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Hope For The World
Chapter Three Decisions
by The Devious One

Angel Grove Cemetery Three Days Later....
The Angel Grove Cemetery. Over the last four years, much of Angel Grove's victims of the Sweeper virus were brought here to be laid to rest. Countless victims, some more important in society than others, were buried here. Among them, Ashley Hammond, T.J. Ryan, and Cassie Chan. The Sweeper affected them the most. They were Power Rangers. The public couldn't fathom the thought that the virus took them as well. But, it did. The virus took three of the best Power Rangers to ever use the power for justice and peace.

And now, standing here, looking at their graveyards, reading their tombstones, Tommy Oliver let the tears come. The tears he refused to shed when everything happened because he was still in shock. He couldn't believe that the Sweeper took three of the only active Power Rangers. It was beyond his wildest imagination.

Three days before, when Tommy left Mariner Bay for this reason, he decided to wait one day before coming here. He spent the day he arrived in Angel Grove to overlook at everything that was once the home he at one time protected. Gone was the city he knew, in its place, was graffiti covered buildings. After Astronema and Dark Spectre's attack on the city and the initial outbreak of the Sweeper virus, no one bothered to try to rebuild the city. So, it remained in the state of damaged beyond belief.

Tommy felt disgusted because he wasn't here to at least try to help the Space Rangers when all of this happened. Truth be told, he and Katherine were moving into their new home in Mariner Bay when Astronema began her assault on Angel Grove. It was too late for them to try to help, so, they stayed in Mariner Bay. Then, the virus came. It took so many lives so quickly that Tommy and Katherine were in disbelief. So, standing here today, dressed in black jeans and a red short sleeved shirt under his Lightspeed Rescue Jacket, before three of his friends before he left, he couldn't control the tears that came from his eyes. Tommy kneeled down on one knee and began to speak aloud to his fallen friends.

"I'm sorry for a lot of things my friends. I'm sorry the Sweeper took your lives. I'm sorry the Sweeper came at all. But, most of all, I'm sorry that we weren't here when this all happened. Sometimes, I begin to wonder. I wonder that if Adam, Tanya, Kat, and myself hadn't passed the torch on to you, you would be alive. I have so many doubts in my life. I know that passing the powers on was the right thing at the time, but I just can't help but wonder if it's what we should've done. I just don't know. I guess we'll never know now, will we?"

There was a movement behind Tommy that caught his attention and he turned around.

"Who's there?" Tommy called.

Andros walked out from behind the bushes and faced Tommy. Tommy knew who Andros was, but Andros didn't know who Tommy was. They never met. Andros had heard of Tommy Oliver before, but, he just didn't know what he looked like.

Three days earlier, the Lightstar Power Ranger Team was assembled and a plan to travel to the desert outside Mariner Bay was made. Andros and Karone decided to start training the Renegades so that they could get used to the powers before they actually went. So, here stood Andros, in his grey Megaship Suit with the red shirt on standing before someone he had only heard about, but never actually met.

"You're...you're Andros, right." Tommy asked, two different emotions building up inside. Excitement from getting to meet the famous Red Lightstar Power Ranger for the first time, and anger from seeing the one person who ended Zordon's life.

"Yes, I am Andros. I don't recognize you. But, you're Tommy Oliver." Andros stated.

"That's right. How'd you know?"

"You said that you passed the torch to them. I've met Adam. And I've seen pictures of Katherine and Tanya thanks to Carlos. But, I've never seen you before. So, that narrows it down." Andros answered.

"Yeah, it does."

"I usually come to visit their graves at least once a month to let them know what's going on in our investigation into the Sweeper virus." Andros said.

"Who's we?"

"Me, Karone, that's my sister, and Carlos."

"You know, I should hate you." Tommy said out of the blue.

"What!?!" Andros stated, shocked.

"Andros, Zordon was my mentor. He trained me to be the best Power Ranger I could be. It's because of him that I made an exceptional leader. He was like a second father to me. And then Kat and I heard that the Red Ranger had shattered Zordon's energy tube. I was devastated. But, then the virus struck the world with it's deadly accuracy. There wasn't much room for anger in the place of all that death."

