watched the stasis field return to it's normal white translucent state.

"Only one way to find out." Alpha said as he lifted the stasis field, reviving Tommy, who fell to the ground in a groan and was met by his friends, helping him to a chair that Billy grabbed from a corner of the chamber.

"Where... wha?" Tommy mumbled as he opened his eyes.

"Easy man, you've been out for a while." Billy said to Tommy who was still out of it. "I'm in the Power Chamber, what happened?" Tommy asked as he looked around.

"You need to rest, and I want Alpha Five and Six to monitor you for a while." Billy said, helping him up so they can get him into the infirmary.

"The new coin, did it work?" Tommy managed to get out, not remembering his return to his old ways as the evil Green Ranger.

"Oh yeah, but we can talk about that later." Billy said, helping Tommy onto an exam table in the infirmary. Tommy nodded off almost immediately after he got comfortable on the table.

Billy walked out to the main chamber, where his friends awaited an answer as to his condition. "Good news, he's fine, just a little worn out, and best of all he won't remember the incident."

The teens all brightened up knowing Tommy would be fine. "I hate lying to him, but it might be best since he was overpowered with guilt the last time he was under evil control. It may be best to just tell him that he passed out after morphing. We then went to Phaedos to purify the crystal's power in the spring. We'll basically just leave out the whole evil Green Ranger thing."

Zordon looked on and spoke "I agree Billy, his conscience tends to get the better of him. He will be better off not knowing what he could have done while under the coin's control."

"Well, I for one, am beat. I vote we go home until Zordon, Dimitria, and the Alphas can stabilize Tommy and prepare to create the new coins." Billy suggested as exhaustion and a light pain in his ribs stressed the need for some rest.

"I couldn't agree with you more!" Tanya agreed, and the teens vanished from the Power Chamber into their respective homes.

Part Seven

Location: Angel Grove Youth Center
Time: 12:10 PM

The next day, Billy sat down at the table where Rocky was seated, eating a large lunch, like usual. Where Rocky put the food was beyond Billy's comprehension, but he shrugged it off and looked up at Rocky.

"So Billy, feeling better?" Rocky mumbled with a mouthful of food.

"Yeah, just needed some rest I guess. The 'Ranger Healing' took care of the broken rib." Billy replied, but Rocky had a thoughtful look on his face, and had put down his burger.

"So man, you gonna ask her out or what?" Rocky blurted out, not able to hold it back any longer.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Billy replied, knowing exactly whom he was talking about, but he didn't feel like confessing to his more than friendly feelings for Kat.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about, you are totally jonesing for the lovely Katherine." Rocky said with a stupid grin.

"Rocky, we're just friends, and she's Tommy's boyfriend anyway." Billy said, not convincing Rocky though.

"Bullshit, I saw you checking her out on Phaedos." Rocky shocked Billy with his use of profanity. Billy didn't know how to respond, after all, he was checking her out.

"Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?" Billy tried to change the topic as quickly as possible but Rocky saw right through it.

"Don't change the subject. You can't just go around wondering Bill, find out if she feels the same." Rocky said.

"Okay, you've got me, but I don't know..." Billy started, only to be interrupted again.

"Just do it man." Rocky replied, trying to prevent Billy from getting all self- conscious. It wasn't hard to get him like that when it came down to the opposite sex.

"What if she doesn't feel the same? I don't want to ruin a perfectly good friendship because I would like to be more than friends." Billy worried, sometimes more than was probably necessary, but this time he felt that it was a good enough reason to worry.

"Okay, lets say you ask her out, and she's with Tommy or something, no harm no foul, I refuse to believe that Kat would think less of you for revealing that you liked her." Rocky replied, doing his best to lift his spirits.

"Jeez, okay, I'll tell her." Billy admitted defeat, not wanting to listen to Rocky lecture anymore.

"Good, on other subjects, you itching to get back in the blue?" Rocky asked Billy, who hadn't thought about the fact that his dream had come true, he could be a ranger again.

"Wow, I hadn't thought about it with all that's going on. Do you still want the Blue powers? I'd understand." Billy replied.

"No Billy, the Triceratops was always yours. I'll go back to the good old Tyrannosaurus. But that brings up another thing, we don't have any Zords." Rocky eased Billy's concern, then brought up a very important point.

"Good question. None of the Zords are operational, the Zeo and Turbo Zords vaporized with the Zeo Crystal." Billy said as he began to think of possible Zords to use if they needed them, or which ones could be re-built.

"Maybe these powers will bring back your old Dinozords." Rocky suggested, taking a bite from his burger.

"No, Alpha transformed completely changed them into the Thunderzords, which were destroyed by Rito. We'll have to..." Billy stopped, then remembering an old friend. "The DragonZord is still in the Pacific! Tommy should be able to use him again!" Billy was renewed with hope that they could defend the city.

"Another thing, Divatox hasn't even so much as threatened us, what's up with that?" Rocky added, then remembering why they used the crystal in the first place.

"I don't know..." Billy replied honestly.

Location: Main Bridge, Divatox's Subcraft
Time: 1:00 PM

"Auntie D, we have a little problem." Elgar reported to Divatox carefully, she could easily get upset and usually the consequences were pretty ugly.

"What now! I'm trying to find out what the hell happened down there." She replied harshly, turning away from the periscope to address her bumbling nephew. Although she didn't understand how they could possibly be related, he was dumb as a post.

"The Red Turbo Ranger has escaped. He somehow managed to get out an escape hatch." Elgar reported with his head hung in shame.

"What! Go get him then! If he gets away, I will have your head!" She shouted as Elgar left with haste.

Location: Pacific Ocean
Time: 1:05 PM

T.J. was swimming as far and fast as he could, having just escaped the Subcraft. He had to get help for his friends but soon heard the distinct sound of Piranhatrons as he swam. 'Dammit! I can't let her get me again!' ran through his mind as he increased the strength of each stroke, but to no avail as the nasty fish creatures quickly closed in.

