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Hope For The World
Chapter Five - Coming Together
by The Devious One

Angel Grove Memorial, Three Days Later....
Zhane spent the next three days in rehab at the hospital. They worked with him long and hard from eight to five each day and it was paying off. All the pains that were in his body when he awoke were gone and he felt great. His energy level was higher than it had been before the virus came.

Dr. Barnes had also explained to Zhane about Diabolico and everything that had happened to the world since his coma began. Dr. Barnes revealed, sadly, that three of his friends, Cassie Chan, T.J., Johnson, and Ashley Hammond, had died among the other victims of the Sweeper virus. That bit of information cut Zhane deep in his heart. But, he wouldn't let their deaths go unavenged. He made a personal pact with himself. He would find out who was responsible and bring them to justice.

The nurse brought Zhane the clothing and other items that he had with him then in a box. Zhane didn't really want to wear the old clothes for they were ripped. He was glad that Dr. Barnes decided to bring him clothes that her husband didn't need anymore. So, here he stood in a black button up shirt, a white sleeveless shirt underneath the open button up, and a pear of black jeans. One thing Zhane noticed was missing was his morpher.

Andros must've taken it.

Zhane signed himself out at the service desk and stepped out into a different Angel Grove than he remembered. His mission, to find Andros.

Astro Megaship....
Andros, Katie, Cody, Carlos, Karone, Lizzy, and Sasha were asleep aboard the Megaship. After returning from the tomb, the Sages told them they would contact them when the time came. They returned to find Tommy and his team with someone they hadn't seen or heard of, Billy Cranston. Tommy introduced them to him was glad that everyone got off on good terms. Especially Andros and Billy, they hit off wonderfully. Must be because they both know a lot about science. Tommy had thought. Billy had also become a member of the Legacy Club.

Andros, the day before, had decided to break a gap between him and Katie, ask her out. Although the war with Diabolico was going on, it was important to everyone to enjoy the moments when there was no fights or battles. So, Andros asked Katie out to a date and she freely accepted. Andros knew he was making great progress emotionally because this was the first time he felt no shame or guilt in dating anyone since Ashley. He knew she would be happy for him and would want him to be happy. Katie was excited about their first date, which would be tonight. She knew she had some feelings for Andros. Whether it was a crush or more, she wasn't for certain. They would find out together.

Carlos and Karone's bond continued to blossom. They slept in the same quarters and were enjoying the time they had together, privately. Carlos had went to Andros and Tommy to show them something he bought a few months back. He had showed them his engagement ring for Karone. They thought it was beautiful and Andros, surprising Carlos, welcomed into his family. Carlos and Karone's lives were finally coming together.

Cody and Sasha were content to stay with themselves for the moment. Both didn't think dating was such a wonderful idea and they both knew that now wasn't the time for them to be with anybody. When the right person came along, they would know it.

Lizzy was the happiest of them all. Just two days before, she had been asked out on a date by Rocky, surprising everybody. After Sarah's visit to Rocky, he wanted to fulfill his life and heart and he knew the only way to do that was to at least give his heart a chance. And he knew he had certain feelings for Lizzy Morrison. Lizzy's feelings for Rocky were so much stronger than his for her. She understood about Rocky's past love and she was willing to give Rocky all the time he needed, forever if need be. She just wanted to have a chance with him. And tonight, at the restaurant Tanya owns in Mariner Bay, she would get that chance.

Tommy and Katherine would be going out as well at Tanya's restaurant. This date would be their sixth anniversary. It was six years ago when they got married and life for them couldn't be better. Other than the fact that a manipulated Jason Lee Scott was out there somewhere. Tonight, Tommy had special plans for Katherine. Dinner first, then a night of soft romantic dancing at the club Tommy had built before the virus broke out. Tonight would be a grand night for the couple.

Adam and Aisha decided to stay in Angel Grove for a while longer. Aisha got the chance to talk with Rocky again and found him in much better spirits. She was so happy for one of her two best friends. She knew dating someone else would be difficult for him, but, she would be there for him. She heard about Adam's problem with Tommy, Kat, and Tanya and decided to personally fix that. She found the three talking and they were delighted to see her again. She told them that Adam was in town as well and explained to them about Adam's realization of betrayal. They didn't know what to say or how to cope with it. Aisha told them that Adam wants to be friends with them again but doesn't know if they can ever forgive him for the way he felt then. They met with Adam the day before now and at first Adam was angered by the meeting, but everything worked out for all parties involved and Adam, Tommy, Katherine, and Tanya are friends again. Not as strong as before, but they are friends. And, that's a start.

And, as for Billy, he had left Angel Grove two days before on a trip to Los Angelos. He, by inheritence, took his mother's car, a 1998 Black Mustang. He would arrive in L.A. in about two hours. His plans were simple. To find the one person he truly loved deep inside his heart, Kimberly Hart, and put his heart on the line and tell her how he feels about her. She would either break his heart or embrace it. He hoped the latter.

