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Episode 3 : Back into Action
byRyu Houjin

Cassie's home, Monday, 6:00 PM....
Kanji woke up to the sound of a door closing and humming. He slowly opened his eyes, then he remembered what happened the last time he was awake and quickly sat up on the bed."Where am I?" Kanji asked himself.

Cassie entered the room and was surprised to find that he was awake,"Kanji you're awake!" Cassie jumped on the bed and hugged him tenderly,"You were out for two days straight, I was beginning to worry if you were ok. The only signs of life you showed were heavy breathing," Cassie said.

"Where are we?" Kanji asked.

"Where do you think? We're at my house," Cassie answered. Kanji was about to get up, but then he sat back down as he looked under the sheets, he started to blush.

"Where's my clothes?" Kanji finally asked. Cassie started laughing.

"You're clothes were dirty and started to stink, we had to wash 'em. Don't worry, we found your size and the guys went shopping for new clothes for you, here," Cassie answered and handed him a pair of sweats."Don't worry, I didn't try anything while you were out."

"Thanks. Now, where were we before we were so rudly interrupted the other day?" Kanji moved closer to Cassie.

"I don't think so pal, you haven't had a shower since God knows when, take a shower and then we'll talk," Cassie said, pulling away. Kanji got up and started walking torwards the door."Kanji...." Cassie said, before he left the room, Kanji turned to show that she had his attention,"to save you money, I decided to let you live with me," Cassie continued.

"Thanks Cassie, I owe you my life," Kanji said and left the room.


Ten minutes later....
Kanji returned to the room to find Cassie dressed in clothing for going out,"Since you haven't eaten in two days, me and the others decided to take you out to dinner tonight. Get dressed," Cassie said.

Kanji opened the closet and looked through his choice of clothing,"Uh....Cassie?" Kanji said, picking out his clothes.

"Hm?" Cassie responded.

"How come all of the clothing you guys bought me are mostly white?" Kanji asked, pulling out a nice pair of matching clothes.

"Since most of your stuff was white, we assumed that it was your favorite color," Cassie answered. Kanji turned to her with a strange look.

"It's this whole 'Ranger' thing isn't it?" Kanji asked. Cassie nodded, agreeing with him. Kanji chuckled at the thought and slipped on his new clothes,"Well, I'm ready. Shall we?" Cassie and him then left.


Angel Grove Family Resteraunt....
Kanji and Cassie arrived in time to meet the others at the entrance of the resteraunt,"Hey Kanji, feeling better?" Carlos asked.

"Yup. Well, I'm starving, shall we go in?" Kanji replied. The rest agreed and the went in.


9:00 PM....
Kanji and Cassie walked together, holding hands as they headed home after dinner. As the rounded the final corner to their home, Cassie's communicator beeped,"Yeah Alpha?"

"Some monsters raisin hell in the canyon, teleport to the command center," Alpha commanded.

"On my way Alpha," Cassie replied. Cassie then turned to Kanji, before she could speak he hushed her with one finger.

"I know, I'll teleport there first, I have a feeling about who's behind this. I'll try to stall them until you guys arrive," Kanji said.

"Ok, be careful. I love you," Kanji nodded and the two kissed and teleported to different places.


Stone Canyon....
"What are you guys up to?" Kanji asked, confronting Toranoshi again.

"We're trying to resurrect our leader, Hades. You think we're called the 9 Dragoons of Hades because it sounds good?" Tora signaled and a band of creatures looking like turtles, tigers, birds, and other assorted animals."And we can't allow you to stand in our way. Screamers, kill him!" The creatures attacked. Tora used them to stall Kanji as him and the rest of the Dragoons headed up a plateau.

"Genji Glove appear!" Kanji's signature gauntlet and sword appeared."Alright, you guys don't know what you're getting yourselves into!" The screamers rushed in, not paying any heed to his warning.


Power Chamber....
"Alpha, what's the emergency?" Tj asked.

"Take a look for yourself," Alpha replied. The Rangers turned to view what was going on, what they saw were the Dragoons heading up a plateau with a shining top, almost like a small volcano. Then, on low ground, was Kanji, fighting the screamers."Looks like that boy needs help, teleport there and help him out."

"You guys go ahead, I have to leave tomorrow and pack today," Justin said and handed Alpha his communicator,"It's been nice fighting along side you guys, Alpha, teleport me out." Alpha nodded and Justin was gone.

"So how are we suppose to help Kanji without any powers?" Tj asked.

"I know, but you should try your best," Alpha said. Tj nodded and they teleported to Kanji's location.


