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Disclaimer: The rangers don't belong to me. They currently belong to Buena Vista, which is a subsidiary of Disney. They used to belong to Saban. I'm writing this without permission, and am receiving no payment for this story. This is third in a series.

The Element Rangers:
Space Rescue
by J_deathok

"Put me down." Aisha Campbell ordered.

"Gladly." Reptina replied.

The snake woman dropped the dark-skinned young woman onto the floor. Aisha stood up and looked around. She was standing in the middle of a large room. Nearby, on a raised dais, stood a large throne. The man who sat on the throne was seven feet tall, and seemed to be made entirely of ice. Next to the throne stood what appeared to be a humanoid rat.

"Splinter and Iceman together." She joked, "Who'd have thought it?"

"Even if I knew who those people were, that isn't my name." The guy on the throne said, "I am Baron Von Ize, ruler of the Universe. These are my servants Gassoon and Reptina."

The two bowed in unison. Gassoon's tail flipped out behind him.

"Why am I here?" She demanded.

"Bait," Von Ize sneered, "for a trap. I just need to come up with one."

Aisha's jaw dropped. She couldn't believe it. She'd been kidnapped by a moron.

"I have it." He exalted, "I'll brainwash you."

"Oh Yay." She muttered.


Fourteen flashes of light filled the main room of the Power Chamber as all twelve Rangers and Bulk and Skull appeared. They looked none the worse for wear after their brief fight at the airport. Except for Tommy who looked pissed.

"How soon can we get to that ship of theirs?" He asked.

"We can't," Zordon replied, "there's a field that keeps us from teleporting in."

Tommy Oliver sighed and sat down on the floor. Jason Scott, on the other hand, began to pace. Billy Cranston watched him for a moment before turning to Zordon.

"There has to be a weak spot in that field." He said.

You and I can start looking for one now." Zordon's mechanical assistant Alpha 5 told him.

The short robot was already starting the scan.

"The rest of you should head home." Zordon said, "There's nothing any of you can do for now."

"Keep us updated." Tommy said.

The Rangers teleported out.


"Now what?" Bulk asked as the group entered the Youth Center.

"Now we wait." David Trueheart said.

The group found a table near the rear and ordered some burgers and fries. The moment their food came, David's communicator went off.

"Zordon?" He asked.

"Mondo's latest monster is attacking the warehouse district. Go there and stop him."

"And the ship?" Tommy asked.

"Billy and Alpha are still scanning the vessel."

"Get going." Tommy told his brother.

"It's Morphin' Time." David yelled.

Katherine Hilliard. "Zeo Ranger 1 Pink."

Tanya Sloan. "Zeo Ranger 2 Yellow."

Rocky DeSantos. "Zeo Ranger 3 Blue."

Adam Park. "Zeo Ranger 4 Green

David Trueheart. "Zeo Ranger 5 Red."

Trey of Teyforia. "Gold Ranger Power."


The Zeo Rangers appeared in the warehouse district just in time to see the monster blast a bus.

"Hey." Red Zeo shouted, "Go pick on someone your own shape."

The monster turned toward the Rangers. He was large and muscular. His metallic body was covered in spikes, with a large one protruding from his forehead.

"Hi, I'm Spike." He said, "Cogs, take them."

The robotic foot soldiers attacked and the battle began in earnest.


Billy slammed his fist on the console in frustration. This only served to send a stinging pain up his arm.

"Ow." He yelled.

"Serves you right." Alpha said, "You should have more respect for computers."

"This is taking too long." Billy hissed, "That ship must be the size of a city."

"I have something." Alpha said, "The rear cargo hatch doesn't have sufficient shielding."

"Contact the other Rangers." Zordon ordered.


A moment later, the other Rangers arrived. They spread themselves throughout the room.

"Alpha and Billy have found a weakness in the shield." Zordon said, "Teleport in, find Aisha, and get out."

"This could be a trap." Kimberly Hart said.

"It wouldn't be the first time." Trini Kwan repied.

Tommy looked at them sideways.

"Nevertheless," He said, "we have to go in. It's Morphin‚ Time."

Tommy Oliver. "White Element Power."

Zack Taylor. "Black Earth Power"

Jason Lee Scott. "Red Fire Power"

Trini Kwan. "Yellow Wind Power"

Billy Cranston. "Blue Water Power"

Kimberly Hart. "Pink Heart Power"

In six flashes of light they vanished.


"How's it going man?" Spike asked, as he and Red Zeo traded blows.

"Great," Red Zeo muttered, "you're a conversationalist."

"Al the better to get to know you." The monster replied.

In the meantime the others had spread themselves among the cogs, who were doing their best to kill the Rangers. Blue Zeo and Yellow Zeo found themselves back to back fighting the ferocious robots.

"This is ridiculous." Blue Zeo said, "They're not even trying."

