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Hope For The World
Chapter Four Secrets Revealed
by The Devious One

Desert Outside Mariner Bay....
Andros, Cody, Sasha, Carlos, and Lizzy teleported from the Megaship to the Desert outside Mariner Bay at noon and began their search for the tomb. They had been out here for two hours and they still could not find any possible sign of the temple that Diabolico was entrapped in.

Carlos walked a few feet away from the group and stopped when he felf something underneath him. He stomped his right foot down a few times when, all of a sudden, the ground collapsed underneath him. Carlos fell a good six or seven feet before hitting the ground underneath hard.

"Carlos?!?" Andros called when they ran over to where Carlos fell. They looked down the hole that was made and saw that Carlos was alright, just the wind knocked out of him.

"I'm alright. I think we just found the tomb though guys." Carlos told them. The rangers, whom like Carlos, were all wearing their Space Flight Suits instead of street clothes. They each, one by one, jumped down the hole and landed next to Carlos.

Carlos, who had already began searching the area they were in, walked over to the wall nearest him and noticed strange writings on the walls.

"Cody, come over here a sec." Carlos said.

Cody walked over to where Carlos was standing and, using his flashlight, looked at the ancient writings. Cody studed each writing carefully while everyone else looked at other places in the tomb. Some of the ancient dialect of the writings Cody recognized and could read, but there was some he could not.

A few away from them, Andros was standing next to the tomb. He was revoming the dust from the tomb and discovered that there was more writings on the casket itself. Most likely a warning about who's corpse lies within. Andros concluded. Andros could understand the writing that had been carved into the stone casket and read what it said.

Beware of The Demon Diabolico. Here lies the Deomon of Darknexx.e, the Sages, have cast him down to protect the universe from his destructive powers. If there are those who come to seek answers, you n will find them within this casket.

Beware of the demon Diabolico. Here lies the Demon of Darkness. We, the Sages of the Artarian Dynasty have entrapped Diabolico within this tomb in order to preserve the safety of the universe. If, sometime in the future, Diabolico is to escape, the answers seeked lies within the writings.

Andros read the writings two more times to make sure he did not miss anything. Sasha and Lizzy walked over to where Andros was.

"Did you recognize the writing?" Lizzy asked.

"Yes. It says that this was Diabolico's tomb and that the Sages of the Artarian Dynasty entrapped him here to preserve the safety of the universe. It says that the answers we seek lies in the writings on the walls."

"I'll copy down these writings, you guys go help Carlos and Cody with the walls." Sasha said as Andros and Lizzy walked over to where Carlos and Cody were examining the walls.

Diabolico's Palace....
"Master, the rangers are at the tomb!!!" Loki howled as he approached Diabolico.

"I am well aware of that fact Loki. Darkonda, are the Batlings ready for battle?" Diabolico asked.

"Yes, Diabolico. The Batlings are ready and I have the monster ready as well." Darkonda answered.

"Excellent. Go, and stop those rangers from reading those writings." Diabolico ordered as Darkonda took off to carry out his orders.

"Master, we may have a problem with Demon Hunter. He already attacked the two Red Rangers without your permission." Jinxter said as he entered the throne room.

"Yes, I am well aware of Demon Hunter's actions. I am not going to stand in his way. I will let him do as he will. But, if his actions interfere with my master plan, he will pay the price dearly." Diabolico promised.

Desert Outside Mariner Bay....
The five rangers were busy copying the writings down onto paper when they heard a series of blasts coming from above.

"What the hell was that?" Cody asked.

"I don't know. You guys go take check it out. I'll finish copying the walls down and then, I'll join ya." Sasha said as she continued copying the writings. Andros, Cody, Carlos, and Lizzy found a way to return above ground and reached the surface to see Darkonda and a monster along with black colored fighters with a sword in hand and small black wings on their backs.

"Welcome Rangers." Darkonda sneered.

"Darkonda, what do you want?" Andros demanded.

"Well, your destruction. Plain and simple."

"It's not gonna heppen today or ever." Cody added.