Just when he was sure that they had him, T.J. felt a dizzying sensation and the wind was knocked from his lungs as he fell onto a cold metal surface.

Location: Power Chamber
Time: 1:07 PM

"T.J. we got you!" Alpha 6 called out to the former Red Ranger as he assessed the situation, but still exhausted, he continued to lie there for a second before pulling himself up.

"Did you get any of the others?" he choked out, still coughing up the water that had entered his lungs during his escape.

"Take it easy young man," Zordon steadied him as the young man looked up to the person helping him. Although the body was unfamiliar, he got a look at his face and was suddenly very confused.

"Zordon?" T.J questioned, totally unsure of what the hell was going on, but the familiar voice was enough to relax his nerves.

"Yes, but relax now, you are safe, all will be explained in due time." Zordon explained while helping him over to a chair, trying to calm the boy down.

"Alpha, can you contact the other Rangers, and have them teleport here immediately?" Dimitria asked Alpha 6 while Alpha 5 helped T.J. into the infirmary.

Approximately one minute had passed, and the five ex-rangers arrived in an impressive flash of white light. "What's going on, Zordon? Dimitria?" Billy asked as he stepped forward.

"Billy, T.J. managed to escape from Divatox's clutches long enough for us to recover him, he's in the infirmary with Alpha 5." Zordon answered.

"Great!" Tommy exclaimed, glad to hear that the bearer of his old Turbo power was safe "What about the others?" He asked.

"I'm afraid I don't know, but one thing is certain, Divatox will not stand for this and may harm the other Turbo Rangers. That is why you have been called back. Now is the time to create the remaining Tekno Coins. It appears that the Spring of Hope has repaired the damage to the crystal and forced out the remaining evil. You will morph into a form similar to Tommy's re-empowered Green Ranger." Zordon explained while they all awaited instructions.

"Zordon, what about Zords? The DragonZord should be back in action with the Green Coin's recharging, but the Dino and Thunder Zords were destroyed." Billy thought back to his conversation with Rocky.

"That is uncertain. You will have to use the DragonZord exclusively until I come up with something else." Zordon replied, hating the answer, but having no other explanation.

"Okay then, what are we waiting for, let's create these coins and help the Turbo Rangers!" Adam exclaimed.

The Rangers lined up and each underwent a ritual similar to the one Tommy underwent.

"In the name of the morphin master, Ninjor, I call upon the spirit of the mighty Mastodon. Merge your forces with the crystal before you.Tekno Power!" Zordon spoke, repairing Adam's old power coin.

He followed suit with the other Rangers, and finally came to Billy. "Son, it is with great honor that I am the one who will restore your position as the Blue Ranger. You fought with valor and courage, and your insight was invaluable during the Zeo era. In the name of the morphin master, Ninjor, I call upon the spirit of the mighty Triceratops. Merge your forces with the crystal before you.Tekno Power!" Zordon spoke, causing Billy and Zordon to glow a radiant blue color, and the roar of the Triceratops echoed through the Power Chamber.

Billy looked down into his hands and in his hands, the crystalline coin emanated a familiar power that lifted his spirits again. He was a Ranger again.

Without much time to revel in the new powers, the warning sirens sounded as a monster appeared in the warehouse district. "Yo! Divatox has sent up a monster! She must be pissed that Teej got loose!" Alpha 6 hollered as he read the console, not seeing the shocked looks from the other Rangers and Zordon.

Zordon turned to Dimitria and gave her a questioning look about Alpha Six's use of vulgarity. She simply shrugged her shoulders.

"I guess we get to field test these powers. Let's do it guys!" Tommy called out, pausing while he checked that the others were ready.

"It's Morphin Time!" Tommy called as the team inserted the coins in their morphers, held them out, and recited their morphing calls.

"Tekno Power, Mastodon!" Adam called with an excited smile, remembering the day Zack passed the coin onto him.

"Tekno Power, Pterodactyl!" Katherine called out while catching a longing glance from Billy before the armor began to surround her body.

"Tekno Power, Triceratops!" Billy followed Kat's call as the woman he adored took on the guise of Pink Ranger.

"Tekno Power, Saber Tooth Tiger!" Tanya called out excitedly, she had never possessed the Saber Tooth Tiger powers before, and Aisha had, so this would be new and exciting.

"Tekno Power, Tyrannosaurus!" Rocky called out, just glad to be back in action.

Tommy paused, trying hard to remember something about his first morph as the Green Tekno Ranger, but then shrugged it off, and called out "Tekno Power, Green Dragon!"

Seconds later, after the blinding flash and the strange formation of their new armored suits, they stood before their mentors, who were impressed to say the least.

"Good job Rangers, may this new Tekno Power protect you." Zordon said as his charges returned to the front lines once again.

Part Eight

Location: Angel Grove Warehouse District
Time: 3:30 PM

A brilliant flash of light marked the arrival of the newly empowered Tekno Rangers, who quickly noticed the mayhem that the creature was causing, attacking the warehouse workers and forklift operators as well as trashing much of the equipment.

The sudden flash was enough of a distraction to catch the attention of the creature, which called in about twenty Piranhatrons and they made a charge for the Rangers.

"Return the Red Turbo Ranger to Divatox or the rest of the human scum will pay the price!" The monster screamed as it closed in on them.

"No way, you won't get the chance to tell that witch!" Tommy shouted, then addressed his team, "ready guys?"

The Tekno Rangers entered their first combat situation not knowing what to expect, but with a grouping of at least four Piranhatrons per person, they would quickly find out how well the new powers worked.

Billy was faced with five of the fish beasts for his first fight back as a Ranger, reminding him just how much he really hated fish. It was a true wonder that he lasted as long as he did on Aquitar where fish were in high population. He began to attack the beasts in a variety of fluid motions that defied the bulky appearance of the new armor. Billy jump-kicked two of the beasts and sent them flying, both were defeated in just one blow, quite impressed at his new found strength, he went to work on the remaining creatures.

