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Introduction: Okay. Here , I am starting a combination of two shows I love dearly, Power Rangers (all versions) & Transformers (all series).

In here, you will see a lot of familiar faces from both Transformers and Power Rangers. In this Power Ranger/Transformers mix up, There will be a mix of characters from all of the power Rangers seasons. I will be using most of the names for the Transformers from the Japanese series that is directly involved to the story, Transformers : Super God Masterforce. I will have a list for character reference out for you to understand everything.

In the story itself, this takes place in regular Rangers continuity but not in Transformers. I will have a whole mess of people in this so follow along. In this first episode, this takes place directly before this year's Power Rangers in Space Season finale. So, Andros does not know that Darconda has his sister. There will also be appearances of transformers and former Rangers alike. So now, we begin in the series premiere of Power Ranger Transformers: Super Ranger Masterforce.

Power Ranger Transformers
Super Ranger Masterforce
Episode 1

Transformation Part I: Transform Rangers!

The AstroMega ship makes its way through space. On board, the current group of heros, known as the Power Rangers, are searching the Space ways for Zordon. The Rangers look at their scanners to find some trace of the Power Rangers founder. Each Ranger does their part in the search.

Ashley checks on the scanning controls, plotting the search. Tj and Cassie are controlling the satellite that is being used. Carlos and Alpha 6 are looking over the directions as Andros analyze the energy signatures. They work as a finely turned team. All of them work feverishly to find Zordon. Then an alarm goes off.

"DECA, what's going on?" orders Andros, the leader of the team.

DECA, the ships on line computer, answers him. "Quadro-fighters are headed towards this sector!"

"On screen." Andros commands the computer. It does so, showing a small fleet of Quadro-fighters head towards them. The other Rangers gather to their leader to figure what will be their next move.

"We have got to stop those Quadro-Fighters!" TJ exclaims to the group.

Ashley voices her concern. "But look! There are so many of them. Can we really fight them all?"

Andros turns to DECA. "DECA, how many Quadro-Fighters are there?

"25 in total, Andros."

"25?! We can't take on that many!!" Cassie cries in nervousness. The other Rangers all looked at each other.

"We don't have a choice Cassie. DECA Shields up!! Everyone, Battle stations!" Andros commanded the team to their posts. In the short time they have been together, this team has taken well into the alien ship.

The Quadro-Fighters launch their laser fire all over the AstroMegaShip.

It shakes and bobs by all the laser fire. Ashley scanners for targets.

The ships are attacking relentlessly on the AstroMegaShip. Ashley fires shots that takes out a few of the ships. Then before then, a huge ship appears to them. It is the size of Angel Grove. It is the Dark fortress, the base of the current evil queen , Astromena.

"Oh my god! It is the Dark Fortress!!" Ashley screams. The Rangers all look in awe as the battleship moves towards them.

Astromena looks at the screen , smiling at the Mega ship being rammed by the Quadro-fighters. "Ecliptor! Elgar! Fire all Sattilasers on the AstroMegaShip!"

"You got it boss!!" replies an eager Elgar.

From a set of controls, Elgar and Ecliptor fired on the Mega ship with everything the Dark Fortress had. The Sheila of the AstroMegaShip went down.

"Sheila's are Down!!" yells Cassie.

[This is where the Theme song would come in. Since I did do that yet, you'll have to wait.]

The AstroMegaShip was taking a beating from Astromena's forces. With the shields gone, all the remaining Quadro-fighters and the dark Fortress had free reign on the Rangers' ship. On board the Rangers ship, the team scrabbles to figure out their next move. Ashley rushes to the others as sparks were discharging from the controls.

"We have a problem. With the shields down, we are a sitting duck.

Weapons just went off line."

Carlos states, "I'll try and fix it."

Andros holds him back. "No time. We need a distraction so we can get the ship up and running. Battlizer!! Online!" Andros then called for the DeltaMegaship. It began to lift off, heading directly to the battle above the planet. As the Deltamegaship approached, the Quadro-fighters attacked that too. But it began to fight back. Shooting it's lasers and cannons at the fleet of evil assault jets, it gives the Rangers a renew sense of hope. Astromena watched in anger as the ship took down most of the Quadro-fighters remain.

"That's it. Fire the Super cannon at both ships!" Astromena says to her second in command, Ecliptor. Ecliptor nods. With that , he types in a code to open the hatch for the Super Cannon. It revolves around the hatchway as it makes its way out.

Meanwhile, back on the AstroMegaShip, the Rangers are trying to fix their Sheila and weapons. Alpha then alerts the Rangers of the incoming danger.