"We'll see. Let me introduce you to Strikening. Here's here to help me destroy you once and for all." Darkonda announced.

"Let's get on with it then." Strikening said as the Batlings charged the four rangers.

Two Batlings swung their swords at Andros's head on both sides. Andros dived high in air and landed behind them, kicking them in the back on the way down. Cody was surrounded by three Batlings. The first, he took down with a swift crescent kick to upper chest. The second was taken down with a round house kick to the face. And Cody took the third Batling down by sweeping the legs from under him.

Lizzy had two Batlings charging her. She hit one of them in the stomach and then followed with a knee lift when the Batling lowered its chest from the stomach blow. The other Batling went down and arm twist and flipping using the Batling's arm.

Carlos engaged the remaining two Batlings and took them down with one shot, a double kick to the face.

The four of them stood together again as Strikening began to advance towards them.

"Let's Rocket!" Andros called.

They didn't notice Darkonda sneaking off toward the tomb where Sasha was copying the writings.

Inside The Tomb....
Sasha closed the notebook that she used to copy the writings down just as she heard two feet land on the ground behind her. She turned around to face Darkonda, who grabbed her by her yellow sleeveless top and threw her across to the other side of the tomb.

Sasha recovered quickly and got to her feet just as Darkonda reached her. She tried kicking his chest, but he caught her leg and grabbed it and propelled high again, throwing her back to where she was, hitting the ground hard.

"You're supposed to be the new Yellow Ranger. Pathetic." Darkonda sneered.

"I'll show you pathetic. Let's Rock..." She was cut off by Darkonda's knocking her down with a kick which knocked her morpher a few feet away. Darkonda approached his prey, who was trying to get to her feet. Darkonda pulled out his sword and rose it for a final death blow.

Just before Darkonda began to swing downward, a bright shining light appeared behind Sasha and when the light was gone, one of the Sages stood there behind here. The Sage raised his hand and a burst of white energy blasted Darkonda to the other end of the tomb.

"Leave this place, evil one!" The Sage ordered.

Darkonda stood and looked at the Sage. The Sage, who wore a white robe that covered him from neck to toe had no hair and had the bluest eyes Darkonda or Sasha had ever seen.

Instead of heeding the Sage's warning, Darkonda rose his sword and charged the Sage. The Sage, anticipating this action, raised both arms and a double stream of white energy blasted Darkonda, sending him flying upwards and breaking through the top, which in turn, forced him to collide with Strikening, who was defeating the rangers.

Sasha managed to join the other rangers topside as the Sage floated to the surface. Darkonda and Strikening stared at the Sage for a long moment before vanishing with the Batlings.

Red, Pink, Blue, and Black Astro demorphed and joined Sasha in facing the Sage for the first time.

"Thank you for helping us." Andros said.

"I had to. I am one of the keepers of the tomb of Diabolico. My name is Kairon. I have come to help you Power Rangers retake control of Earth from Diabolico and finish him once and for all." The Sage said.

"You said one, who's the other?" Lizzy asked.

"I am." A voice from next to Kairon said. A bright light visualized and when it was gone, a woman in white shining robes stood there with the greenest eyes and long blonde hair.

"This is my sister Kalison. We are those responsible for Diabolico's capture. We had not expected his release to happen the way it did. For the last five thousand years, we have made sure that Diabolico and his forces of darkness never saw the world. Now, he is here and it seems he has already done quite a bit of damage to your world." Kairon said.

"Yes. 75% of Earth's population was wiped out because of a virus he engineered. He has human contacts on his side all over the world as well." Andros stated.

"Then, Diabolico has already ruined what once made this planet great. The only thing that can be done now is to prevent him from taking complete control." Kalison said.

"How can you help us?" Carlos asked.

"Diabolico is much too powerful for us now. What we can do for you is teach all of you in the ways of the ancient Artarian ways. And one thing you must know is that it will take much more than you currently have to destroy Diabolico." Kairon stated.

"What do you mean?" Cody asked the Sage.

