The Casey Episodes
The Dangerous Romance
by Krista and Lesley

It was a beautiful day in Angel Grove. The teens decided that they'd hang out at the Beach Club to pass the day away. The teens sit down, and Ernie comes to take their order, "What'll it be guys?"

Everyone orders but Jason seems to be looking at a girl. - I haven't seen her around, I guess she is new. - Jason ponders whether or not to approach her, but decides to ask Ernie, "Ernie, do you know who this new girl is?"

He responds, "Yeah, her dad's one of the top scientists world-wide.... they're new in Angel Grove."

"Oh, how long have they been here?" Jason asks with his attention distracted towards her.

"Umm, I think about a week or so, I'm not sure," Ernie says knowing Jason isn't paying attention.

- What did he say? Oh well. She's kinda cute. -

Meanwhile, Zack is trying to get his attention, "Earth to Jason! Come in Jason!"

Jason doesn't pay any attention to Zack and keeps watching her. Zack laughs a little, "The lights are on, but nobodies coming to the door!"

"Wow, I don't think Jason has ever had this big of a crush on a girl!" Kim says.

Jason still astonished by her beauty, looks at his friends.

Kim says, "Jason, would you like to introduce yourself to her."

"Come on Jase, let's go say hi," Zack says.

Jason walks with his friends as the new girl (Casey) looks up at them.

"Hey, we realized you didn't seem to know many people out here, so we decided to come say hello, I guess," Tommy explained.

"Hi, my name is Casey Davenport, and you are?" she looks directly at Jason.

Jason shutters, " Who"

"Yes, you and your friends," she says.

"U....m....I'm Jas...Jason...A...n..d," Jason looks at his friends to speak up, him being very nervous.

The others mention their names and sit with her.... as she keeps her eyes on Jason every time he looks away from her. Jason noticed her looking at him.

"So, what's there to do around here that's fun?" Casey asked.

"Sometimes Ernie throws parties here, but other than that, nothing much really," Kim explains.

"Oh, well I'll be at the Youth Center alot, my gymnastics coach wants me to train there."

- Cool, she's a gymnast, which means she'll be hanging around with Kim.-

"Cool. I'm a gymnast too! We can probably practice together," Kim says as if reading Jason's mind.

Tommy smiles at Jason, then starts to laugh a little.

"What are you laughing at?" Kim turns and asks.

"I just thought of something funny," Tommy replied.

"Well, I better go, I have a Karate class," Casey says.

- She takes Karate too? Whoa!-

Casey leaves.

"So, Jason has a crush, Jason has a crush!" Zack teases.

Jason turns a bright color red.

"Why don't you ask her out, bro?" Tommy asks.

"I don't know, maybe I will when I get to know her better,"

Jason says.

Suddenly Ernie comes from behind, "So I hear Jason has a crush!"

Jason blushes again.

- Were they that loud that even Ernie heard?-

"Stop it guys, your embarrassing Jason...... But it was really funny!" Zack torments.

Everyone starts laughing loud. Jason gets up with a smile, sneers at them and leaves which only makes them laugh harder. They watch Jason until he's out of sight.

"Guys, I don't think that was very nice on Jason's part," Kim says.

"Just watching him stutter over words was funny enough for me," Zack said, "It wasn't mean at all Kim."

Kim turns away from her friends and looks at the lake. "I have to admit, if she didn't leave when she did, I would have had to leave the table to prevent Jason from killing me from laughing as hard as I was going to!" Trini says.

Trini glances over at Billy who seemed to be out of the conversation,

"Billy, you've been quiet, what's up?" Trini asks.

"Nothing, I just have been trying to perceive a way to get the Power Chamber to have a fully operational detection of the Machine Empire," Billy looks at Zack and Tommy, "Also, I have been trying to keep myself from laughing at Jason."

They look at him and Tommy imitates Jason, "I....I'm Ja Ja Jason!"

Everyone laughs, but quiet when they notice that their topic of conversation is coming back towards them.

"Quiet everyone," Zack tells them.

"Hey Jase, what brings you back?" Trini asks.

"Umm, I'm not sure, I don't even remember where I was going in the first place," Jason says.

They look at each other again. They try to hold it in, but they start laughing so hard that people start to stare.

(Next Day)

Jason and Zack are on the mat sparring. Tommy is watching and waiting his turn. Tommy notices that Jason seems distracted.

- Wow, he's got it bad if it's getting in the way of his fighting.-

Tommy watches as Jason is taken down by Zack, then he turns around to see Casey coming into the gym.

As Jason is lying on the mat he thinks, -Great she had to see that, didn't she?-

"I think she saw that Jase," Zack says helping him up, "Listen, I'll see you later, I promised Kim and Trini I'd do something with them."