Each of the Rangers were experiencing similar degrees of success, the Piranhatrons were totally overwhelmed by the new Rangers, and the creature knew it, so as soon as the Piranhatrons were dispatched, the beast began to laugh as it started to grow to immense proportions.

The Rangers staggered backwards, seeing that their target was now out of reach and that they were outgunned without Zords.

"Tommy! Use the DragonZord!" Billy called out to Tommy, who instinctively whipped out the Dragon Dagger from the same pocket universe that held his morpher and began to play the eerie calling tune that only Tommy and Billy could remember from the old days.

Seconds later, the water of the harbor began to part as Tommy's old Zord surfaced, shrieking a battle cry that sent a shiver through all of their spines, it had been out of commission for a while and was ready to get back into action.

Tommy vanished in a green streak, teleporting to the cockpit of the DragonZord and quickly realized that the others would be easy prey for the creature. "Guys, teleport into the cockpit, you'll be safer in here."

They all followed orders and appeared behind Tommy's control console. "Welcome aboard, and hold on!" He called to his friends as he took the ancient battle machine on a course for the creature.

The DragonZord faced down the creature, awaiting the inevitable first strike, and it came seconds later, only to be easily evaded by Tommy's familiarity with the controls of the mighty Zord.

Tommy swung the DragonZord's tail into the legs of the giant beast, knocking it to the ground, but not for long as long as he would have liked as the creature recoiled fast and struck the Zord, knocking it's passengers around a little.

Tommy rebounded with a large and fast volley of missiles to the creature's back, visibly damaging it. The creature turned to face the Zord, angered by the strike, and launched energy bolts from its hands, knocking the DragonZord to the ground. The Rangers held on tight as the huge machine fell but as soon as it hit, they were thrown about the cockpit.

Navigating the DragonZord back to its feet, Tommy summoned the Dragon Lance and began to ward off the attacks with it. "Let's finish this!" he called out, swinging the lance in a large arch, slicing the creature through the middle, easily destroying it.

The Tekno Rangers let out their first victory cry before returning to the ground from the cockpit, allowing Tommy to send the Zord back to the harbor. "Welcome back, old friend." Tommy said quietly as he watched the Zord disappear into the Pacific where no one could locate it.

"Let's get back to the Power Chamber!" Tommy said to his team, and they disappeared from the area in a spectrum of multi colored flashes.

Location: Power Chamber
Time: 4:10 PM

Arriving in the Power Chamber, they saw Dimitria and Zordon carrying out a conversation about how they could possibly power new Zords with the new Tekno Coins. Upon hearing the entry of the Rangers, he turned to face them, "Welcome back Rangers, your new powers have served you well I see."

"Yeah, they were quite a kick in the butt," Tommy stepped forward, "but that thing said that if T.J. isn't returned, they will harm the others."

The moment T.J. heard this news he went ballistic, "I have to go back, they'll hurt the guys!"

Anticipating the former Red Turbo Ranger's next move, Alpha 6 made sure to disable the teleporters to prevent him from doing anything stupid.

T.J. pressed the button on his communicator to teleport himself to the surface so he could surrender to protect his team but found it to have no effect.

"Alpha!" he shouted frantically. "Send me back, I have to go back!"

"Sorry Teej, no can do, you're not thinking straight." Alpha replied, only to be shoved away from the console by T.J. who went straight for the controls.

"T.J, the controls are locked out." Tommy approached the former bearer of his Turbo power, putting a hand on his shoulder.

He quickly shrugged Tommy off and turned away from them all. "I have to save my team! This is my fault! We never should have gone near that damn thing!"

Tommy approached again but with a stern reply, "This was NOT your fault. It would have happened regardless. Don't blame yourself for what can't be changed. I had to learn to do that after I had broken Rita's control.I had to." He said, but trailed off in a memory, one that disturbed him greatly. 'This can wait' he thought, putting his mind back to his frantic ranger teammate.

After Tommy had calmed T.J down, he addressed the others. "We have to get to the Subcraft and release the others, but Divatox is sure to have them well guarded. We also need to work quickly or they may keep their word."

"I'll attempt to decode the shield frequency of Divatox's craft, that way we can get in and out without a problem." Billy said, approaching one of the many consoles of the chamber and began to work.

"Can't we just teleport them out?" Kat asked, not sure why they'd have to go in themselves. "Do you know where you were being held T.J?"

T.J. shook his head, and Tommy began to speak again, "We can't just pull them out since they don't have their communicators, and the Turbo Morphers are destroyed." He paused, then continued, "We're also probably going to have to do this unmorphed if we don't want to attract attention, the power we put out would trigger every sensor she's got down there." Tommy mentioned as he considered Jason and Kim's description of the areas that they saw while being held captive.

"Would a direct rescue like this put the other Rangers at risk, Tommy?" Dimitria asked about the rather bold plan that Tommy and Billy were suggesting.

"That's exactly why we are going to do our best not to be noticed." He replied to Dimitria with a grin.

"How are you planning on doing that?" She questioned, a little confused how teenagers could keep quiet; it's just not in their nature.

"We may not possess the Ninjetti anymore, but I learned quite a bit about stealth, as did the others while we were Ninja Rangers. I can still feel my animal spirit, I just can't use him to morph anymore." Tommy explained, turning to the fellow Rangers that had been Ninjetti.

T.J. then stepped forward. "No way you're doing this without me, man."

"Sorry T.J., if we got in a scuffle, we can morph. Until we can figure out if we can get you some new powers, you could get hurt." Tommy told him, which hit a little below the belt. They had only had the power a short time, and it was already lost to him.