"Divide and conquer." Yellow Zeo commented, "Typical battle strategy."

"Yes." Gold Ranger said, "But, we can't leave Spike here to his own devices."


The moment the Rangers arrived on the Ice Ship, they discovered two things. First, they had demorphed. An attempt to remorph only caused sparks to fly from their morphers. Second, they discovered they couldn't make contact with the Power Chamber or the Zeo Rangers. All they got was static.

"Maybe we should teleport out." Zack suggested.

"Bad idea." Billy told him, "The shields will keep us from teleporting out."

"How do you know that?" Zack asked.

"Because this is so obviously a trap." Kimberly told him.

"I think we should split up." Tommy said, "Jason, take Kim and Trini and try to find a control room. We'll need to get that shield down. Zack, Billy, and I are going to try to find Aisha."

"You going to be okay?" Jason asked.

"I'll be fine." Tommy replied.

He watched Jason and the girls head off before turning to the others.

"Let's go." He said.


Red Zeo executed a perfect black flip that connected his foot with Spike's horny face. The monster took a few steps back before regaining his balance.

"That hurt." He moaned.

The horn on his face glowed for a moment before a laser blasted out taking all six rangers.

"What is it with monsters and obvious weak spots?" Blue Zeo asked.

Red Zeo produced his Zeo Saber and began to circle the beast. He kept the sword pointed at Spike.

He was prepared when the monster charged. Changing his grip on the saber, Red Zeo deftly sliced off Spike's horn.

"I'll get you for that." Spike hollered.

Red Zeo shrugged, "I'm sure."

"Here I come to wreck the day!" Cave the sing-song voice of Orbus, the tiny ball-shaped robot who served the Machine Empire.

Spike caught him and received a boost of energy that caused him to grow to the size of a skyscraper.

"Our problems just got bigger." Green Zeo said.


Jason had theorized that the control room was near the top of the ship. So, the three Rangers were slowly making their way through the decks.

They had encountered little resistance from the ships defenses. In fact, all they had discovered were a couple of patrols of Ice Warriors. It was as they approached yet another elevator that they ran into their first major obstacle.

There standing in front of the elevator doors stood Reptina, with about a hundred Ice Warriors.

"Welcome to your nightmare." She told the rangers.

"Where's Aisha?" Jason demanded to know.

"You'll find out soon enough." She told him. "Ice Warriors attack!"


Zack leaned around the corner and took a quick count. What he found worried him.

"There's about a hundred Ice Warriors." He said, "Rat-boy is with them."

"Okay." Tommy said, "Use your Earth Power to knock the Ice Warriors down."

"I'll try." Zack said, "Earth!"

The entire floor of the deck shook knocking the Ice Warriors down. Only Gassoon managed to stay standing.

"Your Earth Power works on artificial structures." He commented, "Good to know."

The three Rangers stepped out. Billy grinned.

"Water!" He shouted. The pipes along the hall burst sending the large rat flying down the hall.

"All too easy." Billy said.

Suddenly they heard a clicking noise coming from one of the rooms along the hall. The door swung open and a familiar figure stepped out.


The Zeos formed the Zeo Megazord as quickly as possible. The large battle vehicle stood face to face with the spiked beast.

"Ooh." Spike taunted, "You have a robot."

"Zord." Yellow Zeo correct, "It's a Megazord."

"Whatever." Spike said.

He charged at the Megazord which reached out and punched the monster in the face.

"Ow." Spike said, "My nose."

The Rangers activated the zord's final attack which sent Spike spinning. Seconds later he blew up.


"Fire!" Jason yelled sending flames shooting toward Reptina.

The snake-woman dodged the blast before retuning fire with an energy blast from her sword. The Red Ranger found himself face down.

Trini and Kimberly were holding their own against the Ice Warriors. Trini using a combination of Kung Fu skills and Kimberly just using her martial arts skills. It was at times like this she wondered why she‚d accepted the Heart Power. It did her no good when there were only Ice Warriors available to effect. She landed gracefully, after executing a series of black flips. Something had dawned on her.

She turned toward Reptina and yelled, "Heart."

Reptina froze in place and her eyes glazed over.

"Call off your goons." Kimberly snapped.

"Ice Warriors stand down." Reptina ordered.

"Now," Kimberly told her, "take us to the control room."

Reptina led the way to the elevator.


Tommy stared in shock at the figure before him. The dark-skinned girl wore leather armor that left nothing to the imagination and carried a large sword. What really freak Tommy out were her glowing red eyes.

"Aisha," He said, "are you okay?"

"Never better." She replied cheerfully.

she swung her sword hard aiming for Tommy's head.

"Fire!" "Water!" "Earth"

The three attacks hit the former Yellow Ranger at the same time. The water put out the fire and the mixed with the earth to make a hot mud.

