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Author's Note: Oops! I made another mistake, in episode 3, the one where the Rangers got new powers, Cassie was suppose to receive a new color, green, instead of pink, my bad. Making so that the only person without a new color is Tj(poor Tj has to continue wearing red clothes, but hey, it's a fashionable color) On another note, you'll notice that some past Rangers show up as friends and regular people from now and then. What this basically means is, since they gave up their powers doesn't exactly mean that they no longer live in Angel Grove, as past episodes depicted, but they had a reason to leave, but not Tommy or anything. They just don't have the ability or duty as Power Rangers. Besides, we all know that we miss such characters as Rocky, Adam, Tommy,Kat, and Jason, also some other people have returned like Zack, Trini, and Aisha.(Sorry Justin fans, he's gone for good, unless his dad lands a job in Angel Grove again)

Cherry Blossoms in the Middle of Winter
by Ryu Houji

Angel Grove High, Wendseday, before last period....
Kanji opened his locker and took out his things for the final period of the day. As he closed his locker and looked in his opposite directoin to see who had the locker next to him, to his surprise, it was Aeri."Aeri! Your living here now?" Aeri, also was surprised to find his locker next to Kanji's.

"Yeah, I got the news from Ninjor on why you're stayin and I decided in order to get revenge I'll have to stay," Aeri replied.

"So you're gonna join us?" Kanji asked excitedly.

"Not a chance, I work alone," Aeri replied sarcasticly.

"Yeah, whatever. Welcome to the team, man," Kanji said as they walked to their final class together.

Miss Applebee's class, final period....
Kanji sat in his desk, one hand holding his head up,_Man, is this boring, when's the bell going to ring?_ Kanji thought, paying no attention to Miss Applebee's lesson._Ninjor had a better way of educating me and Aeri than this._ Kanji thought. Kanji started to look around the room to see if anybody was actually paying attention. He started with the freshmen in the first two rows, of course they were paying attention, they needed the education, and they don't stand a chance of getting away for slacking off. Third and fourth row, looked like Rocky was flirting again, passing notes and winking at girls who returned with a giggle. Kanji shook his head and sighed_pathetic_ he thought, also Jason and Tommy were whispering back and fourth on something, what, he didn't really care. Kanji's row, well of course there was him, checking evrybody out. Then there was Adam, reading some sort of comedy novel, laughing to himself gingerly. Finally, he checked the back row, Aeri, was completely dozed off in a slumber, a book to cover his sleeping face. Then in the corner was Cassie_Oh....Cassie. Man, I can't when school is over, I'm taking her out!_ Kanji continued to admire her. She then noticed that he was looking and smiled at him, winking at the same time, Kanji smiled back_Yes! I have a date!_ Kanji then turned his attention back to the front of the room and waited for the rest of the class to end.

Half an hour later....
The bell rang and Kanji juped out of his seat, running to the other side of the room where Cassie was,"Let's go!" Kanji said and grabbed Cassie by the arm.

"Whoa, Kanji. Slowdown," Cassie said as she almost lost her balance. "Come here," Cassie pulled Kanji back and they kissed,"don't you like that better instead?" Cassie asked and kissed him again.

"I know it may seem sweet, you two, but the school is not the place to be making out," Miss Applebee said playfully.

"Alright then, come on, Kanji," Cassie said, arm in arm and out the door. Kanji then returned to his locker to get his things.

He pulled out his flute case,"Alright, I'm ready, let's go," Kanji said.

"That flute must be real special for you, you carry it everywhere you go," Cassie said. Kanji opened the case and took out the flute, handing it to her to look at.

"Of course. Look at it, made of solid 24k gold, my father gave it to me when since I was able to walk and talk by myself," Kanji said.

"Oh, I see, it even has your name engraved," Cassie said, admiring the fine craftsman ship it took to make the flute.

"My father was also the one that made it, crafted from his heart," Kanji said and placed the flute back in the case."That's how come I always like playing it alone, aside from with Aeri. It brings back memories of when my dad and I used to sit outside the backyard and watch listen to the beautiful sound it made, it's unlike anything you've heard. Truly, a work of art...." Kanji said, reminiscing.

"I don't think I've ever had the chance to hear this enchanting sound you speak of, may I?" Cassie asked.