Tommy saw the crestfallen look on his face, knowing damn well what it's like to lose the power. He had done it seven times in his Ranger career. "Look, I'm sorry man, but we need to get them out quickly. I know what it's like to lose the power, but we need to get your friends out of there soon."

T.J. nodded in agreement, knowing that he would lose in an argument with Tommy and approached Billy; "Need a hand?"

Billy, who was running between consoles, replied "Sure, can you watch the scanning frequencies, let me know if there's a spike, then I can pinpoint the modulation of their shield generator."

T.J. obliged, happy to do whatever he could to help his friends. As he worked, he gave them all a general idea of where the others were being held. Although, they could have been moved to prevent such an occurrence, he hoped that Divatox had remained as dense as normal.

The Tekno Rangers prepared for their mission, arming themselves with new Blade Blasters and decked themselves out in dark outfits that seemed strikingly familiar to their old Ninjetti suits, but were totally black, minus a dark ring of their respective colors around their collars.

Minutes later, they all turned when T.J. suddenly called out. "I got it!" prompting Billy to quickly lock the frequency.

"Guys, we've got the current frequency of their shields, so we can teleport in. I have setup dampening fields so they can't detect the teleport. The problem is that they can modulate the shield frequency, which would leave us stuck down there." Billy explained as he worked a couple of the controls.

"Well then, let's not get caught." Kat suggested with a grin, ready to go get their friends back.

Billy quickly got ready as well, with Alpha 5 manned the teleportation controls. "Are you ready?" The little robot asked. "Let's do it!" Tommy called out seconds before vanishing from the room.

"Good luck guys." T.J. whispered, as the multi colored flash of lights died down, leaving him in the chamber with the two robots and their two mentors.

Location: Divatox's Subcraft
Time: 5:10 PM

The six Rangers appeared in a dark corridor, visibly out of the way of heavy traffic. Tommy waved Billy ahead to check the main hall while he searched behind them.

Billy quietly approached the main corridor, and looked down the hallway. Upon finding it deserted, he waved to the others allowing them to follow him into the hall.

Following T.J's instructions, they arrived close to the main holding bay, but found that five Piranhatrons were stationed outside to guard it, enough of them to make it difficult to dispatch the creatures without making enough noise to alert everyone on board.

Tommy suddenly had an inspiration, and waved for everyone to get down. He then backtracked, found a metal object, and flung it down an adjoining hall, getting out of sight before he was spotted.

As Tommy had expected, the rather stupid fish creatures abandoned their post to check on the strange noise, leaving them with a rather large opportunity.

Quickly moving to the door, they found that it was locked, "Damn," Tommy grumbled, but watched as Billy changed a setting on his Blade Blaster, then proceeded to use it as a cutting tool.

"Quickly Billy" Tommy whispered, hearing noises from where he had thrown the object. Billy finished cutting through the lock, allowing the door to swing open. "Hmm, no alarm." He thought, heading into the cell, to find the other four Turbo Rangers sat together, awaiting either salvation or oblivion.

Carlos looked up to those entering the cell, and his face lit up to see six people in black suits. On further inspection, he noticed each and every colored band on the suits, meaning that their rescue was going to be a reality.

"Let's get out of here, quick!" Tommy suggested as the others helped the Turbo Rangers to their feet. His words were responded to by another far more sinister voice, turning to see that a number of Divatox's Monsters and the five Piranhatrons had piled into the room.

"Get them out of here!" Tommy called back to the others, who activated their teleporters, disappearing from the sub.

"Damn!" the creature groaned as nine flashes of light erupted in the room, meaning that all but one had escaped. He called into a communicator on the wall. "Adjust the shield harmonics, don't let this one escape!"

Tommy went for his wrist to teleport out, but found that it did nothing. "Oh well, let's get busy. Tekno Power, Green Dragon!"

Seconds after his transformation, he was surrounded by the five annoyed fish beasts. Tommy ripped through them like butter, but was then assailed by the monsters, he managed to hold his own for a while, but the sheer numbers eventually overcame him, and he was forced to the ground by the creatures.

Location: Power Chamber
Time: 5:30 PM

A large flash of light appeared in the chamber, signifying the return of the Rangers. Billy immediately jumped to the teleportation console while the Turbo team reunited with T.J.

"Dammit!" Billy cried out, hitting the console after realizing that Tommy had stayed behind, and they had adjusted the shields to trap him on board.

Zordon then asked the question. "What happened to Thomas?"

Adam stepped forward, "We got ambushed inside their cell, they must have a silent alarm. Tommy ordered us to get the others to safety, and he fought them off while we got the Turbo Rangers out." He explained, sounding very angry.

"This is most unfortunate, how long will it take to re-adjust the teleporters to retrieve Tommy?" Dimitria asked with distress in her voice.

Billy sighed before explaining the dire situation, "Doing it again isn't the problem, the problem is that they've got it re-modulating every ten seconds or so, way too quickly for the computers to scan the ship and acquire a target lock. I've lost him again..."

Part Nine

Location: Divatox's Subcraft - Holding Bay
Time: 5:45 PM

"I can't believe they didn't tell me!" Tommy shouted at the walls as he sat in his cell contemplating the fact that he had reverted into the evil Green Ranger after his first morph using the Tekno Coins. He had remembered the strange sensation that seemed to crawl up his legs, and eventually pushed his own conscience back while the evil within the coin took control.

To add to his anguish, the doors to his cell slid open to reveal Divatox entering, probably to torture him or gloat about how easily he lost to them. "Well Tommy, this new Power Coin is very interesting, it seems that within is a little parasite. One that was meant to be evil." She put on a grin that shocked Tommy to the core of his soul. She was going to do it AGAIN!

"I also know that the only reason you're here is because Rita made a stupid mistake, and you're spell was broken. This however, this control cannot be broken by the usual means I see. How very interesting." Divatox was on the verge of gloating at this point, and Tommy was almost out of patience.