The alarm buzzer erupted through the silence in Andros's quarters. Andros reached over and turned it off then got out of bed. Today would be a busy day for everybody. In the midst of the war against Diabolico, everyone would be spending the day relaxing and getting for their dates. Andros took a lenghty shower and dressed in his Space Flight suit and entered the dining area of the Megaship to see Carlos and Cody already their drinking coffee.

"Morning." Cody welcomed.

"Hey Cody, Carlos. How's your morning going so far?" Andros asked.

"Pretty good. I guess." Cody answered.

"Yeah. At least there's been no sign of Diabolico or anybody." Carlos added.

"I think this is just the calm before the storm." Andros said.

"Ready for your date Andros." Cody said, changing the topic.

"Yes. I can't wait. I'm glad you approve." Andros noted.

"Why wouldn't I. You're a great catch for any girl." Cody said as Andros sat down with them to drink his coffee. Today would indeed prove to be a unique day.

Abandoned Warehouse, Angel Grove....
Jason Lee Scott, unmorphed, sat in the middle of an empty, abandoned warehouse, deep in thought. Ever since that last battle with Tommy and Andros, Jason had been having these flashes. Images of him in a red suit with a helmet that had the appearance of the T-Rex. Other images seen him talking and laughing with the very people Biotech had told him he had to destroy. Then there was Diabolico, he sensed that he shouldn't be following him. And, in truth, he really wasn't. He'd been on his own ever since he left Diabolico's Palace. What he couldn't figure out was why did he begin to feel like he should be fighting alongside the Rangers instead of against them. Jason continued to think about his feelings when he heard some footsteps coming from outside the warehouse. He rose to investigate.

Not Far Away....
Tommy Oliver woke around seven a.m. so that he could get an early start on the day. Around noon, he would get underway with his plans for tonight's dinner. But, he had a friend to find and possibly, reasoned with. He left their home in Mariner Bay and went to the Lightspeed Aqua Base to see if the computers would help him. They didn't prove to be very helpful. Just as he was about to give up, a momentary flash entered his eyes. In the flash, he saw Jason sitting in a warehouse, his eyes lost. Tommy was convinced that that was a vision sent by someone or something greater than himself. So, he grabbed his Lightspeed Jacket and headed for the warehouse.

He didn't mean to but he ended up making a little noise. If Jason was inside, he was sure to hear it. His thoughts were soon interrupted when he received a swift kick into his back. He fell to the ground hard. Demon Hunter stood behind him, Demon Blaster drawn.

"Hello Ranger." Demon Hunter sneered.

"Jason. It's me, Tommy. Don't you recognize me." Tommy tried to reason with his friend.

"The name's familiar. But, it doesn't matter. You're the enemy."

"No, I'm not. Try to remember Jase, I know you're in there somewhere." Tommy reached a hand out to Demon Hunter, but his left leg rose up to crush against Tommy's ribs hard. The impact knocked Tommy threw the window to his left. As Tommy crashed threw the glass, a large shard cut his left side of the forehead, drawing blood instantly.

Tommy hit the hard concrete ground, insde the warehouse, hard with a thud. Demon Hunter used his Blaster and blasted the wall next to the window down. The impact of the explosion sent shards of shattered concrete and wood over Tommy's body, paralyzing him to the ground.

One thing Tommy knew was that his ribs were bruised, he had a cut on his forehead that was bleeding fast, and he was stuck to the ground by tons of shrapnel. Demon Hunter, who still couldn't remember who this was, raised his Blaster for the death blow. All of a sudden, a blast of golden energy surged through his body from behind, knocking him a good twenty feet away, toward the opposite end of the warehouse.

The Gold Zeo Ranger entered the warehouse and kneeled down at Tommy's side, removing the shrapnel and other rubbage that trapped him down.

"Tommy, are you alright?" Gold Ranger asked.

"Trey, what are you.....doing here?" Tommy asked back.

"Help you. Stay still. I've been tracking Jason for three days. I might have a way to bring Jason back. But, it's gonna take time. Jaylus, Lace, help Tommy." Gold Zeo instructed as his Captain of the guard and his wife entered.

Less than a mile away, Zhane, who had heard the blast at the warehouse, was on his way to see what the danger was.

Adam, who had awakened this morning with a plan to help the Rangers find Jason, entered the warehouse with Aisha. Two days earlier, after the make up with Tommy and the others, heard the story about Jason and Demon Hunter. Adam, like Tommy, was sure that they could convince him he was good with words. When he heard a tip from someone on the street about Jason, Adam decided to go investigate. Aisha, being her usual self, wouldn't let Adam go alone. So, here they are. They entered the warehouse and were at Tommy's side immediately. The first thing they realized was that there was two people already helping.

"Name's Jaylus, this is my wife Lace. We're friends of Trey's."

It was then that Adam realized the Gold Ranger was there. He looked over and saw that Jason-Demon Hunter was fighting Trey-Gold Ranger. He and Aisha put their attention to Tommy as Zhane entered the warehouse to see what was happening. Already having four people tending to the injured man, Zhane watched the two Rangers battle across the warehouse.

