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Episode 4 : A Sixth Ranger
by Ryu Houji

Angel Grove Gym & Juice Bar, Sunday, 11:00 AM
"Hey Kanji, how you doing?" Lt. Stone said as Kanji came in.

"Hey Lieutenant, remember how I said I'd come back if you ever needed help around here?" Kanji asked, sitting down.

"Sure, why?" Lt. Stone answered.

"You don't suppose I can get a permanent part time job here, do you?" Kanji asked.

"Sure, I'd love to have your company. It's pretty tough running this place alone," Lt. Stone answered.

Kanji smiled,"Thanks Lieutenant," Kanji said.

"Wait, you do have a place to stay now right?" Lt. Stone asked.

"Yeah, I've been staying with Cassie for awhile now," Kanji asked.

"Oh....seems like you and Cassie have something going on," Lt. Stone added. Kanji shyly nodded his head."How 'bout school?" Stone asked.

"That's taken care of now," Kanji answered.

"Well, as for your first official duty, can you hang this poster in the hallway?" Stone handed, Kanji took the poster and unrolled it. He stared at what is was advertising.

"Neat, an annual martial arts tournament," Kanji said, reading it.

"Yup, the Young World Warriors Circuit is being sponsored by this place. The fights will take place in Angel Grove Park however," Stone commented."This is where the championship will be held," Stone added.

"Is it to late for me to join?" Kanji asked.

"No, but you're gonna have to prove yourself to some pretty tough semi-finalists if you plan on joining," Stone replied.

"Sounds like fun, sign me up," Kanji said.

"Ok, I'll get right on it, but hang up the sign while I'm at it," Stone said. Kanji got up and walked off.


Angel Grove Airport, same time....
The airplane landed at the airport and Aeri stepped out, as he walked into the airport, he looked for the shuttle that was going to take him to his hotel. He was one of the semi-finalist for the tournament, another Japanese fighter and a childhood friend of Kanji.


Angel Grove Gym & Juice Bar, 11:30 AM....
"Hey Tj, check it out, I landed myself a job at this place," Kanji told Tj who had just arrived and sat down.

"Lt. Stone actually hired you?" Tj asked.

"You better believe it. Oh, and check this out, a martial arts tournament is coming here, I signed up. And this isn't just some small tournament, this is a world circuit," Kanji stated."Now, anything I can get you?" Kanji asked.

"Get me a chocholate shake," Tj answered.


Angel Grove Park, same time....
Aeri found a peaceful, quiet spot at the park. He sat his things down and started using Tai Chi as a form to relax and meditate before the tournament later on that day.


Angel Grove Gym & Juice Bar, 2:30 PM....
"Kanji, I just signed you up. You don't start fighting until tomorrow though," Stone said.

"No problem. Hey Lieutenant, I gotta go now, the tournament's about to start at the park," Kanji said.

"Have a nice day Kanji," Stone said.


Angel Grove Park, 3:00 PM....
"Let's find a place to sit before the fight starts," Kanji said, looking for a seat in the packed make shift ring at the center of the park. Kanji and the rest finally found seats near the outer part, making it difficult to see the fight clearly....


After the tournament....
"You guys can go on ahead, I have to speak with an old friend of mine," Kanji told and headed the other direction. Kanji walked up to Aeri, who hasn't seen him for almost a year."Hey Air Head, how's it going?" Kanji said playfully.

"There's only one person I know that calls me that," Aeri lifted up his head,"Kanji!" Aeri and Kanji gave each other a friendly hug."So, you live here or something?" Aeri asked.

"Yeah," Kanji said as they walked around the park."You did pretty good against that Kung Fu master back their," Kanji remarked.

"Good? I beat him in thirty seconds, that sets a new record for me!" Aeri said excitedly. Kanji nodded.

"Of course, when it's my turn tomorrow, you won't stand a chance," Kanji boasted.

"Oh yeah, if you're so tough, let's see whatcha got tough guy," Aeri said and turned torwards him.

"Hmm, I don't know...." Kanji said.

"C'mon, it's just a friendly spar, it's not like I'm gonna kill ya," Aeri said.