"You really want to?" Kanji asked. Cassie nodded,"Alright, let's go to the park," Kanji said excitedly

Angel Grove Park, 2:30 PM....
Kanji stood under the tree's shade, playing the flute in a calm melody, the one his father first taught him, Cassie sat in front of him, admiring the music that the flute made, truly unlike any flute she ever heard, the sound was like the wind more instead of a regular flute."That's beautiful, Kanji," Cassie said as he finished his song.

"If you think it sounds good when I play it, you should hear my father's version, it's much better," Kanji said.

"You seem to have alot of fond memories with your father, but what about your mother?" Cassie asked.

"That's a story I will tell you another time," Kanji said and sat down beside Cassie, as usual, Cassie rested her head on his shoulder and seemed to fall asleep. Kanji took out his flute again and started playing a slow melody, rocking Cassie to sleep. Soon, a violen accompanied Kanji's tune. Kanji smiled and picked up the pace and changing the tune, the violen following his lead. Aeri appeared from behind the tree and smiled at Kanji as they continued to entertain Cassie.

Cassie applauded as they finished,"That's terrific!" Cassie said. She then seemed to have an idea,"You guys don't happen to know how to sing, do you?" Cassie asked.

"Well, tell you the truth, we never tried," Aeri answered, sitting down on a nearby park bench."Then again, hey Kanji, remember that song that my dad wrote, but never got published?" Aeri said.

"Oh yeah....I remember how your dad used to write songs with no rythem and we'd try to make songs with our instruments without his permission or appreciation," Kanji said.

"Well, that was different back then, our music was just me pulling the violen bow back and forth, and you blowing in your flute while randomly changing pitch," Aeri said."Besides, we were ten, we didn't know how to sing love songs, or sing at all," Aeri said."But I still remember the one that he never published...." Aeri continued.

"I thought that it was his best, but too bad it got burnt before he could sell it," Kanji said.

"Well, if you're ready to give it another try, here it goes...." Aeri started snapping his fingers in a rythem and tapping his foot on the ground. Kanji snapped along and kicked the tree from behind as use for another instrument.

"Are you sure you remember it?" Kanji asked when last time."Since you asked so nicely, my love, this song's to you, Cassie," Kanji said. Kanji and Aeri started singing a love song together using no intruments onther than their surroundings, Cassie started to blush as she heard the lyrics. as the song neared and end, Kanji kneeled down near Cassie and took her hand in his hand. Kanji then stopped and Aeri contiued to sing the final words. They then said the last word together and Kanji kissed Cassie when the song finally ended.

"You guys knew how to sing all along, didn't you?" Cassie asked, continueing to blush as she had her arm around Kanji's waist as they walked.

"Damn, I guess you caught us red handed on that one," Aeri answered, following behind.

"Can you guys sing any other songs?" Cassie asked.

"Umm, sure," Kanji answered,"if we can remember 'em, it's likely we can sing 'em."

"Uh....Kanji, didn't you say you wanted to est up a job for me?" Aeri asked.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Cassie, I need to take him to the Youth Center and set up a job for him. Wanna come along?" Kanji said.

"Sure, I could use a drink," Cassie said. The three then walked off.

Angel Grove Gym & Juice Bar....
Kanji walked in and lead Aeri to meet Lt. Stone,"Hey Lieutenant, perhaps you remember my frined from the martial arts tournament," Kanji said.

"Why yes, I do remember Aeri," Lt. Stone said and shook Aeri's hand.

"Well anyways, he's looking for a job here also, you think you have room for another employee?" Kanji asked.

"Sure, the more employees, the easier it will be for me to run the place," Stone answered."By the way, this came in the mail for you, looks pretty fancy," Stone said. Stone then handed his the fancy white envelope with a red crest as a seal. Aeri snatched it from his hand, recognizing the flower on the seal.

"Looks like someone we know...." Aeri said and opened it."Shall I read it?" Aeri asked, Kanji nodded. "Ok, ahem here it goes, the letter reads....

Dear Kanji,
I bet you thought that your family died in the Tokyo attack huh? Well guess what, you should've hung around here for awhile, Mom and Dad came out of a coma, they weren't dead, yet. Recently they did die of a strange sickness that must have started since the attack two years ago. In case you're wonderin who this is, it's your little kawaii sister, Sakura! I found out where you work since you won the Young World Warriors Circuit, boy was I surprised when I saw who was the champion, anyways I wrote here hoping they'll forward it to you. Before Mom and Dad died, they gave me some money to find you, well guess, that means I'll be fyling there in a day or two prior to you getting this letter. Here's the most current picture of me to note me by when you come to pick me up. Oh yeah, with the left over money I bought you a little gift hope you like it. Bet you think I changed in two years huh? I was fourteen when you left, now I'm sixteen, sign me up for school while you're at it will ya. Say "hi" to Aeri for me, can't wait to see ya again- Love, your little sister, Sakura Osan.