"We have been watching how things have progressed lately. We know that you, along with the Lightspeed Power Rangers, have formed the Legacy Club. We are telling you that just the two teams you have will not be enough to handle Diabolico once he launches his main attack." Kalison replied.

"Well, what can we do?" Sasha asked.

"At the moment, nothing. Rangers, one of the Artarian gifts we have is the ability to see into the future. We have already seen what will happen in the future. This war you fight with Diabolico and his forces, it will continue for years to come. But, the Legacy Club will gain new members. You will become stronger with new allies and friends. Time and patience, is what you must have. And we will help you every step of the way." Kalison said as the rangers digested the prospect of having to deal with Diabolico for years.

Angel Grove Airport....
Adam Park and Aisha Campbell arrived at the airport moments before and Adam went to drive his car around for Aisha to get in. As she was getting comfortable, Adam took the liberty of placing all of their luggage in the back of his 4X4. With everything loaded up in the back, Adam seated himself in the driver's seat and they drove away from the airport.

"So, where is Rocky, Adam?" Aisha asked once they got on the main highway.

"He lives in Mariner Bay. I'm not exactly sure if he's here or not. But, if he's here, he would be at the cemetery to visit Sarah's grave. He usually does that once a month." Adam admitted.

Aisha looked through her window at the abandoned buildings that flew by. The very last time she was here, Angel Grove was high with energy. People flooded the streets and it was one of the most beautiful places to be. But, the Sweeper changed all that. Aisha thought.

Adam rounded a corner and drove ahead on the road that would take them to the Angel Grove Cemetery.

Angel Grove Cemetery....
Sarah Anne Garrison DeSantos's grave was filled with fresh roses and daisies when Rocky DeSantos walked up and set them around her grave for his once a month visit. Each month he came here, he just couldn't believe his world was turned upside down. Once a month, he came to this grave to escape his daily routine and pay his respects to his beloved Sarah and each month was a reminder of what had happened on the fateful day of the beginning of the Sweeper virus.

"Hello, Sarah."

Each time Rocky came here, he kept his promise of saying that there was no one for him but her. And until he came back to Angel Grove to help Tommy with Demon Hunter, he had kept that promise. But that was before he met Lizzy Morrison. She was awakening feelings that Rocky never thought were there after Sarah died. And so now, he was in a delimma.

On one end, he felt as though he would be cheating on Sarah if he dated Lizzy. But, on the other end of things, he knew deep down that Sarah would want him to get on with his life. She would want him to be happy. Maybe it is time for me to move on. It's been four years. I love Sarah, I always will. Kat's right. I can't keep living in the past. I have to start living my life again and not existing. Footsteps behind him interrupted his thoughts as he turned around to see two faces he never thougth he would see again. Adam Park and Aisha Campbell.

Chancellor's Hotel in Angel Grove....
Billy Cranston sat in a wooden chair in his hotel room with his Database Lab Computer in front of him. He tapped into the satellite systems and typed in two words to begin a search. Kimberly Hart. After hitting the return key, he waited a few minutes before the search came to an end and the findings were revealed to him.

Kimberly Hart Billingham's Hotel Room 313 Los Angelos, CA

Billy breathed a sigh of relief when he realized that Kimberly had survived the Sweeper virus's initial outbreak four years ago. He would soon have his chance to talk to her. First, though, he had to let his former Ranger teammates know of his return to Earth. Earlier that day, he had done some investigation into the night Jason left Angel Grove and found newspaper clippings of Jason automobile that had been found over the cliff outside a town, Wilson Springs. But, the owner, Jason Lee Scott, was nowhere to be seen. Beer bottles were found, however. Billy went up to the site of the crash and found strange signatures of energy in a device he took. His original suspicions were confirmed. He left Angel Grove and got drunk. Then, after crashing the car from being drunk, something or someone found and took him. Billy knew now that who or whatever found him turned him into Demon Hunter.