"All right, bye Zack," Jason says watching Zack leave.

Tommy walks over towards him, "If you notice Jase, she's looking at you, but you don't really care about that." Jason looks at Tommy.

"I knew you'd do that!" Then Tommy said, "Let's take a break, you've been in space all day. Why don't you ask her out and get it over with?"

"I don't know, I guess I'm...... afraid that she'll say no," he replies.

"I hate to break it to you, our all powerful leader, but she's been looking at you the exact same way you've been looking at her!" Tommy says.

"All right, but will you at least give me a day to work up the courage?" -pushy,pushy!- Jason says.

Tommy nods satisfied.

All of a sudden, Casey leaves the Youth Center.

- Tomorrow, I'll ask her tomorrow.-

Casey leaves the Youth Center and starts to walk home. Suddenly out of nowhere Cogs surround her.

"What do you want? What are you?" she screams as they take hold of her.

Zack, Kim, and Trini hear her scream and run until they see what is going on.

"Come on, let's morph!" Zack says, "It's Morphin Time!!!"

"Zeo Ranger I, Pink," Kim says.

"Zeo Ranger II, Yellow," says Trini.

"Zeo Ranger IV, Green," Zack says.

Morphed they run to their new found friends' aid. Casey is unaware it is them.

"Help me!!!" Casey screams.

Zack fights off most of the Cogs, but by the time he gets to Casey, the Cogs are gone along with her.

"Oh no, we have to tell Zordon and the others," Kim says. Zack, Kim, and Trini teleport to the Power Chamber, as they arrive they explain.

"Cogs have just took our friend Casey," Trini says.

Jason and Tommy teleport into the Power Chamber to meet the others.

"What's up guys?" Jason asks.

"Mondo has Casey," Kim says.

Jason looks away for a minute, "We have to get her back!" Jason says,

"When I get my hands on Mondo I'm gonna...."

"Calm down Jason," Zordon says.

"Yeah Jase, I doubt she is in any danger," Kim says.

"I believe Mondo has other intentions for her," Zordon says. "Rangers, for the past couple of months we have detected numerous power spikes in the Machine power grid. We believe Mondo is creating a new form of a Zeo Ranger," Alpha finishes.

"How is that possible?" Jason asks.

"Mondo has found two of the power crystals from which you drew your powers before," Zordon explains.

"Which ones?" Billy asks.

"He has found the Red and Blue crystals, and has slightly altered them," Zordon says.

"With that type of power, who knows what he could recreate," Zack says.

"He could recreate the Zords, the Shark Cycles, who knows what else,"

Kim says.

"I'm afraid Mondo has created his own Zord and he also recreated the Shark Cycles," Alpha says.

"With our Zeo Jet Cycles destroyed we won't be able to do a thing," Tommy says.

All of a sudden the alarm goes off.

"Rangers it seems Casey is under Mondo's spell and is attacking Angel Grove," Zordon says, "You must try to bring her here."

"All right then, It's Morphin Time!!" Jason says.

The rest of the Rangers morph and arrive in Downtown Angel Grove.

"Ah, Rangers, so nice to see you. Cogs attack them!!!" Casey says making Cogs appear from nowhere, "I'd love to stay and chat, but my Master says it's time to do some damage." She disappears in a purple light.

"She's obviously out to get us," Zack says fighting more Cogs off.

The Rangers finally defeat the Cogs.

"Let's teleport back to the Power Chamber," Jason says.

They teleport back to the Power Chamber.

"That was fun!" Tommy mutters.

"Zordon, where do you think she is now?" Zack asks.

"Alpha has informed me that she is in the Dimension of Death," Zordon


"But I thought that it was destroyed," Trini says.

"It wasn't fully destroyed," Zordon explains.

"I can teleport you there, but to get back you must break Mondo's spell," Alpha says.

"We have to get there, before it's too late!" Jason spoke in a worried but rushed manner.

"Jason, you must relax, we will find a way," Zordon said re-assuringly. Alpha speaks, "Rangers, remember long ago, when Tommy was losing his powers from the Green Candle?"

"Who could forget?!" Tommy, shaking off his bad memory.

"Well, the two devices we used, remember the molecular decoders," Alpha said in his nervous robotic voice.

Billy speaks up, "Yes, I placed them in the zord holding bay....should I go get them?"

"Yes, Billy, please hurry, time is running out!" Zordon says worried.

Billy teleports out to the Zord Holding Bay to look for the devices. About five minutes go by when Tommy asks, "Shouldn't he be back by now?"

"Rangers, when Billy went for the two devices, something happened, something serious," Zordon said, "The zord holding bay's computer system malfunctioned. It thought Billy was an enemy... when the Command Center blew up, the high dosage of negative protons he had absorbed must have set off our security system."