"Rangers!! Look! Astromena is unleashing some kind of cannon." The five Rangers look at the viewing screen to see the cannon being released. Andros runs to the controls.

"Everyone! Hold on!! Astromena is about to shoot a cannon at us!!!" Everyone , except Andros, grabs a hold of a chair or control pad. The cannon discharges a frightful blast of energy at the AstroMegaShip.

Andros runs to the controls, in attempt the move the AstroMegaShip out of the range of the blast. Andros did not make it. Part of the beam, hit the thrusters on the right side of the spaceship. The AstroMegaShip was going down. Another beam caught the Deltamegaship from behind , making it descend to the planet as well. The two ships were going down.

Andros turns to his friends. "You guys get on the shuttle, now!!" "What about you Andros?!' Ashley replies, looking ready to cry.

Andros looks at her with caring eyes. " I am staying here! I am going to try and land the ship."

"Andros, you can't. You're going to get yourself killed!" Tj exclaims at his friend.

Andros looks at all of them. "Just do what I say! I'll be all right!

I have to do this."

The four other Rangers all run off into the elevator. Ashley is the only one who looked back at Andros. Tj, Carlos, Ashley and Cassie all made their way to the shuttle. Tj took the pilot seat. The others strapped in. Carlos notices something missing.

"Wait! Where's Alpha?!" But the ship had already disembarked from the latch. It made it's way planet bound.

On the AstroMegaShip, Andros found Alpha behind him.

"Alpha?! What are you doing here?!"

"Helping you. I was left behind to watch over the Rangers, and that means you too Andros, " alpha says to him while trying to steer the ship upright.

"Thanks Alpha," Andros says. æDECA, how long till we hit ground?" "32 seconds," DECA tells Andros.

Andros and Alpha look at each other and find themselves alone as the ship made it's way down.


Back on the Dark Fortress, Astromena orders her three henchmen to come to her. Darconda , Ecliptor, and Elgar all appear before her. The three are kneeing before her as they await their orders. "We may have taken care of the Astro and Delta Megaships but, their shuttle launch.

The Rangers may have survived."

Ecliptor stands up. "We shall track the Rangers down, my queen." Astromena looks at the three of them. "Split up and track them down.

It the Rangers had not died in the crash, kill them now. Am I clear?" The three nod. Darconda thinks to himself soon enough I'll get rid of the Rangers then I take over Astromena with their powers. This is perfect. I'll destroy them all then take over the Earth. He chuckles as he leaves. Ecliptor watches him from the background. He is up to something, Ecliptor processes. I will make sure whatever plans he has in mind, do not work.


The shuttle touches down on the planet below. It is in a mountainous pain area. The Rangers step out of the shuttle in a hurry to see where the AstroMegaShip landed. Where is the ship, everyone of the remaining Power Rangers think. As they look toward the sky, Cassie sees a ship in a distance. She squints to see farther away. Cassie gets a better view, recognizing the ship that is falling.

"Guys! It's the Deltamegaship." Cassie shouts to her friends and points in the direction of the tumbling spaceship. Ashley, Carlos and TJ all ran towards it but it was too far for them to run to.

Ashley stops and speaks. "Guys , what about Andros and Alpha? They were on the AstroMegaShip and I don't see it." Cassie and Tj start looking around as Carlos keeps track of where the Deltamegaship was going to crash at. As TJ and Cassie were doing a spin to find their lost comrades, Cassie gets a view of something that looked interesting. She sees a town with at a ridge to the east of them.

Cassie points in that direction , telling them of the town.

"So, there is a civilization on this planet. Let's go there and see if we can get any help," Tj orders. Carlos and Cassie agree readily but Ashley seemed distant. Ashley wanted to look for Andros right now.

Cassie puts her hand on Ashley's shoulder. "Andros and alpha are all right. We didn't see an explosion. I am sure they will be fine till we find them. Have faith in them."

Ashley gives a light nod and follows her friends towards the city.


Meanwhile, at the city itself, Darconda enters a local bar on this planet. He wonders around the place. It was thick with the scent of the aliens of this planet. He climbs in. As he walks into a booth, a yellow tall female alien greeted him. Darconda gives her an evil grin.

" A Cynran Aquashot please!"

Darconda inspects the room. Many of the aliens on this world are travelers and dealers. He smiles at the fact that a man from C-25 is being robbed in front of him. If only his wasn't drunk, that would be interesting thinks Darconda. A figure then closes in his view. It was a being he knew from times past and is currently a competitor in his field. Darconda went towards his table. "Well, well . . .General Havoc! It has been a while."