"What are you getting at, you heartless bitch!" Tommy lashed out at his captor, hoping like hell to avoid that fate again. He had destroyed the Dinozords while he was Rita's Green Ranger, and with the enhanced Tekno Ranger powers, he could do much worse.

"You are going to work for me Tommy," She replied, running her finger under his chin before hitting him in the face, "and such language!"

"I won't do it Divatox, I refuse to become that thing again." He argued, not willing to give up on his friends.

"I'm afraid you don't have a choice in the matter, and if you think that your boy genius will teleport you to safety, you're wrong, the shields re-adjust themselves quickly enough that you will NOT escape." Divatox gloated as she headed for the cell door.

Holding up the Green Dragon power coin, "The Green Ranger is destined to be evil, I'm just helping destiny along." she said as she left the cell, leaving him to his thoughts.

"DAMN!" Tommy shouted as he sat down against a wall.

Location: Power Chamber
Time: 6:25 PM

"Zordon, what will we do if Divatox sends up a monster while she has Tommy, we won't be able to summon the DragonZord?" Billy asked, but then realized that they may have to face the mighty Dragon in combat again.

"I have been looking into the nature of your suits, and while morphed, you have certain extra abilities that your old suits didn't provide. First, you can fly using built in jetpacks. Second, you have missile launchers within the shoulder units. Third, you have energy projection. Finally, you can summon lances in the same way you used to summon your Power Weapons. Hopefully these abilities will aid you should it become necessary."

"Zordon, is there any way that she can turn him against us again? I know that we've cleansed the crystal, but can she undo it?"

"I'm afraid that I don't have an answer to that question." Zordon admitted.

Location: Angel Grove Youth Center
Time: Next Day, 1:15 PM

Kat and Tanya sat at the table, watching Billy and Adam spar, but Billy almost constantly had Adam on the mat. "I've never seen Billy like this before. He's so driven." Kat admitted, and it scared her a little.

Tanya replied, "He's just feels responsible that Tommy is stuck on Divatox's sub. I know Billy will find a way to get him back."

Katherine watched him fight, and sighed quietly, but loud enough to catch Tanya's attention. "Girl, what is going on between you two?" she asked bluntly.

Kat was caught by surprise at her rather forward remark. "Um, what do you mean?" she dodged the subject, although Kat knew that she'd have to face it sooner or later.

"I mean you and little boy blue over there. The kiss on Phaedos, and you watching him and sighing like a pining schoolgirl. I thought you and Tommy were together?"

Deciding it was useless to argue, she began talking "I don't know anymore, I thought Tommy was all I ever wanted, but I find myself questioning that lately, and I know for a fact that Billy returns the feeling." then she immediately realized that she had made a mistake.

Tanya was more interested than ever now, "Do tell?"

"Damn, I shouldn't have mentioned it, anyway, I couldn't sleep one night, so I went to the Power, and he had fallen asleep trying to find a way to cleanse Tommy's coin, and I heard him having a nightmare. A bad one from the sound of it, and in it, I had been killed, and he was shouting that he loved me. I couldn't believe it." Kat said as her face turned the shade of her old Ranger uniform.

"Well then, you'd better talk to Tommy about it, when we get him back. Then tell Billy. You two would make a great couple." Tanya said, practically beaming about the fact that she was right.

Kat blushed an even deeper shade of pink, and nodded. She did need to talk about her feelings for Billy with Tommy, they were best friends, and if she didn't tell him, he'd feel betrayed.

They both turned as Ernie turned the TV to the news, "Yet another monster attack has hit downtown Angel Grove. We have yet to see the Power Rangers since their sudden change of uniform only days ago, heralding the return of the DragonZord, which had been thought lost after it's disappearance years ago."

"Damn," Tanya replied, seconds later their communicators began chiming.

They also noticed that Ernie had looked over at them, having heard the chimes, smiled and gestured in the direction of the quiet corner of the Youth Center that the Rangers had always teleported from. 'Ernie knows?' Kat wondered as they quietly walked into the currently quiet area.

"Zordon, another attack?" Tanya spoke into the communicator.

"Yes, the others are already engaging the enemy. May the power protect you."

Kat and Tanya summoned their morphers; "It's Morphin Time!"

"Tekno Power, Pterodactyl!"

"Tekno Power, Saber Tooth Tiger!"

Location: Angel Grove Park
Time: 1:35 PM

Teleporting right into the thick of the battle, Kat and Tanya quickly got a couple of Piranhatrons each to deal with, which was not hard, considering that their new suits gave them a great deal more strength than both the Morphin, Zeo, and Turbo suits.

Just as they had taken care of most of the Piranhatrons, their worst fears were confirmed as a familiar voice tore across the battlefield. "Enough!"

The battle suddenly stopped, and all turned to face Tommy, morphed in his Tekno Ranger suit. "I'll bet you didn't expect to see me again!" the evil Green Ranger laughed maniacally.

Seconds later, the battle was in total chaos as the Green Ranger rushed at them quick as lightning, he had learned the abilities of the suit and was even more dangerous.

Rocky and Billy were both knocked away forcefully by the Green Ranger's enhanced strength, and it began to approach the others. Adam, not one to stand aside while his friends are being hurt, mentally summoned the lance that Zordon said they had access to. Green Ranger saw the lance appear, and responded by doing the same.

The two Rangers went into brutal combat, each fighting with equal strength and intensity with the lances that they now wielded.

Kat and Tanya worked together, finishing off the remaining Piranhatrons and turned to see that the others were not doing so well, Billy and Rocky had been knocked aside, and Adam was in lance combat with the Green Ranger.

Adam matched the Green Ranger blow for blow, but it was obvious that he would not be the victor without some help. "You're good little frog, but not good enough." Green Ranger chided as he stepped up the intensity of his attack. Adam knew that he couldn't keep up the defense.