Demon Hunter blocked a kick aimed at his head and delivered a swift round house kick to Gold Ranger's chest, knocking him down to one knee.

"Jason, it's Trey. I know you're in there. Fight for control of yourself. Remember!!!" Gold Ranger demanded as Demon Hunter transformed his Demon Blaster into his Demon Sabre. He grabbed Gold Ranger's right hand, which held the Gold Power Staff and held it tightly. Then, he plunged his Demon Sabre deep into Gold Ranger's heart. Within a minute of contact, Trey was unmorphed and dying.

As Adam and Tommy, as well as Jaylus and Lace, were yelling at what just happened, flashes, tons of them, of memories flooded into Jason's eyes. Memories of using the very Power Staff he held in his hand now. Jason watched as Trey fell to the ground, saying three words to him. Remember your identity.

Suddenly, Jaylus and Lace were by their friend's aid and Adam and Aisha were standing there as well. Zhane, having watched the scene play itself out, stood closeby. Tommy, trying to walk over, looked at Demon Hunter as Demon Hunter looked at him. And then, it happened. Jason Lee Scott remembered everything. The accident, the flash of light that materialized into some kind of being he had never seen before but knew was evil, and the realization of what he had just done. It was just too much for him. With a ear popping scream, Demon Hunter demorphed into Jason and ran out of the warehouse. Tommy wanted to go after him, but, couldn't because of his injuries.

Trey lied, bleeding from his lethal injury, looking at the faces of his Captain of the guard Jaylus, Lace, Adam, and two faces he didn't know but recognized as spirits meant for greatness. Jaylus handed him his Staff while Trey gathered his strength to speak.

"You." Trey breathed, indicating Zhane.

"Yes." Zhane said as he kneeled down next to Trey.

"I....would like.......you to be ..........the Gold Ranger." Trey managed.

"Are...are you sure?" Zhane asked, looking at the surprised faces of everyone there.

"Yes. Jaylus, Lace. Take.....Adam and his friend.......to Pyramidus to.........complete the mission." Trey finished.

"Sure, we will." Jaylus promised.

"Tommy." Trey called as Tommy kneeled down next to him.

"Yeah Trey." Tommy became misty eyed.

"Tell Jason......I forgive him. And Jaylus, Lace, don't go after him. Promise me."

"I promise." Jaylus and Lace said, reluctantly.

"Farewell, my friends." Trey breathed just as his death became reality. Things changed for everybody this moment. Jason was back. But, at what price.

One Mile Away....
Jason Lee Scott ran as fast as his feet would carry him. He had no destination in mind. Just that he had to get as far away as he could. By the time his feet were too exhausted to go any longer, he realized he had run a good mile from the warehouse. The blackness that was on his eyes earlier were gone. Jason had his identity back. But, he knew that things would never be the same. He had injured his, at one time, best friend Tommy Oliver and killed another, Trey. He thought of who was responsible for what happened to him. And one face popped into his mind. That face would be the first to die. Because of that man, he had become everything he hated. Everything he fought to save Tommy from all those years ago. Yes, that man would die. Jason aka Demon Hunter would give Johan Krennanburg a visit. The last visitor Johan would ever have again.

Desert Area Outside Angel Grove, One Day Later....
Because of Trey's death happening the day before, the dates and dances that everyone had planned were forced to be put off for a time in the near future. They all were shocked beyond belief and saddened at the same time by the realization of what had happened. Trey's life and death was more important at the time.

Trey was laid to rest the day after his death. Tommy—who had his ribs taped and wrapped and had a bandage over his left forehead—Katherine, Rocky, Tanya, Zack, Zhane, Andros, Katie, Carlos, Karone, Cody, Sasha, Lizzy, Adam, Aisha, Jaylus, and Lace all stood over a patch of dirt that was laid over Trey's lifeless body. Each person, in their own way, were mourning for Trey. Each of them knew the importance that Trey held within everyone'e heart that knew him. Even, Aisha and Zhane, who had only met him for minutes felt an empty void for his loss. The funeral for Trey was held, then, as everyone was walking away, Tommy looked up to the hill about a half mile away and saw a lonely figure standing there, watching. Tommy said something to Kat, then pressed the teleportation button on his morpher and teleported from his current standing to directly behind the watcher.

Jason could barely notice Tommy's disappearance before he felt the hairs rise up on his arms from someone teleporting.

Without turning around, Jason said. "Leave me alone Tommy."

"I came to talk Jase." Tommy replied, calmly as to not anger his friend.

Jason said nothing, but remained still.

"Everything's changed." Jason whispered so softly that Tommy almost didn't hear him.

"I know. Everything started changing four years ago." Tommy replied.

"That's not what I meant and you know it!" Jason snapped back.

"I know. Jason, you weren't in control of yourself. It wasn't your fault." Tommy said softly.

"Yes it was. I could have stopped myself. But, I didn't and now Trey's dead." Jason snapped back.

Tommy tried a different tactic.

