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Update:Tiara is the new enemy in town, she's destroyed most of the lightstar powers (except Zhane and Andros'). She's captured the red and silver rangers and left the others to fight with one of her warriors (Gyarados) and Cassie just passed out.

Resurrecting Innocence
by Lanie Galupe

"Cassie!" Exclaimed her best friend. Ashley ran toward Cassie who was lying on the ground unconsciously.

"Now where do you think you're going yellow ranger?" Gyarados threatened drawing his sword to her face. "Trekera hold them!" he commanded.

The fighters followed their orders and held back the other three.

"What do you want with us?" cried Carlos. "We have no powers anymore."

The armored warrior laughed at the humans. "You may not have powers, but I've been thirsty for blood for a very long time," Gyarados sneered. "You should consider yourselves lucky, you get to see the first one of you die," he laughed again raising his sword to the air ready to strike at the fallen ranger.

"No!" screamed TJ.

At that moment, a gigantic ball of fire surrounded Gyarados, causing him to cry out in intense pain. The warrior dropped his sword a few inches from Cassie's head. "Agh-h-h! Your going to pay for that rangers!" Rising to his feet preparing to fight again, but was hit with the same fireball. However, it was stronger then the last.

Carlos looked at the other captives, trying to figure what was happening. TJ and Ashley wore the same confused look on their face that was on his own. Out of nowhere an arrow, pierced the chest of the heavily armored warrior.

"This can't be happening!" exclaimed the warrior, as he fell to the ground.

Miraculously, the four rangers were teleported back to the command center before Gyarados had exploded into pieces. The explosion was so great, and the Trekera were also destroyed.

"Where are we?" Zhane asked his friend.

"I don't know," he replied trying to wriggle free. They were now demorphed and tied onto two crosses. "What's going on?"

The room was pitch black, except where the two were standing, they were surrounded with white lights. As the him and Andros tried to free themselves from the ropes that held them down, Zhane barely made out the silhouette of two bodies.

"Who's there?" he yelled into the dark shadows.

Two yellow eyes shone brightly as Tiara, in her older form, revealed herself. Holding her toy alien, she glared at the two but said no words.

"Tiara," sneered Andros. "Why did you bring us here?" the red ranger tried to jump and attack the Crypttian, but the ropes held him down all too well.

"You two have no idea what you've done to me," was all she could say as tears fell from her amber eyes.

"What are you talking about?"

"You took away the two most important things in my life," she whispered just loud enough for the two rangers to hear her. "And you're going to pay for it!"

"We don't even know who you are! I've never seen you in my life," exclaimed Andros in defense.

Tiara was letting the tears run freely down her cheeks, not bothering holding them back. "You killed my brother!" she snapped.

Zhane and Andros glanced at each other, confused at what the child, who looked like a person their age now was saying. "You must have us confused with someone else. We didn't kill anyone!" the silver lightstar tried to tell her.

"I highly doubt it, the legendary silver ranger and the leader of the lightstar rangers of the KO-35 in the Kerova system were the ones that killed Tirain. Do you deny it that you are they?"she started, not letting them have a chance to say anything. "I didn't think so," she snapped. "You have no idea what you did to me! You've destroyed my future! My dreams! My family!" Tiara held her dagger in her hands in front of her, and it glowed bright blue. When the light died down, the small dagger had changed into a full sized sword, including the seahorse design. She raised the sword to the air, ready to slice open the skulls of the rangers she hated so much.


The Crypttian's head turned to look into the shadows where she knew her Guardian was watching her every move. Obediently she brought down her sword, but something was hurting her inside her heart. The pain was more powerful than it was before, she new part of her was dying.

Zhane looked at the silhouette of Veikeros in the shadows. He had come closer when Tiara was ready to kill them. He's trying to stop her from something, but what? "If you're going to kill us, you better give us an explanation!" he told her.

"You want to know why I'm going to kill you?"Tiara glanced back at Veikeros, seeing that her remark had made him flinch at the sound of her killing someone. Her gaze came back to Andros and Zhane. "All right, you want to know the story? I'll tell it to you. Five years ago when uncle Dark Specter and Astronema were attacking KO-35, my brother went with my father's army to stop both sides from fighting. My father wasn't with them, so Tirain took charge, the original lightstars mistook him for one of Astronema's warriors and killed him in cold blood."


"Andros watch out!" warned Zhane running to his friend's aid. The silver ranger, morphed, sprang into the air and hit the attacker with a spinning heel kick.

