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Page Created: May 6, 1998

The Semi-Realistic Universe
Death of Innocence
A new kid named Zachary Taylor moves to Angel Grove, and discovers that his new home is not at all what he'd hoped it would be.
Billy Cranston's life is a living hell. But all that's about to change.
Nothing To Write Home About....
Sometimes nothing is a lot more interesting than something.
Language Lesson
Billy's best subject is science. His worst subject? Girls.
Genius In A Blue Dress
A philosophical moment with Billy.
The stars look very different from Aquitar.
I'll Remember
Jason receives a great gift from an unexpected place.
Tis a gift to be simple....

The Completely Unrealistic
What-if-Billy-Was-A-Basket-Case Universe
(Formerly the Marilyn Universe)
Note: The author HATES the first two stories in this universe, but didn't remove them from the page because she kind of likes the third one. Please don't judge her writing talent by these, she's gotten a LOT better since they were written.
Down and Out
Billy's one moment of weakness causes him a lot of grief; and it might be too much.
Lithium Sunset
In the wake of Zordon's decision, the team faces difficult times.
Fission For Trouble
Billy's new step-sisters are a disaster. And when they get into his lab, watch out!

The Alternate Zeo Universe
Billy ends up at NYU, but is it because he wants to learn, or is he just running away?
Flight of the Falcon
Tommy's dealing with some major guilt. Can he come to terms with his life before it's too late?

The Crusher-Bug Saga
The Rangers face a horrifying new foe - Billy.
The Christening
Chrissy has joined the gang, but she still doesn't quite feel at home.
When The Angels Fall
In the aftermath of the tragedy, Rocky and Billy deal with things in their own unique ways.

Silly Stories
My (Untitled) MMPR/Seinfeld Crossover
Did you ever wonder what would happen if Jerry Seinfeld and friends visited Angel Grove? You're about to find out.
Spring Cleaning
Billy's got a new invention - a brainwashing machine.
The Soul Cages
Zedd gets an evil idea from the music of Sting, and decides to use the musician to destroy the Power Rangers. Can they save themselves without hurting Sting?
Mighty Morphin Power Alien Zeo Turbo Rangers
The newest incarnation....
Kittie's Bad Mood (Take That)

Little Boy Blue
When Billy is severely injured, it's up to Tanya to save him. But what if he doesn't want to be saved?
Losing The Blues
There's a strange accident and Billy is lost to the team forever. Or is he?
Note: The author's not too fond of this story, but it's still here. For now.
A Small Problem
A mysterious gorvernment agency's experiments have an unexpected result.
Rocky's having a hard time sleeping, and the problem lies in a place no one will expect.
NOTE: to read the MiSTing of "Nightmares" (done with Kittie's blessing), go here.
Rita and Zedd decide to stop fooling around and just get rid of the Rangers once and for all. As it turns out, that's not good for anybody.
Austin's Weird Day
What happens when a fan meets her dream hunk? Watch out Austin! ;)
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Wherever it is Rocky wakes up, "it isn't Kansas!" He's in for some big surprises, especially when he goes visiting some old friends and realizes they aren't... exactly... what he expected.