"What are you going to do now? You have your memory back and all."

"Tommy." Jason began, turning to face his friend. "I'm going to do what I should have done a long time ago."

"And what's that." Tommy said.

"I'm going to kill the one man who is more responsible for this than anybody. I'm taking Krennanburg out."

To say that Tommy was shocked at that relevation was an understatement. Killing Trey while under influence was one thing, killing out of cold blood was another. Tommy would be damned before he let Jason become a murderer.

"Don't you even say that Jason! You are not a murderer." Tommy assured.

"I killed Trey!!!" Jason snapped back to him.

"What happened to Trey was an accident plan and simple. You were in not in control of yourself. Whether you believe it or not, it doesn't matter. You would never openly kill another human being." Tommy said back.

"How can you stand there and defend me after what I did to you? You could be permanently scarred because of me!?!?" Jason screamed back at him.

"Jason, I've already forgiven you for what happened to me. The last thing Trey said to me was that he forgave you. You're right, everything has changed. Jase, things happen in this world that we don't understand or want to. But one thing is for certain, we can either learn from our mistakes, or we can drift deeper into that pit of despair. And I'm telling you Jason, if you kill Johan Krennanburg, that pain you feel, it's only going to get worse."

"Then, what the hell am I supposed to do?"

"I can't tell you that. But, I do know that killing Krennanburg is not the answer. Like or not Jason, you're a Power Ranger again. Use the Demon Hunter powers for good now. Don't give up on yourself, we won't." And with that, Tommy began to walk back to where Katherine was waiting for him.

Despite what Tommy says, Trey's death must be vindicated. And Krennanburg's death will be the start. Jason thought as he decided where he would go next.

The rocky and red colored surface of the planet Mars was never filled with life forms roaming the surface. But, today, a meeting was to be held. A bounty hunter, hired by Darkonda, was to search and track down a case that held five items of particular great importance. Now, the bounty hunter found that case on the planet Onyx at the auction and had come to collect his bounty for the merchandise. The bounty hunter's ship landed and the creature walked toward Darkonda with a case in his hand.

"Do you have them?" Darkonda demanded as the bounty hunter walked up.

"Yes. Do you have the payment?" The bounty hunter replied in alien language.

"Yes, you'll get the payment once I get the merchandise. Open the case." Darkonda ordered.

The bounty hunter took a key he had secured in his jacket and unlocked the case and then opened it and turned it around to face Darkonda. Darkonda reached inside and picked up a pouch that contained five yellow colored Digital Data cards. He examined them closely and was positive that this was the genuine article. Darkonda threw a bag of ancient coins to the bounty hunter and turned around to leave. Darkonda received this strange feeling and turned around as the bounty hunter raised his weapon, a sword.

Darkonda, using a bolt of energy, directed a surge of power from his eyes to his hand and blasted the bounty hunter, killing him instantly. Darkonda continued to walk away from the site.

"For the last three years, I've followed Diabolico's orders. Well, no more. This time, I will have my time to shine and all who stand in my way will be destroyed. And, it begins with the Psycho Rangers." Darkonda sneered as he vanished from sight.

Los Angelos, CA†.
Billy drove into L.A. the day before to find the Chancellor's Hotel. He knew he was taking a chance by coming to find Kimberly. He knew there was a chance she was dating someone, or even worse, married to someone. But, for all the reasons Billy knew he shouldn't try this, there was one clear reason that overweighed the others. He needed to find out if he had a chance. It was the one truth he had to learn one way or the other.

Billy drove the Black Mustang around a corner and drove up to the front of the Chancellor Hotel, where there was a valet waiting. He placed his leather coat around his shoulders and gave the keys to the young man and made his way to the front desk, where a clerk stood.

"How may I help you sir?" The clerk asked.

"I'm looking for a friend. Her name is Kimberly Hart. Can you tell me what room she is in?" Billy replied to the clerk.

"Um, I'm sorry we can't give that information out. The only way I could is if she gave us permission. Perhaps if you gave me your name, I could call her room." The clerk stated.

Billy was a bit shaken by the statement. He had wanted to surprise her, not have her knowing he was coming up.

"Tell her, the brainiac from Angel Grove is here to see her. She'll know what that means." Billy said.

The clerk dialed Kim's room's phone number and spoke the words that Billy said and a minute later, the clerk motioned for Billy to come over.

"Miss Hart would like to apologize for my rude behavior and would like for you to come up at once. You are Mr. Cranston, correct." The clerk said.


"Then, she is in the Deluxe Suite. Take the elevator to the top. Good day, sir." The clerk dismissed Billy as the Titanium Ranger walked to the elevator. Here we go. Billy thought to himself.

Deluxe Suite, Chancellor's Hotel†.
Kimberly Hart placed the portable phone on the table. Billy's here!!!

Kim couldn't believe it. She had just been thinking about Billy that very morning. And now, he was in the elevator on his way up to her room to see her. Things were going from bad to good for her. So much had changed for her since she had last seen or heard from her best friend.

