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Author's note: there are some lemon hints in this chapter, but nothing serious. Um.. A little gore,and lots of violence. Feral, the skyhawks, and Caution all belong to me.You can only use themwith my permission, although I can't really stop you, can I?

The New Girl
(Part IV: Affairs of the Heart and Mind)

The medical laboratory was decimated. She heard a soft moan from the other side of Adam's overturned bed. She leaped over it like a mad hare.

"Adam! God what happened here?" she asked. He cousin looked up at her in a slight daze.

"Goldar and Rito came... Knocked Tommy out. I tried to stop them Cuz.. I'm sorry.. They got him.." he said, his face drawn and pale.

"NO!" Tanis shouted, and raced to where Rocky's bed had been.


Trini looked at Tanis's tear streaked face.

"This is it Trini. They've hurt me one too many times. I don't care what you say. Rita and Zedd WILL pay for this. I swear I will take out ever mark on them out on their scaley hides. And I've warned you before, don't stand in my way. Forget that crap about Revenge being served cold. Mine is flaming hot, and I'll go through you to get to them if I have to." Tanis stated.

Trini smirked. "What are you taking about? We're going with you. Rocky's our friend. There is no way in hell I'm letting that Bitch have him for another moment." she said.

Tanis grinned. "So what the hell are we waiting for? Let's do it! It's Morphin' Time!" she said with a broad smile.

Zedd looked up as six streaks of light filled the air. "Welcome to my home, Rangers. Prepare to die." he said. The pink ranger stepped out in front of him.

"I swear to every god in the universe, I will redecorate this palace in your blood if I do not have Rocky back in three seconds." she snarled. The other rangers stepped back. She was holding her sword in her hand. Rita entered, an human with her. He was handsome, with dark hair and eyes. He was bare chested, and wore only a pair of loose red pants.

"Rocky!" Tanis sighed.

"Well, if it isn't the Power Failures! Welcome to our happy home." he sneered. Tanis readied her sword.

"If this is what you want, you shall have it... RITA!!" she finished, and lunged. Rita stumbled backwards, and the tip of Tanis's blade slashed her enormous dress.

"Rocky! Stop her!" Rita shrieked. Tanis turned, as Rocky lunged at her. Instead of blocking, she dodged him, and kicked at his head. Her foot penetrated his guard, and she hit him in the chin. He went flying into the arms of the other rangers. Tanis continued on after Rita.

"HELP ME ZEDDY!!!" she shrieked. Zedd simply watched in mild interest. Rocky struggled in the arms of his captors.

Finally, Tanis cornered the witch.

"Remove the spell, or die!" she snarled. Rita cackled.

"Aha! You can't kill me, or your precious Rocky will be evil forever!!" she mocked. Tanis reached up, and pulled off her helmet and cast it aside.

"You have no idea what kind of contacts a New Yorker has, do you?" she asked.

"What are you talking about?" Rita spat. Tanis leered.

"I can have the spell removed. It's just easier if you do it. I'll kill you anyways." she replied calmly.

"NEVER!!!" Rita screamed. She pulled a dagger out of no where and leaped at Tanis. The rangers all looked slightly ill as Rita's blood stained the walls and floor. Tanis was spattered, as were the rest of them. Zedd flicked a bit of gore off his arm in boredom.

"Will you join her?" Tanis asked calmly.

"Not this day I think. You are an excellent fighter. It is a shame your shields are so strong, or I would take you much the same way as she took Rocky. You are free to leave." he said generously. Tanis nodded.

Rocky struggled wildly as Tanis lowered her sword, and approached him. The others held hands tightly. He looked at his master for assistance, but saw none forthcoming. The pink ranger traced a line of fire down his cheek as she caressed his face.

"I know it hurts Rocky." she whispered in apology. She turned to look at Trini.

"Take Rocky back to the command center, and lock him up. I'll be back in a couple of days." she said. "What the hell are you talking about?" Trini demanded. Tanis smiled slightly, and picked up her helmet.

"I'll explain everything when I get back." she promised, and vanished in a burst of pink. Trini shook her head, and teleported them all out.

Tanis appeared on the roof of a run down building. Grinning, she demorphed, and took a deep breath. "Ah.. New York, New York." she murmured, and climbed down the fire escape. She landed lightly on the ground, and walked casually out of the alley. She sensed the four men behind her.

"Evening boys. You mind telling me where I can find Feral Gibson?" she said without turning or slowing. The men froze.

"What do you want with Feral?" the leader asked. Tanis turned around, and smirked.

"Come on... don't tell me the Skyhawks don't remember Kitten." she said. The men stepped out of the darkness.

"Tanis? Man, Feral said you moved to California!" the leader said. Tanis laughed.

"I did. I've got a boyfriend now, and some weird shit is going down. All those monster rumors were true. The head witch put a spell on Rocky, and I need to ask Feral how to remove it." she explained. The Skyhawk gangmembers grinned.

"We'll take you to Feral, Kitten." the leader said. Tanis followed them down the black alley.

Adam paced back and forth in the Power Chamber.

"Back in a couple of days? Where the hell is she going?!" he snapped. Zack sighed.

"Alpha, scan the city, and then New York for the pink power ranger." he said. Alpha nodded, and set about his task.

"Why new York?" Tommy asked.

"Tanis used to livethere. She said something about having connections there when she was fighting Rita. I think she knows someone who can remove the spell." he supplied.

Trini looked over Alpha's shoulder. "I've got a lock on Tanis! She's in New York city!" Alpha said worriedly.

Trini nodded. "Billy, come with me. We're going to get Tanis. Zack, Jason, and Aisha, you guys will have to take care of everything here. We'll be back as soon as we can." Trini stated, and slapped a button on the console before anyone could object. She and Billy vanished.