Havoc looks at him. "Yes it has Darconda! I hear your working for Astromena now? Does not seem your style to work with Ecliptor." "It's not Haha!! But what are you doing here? I thought that you would be with your sister," mocks Darconda, taking a gulp from his drink.

"Not recently. My sister is quite the pain since her defeating the Power Rangers," Havoc starts, "But is angered at her current guard position from Dark Spector."

"Those Rangers are pest but their days are numbered," says Darconda proudly to havoc.

"Do tell."

Darconda tells the events before hand. " We struck down both the megaships, taking care of their zords. Now is the problem of dealing with the remaining Rangers. After that, Astromena will soon be in trouble herself."

"How devious! Tell me, what do you plan?" Then four Earthlings came through the door. Each of them in a uniform, heading for the Bar. Darconda and Havoc look at them. Darconda smiles as the Rangers do not notice the two villains. Darconda summons the Quantrons assigned to him to the bar. Darconda goes to the four humans with a smile.

"Hello Rangers!" Darconda shouts.

"Darconda" one Ranger says. Quantrons appear to Darconda's side.

"Welcome to your doom Power Rangers!! Attack!!" Each Ranger moved away as the Quantrons grew closer to them. The four Rangers Spread out so they would not be boxed in. The Quantrons made their move. Tj took out a couple it a bottle fist punch and round house. Ashley palmed a few and sweeped a couple more. Cassie flipped one with her leg strength . She then kicked a few with her left leg.

Carlos blocked a few punches but flipped a few Quantrons over his head to a table. He then slammed one with a spin kick. Darconda and General Havoc took out their weapons.

Carlos looked their way. "Guys! We have trouble." TJ, Cassie and Ashley ran to Carlos. TJ took control. "We don't have time for this. Let's Rocket!"

The four teens had transformed into the Power Rangers. Everyone in the bar gasped except one being dressed in a hood. The Rangers now faced off against Darconda and General Havoc. Darconda ran at the Rangers with his sword. Slapping the sword on the suits of the Blue and Yellow Rangers, the Pink Ranger and the Black Ranger ducked Darconda's first assault. Darconda then fired a blast through his eyes at the other two Rangers. Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger ran to their side when General havoc used his whip on the Yellow Ranger.

"Ashley!!" screamed Tj in his Blue Ranger Suit, ducking Darconda.

Darconda then took the opportunity to mock the Blue Ranger.

"What's the matter Blue Ranger! The last time we faced off , I nearly killed you! Surely you know better!"

Tj smirks under the helmet as he gazed on Darconda. "Actually , I do!" Blue Ranger used his Astroblaster on Darconda and used his special move with the Astro Axe. Darconda was knocked to the ground. Out of Nowhere, Ecliptor appeared and sliced a blow on the Blue Ranger from Behind.

" Fool! Watch yourself, pathetic Ranger. Darconda! You fool. You're suppose to be killing these Rangers and not playing with them." Darconda screams back at Ecliptor with anger. "Oh Shut up!" General Havoc had Yellow Ranger by the neck. "This will be painfully dear but It will be over in a minute."

The Black Ranger kicked Havoc from behind, releasing his grip on the Yellow Ranger. The Rangers regrouped while Darconda and Ecliptor were arguing. Each of them took out their weapons and attacked. Yellow Ranger threw blasts from her Star Slinger at Darconda and Ecliptor.

Black Ranger pounded General Havoc and Ecliptor with his lunar lance.

Pink Ranger gave them all a head ache with the Satellite Stunner. Blue Ranger finished it up with the Astro Axe spin to all three. The three combined the weapons to the Quadro-Blaster. They fired it at the villains, knocking them a few feet away.

A figured appeared behind the villains. " Hey! Come on! I'll get you out of here!"

The three villains look at the machine known as Louie Kaboom. They all run off into a portal. A being claps his hands at the sight of the Rangers winning. Tj goes up to him.

"Who was that? Who are you?"

The hooded being unmasked himself. "I am a friend. That was Louie Kaboom! Be careful! They will return. " Cassie looks at him. "Your Human? But how?" "Another story for another time. Come with me. What are you doing so far from Earth?"


In a mountain on a desert plain on the planet, the remains of the AstroMegaShip are being pounded on. Metal is scraping as someone is trying to get out. A large hunk of Metal falls. From it steps out the two survivors, Andros and Alpha 6. They leave the area of the ship but not find themselves within a cave.

"Man . . .where are we?" asks the robot guardian of the Power Rangers.

Alpha 6 activates some lights from its own system to look around.

Andros finds a cut on his arm and bandages it. After that he looks around.

