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Jeremy Ray Logsdon's Fics

Last Updated: March 5, 2000

The Earth Crystals Saga
The Earth Crystals
The Earth is threatened like never before when Lord Zedd's mother comes into the picture and traps the Zeo Rangers on Aquitar. Only the Earth Crystals can save them now.
In this sequel to "The Earth Crystals," the rangers face Jenga once again, and some strange things begin to happen.
It's always hardest for those left behind.
Home No More
The five trapped rangers must face an enemy powerful enough to destroy everything their new friends hold dear.
Heart and Soul
Justin finds out an interesting thing when reading up in Demonology, but it only causes more trouble.
Inside the Grid
In the alternate world, the stakes have grown higher as Duran becomes stronger and more unstable.
Unleashing the Power
Trini and Justin find a way to open a portal to the alternate world, but the battle isn't over yet.
In the alternate world, the Rangers are fighting the battle of their lives, and it might be their last.
Parallels Again
Trini, Tommy, Skull, and Justin are hopping from world to world, following the trail left by the Rangers before them. Of course, their trip is just as... eventful... as the first.
Phantom One
The Phantom Ranger is causing a lot of trouble, and as the Rangers get closer to finding out who he is, they discover they may not want to know.
Dream Walking The re-write
In the alternate world, the rangers try to decifer a strange message: "Blue becomes Red."
Phantom Two
Jenga and her Phantom Ranger continue to wreak havoc, just as Jenga's sister arrives in town. All this spells bad news for the Rangers.
The Switch
The rescuers finally land in the same dimension as the Rangers they're chasing, but.... You didn't think it was going to be easy, did you?
Phantom Three*
Jenga has everything she needs to make the Phantom Ranger permanently evil. The Rangers have to get to Muranthias before Jenga does, or the Phantom Ranger will be lost to them...forever.
Leaving the Shadows*
Jenga has a contender to her number one spot as Evil Incarnate — Darkonda. He has a very powerful weapon that just might give him the edge he needs....
Thunder on the Horizon
Jenga has found five mysterious globes that will forever change the lives of both the Rangers and their families and friends.
Shining Tears
Sydney has a lot to think about now that she isn't time-travelling. Where will she stay now that she's fourteen again? The Kwans help her find an answer.
Phantom Four
Things are relatively quiet on the moon as the Rangers deal with a lot of changes in their lives, but evil always has something cooking....
Hope Springs Eternal
Katherine gets in over her head in a mess of biblical proportions.
Long, Hard Summer
Jenga and Astronema go on a quest.
Fall From Grace
Can the bad guys win when they bring in evil Rangers from the future?
Dead of Winter
One chapter in history is about to close, and another is about to begin.
Numerous things are always happening to the residents of Angel Grove.
Seeds of Chaos
Jenga may be bored with the fight, but Divatox has a new plan that will turn the lights out on Angel Grove.
First Snow
The Turbo Rangers have returned from Phaedos, and just in time, because Angel Grove has turned chaotic.
Final Throes
The fight is entering its final throes, and Jenga announces something that will surprise everyone.
Angel Grove and the Rangers all have a lot to be thankful for.
Galaxy Rising
When Scorpius attacks Mirinoi, help is sought on Earth.

The Candle in the Wind Series
Standing Outside the Fire
Remember The Thirteen Ghosts of Scooby Doo? Imagine if the Rangers managed to get themselves into a similar predicament!
One Emotion
The Rangers go after the first demon, and they begin to find they all have special skills that will help them on their quest.
Rope the Moon
This time the gang is going to the Amazon chasing after the second demon. Angela has a decision to make that affects the entire group — and could grant them all great power.
Wide Open Spaces
The third demon, a "psychotic nymphomaniac," has stolen an ancient artifact called the DragonClaw Dagger, and unless the Rangers can stop her, she'll use her greatest asset - her body - to make sure she never has to get back in that chest.
Rated NC-16 for sexual situations and violence.
This time the demon is a little harder to believe—A leprechaun?
I'll Think of a Reason Later
The new demon is going to take them back home to Angel Grove.
Just One Little Kiss
One little kiss can be fatal.

Missing Medley
Missing Pink
Kimberly's departure leaves more than one person feeling down.
Missing Blue
Kimberly hears of Billy's new "friend" and is confused by her feeling of... jealousy?
Missing White
Tommy's having trouble adjusting to the Red Zeo Powers, but a talk with a good friend goes a long way.
Missing Yellow
Trini is intrigued by a painting, but it can only bring her trouble.
Missing Tanya
Adam gets a letter from Tanya with mysterious instructions to meet her. What is she up to?
Missing Mike
Leo is feeling very guilty after losing his brother.

"From the Inside Out" Series
Jason Scott cannot believe he's been chosen to help save the world.
Friendship Bracelets
Trini Kwan contemplates her new spot in history as the Yellow Ranger.
Blue History
Billy thinks back on his Ranger days.

The "Leaving Kansas" Series
Leaving Kansas
Dark Spectre may be dead, but his most powerful spell has just been cast.

"The Lost Adventures" Series
Ebony and Onyx
An ordinary teleport turns Carlos' life upside down.

Other Stories
A Different Shade of Zeo
A look at what might have been if things had turned out a bit differently.
Moon Over Angel Grove
A Drew Carey/MMPR Crossover? Oh man, this guy is whacked! ;)
Another Christmas Miracle
Don't believe in Santa Claus? He's much closer than you think.
Parental Consent
The Turbo Rangers are faced with life in space, but first they have to ask their parents.
Life Twice Lived
One of the Rangers is more than she seems.
The shortest fanfic in the world!
Really Want
It's time to give out the Zeo powers and there's major conflict.
When Rangers Attack
Rangers are getting whacked left and right!
Man in Pink
This PR/Men in Black crossover puts Agents Jay and his new partner Elle (both of whom you'll find very familiar) in the middle of major trouble.
Jumanji - The New Game
It's a game like no other, and its consequences can be severe.
I Can Love You Better
Kim and Katherine both want to be with Tommy, but he hasn't given them an answer yet. They won't tolerate being strung along for much longer....
Bleeding Blue
Billy returns from Aquitar, but has some surprising news. Pull out the kleenex to read this one!
Unanswered Prayers
At a football game in Angel Grove future, Tommy runs into a lost love.
Typical First Date
Jason has finally worked up the nerve to ask Emily out!
The True Phantom Annoyance
A Star Wars spoof of galactic proportions. (Not a crossover.)