Billy looked nex to the laptop and saw the letter he wrote out. The letter, he would deliver to the hotel that the Lightspeed Rangers were staying at, was addressed to Tommy Oliver. The letter read:

Dear Tommy,

This is an old friend. I need for you and your team to come the Angel Grove Park, where we all used to meet after school in the old days, before Mondo and Machina, before Divatox, the good ole days. The rest will be explained there. Please come.

An old friend.

Billy knew that this would be the hardest meeting he would ever have to face, but, the overall outcome would be worth what could happen when they see him. This was a risk he had no choice but to take and hoped his friends could understand and welcome him back with open arms.

Angel Grove Cemetery....
"Guys, what are you doing here?" Rocky asked as he embraced his old friends, Adam then Aisha.

"Well, I was visiting with Aisha in Africa when she decided to come back to the states to see you." Adam answered.

"Where are you staying?" Rocky asked in reply.

"We're staying at that hotel on 4th street." Adam answered.

"Adam, you'll have catch up time with Rocky here later, I want to talk to him privately for now. Can you go back to the hotel." Aisha said, wanting to speak with Rocky.

"Yeah, I guess I can go wander around the old streets like we used to. We'll talk later Rocky." Adam said as he walked away from the two friends.

Aisha looked at the tombstone behind Rocky. Rocky noticed where Aisha's eyes were fixed and stepped aside to let Aisha have a closer look.

Aisha steeped to the tombstone and kneeled down to one knee and read it.

Sarah Anne Garrison DeSantos-Wife of Rockwell DeSantos and beloved friend. You will be missed.

Aisha felt tears brimming to her eyes from looking at the tombstone of someone that Rocky must've loved very much.

"Tell me about Sarah, Rocky." Aisha said after returning to her feet and facing her friend.

"What do you want to know?"

"Anything you want to tell me." Aisha answered.

"Well, Sarah was fun loving. She was incredible. I remember this one time we went out. We went Italian and instead of having a plate of spagetti each, she requested we eat together and share a plate. Well, you know how I am, so, I was apprehensive, but we did it. And, boy, did we get our faces full and messy. It was fun."

"Sounds like you two had lots of fun together." Aisha said as they started walking out of the cemetery.

"Yeah, we had a ton of fun. She loved to go to the fairs. This one time we were there, I ate three burgers and then went on the roller coaster. Needless to say, I threw up all over the place. And she laughed, she told me it was my fault and she laughed. Those were memories I'll never forget." Rocky said.

"It's good to have those kind of memories along with the bad ones." Aisha said, taking a chance.

"Aisha, I know what you're trying to do."

"And what's that." Aisha said, knowing what the answer would be.

"You're trying to tell me to move on." Rocky said flatly.

"I'm saying you need to. But, it's your choice."

"It's not that simple." Rocky said.

"Yes, it is."

"Damn it Aisha! You weren't there. You don't know what I went threw. I sat in our bed holding her hand when she died. You don't know what it felt like to sit there, watching her die and having no power to stop it." Rocky outraged, walking ahead a couple of feet and then stopping, looking over the broken city with his hands on his hips.

Aisha wasn't that surprised by his outrage, she was impressed that it took this long for him to do it. She could never understand what it must have felt like for him to feel helpless while the one he loved died in front of him. But, she knew that if Sarah was the person Adam had told her about, she would want Rocky to move on.

"Rocky, ..." Aisha gentled her tone. "You're right, I don't know what it must have felt like for you to watch her die. But, living in the past is not the answer. You have to move on with your life."

"I know. It's just so damn difficult. I mean, there is this girl I met yesterday. And up until yesterday, I never had feelings for anybody. But, she's awakened a part of myself that I thought was long ago buried. I don't know what to do." Rocky admitted.

"You love Sarah, Rocky. You always will, letting someone else into your heart won't erase that love, that emotion. Rocky, you've existed on this earth for the longest time. No one should live the way you have. It's time for you to let go of Sarah, Rocky." Aisha said.

"What if I can't." Rocky said.

"Then, you'll never find that happiness that we both know you deserve." Aisha said as she continued walking. She heard Rocky's voice at a higher pitch.