"Can't you wait till tomorrow?" Kanji asked, Aeri gave a disappointed look and continued walking."Alright, but if one of us ends up in the hospital, I know who to blame!" Kanji said and then playfully threw a punch at Aeri.

"I knew you'd see it my why!" Aeri said as he blocked and countered. The two then got in a fighting stance a froze for a moment. Then Aeri lunged at Kanji with a kick. Kanji grabbed the kick and flipped Aeri. Aeri landed on his feet and seized control of Kanji arm and tossed him to the side. Kanji turned quickly and redircted Aeri's oncoming punch. Kanji followed with a side kick to the head, Aeri blocked and sweeped Kanji. Kanji hopped over the foot and jump kicked. Again, Aeri blocked and threw a backhand. Kanji parried and elbowed Aeri in the face. Aeri stopped the elbow and shoved Kanji. Aeri dashed and then hopped to deliver a knee to the face. Kanji blocked and pushed Aeri while he was still in the air, causing him to land on his back. Aeri quickly snapped to his feet and persisted. The two constantly threw punches and kicks, all being parried, blocked, and countered. There was the occasional hit and knockdowns, but none showed signs of getting tired. An hour later, when the sun was starting to come down, the two continued to spar, still no slow down from either side.

"Getting tired, bud?" Kanji asked as he paused to wipe off the sweat from his face. Aeri smiled.

"If you're not tired, what makes you think I am?" Aeri answered and the two continued to fight.


8:00 PM....
The two sat on the park bench, huffing and heaving to catch their breath. Kanji then turned his head to look at Aeri, sweat washing over him,"You ready pal?" Kanji asked.

"Alright, round three!" Aeri answered and he and Kanji continued fighting again.


*I can't believe they're still going at it!* Cassie thought, as she returned to the park to check on Kanji since he didn't show up for dinner. She rushed over to where the two were sparring,"Don't mean to ruin your fun and all but, it's getting late," Cassie stated. Kanji and Aeri finally stopped and shook hands.

"We'll settle round three tomorrow Kanji, right now I'm beginning to starve," Aeri said.

"Why don't you stop by my house Aeri, it's still not too late for dinner," Kanji said.

"I guess," Aeri picked up his gym bag and followed Kanji.

"Sorry Cassie, didn't mean to stay out so late, but I was having so much fun, I lost track of time," Kanji said, Cassie looked angry.

"You should be able to tell when the sun goes down," Cassie scowled, she then turned and gave him a hug,"I can't stay mad at you!" They continued to walk, holding hands.

"Hey Kanji, nice girl," Aeri complemented.

"Don't I know," Kanji said, proud of himself.


Cassie's home, 8:30 PM....
"Thanks for the hospitility, but I gotta go back to the hotel now," Aeri said and opened the door,"See ya at the tournament Kanji," Aeri stepped out and closed the door.

Cassie got up to do the dishes, but Kanji pulled her torwards him,"Kanji!" Cassie said in surprise,"I gotta do the dishes, go ahead and sleep first," Cassie said and tried to break away.

"The dishes can wait, this can't," Kanji said a lifted her off the ground.

"Oh you're so naughty!" Cassie said, playing along. Kanji then carried her to the bed room, laying her on the bed."Baby, are you sure?" Cassie asked.

"Hey, it's been post poned for over a week, I can't hold it off any long," he replied and undressed her.

"Remember to-" Kanji hushed her.

"I know...." Kanji said. As he kissed her, the communicator beeped."It could wait, the others will take care of it," Kanji said and continued.

"I guess," Cassie said, wanting to do continue also.


Ninjor's Temple....
"Ninjor, what's up at this time of day?" Tj asked as he entered.

"Looks like Kanji's friend is being attacked," Alpha answered,"Uh, by the way, where's Kanji?" Alpha asked.

"I don't know, he never replied," Tj answered.

"Well, until he and Cassie arrive, why don't you three go help him out," Ninjor continued.

"We'll do what we can, Ninjor. Terrattack!"....


Downtown Angel Grove streets, earlier....
Aeri walked for about half an hour, almost at the hotel. Then, screamers jumped in front of and behind Aeri, surrounding him. Out of the crowd of screamers, stepped Aisu, who was leading the ambush,"Hey, you're the ones that wrecked my hometown two years ago!" Aeri exclaimed as he saw Aisu.

