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Disclaimer: The Power Rangers and all associated indicia, are property of Saban. The Syber Soldiers, and all associated indicia, are property of me. I have no intentions of writing this story for profit, I'm writing this for fun. I wasn't sure of the names of each of the Rescue Turbo Zords, so I just made them up. Any comments? E-mail me!

by Jason Festa

It was an insanely hot day in Angel Grove, and most sane people were inside, in the air conditioning. Temperature had been reported to be as high as 110 degrees. But, this day would not be without fun. A small group of teenagers had assembled on the beach, and were playing volleyball. The group of eight had broken into two teams, team 1: Tommy Oliver, Kimberly Hart, Jc Odin, and Alysa Perry. Team 2: Tanya Sloan, Sanchez Riley, Adam Park, and Justin Stewart. So far, team 1 was winning. Currently, it was team 2's turn to serve.

"3 serving 12." Adam stated sadly as he served. The ball flew over the net gracefully, but was intercepted by Jc's right hand. The ball flew back down to the ground, taking Tanya and Sanchez with it.

"Man!" Sanchez cried as he pounded the sand. Tanya helped him up.

"Don't worry, we'll pull it out in the end. We can beat those losers!" Tanya joked.

"13 serving 3." Tommy said as he served. The ball once again flew over the net, but this time, stayed over. It hit ground taking Justin with it.

"What did we set the goal for, 15 points?" Tommy joked. Adam helped Justin up.

"We suck." Adam stated.

"Yeah, we do." Justin said.

"Let's try this once more," Tommy started "14 serving 3." He hit the ball and sent it over. Sanchez jumped in the air, and sent it back to their side. The ball hit the ground as Kim and Tommy dived for it.

"Yeah!!" Sanchez yelled. Adam high-fived him.

"Way to go!" Tanya patted Sanchez on the back.

"Thanks!" Sanchez said as they rotated.

"Lucky shot!" Kim said. She tossed Sanchez the ball. "Serve." He raised the ball, and then lowered it.

"What's wrong?" Tanya asked.

"I don't know how to serve." He said sadly.

"Haven't you been watching the others?" Tanya asked.

"Yeah, but it doesn't make sense." Tanya walked over to him.

"I'll help you." She stood next to him. "Raise the ball, like this," She held her hand up to show him "now, pull your other hand back" She once again showed him "then bring it back, fast." He did as she said, and let it fly. It soared over the net, literally flying in the air. It seemed to float for several seconds before coming down on Kimberly's head.

"Ow!!" She cried as she grabbed her head. The others broke into hysterical laughter. "It's not funny!" She yelled. Two seconds later, she started to laugh. "You guys are so mean!"

"We know." Tommy said as he picked up the ball. He tossed it back to Sanchez. Kimberly slapped Tommy's arm playfully.

"Jerk." She pouted.

"I try." Tommy stated. Kim swatted him on the head. "What?"


High above Earth's atmosphere, a large sphere floated in space. It's rough, mechanical, appearance made it seem even darker than it was. Many lights shone off of it, creating a dim shield-like appearance. Many small tubes went from one outlet, and connected to another. The large sphere slowed as it approached Syberia's ship. Syberia's ship was larger than Earth itself, but did not look menacing. It consisted of one large cube set in the center, and then several tubes connecting to different cubes of almost the same size. Each cube had a tube connecting it to another cube. The huge ship gave off an eerie, red glow. As the sphere comes to a halt, it extends a tube that connects to the main cube of Syberia's ship. On the inside of Syberia's ship, Mallet and Syberia were approaching the docking bay.

"Mallet, are all the preparations made for Havok's stay?" Syberia asks.

"Yes, my queen. His quarters have been fixed as per your orders, and we have set up a stationary for his servants." Mallet explained.

"Good, I want Havok to feel welcome, do you understand?" Syberia asked.

"Of course my queen." They rounded another corner and came to a stop. A large, oval door was beginning to open. As it came to a stop, a tall being walked out. He was dressed, for the most part, in white. His orange eyes were the only thing that stuck out.

"Hello Queen Syberia." Havok said as he bowed.

"Hello Havok. I'm sorry about your sister, but I couldn't let her roam on her own." Syberia stated.

"Divatox was always a fool." Havok said as he stood up. "I'm surprised that the Rangers of Earth hadn't taken care of her, for you."

"Yes well, she actually proved a worthy opponent for the Rangers." Syberia said. "What news do you bring me from Digitar?"

"Well, he learned that I was building this base for my sister, and he called me to his kingdom. He informed me of my sister's death, and ordered me to continue the base, and give it to you. I hope that it will become a valuable asset in your control of Earth." Havok said.

"You may give me a tour of this base after dinner. Will you please escort me to the dinning cube?" Syberia asked.

"It would be my pleasure." Havok extended his arm, and Syberia took it. They began to walk off to another sector of the ship.

"Mallet," Syberia called.

"Yes, your majesty?" Mallet scurried up to her side.

"I want you to send down a mechanizing beam, and create some mechanizers to hassle the Soldiers. And then, I want you to begin working on a new monster." Syberia ordered.

"Anyone in particular?" Mallet asked.

"Yes, send down . . . Hurricane." Syberia smiled at the memory of the monster.

"Right away, my queen." Mallet scurried away in delight.


"All right," Sanchez began "13 serving 14." He raised the ball high above his head, and tossed it into the air. He immediately hit it with his other hand. It once again flew over the net, gracefully. Tommy jumped up and hit the ball back over the net. Tanya reacted quickly and sent it back to Tommy. But this time, Tommy missed. It hit the ground in a loud bang.

