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Keep The Faith
by Georgia Peach

It was a clear and peaceful afternoon in Angel Grove. It was almost hard to believe that the day before there had been total havoc throughout the city. Mondo had attempted to destroy the earth once more. And once again the power rangers had defeated him, and saved the world from total destruction.

Tommy and Katherine were having a wonderful walk in the park. Savoring up this glorious time, being normal teenagers. But for some odd reason Katherine didn't look like she was enjoying herself.

"Kat, you okay?" Tommy asked. "You've been really quiet today, are you feeling all right."

Katherine tilted her head. She really wasn't feeling well· But she wasn't really sure what was wrong. Her head was pounding severely· And once in a while she felt a little dizzy·Plus when she had woken up that morning, she had looked as white as a ghost.

She had to pile tons of makeup on to cover it up. She wasn't sure whether to tell Tommy or not· He would probably get really worried, and make her get checked out· But in a way she wanted to be checked out·. Something was seriously wrong with her and she wasn't sure what." Not really, Tommy." She began.

Tommy's face turned pale. He stopped and gently took her arm, " What do you mean· What's wrong?"

"I don't know·" She than told him everything. " Ever since we won the battle yesterday, I haven't felt so good·. And I don't know what to do." She slowly touched her forehead, the dizziness becoming worse.

"Katherine, I think we should have Zordon take a look at you· Maybe it's nothing,·but it could be something · Let's just see, okay?" Tommy asked, but was obviously giving a direct order.

"Okay." Katherine said so quietly that Tommy had to strain to hear her. And from there they to teleported to the Power Chamber.

At the Youth Center, Tanya was having a really hard time concentrating. Such a hard time in fact that she didn't hear Adam, come up behind her.

"Boo!" He shouted.

She vaguely jerked, but didn't seem to care." Oh, hi Adam· What's up."

Adam grabbed a chair. " You okay, Tanya? You look a little peaked. "

Tanya shrugged." I don't know, I haven't been feeling to good since yesterday·. I have a headache and get dizzy from time to time·I can barely concentrate· I really don't know what's wrong with me."

"Maybe we should go to Zordon, he might know what to do· Com'on let's head there." He grabbed her arm and let her into corner where they teleported out.

When they arrived in the Power Chamber, Adam and Tanya found Alpha in front of Katherine with some strange device.

Tanya stepped forward, "Kat, are you okay?" She asked, more worried about her friend than herself.

Katherine shrugged," I don't know, Tanya·. Ever since the battle yesterday I haven't been feeling so good."

Tanya looked to Adam, than back to Katherine, " You mean a headache·and dizziness once in a while."

Katherine and Tommy stared at her, " How did you know?" Kat asked.

"I've had the same symptoms, since yesterday afternoon·. It must be connected to something that happened to us yesterday." Tanya suggested.

Billy was standing quietly over by one of the computers. He was reading what was being picked up from, Katherine, and now Tanya." Well there defiantly seems to be some form of connection·. You both have the exact form of bacteria in you blood streams, but I'm not sure what it is· It's not like anything I've ever seen before." He said puzzled.

"Well, now let's think about this for a second· yesterday afternoon we all were fighting Mondo, so there must be some connection to that· But none of us have the same symptoms·" Leeza paused. She had felt a little dizzy earlier. And in fact she had , had a horrible headache earlier also, but she was feeling a little better now. Was it possible whatever was wrong with the others, she had, had and now it was gone? " I did have a headache earlier, but I'm fine now·Could it just be something that will pass?"

"Maybe it affects people differently," Tommy jumped in." Maybe you have more of a resistance to this thing, than Katherine and Tanya."

"Rangers!" Zordon shouted to get their attention. " I think I'm aware of what this is. Alpha contact Rocky, and have him come here·We must see if he has similar symptoms." Zordon ordered.

Alpha did as he was told. " But Zordon, only the girls have this symptoms· Could it just be a virus that spreads throughout girls?" Billy questioned.

Just than Rocky came into the Power Chamber shining it with blue. " What's up guys?" He asked touching his forehead lightly.

"Billy could you please, send the information to me· I should than be able to answer all of you're questions." Zordon said ignoring Rocky's question.

Billy pressed a few keys and the information was transferred." Well?" Billy asked impatiently.

"It is a machine virus·. Yesterday when you were fighting the monster and came into contact with it , the virus must of gotten onto you· It usually doesn't have an affect on humans· But because you were in your Zords it hit you· If it goes through another machine, any life form can receive the virus·. It will affect some of you,· some harshly, some lightly·. In fact you can have symptoms, have them disappear and than return again·That is all I know of it, we must learn more in order to help all of you· Billy, look up as much as you can on this virus, Alpha take care of Katherine, and Tanya properly, Leeza you have to go and look over the zords. See if you can find anything abnormal about them."

"Zordon, I could check out the zords, and Leeza could look up the necessary information." Billy seemed to plea.