"What room are you staying in?"

"Adam's room is 202 and mine's 201. Drop by later. I'd like to spend some more time with you. But, right now, you need to figure out what you want to do." Aisha said then walked away, leaving Rocky with his thoughts.

Remains of Ernie's Juice Bar....
Tommy and Katherine stood in the middle of some rubble that was once the proud establishment owned by Ernie. Of all the places that had at least hoped woudln't be affected by the Sweeper and other things Ernie's Juice Bar was one. This was their getaway from school during their Power Ranger days. Now, it was nothing more than a construction site without the workers.

Tommy and Katherine were with Tanya, Zack, and Rocky early this morning to discuss the amount of time they would spend in Angel Grove. They knew that they would have to return to Mariner Bay soon for Lightspeed Operations would need them. Just the hour before, when they were leaving Rocky's hotel room, where Tanya and Zack were, the clerk delivered a message to them. Tommy and the rest of the Lightspeed team read the letter and were surprised beyond belief.

It was signed, a friend, and Tommy believed that it was from Jason. His reasoning was that Jason knew they were searching for him so he decided to pick the place and time himself. So, in less than one hour, they all agreed to meet at the old location at the park and meet their old friend once again.

And, it was almost time.

Chancellor's Hotel....
Billy closed his labtop computer after shutting it down and placed it in his bag. He put the bag in the closet to his right. He was dressed in the usual attire that he started wearing after staying with Dimitria. He wore a silver long sleeved shirt with a black leather vest over it. He wear black leather pants with boots on his feet and each foot had a knife concealed underneath the pant leg. He picked up his Titanium Power Morpher and placed it on his wrist.

He walked over to the bed and picked up his solid black leather jacket that was the length of his shoulders to his ankles in length. Enclosed within the left side were two long wooden sticks with metal ends. Once the metal ends were snapped in place, a lethal lance would be formed. He used his staff in battle on many different occasions during his time spent in outer space. He didn't think Tommy, Kat, Tanya, Zack, or Rocky would be physical toward him. But, the one thing he knew from spending time in deep space, things always happen that you can't anticipate. So, placing the jacket over his shoulders and in place, he opened the door and left, ready to face whatever is destined to happen.

Angel Grove Cemetery....
Rocky returned to Sarah's grave site after Aisha left, all the while thinking about her words, Kat's words, and his own personal turmoil that were his feelings. After hearing Katherine's words and Aisha's, and remembering everything that happened to him since Sarah's death, Rocky knew what he had to do in order to live.

"Sarah, it's me. There's so much going on with me right now. I'm so confused. I mean, I feel that if I even think about letting someone else inside, that I'll be cheating on the bond that we have, had, whatever. But, I've been listening to what Kat said and then Aisha. I know they're right, but, I just don't know what to do about it. I wish I could get a sign, any sign, just to know what I should do." Rocky said in a low tone, all the while tears were falling.

"Hello Rocky." A voice from above Rocky answered him. He looked up but saw nothing but the greyness of the sky. Just as he was about to rise, he saw a sparkle of white light descend from the sky and land in front of where he was standing. The sparkle of light materialized into the form of someone he never thought he would ever see again. Sarah.

"Sarah." Rocky breathed.

"Yes, Rocky. It's me."

"But how...I thougth you were dead. You're alive?" Rocky said, dumbfounded.

"No, I'm dead. But, the Powers That Be have given me this time to speak with you. Rocky, I have hated to see the way you have taken care of yourself. You deserve to be happy. That's why I'm here." Sarah said.

"I was happy with you."

"I understand that. I was happy as well. But Rocky, you have to move on with your life. You can't keep beating yourself up over me. I want you to be happy and you have to want that."

"How can I move on with my life? I feel like if I am with someone else, I would be breaking our bond."

"Rocky, our bond will always be as strong as it ever was. As long as you hold our love within your heart, you will never betray that. You need and deserve happiness. Be happy Rocky, be happy." Sarah said as her voice and body vanished as quickly as it came.