Trini spoke up worried about her best friend, "Oh my god! Is he OK?" Zordon answers, "We're not sure, Tommy, go see if Billy is still with us."

Tommy teleports to the holding bay.

- At the Zord Holding Bay- Billy is laying on the ground, completely unconscious. Tommy appears, "Billy!"

Tommy rushes towards his fallen friend. Billy appears to be dying and Tommy calls for him to be teleported. Tommy knows Billy will be safe, for he has been where Billy is going.

Billy teleports onto the Power Chamber's medical platform. It was only used once before, the time of when the White Ranger was being built and constructed.

Tommy finds the devices, teleports back, from the nearly destroyed Zord Holding Bay.

"Guys, I'll stay with Alpha, and help him with Billy," Zack says.

"Rangers, remember, two may only enter this dimension at a time," Zordon says.

"We understand the risk!" Jason spoke up.

"Now, go, and may the power protect you!" Zordon says.

The Rangers teleport to Angel Grove Park.

"Well, me and Jase will go since we know what to expect, from own experiences!" Tommy says.

Trini says, "Be careful, guys!"

"Don't worry, we'll be fine," Jason said trying to calm Trini who was worried out of her mind.

Kimberly talks, "Remember the teleportation will only hold for a short while, so you must work fast."

"Got it, Kim, thanks," Tommy says, "All right, It's Morphin' Time!"

They morph while Trini and Kimberly hold the two devices so they can enter the gateway to the Dimension of Death.

-In the Dimension of Death-

Casey is laying on the smokey ground, effected by a new spell.

"Casey, it's me, Jason!"

"I know who you are, I've been waiting for you!" Casey says in an evil voice.

"What for!" Jason said unaware of what is going on.

"Take a look, I have a special surprise for you two!"

As Casey speaks, she jumps back and hits the switch on the wall, which closes the gateway back to Earth. Now, the two stuck in the dimension, look at something they could never believe could happen, their Zeo Crystals were being drained of all the energy they held.

"Come on, Casey, we are your friends," Tommy said struggling to get to the crystals.

Tommy charges at the crystals in hope that he will reach one. Casey pins him down on the surface of the ground and says, "Little did you know, they were fakes, to keep you occupied from trying to escape."

"Now it's too late!" Casey laughs as she morphs and pulls out her Claws of Destruction, carefully bringing it closer and closer to Tommy's face. Tommy grasping for a breath of air, feels the blades against his helmet, as Jason tackles Casey down. Jason then pins Casey down and grabs the Claws of Destruction out of her hand and waits for Tommy to recover, "Casey, it's us, you're under a spell, fight it!" Jason tries to convince her.

"Jason....No! The only thing I must fight is you!" Casey rolls over so that Jason is under her, and breaks free,

"What is going on? Where am I?" Casey says noticing Jason.

"You're in another dimension," Jason says as she gets up.

"Another dimension.....oh yeah, trying to destroy you two," Casey said hitting Jason across the cavern.

Jason notices the Claws of Destruction next to his feet, he urgently picks the weapons up. He throws it nearly 25 feet away, calls for his Golden Staff, and shoots gold beams at the weapons, in return, it does not disintegrate, but only wears off her spell for a short while, as she faints and her purple color wears off.

Jason is on the floor when Tommy comes over to him, "Are you okay, bro?"

"Yeah,....I'm okay," Jason manages to say not realizing what he did.

"What about her?" Tommy asks.

Jason looks over to see Casey lying on the floor unconscious. - What have I done!-

Jason runs over to Casey, lifts her up in his arms, demorphs, and carries her over to Tommy with tears running down his face.

Tommy looks at Jason in surprise, for he rarely sees Jason cry, "Don't worry, Jase, It'll be okay. Now we just have to get out of here and bring her to the Power Chamber."

They walk aimlessly for awhile when they see a blurry light.

"Can that be the portal?" Tommy asks.

"It is! Come on, we have to catch it before it closes," Jason says.

They jog a little until it is in better view, the out of nowhere Cogs appear.

"King Mondo wants her back, now!!!" The Cogs say in unison. Jason holds on to her tighter, "I will never give her up to the Machine Empire!!"

The Cogs race at Tommy and Jason. Jason lets Tommy take care of the Cogs, while he looks over Casey who is still unconscious.

"Jase, you okay back there?" Tommy yells.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Jason says trying to stay out of the way.

"I'll make a diversion. You get Casey out of here," Tommy says, "Hey Ugly! Come and get me!"

The Cogs move forward with others behind.

Jason makes his way into the portal and Tommy runs after.