Nine years earlier, when Kimberly left the Power Rangers, left Zordon, left Tommy, left Angel Grove to chase a gymnastics dream, she believed that she was making the best choice of her life. She moved to Florida and trained with Coach Smidth. He found that she was a quick study while away from Angel Grove. She mastered every obstacle that was placed in front of her. In less than three years, she was ready for her first competition.

The competitions came and went, she received better numbers each and every time. It was around a year later when she was about to face a woman named Elana Carter when the Sweeper outbreak begun in Angel Grove. Kimberly was devastated that the virus broke out there. She had herself composed and was ready for the competition a few days later when Elana and much of the people across America became ill and died from it.

Her career in gymnastics was over that year. So, she moved away from Florida and ended up in L.A.. She learned from a letter that her mother and father were victims of the virus that took ¾ of the world. That brought her back to Angel Grove to sign some papers and get her inherience. She didn't want to see her friends and she didn't ant them to see her so she left quickly and returned to L.A. Her father had left her his entire fortune of seventy five million dollars that he had kept in several bank accounts in L.A.. Her mother left her all of her and Kim's father's peronal belonging's as well as their home in Angel Grove. In addition to that, Kim's mother left her what fortune she owned, twenty five million dollars. So, despite was going on to the rest of the world, Kimberly Hart found herself one hundred million dollars richer.

Soon after inheriting that wealth, Kimberly decided that L.A. would be where she would stay and live out her years. She talked with Roberto Fundinelli, the ex-owner of Chancellor Hotel, and paid fifteen million for the hotel. After that, she started making more money from the hotel than she ever dreamed. So, she lived in the best Suite in the hotel and ran it on a daily basis. This morning, when she woke up, she thought it would be just another regular day of managing the hotel and politely turning bachelors down on possible dates. The last thing she expected was to be seeing Billy Cranson once again.

For the longest time, Kimberly Hart had only one regret about leaving the team. Not telling Billy how she felt. The last year of her position within the Power Rangers was the hardest for her. She was dating Tommy, yet, she truly believed her heart belonged to Billy. She had denied her heart the chance to be with Billy because she felt obligated to trying to make it work with Tommy and she felt obligated to Coach Smidth. Now, Billy is on his way up here and it was like she was getting a second chance with him. She knew that this time, things would be different.

There was a knock at Kimberly's door and all the excitement she had been feeling since the phone call exploded into a higher level. She stood and making sure her clothes looked perfect, she wore a pink silk blouse with tight black slacks, walked over to the door, slowly. Her hair was in one pony tail, the pony tail was finely braided and her hair had grown to the length from her head to in between her shoulder blades.

Kimberly opened the door and found Billy Cranston standing there. He looked much different than what she remembered. He wore his silver long sleeved shirt, with the leather vest and leater trench length coat and black boots. He smiled the biggest smile she had ever hoped to see.

"Hi, Kim." He breathed just before they embraced. The embrace was wonderful for both of them. Kimberly held him with all the strength she had. Billy held her just as tight, both, emotionally and physically happy with the reunion and the beginning of what they both now knew was going to be a very strong relationship for them. Somewhere during the embrace, their heads tilted and their lips met in a fiery, romantic kiss that answered all the questions they both had. The lives of Kimberly Hart and Billy Cranston were now forever entwined.

Biotech Industries' Laboratory, Mariner Bay Location, That Night....
Johan Krennanburg sat in his office, looking through papers that contained the formula for the Sweeper Cure, the pill that would give Diabolico mind control over humanity. Krennanburg couldn't believe that in the path of one week, an important aspect of Biotech's and Diabolico's plan had been destroyed. The meeting with Darkonda was supposed to go perfectly. He would give Darkonda Biotech's Cure formula for Diabolico to see and Darkonda was supposed to give him the special mind control ingredient for it. The Renegades and Andros and his two friends ruined everything for them. Krennanburg wanted vengeance, but, he just didn't know how to go about it.

Demon Hunter was now doing things for Diabolico. He hadn't seen Jason in over a year and he began to wonder if he would ever have Demon Hunter under his influence ever again. The door to his office opened and Johan looked up to see Jason standing there, a blank expression on his face.

"Jason?" Johan said, surprised that the object of his thoughts was standing there.

"Hello Mr. Krennanburg." Jason coolly replied. Jason had one mission for this visit, to destroy the one who had begun his journey that led to Trey's death.

"It's good to see you Jason. It's been about a year since I saw you last. How have you been?" Johan asked.

"As a matter of fact, that's why I'm here." Jason replied.

"Do tell."

"Well, you see, it's strange. I killed one of the Power Rangers yesterday." Jason started. Johan tensed up all of a sudden as a sudden feeling began to dawn on him. The emptiness, he noticed, was gone out of Jason's eyes.

"That's what we've been working you toward." Johan added.

"Yes. But, the strange part is after it happened, flashes of memories started returning to me. I began to see myself fighting the forces of darkness as a Power Ranger. Then, I felt complete again." Jason locked the office door. "Johan, you ruined everything I represented. It's because of you that Trey's dead."