"Great, at least I know that my sister is still alive, wow, little Sakura...." Kanji said.

"Little wouldn't describe her Kanji, you should take a look at this picture, your sister is pretty hot now," Aeri said, eyeballing the picture.

"Let me see that," Kanji said and snatched the picture from Aeri."Whoa! Man, she's grown!" Kanji said. "She barely looks anything like when I last saw her," Kanji continued.

"I know huh?" Aeri added."Can I keep it?" Aeri asked. Kanji chuckled and handed back to Aeri."Please allow me the pleasure to pick her up when she arrives," Aeri said in a gentlmanly voice.

"Go ahead," Kanji answered.

"Can I see?" Cassie asked. Aeri handed her the photo."How old did you say she was?" Cassie asked in amazement.

"Sixteen," Aeri said, taking the picture back.

"Hey Lieutenant, what's this 'gift' she's talking about?" Kanji asked.

"Was this big crate, heavy little bugger, didn't bother to open it seeing how it was addressed to you and all," Stone replied.

"Where's it?" Kanji asked.

"In the storage room, wanna go open it up?" Stone asked, Kanji nodded and followed Stone, the rest going after. Stone took out a crowbar and gave it to Kanji,"Since it's yours, Kanji. You do the honors," Stone said. Kanji started picking out the nails and when the crate came apart, it revealed a brand new ninja motorcycle.

"Oh sweet!" Kanji said as he approached the cycle, also, on the handle bars was a helmut with the image of a dragon and his name engraved."Just how much money did my parents leave for her?!" Kanji asked himself. Finding the keys in the helmut.

"Damn, she's thought of everything huh?" Aeri asked."Let me drive it!" Aeri asked.

"No, it's mine, I'm riding it first," Kanji said, talking like a baby with a new toy.

"Why don't we take this baby out and take it for a spin eh?" Stone asked, wanting his own chance. Kanji and the others rolled it out and Kanji hopped on, not bothering to put on his helmut.

"Wanna ride with, Cassie?" Kanji asked, Cassie gladly hopped on in the back seat, her arms around his waist. Kanji got off at full speed, howling as he rounded the corner."Man, this sure beats the hell out of walkin!!!" Kanji yelled. Cassie laughed, and howled with him. Five minutes later, Kanji returned with a big grin on his face,"Man that amazing! Who's next?" he asked. Aeri stepped forward, jumping up and down like an excited kindergardner.

"Ooh, ooh, me next, me next!" Aeri said, taking the keys from Kanji and hopping on.

Next day, Angel Grove Airport....
"Didn't think I'd return to this place so soon, _sigh_ where is she?" Aeri said to himself. He waited at the gate, standing up, not obthering to sit down from being so nervous."Man, purple really seems to match my personality," Aeri said, looking himself over. He was wearing a pair of jeans, a white shirt and a purple flanel jacket, one of Ashley's latest desgins. Soon, after waiting for half an hour, Sakura stepped out of the gate,"Sakura!" Aeri yelled, getting her attention, holding up the letter to show and smiling as a greeting, she walked over to him and the two started walking to the terminal.

"Where's Kanji?" Sakura asked, handing him her stuff.

"He had some things to do, besides, I volunteered to pick you up," Aeri said and winked. Sakura giggled and they continued walking."Is this all you have, Saky?" Aeri asked. Sakura nodded."Oh good, a light packer. What about the rest of your stuff?" Aeri asked.

"Didn't need to bring much stuff, all I really needed was some clothes and my 'personal' things," Sakura answered. Aeri chukled and put her stuff in the trunk.

"How long you stayin here?" Aeri asked as he started the car.

"I'm gonna be living here with Kanji!" Sakura said excitedly.

"Umm....Saky, Kanji is already living with a 'girl' if you know what I mean," Aeri said.

"Oh...." Sakura said,"It's ok! I'll stay with you then!" she said excitedly. Aeri gave a weak smile and they were off.

"Oh yeah, these are for you," Aeri said and pulled out an arrangement of Japanese flowers.

"Wow, these are my favorite, thanks!" Sakura said, kissing him on the cheek unexpectedly.