"Do you hate me right now Tommy?" Andros asked, ready for a fight.

"Andros, relax. I understand that Zordon told you to sacrifice him. The universe's reign of freedom was ending. One thing Zordon always taught me was that sometimes personal sacrifice had to be made. I understood that then and I understand it now. Zordon made the ultimate personal sacrifice to save the universe. I don't hate you Andros. How could I, you saved us all." Tommy said confidently and with respect for Zordon as well as for the Ranger standing before him.

"No, I've led humanity to it's death. Zordon's energy of goodness released Diabolico and the Sweeper virus onto the world." Andros said.


"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Do you believe in fate, or destiny Andros?"

"I never really thought about it, why?" Andros answered.

"I do and throughout the years, I've learned one thing. Everything that happens, has a reason. I became Rita Repulsa's evil Green Ranger because I was meant to join Jason and the other rangers lead the war against evil. Me and my friends passed our powers on because it was time to get on with our lives. I hate to say it but Ashley, T.J., and Cassie's death has a reason as well." Tommy admitted.

"And what's that reason?" Andros demanded, his heart hearting from the loss of his girlfriend all over again.

"I don't know. But, I do know all this happened for a reason. Zordon couldn't have known that his sacrifice would result in Diabolico's release. Besides, if you hadn't shattered his tube, we would all be enslaved to Astronema right now. You made a difference and deep down, you know it."

"Yeah, I do." Was the whisper. "So, do you still live in Mariner Bay?" Andros asked, trying to change the topic of discussion.

"Yes. Me and Katherine own an Apartment Complex building where we get our income. We're doing quite well there as well."

"Hm, that's good then. When are you supposed to be going back to Mariner Bay?" Andros asked as they started walking away from the graveyards.

"I'm heading back tomorrow. I just had to come visit there graves. I think I owed them that much." Tommy admitted, more to himself than anything.

"Well, while you're here, do you want to have dinner with me and my friends?" Andros pondered.

"Sure, why not?" Tommy smiled at his new friend and ally.

Neither of them noticed the dark figure of Demon Hunter lurking in the background.

A Village in Northern Africa....
Adam Park took the fifth drink of his Gatorade that he took within three minutes. The African weather was horrible, even by Adam's standards. Adam Park, dressed in black jean-shorts and a black sleeveless shirt, was driving a rented car. The car, a beat up old rusted white in color Volkswagen, was driving along a rocky and bumpy road that would take Adam to see his old friend Aisha Campbell.

After Adam Park, along with Tommy, Tanya, and Katherine passed their powers onto the new Turbo Rangers, Adam was ready to begin his life as a regular among the people. But, somewhere during those first months, something started to change for him. It began when he learned that his sister, Selena, had been in a car accident with severe damage done to her spinal column. Selena died a few days later while Adam was holding her hand. Adam was crushed. Selena was one of the few sisters that Adam was closest to. At Selena's funeral, Adam showed no emotion whatsoever for her death. His mother and father later chastised him for not showing any type of feeling. Adam, for some reason, wouldn't show his feelings in public.

The arguments between him and his family escalated to a point to where Adam could no longer live in the same place as them. So, he moved in with Rocky. Things started going well there for a few months. Then, Rocky met Sarah, and Rocky couldn't spend much time with Adam so Adam left as quickly as he came. He felt he had no friends in Angel Grove any longer. He had nowhere to go and nothing to do.

He decided to get a job in one of the Martial Arts Dojos. He didn't have to look for long. He got a job at the second Dojo he interviewed for, Master Lee's Dragon Dojo. He became an excellent teacher and his students enjoyed every class he taught. It was during the time when he started teaching the classes when the dreams started.

The dreams plagued his mind during the day to the point where Master Lee told him to take a couple days off help gather himself. Adam took three days off and stayed at his apartment to try to sort out his emotions. In his dreams, he was back in the Power Chamber with Tommy, Justin, Katherine, and Tanya talking with Dimitria. Then, the dream would alternate. In the dream, his four friends betrayed him by grabbing his arms while Tommy would remove his take his Turbo Key from his pocket. Then, they would let him go. When he was back on his feet, he would look over and see that Tommy, Katherine, and Tanya were laughing at him as they handed all four keys to T.J., Ashley, Carlos, and Cassie. And everyone was laughing at him.

