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The Cal Rixxian Encounter
by Daniel Furuya and Kyle Vega

(loosely based upon the story "Power Rangers: Return of the Cal Rixxians written with John Kuamo'o III)



This movie is written as if the Television series does not exist. It is written as a true sequel to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie. There are a few things taken from the series and utilized in the script.)

The Retsinis Nemar imprisons Zedd and Rita back in the little snowy village and takes over the moonbase . The Dark Rangers are created by Lord Zedd. Lord Zedd plans to use these Dark Rangers to invade the Command Center, and release the Retsinis Nemar who will destroy Zordon's link to Earth and his connection to the great power and to the Rangers themselves. Lord Zedd plans to infuse the Zords with evil energy to destroy Angel Grove and the world once and for all, But then Retsinis Nemar destroys the command center, kills Zordon and causes the Zords to phase out of existence. The Power Rangers then go on to prove that the power to combat evil comes from inside yourself.

The Dark Rangers:
They have Power gems instead of coins. They are all different Shaped and were created for the sole purpose of evil. They have all different powers. They do not look like the Power Rangers. Each Dark Ranger slightly resembles the other, but they all have very different powers and skills. They are all male Cal Rixxians, and have the ability to blend in with any race they come in contact with, so they will not raise a commotion among the populace of the planet. They are from the planet Cal Rixxia, center of the Rixxian galaxy. They were banished to our moon long before humans thrived on earth. They have lain dormant for many centuries and will soon be awakened by Zedd to do battle with the true Rangers, they have different abilities and weapons that ultimately shape their character.

Main Villain:
Retsinis Nemar was also trapped under the surface of the moon in suspended animation. Lord Zedd knew of the Dark Rangers, but not about him. When Zedd awakened the Dark Rangers, He also released Retsinis Nemar. Zedd commanded Retsinis Nemar to infiltrate the Command Center with the Dark Rangers and destroy it. Retsinis Nemar then broke free of Zedd's containment field around the Command Center and he realized Zedd meant to destroy him along with the command center. He is from the planet Rixxia Alpha, the first planet in the Rixxian galaxy and has telepathic abilities in which to control the Dark Rangers. He is a being composed of almost pure evil energy, except for his suits which is derived from an unknown form of inorganic material, which appears to be impervious to all known weapons in the galaxy. He is infinitely stronger than the Dark Rangers themselves. Retsinis Nemar can control all known forms of electricity and can use hypnosis in anyone weak-minded and cause them to obey his will.

The Power Rangers:
Our Heroes have been chosen out of many to play the Stunt Doubles of Rangers in a TV special documenting the good that the heroes have done for the city of Angel Grove. The director believes they are just six ordinary teens with extraordinary martial arts skills, but unknown to him (and everyone else) they really are the Power Rangers.

The Six Teens: There are Six Teenagers chosen to play the Power Rangers Alter Egos for the Television Special. They are:

Dirk St.Vincent AKA The White Ranger
Conrad Bradley AKA The Blue Ranger
Michael Tyler AKA The Red Ranger
Randy Kim AKA The Black Ranger
Jacklyn Carter AKA The Yellow Ranger
Caroline Albert AKA The Pink Ranger

Regular Villains:
Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, Goldar, Finster, and Rito Revolto. Rita and Zedd rule the moonbase with their two henchmen Goldar and Rito.
They try and try to defeat the Rangers and always end up with headaches from either the Rangers themselves or from Goldar and Rito always screwing things up. Finster is the monster and puttie's creator.

Alpha 5/ Alpha 6:
The resident sentient robot that cares for the Command Center and maintains all it's systems with the help of the Blue Ranger, Billy.

Zordon is a galactic wizard who has chosen the Rangers and has given them their Mighty Morphin Powers. He is in an life supporting imaging chamber beneath the command center and his image is fed into the command center through it's imaging computers.

Comic relief (Bulk & Skull): Bulk and Skull are kept around mainly for laughs and for typical bumbling of jobs. They will appear briefly in the beginning of the movie. Bulk and Skull are basically your everyday average bullies who like to pick on others weaker and smaller then they are.