_Man, I can't believe I almost completely forgot about this woman. She's even more beautiful in real life...._ Aeri thought. Not wanting to stop the conversation, he started coming up with a question,"So, what have you been doing for the past two years in Japan?" Aeri asked.

"I was a teenage model, that's how come I could afford Kanji's bike," Sakura said."So where are we going?" she asked.

"First, we're gonna stop by my place and drop off your stuff, then we'll take you to meet Kanji," Aeri said, surpressing a smile.

Angel Grove Gym & Juice Bar, meanwhile....
"Kanji, y'know it's very nice of you to think of a welcoming party," Kat said, helping him set up the banner.

"It wasn't my idea, really, it was Cassie's," Kanji said."I just agreed that it was the right thing to do since I haven't seen her in two years, thinking she was dead," Kanji added, sighing,"thank god I'm not the only Osan left on Earth," Kanji joked.

"Hey Kanji, where's Aeri?" Adam asked.

"He did the honors of picking Saky up," Kanji answered.

"Saky?" Adam asked.

"It's a nickname, we thought Sakura was too long, so we called her that for short, but don't call her that unless she allows you, me and Aeri are the only people that are usually allowed to call her that," Kanji answered. Adam nodded, trying to understand. Tommy laughed.

"Sounds like she has autority for someone that's suppose to be a younger sister," Tommy said, chuckling.

"Being someone like her, she deserves it. Besides, she's almost as tough as Aeri and me," Kanji said,"don't get her angry or she'll be on you like a ferocious Kat," Kanji joked. Kat scowled at Kanji, not approving of his joke."Ok, ok, bad example...." Kanji said, backing off.

"Hey guys, here they come!" Carlos said, looking out the window. Kanji rushed outside the building, eager to see his little sister again.

"Saky!" Kanji ran up to her, giving her a big brotherly hug, Sakura hugged back as hard, tears almost coming out of her eyes."I thought I'd never see you alive and well again," Kanji said, walking with them back in. As soon as they reached the main room confetti was thrown and party poopers were bursting.

"Surprise!!! Welcome to Angel Grove, Sakura!" everybody yelled. Truly, Sakura was surprised at the fact that her welcome was celebrated.

"You're not the only one in the family who knows how to plan a big surprise!" Kanji said. Sakura hugged him again, and started walking around, meeting everybody."Oh yeah, before I forget, there's someone I want you to meet, someone very special to me," Kanji said and lead her to Cassie."Sakura, I'd like you to meet Cassie, Cassie, Sakura," Kanji said.

"Kanji's has told me so much about you," Cassie said, lying for Kanji. Kanji made a face and walked away.

"Hope you guys can become good friends, now if you will excuse me...." Kanji left.

After the party....
Now that the party's over, now what do you wanna do Saky?" Kanji asked.

"Umm, there's this one place I noticed on my flight here, it looks so beautiful, I was wondering if someone can take me there," Sakura said.

"I'm sure I can take you there, I should be able to find this 'place' if you remeber where it's located," Aeri said.

"Oh would you do that?" Sakura asked.

"Sure. Kanji, can I borrow your bike?" Aeri asked. Kanji shook his head.

"Sorry Aeri, not this time," Kanji said.

"That's ok, I'd enjoy walking there," Sakura said.

"Walking?" Kanji asked, raising a brow,"Just how far is this place?" Kanji asked.

"Well, from the airplane, it seemed to be on top of a hill, many big houses and condos, all spreaded pretty far apart," Sakura answered.

"That's about a half-hour walk, no problem," Aeri said and grabbed Sakura by the hand, almost excited to leave.

"Whoa! Hold on, your gonna pull my arm off!" Sakura said playfully.

"Have a good time you two!" Kanji yelled after them,"As if you can here me," Kanji said to himself softly. Kanji's watch beeped as he swept the floor,"Yeah Ninjor?" Kanji asked.

"I sense a disturbing force around your area, keep alert for anything that might seem strange, it might be the Dragoons," Ninjor's voice boomed.

"Gottcha," Kanji said, finishing his sweeping and decided to follow Aeri and Sakura.

"Kanji, I'm comin too," Cassie said as she hopped on the bike, putting her arms around his waist."Alright big boy, let's go," Cassie said, Kanji snickered and rode off.


Aeri and Sakura continued to walk, talking to each other. At one point, Aeri continued to walk and talk to himself, unaware that Sakura was gone, she then pulled him by the arm, leading him into a trail that lead into a group of trees, like a small forest."You can't possibly be saying that this is where you wanted to go," Aeri said. Sakura grabbed his head and made him look forward, showing him what was beyond the trees.