"Ah....you remembered," Aisu said.

"What do you want with me? I have nothing to do with you!" Aeri said.

"We want you to help us, we want you to kill Kanji tomorrow," Aisu answered.

"Never! He's my friend, that thought would never cross my mind," Aeri said.

"Then we'll just have to take him by force! Get him boys!" Aisu signaled and the screamers started attacking.

"I warn you....You have no idea what you're up against!" Aeri said, the screamers still charged."Shit, they don't seem to listen, alright, Tiger Band appear!" a glove similar to Kanji's, but a different shade appeared, as well as a similar looking sword, but the blade was made of a black stone.

"Impossible! Where did you get those powers?!" Aisu asked.

"Kanji isn't the only one that Ninjor trained, I just left a year earlier," Aeri explained."I left because I wanted to join the tournament," Aeri continued.

"Powers or no powers, you're still going to join us, whether you like it or not!" Aisu said. Then the Rangers arrived to help.

"What's this? I didn't call for help...." Aeri said. Aeri then charged at Aisu.


"Hey....it looks like he has powers also!" Ashley said, noticing that he had his own source and weapon.

"Good, let's take care of these screamers fast!" Carlos yelled across the street.


As Aeri came with an over slash, Aisu created a sword of ice and blocked his oncoming attack. Aeri recovered and made a slash to the side. Aisu stepped back and threw a snowflake shuriken, Aeri caught it, but soon dropped it as it froze the blood in his hand. Aeri blew a quick puff of air in his palm, and a flame startd on his palm. Melting the ice in his blood, and then he flicked the ball of fire at Aisu. Aisu took the fireball with full force in the side of the face and was knocked down. Aisu rolled over and got up, covering her face,"Alright, no more games!" Aisu then pulled out three more shurikens and threw it at Aeri. Aeri jumped and spun, as he landed, he rolled to his feet and turned to Aisu,"Now handsome, this is where you fall into my arms....heheh," Aisu stuck out a palm and blew snow dust into his face. Aeri unknowingly sniffed, and his brown eyes became a cold blue, his face seemed relaxed and he seemed unthreatened. He put away his glove and sword and grabbed Aisu and gave her a cold kiss."Perfect...., the burning snow works...." Aisu said to herself."Aeri baby?" Aisu said, in an innocent voice.

"Yes, my darling?" Aeri said, obviously in a love spell, from his angelic voice, his lips now a pale blue from the touch of Aisu's skin. Aeri pulled her close again and kissed her once more. Aisu actually seemed to enjoy the kissing.

"You do love me right?" Aisu continued, in her angelic voice, like a schoolgirl.

"Of course my love," Aeri answered.

"Will you do anything for me?" Aisu asked again, still using the cute voice on him. This time she kissed him.

"Anything...." Aeri answered.

"Kill Kanji tomorrow...." Aisu said,"And...." kissing Aeri once more,"get rid of those annoying Rangers, now!" Aisu commanded.

"Your wish is my command, Angel, wait here!" Aeri let go and trned, pulling out his weapon again."Don't take it personal, but this fight is now over! Asobiwa....Awarida!(playtime is over!)" Aeri rushed across the battle ground, slashing and swiping everything he came across, Ranger or screamer. The three spun to the ground from Aeri's slash and was stunned at Aeri's sudden change in attitude. Aeri then returned to Aisu and swept her off her feet,"Everything is done, my dear. Let's go have some fun for the night," Aeri walked away with Aisu, Aisu giving out an evil laughter as she looked at the defeated Rangers.


"Alpha....argh!Teleport us back to the Temple!" Tj said, taking off his helmut and rubbing his wound, in where Aeri sliced and dented to armor."Good thing this armor is metal....argh!" they then teleported back.


Back at the temple....
"I can't believe those two never showed up...." Ashley said, sitting down at a bench in front of a stream, the moon gleaming in the water. Tj, across the other side of the stream, was skipping stones."Came here to relax too, huh?" Ashley asked Tj. Tj smiled at Ashley.

"Yeah....I guess. I can't believe our first battle since we got our powers and we lost," Tj said calmly.