COLOR: Green

COLOR: Crimson

COLOR: Emerald
COLOR: Verdant

DARK RANGER NAME: Saphhire Storm
GEMSTONE: Saphhire
COLOR: Cobalt


COLOR: Black

Weapon Functions
Lightning Lance:
It can be used as a traditional Bo Staff. It also can be used as an offensive weapon by firing bolts of lightning when held pointed towards its target.

Power Leech Blast:
Basically will drain all energy from in and around a person and causing disorientation and collapse. Projected from the center of Emerald Slime's chest.

Ground Shaker Sword:
It can cause the planet's crust to be disrupted in order to gain an upper hand in battle. Is activated when the hilt strikes the ground

Sonic Arrow:
Sonic arrow is mainly used for disorientation and distraction by emitting a shrieking sound when fired. When the arrow reaches its target a sonic boom detonates.

Darkmatter Axe:
It can fire blobs of Dark Matter, which eats through whatever it hits. Dark matter will be shown as a Black energy-fluid substance like Electric Tar.

Fear Wave Guitar:
It mesmerizes it's intending target with psychadelic sound, but then make's the target's worst fear to become reality to them. Can also be used as a regular energy-gun or a club. Shaped like a Fender Stratocaster.

Power Rangers: The Cal Rixxian Encounter

Scene 1
Scene Opens at Angel Grove High School

(Bell Rings as class ends)

Mrs. Appleby
O.K., Students, now remember your homework, you must write an essay describing yourself that goes along with the self-portrait you did in art class.

Mass (Sarcastically)
Or what, we won't get to put up our painty-wainty pictures up at the mall?

Yeah! painty wainty pictures. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Mrs. Appleby
No, you boys will have weekday and Saturday detention for a month! And if you don't start doing your work and handing it in on time, it will be extended to a year!

Caroline Albert ( to Jaclyn Carter and Dirk St. Vincent )
Isn't this exciting? Our art is actually going to be on display at the mall.

Yeah it is. I'm glad it's been quiet lately. No Rita or Zedd to ruin our afternoon.

C'mon. I promised Conrad, Randy and Michael we'd study for our math test together. Conrad's also working on some weird science project that will allow us to transfer fuel from one vehicle to another without getting a mouthful of unleaded.

Scene 2
Scene cuts to Lord Zedd's castle on the moon (Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, Rito and Goldar watch the earth.)

Perfect! Those miserable teens will finally be destroyed. I'll use my staff to create a monster from that siphon in Conrad's bag that will drain their Ranger powers and then those meddlesome teenagers will be destroyed forever!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

Lord Zedd, look. There are three of the Rangers in the park and they are headed toward the exhibit to put up their portraits.

I'll use the Tengas to distract the Rangers while you go get that siphon from Conrad's bag. Goldar!!! Send Down the Tengas!!!

Scene 3
Scene cuts to Angel Grove Park (Conrad Bradley, Randy Kim and Michael Tyler are walking through the park talking to themselves)

This siphon will come in handy for my science proj....

Oh No. Look!!!!

( Twelve Tengas Appear and Attack.)

All Three (Conrad, Randy and Michael)
It's Morphin' Time!!!

(As soon as the words leave their mouths, They are instantaneously transformed into their TV Ranger costumes.)
(Fight sequence follows: Four Tengas per Ranger.) (While they are fighting, Goldar materializes near the trio's bags and starts rummaging through each one)

Scene 4
(Scene cuts back to the trio fighting)

Whoa, there are too many of them. We need help. Quick, Randy, call the others. (Michael backflips and delivers a roundhouse kick to a nearby Tenga warrior)

All Right!! Dirk! Dirk! Come in. (Randy dodges a Tenga as it flies over him. The Tenga looks back to see why he missed and crashes into a tree.)

Scene 5
(Scene cuts to Ernie's Juice Bar)

Jaclyn I wonder where the guys are? It's not like them to be late.

(Dirk's communicator beeps)

(To Jaclyn and Caroline) Let's go someplace quieter.

(Dirk, Jaclyn, and Caroline go around the corner from the cafe, near the back door)

I read you Randy, What's going on?

(Voice over the communicator) We've been attacked by a flock of Tengas in the park. We're outnumbered 4:1 and desperately need your help.