Instead of fear, as Jason expected to see, he saw humor in Johan Krennanburg's eyes.

"So, you have your memory back. Your very identity. I suppose you want an explanation as to why I made you into what I did." Johan said.

"No, I want to know what happened the night Biotech found me at the crash." Jason stated.

"Very well. You want the truth, you'll get the truth." Johan began. "That night when you drove your car over the cliff, I was present with a team of my specialists working on a special project. I heard the crash and I sent two of my guards to investigate. They said that someone crashed their car. I went over to check it out and found you there. We retrieved you and brought you to our labs."

Jason stared into Johan's eyes for a long second. He was seething with hatred for Johan and was ready to take this man out.

"So, when you realized I didn't have my memory or identity, you decided to make me your personal weapon."

"Something like that." Johan replied.

"Well, let me tell you something." he began. "That was the last act you ever will make. You're going to die tonight." Jason said as his form materialized into Demon Hunter. Demon Hunter raised his blaster at Krennanburg and prepared to shoot when he thought that it would be better and more painful if he used his Sabre. He transformed his Blaster into the Sabre and raised it for one final strike to kill Johan Krennanburg once and for all. "Good bye, Krennanburg."

The fear was evident in Johan's eyes. Just as Demon Hunter was about to plunge the Sabre into Johan's chest, images of memory started to filter his mind.

"Don't you even say that Jason! You are not a murderer." He remembered Tommy telling him.

"I know. Jason, you weren't in control of yourself. It wasn't your fault."

Jason plunged his Sabre straight in front of him. Johan's eyes went wide with the realization that Demon Hunter's Sabre had plunged through the wall to the left of his head. Demon Hunter pulled his Sabre back and materialized it.

"Killing a pitiful excuse for a human being like you would be too easy. I'm not going to kill you. I'm a Power Ranger, always have been, always will. I'll find a way to bring you to justice for what you did to me. But, I'll do it honorably, not in cold blood." Demon Hunter said before turning and walking to the door, vanishing on the way.

After Demon Hunter was gone, Johan Krennanburg stood and walked over to the door and closed it. After turning around, he voiced two chilling words.

"What human?"

After saying that, his body materialized into something definately not human. This being had twin blasters on his hands and looked to be a cyborg. He lauged manically as he, too, vanished from sight.

Deluxe Suite, Chancellor's Hotel....
Billy and Kimberly spent the day filling each other in on all that had happened in their lives. Kim told Billy about her adventure to Muranthias and many other facets of her life. Billy told Kim about his aging problem and Magna Defender's potion. Kim told him about her temporary career in gymnastics and Billy filled her in on the events that led him to becoming Titanium Ranger. The conversation ended up switching to Angel Grove and the other rangers, one particular.

"How's Tommy been?" Kim asked.

"Tommy's great. He's married to Kat, you know." he replied.

"Yeah, I heard that. I'm happy for them. You know, Billy, it was hard for me for a while after I left. I kept hoping Tommy would come after me. You know."

"Yeah, I know." Billy replied sadly.

"But, I'm glad he didn't. He and Kat deserve each other. I'm happy they found their peace with each other. Because, now I have you and you have me, right."

"Absolutely." Billy said.

"What do you want to do tomorrow Billy?"

"I thought you and me might go back to Angel Grove." Billy ventured. He noticed immediately that his words hit a nerve as Kim stood up and walked to the window and looked out.

"Billy, I haven't been back there in over eight years. I don't know if I ever will be able to go back." Kimberly admitted.

"Kim, let me tell you something." Billy said as he placed his hands on her shoulders, massaging them. "When I left Earth, I swore that I would never return because I didn't think I belonged there. And truth is, I still don't. But, I had to face Tommy and the guys. If for no other reason than to close that part of my life. And I did. I have faith in you Kim. I know you can do it. You have to face them, even if it is one last time."

"I know. We'll leave in the morning." Kim promised as Billy held her close to him from behind her.

Pyramidus, Located Outside Angel Grove, Same Night....
Adam Park, Aisha Campbell, and Zhane met with Jaylus and Lace onboard Pyramidus, as Trey had requested before his death, to complete Jaylus and Lace's mission. They sat in the control room as Jaylus brought an object in a silver colored metal case. Lace held the key and unlocked the case. Jaylus opened the case and it was revealed to Adam's wide eyed amazement that the Zeo Crystal was enclosed inside.

"The Zeo Crystal." Adam breathed.

"Yes. The Zeo Crystal. Funny story about it. You remember when Divatox destroyed Zordon's Power Chamber." Lace said.

"Yes, I heard about it." Adam replied.

"Well, when Dimitria left, she took the Zeo Crystal and teleported it to Trey's Palace. The six Zeo Powers were reunited. When Gasket and Archerina attacked Triforia, Trey was going to find five Triforians to become Zeo Rangers. But, the shards wouldn't infuse anyone with the power. So, Trey had to fight alone." Jaylus added.