Aisha screamed in pain and fright. Realizing the mistake, Billy activated his water power to wash away the mud.

Aisha was, needless to say, pissed when she attacked again.


"What do you mean we can't get up there?" David demanded.

"The weakness in the shield must not have been a weakness." Alpha said, "We can't get in or send a message."

Rocky heaved a sigh, "Now what?"

"We wait." Zordon told him.


When the three Rangers and Reptina walked into the control room, Baron Von Ize looked decidedly shocked. Especially, since the Rangers seemed to be in control.

"Hi." Jason said.

Then, he turned and kicked Reptina in the chest sending her flying. Kimberly and Trini, in the meantime, took fighting stances.

"Oh," Von Ize sneered, "you‚ve got to kidding."

He stood up and pointed at Jason's feet. Suddenly ice encased them.

"Fire!" Jason said, melting his feet, "Try harder Iceboy. Kim, Trini wreck everything!"

"You can't do—" Von Ize began.

"Fire!" Jason yelled interrupting him.

The two began to throw blasts back and forth. Kimberly and Trini, seeing their chance, proceeded to wreck everything by demonstrating their martial arts skills on the computers. Moments later Jason's communicator beeped.

"The shield is down." Zordon's voice was a welcome surprise, "teleport to the lower decks. Tommy and the others are in need off assistances."

"See ya." Jason waved.

"Wait!" Von Ize shouted, but the Rangers had already teleported out.


When the others arrived, Tommy and Zack were standing back to back fighting Ice Warriors, while Billy was busy fighting Aisha.

"The shield‚s down." Jason shouted.

Tommy grinned, "It's Morphin‚ Time!"

Seconds later the Rangers stood fully morphed and ready for combat.

"Aisha," Yellow Ranger said, "we can do this the hard way or the easy way." P> "How about my way?" Aisha asked.

She swung her sword. Yellow Ranger blocked with her twin tornado daggers!

Red Ranger and Blacker Ranger were quickly taking down the Ice Warriors. This left the White, Pink, and Blue Rangers to fight the newly recovered Gassoon.

"We have to break the spell." Tommy said, "Zordon, got any ideas."

"The evil is in the armor." Zordon said, "Remove it."

"Not gonna be easy." Tommy said, "It protected gave her protection from our powers before."

He dodged Gassoon's punch.

"Go away." He said slicing off the rat's ear. Gassoon conceded defeat by teleporting out.

"Everyone," Tommy ordered, "concentrate your attacks on Aisha's armor."






White Ranger added his power to the others Aisha staggered backwards, the armor flashing in and out of existence.

"Keep at it." White Ranger said, "We just need a little more power."

"Fireblast!" Red Ranger yelled sending an extra burst of flames from his sword.

"Tornado slice." Yellow Ranger's tornado sent Aisha spinning.

"Tidal wave spin." Blue Ranger's tidal wave knocked her off her feet.

"Earthquake slice!" Black Ranger yelled. Now the armor was really flickering.

"Arrows of Confusion!" Pink Ranger yelled. What appeared to be about a hundred arrows headed for Aisha. She dodged left and right only to be hit by the only real arrow. The armor vanished.

"Whoa," She said, "what a rush."

She looked up to find her friends staring at her.

"What?" She asked, "Guys I'm not evil anymore."

"It's not that." Blue Ranger said.

Aisha looked down and realized, for the first time, that she wasn't wearing any clothes.


A few days later the Rangers, along with Bulk and Skull, gathered in the Youth Center for some burgers.

"So you were nude?" Skull asked, "I would have loved to see that."

"Not funny Eugene." Aisha said.

Skull ignored the obvious insult intended by her use of his real name. Instead, he bit into his burger grinning.

"Guys," Aisha said, "I'm sorry about what happened on the Ice Ship."

"It's okay." Tommy said, "We know you were under a spell."

"It still sucked." She said.

"Are you alright, Jase?" Adam asked, "You look a little green."

Aisha turned toward Jason. Sure enough, he did look slightly green.

"I'm fine." He said getting up, "I just remembered I had something I had to do."

He turned and rushed from the room.


Von Ize glared at his two servants. They stared back.

"Damage report!" He ordered.

"Let's see," Reptina said, "our security shield is down, our weapons are offline, our life support is minimal, oh and, our cloaking device isn't working."

"What?!" Von Ize and Gassoon reacted at the same time.

"The humans can see us." She told them, "I've moved the Cronim behind the moon."

"I hate the Power Rangers." Von Ize muttered.


Jason staggered into the hall and leaned against the wall. He hurt all over. He looked around to make sure nobody was watching and lifted his shirt. Gold lightning flickered across his chest. Each electric flicker sent spasms of pain through his body. He gripped the wall and gritted his teeth. This wasn't good at all.