Stone Canyon....
"Looks like you need help Kanji," Tj said and rushed in to help him out. The others followed his lead. However, unlike any soldiers they fought before, these ones were using weapons, and were posing a problem for them.

"Guys, try to hold them off a little longer, I'm going after the Dragoons," Kanji said and rushed after the Dragoons.


"Hey Kyoten! Here comes Kanji!" Tora yelled from behind.

"Tare care of him somehow, we can't afford to miss this chance or it's another moon we'll have to wait," Kyoten replied. As if on cue, Hyojin pulled out a pair of explosive gas arrows and shot it at Kanji, Kanji stepped back, but the explosion blew him back down the hill.


"Hey Kanji! Anyway to get rid of these guys, they're tough!" Carlos yelled, seeing Kanji returning. In anger Kanji pulled out his sword and jumped torwards a crowd of screamers.

"You do it like...." Kanji waited until he was close enough and then threw his sword, impaling three in a row, cauing them to explode,"THIS!" he caught his sword as it continued to fly.

Still confused,"Huh?" Carlos asked.

"Impale them, dismember them, do something to cause them to lose something vital!" Kanji answered.

"I see...." Tj said. Tj grabbed a knocked down screamer's spear and swung at a nearby screamer's neck, decapitating it. The body then exploded,"It's that easy, grab a weapon and go crazy!" Soon, they got rid of the horde of screamers and the weapons disintergrated in their hands, except for Kanji's sword, which belonged to him.

"Man, it's too late! They're gone!" Kanji said as he looked back up at the plateau to see that they were gone, same with the glow at the top. Then Kanji's watched beeped,"Yeah?"

"Kanji, it's Ninjor, I want you to take them here, it's time," Ninjor said. Kanji understood, appearently, he was the only one to understand.

"What's going on?" Ashley asked. Kanji smiled.

"I bet you guys miss fighting monsters....Come with me!" Kanji said and threw a smoke bomb at the ground. When the smoke cleared, they were at a temple with a brimstone walkway that lead in, a small bridge over a koi pond, plus a whole slew of stone statues of dragons and other mythical creatures. As they followed Kanji's lead through the beautiful libyrinth, they looked around at the settings and statues. Something told them they were no longer in Angel Grove.

"Whoa! Kanji, where are we?!" Carlos asked, admiring a statue of a huge muscular giant. Kanji smiled seeing the interest they had in this place, every one seemed to be fascinated at a certain statue as they passed hundreds and hundreds of them.

"This is where I've been for the past two years, this is where I got my powers," Kanji answered."First off, pick a statue you think best suits your personality and return here once you're done." Ninjor walked up beside Kanji.

"Welcome back Kanji, I see you already went ahead and told them the first step," Ninjor said,"good job."

"Thanks, and as I remember correctly, they'll figure the rest out, right" Kanji replied. Ninjor nodded and patted Kanji on the back. The five then seperated, wondering aimlessly looking for a statue to match themself.


*****Tj's new powers******

Tj wondered down a long flight of stairs and entered a hallway of stone lit by torches, as he reached the end of the hallway, he found the statue of a beast sitting on a throne, it's eyes were made of ruby, making it seem to have a burning glow from the light reflected from the torches. Tj took a torch from one of the walls and carried it with him as he approached the montrous statue that stood 500ft, he then found a staircase beside the huge throne and started to climb it. The staircase then led to the outstretched palm of the beast. Tj wondered around the palm, looking for the reason why it led to this particular part, he also looked for maybe another flight of stairs. He walked to the middle finger tip and down onto the long nail of the beast, as he looked over the edge, he could see that he was amazingly high off the ground. He then noticed that the ground had a symbol of a flame in a circle, plus the letter 'R' in the center. He then heard footsteps from behind, he turned quickly to find a splitting image of him walked torwards him.

"Careful, if you fall, you're not worthy of this symbol." A hole in the center of the palm appeared. The clone pointed at the hole, Tj threw the torch into the whole, igniting it, making a bigger torch. The flame that came up was solid red, unlike real fire."Now, I challenge you, if you can defeat me, you're worthy of the fire powers that lie in this statue," the clone told.