"We are in some kind of cave. Do you see anyway out of this place?" Alpha 6 shakes his head. " No. The only way out is back where we came from. The ship's too damaged to find a way out. We're stuck here." You could hear the helpless ness in Alpha's voice. Andros looked down the cave they were in. A light seemed to flicker bright and distant at the same time.

Andros point the direction to the robot. "That way. I see a light that way. Let's check it out!"


In what seemed like an underground lair, Darconda and Ecliptor awoke in this strange room. The two looked around. Their was vast technology and some kind of weird symbol on the wall behind them. It was in purple. General havoc, walks in with Louie Kaboom. They gathered together.

"What is this place?" Ecliptor rubbed his head.

Darconda did the same. He stepped to Ecliptor. "Some place you got us into. Thanks to you, the Rangers defeated us." "It was your stupidity that caused the Rangers to stop us. Your the one at fault."

"You have a lot of nerve Ecliptor. Your incompetent as ever!" Darconda says but they are silence but Louie Kaboom.

"You two knock it off. We all wait to get back at the Rangers, right?"

General Havoc answered the question. "Yes. Those bothersome brats have cause us a lot of pain. We need to destroy them all." Louie gives what would be the best impression of a smile. "Well, looks like we are in luck. Their is someone who will help us do just that." A huge robot walks in. It is almost as big as one of the power Rangers zords but not that big. It is black with a screen with the same symbol Darconda and Ecliptor saw earlier. Before he is given a chance to speak, Darconda inquires him. "Who . . .or What are you?" "I am Soundblaster! I was sent here to give you new powers." Ecliptor stepped forward. "New Powers! We are strong enough." He passes his sword in front in a fighting stance.

"I believe you are wrong. I have viewed your battle. You need more power to finish the Power Rangers. I shall give it to you. But once you do, you are a member of the Decepticons and follow the command as such." Soundblaster was to the point with his comment. The four beings below know it is true.

Each of them gave an answer. "Agreed." "I'm in!"

"To get back at those meddlesome punks, yes!" "Agreed!"

Soundblaster pointed to a room with a lab table. "Then prepare yourselves for the Pretender process."


Back at the bar, the man who question the group is telling them how he got to the planet, which is called Sandra. He tells them he was an ambassador of a group he met back in 1984. They left earth some time later, before the Power Rangers came to be. Now he is working on Sandra to help the planet's inhabitants. Each of them are dazed by his story.

Ashley then asked a question.

"Is their anyway we could track some friend of our on this planet?" The man smiled at her. "I have some equipment back in my shop. You Power Rangers are welcome to use all my tools to help you." As the Rangers were about to thank him, a loud noise is heard by all in the city. You could hear a voice all out to the Rangers. "Power Rangers! Power Rangers!! If you do not come out immediately, I will destroy this city."

The Rangers knew the owner of the voice—Ecliptor. The Rangers Went outside to see him there. The Rangers , along with the man, went outside to find Ecliptor, Darconda, Louie Kaboom and General havoc waiting for them. Each of the Power Rangers were worried about take the four on but seemed confident that they could stop them.

"We beaten you before, we can do it again." Ecliptor and the other villains laughed. "I don't think so. Decepticon Pretenders . . .transform. Get on!" The villains were changed into mosterous mutants. Darconda was turned into a bat like creature, General havoc into a fish like cure , Louie to a Ram monster of some kind and Ecliptor was taller and wearing armor of a samurai.

The Rangers stood in awe. The man went up to them. "Rangers! We have to leave now. You're no match for the Decepticons." "We can't we have to stop them," Tj says. Then Ecliptor smiles again.

"If you like that Power Rangers, you'll love this! Pretenders!!" Ecliptor's as well as the other villains battle armor disappeared to reveal robots nearly the size of the power Rangers zords. The Rangers look in awe while the man tells them again.

"Power Rangers, we have to leave!! You can't take them!" Tj, in his blue Ranger attire, comments to the man. "We have to try.

We are Rangers because we are suppose to protect people. We are going to do that now." The Rangers run in the direction of the Decepticons as the man gives them a silent prayer.

<for you ranger fans, if you watched the last scene in Power Rangers Turbo, Into Space Part one, the music used their would be fitting at this point.>


NEXT TIME IN PRT:SUPER RANGER MASTERFORCE= The Rangers cannot stop the new Decepticon Pretenders alone with their powers. So they retreat, following the man, who reveals his name is Spike. While the Decepticon Pretenders smash up the town, the Rangers undergo the Pretender Process. Astromena goes through some changes. Plus, find out what Andros and Alpha find in the light on the next episode of Ranger Masterforce "Transformation Part II: Arise Ranger Pretenders!!"