Computer, teleport Caroline, Jaclyn, and myself to the park We're outta here.

( VFX: teleportation sequence)

Scene 6
Scene cuts back to the park. ( VFX: Dirk, Jaclyn, and Caroline teleport in.)

It's Morphin' Time!!

(Instantly the Trio are transformed and ready to do battle. Dirk does a flying kick and knocks a Tenga into another and helps Conrad get to his feet, Caroline backflips over to help Randy and uppercuts another Tenga, and Jaclyn sweeps a tenga off its feet and then punches it in the chest. She then helps Michael suckerpunch the last remaining tena. As they continue to fight, Rito Revolto teleports down from the moon.)

All right, you pesky power twerps, now you're really going to get it!!!

Oh yeah, right, you and what army, Rito? These flock of flying dodos? I seriously doubt....

(As he walks into the middle of the fight.)

CUT!!!!! You in the costume!!! (indicating the guy in the Rito Costume) For the last time get your line straight. It's power Punks, not power Twerps!! Oh forget it. I give up! We'll continue tomorrow at 8:00 in the morning. That's it for today, this scene has made me physically ill. (begins to cough and sneeze)

Assistant Director
That's a wrap!!! Save the Generators. (to the Power Rangers) Call is at 5:00 am for actors and stuntmen, I mean Stuntpeople. Good day, ladies! (He smiles at Kimberly and Aisha)

(All of a sudden we see that we are not in Angel Grove park, but in a very detailed recreation of it on a soundstage. The Six Actors who play the Rangers Alter Egos are standing off to the side of the set as Tommy and the others remove their helmets and walk off the set.)

Scene 7
(Scene Changes to show Tommy removing the White Ranger's helmet)

(Nodding to the assistant director, Calling to other Rangers) Hey guys, over here. Come quickly. You know, it's an eerie and amazing coincidence how we all got chosen to play "Power Rangers" for this TV special. I wonder what the director would say if he knew that we really were the Power Rangers.

Quiet. Here come those actors who are supposed to be us.

Hey, Tommy! C'mere a minute. Bring your friends.

(The Rangers walk over to the actor playing Dirk and his co-stars. They pass lights and camera equipment. They reach the actor's lounge area and sit with the actors.)

I just wanted to tell you guys how impressed we were with your martial arts skills. I mean that was one amazing flying kick. By the way, I'm Dirk, this is Conrad, Michael, Randy, Jaclyn and Caroline.

(Dirk motions around the table. The camera follows and pauses for a second on each of the actors sitting there.)

Where did you learn so your technique? You have a really unique style.

Well, I studied Martial Arts at a very young age and continue today to perfect my skills. By the way, this is Billy, Adam, Kimberly, Rocky, and Aisha.

(Tommy motions around the table. The camera follows and pauses for a second on each of the rangers sitting there. Camera then pulls back to a wide shot of the entire group)

Hey, we'll do lunch. Well, we've got to get back to the hotel. See you later.

(Studio starts to shut off lights, generators go off)

I guess we're done for the day. You know it's really creepy here without all the bright lights and the actors and technicians running around. Let's go to Ernie's new outdoor cafe.

You know, Kim, You're right, it is downright spooky. Let's get out of here.

(They start heading out of the sound stage toward the parking lot. As they get further away from the sound stage, they pass a group of actors used on other Saban shows.)

Adam You know, I never thought I would be cast as the Blue Ranger. I mean it's not me.

I know what you mean, being the Black Ranger is definitely a new experience for me.

What's up with these Mass and Bone characters, they have nothing to do with the story at all. I'm glad Bulk and Skull aren't around anymore, they'd find those characters more annoying than they are.

(They reach to jeep and Rocky starts it up.)

What are you wasting time for? We got places to go and people to save.

Yeah, let's get going.

Scene 8
(Scene cuts to real Angel Grove park. Our heroes are walking toward the Ernie's outdoor cafe, suddenly Tommy's Communicator beeps. Tommy activates it as everyone gathers around Tommy)

Rangers, there has been severe disruptions in the Morphing Grid. Perhaps it is just acting up because of the solar eclipse tomorrow. Billy, I need you at the Command Center right away to help Alpha decipher what this means.

