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Team Spirits

Tommy climbed up to the Bluffs which overlooked Angel grove. He had just given his powers over to T.J. the new Red Turbo Ranger, and the new driver of the Red Lightning Turbo Zord. He reached the top, and sat down.

I sit on this cliff staring into the wide canyon of my soul.

Tommy could only remember feeling this empty two other times in his life. Once, when he lost the Green Ranger Powers, and the other when her lost his Ninjeti Powers in exchange for the Red Zeo Powers. A snow white falcon soars across the sky.

Tommy heard a piercing cry, and looked up. Diving straight at him, was a white Falcon, claws outstretched. Tommy threw his arm up to protect his face, and the falcon landed on his wrist heavily.

I raise my hand and he lights upon my wrist.

Tommy looked up and the Falcon looked into his eyes. "Foolish fledgling.. You really think you are so alone?" the Falcon asked. Tommy gaped. "You talk!" he said in surprise. The falcon laughed. "Of course I do! Now, fledgling, I want you to stop feeling sorry for yourself, and get off this rock. You have a great chance for a future, aside from the lack of Powers. And always remember, I am your spirit guardian, and I will always be with you." The falcon said. Then he pushed himself off of Tommy's wrist, and flew over the city and into the distance. Tommy stood up, took a deep breath, and headed back into the city.

A single, piercing, cry
rings out throughout the vast emptiness.
The Falcon flies away,
leaving me filled again.

Billy stood out in the woods, resting beneath a tree. Once again, he was alone. None of the other rangers knew he was back on earth, instead of on Aquitar. He and Cestria had a slight argument, and he had come to the forest to calm himself. Suddenly, he heard a low growl. "Hello, cub. Welcome home." the voice said.

I stand in the forest,
trees all around me.
In the shadows,
a blue wolf growls.

Billy held out his hands, and the Blue Wolf sniffed them. "You have been with the Aquitans. I like the Aquitans." he said, his tongue hanging out.

I hold out my hands,
He sniffs my palms,
licks my hands.

"You really have to stop running from everything. It isn't honorable. You are brilliant. You should return to earth. Your friends need you. Tommy needs you. Adam needs you. Jason needs you. You are needed here. Your treatments are completed, you will not age again." the wolf lectured. Billy shook his head. "How can I stay? How can I stay here, and Watch Tommy and The others with their ranger powers?" he asked. The wolf snorted. "As of Today, the Turbo Rangers, aside from young Justin, have passed their powers on. You are not the only one who still aches at the loss of powers." he said. Then he threw his head ack and howled, and ran off into the woods.

He throws his head back,
and a mournful howl
echoes through the trees.
Then he runs,
Leaving me whole again.

Billy sighed, shouldered his pack, and began to walk into the city.

Adam stood on a log, wearing a backpack. "Why on earth did I take this job?" he asked aloud. He was now a research assistant to a botanist at AGU. A very well paid research assistant. A very dirty, well paid research assistant. "Go collect this sample' she says... 'It's easy!' she says.." he muttered to himself. Suddenly, Adam froze as the biggest bullfrog he had ever seen hopped onto the log he was on. "Is Complaining the only thing you know how to do, Tadpole?" the frog asked.

I stand on a log,
Overlooking a swamp.
Not far off, a frog croaks.
The large Amphibian hops over to me,
 and croaks.

Adam swiftly fell on his rear, so that he was face-to-face with the Frog. "Doc Peterson would love to get a hold of you." he said. The frog blinked. "You took this assignment to get away from your pain. The pain of losing your powers to Carlos." the frog said.

Adam gaped. "How did you know?" he asked.

The frog chuckled. "Simple. I'm your spirit guardian." The frog ate a passing fly, and Adam was reminded of the Zord Battle with Ivan Ooze and his Ectomorphican Titans. "You must go home. You have friends and Loved ones waiting for you. You don't think it was hard for Tanya, too?" the frog asked, then leaped away.

His tongue shoots out,
And he swallows a fly.
Swiftly, he jumps from the log,
and disappears into the night.

Adam stood up again, got his sample, and hurried back to the university to change.

Rocky stood in his house, surrounded by younger siblings. He had just talked to Justin Stewart, his successor to the Blue powers. He laughed at the kids around him, and managed to make it to his room, where he closed and locked the door. From there, he opened a window, and climbed onto the roof. "We always did like heights, didn't we?" a voice said. Rocky turned, startled.

I walk through the jungle,
and hear a wild cry.
Turning, I see a beast.

A great red ape stood behind him on all fours. "You miss the powers. Do you envy young Justin?" he asked. Rocky nodded silently. The ape laughed. "Really, he should envy you." he said. Rocky frowned. "Why?" he asked. "Because you have me." the ape said smugly.

The red ape walks towards me,
and stares deep into my soul.
Then he closes his eyes,
and gives a sad moan.

The ape looked at Rocky. "Now, get up of your rear, and go visit your friends. They, too, have no Powers anymore, and they need you more than you could ever dream." the ape said, and swung off the roof. Rocky looked over the edge, but the ape was gone.

Then he swings into the trees,
and leaves my by myself,
yet I am not alone.

Rocky shook his head, laughed a little. Then he swung back into his window, grabbed his coat, and told his mom that he was going out for a while.

Kimberly sat on her bed, holding the small blue and red envelope. She flipped it open, and read the destination again. "Angel Grove, California." she murmured. "Why do you not return, featherless child of mine?" a soft female voice asked. Kim looked up to see a beautiful Pink crane standing in her room. "I'm afraid." she whispered. The crane cocked her head to one side. "Afraid of what?" she asked.