"So, why are we here?" Zhane asked the Triforians.

"When Trey learned of Diabolico's release, one thing he was sure of was that a force of different Power Rangers would be needed to destroy him. Trey decided to bring the Zeo Crystal back with him and, if not find the former Zeo Rangers, then, find new humans that the Crsytal would infuse power to. The Zeo Crystal, for some reason, is picking who is which Ranger." Lace answered.

"Well, what do we do now?" Aisha asked.

"Well, we hold the Crystal up and see what happens. But, I must ask, Adam, Aisha, are you willing to be Zeo Rangers?" Jaylus asked.

"Earth's in trouble. There's not much else to say for me." Adam said.

"Exactly." Aisha agreed.

"Zhane, Trey passed his Gold Power Ranger Staff on to you. Are you accepting it?" asked Lace.

After thinking about it for the last day or so, Zhane had his answer. And after speaking with Andros.


"Alright. Shall we." Lace indicated as Jaylus picked the Zeo Crystal up and held it high above them. He let go as the Crstal began to glow. The Zeo Crystal split into five different shards, each with a different color: Red, Pink, Yellow, Blue, and Black. Shortly after returning to Triforia, the Zeo Shard that was Green transformed into Black. To this day, no one knows why or what caused the change.

The Zeo Crystal remained in the air after Jaylus released it. It immediately broke into five pieces. The Red Zeo Crystal Shard hovered above Adam and then entered his body, bonding itself with him. Adam materialized into the Red Zeo Ranger and leader. The Yellow Zeo Crystal Shard hovered over Aisha and then entered her body, bonding with her. Aisha materialized into the Yellow Zeo Ranger. The Blue Zeo Crystal Shard hovered over Jaylus and then entered his body, bonding with him instantly. Jaylus materialized into the Blue Zeo Ranger. And the Black, formerly Green, Zeo Crystal Shard hovered over Lace and then entered her, bonding with her. Lace materialized into the Black Zeo Ranger. The Pink Zeo Crystal Shard dropped to the ground. The Pink Zeo Ranger to be wasn't present.

"Looks like we know who our team is." Adam said after they demorphed.

"Except for the Pink Ranger." Zhane added.

"I think we'll find out in time. We just need to keep the shard with us." Jaylus said.

"Alright, why don't we go inform Andros and the others that we're Rangers now?" Adam suggested.

"Sounds like an idea." Lace agreed.

Angel Grove High School, The Next Morning....
The High School that the Rangers, at one time, attended was a deserted trashed up image of what it once looked like. A lone figure walked inside and gazed at this once great teaching intitution once was. Jason stood and looked from wall to wall, gazing at the difference that beheld the walls he used to walk to and from day to day for the first twelve years of his life. How things have changed! Jason thought sadly.

Since leaving Krennanburg's office the day earlier, Jason decided to come back to Angel Grove for the last time. He knew that what he did while nder the influence of Biotech was something that could never be forgotten nor forgiven. He, after this visit to the school, was going to go into hiding, go someplace where he could stay for the remainder of his life. He had to do this, never be seen again.

"Good bye." Jason whispered to an empty building.

"Jason?" a voice from behind Jason said.

Jason turned around to see Mrs. Applebee standing there, awkwardly staring at him.

"Mrs. Applebee?" Jason said, surprised.

"Jason Lee Scott. My, it's been quite a long time since I've seen you last. How have you been?" Jason's former teacher asked.

"Hmph. I've been better." Jason admitted.

"Yes. I understand. The world hasn't been the same for anybody since the Sweeper broke out. You know there's a rumor escalating on the street that the Sweeper was engineered by one of those aliens the Power Rangers used to fight."

"Yeah, I heard." Jason replied.

"I guess it's good about the Cure, then." Mrs. Applebee said back to Jason.

"What do you mean?"

"Oh, you haven't heard yet. That corporation Biotech Industries has just announced during a meeting that they have created a cure to the Sweeper virus. There's still a bunch of people across the world that still have traces of the virus and the Cure will help them." Mrs. Applebee told him.

Jason digested this new piece of information. In all of the time he had been under Biotech's influence, he had not heard of any kind of cure that Biotech might have been working on. That's probably what was on Krennanburg's desk last night. Jason knew that whatever Biotech had engineered was not going to cure humnaity of the Sweeper. If anything, might strenghten it. Jason knew that at that moment, he had to help the Rangers in some capacity to stop Biotech Industries and Diabolico as well. He knew at that moment, being Demon Hunter and fighting against evil was to be his destiny. He had to see it through.

"I guess it will. It's been nice seeing you Mrs. Applebee. I've got something to take care of. I just came back to see the old school. So much has changed." Jason admitted, walking toward the double doors.

"I'm sure things will get better."

"I certainly hope so." Jason said as he exited Angel Grove High School.