I'll be right there. I sure hope it's the eclipse that is causing the disruptions.

Alpha, teleport Billy here, right away.

Scene 9
(Scene cuts to INT. of the moonbase)

Zedd!! What are you going to do about those meddlesome teenagers. They're really starting to bug me. You haven't done anything decent since that boogerman, Ivan Ooze, took over and made us look stupid!!!

Lord Zedd
Be quiet Rita!! I have the ultimate plan to destroy those pesky Rangers. From the dark side of the moon in the deepest canyon, lies the dormant Dark Rangers from the planet Cal Rixxia. They were imprisoned beneath the surface of the moon before there was even humans living on the planet. They are purely evil, Unlike the Green Ranger, they cannot be swayed to the side of light.

Dark Rangers?!?! They were there all this time and I didn't know about it?? Why haven't you used them before if they were so powerful.
Lord Zedd
I was waiting for just the right moment, when there was a solar eclipse and the sun brightens the dark side of the moon. Besides with these Dark Rangers, I can finally destroy Zordon and those pesky Power Punks.

I see!! Because they are Rangers they can access the Command Center. Yes!!! The world will finally be mine!!!

What do you mean yours?!?!

I meant ours of course Zeddy-poo.

Rito!! Goldar!! Check on Finster. See if he has a monster that is powerful enough to destroy these pathetic power twerps.

(tossing a small round object in the air) You always say that you're going to destroy those pathetic earthlings. Then those power brats make your high and mighty monsters fall down and go boom. HEH HEH HEH!!!

Lord Zedd
Give that to me!

Sure Edd, here you go.

Lord Zedd
That's Zedd!!! Lord Zedd! Z! E! D! D! You mindless cretin!

Yeah, yeah. Edd, Zedd! Same thing. What's the big deal anyway?

Lord Zedd
(Contemplates the snowy village) I don't want to talk about it!! (Then adds softly) I really don't want to go back in here again!!

(He tosses the snowy village aside)

Scene 10
(Scene cuts back to our heroes in the park.)

I've got to get to the Command Center now, I'll report back to you later Tommy.

C'mon you guys, lets get going to Ernie's. I want to get a snack and a good night's sleep before the solar eclipse tomorrow

All right, Billy. We'll meet at your lab later and we'll see what you have for us.

(VFX: Billy teleports out)

Scene 11
(Scene cuts to Command Center) (VFX: Billy teleports in and walks to the main computer console)

Billy, These readings of the internal sensors pointed at the moon would suggest with 96.5 % accuracy that Lord Zedd has found the Dark Rangers of Cal Rixxia, they have Morphing capabilities just as we do, but use their powers for evil.

Dark Rangers of Cal Rixxia? Who are they? And why didn't you call Tommy? After all, he's the leader.

Watch the viewing globe and you will understand.

(Zordon narrates the pictures displayed in the viewing globe. Billy stares intently at the viewing globe.)

The Dark Rangers of Cal Rixxia are evil creations of the first Dark Empress of the galaxy, Lady T'nemrot. Lady T'nemrot created these Dark Rangers to create havoc and use fear as a way of making the people of Cal Rixxia surrender to her evil power. My team and I journeyed to Cal Rixxia and beat them. I placed them in suspended animation and banished them to the moon orbiting the planet.

But Zordon, what happens if these Dark Rangers are released?

They will be able to access the Command Center because their Morphing powers are on the same frequency modulation as your and the other Ranger's powers. The Morphing Grid is not only used by good, it can also be used by evil. To insure the safety of the Command Center, we must take drastic measures. Alpha, we must change the security access to the Command Center. If Lord Zedd does have access to the Dark Rangers and their Morphing capabilities, they will be able to gain access to the Command Center.

(Camera pulls back to show Billy walking away from the viewing globe and towards Zordon's Tube. Alpha 5 moves out of his way.)