"Yeah!" Sanchez and Adam shouted.

"Lucky shot!" Tommy cried as he got up.

"Ten times in a row?" Tanya teased. Tommy smirked as he looked at the other team. Suddenly, a bright, red beam shot across the sky.

"What was that?" Justin asked.

"MECHANIZERS!" Kim shouted as the many cars shifted into the horrible creatures. The metal made loud noises as it contorted into the many warriors. Panic immediately engulfed the group of normal teenagers, surrounding the ex-Rangers and Soldiers.

"Guys!" Jc shouted. "Get them out of here, we'll handle the mechanizers." The other team crossed the net, and the ex-Rangers quickly moved to usher the scared citizens away. The three remaining Soldiers took defensive stances.

"Be careful, we can't morph until the coast is clear. So we're gonna have to fight solo, got it?" Jc questioned.

"Yeah!" Sanchez and Alysa answered in unison. The mechanizers slowly approached the Soldiers.

"It's like they're waiting for something!" Kimberly stated as she, and the other ex-Rangers joined the Soldiers. The eight teens took a fighting stance as the mechanizers moved a little faster. Suddenly, Mallet appeared to their left. He joined the other mechanizers, and stopped.

"Soldiers, ex-Rangers." He greeted them. "I am here to give you the choice of either surrendering, or dying." He paused. "Your call."

"Forget it!" Adam cried.

"Suit yourself, mechanizers . . . ATTACK!" The mechanizers immediately advanced on the eight teens.

"Be CAREFUL." Jc ordered. Suddenly, a mechanizer struck out at Jc. Jc ducked back, and came back up as the mechanizer came around again, and caught him in the back. He stumbled to the ground as a mechanizer went after Alysa. She kicked it in the stomach, and then spin kicked it to the ground. Another mechanizer approached, and hit her in the stomach, and then tossed her backwards. Justin immediately leapt to her side.

"Are you okay?" He asked as he helped her up.

"Yeah, I'm fine, thanks."

"No probl-" Justin was cut off as a mechanizer collided with him, and separated the two.

"Justin!" Alysa cried before a mechanizer tackled her.

"Back off!" Tommy cried as he pulled two mechanizers off of Kimberly.

"Thanks." She managed to get out before the mechanizers both leapt on them.

"Ky-ah!" Tanya cried as she scissor kicked a mechanizer, sending it to the ground. It got back up, and hit her across the face. She twirled to the ground in a painful heap.

"Get off my girlfriend!" Adam screamed as he tackled the mechanizer. They rolled around on the ground until the mechanizer pinned him down. It's chest opened wide, and a laser rolled out.

"ADAM!" Tanya screamed. Adam closed his eyes and said a prayer. When he opened his eyes, the mechanizer was gone, and Tanya stood in it's place.

"What happened?" He asked confused.

"I saved your life!" Tanya stated. "Come on!" She pulled him off of the ground, and drug him back into the fight. Sanchez spun by, and delivered a strong punch into a mechanizer's back, effectively sending him to the ground. The group of teens came within a tight circle, and were back to back.

"We're not having any effect on them!" Kimberly cried.

"They just keep getting up!" Tanya shouted.

"This is the time where we would've morphed!" Adam pointed out.

"We'll take care of that, you guys go to the Power Chamber." Jc ordered.

"Right buddy!" Tommy responded. The sky was full of light as the five ex-Rangers teleported away.

"All right, you guys ready?" Jc asked.

"Of course!" Sanchez boasted.

"All right then, IT'S MORPHING TIME!" Jc screamed.



"SYBER SOLDIER GREEN, STEGOSAURUS!" In a bright flash, they transformed into the Syber Soldiers. They immediately dropped into fighting stances.

"Time to get to work!" Jc cried as he jump kicked a mechanizer, breaking him in half. Instead of returning to the car it came from, it pulled itself back together. "That's new!" Jc stammered as he rejoined Alysa and Sanchez.

"They must have some protective shield that's rebuilding them when we destroy them!" Alysa cried.

"Great! That's all we need right now!" Sanchez yelled.

"Use your powers! While morphed, we can access our natural abilities!" Jc informed them.

"Right!" they cried.

"SYBER THUNDER FIST!" Jc cried as he shoved his fist into the air. Lightning struck, and his hand began to glow. After a few seconds, it was extremely bright. He brought it down, and chopped into a mechanizers chest. His hand emerged on the other side of the being, and it was immediately removed. The mechanizer broke apart and returned to the car it came from.

"Yes!" Jc cried happily. "We can access our powers through the suits!! Take advantage of that!" He ordered. The others nodded, and they all broke apart. Alysa made her way into a circle of mechanizers, and stood still.

"Hi boys!" She taunted. "Sorry to do this to you but, SPIRAL STAFF!" She spun around and produced a large staff with a spiral point at the top. "LIGHTNING STRIKE!" Lightning bolts cracked and energized the spiral tip. After a few moments, she began to shove it through the mechanizers' stomachs, effectively taking care of those few. As soon as the metal broke apart and flew back to the cars, she moved on to another group. Sanchez flipped by with his arms out, and struck two mechanizers in the head. He landed on the ground, and turned. "SYBER THUNDER BOLT!" He once again called on his lightning javelin. He pulled it up to aim, and then threw it. It soared through the middle of every mechanizer left, and destroyed each and every one of them. The three Soldiers regrouped and made sure each other was okay.

"You guys all right?" Jc asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Alysa stated.

