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Disclaimer: Saban owns all the characters except Commander Stanton's daughter Danielle, and her nine-month-old daughter Brianna. (I own all of those :) ) The second part of this takes place during the episode "Lights of Orion".

The Truth About Brianna
by "Galactic Moo"

Sixteen-year-old Danielle Stanton peered around the corner as the security guards walked by. She fervently hoped her father hadn't sent them to look for her, but she knew she wouldn't be able to run if they were. She looked over at the sleeping baby in the baby carrier next to her, and sighed. *Why did it have to happen to me?* she thought. She had found out she was pregnant as soon as she and her father had come aboard Terra Venture and disappeared shortly thereafter. Now it was eighteen months later, and she was still in hiding. She knew that if her father found out that she had gotten pregnant - and by somebody who worked for him no less - she was dead.

"Mike where are you?" she whispered, not knowing exactly what had happened to him.


Leo Corbett looked up to see his best friend Kendrix Morgan standing beside him. "You okay?" she asked.

Leo shrugged and said, "I can't shake this feeling that I'm really close to finding her."

"Who?" Leo sighed and turned to his friend and said, "Mike never told you about Danielle Stanton, did he?"

Kendrix was speechless for a second. "The commander's daughter?" Leo nodded and explained. "They were going to get married someday and everything...but as soon as Commander Stanton and Danielle came on board she disappeared." Leo fell silent as he remembered the last two things Mike had told him.

*Flashback, 16 months earlier*

"Leo, do two things for me," Mike said, still trying to hang on.

"What?" Leo asked his brother. Mike said, "Find Danielle for me and tell her I love her."

Kendrix stared at Leo. "Why do you think she disappeared?" the Pink Ranger asked. Leo shook his head. "I don't know, but I'm gonna find out."

"I'm coming with you," Kendrix said. Leo nodded and hit his communicator. "Kai, Maya, Damon, meet me and Kendrix on the Megaship. We have a search mission to go on."

A half hour later, all the Rangers were seated on the bridge and Leo had explained the whole mission.

Damon said, "So Commander Stanton's daughter is here on Terra Venture somewhere?" Leo nodded and Kai said, "I remember him talking about her. He said she disappeared after..." he looked at Leo as he finished. "..he said she disappeared a couple of months after she spent a weekend with your brother."

"Mike?" Leo said, almost speechless. Kai nodded. Leo said quietly, "That's what he meant."

"Meant by what?" Maya asked. Leo explained the last two things Mike had told him and Maya nodded, "Yeah, that's what it could have meant."

"We have to find her. It's the last promise I made Mike and I'm determined to keep it," Leo said. The others nodded and with that, they went to work.

Danielle peeked out of the hole in the wall and quickly dove back into the shadows as the Red Ranger walked by. Suddenly Brianna started crying. "Brianna!" Danielle hissed, trying to get her daughter to be quiet.

Too late...the Red Ranger had spotted them. "Danielle?" he said. Danielle looked up with a sheepish grin. "You didn't happen to be looking for me, were you?" she asked.

"In fact I was. Your father's worried sick about you," Leo said. Danielle shook her head. "You can't tell him you saw me!" she said frantically. "If he finds out about..."

"Her?" Leo said, pointing at Brianna. Danielle nodded. Leo sighed and said, "You have to promise not to tell anyone about what I'm going to do." He quickly demorphed, leaving Danielle in shock. "You're Mike's brother!" she whispered. Leo nodded and said, "Yeah..."

"Where is he?" she demanded. Leo looked down and said, "He died on a mission sixteen months ago."

"Oh no..." Danielle whispered, trying not to cry. Leo gave her a hug and said, "He wanted me to tell you something."

"What?" Danielle sniffled. Leo said quietly, "He told me to tell you he'll love you forever."

That did it. Danielle started crying so hard she could barely breathe. Leo didn't let go of his brother's girlfriend until she stopped crying, and by then, Brianna was crying too. "Why didn't you tell Mike you were pregnant?" Leo asked as Danielle changed her daughter's diaper and gave her a bottle.

"If Dad ever found out I had gotten pregnant, and by somebody who works for him no less, I'd be dead faster than you could blink!"

"Well we at least have to tell your dad we found you, ok?"

Danielle swallowed and said, "Yeah...but we can't tell him about Brianna yet! We just can't!"

"I understand," Leo said. Just then the other Rangers ran up. "You found her!" Kendrix said as she and the others demorphed. Leo nodded and said, "Kendrix, take the baby back to the ship and have Alpha take care of her while we take Danielle back to her dad." Kendrix nodded and picked up Brianna and teleported out.

"Commander Stanton?" Kai poked his head into his commanding officer's office. "We found something you've been looking for."

"Really?" the commander asked. Kai nodded and stepped back as Danielle slowly walked in. "Hi, Dad," she said quietly.

"Danielle, you've been on this colony for almost two years and didn't even tell me where you were?"

"I couldn't, Dad," Danielle said. "If you found out the real reason I disappeared, you'd probably have me shot."

"Try me," Commander Stanton said. Danielle sat on the edge of her father's desk and said, "I...I disappeared because...I was pregnant and I didn't want you to be mad at me."