"Tata, suckers!" Tommy jumps into the portal.

(Back at the Power Chamber)

Jason arrives in with Tommy just behind. Tommy glances around to see that Billy has recovered slightly, "Billy, how are you holding up?" Tommy says.

"I seem to be in good health, after I rehabilitated," Billy answered.

Billy looks at Jason who has put Casey on the Observation Table.

"What happened to her?" Billy asks. Billy steps forward to examine her as she lays on the observation table.

"She fell unconscious when I hit her weapon," says Jason.

"Well, it seems to me the weapon is what controlled her spell and by disabling it you broke the spell," Billy said.

"But I could of killed her, Billy," Jason says sitting down.

"Don't worry about it Jason, she'll be fine," Billy spoke reassuringly.

Jason looked down at Casey with tears, but Jason kept them in.

Kim walked over to Jason, "It'll be okay, Jase."

Billy looks at the reading on the incoming papers, "Uh oh!"

"What?" Jason looks at him with curiosity and fear.

"It seems that the weapon is controlling her mind and life force," Billy says.

Jason looked down at her again, this time not controlling the tears building up.

"If we don't get that weapon, she will be destroyed," Zordon informs the others.

"I'm going to get it," Jason says.

"No, Jason, it is too dangerous, the portal may not open again once you are there," Zordon informs him.

"I don't care, I'm going! I'd rather die more myself than watch her die!" Jason teleports out of the Power Chamber before anyone can stop him.

Trini looks at everyone, "I'm going with him."

"Get Jason back here fast and be careful," Zordon says.

"I will," Trini says.

As Trini arrives, she sees that Cogs attacked Jason. She quickly joins him, and helps him fight them off.

"Trini, what are you doing here?" Jason asks.

"I came to help you," she replies.

"Thanks, Trini," Jason says.

"What are friends for?" Trini says.

They destroy the Cogs and make their way to the gateway devices, which are still standing.

"We have to do this quick, Trini, destroy the weapons and leave, got it?" Jason asks.

"Got it, Jase," Trini says entering the gateway.

They arrive back in the Dimension of Death and Jason immediately spots the weapons.

"There they are," Jason says pointing to the Claws of Destruction.

"It's Morphin Time!!" Jason yells.

"Zeo Ranger, II, Yellow," Trini says.

"Gold Ranger Power," Jason says.

"Ok, let's destroy it," Jason summons his Golden Power Staff and Trini takes out her Zeo Laser Pistol. They aim at the weapon, and hit it with the first shot. It melts away.

"All right, we did it, we broke the spell!" Trini yells in excitement.

"Let's just hope Casey is ok," Jason says. They quickly run out of the portal, and teleport back to the Power Chamber.

"Any change?" Trini asks.

"She did move herself, but other than that, no change," Billy says.

Minutes go by and still no change.

"Alpha, what's going on?" Zack asks.

"I think she is waking up," Alpha says.

The Rangers crowd around her bedside. Casey twists and turns a little, then opens her eyes slightly.

"Wha... where am I?!" Casey asks.

"Casey, you were under a spell. You are at the Power Rangers' Power Chamber," Zordon says.

Casey looks around to the people crowding her, "You guys are the Power Rangers?"

"Yes we are," Jason says looking at her.

"What happened? What did I do?" she begins to ask.

"It doesn't matter, you were under a spell," Jason says comforting her.

"Isn't that cute?" Kim whispered to Tommy very low.

Jason seemed to hear what she said and turned around and blushed.

Jason approaches Casey, and gives her a strong and reassuring hug, "I really was worried about you."

Casey says, in a tense, but sensitive way, "I know, I love you too."

Jason, after hearing this, knows the next school day will be an interesting one.

(The Next Day)

Jason and Casey walk off campus, Jason asks, "Would you mind if I walk you home?"

Casey replies, "I would love it!"

Walking down the windy road, Jason puts his arm around her as the walk slowly towards her block.

"So, Casey, do you think...maybe and me, could the movies...or something?" Jason asks in his stuttering voice.

"I don't know Jason, we barely know one another." Casey replies. "But, I suppose it is enough."

Jason at his turn off, stops Casey, and goes cautiously but lovingly towards her.

Casey, in return, does the same, as the two combine the feelings they have kept inside for so long.

"I really have been waiting for you to do that," Casey blushingly responds.

"Yeah, me too!" Jason, starting to lose the tension he once held, makes a promise to himself and speaks out loud.

"I promise, no matter what spell comes between us, no matter what force, I will never lose you."

Casey hugs him with a long affectionate good-bye, as Jason happily but still astonished, kisses her on the cheek, and walks down the long winding road. Turning back and forth at one another, the sunset falls, as the twilight of the night dies away.

The End