"Me too." Sanchez added.

"Okay then, let's go to the Power Chamber." They each put they're hands in the sky, and teleported away. On the sidelines of where the fight just was, Mallet walked around.

"Piece of junk cars!" He cried as he kicked a car. He immediately was engulfed in purple flames, and returned to Syberia's ship.


The Power Chamber lit up with light as the Soldiers teleported in. They immediately took off their rings, and returned to their humanoid forms.

"You guys okay?" Jc asked the ex-Rangers.

"Yeah, we're fine. How 'bout you guys?" Tommy asked.

"We're fine. Zordon," Jc started as he addressed the wise sage "Does Syberia have some new spell that keeps us from destroying the mechanizers?"

"Yes, she has made the mechanizing beam stronger, and she kept it on the mechanizers during the whole fight." Zordon answered.

"Well that would explain why they pulled themselves back together." Alysa commented.

"Yeah, thank God we were able to use our powers while morphed!" Sanchez stated.

"I apologize that our atmosphere has left you without your natural abilities, Soldiers. Alpha is working on a device that will create a fake, Syberian, atmosphere around your bodies, so that you will be able to access your powers while not being morphed."

"Good, at least we'll be able to hold our own, while in battle!" Jc said.

"Yes. For now, Angel Grove is quiet, and there is no apparent activity around Syberia's ship. You should all return to Angel Grove before your parents begin to worry." Zordon said.

"That's something we don't have to worry about!" Kim said while looking at the Soldiers.

"No, but you should be in Angel Grove in case someone starts to get suspicious." Zordon boomed.

"Yeah." Tommy agreed.

"But be on alert, Syberia never attacks with mechanizers unless she's got something up her sleeve." Alpha said.

"Right." Jc began. "One of us should be with the Rangers at all times, just in case." Jc addressed the other Soldiers.

"Well, we could all go back to my apartment, and just hang out." Kim said.

"Sounds like a plan to me!" Justin butt in.

"All right. See ya, Zordon, Alpha." Tommy said as they all teleported out, in eight streams of light, one blue, one pink, one green, and five white.

"I miss the Power Rangers, Zordon." Alpha stated, sadly.

"Yes, but they will once again have powers in a few days, Alpha. Do not forget about our guest that is coming."

"Ay yi yi! How could I have forgotten?! But our window of opportunity grows small." Alpha said as he punched in some buttons on the computer consol next to him. The viewing globe lit up, and a worm hole appeared. "We only have 59 hours, and 23 minutes left!"

"Have faith in Dimitria, Alpha. She will be here in time."


The halls of Syberia's ship were full of laughter as she, General Havok, and several of their henchmen had dinner. The large room they were dining in, was painted a dark blue, with spots of red covering the walls. There was a single chandelier in the center of the humongous room, and it cast off a dark red glow. However, the room was surprisingly bright. Mallet entered the room with an angry expression on his face. He took his seat at the table, next to Syberia, and began to pout.

"I take it the Soldiers defeated you?" Syberia asked.

"Yes, unfortunately they can call upon they're natural abilities through the power. They sliced through the mechanizers like a warm knife through butter." Mallet pouted.

"Well, that's the way that I designed the powers to work. Don't worry Mallet, we will just have to make the mechanizing beam stronger. No biggy." Syberia simply shrugged off the loss as a learning experience.

"How can you be so flip about being defeated by a bunch of low-level Syberians?!" Mallet shouted as he stood up.

"We didn't lose, Mallet. They've simply got one round more than us." She stood up, and walked over to him. "Relax, we've been beaten before, it's NO BIGGY." She stroked his face gently. All of a sudden, she turned him around and slammed his head into the table. "BUT IF YOU EVER RAISE YOUR VOICE AT ME AGAIN, I WILL PERSONALLY RIP, YOUR PATHETIC, USELESS BODY TO SHREDS! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!" She screamed into his ears. Her voice came out, deep and dark. Mallet trembled under her grasp.

"Y-yes my q-q-queen." Mallet studdered.

"Good!" Syberia stated, returning to her happy mood. "Now, sit, and join us." Mallet scraped his face off of the table, and sat in his chair. A servant scurried out, and placed a plate in front of him. "Eat." Syberia ordered. He picked up a fork, and began to eat the food in front of him.

"So, Havok, tell me about this Zord you're building." Syberia said.

"Well, it's very much reminiscent of a dragon, it is mostly white, with silver, and gold. It towers above the Syber Zords in Dino-mode. But it is the same size as the Syber Megazord. It's power cells hold far more energy than their Zords, and my Zord could easily defeat theirs." Havok boasted.

"Good. When will it be ready?" Syberia inquired.

"In about a month or so. It is extremely hard to find the type of metal that I'm using. But it will be completed in no later than a month." He stated, remembering what the dealer had told him.

"Good. I want the Soldiers defeated. This new Space Base will make a great addition to my arsenal, but I'm not sure it will be enough." Syberia thought aloud.

"I promise that the Space Base, and I, will make you proud." Havok stated as he kissed her hand.

"For your sake, I hope so." Mallet muttered. Syberia shot him an angry glance. He lowered in his chair. "Sorry."


At Kimberly's newly rented apartment, the music was blasting. The apartment was located in a country-like area, so there was no one around to be annoyed. Because of the buildings' seclusion, it was suggested that the Soldiers move into there for residence, while on Earth. Currently, people where everywhere in the house. Jc and Alysa were on the roof, Tanya and Adam were in the living room with a very awkward-feeling Justin. Tommy and Kim were in the Kitchen, fixing drinks, and Sanchez was on the front lawn, looking at the moon. Justin, tired of watching Adam and Tanya make-out, came out onto the front lawn.