"You were pregnant?" Commander Stanton couldn't believe it. Danielle nodded and said, "I couldn't believe it myself when I found out from Doctor Jamison. I knew I had to go hide somewhere till I had the baby, and once I did, I just stayed away longer. I—"

"Wait, Danielle," Her father looked at her and said, "Who's the baby's father?"

"My brother." Danielle and her father looked up to see Leo standing in the door. "It was Mike."

"Mike?" Commander Stanton was in total shock. Leo nodded and said, "I could not believe it when she told me, but it's the truth."

Just then Kendrix walked in with Brianna in her arms. "Danielle, she will not quit crying," the Pink Ranger said, handing the baby to her mother. Danielle swallowed and took Brianna and gave her a pacifier that she always kept in her pocket. Brianna started sucking on it and quieted down immediately.

"That's her isn't it?" Commander Stanton said quietly, so as not to set Brianna off screaming again. Danielle nodded and said, "Her name's Brianna."

"After your brother," Kai spoke up from the back of the room. Danielle nodded and looked at her dad. "Dad if you don't kill me I promise to never go anywhere without telling you, okay?" She handed Brianna to the nearest person(which happened to be Leo) and gave her dad a hug. "I love you Dad," she said.

"I love you too, Dani," Commander Stanton said. "And I expect you to keep that promise, too."



Danielle peered out over the rock at Furio. "What is in that box?" she whispered to Leo.

"I dunno but we're about to find out!" Leo whispered back. Furio ha dsent Leo a message saying that not only did he want the Rangers to meet him, he also wanted to see Leo's niece's mother, so Danielle talked her dad into letting her go.

Danielle hid behind the rock and only looked up when Leo said,

"Um...Danielle you better look."

She peeked over the rock and almost started crying right there.

"Mike?" she whispered. She couldn't believe it. "I thought you said he was dead, Leo!" she hissed at the Red Ranger next to her.

"I thought he was too!" Leo retorted. Danielle stood up and slowly approached Mike. "Mike?" she said when she reached him. "Mike, it's me, Danielle."

Mike slowly opened his eyes. "Danielle?" he said.

Danielle nodded almost in tears. "Yeah it's me." She grabbed Mike's hand. "There's so much I have to tell you..."

"Why did you disappear like you did?" Mike asked. Danielle sighed and said, "I was pregnant, Mike."

"You were what?" Mike struggled to sit up but Danielle held him back. "You've been through too much," she said quietly. "Yeah, I was pregnant."

"It's mine, right?" Mike said, watching his brother and the other Rangers fight off Furio and his little helpers.

"Yeah," Danielle said quietly. "Her name's Brianna Lynn. She looks just like you."

"Wish I could see her," Mike said softly. "I missed you Danielle."

Danielle felt herself melt as she said, "I missed you too." She gave him a kiss on the cheek, and just then, Furio grabbed her and held her a gun point.

"Danielle!" Mike said as loudly as he could, which wasn't very loud because he was still weak. Danielle eeped and said, "Um..somebody help?"

"Give up your Quasar Sabers and I'll let her go!" Furio said. Leo just stared the evil creature down and said, "I'd like to see you try!"

"If you insist!" Furio said, his finger tightening on the trigger. Danielle closed her eyes and whispered, "I love you Mike..." ..then Furio let go and hit the ground when a bolt of yellow lightning from Maya hit him in the arm. Danielle tumbled to the ground then crawled back over to Mike. "This sucks," she said.

"No kidding," Mike answered. Just then Leo yelled, "Danielle we gotta retreat, come on!"

"Not without Mike I'm not going anywhere!" Danielle yelled back.

"Danielle, just go...I'll be fine, you'll see me again someday I promise," Mike whispered, pulling her down for a kiss. Danielle felt her eyes well up with tears as she said, "Mike.."

"Go..please..." Mike said. "I'll think of you every day I swear. Tell Brianna all about me."

"Like I haven't been already," Danielle choked out. With that she got up and let Leo drag her off.

Later, Danielle was on the Megaship, crying her heart out. It just wasn't fair. She'd found the love of her life, only to lose him again.

"Danielle?" Kendrix quietly let herself into the other girl's quarters and sat down on the bed. "You gonna be okay?"

"No," Danielle sobbed. "Not until I get Mike back."

Kendrix gave the pretty dark-haired girl a hug. "He said it himself, you'll see him again someday."

"But when?" Danielle said, looking up at the blonde sitting next to her.

"I don't know," Kendrix said. "But I know that someday within the next year, you and Mike will be together again." The Pink Ranger smiled and gave Danielle a hug. "Come on we gotta get back to Terra Venture and you always said you wanted to fly this thing."

Danielle managed a giggle and got to her feet, letting Kendrix lead her to the bridge.

The End

Note: This is the first Lost galaxy fic I actually finished at the moment but hey what can I say I like the mushy love story type things and I thought about doing a Leo/Kendrix thing, but everybody's gonna do that one to death, so I decided on something between Mike and Commander Stanton's daughter. Lemme know what you think at greenastroranger@hotmail.com Thanks! BYE!