Rocky quickly returned to his feet and noted that his best friend was in serious trouble. "Adam!" he shouted, and unfortunately it distracted Adam long enough for Green Ranger to disarm him and return with a slash to his armor, cutting through the alien metal.

Adam fell to the ground, and the Green Ranger moved on to his next target, Rocky. Seeing that he was in trouble, he mentally commanded his armor to open the missile launchers and fire them at the fast approaching target. The volley of five missiles struck the Green Ranger, knocking him to the ground, his armor smoking slightly.

"Tommy!" Kat shrieked as she ran to him, but she only got half way to him before he sprung to his feet, picking up his lance at the same time. Kat was soon dodging his attacks, "Tommy, it's me, Kat!" she shrieked as Green Ranger continued his assault. Deciding that talk wasn't working, she summoned her lance and began to parry his assault.

Billy got to his feet, having been knocked aside by Green Ranger, and the scene playing out in front of him was quite disturbing, Kat was in close lance combat with Tommy, and was losing.

Green Ranger knew he was winning, and continued his attack on Pink Ranger. He managed to get three powerful hits on her, making it pretty clear that he would be the victor.

Billy started running towards the fight, when he saw something shocking, Green Ranger had given another powerful slash to Kat's armor, and suddenly, her armor and lance dissolved as she demorphed.

Green Ranger did not understand how he had forced her to demorph, but he wasn't going to give her the chance to morph again.

Kat felt a dizzying sensation as the armor disappeared from around her, and one thing became painfully clear, she was in deep shit.

Part Ten

Location: Angel Grove Park
Time: 1:50 PM

Billy watched on in fear as Kat continued to fight Green Ranger unmorphed, and it became very clear to him that the nightmare that had plagued him was playing itself out in front of his very eyes. "Kat!" He cried out to her as he ran to join the fight, but just like in the dream, he was too late.

Kat turned her head upon hearing her name then knew that she had made a crucial error. Green Ranger knocked her to the ground, and pulled his lance back to strike on the defenseless Kat.

Kat's eyes widened as she awaited the inevitable. Soon enough, the powerful wave of pain hit as the lance penetrated the skin off her abdomen and continued through, coming out of her back before Green Ranger used the lance to lift her into the air, limp and defeated.

"NOOO!" Billy shouted, finally joining the fight, having had to watch as an evil version of his best friend skewer the woman he loved.

Billy was pissed, and fought as such, his moves were sloppy and overly emotional, and soon enough, the Green Ranger had overpowered him as well.

Seeing the Green Ranger stood over him, he knew it was over, but at least he could be with Katherine. Billy quickly made peace with god, and he saw the lance pull back to deliver the final blow, but the Green Ranger winced in pain, dropping the lance.

Unsure of what happened, Billy rolled away and looked at the force that had prevented his early death. He was shocked to see a large form dressed in a garb similar to that of the White Ninjetti. He held a large silver sword that the blade of was imbedded in the back armor of the Green Ranger.

The Green Ranger slumped to the ground unconscious, and the White Ninjetti pulled his hood off, revealing it to be Zordon. 'Zordon is a Ninjetti?' Billy thought as he got to his feet.

"Zordon! Kat is badly hurt, he got her with the lance, and she demorphed for some reason!" Billy cried as he approached his master, who had teleported the body of the defeated Green Ranger away.

"Damn!" Zordon cried as he ran over to Katherine's body, he was about to teleport the both of them away when they all heard, "Enough of this!"

The conscious Rangers and Zordon turned to see Divatox, Elgar, and Porto before them. "I will destroy you myself since Dragon boy can't seem to get it right!" She laughed as they rushed the Rangers.

"Billy, I will take Kat back to the Power Chamber, Dimitria may be able to help her." Zordon said as Billy looked to him for a course of action. "Please help her," Billy cried, "I love her."

"I know young William, I will do all I can." Zordon replied with a heavy heart, vanishing with the woman his first chosen Blue Ranger loved.

One thing didn't happen too often, but when it did, anyone who crossed him would go down, Billy lost it.

Tanya and Rocky, both in shock from watching Kat, their teammate and friend getting run through by the Green Ranger's lance, barely noticed Billy's near death experience, and Zordon's arrival as a White Ninjetti resulting in Tommy's defeat.

They were in such shock that when they saw a flare of Blue light that crossed the battlefield in under a second, neither moved away.

Seconds later, Divatox and Elgar were stunned when Porto suddenly fell to the ground, cut in half, the gust of force from the attacker knocking them all to the ground.

Divatox looked up to see what happened, and was disturbed to see the Blue Ranger on one knee, holding his lance at his side, having just totaled Porto and he was about to return for the rest of them.

Tanya helped Adam to his feet, "Are you alright?" she asked, confused about the whole situation.

"Yeah," he replied, and the three of them composed themselves and approached the battle with Divatox, all three summoning their lances.

Divatox pulled herself up, and a flash of light appeared, forming a rapier in her right hand. "That, Blue Ranger, was a mistake!"

Billy, having lost just about all reasonable thought, plunged into the sword fight with Divatox while the others faced Elgar, who was a bit hesitant about a direct confrontation after seeing Porto destroyed so easily.

Billy went in for the first strike, enraged, and was parried by a much more level headed Divatox, who kicked him away, but only for a second as he recovered and began an incredible attack in which Divatox had to do her best to avoid being killed.

Location: Power Chamber
Time: 2:10 PM

Dimitria and Alpha 6 were frantically working with Kat's limp form on one of the six medical tables that the Power Chamber had available, and Zordon was working on saving Tommy, who he had stopped from his rampage, but may have killed in the process.

"Aye-aye-aye! Billy is going to kill Divatox!" Alpha 5 shrieked as he watched the battle from the viewing globe. He had half a mind to go down and stop Billy from committing such an act, but part of his positronic brain had finally decided "Ah, what the hell, go Billy!"