"Mind if I join you guys?" Carlos said as he walked behind Ashley.

"Sure go ahead," Ashley responded."What can they be doing that's so important to put off a call?" Ashley thought out loud.

"Y'know, I wonder myself...."Carlos said.

"Hm...." Tj lifted his right arm and pressed the talk button on the communicator,"Cassie, Cassie!" no reply came,"That's odd," Tj said. He then pressed it again,"Kanji, Kanji!" this time a reply came, but not the kind they'd expect.

"OH! UGH! Oh Kanji...." came Cassie's voice through the communicator.

"Whoa! I did not just hear that!!!" Tj said, unaware that he still had the button pressed, the other two also heard the moans and groans of pleasure, their face was that of dumbfoundedness and shock. Tj finally noticed that he still had the button held, as the sounds became slower and quieter.

"TJ?!!!" came Cassie's voice.

Ashley then turned on her communicator,"Cassie, what are you doing?" Ashley asked, not wanting to know the answers.

"Shit," Cassie cursed quietly, trying to think of an excuse. She then replied,"How long have you guys been listening?"

"For about a full five seconds!" Carlos yelled into Ashley's communicator.

"That's basically all you needed to know," Kanji said into his own watch.

"Kanji?! You too?!" Tj asked.

"What, you think she'd just say my name for no reason?" Kanji asked, a little annoyed.

"Well...." Ashley said.

"Ashley, if you dare say what I think you're gonna say...." Cassie said. Carlos snorted.

"Sorry to bother you guys," Carlos said.

"No, it's ok, as shameful as it may be, if it wasn't for you guys, we wouldn't have stopped," Cassie said.

Tj gave a disgusted look,"Excuse me while I throw up," Tj joked and walked away.

"This might be an odd time, but good night, Cassie," Ashley said.

"Good night, Ashley" Cassie said back.

Ashley stood and walked away from the stream,"Well Carlos, I gotta go, see ya at school," Ashley said and teleported out.

Carlos shrugged and said to himself,"Yeah, I guess," he too, then teleported out.


Cassie's home....
Cassie laid on top of Kanji, her head resting on his chest,"How was it for you?" Kanji couldn't help but ask. He petted her hair, as if she was a puppy, she snuggled in his arms, enjoying the warmth of his body.

"It was magical...." her voice trailed off a she fell asleep on his chest. Kanji smiled weakly and stared at the roof, thinking of what was going to happen the next day.

*Damn, it can't wait!* Kanji thought and kissed Cassie's forehead.*Forgive me Cassie....it was magical for me too* he then gently slipped out of the bed, as not to wake her and got dressed. He then left the house and headed for the park.


Angel Grove Park, 12:00 AM....
Kanji was dressed in a white ninja uniform, wearing his glove and had his sword sheathed. He stood under a tree and played his flute in a slow, relaxing song that sounded like the wind. Soon, from the other side of the tree, another instrument accompanied his tune, playing a similar tune, the accompanying instrument however was a wooden violen. Kanji stopped and the violen played solo for awhile and he then returned to the song, making a peaceful melody in the still of the night. As the song finally ended, Kanji walked away from the tree and turned around.

"Symphony of the Night...." Kanji said. The other person then stepped out from behind the tree.

"The tune we made together the first time we met, remember?" Aeri asked. Kanji gave a quick slow nod. It appeared, that Aeri was also wearing a ninja uniform, his however, was black.

"Why did you come?" Kanji asked silently.

"Same reason you did, I wanted to settle the score, I couldn't wait," Aeri replied."You know, strange thing happened tonight...." Aeri started,"Aisukishu put me under a love spell and tried to get me to kill you...." Aeri laughed quietly to himself,"Luckily I broke out when I took a hot shower, but I regret sleeping with her, oh man...." Aeri continued laughing. Kanji started laughing also.

"Man I feel for you, looks like we have more in common than I thought...." Kanji trailed off.

"Enough of the chit chat, let's finish what we started...." Aeri said and raised his sword.

"I couldn't agree with you more...." Kanji lifted his sword also and the two crossed swords."Ok....the sun rises at five in the morning," Kanji started.

"Don't stop until the sun shares the sky with the moon," Aeri finished.