"Hey man." Justin said, to alert Sanchez of his presence.

"Hey." Sanchez responded, not once taking his eyes off of the moon.

"It's beautiful at night." Justin said.

"Huh?" Sanchez broke out of his slight trance.

"The moon," Justin pointed at it, "it's beautiful at night."

"Yeah." Sanchez said, returning to the moon. "It looks so different from here."

"What's it like up there?" Justin asked.

"Wonderful. Especially in the past few years. We've always feared Syberia's return, but the last time we saw her, we kicked her butt! We've been in happiness all of this time, and then she came back. Of course everyone freaked, but they carried on with their lives once we returned, as the Soldiers. We held a festival in honor of Prince Jc's return. It was simply beautiful, flowers everywhere, streets littered with colors, and everyone was so happy. It's sad to be away from it all, but I know that we're here for a good cause." Sanchez finally stopped.

Mental note, don't talk to Sanchez in depth. EVER. Justin stated to himself. "Wow. I'm gonna go get a drink, I'll be back." He walked off. "Next century." He snorted under his breath. Sanchez returned to his trance. Inside the house, Justin passed Adam and Tanya on the couch, doing . . . bad things. He passed by them quickly, and walked into the kitchen, where Kim and Tommy were talking. "Hey guys."

"Hey Justin." Kim said. "Whatcha up to?"

"Avoiding Sanchez." He snorted.

"Why?" Tommy asked in disbelief.

"He's in some weird trance. I asked him a question about New Syberia, and he completely went off track." Justin said.

"Ah, he just misses his home. He'll be fine in a few days." Kim said.

"I hope so!" Justin laughed.


On top of the roof, Jc and Alysa sat in silence, also staring at the moon. Jc constantly glanced from the Moon, to Alysa. Finally, she sighed.

"What?" She asked, somewhat annoyed.

"Nothing. It's just, well . . ." He started.

"Spit it out."

"Being up here with you reminds me of when we took the hike up to Lunar Cannon." Alysa smiled at the memory.

"God! I remember being stuck on a ledge with you, 30 ft below the surface."

"That was the best part, for me." Alysa blushed.

"I also remember what we did out there that night."

"Yeah, that was the last night that we were together." Jc grew quiet. "I'm sorry our relationship ended so bad."

"Me too," Alysa began, "but I think we make a better team as friends."

"Yeah, so do I, but I just wish that we hadn't parted on such bad terms. Do you realize that it took us three decades before we started talking again?"

"Yes! Those were the worst years of my life! Even worse then when my parents died."


"I didn't see them every day for thirty years, I knew they were gone, I got over it. It drove me crazy to see you and not be able to run up to you, and give you a huge hug. I missed your friendship." Her eyes began to water.

"Yeah, but you have it now, and it will never go away." Alysa turned to him, and gave him a hug.

"That's good to know." Suddenly, they were interrupted.

Beep beep beepbeep beep beep.

"Great!" Jc raised his dark blue communicator to his face. "Alpha, come in."

"Ay yi yi! Mechanizers are swarming around in downtown Angel Grove, and the scanners have picked up a monster on the outside of the city." Alpha's tiny, robot, voice boomed through the communicator.

"We'll handle it, Alpha." Alysa said. Jc closed the line of communication, but kept his communicator raised.

"Going down." They both teleported down to the front yard, where Sanchez stood in his trance.

"Sanchez," Alysa broke his trance, "we got trouble."

"What?" He asked.

"Mechanizers in Downtown, monster on outside of city." Jc said.

"Look, we'll handle the mechanizers, you go tell the Rangers what's up." Alysa said to Jc.

"Right." HE ran back towards the house. "I guess that leaves me the monster?"

"Yep." Alysa said.

"Cool!" Jc entered the house.

"Ready?" Alysa asked Sanchez.

"Yeah." He responded.



As Jc entered the house, he flew past Adam and Tanya, and went for the kitchen.

"Guys!" He cried.

"What's going on?" Tommy asked, worried.

"There's a monster on the outside of town, we're gonna go take care of it. Maybe you all should go to the Power Chamber, just in case." Jc stated.

"Right." Kim said. Jc ran back out to the living room. As he ran past Adam and Tanya, he heard their cries when Tommy separated them. Jc ran out the front door, and onto the lawn. He raised his ring in the air, and the blue gem started to glow.

"IT'S MORPHIN' TIME! SYBER SOLDIER BLUE, VELOCIRAPTOR!" In a flash, he immediately transformed into the Blue Soldier. Before he teleported away, five streaks of white light flew away from the house. Jc's blue teleportation beam lit up the sky, and contrasted wonderfully against the jet black sky. It had quickly become dark once they had started their party. But now, it was completely black, no stars could be seen anywhere. All was quiet when Jc landed. He looked to his left, and then his right, but there was no sign of a monster. He began to walk to his right, to check out that side of the lake. Angel Grove's city limits was a large lake properly titled, "lake limit". At night, you could usually see all the stars, and the trees surrounding the massive lake, as if it was a mirror. As he walked further down the lake, he still saw nothing. Finally, he stopped and raised his communicator. "Alpha, come in."

"Jc, what is it?" Alpha asked through the communicator.

"Are you sure that the monster you were detecting is out here?"

"Yes, scanners are still showing a signal. He is out there."