Tj prepared to fight and the double and him started circling the fire."C'mon, if you chose this symbol, whether you realize it or not. In order to gain the powers of Ifrit, you must fight like fire. If you change your mind, you can always find another calling, no matter what, you'll still have to face me, so what are you waiting for? Feel the fire!" the clone then jumped through the flame and kicked Tj down, knocking him onto the ground. The clone then followed with a stomp to the face, Tj rolled to avoid the stomp and sweeped the clone while he was still down. Tj sprang to his feet and understood what the clone was trying to tell him, he must fight fierce, like a raging fire, in order to earn his powers. While the clone was still down, he rushed and met the clone with a knee to the side. The clone pushed away, but Tj persisted and kept attacking him."Very good, I think you're beginning to understand, now, let's see if you can knock me off," the clone said. Tj dashed and tackled the clone to the edge of the palm, the clone then pulled Tj and threw him off the side. Tj grabbed onto the edge and swung back up, the two then fought back and forth, exchanging blows at the edge of the palm, finally the clone launched a side kick, Tj caught the kick and tripped the clone, knocking him off. Before the clone hit the ground, it disappeared. The fire in which the torch used to be, burnt out and a pedestal rose from the hole. Atop the pedestal was a ruby ring, Tj took the ring a slipped it on his middle finger. Clapping then came from behind him, he turned and found the actual beast in which the statue was made of.

"Well done, Tj," said the beast, fire puffing from his breaths."You are worthy of my powers, as your new Terra powers go, you shall now be able to summon my spirit at will as long as you have the ring on. You shall now wear the red Terra armor and have the weapon of my Flame Spear. If you don't have the ring with you at a point in time, you can call on it, remember the name of it, the Ifrit Eye, with this ring, you can touch fire and tolerate any kind of heat, making you invulnerble to ice and fire. Remember your calling is the Ifrit. Good luck against the Dragoons, you'll need it!" Ifrit then took his spear and threw it at Tj, who caught it and smiled.

"I guess I'm back into action!" Tj stood at the edge of the fingers and gave out a cry of victory, his scream echoed throughout the whole cave. He was once again a Power Ranger, this time stronger than ever.


*****Cassie's new powers*****

Cassie wondered up high atop a cliff and found a statue of a large phoenix resting on a nest. As she looked out over the cliff, she felt she could see the whole world from that point. She looked behind her and found that it lead higher, she climbed it and found that when she looked down at the spot she just came from, she saw a circle with a single feather, and the letter 'P'."So, you want to fly...." Cassie turned around and found a clone of herself."I guess you're worthy of the life giving power of the phoenix, but we'll never know unless you can defeat yourself in combat," Cassie prepared herself, when a gale started blowing fiercely and almost knocked her off the high point, but she held her ground."Careful....at this height, winds can be very strong," the clone laughed, Cassie attacked as the clone still laughed. The clone simply grabbed her arm and flipped her on the ground, knocking her down. Cassie snapped up and tried again. Once again, the clone evaded the attack and threw her to the ground."Feel the wind, be the wind! Attack without mercy and don't stop even when you're worn out!" Cassie nodded, trying again, this time with more success. As the clone tried to flip her again, Cassie spun and landed on her feet, throwing the clone to the side and tripping it. While the clone was on the ground, Cassie followed and kept kicking it. When she finally missed, the clone got up and grabbed her again, trying to throw her off the ledge. The wind blew hard once again, and they both almost lost balance, to keep her balance, Cassie pulled the clone torwards her and side stepped as the clone tried to grab her again. Cassie dashed and kicked at the clone, the clone grabbed the kick and threw her to the ground once again. Cassie rolled on her back and went into a handstand, kicking the clone as she sprang up. The clone threw a high kick, Cassie flipped and knocked the clone with an outstretched foot, knocking it away and off the platform. She ran to the edge to she what happened to the clone, but it disappeared. She then climbed back down to where she came. And found that the bird came to life.

"Congradulations Cassie, you made it," said the phoenix." Take this feather, keep it around you and don't ever lose it, ok?" Cassie took the 3 foot feather and nodded,"Your new powers lie in them, with it on you, you can float, jump higher and glide, but most importantly, you can bring someone back to life, but that person can not be dead for more than 24 hours, or it's useless. With it you can summon my spirit and use my weapon, the Wind Fan. Your calling is Phoenix, you shall have the pink armor. Good luck!" Once again Cassie nodded and took one last look over the cliff.


*****Carlos's new powers*****

Carlos wandered for a long time but could not find anything that truly represented his nature. He then wandered into a hall of warrior statues, samurais, ninjas, knights, everything. At the end of the hall was a large statue of a knight on a six-legged horse."I think I found it...." Carlos said, as he walked up to the horse, the horse was huge, twice his height. He then heard it grunt, to his surprised, the horse came alive, as did the knight.

"Welcome Carlos, looks like you picked Odin, the Knight of Midnight. To prove yourself worthy, you must fight all the warriors in this hallway, and win," Odin said to him.

"Don't I get a weapon?" Carlos asked. The knight smiled and handed him his glowing lance. Carlos thought it was light, but as he touched it, the weight of the lance pulled him down.