He didn't understand what the dreams meant. He needed help to sort things out. So, he decided to confide into Master Lee his story. He knew the risk of confessing his being a Power Ranger but he respected Master Lee and knew he wouldn't betray him. So, on the day he returned to the dojo, he spoke with Master Lee and told him everything from the day he became the Black Ranger to the day he passed his powers onto Carlos. Master Lee listened to every detail and now he understood why Adam seemed so different from everyone else he had hired. He had a new respect for Adam Park.

Master Lee told him that dreams were a way for our true feelings and emotions to be conveyed. For some reason, Adam refused to admit that he felt he was pushed into giving his powers up and the feelings and emotions of that fact manifested themselves into the dreams he was having. He now understood that he felt he was betrayed at the moment. But, now, sitting with Master Lee, he didn't feel that way anymore. Then, he helped save Carlos when he had injured Cassie accidentally. After that experience, he knew he was happy for Carlos, but, he knew he could never face Tommy, Katherine, or Tanya ever again. So, he thanked Master Lee for everything he did for him and he packed his bags and moved back to Stone Canyon to open his own Dojo. And that was when the outbreak occurred and the world was changed forever.

He never opened his Dojo, but he was hired in an office job for Biotech Industries' Stone Canyon location as a clerk. The job brought in good money and he was able to actually have a life in the midst of all the chaos that was happening. The world was starting to get back in control for him when, one week ago, he received Tommy's phone call.

Adam Park knew he could never be teamed with them again or they would learn of what, at one time, he believed. They betrayed him. And he knew that they and him would have a major falling out if that happened. So, he turned Tommy down.

So, now, after receiving a letter from Aisha asking him to come for a visit, he knew that the decisions he made then, may not have been wise ones, but they were the best ones, for him.

Adam, with his long black curvy hair, parked the volkswagon at the side of the road and walked into the small village where she was the doctor. He asked for directions to Aisha's tent and then walked over to it and walked in.

"Aisha, are you here?" Adam asked upon entering.

"Adam? Oh my gosh. I can't believe you're here!" Aisha said with much excitement. Aisha hadn't seen Adam in almost ten years and she was excited.

"Aisha. It's good to see you after all this time." Adam said once he embraced Aisha in a warm hug. The hug lasted longer than either of them thought it would. When they separated, Aisha and Adam talked about everything that happened in Adam's life in the recent years, especially in the aftermath of the Sweeper virus. Adam told his long time friend of the events of his life in the recent years. Afterwards, Aisha asked Adam to walk with her through the village while they talked. As Adam thought, the conversation ended up with their other long time friend, the third member of what was once the Stone Canyon Triad, Rocky being mentioned.

"So, how's Rocky been doing?" Aisha ventured.

"You want the truth or just news that will make you feel better."

"Adam! If something's happened to Rocky, you tell me right now." Aisha ordered.

"Ok. A few years ago, Rocky married a woman, Sarah Anne Garrison, on the day that the Sweeper broke out in Angel Grove. They were married in Angel Grove. She was sick after the wedding and died later that night. Rocky's entire view of the world around him changed. He blames himself for her death. And ever since her death, Rocky's not been the same. At one point, I thought he might commit suicide. But, I don't think he will. He's just never gotten over her death and I'm not so sure he ever will." Adam finished.

Aisha listened intently, wondering what it must have felt like to have your whole world destroyed in one day. She couldn't fathom it, but, it happened to Rocky and she severly felt for him.

"Adam, when you return to the states, I'm coming with you. I think I'm exactly what Rocky needs right now. We've always had this special relationship that's always helped each other out. I think I may be able to talk to him." Aisha said.

"You really think it will help." Adam asked.

"Yes, I do. I'm coming back with you." Aisha stated with a 'don't argue with me' tone that always sent a shiver down Adam's spine. It certainly did this time as well.

"Alright, when do you wanna go?" Adam asked.

"Immediately." Was Aisha's response.