"Thanks Zhane," answered the leader of the lightstars. "Let's finish this guy off!"

"No! Listen to me. You must stop this war!" shouted the blue haired warrior.

"Why? So Dark Specter can destroy our system?" mocked Andros. "I don't think so," he answered drawing his spiral saber.

"You don't understand! I'm here to help!"

"To help Dark Specter," echoed the silver ranger taking out his super silverizer. "You're not going to win this war."

"For the last time I'm . . . "

Before the warrior had a chance to explain himself, he had been struck down by the two lightstars. His legs gave in and brought him to the ground of KO-35. Tirain's eyes glowed bright yellow, then died down as his life force gave up.

"Andros! Zhane! We could use your help over here!" cried out the original pink ranger.

Andros whole body went numb, and his face pale as he remembered the day, they had killed her brother.

"I wanted nothing more than to make my parents proud of me," Tiara continued holding her toy and her sword in separate hands, both were trembling. "Before I was born, I was chosen to be the successor of the Guardian Innocence. That was my dream ever since," she was now choking on tears, feeling them multiply greatly. The pain in her heart was growing as fast as her tears, but she held on. "Nevertheless, word got back to my home in Creiantium, which the lightstar rangers had killed Tirain, specifically the red and silver ones. They tried to keep it from me as long as they could, but not long enough. I secretly found out what happened, and something happened to me. It scared me at first, but I realized what it was."

"Revenge," answered Andros knowing that he had felt the same thing when they kidnaped Karone. It was not a pleasant feeling, it tears you up inside until it's satisfied. "Tiara, I know what you're going through. Killing us is not going to help. It's going to make you feel worse."

"Oh, that wasn't what hurt me the most red ranger," Tiara brought her alien to her chest and hugged it tightly. "Revenge made my heart cold, and hurt. I couldn't stand it anymore! So I ran away from home, to find these . . . lightstars, so I could destroy them for what they did."

Zhane's eyes were fixed on Veikeros. He dare not reveal himself from the shadows, but was moving slowly towards Tiara. "You've already destroyed the megaship and the lightstar powers, you've done what you came for so why did you take us?"

"The rangers destroyed me and my future! I wanted nothing more than to be the Guardian of innocence, but now . . . " Tiara was now in great pain, she couldn't hang on any longer. She had to finish what she came for. "Because of the darkness you've put in my heart, I'll never be . . . I'll never have . . . they ruin my future! And it's all your fault!" she screamed dropping her alien and drawing her sword once again. I'm going to finish this once and for all!

"No, Tiara!" exclaimed Veikeros finally emerging from the shadows. He had caught Tiara's arm with her sword only a few inches away from Andros' face.

"What are you doing?!"

"Stopping you from doing something you know you don't want to do," he told her.

"What do you mean? Let go of me!" she commanded with a trembling voice.

"You know that if you kill them you're never going to be the Guardian of innocence," he tried to bring her arms down, but her urge to kill was almost as strong as he was.

Tiara could feel something inside her dying, and it was hurting her too much. I know that, but it hurts too much! "It's too late for me. The Guardians will never forgive me for what I've done."

Zhane could sense the fear in Veikeros, not Tiara. He probably wouldn't care less if Tiara killed us or not. Still, why is he protecting us?

"Tamira! Listen to me!" cried her Guardian. The armored warrior forced the child's face to look at him by using her real name. "If you apologize to the Guardians they will forgive you," he told her. "However, if you kill them, they will strip you of your wish and birth right of being Innocence."

I know! I know! Still, it hurts too much! Tamira's hands were trembling, "I doubt it!" she lied. "You're just trying to protect them!"

Veikeros shook his head, "My job is not to protect others, my job is to protect you and you know that!" he spoke gently to the child. "You know I would never lie to you."

Andros looked to the floor to where Tamira's toy had dropped. The jewel placed on its stomach wasn't glowing blue anymore, but it was glowing with a white color. Now what?

Tamira knew what Veikeros was saying was true, but she needed to satisfy the pain in her heart before it consumed her. She hated lying. It wasn't her nature. "If you're not on my side now, then you were never on my side!" exclaimed Tamira freeing herself from his grip, a ball of energy formed from her fist and she used it to knock Veikeros against a wall. This added to her pain, she no longer had control of what she was doing.

Her toy was now glowing brighter than the sun itself, but still didn't catch her eye. However, the power that was emerging from the tiny object mesmerized Andros and Zhane.