Zordon, The only way to change the security codes is to strip us of our powers, then re-initialize the Morphing grid and return the power to us on a new frequency. That will take approximately 5 hours per Ranger to re-integrate their biological signatures back into the morphing grid and will leave the Command Center wide open for attack. However, I could install a temporary strobe program that will project a shield around the command center that won't let anything in unless it has the program code that can be accessed through a miniature remote. This will work in conjunction with our Ranger powers so that only we can access the Command Center. I could have it running within a day. I have to make some minor adjustments at my lab first.

Very well. Alpha, you must help Billy create this new security barrier and use the Ranger's Bio-Patterns in its programming. This will ensure that only our Rangers will be able to access the Command Center.

(To Billy) Very well. Billy, since you are here, I will scan you now. This initial Bio-scan will only take a few minutes, but to upload it will take some time. For it to be integrated into the internal security system, it must done with precision. When you return to Angel Grove, tell the one of the others to come for their scan tomorrow.

(Alpha punches a few commands into the main console. A white light shines on Billy as the scan is performed.)

Commencing Scan. Billy, this will only take a few minutes.

(A few minutes pass)

There all done. Remember to tell the other Rangers.

I will. Alpha teleport me to my lab. I will see if I can create a device that will scan the others for you at a faster rate and thus cut the time for integration in half.

Scene 12
(Scene changes to Billy's Lab. Billy Teleports in. (VFX : Teleportation Sequence )

(To Tommy, over their communicators) Tommy, contact the others and have them meet me at the lab tomorrow at seven and we'll all walk to the set together. Besides, I have important news.

(Fade out.)

Scene 13
(Fade in: The next day. Tommy walks around to the side door of Billy's garage, opens it, and steps inside)

Scene 14
(Scene changes to the interior of Billy's garage. It looks like a mad scientist's Labratory. Beakers bubbling, lights flashing, Tommy walks past a shelf filled with gadgets used on their previous adventures. He walks up to Billy who is sitting at his computer. He taps him on the shoulder.)

Hey Billy, What's going on that you had to meet so early for? What was that weird Chill I felt when I walked in here?

(camera pans over to the door as Adam and the girls walk in.)

Yeah, Tommy. I just felt a chilling sensation like you did. What was that Billy?

(Camera pans to Billy as he swivels in his chair and turns to face the other Rangers. The Camera pulls back to show all the Rangers facing him.)

Well, first of all, the director has comedown with the flu himself and shooting is canceled for this week.

(Cheers from the Rangers)

Second, that chilling sensation that you all felt as you walked in the door was a Bio-Scan, a life force scanner that will be used in the installation of a new security barrier for the Command Center. Finally, the pictures you're about to see has been authorized by Zordon for me to show you this through my computer.

(Billy types in a few commands and accesses the Command Center's Camera. The camera pans around the main chamber and then centers on the viewing globe. Dark Rangers footage of them attacking and destroying a city is replayed.)

Billy, who are these people and why are they attacking a city?
These are the Dark Rangers of Cal Rixxia. They were imprisoned in suspended animation centuries ago by Zordon and his team. Zordon thinks that Lord Zedd is planning to use the solar eclipse today to awaken the Dark Rangers.

(Billy's communicator beeps)
(On Billy's Computer, we see the Command Center Camera pull back to get a wide shot of the Entire Command Area. It then focuses on Zordon's Face. It fills Billy's moniter)

Billy, This is Zordon, please tell the other Rangers to be on their guard, an attack could come at any moment. Also, make Tom.......

(Alarm Blares and Camera pulls back to show Alpha 5 running to the console, arms up in the air.)

Alpha 5
Aiyiyiyiyi!!! Zordon, Goldar and Rito are on a rampage inside Angel Grove Marketplace. They are both carrying something very odd. I cannot identify it, Zordon. The computer scan I performed isn't registering anything either.

Alpha, I have scanned all the other Rangers, here are the scans. Integrate them into the security computer as fast as you can. As soon as you have entered the other Rangers Bio-Signatures into the computer, use the code 2580456 to deactivate the strobe shield.

(Billy hits a few keys and the screen goes blank. He runs over to where the other Rangers are standing.)

(Camera pans back to reveal a Wide Screen shot showing everyone Morphing)

It's Morphin Time!

All Rangers, Power Up!!

(VFX: The Ranger's uniforms materialize on their bodies and they teleport out of Billy's garage.)

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