"No Billy· Leeza is small enough to look into parts of the zord that you can't get to· She should be all right· If she already has the virus in her system , that won't affect her." Zordon said firmly.

Leeza quietly whispered to Billy," Don't worry, I'll be fine· You can't get rid of me that easily." And she headed toward the zord room.

"Com'on Katherine let's get you a bed." Tommy said taking her arm.

She slightly nodded. But as she stood up everything spun· She couldn't get anything into focus· She gripped Tommy's arm tighter, for some kind of balance· But it didn't help· She took two steps and fell· In the distance she could vaguely hear Tommy, shout her name.


They all ran to Katherine's side. She slowly slid too the ground.

"Kat !" Tanya shouted running over to her side.

"Zordon, why did she faint?" Rocky asked.

Zordon remained silent for a moment. Almost not wanting to explain." It is a part of the virus' affect on humans, rangers· After the basic symptoms, the person continues to get dizzy·. Eventually fainting· Like Katherine just did· The person will than have periods of semi-consciousness, and unconsciousness·. Eventually slipping into a coma, and then·" Zordon's voice fell silent. Everyone knew the answer to that one.

Tommy sat next to Katherine," Zordon·.Is there anything we can do?...Isn't there a cure for this thing?"

Zordon seemed to shake his head inside of his glass tube." Not that I know of·. That is why we must research on it· Until then, get Katherine a bed· Tanya I want you to lie down also· To try and prevent it from getting worse·.Now let's get to work. Fretting gets you no where."

They all agreed. Tommy picked Katherine up and placed her on a bed .While Tanya lied down, and tried to think over what was happening. None of it made sense· Had the Machine Empire, purposely done this? Or was it just an accident? Did they have a deadly virus threatening to destroy all of them, and know that they were destroying the rangers with this?.. Probably not· If all their machines were ill, that would mean they were wasting energy by trying to defeat the rangers· So it wouldn't matter who won because the machines would cease to exist anyway.

"You all right , Tanya?" Adam finally spoke breaking into her thoughts. He was so frightened something might happen to her· He hoped she would be okay.

"Yeah, I was just thinking·" She began to explain it all to him· Maybe he could make some sense of it.

"You know, Tanya, you're probably right· The Machine Empire has this virus spreading throughout all their machines, and they don't even know it." Adam lowered his voice and leaned closer to her," And honestly, I hope they never do."

Tanya giggled." I hope they don't either·Has Katherine woken up yet?"

Adam gazed over to Tommy who had his head lowered sitting by a bed. "Tommy, is Kat awake yet?"

Tommy shook his head. A combination of sadness and fright filled his face. "No not yet· She stirred a few times·but noth'n else."

The entire Power Chamber fell silent. Billy gazed up from his computer·" She'll be all right Tommy· Don't lose faith· We've all been through too much together to lose each other this easily·Besides, I think I'm locking on to some kind of cure· I'm not positive·but it might work." He said encouragingly.

"I sure hope your right." Tommy said with more important things on his mind· Deep down inside of his heart he felt as if he loved her· Even though it was teenage love. It was still real to him· He had never told her that, and now·. He may never get the chance·

Rocky decided to jump into the conversation. "Let's just hope Billy and Leeza don't come down with this thing·" He rubbed his forehead." We need the two of you to figure all this out·"

Billy just grinned," I'll be fine Rocky·And we all know how strong willed Leeza is·"

Everyone broke out laughing, including Tommy." Rocky, I'm actually worried about you· You've been rubbing your head for the past hour·You feeling okay?"

Rocky shrugged. "Not sure· Sometimes I feel fine, and other times· I feel like I might faint· I guess I got this thing too, huh?"

Billy lowered his head. He hated to say it but Rocky had the virus· Secretly he had run a test on all of the rangers to see who had the disease or not· The only ones without it were, himself, Tommy, and Adam· As for if Leeza had the virus or not that was questionable· The test didn't show the zord room· He just prayed that it would come up negative when he did the test on her.

Tommy could always read right threw Billy. Right now he saw the same look of fear appear, that he had· He was worried about Katherine, and Billy was worried about Leeza. " Billy,· Why don't you go check on Leeza· Just to see if she found anything interesting. I'll keep an eye on things here."

Billy looked hesitant. He didn't want anyone to think he was being overprotective of Leeza· She absolutely hated the idea of anyone hovering over her. " I don't think so, Tommy· I'm sure she's fine."

Tommy slowly walked over to Billy. He lowered his voice so that everyone in the Power Chamber would have to strain to hear him·" I know your worried about her· So I want you to go see her· If she thinks your being overprotective, tell her I wanted to see if she had found anything yet· Now go· You'll feel better."

Billy sighed,." Can I keep anything from you Tommy?"

Tommy shook his head," No· Now go!"

Billy slightly shrugged," Okay·Adam, go get Rocky a cot· He should be lying down, so that way he won't faint·. I'll be back in a minute." He said as he quickly exited the room.