"I'm going to finish you off now! And forever!" raising her sword in the air took as much power as she had left. Most of her energy was used in moving her Guardian away.

Andros closed his eyes, waiting for Tamira to strike. After a while of silence, he opened them. Tamira was frozen in her stance, the sword still in the air ready to come down. He turned to Zhane who also noticed this. They looked at the Crypttian who was now tearing like a rainfall.

She fell to her knees, dropping her sword. "I can't! I can't do it!" she cried to herself. Tamira buried her tear stained face in her trembling hands. "I'm sorry . . . I'm so sorry," finding her toy, she hugged it and changed back to her normal, baby like, form. Somehow, the ropes that held the two rangers down, were gone.

Andros hurried to Veikeros to see if he was all right, while Zhane rushed to Tamira. "Are you all right Tiar . . . Tamira?" he asked the little Crypttian.

"I'm a bad girl! I didn't mean it, I'm sorry," her voice trembled so much, Zhane was barely able to hear what she was saying. Tamira opened her toy by a hidden zipper in the back and took out the two communicators.

The silver ranger looked at the objects she had given him. "What's this?"

"Your morphing thingy," she told him, trying not to cry. "I'm sorry that I took your powers, I wish I could give them back to you but I destroyed them." She began to cry again.

Zhane picked up the toddler into his arms to try to comfort her. "Sh- h-h, please don't cry," he whispered gently. The silver ranger, carefully carried Tamira to where Andros and Veikeros were standing.

Although the warrior's head was still in pain, he opened his arms to Tamira. Still sad about what just had happened, she took his invitation gratefully. "Thank you so much rangers," said Veikeros as he changed into his normal form . . . into Brendan.


The Guardian nodded as he rocked Tamira in his arms. "If there is anything we . . . I could do for you, just name it."

"What's going on?" asked Zhane.

Before Brendan had a chance to explain, another being appeared from a great light in the gloomy room. All three sets of eyes were locked onto the new image. To Zhane and Andros, this image was unfamiliar to their eyes, but for Brendan, it was one he'd seen before in his lifetime. "To what do we owe for the presence of a Guardian?"

She smiled and walked toward the child Brendan held in his arms. "I've come to see Tamira of course," she replied as she gently stroked Tamira's hair as she slept on her Guardian's shoulder.

"Zhane, Andros, this is Kalena," he introduced. "The Guardian of Innocence."

"I owe you a great debt rangers," spoke the Guardian. To the eyes, she looked very young. Despite her long white hair, she looked no older than twenty years old. Her skin was smooth and unwrinkled, her eyes twinkled as the light hit the blue gems. "If this child could not find you in time, I wouldn't have a successor."

The two looked very confused, barely anything that had happened to them made any sense to them. Especially this. "What do you mean?" spoke up the red ranger.

Kalena turned to the two rangers, "Every Guardian to be, must take a test before the power is given to them for the Guardians to know they can handle the responsibility. The hatred and revenge that she felt were taking over Tamira's control of her actions when she learned that he brother was gone. The Guardian spirit inside her was beginning to die, until she could gain control again."

"This was only a test?" asked Zhane. "Still, isn't she still young to have such responsibility?"

A cheerful smile appeared on the lips of the Guardian. "Believe it or not, she's very late in completing her test. I was only about one year old when I received my test."

"Does this mean that Tamira won't be suffering anymore?" spoke up Brendan.

"Veikeros, you are a great Guardian for little Tamira. We believe that Erik couldn't have picked a better Dragonlord for her," Kalena complimented. "You shouldn't worry any longer. She will not suffer any longer, but we do hope you will stay with her throughout her journey.

He nodded his head in reply, "I hope I will not disappoint the Guardians in the future."

"I wouldn't worry about that," she laughed playfully. "It's time for me to go," the Guardian looked at Zhane and Andros. "The Guardians will reward you, and I assure you. I wish you all the best of luck in the future." Kalena turned to the sleeping Crypttian and gently placed her hand on her back. A thin cloud of light blue mist surrounded the Guardian of Innocence and was absorbed into Tamira's body.

When the mist cleared, Tamira stirred for a moment then turned her head to face Brendan, then fell asleep again. Brendan looked at her neck strangely.

"What's wrong?" asked Andros breaking the silence. He and Zhane watched as the Dragonlord turned his body so they could see the object that hung around Tamira's neck. It was a silver necklace with a charm on the end.

"Tamira's the new Guardian of Innocence," he told the rangers.