Zordon would have gone down to stop Billy, but Tommy was on the verge of death, and the last thing he would do is let him die under the evil influence.

Location: Angel Grove Park
Time: 2:13 PM

The other Rangers had just about taken care of Elgar, when he realized that he would certainly lose. "He who fights and runs away..." Elgar spat out before vanishing from sight.

The three Rangers turned to see that Billy had just about overpowered Divatox, who despite being pretty good at swordplay couldn't handle the sheer rage Billy was fighting with.

Divatox dodged a swing of Billy's lance, and reached in to strike, but was disarmed when Billy swung around 360 degrees and knocked the sword from her hands.

She realized that the Blue Ranger had won the day, and a retreat would be a valuable option. "I yield Blue Ranger, you have won."

Billy in his rage however, wanted nothing more than to do to her what Tommy had done to Kat, and sure enough, he skewered the evil space pirate, immediately draining the life from her.

Tanya, Rocky, and Adam stood in shock having watched Billy kill Divatox in cold blood. "I can't believe he just..."

Billy, having destroyed the woman responsible for his love's death, demorphed, dropped to his knees, and began to sob uncontrollably.

The others ran up to him, and when Tanya attempted to help him up, he pulled away, "Don't come near me, I'm a murderer now." He said before disappearing in a flash of blue light.

Unsure of what to think or do next, the three Rangers disappeared from the battlefield and returned to the Power Chamber.

Location: Power Chamber
Time: 2:20 PM

Three colored flashes appearing in the Power Chamber distracted Alpha 5 as the stunned Rangers arrived, then walked to the center of the room, demorphed, and collapsed to the ground in exhaustion and a mixture of emotions.

"Aye-aye-aye! Where is Billy?" Alpha asked the mentally and physically drained teenagers.

"We don't know, he disappeared after he killed Divatox." Rocky managed to get out. The rest just nodded their heads in agreement.

Zordon entered, seeing the Rangers safe he asked, "Have they been taken care of?" not knowing the exact outcome of the battle.

"Um, yeah, Billy sorta... killed Divatox." Tanya explained as Alpha tended to Adam's stomach wound.

"What?" He bellowed before turning, tracing Billy's teleport signal, and then disappearing from the chamber.

Location: Angel Grove Cemetery
Time: 2:22 PM

Zordon appeared at the entrance to Angel Grove Cemetery, and proceeded into the graveyard, having a good idea of where Billy would have gone.

"I killed her mom, I'm a murderer!" Billy cried out, kneeling beside his mother's grave. "I let all of the hurt and rage out and I killed a living creature, now I'm no better then her, or Rita and Zedd."

"That's where you're wrong young William." Billy heard from behind him. Turning around, he saw Zordon stood there, 'Great, now he's gonna take away the power too'

"No, I'm not wrong, and here, take this, I don't deserve it." Billy sobbed as he threw his Tekno Morpher to Zordon's feet.

Zordon picked up the morpher and sat down next to Billy, "Billy, I have always been proud of you for all of your accomplishments, and now is no different. You have single-handedly overcome the enemy, although you were also not totally in control of your emotions, and I think that any of us would have done the same."

He continued to talk as Billy looked at the gravestone, "In fact, I'm willing to bet that if you ask Tommy, he'll tell you the same."

Billy looked up at Zordon "Tommy's alright?"

"Yes, I managed to save him, and I re-cleansed the parasite within his coin. This time however, he will remember what he did, and you will have to help him through it."

"What about Kat?" Billy asked coldly.

"Well, why don't we go and see how she's doing?" Zordon suggested.

"I don't know, they'll all hate me, I'm a killer." Billy said, hesitant to face his friends.

"I don't think so Billy, they respect you far more than you know." Zordon said to his young friend, helping Billy to his feet.

Location: Power Chamber
Time: 2:35 PM

Zordon and Billy appeared in the main chamber of the Power Chamber to see Adam being patched up by Alpha 5, Rocky and Tanya were not in the room. "They're in sickbay." Zordon said as he lead Billy into the sickbay where they could see that Tommy was sleeping, and Alpha 6 and Dimitria were working with Kat.

Billy ran to the table where the woman he loved lie completely still, "Is she gonna live?" he asked the two attending to her.

"Billy, Katherine got very lucky, the lance missed almost all of her internal organs when it passed through. I managed to get the affected organs, her intestine and part of her stomach to regenerate, but the rest will take much longer to repair itself." Dimitria explained, trying not to upset the boy who obviously loved the Pink Ranger. She didn't even reply in a question, which was very unlike her.

"She's gonna live?" Billy asked again, looking more hopeful after the explanation by Dimitria.

"Yes, she will live, but she has to stay here on the regenerator while the she completely heals. I estimate she will be back to normal within a week." She explained, only to have the Blue Ranger fling himself at her, embracing her in a strong bear hug.

"Ooh. I take it you're happy then?" she asked, having the wind knocked out of her.

"Yes!" Billy pulled away, tears streaming down his face.

Billy ran out to the others in the main section of the chamber, "She's gonna live!" he cried in happiness.

Moments later, the others had him in an embrace. Billy just couldn't believe that they had won, and his friends would all be fine.

Then it occurred to him that Tommy would be fine physically, but having nearly killed Kat, he might not be mentally great. Billy then figured that they'd take things as they came. For the time, he was just happy to know that he'd finally be able to tell the woman he loved exactly how he felt.

Part Eleven

Location: Power Chamber Sickbay
Time: Three Days Later

Katherine slowly opened her eyes to see a bright white light, 'Am I Dead?' she wondered, until she realized that the lights were from fluorescent lights on the ceiling, "Where am I?" she asked.

Getting no reply, she attempted to sit up, only to be met by considerable pain. It was then that the memories of what happened returned to her. Turning on her side, she saw that Tommy was on the next bed over.