"I will, Sarah. I promise."

Angel Grove City Park, One Hour Later....
Rocky drove the Lightspeed Rescue Hum Vee with Zack in the passenger seat, Tommy and Katherine behind him, and Tanya behind the couple to the area of the Park that the note mentioned. There was a picnic table that was empty and Tommy was pretty sure that that was the spot that the writer of the note had referred to.

Rocky stopped the Hum Vee and the rangers walked over to the table and waited. They didn't have to wait long for Billy was standing behind the tree in front of the picnic table. He was more nervous than he had ever been in his life. On one end, he was ready for any hateful comments they would throw at him, but, on the other end, he was hoping they would be happy to be back. Now, he would find out.

Billy stepped out from behind the tree and stepped out of the shadows and looked at them.

"Hello guys." Billy said.

"Billy." Tommy whispered.

Diabolico's Palace....
The tension inside Diabolico's Palace was the thickest it had ever been. When Diabolico was released four years ago, his plan was simple. Use his virus to knock of the Earth's population out, Biotech would create the drug that would give Diabolico complete control of their minds and the Earth would be his. The first four years of his release were glorious.

But, after hearing about the formation of the Legacy Club, and seeing the return of Billy Cranston, he knew his possible future domination of this species were in peril. He knew he had to do something no or all his plans would be ruined. Even Demon Hunter is not working out as he had planned. When Johan Krennanburg came to him and told him that the Demon Hunter power had been given to a former Power Ranger Leader who had amnesia, Diabolico thougth for sure that he could manipulate Jason into serving him by letting him keep some control of his free will. But now, Demon Hunter has become a loner, not following Diabolico's orders and trying to take the Lightspeed Team out. One thing Diabolico was sure of, and that was soon, very soon, Jason Lee Scott's memories would soon start returning to him. And that, would cause problems for him. And, to top it all off, Kairon and Kalison are free. This causes more problems to his plan than anything else.

So, with his very existence in jeopardy, Diabolico knew it was time to summon his most dangerous allies. Diabolico opened a transmission vortex to a galaxy systems away and contacted his most dangerous and lethal minion and ally, Scorpius.

"Yes, Father. How may I serve you?" Scorpius said as he looked at his father for the first time in nearly five thousand years.

"Scorpius, son. The time of the Armageddon has come. Summon all of your followers and send them to me." Diabolico ordered.

After a slight hesitation, Scorpius relented and told his father he would send his troops as requested. As the transmission ended, Loki, who knew when to stay quiet, spoke up.

"Master, what about the humans? I thought you wanted to control them, not destroy them." Loki said, confused.

"Loki, my son's forces and my own small army are not to destroy the rangers, they're to destroy the Legacy Club. Biotech Industries will continue with their orders. They will put the Sweeper Cure on the market and streets. Humanity will be under my control. I must place the only possible threat out of action before it can cause me trouble. And, as for the Sages, I will deal with them when the time comes." Diabolico sneered.

"What of Demon Hunter, master?" Jinxter asked, walking into view.

"Demon Hunter is a loose cannon. Let him do what he will. Once Jason Lee Scott regains his identity, I will personally destroy him." That was a promise more than a threat. The only thing Diabolico didn't realize was that there was a figure in black and gold with a Scepter Staff listening in the background.

Angel Grove Park....
"Billy, it's good to see you man." Tommy embraced Billy in a warm, friendly hug.

"It's good to be back Tommy. I've missed you all." Billy replied.

"How long have you been back?" Rocky asked, just as excited. Katherine noticed he was in a better mood now. She would talk to him later.

"I got back yesterday. And, I've got to tell ya, I'm surprised to see that you're Rangers again." Billy replied.

"If you've had the means to get back here, why didn't you come back four years ago. I'm sure the news about what's happened here has gotten to other planet's civilizations." Tommy asked.

Billy wasn't surprised by the question because he was expecting the conversation to venture there.