"All right, Jc out." He continued to move around the lake looking in every direction. "This is getting me nowhere! Expansion mode!" As Jc cried out, he immediately grew to the size of the Megazord. He looked all around, with no luck. "Damn it. Power down." He quickly grew back down to normal size, and began to walk, once more. After a few moments, he began to feel a slight breeze, and then it got extremely breezy. All of a sudden, he was hit in the chest, and sparks flew everywhere. He landed on the ground in pain. He got back up as soon as he could. He turned left, and right. Then, the breeze started again. Once more, he was struck in the chest. This time, the hit tore through his armor. As he stood up, he examined the rip, and saw that he was not hurt. It magically began to close. He looked all around, and then looked to the lake. He strained his eyes to see, but couldn't. "Headlights." He said calmly. The eyes of the Triceratops helmet, lit up. On the lake, a small, tornado like wind spun around. "All righty then!" The breeze once again started as the being in front of him came closer. "Not this time!" He pulled his blaster from his hip, and began to fire at the creature. The lasers went straight through it. "Crap."


"SPIRAL STAFF!" Alysa cried. Her staff immediately appeared in her hands. Currently, she was surrounded by a hoard of mechanizers. She started to swing the staff around her head wildly, and then brought it down and stabbed through each mechanizer. A few, somehow, managed to avoid the impalement, and fought back. One of them grabbed the staff, and yanked it out of her hands. She froze, and then started spinning. "Windfire!" She cried as she continued spinning. The Turbo bow appeared in her hands, and she pointed an arrow at the mechanizer, and released it. As it struck his chest, he exploded into pieces. The other mechanizers ran off. Alysa bent down and picked up her staff. "Don't touch." She ran off to help Sanchez keep the mechanizers from leaving.

"No you don't!" He cried as he spin kicked a very brave mechanizer who tried to escape. He flew back several feet, and broke apart. His metal contorted back into the lamp post it came from.

"Need some help?" Alysa asked as she joined the fight.

"The thought did cross my mind." He joked. They began to fight off the mechanizers, one by one. Alysa side swept one to the ground, and then slammed her staff through it's chest. It immediately returned to the building it came from. Sanchez spin kicked a mechanizer, and then hit it in the stomach, it promptly fell over. But then it got back up. He swept it's legs, and it fell over again. It got back up.

"Stay down!" Alysa said as she jammed her staff through it's back. It broke apart, and it's parts floated away. They continued to fight like this until they had finally gotten rid of the mechanizers.

"Guess I don't need to go to the gym this week!" Alysa joked. Suddenly, her shiny pink communicator sounded. "Come in Zordon."

"Soldiers, you must go help Jc, the monster known as 'Hurricane' is getting the better of him." Zordon boomed.

"Right." Sanchez responded. They both teleported away in a green and pink flash.


Jc rolled to the ground as the entity known as Hurricane swung at him again. As soon as he could, he jumped to his feet and spun around.

"VELOCIRAPTOR CLAWS!" He called. Two claw-like weapons appeared in his hands. They were roughly the size of his chest, and attached to his arms. The claws of the weapon hung over his hands as if they were his hands. He began to strike at the creature with violent force. As he did, the claws simply swished through it. "Great!" Jc back flipped to avoid a severe lashing from the monster. "I don't think so! HAND BLASTERS!" He summoned the blue Turbo weapons, and held them in his hands. The claws locked onto the blasters, and energized them. After a few moments, Jc aimed the weapons, and fired. A bright blue blast flew from both weapons, and struck Hurricane. The tornado-like monster dissipated, and all seemed to be quiet. "That was too easy." He loosened up a bit, but quickly became tense when the Hurricane returned, pissed.

"My turn!" The winds seemed to say. Several, brutal winds lashed out at Jc, and surrounded him. A small tornado formed around his body, and he was pulled toward the lake.

"ZORDON!" He screamed into his communicator. Before Zordon could respond, Jc was pulled into the lake, and under the water. He fought valiantly before losing consciousness.


The sky filled with light as Sanchez and Alysa landed on the shore.

"Okay, where's Jc?" Alysa asked.

"I'm not sure." Sanchez responded. All of a sudden, they heard something.

"ZORDON!" They both turned their heads.

"Over there!" Alysa screamed. Sanchez looked to the area she pointed out. They both got to see Jc pulled under water.

"Oh my god!" Sanchez shouted when he saw the monster. "Get both weapons ready, we're gonna need them!" Sanchez ordered.

"Right! SPIRAL STAFF! WINDFIRE!" In a bright flash, both weapons appeared in her hands.

"Combine them both." Sanchez ordered. As she did so, he looked toward the monster. "He's history. STEGOSAURUS DISCUS!" in another bright flash, the huge disc appeared in his hands. It looked very much like a shield. It had a spike in the dead center of it. Sanchez held it in front of him, and aimed it at the monster. After a few moments, he threw it at the monster. In a horrible cry, the monster's tendrils, holding Jc, were separated from his being, and tossed onto shore. As well as Jc. "Let's go!" Sanchez and Alysa ran, incredibly fast, towards Jc. In a matter of moments, they were at his side. Alysa promptly took of his helmet while Sanchez retrieved his weapon. He stood in front of Jc and Alysa. "Will you be okay, alone?"

"Yeah. We'll join you in a minute." Alysa answered.

"Good." As Sanchez turned, the being began to approach the group. "No you don't!" He leapt into the air, and flew at the monster. However, it was prepared, and hit Sanchez in the gut, sending him to the ground. He began to approach the others.