She smiled with the knowledge that they had stopped Tommy and gotten him back, since Billy had taken it so hard when they lost him the second time. Kat rolled back onto to her back, and looked in the other direction to see that in a chair next to her bed, was Billy fast asleep.

She smiled to know that Billy was also all right, she couldn't bear it if something had happened to him. Kat found herself exhausted, and decided that after a good long nap, she would tell Billy exactly how she felt about him. She then contently slipped back asleep.

Location: Power Chamber Sickbay
Time: Later that day

Billy awoke to find himself in the Power Chamber, where he had been staying the past few days while Katherine recovered. They had come up with a cover story that he was going camping with the guys.

He stood up, worked the crick from his neck, and walked over to her bed and sat down, trying not to disturb her, but was unsuccessful.

Kat stirred, and slowly opened her eyes. She noticed that Billy was sat on the bed with her. This was her big chance, even though she would have liked to wash up first.

"Hey Beautiful." Billy said softly as Kat responded with a sleepy grin.

"Hey yourself," Kat replied, still very worn out. Billy then proceeded to hug her the best he could without hurting her.

"You had me so scared! I thought that you were dead!" He cried, finally letting the emotions run free that he had bottled up for the past three days.

"Well, I'm not dead, best I can tell." She replied with a smirk.

"I just was so scared, that you would die before." Billy trailed off as Kat broke in. "I had no intention of dying before I could say a few things, but anyway, what happened out there?"

Billy began to explain. "You were fighting Tommy, and according to Zordon, your coin's power grid destabilized enough that you demorphed, and Tommy gutted you with the lance."

"That much I figured, but what happened after?" She asked, but Billy hesitated for a second before continuing. "I thought you were dead. I tried to stop Tommy, but he was too strong, and was about to kill me when Zordon showed up and stabbed him in the back with a sword. Turns out Zordon can morph like a Ninjetti, benefit of being a Morphin Master. Then Divatox showed up, I. I killed her."

"What!" Kat cried at the shocking news that their nemesis was defeated.

"I was furious that she made Tommy kill you, and I killed her. Do you hate me for doing it? Everyone else says that they don't, but they act like they're walking on eggshells with me around. I just need to know, do you hate me now?" Billy sobbed.

Kat did her best to sit up, almost in tears herself, "No Billy, I could never hate you. I mean. I love you." She replied, pulling him into her arms.

"What?" Billy sobbed, now very confused.

"I've loved you for a while now, this just made me realize it." Kat cried as they held each other. "My dating Tommy was partially because I was put in that position by Rita, sure, I don't regret it, but I know that it's you I want."

"Kat, I've loved you since you joined the team, hell, since the first time I saw you, even while you were under Rita's control, I could see through it all." Billy confessed as they held each other, not wanting to ever let go.

Both were startled by a cough from the next bed of the sickbay. They both turned to see Tommy sat up on the bed next to them, smiling. He had talked with Billy, and knew that what he felt for Kat was just to fill the void left when Kimberly left.

"Tommy, you're back!" Kat cried out, sitting up suddenly, then wincing in pain.

"Easy there, Kat." Tommy said, getting out of bed and approaching her bed.

"Yeah, I'm all right, Zordon re-cleaned the parasite in the coin. He also put a blocking device in the morphers so they can't be controlled again." Tommy explained to Kat, who had adjusted herself to a more comfortable position.

"So, are you alright, I. I can remember the whole thing. my mind was telling my body to do things and it wasn't listening, I saw you get hurt, and I couldn't do anything about it." Tommy started to break down crying after letting the memories come back. "I didn't want to hurt any of you, I just couldn't stop him."

Billy stood up from the bed, walked around and pulled Tommy into a hug; "You couldn't have done anything." Billy pulled away, "We've been through this before, and we'll make it through this as well."

"Thanks man, I'm just glad you stopped her. Hell, I'd have killed her too. Especially after she made me do that to Kat." Tommy replied after a while, glad that no one else blamed him, although deep down, he still felt somewhat at fault.

At that point, Zordon entered, and seeing that they had all dealt with the unresolved issues between them, he broke out in a huge grin. "Kat, it is good to have you back with us."

"It's good to be back" she said, all smiles as she looked at Billy. "Real good."

"I see that you two need some privacy. Tommy, you are well enough to return home should you want to do so." Zordon smiled as he looked upon the two Rangers that were obviously in love.

"Yeah, my parents should be getting kinda suspicious. You two don't do anything I wouldn't." Tommy said, giving a pointed glance at the two.

"Yeah, like I can do a lot with a huge hole in my gut." Katherine laughed as the two left the room and shut the door.

"Well, good to see him back on our side." Kat said, and just as it looked like she was going to continue, Billy leaned in and planted a long kiss on her lips, one that she gladly returned.

Location: Power Chamber
Time: Three Days Later

"Kat, your healing is complete, I am putting you on off duty for a while, so if it is alright with you, Cassie can take over as Pink Tekno Ranger until you are fit for battle again." Zordon explained. She would have daily trips to the Power Chamber for time on the healing beds and training with the other Rangers to restore her fighting ability.

"Thanks Zordon, Dimitria, It'll be nice to have a little break, normal life and all. I have another question for you Zordon." Kat replied with relief, as much as Rangering made her feel like she was doing something for the world, the vacation was much needed, to spend some time with her new boyfriend.

"Yes Katherine, what is it?" Zordon asked curiously.

"Now that you have a body, are you going to go and see Angel Grove for yourself? The Viewing Globe is nice, but you might enjoy it in person." She asked, which quickly resulted in a booming laugh from Zordon.

"Certainly. You can give me a tour sometime." He laughed knowing that everything was back to normal for now. He knew that there would be other threats, and they could be years or even just days away, but the Power Rangers would be there to defend the planet.

The End!!!

Well, there it is, the first (yes, there will be more) in the Tekno Rangers saga. Next time, there will be a little PRiS stuff for your enjoyment. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Send all comments to