"Yes, news of the Sweeper virus has reached to much of the known galaxies surrounding you. I'll tell you about everything that's happened to me since I left earth eight years ago. I just hope you can understand." Billy said.

"I'm sure it's not gonna come to that. We just want to know why you didn't come back sooner." Tommy replied.

"Eight years ago, when I went to Aquitar with hopes of fixing my problem of the aging, I lied to you. The waters of Aquitar didn't heal me. It did nothing for me. I was as old as when I left Earth. I used the video feed from the other trip when I was on Aquitar. The only reason for my deception to you was because I didn't want to worry you. You had enough problems at the time. You were dealing with Mondo and Machina. Then, Divatox. You didn't need to worry about me."

"Then, how did you get healed?" Katherine asked.

"Well, I spoke with Zordon the night you recieved my transmission. Zordon told me that since the waters of Aquitar didn't heal me, the only other option for me was to make a distress transmission to all the allies that he had. We had hoped that one would reply and come to Aquitar to see me."

"And someone answered the call?" Rocky asked.

"Yes. A Power Ranger from beyond any galaxy we've been to. Magna Defender was his name. He examined me, then gave me some kind of green liquid. The substance healed my aging body instantly. Later, I found out that the antidote enhanced my strength, and gave me telepathy and telekenesis. By that time, Magna Defender was long gone. I haven't seen or heard from him since."

"That doesn't explain why you didn't come back to help us." Tanya noted.

"I'm getting to that." Billy said as he sat down on the top of the picnic table. "I told the Aquitians that I wanted to travel the galaxies since I was healed. Cestria didn't like that idea, but, that's always been a personal dream of mine. Delphine allowed me to take one of their pods and I left after breaking it off with Cestria. It didn't work out like I had hoped it would between us. So, a year after I left Earth, I was space traveling. I went to many different worlds, made lots of new friends and allies and helped those that were in need of it. I then went to this planet, Solais. The planet was like a vision of paradise and filled with wonderful people. I thought that this was the most beautiful place I had ever been. I spent the next two years there before I received a visit from Trey. Trey told me that one of his friends, I think you've heard of her, Dimitria. She was dying and a Ranger who had saved her, couldn't keep his powers anymore and sent him to find someone who would use the powers with honor and for justice. Trey thought I was the perfect candidate. But, I wouldn't take the powers unless I could care for Dimitria until her dying day."

"What happened then?" Tommy said from his seat at the table.

"Trey brought me to Eltare, where she was staying. It was after Dark Spectre had come and gone. I spent the remaining four years with her and her sister, Xora Divance. You know her better as Divatox, reformed. Dimitria died a few days ago. Dimitria gave me the morpher of what is called the Titanium Ranger Power." Billy ended.

"So, you didn't come back because you were keeping your promise." Rocky concluded.

"Yes, I hope you understand." Billy said.

"Of course we understand. Your word is solid as stone, Billy. I just wish you could've gotten back sooner, that's all." Tommy said.

"Yeah." Zack agreed.

"There's something else I have to tell you." Billy said.

"What?" Tanya said.

"Yesterday, when Tommy and some other Red Ranger I haven't met fought that thing called Demon Hunter. I was watching in front of him when he stood after you knocked his helmet off." Billy said, waiting for the reaction.

"You did!?! Then, you know who was behind the mask. Tell us." Tommy said, waiting.

"You may not believe this, but, it was Jason."

"You have got to be kidding!" Tommy said, his tone raising.

"Jason wouldn't betray us like that." Katherine reasoned.

"Guys, I know what I saw. I have been doing some investigating on what could have happened the night Jason and Emily parted. Let me tell you what I've learned, then, you can decide as you wish." Billy said.

"Ok." Tommy said.

"After Jason left, he left the city, drove to a small town named Wilson Springs, where a local bar owner said he saw him come in and buy packs of beer and then leave. A car was reported found, off the top of a cliff outside that small town. I went to the crash site to see for myself and I discovered something in the ground. I am having it examined. Now, let me tell you what I think happened. Jason bought the beer and left Wilson Springs. He got drunk and, in his haze, crashed over the top of the hill. He survived the crash and someone or something found him and took him before the authoratives arrived. I think he had amnesia then and still does. Whoever took him built the Demon Hunter powers and presented it to him in the hopes that Jason would destroy whatever Power Ranger team was here. But then, the Sweeper hit. That's when I think Diabolico found out about him." Billy explained.