"Back off!" Alysa cried as she threw an energy arrow at Hurricane. It sailed right through him and hit Sanchez, sending him back to the ground. "Shit!" Hurricane continued to advance on the two. Finally, Sanchez got off of the ground, and ran around the monster, he positioned himself in front of the others, and held up the discus.

"Call Zordon!" He shouted back to Alysa.

"Zordon!" She cried into her communicator. "Teleport us, now!" In a bright flash, they all disappeared into the sky. Hurricane laughed to himself as he dissipated.


The Power Chamber filled with light as The Soldiers teleported in. Alysa and Jc materialized on the floor, and Sanchez materialized in front of them.

"Guys!" Justin cried. The ex-Rangers looked over as they materialized.

"Soldiers, I am glad that you are all right." Zordon boomed.

"We are, but Jc isn't. He's unconscious." Alysa pointed out.

"Place him on the med table." Tommy ordered. Sanchez and Tommy lifted him gently and walked over to the table. They put him down carefully.

"Alpha, run a scan, see if any of his systems are clogged with water." Kim suggested.

"Right!" Alpha stated enthusiastically as he began the scan.

"Are you guys sure you're okay?" Tanya asked the Soldiers.

"Yeah. We're just worried about him." Alysa sighed. Suddenly, a small blinking light appeared on a far away consol.

"Zordon, what's this light?" Adam asked. He had spent the last year familiarizing himself with the Power Chamber, since Billy wasn't here, and he didn't know what that consol did.

"That consol monitors the region around this Solar System. If it's blinking, then someone has entered this system." Zordon informed them. Jc made small noises as he awoke.

"Jc!" Alysa cried as she ran to his side. He tried to sit up, but she held him down. "Relax."

"What's going on?" He asked.

"Hurricane knocked you unconscious, but we brought you back to the Power Chamber."

"Zordon! It's Dimitria!" Alpha cried. While Alysa talked to Jc, he managed to make his way over to the foreign consol, and get some readings.

"Who's Dimitria?" Kim asked.

"All will be explained. All you need to know, is that she has a great gift for you, Rangers." Zordon said.

"You never could just tell us what was going on." Tommy joked. Zordon laughed.

"This time, I will tell you everything, before hand. But right now, we need to concentrate on Hurricane." Zordon said.

"I have tracked his movements to Angel Grove Beach. He is trying to create a major Hurricane. You must stop him, Soldiers." Alpha cried.

"Jc's in no condition to fight." Alysa stated.

"Justin," Zordon called.

"Yes?" The thirteen year old answered.

"Are you willing to briefly accept the power again to fight Hurricane?"

"Of course!" Justin cried, excitedly. He walked over to Jc. Jc took off the ring, and placed it in Justin's hand. His blue armor melted away, and the ring became bright.

"Be careful, man." Jc said.

"I will." Justin responded.

"Justin, you may access your Turbo Powers through the ring. Tommy, Tanya, I also want you to accept your Turbo powers again to help them." Zordon said.

"Right." Tommy and Tanya said in perfect unison. They stepped up to a consol, and Tommy pressed some buttons. A minute later, their Turbo morphers appeared on the consol.

"Let's do this." Tommy said as they strapped on the morphers. "You guys ready?" He asked Alysa and Sanchez.

"Yeah." Alysa answered.

"All right, Shift into Turbo!"





"SYBER SOLDIER GREEN, STEGOSAURS!" In one bright flash, they all morphed into their suits, and teleported away.

"Alpha, try to get a lock on Dimitria, and teleport her in." Zordon asked.

"Right away, Zordon." The robot began to type on the consol, rapidly.


At Det. Stone's new beach caf˘, a loud party was taking place. There were teenagers all over the place, and they were having a good time. Behind the counter, Jerome was shipping out orders like crazy. Emily ran up to the counter, and came around it.

"You're late." Jerome stated.

"Sorry, big storm on the highway, I think it's heading this way." Emily responded.

"There's not a cloud in the sky! There's no way a storm is going to hit." A moment later, it started to rain.

"No way, huh?" Emily joked. Teenagers ran around like crazy, looking for cover from the now pouring rain.

"This weather isn't natural for this time of year!" Jerome shouted to Emily over the noise of the wind. Off to their right, a figure emerged from the rain, and looked around.

"Fresh meat." Hurricane stated. The crowd of people went crazy and ran away.

"Oh god!" Emily cried.

"What is everyone so scared about?" Jerome asked. Emily grabbed his chin, and pushed his face into the direction of the monster. "Holy cow!" He shouted. He grabbed Emily by the arm, and pulled her away. The sky filled with light as the Rangers and Soldiers appeared.

"Hi-yah!" They all cried.

"Ah, the puny rainbow punks who don't stand a chance!" Hurricane said.

"We'll see who doesn't stand a chance!" Tommy cried.

"I guess we will." Hurricane stated as he dissipated back into the storm.

"Great, we'll never get him this way!" Alysa cried.

"Don't be so sure! Turbine Laser!" Tommy shouted. The massive cannon landed in their hands, and they all hoisted it up. "Spread fire!" Tommy said. The beam spread out, and hit the cloud that used to be Hurricane. With a loud cry, he came together, and fell to the ground. The storm stopped, and the sky became clear. All of a sudden, a black beam hit Hurricane, and he grew high above the group.

Beep beep beepbeep beep beep.

"Come in Zordon." Tommy said.

"I have re-created the Turbo Zords, and you may now use their power in addition to the Syber Zords. You can now combine the two to create a Syber, Turbo Megazord." Zordon boomed through the communicator.