Tanis ducked under the fallen beam, and stepped into the semi-dark room.

"So what's this I hear about Kitten having a Boyfriend?" a voice asked. Tanis grinned.

"Feral, you old rouge! Quit screwing around! I need your help." she said, losing all humor. Feral frowned. He was a handsome man, perhaps twenty five. He wore loose black pants, and a black muscle shirt. His hair was long, and he wore it in a ponytail. He's green eyes looked into her blue ones.

"Who cast the spell, and what kind of spell is it?" he asked, getting down to business. Tanis shook her head. "It's confidential. You'll have to return to Angel Grove with me." she said. Feral opened his mouth to reply, but one of his Skyhawks game in, followed by four others. The four were holding two struggling captives, who wore black hoods over their heads.

"We found them sneaking around upstairs." he explained. Feral beckoned. They pulled off the hoods, and pushed their captives forwards. The two rolled expertly, and came up in a fighting stance, back to back. Tanis swore. "Shit! I thought I told you not to worry!" she snapped. The two saw her, and relaxed. "Where the hell are we?" the girl demanded. Feral rose.

"You are in the lair of the Skyhawks. I am Feral, and You are?" he asked. The girl looked him over.

"Trini Kwan. This is Billy Cranston." she said. Tanis turned to Feral.

"Feral, I'm sorry. These are friends of mine. They are worried about me, and Rocky. Don't punish them, because they're good." she said. Feral looked at Trini and Billy doubtfully.

"How good?"

"Good enough to take at least half your men out." she replied, crossing her arms. Feral grinned. "So, how do we get to Angel Grove?"

Feral looked around curiously. There were computers and Teenagers everywhere. All of them were in fighting stances, but some looked a little worse for wear.

"Kitten?" Feral prompted.

"Guys, chill. This is Feral. He's going to try and bring Rocky back." Tanis said, stepping in front of the man. Zack relaxed. Adam stood up straight, and elbowed Tommy to calm him down. Tanis smiled.

"Feral, I want you to meet the Power Rangers." she said. Feral gaped.

"Shit Kitten! And I thought hanging out with Me was bad for your health!" he said. Tanis laughed, and led him to the back of the chamber. The rangers parted before him to let him pass. At the back of the room there was a shirtless teen strapped to a chair. He glared defiantly at Tanis. Tanis dropped the force field, and stepped into the small prison.

"Feral, this is Rocky DeSantos." she introduced. Rocky spat at her. It fell short, which infuriated him even more.

"Oh Kitten... this is some Heavy shit here. Just give me a few minutes. What's the status pf the spell caster?" he asked.

"Dead. I killed her myself. It was Rita Repulsa." she replied. Feral whistled.

"You shoulda brought in Caution." he said. Tanis shrugged.

"Caution doesn't care for me." she replied. Trini and Billy glanced at each other in confusion. Feral sighed.

"Hokay. I'll need quiet. Tanis, I'm going to need your help too. You're going to carry the counter spell." he stated. Tanis nodded.

"Fine with me. By the way, thanks for teaching me how to shield. Saved me from the same fate." she said wryly. Feral grinned, and got to work.

The rangers watched as Feral and Tanis began to glow white. They were holding hands, and feral's lips were moving. He spoke so low that not even Tanis could hear him. Soon, wisps of red began to filter out of rocky, and pink ones from Tanis. Then each of the other rangers noticed wisps of color filtering out from them as well. Black ones from Adam, White from Tommy, Yellow from Aisha, Blue from Billy, Green from Jason, Purple from Trini, and grey from Zack. The strands all joined with the amber one that was pouring from Feral. Then, the rope of colored light plunged into Tanis. Feral released her hands, and her eyes looked blank. She turned slowly towards Rocky, who struggled as hard as he could, his eyes wide with fear. Gently, she cupped his face in her hands, and Kissed him.

The glow surrounding her poured into that kiss, and into Rocky's body, burning away the spell. His fear filled eyes closed, and he relaxed into the kiss. The colored lights vanished, and Tanis drew back slowly. Rocky opened his eyes, and looked at her. They were warm, and full of love. Tanis Kissed him again, and knelt, breaking her nails as she tore at the ropes that bound him to his chair. They seemed to ignore everyone as she freed him. He shook the ropes off, and rose.Tanis threw her arms around him, and they kissed again. Tiredly, Fera lgrinned.

"Gotta love the side effects." he said, and turned to the other rangers, who were beginning to blush at the show of affection. Finally, Tanis and Rocky broke apart.

"God.. I'm so sorry you guys..." he said guiltily. Tommy smiled, and hugged him. Adam jumped a little as he felt a small hand slide into his. Aisha smiled at him. He smiled back, and gripped her hand tightly. Trini elbowed Zack, and they both grinned.

"Good to have you back man... we've missed you." Jason said, shaking Rocky's hand. Rocky grinned. Then he looked at Feral, and offered his hand in thanks. Feral shook it, and grinned.

"Well DeSantos, you'd better treat my Kitten right, or I'll be back with the biggest army ofspell casters, the only way to get rid of us will be to step on us withyour Zords." he threatened.

"Don't worry. You won't be back if I can help it." Rocky replied. Tanis squeezed his hand, and released it long enough to give feral a hug. "Do me a favor big brother?" she asked. Feral nodded.

"Anything Kitten, you know that." he reprimanded. Tanis smiled. "Teach them how to shield. I don't want to lose one of them again. They're like family, more or less." she smiled at Adam. Feral grinned.

"Only if you promise to visit more often, and to Kick Zedd's ass." he teased. The rangers laughed.

"Deal!" Tanis said, and she and Feral shook on it.