I am perched on the edge
of a silver waterfall.
Looking over the edge
I see a flock of cranes.
One crane, a pinkish one
flies up to perch beside me.

"I'm afraid that Tommy will hate me, I'm afraid that I'll get jealous of them, I'm afraid that They won't like me anymore... I'm afraid to go back and see him again...." she said, sobbing out her fears.

The crane cooed. "Poor child... you must go back. They, too, have passed the torch to a new team. They too have lost all of their powers." the crane said softly.

Kim looked up, and smiled at her guardian. "Did they?" she asked, ruffling the crane's smooth feathers.

"Yes, there is a new team of rangers now. I believe that the old team will need your help in coping." the crane said.

She coos and I scratch her crest feathers.
Thankfully, she flies back down to the pool,
leaving me to go home.

Kim picked up her purse, and put the ticket inside. "Thank you. I am going home." she said. The crane nodded slowly, and flew out of Kim's window. Kim set herself to packing her bags.

Aisha sat in a cave outside of her village. She had been saving her money for a few months, and now her coveted purchase rested in her dark hands. But she was afraid to go through with it. "Foolish Cub!" someone said, and swatted her in the head. Aisha fell over, and looked up.

I sit in a cave
My eyes closed.
I hear a slight growl
and open them.
A great yellow bear
waddles into the cave.

"You have your chance cub! Take advantage of it!" the Bear said. Aisha shook her head. "It's been so long. They may not even recognize me!" she said.

The bear nudged her with her head. "Only one way to find out, right? I say go home. They need you now. Especially Tanya." the bear told her.

She nudges me with her head
pushing me over.
I do not move,
and she goes on,
searching for a new bed,
and leaves me in solitude.

"Now cub, think on my words, and heed them." the bear said, and slowly waddled out of the cave. Aisha sat there for a moment, deep in thought. Then she ran out of the cave, and back to her village to pack.

Tommy walked into the Juice bar, and sat down at their old table. He ordered a donut and a chocolate milkshake, and settled in to wait. He didn't have to wait long. In a few minutes, Adam, Tanya, and Kat appeared. They all ordered smoothies, and the four friends continues to wait in silence. In about half an hour, Billy entered, scaring them all out of their wits. He ordered fries, and sat down with them. Still, no one spoke.

Eventually, Jason came in, grinning like a fool, followed by Trini and Zack. Tommy and billy scrambled to their feet to welcome their old friends. They made small talk for a few minutes, and then, everyone lapsed into a comfortable silence. In about and hour, Rocky appeared, one arm around Kimberly, the other around Aisha. Tommy rose, and smiled tentatively at Kim. She smiled back, and threw her arms around him in a warm hug. Kat's smile never wavered. She had gotten over Tommy a long time ago, but hadn't been able to break it off for fear of ruining their friendship. She knew she could never compete with the energetic and fiery Kim Hart.

Then, when they were all seated, they all smiled. "Well, we're all here!" Tommy said.

"Not quite." Rocky said. Everyone looked at him.

"I hope no one minds, but I took the liberty of calling Justin, and telling him to bring the New team." he said sheepishly.

Kat smiled. "I don't mind at all." she said. Everyone agreed. Justin, T.J., Cassie, Ashley, and Carlos all pulled up chairs as they arrived.

"Alright, I want to hear everyone's stories. I'm kinda out of the loop, and so are Zack, Trini, Kim, and Aisha." Billy said.

Everyone laughed. "Let's start with the Red rangers." Zack said.

Jason nodded. "For those of you who don't know me, I'm Jason Scott, Original Tyrannosaurus." he said, and proceeded to tell his story.
Then it was Rocky's turn, followed by Tommy and T.J.

"I think Pink." Kim said. "I'm Kim Hart, original pink ranger, yada-yada..." she said.

That got a chuckle. Kim was followed by Kat, and then Cassie. Black was next, starting with Zack, then moving on to Adam and finishing with Carlos, as Adam's successor. Then it was Rini, Aisha, Tanya, and Ashley, with Billy and Justin. "You guys already heard from me." rocky said.

"So, now that we've all caught up with each other, we should go have some fun!" Tommy suggested. Everyone stood up. "Wait!!" Aisha called, and pulled out a camera. "I want pictures of everyone to take back to Africa!" she said loudly.

"Anything but pictures!" Billy groaned.

"Anything?" Trini

Billy blushed. Tommy and Kim laughed. Aisha gave her camera to Ernie, and joined the group as the guys climbed onto Tables and chairs, all trying to crowd into the photo.

We are each alone,
And in being alone,
We have come together.
Forever and Always,
we will be together
if not in body,
then always in spirit.

The six spirit guardians of the Ninjeti rangers walked together into the Ninjeti ruins. The Bear moved to Join Tanya's Gazelle, Ashley's Sparrow, and Trini's Tiger. The frog bounded over to sit with Zack's Otter, and Carlos' Iguana. The crane flew to join with Kat's cougar, and Cassie's leopard. Billy's wolf joined with Justin's playful wolfcub spirit. Rocky's ape wandered over to Jason's dragon and T.J.'s Lion. Tommy's falcon looked over his comrades. "Yes, Rangers, always in spirit." he said, and flew up to perch next to the white owl that was Dulcea.

"Our children are beautiful, are they not?" she asked.

The falcon smiled. "Yes, all of them, humans and animals." he replied.