"Right." Tommy responded. "Red Lightning, Turbo Power!"

"Dune Star, Turbo Power!"

"Mountain Blaster, Turbo Power!"

"Brachiosaurus, Dino-Zord Power!"

"Stegosaurus, Dino-Zord Power!" With a crack of thunder, the five Zords appeared, and the Rangers and Soldiers jumped into them. They all took their seats, and initiated power.

"All right," Tommy started, "Syber Turbo Megazord Power!" They all finished together. The massive Zords began the transformation into the Megazord. The Turbo Zords did exactly the same thing they always did, but the Dino-Zords did something different. The Brachiosaurus Broke apart to form the arms, but instead of staying the Brachiosaurus, it transformed back into Wind Chaser. The Stegosaurus formed the feet, and quickly formed back into Desert Thunder.

"TURBO MEGAZORD, POWER UP!" They all cried in unison. The massive Zord shined under the Moon's light. The water calmed as Hurricane focused all of his power into physical strength. The Turbo Megazord, circled around with Hurricane for what seemed like eternity.

"What's he doing?" Tanya asked.

"Who knows!" Justin responded. As if on cue, the monster began his attack. He leapt into the air and delivered a strong kick to the Turbo Megazord's chest. The massive Zord fell to the ground creating a slight tremor.

"You guys okay?" Tommy asked.

"I am." Justin said.

"Me too." Sanchez said.

"Me three." Tanya said.

"Number four." Alysa responded.

"What's our power cell look like?" Tommy asked Sanchez.

"We're down 50%. Mostly because of it being nighttime, and also because of that kick." Sanchez responded.

"Try to siphon us some power. Tanya, work on getting us back up." Tommy ordered.

"Right." Tanya turned, and began to work several controls at once. Suddenly, Hurricane rushed them.

"BRACE YOURSELVES!" Tommy shouted. Hurricane hit the Megazord, head on. The Megazord rolled, trying to get the monster off of itself. Finally, after several moments, Hurricane was off. The Megazord stood up.

"Power cell at 37%!" Sanchez shouted.

"Let's make that 37% count! Turbo Saber!" The huge sword appeared, and the Megazord swung it at Hurricane to no avail. Hurricane lashed out with his arms, and locked onto the Turbo Megazord. Lights flashed inside the cockpit, as well as outside.

"He's stealing power! Power Cell at 12%" Sanchez cried.

"I'm not ditching these Zords too!" Tommy cried.

"We're going bust! Power Cell at 0%. If we don't jump, we will die." Sanchez informed him.

"Abandon ship." Tommy said sadly. And with that, for the second time in his life, he jumped from the Megazord, and watched it crumple to the ground. "Bye girl." The Zords broke out into fire, and it blazed brightly. Suddenly, they appeared in the Power Chamber.

"What happened?" Justin asked.

"I brought you back." Zordon said.

"The Zords?" Tommy asked, hopelessly.

"They're gone." Zordon said sadly. Suddenly, white light filled the Power Chamber as A white glob floated to the floor. After a few moments, it shifted into the figure of a woman in a white gown, with black, curly hair, and a silk mask covering her nose and mouth. "Dimitria." Zordon stated.

"Zordon of Eltar, it is good to see you again." She said. "I understand you have a bit of a problem?"

"Yes. One of Syberia's creations has destroyed the Rangers' Zords." Zordon said. Dimitria looked over at the Rangers and Soldiers, and then over to the med table. She slowly floated over to the table, to find Kim and Adam standing around Jc.

"Prince Jc, of New Syberia. I have not seen you in over a millennia." Dimitria said.

"It has been a long time, hasn't it." Jc said.

"How old are you now?" She asked.

"Two-thousand, eight hundred, and ninety nine." Kimberly choked.

"I remember when you were only two centuries old!" Dimitria said.

"I apologize for interrupting your trip down memory lane, but we have a problem here." Adam said.

"You're a feisty one, aren't you?" Dimitria asked. Adam blushed. "Power Rangers, gather around me. Blue Ranger, give the ring to Jc. No Syber power is allowed in my ring of power." Dimitria said.

"Right." he took off the ring, and shrunk back down to his normal size. He gave the ring back to Jc. "Have fun." Jc laughed.

"Rangers," Dimitria began as Justin joined the circle, "your Turbo powers have been vanquished with the destruction of the Turbo Megazord. Since your powers came from the Zords, logic dictates that you need new Zords. Please follow me." She floated off towards the doors to the outside of the Power Chamber. Once everyone had joined her outside, she continued. "You all carry the power, deep within yourselves. Look for it, and call out to your Zords." They all closed their eyes as a white light surrounded them all. It began to glow brighter with each passing moment. After a few moments, the light cleared, and the Turbo Rangers appeared as they had before.

"Our suits are the same." Tommy stated.

"Yes, but the power has changed. Call to your Zords." Dimitria stepped back.

"WIND CHASER POWER! WIND RESCUE!" Kimberly cried. The Zord, Wind Chaser appeared, and began to change. Once it finished, a large, pink ambulance stood in it's place.

"Cool." Kim said aloud.

"DUNE STAR POWER! STAR RESCUE!" Tanya shouted. The Zord, Dune Star appeared and began to change. Once it finished, a large bull dozer stood in it's place. "Awesome!"

"MOUNTAIN BLASTER POWER! MOUNTAIN RESCUE!" Justin cried. His Zord appeared, and began to change. After a while, a police car stood in it's place. "Great, cops!"

