The Universal Judgement Series
A Lonely Journey
Outer space is a cold, dark, lonely place to live. Especially when all that you loved was snatched away from you...
The words of Madonna's song move Ashley to set out to melt Andros' frozen heart.
A Loving Stranger
While out looking for Andros' sister, Carlos is shot down onto a strange planet...with only a young woman as his companion.
Revenge is Blind
Carlos' "death" make Andros thirst for revenge on Astronema and Dark Specter, but will he be able to think clearly enough to accomplish his task?
The Eternal Sleep
Andros' nature has sent him on the brink of death. Can someone from his past pull him out of his coma before it's too late?
A Thousand Words
You can resurect a thousand words to decieve me more and more. A thousand words will give the reasons why I dont need you anymore...
Behind the Shadows
Dark Specter has a plan to bring an old ally into his universe...
New enemies...along with new allies arrive on the scene, revealing long buried secrets.

Other Stories
Half-breed: The Rewrite
Just as everything in Billy's life seemed to come crashing down around him, an unusual secret about his past reveals a path to a very unusual future.
Alpha's Gotta GO!
The classic tale of a little robot, and his potty problems that went a little too far.
Fanfiction: What You Don't Know
Every author of fanfictions deals with the characters of their stories in different ways. This is how Kay does!
As I Dream...
You're not gonna believe who Carlos has fallen in love with!
Rainy Day Man
When Ashley's boyfriend breaks up with her, she finds comfort in Carlos.
The Way Home
Tommy and David's biological parents want them back. Unfortunately, the two brothers don't feel the same way!
The Things Nightmares are Made Of
The Crystal of Nightmares has returned to haunt the newest team of Power Rangers...the Power Rangers in Space: and in a way that they could have never dreamed of...
Silent Warrior
T.J. hides a horrible past from his friends...But will he tell them about it before Divatox turns it against them
The Force of the Ninjetti
Divatox kidnaps Justin...and destroys the Turbo Rangers' power. Along with the Blue Senturion, they go to Phaedos to get the great power; only to learn many strange things along the way.

Never Give Up Searching
Lord Zedd