"If he's under Diabolcio's control of him, how do we get him back?" Zack asked.

"I don't know. But, if he's still got the amnesia. He should be receiving flashes of memories every now and then that he can't explain. It may take time, but, he'll remember who and what he is eventually." Billy rose to his feet.

"Well, this whole thing has lasted four years. I guess we can wait a little longer." Rocky said.

"Yes, I just hope we don't regret that later." Tommy added.

Opposite Side of Moon from Diabolico's Palace....
The figure who over heard the words of Diabolico walked slowly back to his base, Pyramidus. Trey, Lord of Triforia, also known as Gold Ranger couldn't believe what he had heard. Jason Lee Scott, the same Jason who helped him in his time of need, was evil. But, he also knew that Jason didn't remember being a Power Ranger, so, that made things a little easier on him but harder for him.

When the Sweeper broke out on Earth, Trey wanted to help, but, he knew he couldn't. Triforia's people were still trying to pick up the damage that Dark Spectre's assault on the universe had caused. It took nearly three years to fix what had been done. Then, just when he thought he could go, Triforia was under attack by Gasket and Archerina, the one of the only survivors of Zordon's energy wave. With what was left of the Machine Empire, Gasket was going to use Triforia to help him regain some control of the universe. But, after a year of fighting with the Triforians, Trey delivered the death blow to both Gasket and Archerina. Now, he was thankful for no more interruptions for now, he was needed more that ever.

Trey returned to Pyramidus to the control room, where Jaylus and Lace were talking. Jaylus was, by Earth standards, was a 24 year old male Triforian who was Trey's Captain of the guard. When Trey decided to go and help Earth, Jaylus demanded to accompany him. Trey didn't refuse because he felt he would need his help. Jaylus, who was six feet tall with red hair that went down just above his shoulders in length who also had a nice goatee on his face. Lace, shorter than Jaylus, had long flowing red hair and was Jaylus's charming wife of 23 years of age. Lace has a gentle soul, always willing to help someone out. Lace and Jaylus were married five years ago and since has been the best of equal partners. When Jaylus demanded to accompany Trey, Lace would be damned if she didn't go as well. She had a man to protect, after all.

Trey walked in just as Jaylus looked up and noticed he was there.

"What did you find out?" Lace asked.

"You know my friend Jason, he has had amnesia for a while and has been manipulated by Diabolico and his cronies unto attacking the Rangers. I'm gonna see if I can't set things right." Trey said, taking a seat across from the couple.

"What are we going to do now?" Jaylus asked.

"First thing we need to do is to just watch and keep track of what's going on down there for now. We'll worry about our mission later." Trey said.

This.........is not going to be easy. Trey thought sadly.

Angel Grove Memorial Hospital....
His eyes were open. His vision was blurred. He reached up to try to grasp something, anything. But, nothing but air would be felt by his hands. The last thing he remembered was being with his friends as his eyes closed for the last time. Now, he lies here looking up at a team of doctors, who are shocked to see his face moving.

"Who .....are you?" The patient asked.

"I'm Dr. Melanie Barnes. You're at Angel Grove Memorial. What do you remember?" The doctor asked.

"I don't remember that much. Last thing I can remember is falling asleep with two of my friends sitting near me."

"I'm afraid you've been in a coma for the past four years. A lot has happened to the world since you went under. Me, and my team will explain it all to you as best as we can. You just relax, we'll try to contact your friends." Dr. Barnes told him. She got up out of her chair and escorted the team of doctors from his room.

He tried to look around, but the pain in his back kept him from moving his head much. He felt tired and he had pains all over. But, above all, he as well as the doctors realized one thing. Zhane was awake from his coma.