"DESERT THUNDER POWER! DESERT RESCUE!" Adam cried. His Zord appeared, and started to change. When it stopped, a large dump truck stood in it's place. "Okay!"

"RED LIGHTNING POWER! LIGHTNING RESCUE!" Tommy cried. Once again, his Zord appeared and began the transformation. After a few moments, a large fire truck stood in it's place. "My mom did want me to be fire fighter."

"Rangers, these new Zords shall serve you well. Right now, you must go handle Hurricane. Be careful." Zordon boomed from inside of the Power Chamber.

"Right, RESCUE TURBO POWER!" Tommy shouted.





"RED LIGHTNING!" In one bright flash, they once again transformed into the Power Rangers. They immediately teleported into their Zords, and drove off to fight Hurricane. Dimitria walked back into the Power Chamber, with a smile underneath her face mask.

"The look on their faces when they found out they were getting power, was priceless." Dimitria looked up at Zordon. "I can see why you care for them so much."

"They are like my children, Dimitria. You had better take good care of them." Zordon warned.

"Zordon?" Alysa asked. "Are you . . . leaving?"

"I will explain when the Rangers return." Zordon said.

"Zordon, we only have 40 hours left before the wormhole closes." Alpha said.

"I am aware of that. Rangers, make this a quick battle."


The Rescue Zords flew into battle, as Hurricane focused his power again. The Zords started driving around his feet, making him spin in circles trying to get them.

"You like to make storms? Check out mine!" Tommy cried. "Water Cannons!" Tommy shouted, as he did, the two cannons on his Zord's back, turned and began to spray strong water at Hurricane.

"Nice. Try my water!" Hurricane cried. He extended his arms, and water began to spray out. It was concentrated just enough, that it tipped over Tommy's Zord.

"Back off!" Kim cried as she drove by Hurricane's feet. She ran over one foot, but not the other. He picked his leg up, and began hopping around.

"My turn!" Justin cried playfully as he rammed his police car into Hurricane's other leg. Hurricane tripped, and fell to the ground.

"We're not doing much on our own, let's bring 'em together!" Tommy ordered.

"Right!" The others cried in unison.

"RESCUE MEGAZORD POWER!" The five, massive Zords began the transformation into the Rescue Megazord. After a full minute, the process was complete, and the Megazord towered above Hurricane.

"Let's finish him off, TURBO CANNONS!" The two large cannons materialized in the Megazord's hands, and they began to fire. The double blast hit Hurricane, hard. He spun around in a circle, until nothing remained. "Zordon," Tommy said into his communicator, "is he gone, for good?"

"Yes, you have successfully defeated him." After hearing the news, the Rangers went into a round of victory cries. "Please return to the Power Chamber, I need to talk to you." Zordon boomed. The happiness immediately left the cockpit.

"Right." Tommy mumbled.

"What do you think that's all about?" Kim asked.

"Probably about Dimitria." Adam stated.

"Let's go, guys." Tommy said. As they teleported away, the Rescue Megazord vacated to the Zord Holding Bay.


"Dimitria, are you sure that you're willing to do this?" Zordon asked.

"I am here, aren't I?" Dimitria responded. Before Zordon could respond, the Power Chamber filled with light as the Rangers teleported in.

"Turbo down!" Tommy cried. Their armor melted away, and they became the normal humans that they are. "What's up, Zordon?"

"Rangers, I have some good news, and I have some bad news." Zordon said.

"In the immortal words of Aisha, 'I always like the good news first.'" Kim said.

"Well, Alpha and I have the chance to return to Eltar for the first time in 60,000 years."

"Well then, you should go!" Adam said.

"What's the bad news?" Tanya broke in.

"The bad news, is that if we go, we will not be able to return for 3,000 years." The Power Chamber grew quiet.

"Zordon, this chance obviously doesn't come every day, you should take it while you have it." Kim said.

"That is why Dimitria is here, I have asked her to step in, in my place. Is that all right with you all?" Zordon asked.

"Yeah, you should go home if you can." Adam said.

"It's a once in a lifetime opportunity." Tanya said.

"You shouldn't stay here because of us." Justin said.

"You should take advantage of the opportunity." Sanchez said.

"At least we'll live to see you come back!" Jc joked. Alysa poked him in the stomach. "Ow!"

"It's your home, and we would never imagine trying to keep you from it. Right, Tommy?" Kim asked. Tommy looked at Zordon.

"You're like a father to me Zordon. A real father, not an adopted one. I couldn't imagine ever going through life without you. But if being home, will make you and Alpha happy," He paused, "you should go."

"I'm happy that you feel that way, Tommy. I will miss you all, you are all my children, especially in my heart. You all hold a special place inside of me. If we are to have enough time to safely make it through, we should leave soon, Alpha 5." Zordon said.

"Right." Alpha went to press in the coordinates on the consol, but Kim stopped him.

"I'll miss you Alpha." She gave him a huge hug. "I love you."

"I love you too, Kimberly. I love you all." One by one, each Ranger had their turn saying goodbye. After a few tears, Alpha and Zordon were ready to go.

"Good bye Rangers. I will miss you greatly." Zordon said. Alpha programmed the coordinates into the consol, and they both teleported out in a bright, white flash. As soon as they were gone, the Power Chamber seemed to grow dark. As Jc watched Zordon leave, he got this eerie feeling that Zordon would be back, but before it was time. He quickly shoved the thought out of his head as he and the other Rangers went off to return to Kimberly's apartment, to mourn the loss of such a great leader.