"Stupid, just a little bit further," Sakura said and ran off ahead.

"Oh!" Aeri said and chased after her. As he cleared the trees, he lost sight of her, looking around he then knew why she wanted to go there."Wow.... man this beats the hell out of Angel Grove Park...." he walked around admiring the scenery that was able to remain hidden o the city for so long. Most of it was green grass, a trail heading to a small water fall that ran into a small lake. Trees were everywhere, but not just any trees, they were cherry blossums or sakuras. The scenery was like a dream, an orchid of cherries, falling petals that flew everywhere, rushing white water, and sunlight shining every possible except under the trees. Something hit Aeri in the back of the head lightly, he turned and found that it was a cherry and he then snapped out of the day dreaming."Sakura? Sakura....! Where are you?!" Aeri yelled, realzing that he lost her. Another cherry hit him in the back of the head, this time from a different direction, he heard giggling afterwards and he tried to follow the voice.

"Hey stupid, over here!" Sakura said as she appeared from behind a tree, smiling at him.

"You think you're cute huh?" Aeri said as he picked up a cherry, raising,"You better get a good head start!" he said as he chased after her around the orchid. The two kept chasing after each other, throwing cherries at each other's direction. Aeri then lost her again_Damn, where'd she go now?_ Aeri thought, he then heard shifting from behind the tree, he hopped as he heard Sakura start to run again,"Gottcha!" he yelled as he grabbed her by her waist and pulled her in.

"Don't shoot, I'm unarmed!" Sakura said, laughing, soon Aeri laughed also, keeping his arm around her waist. A sound then interrupted their laughing, a sound that sounded like twisting tree braches.

"You hear that?" Aeri asked, loosening his grip.

"What was that?" Sakura asked as the sound grew louder.

"I don't know, but it doesn't sound too good...." Aeri let go and started walking around, investigating, but found nothing and returned to Sakura. The two returned to what they were doing, dismissing the sound. Aeri had his hands on Sakura's waist, as she had her arms around his neck.

"Aeri, are you trying to kiss me?" Sakura asked in a soft voice.

"Cherry was always my favorite fruit...." Aeri said as he bent down to kiss her. The sound then came right from the top of the tree as vines came down and wrapped around the two."What the hell?!" Aeri asked as the vines tighten.

"Romance sickens me...." came a voice from the top of the trees. Aeri's head shot up as he looked at where the voice was coming from.

"Who's there?!" Aeri asked as the answer soon came when Qua jumped from the tree tops and landed in front of the two, clenching a fist and holding for Aeri to see.

"It's your end, that's who...." Qua answered and sqeezed the fist, making the vines tighten.

"Aeri....I can't breath!" Sakura said as the vines started to close around their throats.

"If only I can free my hands...." Aeri said, hoping against hope for something to happen, but something worst just came. Hyojin then materialized beside Qua, an evil grin on his face.

"Damn, another survivor...." Hyo said, pulling out two arrows and aiming them at the two."One now...." Hyo said and started laughing devilishly and shot the arrows.

"Haaaaaaaaa!!!" a scream came from the air as two balls of energy flew by and hit the arrows, redirecting their course. One barely missing Sakura as it swooshed by her head and was embedded in the tree, Sakura giving out a loud gasp as her life almost ended so easily.

"What?!" Qua said as he saw the missed shot, still not lossening his grip. Soon, a fan flew by a cut the vines, freeing Aeri and Sakura, Sakura gasping for air as she breathed again.

"Don't you guys ever let people have some fun before other than yourselves?" Kanji said as he leapt from a nearby tree and landed behind the two. Cassie caught her fan and landed beside Sakura and Aeri, helping them up.

"Genji Glove appear!" Kanji stuck out his hand as the gauntlet and sword appeared."So Hyo, waiting for a rematch or something?" Kanji asked, smiling slyly.

"Not me, Qua wanted his hand at fighting you," Hyo said. Qua stepped up, holding up a rose, closing his eyes as the rose began to glow.

"Beauty can be such a deadly thing...." Qua said to himself, he lashed the stem of the rose and it became a whip of thorns."A pleasure to meet you, Kanji Osan. Without further conversation, can we get on with your death?" Qua said as he hissed Kanji's name, Kanji glared and went into a fighting stance, holding his sword in front of him.