"I'll be watching from here, hurry! Here they come!" Odin said. 10 different warriors charged him at once, as the first one approached, he ignored his lance and kicked him into another oncoming warrior and tried again to pick up the lance that was embedded in the ground." Come on, concetrate! CONCENTRATE! If you want to be able to control the lance you must concentrate on it!" Sure enough, as soon as he concentrated on the task, he wielded the lance easily, making defeating the warriors a simpler task. As soon as he finished the task, he turned to face the knight again."Very good...." the knight took off his feathered necklace and slipped it around Carlos's neck,"That is your power source, you must always keep it with you, with the necklace, you will have the knowledge to use any weapon thrown at you, it also enhances your courage and vitality, most importantly, it allows you to lift objects ten times your own weight. The lance is now yours. You shall go as the grey ranger. Your calling is Odin, as your source is called Warriors' Blood, and your weapon is the Gunge Lance. Take care and show the Dragoons what you're made of!" Odin said. Carlos clutched the necklace and bowed. He then walked back down the hall.


*****Ashley's new powers*****

Ashley followed the sound of water as she searched. She then came to a dead end, or what seemed to be a dead end. She looked across the huge room and saw a statue of a sea serpent. Between her and the serpent was a pit filled with raging water that splashed high waves. She turned around to leave and the found that the exit in which she came was gone, she was trapped. Then she noticed that parts of the gap were wet*The air? Soaked?* She thought and picked up small pebbles, she threw it at the discolored parts and found that it was an invisible bridge. She started to walk across the bridge, when she heard footsteps other than her own. She turned and once again, a clone appeared."The powers of water can be very useful, if you know how to use it. Do you really think you're worthy?" asked the clone.

"What's my test?" Ashley asked, knowing she must prove herself.

"Survive the waters and survive yourself," said the clone.

"Wha-?!" Ashley stopped when her clone charged at her. Thinking fast, she stepped back, then a tidal wave came and splashed on her, almost knocking her off the narrow bridge.

"Oh! Careful, don't fall!" Teased the clone. Now angry, Ashley charged at the clone the same time the clone charged. They met and squared off in the center, exchanging blows and stepping back to avoid the crashing waves. Finally as Ashley anticapated a wave, she tricked the clone into dashing at her. Ashley jumped back and the wave came crashing and knocked the clone off. Then Ashley ran to the other side, where the serpent statue laid. She then noticed that she was dry, even though she was constantly bombarded with waves. Then the waves calmed and the actual serpent came out.

"Good work Ashley, you have proven me worthy of your choice. Turn to the statue and remove the bracelet from around the serpent's neck." Ashley did as told and put it on her wrist."Those are Leviathan Scales, your power source, with them, you can breathe underwater, move underwater normally and walk on water. I am Leviathan, your calling. Your new color is blue, and your weapon shall be the Tidal Bow and Arrow. Use your powers wisely and may the power protect you!" Leviathan disappeared into the waters again and the entrance reopened. Ashley dashed across the bridge and back to meet Kanji.


Kanji waited as for the others to return and he continued to walk around,"Which is the hardest test?" Kanji asked.

"Yours, you had to fight me and five of yourself, remember?" Ninjor answered. Kanji nodded."By the way, do you know you're own powers yet?" Ninjor asked Kanji.

"All you did was give me my stuff and tell me to leave," Kanji answered.

"Well, with the gauntlet, you are given the powers of a master ninja, including warping, temporary invisibility, climbing any wall, and a sixth sense," Ninjor continued, feeling guilty for not remembering to tell Kanji.

Soon Tj came back, holding a spear in his hand and wearing a ruby ring. Cassie came afterwards with the fan and used the feather to tie her hair back. Carlos showed up with the lance and proudly sported the warrior necklace. Finally, Ashley came, wearing the bracelet and had the bow around her shoulder.

"Hey Kanji, just what are you suppose to me?" Tj asked after they all arrived.

"I am the white ranger. Representor of the cosmos, Bahamut the dragon. I am the new leader," Kanji answered. Ninjor looked at the new team and clapped.

"Well done, all. If you ever need anything, this shall be the new command center. Alpha shall join me soon, I plan on turning this place high-tech. Now that you are complete, I dub you.... Terra Rangers!"

"Yeah!!!" They all exclaimed, raising their weapons high in the air.

The End... for now

Author: Well, this is where the real series begins. Eventually, they all will have to face a rival Dragoon, some have more than one. Also, all will need their powers for one or more episodes. BTW, what do you think of the romance between Cassie and Kanji? If you have an idea for an episode, comments, question, suggestion, or flames, I'd like to hear from you. E-mail me at ryuhouji@aol.com thank you for reading.