4:50 AM....
The two continued to clash swords until finally Kanji paused to look at the sky,"Alright, now the final blow," Kanji swung his sword, pausing as it almost peirced Aeri's skin at the neck, Aeri doing the same, they started laughing at the result, since the last time they dueled, the same thing happened.

"You win," they said simultaneouly. They pulled the sword from each others neck and sheathed it. They then fell to the floor in exhaustion.

Kanji gazed at his watch to look at the time,"Shit, I gotta get back, Aeri," Kanji got up and ran, waving as he left. Aeri waved and started walking the other direction.


"He hasn't had sleep all night, pity. Kill him...." Hades said. The actual leader of the Dragoons looked like a muscular skeleton, but no one would know since his whole body was covered in a crimson cloak, the only thing that showed was his face, a skeleton's of course, but it had eyeballs, and some white skin. His face, forever in an evil grin. "Let's see...." Hades looked around at his nine sentries,"Toranoshi....I bet right now you're eager for revenge," Hades chuckled in a low voice. Tora simply bowed and walked out."200 years trapped inside a large rock is very painful," Hades joked and stretched as if waking up from a long rest. Of coure he towered over the others, standing 10 feet tall.


Cassie's home, Monday, 5:10 AM....
Kanji quietly entered the room, luckily Cassie was still asleep, or so it seems. As Kanji turned to change, a voice came from behind,"Where have you been all night, Kanji?" Kanji's face froze, apparently, he did wake her up, since he left. She had been waiting for him all night.

"I'm sorry to leave like that, Cassie," Kanji said and got in bed.

"It's ok, I understand," Cassie said."Just....don't ever do that again, you always get me worried, especially with the Dragoons around."

"I'm sorry," Kanji said once again and the two fell asleep in each others arms quick. But soon their sleep was interrupted by the soud of Jetson barking loudly and crashing coming from within the house,"What was that?!" Kanji said. The crashing stopped, but Kanji could hear footsteps from outside the house. Kanji ran out the house and found Tora waiting for him."Genji Glove appear!" Kanji's signature weapon and gauntlet appeared,"Terrattack! Bahumut Summon!" Kanji donned his armor and prepared to fight.

"Last time I held back as a warning, I didn't want to kill you yet, but now I shall show no mercy!" Tora said.

"I won't either!" Kanji jumped at Tora as Tora rushed at him, the two clashed swords, but it seemed that Kanji was going to lose the overpowering fight as Tora had three swords while Kanji only had one. Tora then kicked Kanji away."Dragon trail!" Kanji's sword glowed green and every time Kanji slashed a trail of a dragon would follow, adding to the strength of his slashes. This proved to be very effective as whenever Tora parried the dragon trail continued a while longer, biting him every chance it got.

"Tiger Bazooka!" Tora crossed his three swords and launced a fireball in the shape of a roaring tiger.

"Dragon Breath!" the dragon from Kanji's sword spat out it's own fireball and canceled the tiger bazooka."No matter how hard you try Tora, you'll never defeat me alone! Give up!" Kanji said.

"I'll win....!" Tora said and started slashing at Kanji furiously, Kanji skillfully dodged his slashes and jumped back, putting his index and middle fingers together and pointing them upwards.

"Ashura Senkuu...." Kanji whispered. He then warped behind Tora without Tora noticing."Guess what Tora...." Tora turned in surprise,"YOU LOSE AGAIN!!! Dragon Cross!!!" Kanji dashed at the stunned Tora and started slashing furiously in a cross, reverse cross, an 'X' and reverse 'X' and ended with a high jump, coming down with an overslash,"DIE!!!" the blade came down, gathering air and making the blade gather fire, but before the final blow could make contact, Tora disappeared. Kanji stood looking at the spot where Tora once stood and removed his helmut,"Mama, Poppa....I'm sorry, I couldn't avenge your death....Next time Tora!" Kanji then walked back into the house, and fell to his knees as soon he entered. Cassie caught him and looked at his tired face.

"Kanji what's wrong?" Cassie asked.

"Tired....worn out....no sleep," Kanji said, dozing off. Cassie sighed and led him to the bed, allowing him to rest before school.

The End... for now