Inside of the zord room, Leeza was hidden underneath one of the zords. Billy walked up to the zord and tapped on it. "Hey, I need this machine for a battle in an hour." He joked, quickly glancing at his watch." How much longer is it going to take?"

Leeza slid herself forward, and stared up at him. "Well actually I'm just about done· I was just reconnecting a wire· That will be a thousand dollars please." She played along with the joke, putting her hand out for the money.

" Isn't a thousand dollars kinda steep? My car cost that much and it was new!"

Leeza shrugged." Sorry, it's hard to find parts for these things. Than you have to find someone who knows how to work them, and doesn't blow up his lab, like you did last week." She leaned closer to him." So, pay up."

Billy lowered his eyes, trying not to smile." I don't have that kind of money· Do you think I could work it off?"

Leeza slightly cocked her head. "Depends· How do you plan on what you mean?"

Billy brought his eyes up." Oh·Like this." He bent down slowly and kissed her. She returned it.

When they broke away, she looked at him wide eyed." That will take off·maybe a hundred dollars· Still, have nine hundred more to pay off." She smiled.

Billy returned it." I would love to continue paying them off like that, right now Leeza·. But Katherine fainted, and Rocky's sick too· We need to do something. "

Leeza looked shocked." Katherine fainted?! Did she wake up yet?"

"No· Let me explain." Billy gave a very quick rough draft of what Zordon had told them. " No one else has it, but Katherine, Tanya, or Rocky· I wasn't able to get threw the zord room· I want you to come back in so I can examine you." He quickly changed the subject." Did you find anything in here?"

Leeza shrugged lightly touching her forehead. " Our zords do have this virus· But the good news is, it's already beginning to leave them· No serious damage· I'd say as far as machine's are concerned we have nothing to worry about." She shook her head from side to side trying to clear it.

Panic immediately shot through Billy· He could tell by her face that she had the virus· Why couldn't he have gotten it instead of her? He couldn't lose her, she was everything to him. He just couldn't lose her." You have it don't you?" He asked shakily. " Tell me the truth."

Leeza slowly gazed up at him, and nodded." My head's killing me· I can barely see straight· " Tears began to form in her eyes." I'm so scared, Billy· What if there's no cure?"

Billy shook his head." Leeza," He said in a comforting voice." I think I already found one· Remember when we were on our quest for the crystals?" She slightly nodded." Well it had all those plants, remember? One of those plants, I'm not sure which one, contains the cure· Someone just has to go back there and find it· Than you'll be fine· Now com'on let's get you a cot so you can rest."

Leeza just nodded. She felt so weak· Her body felt like lead. She couldn't support it anymore· She felt comforted that Billy was there to help her, if she fell he would support her· But somehow his support didn't help either· Her world began to spin, everything moving in a circle, nothing would stay still· She tried to walk, but her body was too weak. One step and her world darkened.


Billy gave a shriek for Leeza's name that could have been heard in Stone Canyon. Both Tommy and Adam jumped and ran into the zord room. They found Billy sitting next to Leeza, trying to awaken her.

"Billy," Tommy walked over to him, and put a comforting hand on his shoulder." She'll be okay· Weren't you the one who told me not to lose faith?·I think you need to stand on that right now."

Adam's eyes had a form of moistness in them." Billy· I know how you feel· Tanya just· went out too." He struggled to say." And I don't think Rocky will be awake much longer· Everyone's leaving· What if we lose everybody from this thing· We've been through so much over the past few years· What if this thing takes us?· What if ·this thing beats us?"

Billy lifted his eyes toward Adam." I don't think it can beat us if we don't let it· I think I know where the cure is·. Where Leeza and I went to get the Peach and Silver crystals."

"The third dimension of earth?" Tommy interrupted surprised.

Billy shook his head yes." Most of the planet has plants· One of those plants is the cure·When I left the Power Chamber , I had the computer run a scan over all of the plants· When it finds the right one it will show up on the computer· Than all we have to do is find it." He finished.

Silence maintained the room for several moments. " How long do you think it will take for the computer to find these plants?" Tommy asked.

Billy shrugged." I really don't know· It could take a few minutes, or a few hours· I just hope we'll find them in time."

"Do you think Zordon, will let us go?" Adam joined into the conversation, feeling a sign of hope.

"Let's go find out." Tommy paused and looked at Billy." Can you carry her, man?·Do you need me to help?"

Billy shook his head." No· I've got her." He slowly slid his arms underneath her and picked her up gently." Adam· Could you go get a cot for her, please." Billy said near tears.

"Sure." Was all Adam could say. He walked to where the cots were. He just couldn't understand it all· He had woken up this morning fine· And now his entire world was falling apart from the seems! Nothing made sense to him· Everything that was important to him was being taken away· All the people he cared about were leaving·He just hoped they could get the cure before it was too late.

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