"Whenever you're ready...." Kanji said, the two circuled and qua lunged at Kanji, snapping the whip as he passed Kanji on purpose. The whip wrapped around Kanji and Qua made a tight fist, causing the torns to stick out and stab Kanji. Kanji yelled out in pain as Qua tugged on the whip, making him fly to the ground in agony.

"Kanji!" Cassie yelled, but Hyo held her back, throwing her to the side.

"Why is this bitch always in the way?!" Hyo asked as he directed a gust of wind at her, almost blowing her off her feet. He then pulled out an arrow, aiming at her forehead. Cassie jumped out of the way as he shot the arrow, barely missing her.

"Nobody calls me a bitch!" Cassie said standing up.

"Well, let's see, Tora called you a bitch, and if I remember corectly, you were the one that suffered, heh" Hyo said.

"Watch it! Phoenix Feather appear!" Cassie said as and the feather appeared, tied around her hair."Now you're gonna get it!" Cassie said, obviously pissed.

"Oh please, even your pathetic boyfriend barely held his own against me, what makes you think that you'll be able to make me say 'ow'?" Hyo said. He simply crossed the line with the last statement as she jumped at him, one feet extending out like an eagle's talon. Hyo warped to the side and hit Cassie in the back with his bow as she descended, causing her to fall beside Kanji. Kanji stood up slowly, still trying to recover from the attack and held out his hand.

"Terrattack! Bahamut summon!" Kanji's armor than appeared on him as he prepared to fight again. "Alright, now I'm ready to fight," Kanji said as he approached Qua. Qua grinned and threw away the rose. He thne pulled out a rather large seed and threw it on the ground, it sinked into the ground and a stone spear shot out the ground. Qua caught it and brandished it in front of Kanji.

"Just try to take me on again...." Qua said, waving the spear in front of Kanji, finally he swung at Kanji's face, Kanji taking his sword up to block and counter. Qua blocked the counter and recountered, Kanji blocking this, tried countering again, once more, being blocked by Qua. The two continued to block, counter, and evade, none showing signs of being hit.

"Kanji, this guy's mine, for a personal reason, let me fight him! Tiger Band appear, Moko summon!" Aeri said as he dashed at Qua, his armor was purple and resembled a tiger. He stood between Kanji and Qua, Kanji backing up to allow Aeri to fight."Never, ever, try interrupting me when I'm to get a kiss!" Aeri said as he aimed the sword at Qua's throat. Qua simply raised his spear and hit it away, coming closer to Aeri.

"You don't scare me.... If you're so strong, why don't you hit me?" Qua said, getting even closer to Aeri.

"Gladly," Aeri said as he thrusted his sword into Qua's belly unexpectedly. Wua doubled back, looking at the blood the dripped from his belly.

"Ouch," Qua said calmly and he gathered the roots to heal the wound, recovering completely and surprising Kanji and Aeri."Interesting, before we decide to go, I'll it this fight with a shake," Qua said and stuck out his hand, palm facing forward as he lifted a huge boulder with his powers. He then made it fly into the air. He jumped into the air and threw a sharp seed at the boulder, shattering the boulder into large rocks that rained down onto Kanji and Aeri.

"Shit!" Aeri said as he dived to cover Sakura.

"Bursting Comet!" Kanji threw a ball of energy that split into smaller balls of energy, blowing a the rocks into dust. Qua landed beside Hyo and smiled.

"Come brother, they have not won, but today's not the day to kill them," Hyo said and he and Qua teleported away.

"Terreturn," Kanji said, putting away Aeri and his armor away.

"Are you okay Sakura?" Kanji asked. Sakura coffed as the dust floated to the ground.

"Boy, you guys sure know a good way to make a new person feel welcomed," Sakura joked and got off, pulling the vines that were around her earlier off."I recognize those guys, aren't they the ones who lead the Tokyo Raid?" she asked. Kanji nodded.

"And now, they're targeting this place. Sakura, if it's possible, would you like to help us?" Cassie asked.

"How?" Sakura asked. The other three smiled.

"You guys go ahead and show her the place, I need to find a place to hide the bike, I'll meet you there," Kanji said.

"Where?" Sakura asked curiously.

"You'll see," Aeri said and held her hand, talking into his watch,"Alpha, teleport us there, we got a new member," Aeri said.

"Sure thing, Aeri, prepare to be teleported," Alpha answered. The three then disappeared in bright flashes of light.

The End... for now