Around Noon - Tommy & Kat's Night Club in Mariner Bay....
Billy and Kim arrived in Mariner Bay around nine that morning. They got up around six to get an early start on the drive. Billy, who contacted Tommy via communicator, informed Tommy that he and Kim were coming to Mariner Bay. Tommy was surprised by the fact that he would see Kimberly again. Even though he was happily married, there was still a boyish excitement when he saw his old high school sweetheart. But, he was with Kat and happy. Kimberly seemed to be with Billy and Tommy was happy for both of them.

Tommy spent the morning calling his fellow team of Rangers. Rocky and Zack arrived at Tommy and Kat's night club, T & K Live, with Tanya two hours earlier. Andros, Lizzy, Katie, Sasha, Carlos, Karone, and Cody were the first to be contacted and the first to arrive. Jaylus and his wife Lace, along with Zhane, Adam, and Aisha arrived one hour earlier. Everyone that was present during the club's off hours was here and enjoying themselves.

Tommy looked around from the bar where he was sipping a club soda and standing next to his wife, Katherine, and noticed a few things. The, not too long ago, brooding Rocky was livelier and enjoying himself while he chatted away with Lizzy and Sasha. Tommy knew that Rocky and Lizzy would be getting together soon. He looked over and saw Andros talking with Katie, very closely. Carlos and Karone were smiling romantically from their booth. Cody was talking with Jaylus and Lace. Zhane and Aisha were speaking and Tommy noticed that Adam talking to Zack. Tanya was talking to Kat a few feet away. Other than Billy and Kim, the only person Tommy hoped was here was Jason. He hoped he would see his friend again. But, he wasn't so sure.

The doors to the club opened and light and cold air rushed into the closed club. Tommy looked up from his musing and watched all the members of the Legacy Club welcome Billy and Kim. Even Tanya and Kat walked over to the group. Tommy waited for the welcoming to die down. Kimberly pulled herself away from the group and walked over to where Tommy was standing behind the bar.

"Hello, Tommy." stated Kimberly.

"Kim. It's good to see you." Tommy said.

"It's nice to see you too. How've you been?" Kimberly asked.

"I've been well. Been running the club and living my life with Kat."

"Yeah, you seem so happy with her."

"I am." Tommy said without hesitation.

"I know." Kim whispered. "I'm happy for you. Me and Billy are together. I think that's the way things were meant to be." Kim said back.

"I think so too."

Tommy and Kim returned to where the others were talking just as Andros gave Tommy the OK to start the reason for the meeting, other than seeing Kim.

"Alright everyone, let's get this meeting started. As you all know, all Power Rangers are part of the Legacy Club. A couple of days ago, we welcomed Billy into the group. Today, we welcome Adam, Aisha, Jaylus, Lace, and Zhane into the Legacy Club. Andros, if you will." Tommy ended.

Andros rose from his seat and was handed a small black box by Cody. Inside the box was five small Identification cards. Katie and Cody had notified the Resistance of the Legacy Club's existence and their desire to help destroy Biotech and Diabolico and the Resistance would be the only ones who would know about them. The Resistance created the IDs for the Legacy Club's members. The card also contained the Rank and what Ranger Power each had. Whenever a Ranger or group of Rangers would be in a city, if they entered a Resistance Headquarters, they would use their IDs to get whatever information they needed.

Andros handed each a card. They placed the IDs in their wallets and everyone welcomed them.

As they all knew would happen, Diabolico was mentioned.

"What exactly are we going to do?" Carlos asked.

"I think the best thing we can do about Diabolico is what for him to strike. If we go attack him on his domain, we're asking for trouble. The only thing we can do is take it one day at a time." Andros said.

"Yes, but what about Biotech Industries? We can't let that Cure get to the people." Katie stated.

"I don't know what to do about Biotech." Tommy said.

"I do." came Jason's voice from the double doors.

"Jason!" Many of them yelled upon seeing him standing there. Jason walked over to the group was received several hugs and welcomes. Some, coming from even Jaylus and Lace. afterwards, Tommy and Jason looked at each other in the eye. A silent thank you was mouthed from Jason to Tommy.

"What are we going to do Jason?" Kat asked.

"Biotech Industries is still in the creating process as far as the Cure goes. My guess is that the Cure won't even hit the stores for at least six months. We need to put faith back into the people. And, what I'm suggesting, is for us to break one of Zordon's most honored traditions about the Power Rangers." Jason stated.

"Which is?" asked Tommy.

"I say that we, as a whole, contact the media and have a press conference held where we come in as the Power Rangers and reveal who we really are. That will put more faith into the people about surviving than anything else." Jason ended.

"Sounds like an idea. Lightspeed Operations has already revealed to Mariner Bay who we are." Rocky added.

"I'll use the Megaship to contact all the major radio and television stations across the world and have a Press Conference scheduled in D.C." Andros said.

It was set. The beginning stages of the beginning of one of the most destructive wars ever fought on Earth was started during that meeting. Diabolico, from the moon, overheard the meeting in its entirety. Diabolico's son's army had arrived that day and Diabolico himself was getting everything ready for his first strike against the Rangers. His first strike would be his biggest, the death of a Ranger was at hand.