Streets of Angel Grove....
Tommy and Andros walked down the lonely streets of Angel Grove discussing the different developments in each of their lives. Andros told Tommy of the story of how he came to meet Ashley, T.J., Carlos, and Cassie as well as how Zhane came to be back once again. He told the Red Lightspeed Ranger of the story that led the Renegades of the Resistance to being the new Lightstar Rangers.

Tommy told Andros about the wedding he and Katherine had after passing the powers on. He told Andros many of the adventures that made him a formidable Power Ranger. He told Andros about everything that happened to them in the aftermath of the Sweeper outbreak. He neglected to tell him of his status as being a Power Ranger again. He thought it best to have the permission from the others first.

They walked around the corner of one of the broken down buildings and they saw an explosion.

Then, standing there was Demon Hunter. He pointed his hand at them, then, a note was in his hand, rolled up and tied with string. He dropped the message on the ground and another explosion occurred and he was gone. They ran over to here the note lie, and Tommy picked it up.

Dear Ranger Leaders,

Tommy, you know who I am, but I don't think Andros does. I will open an attack upon Angel Grove that will end whatever life is left on this pitiful city if you do not meet me just me against the two of you in one hour at the old abandoned Power Plant. Come alone, no other rangers, just the two of you. If I begin to feel that any other rangers are they're, I won't hesitate to begin my attack on this useless city.

Your Enemy - Demon Hunter.

After a moment of rereading the message, Andros turned to Tommy with surprise in his eyes.

"You're a Power Ranger again." Andros said, dumbfounded.

"Yes, I wasn't going to tell you until I talked with my team about it. But, yes. Me, Katherine, Zack, our friend Rocky, and Tanya are the Lightspeed Power Rangers and we protect Mariner Bay. Diabolico, for some reason, has his sights set on Mariner Bay. And, until we can find his base, we're protecting it from him."

"I have to tell you, I'm surprised beyond belief. But, I'm glad that me and my team aren't alone in the war against Diabolico." Andros admitted.

"So, what are we going to do about this?" Tommy asked.

"Well, we can't let this Demon Hunter destroy whatever life is left here, so, let's fight him at the Power Plant. It's not a good idea, I know. But, what choice do we have?" Andros replied.


"How do you know this Demon Hunter?" Andros asked.

"Three days ago, in Mariner Bay, the city was attacked by him. We managed to knock him down once before Diabolico appeared before us in the sky and called him off and told us that this was only the beginning. But, if he hadn't called Demon Hunter off, I've got the feeling that we would've been defeated." Tommy admitted.

"He's that powerful is he?" Andros pondered.

"He's very powerful." Tommy agreed.

"Well, we've got to be extra careful when we fight him then." Andros said as they began walking toward the Power Plant.

In Outer Space, just outside the Milky Way Galaxy....
Billy Cranston soared through the plains of outer space in a modified and rebuilt version of the Delta Megaship. He sat in his seat looking at a video play itself out. It was of the discussion Tommy and Andros were having about meeting Demon Hunter at the Power Plant. For some reason, Billy began to ponder the events that led him to being a Power Ranger again, the Titanium Ranger at that.

When he began to age at a fast rate, he knew his life was in trouble of ending if he couldn't have fix it. He spoke with Zordon for hours over what he should do. Over what chances he had at beating this. He did go to Aquitar in order try to fix his age problem. But, he didn't want his friends to worry over his condition. So, in order to calm their fears, he arranged a video of himself to play to the rangers while he voice different words. The video was of the only other time he had visited Aquitar, he merely over wrote the voice and words. They bought it and believed it because they wanted to. But for Billy, the problems only got worse.

He had tried Aquitar's fountain to try to heal his aging problem. But, that was useless. He was still aging without any chance of a cure. Then, he came. A warrior that Billy would never forget. The warrior, Magna Defender, presented him with the way to be cured from his aging.

Magna Defender came to Aquitar with his trusted companion, Torozord, and gave Billy a vial that had a liquid in the color of green in it. Billy drank the vial and within two Earth weeks, Billy was back at his usual age. The liquid not only cured him of his incredible fast rate of aging, but it gave him extra abilities he would never have had before. His normal strength level was increased by two times. He became being able to read the minds of others. And, above all else, he could move objects with his mind. By the time he was learning all of that, Magna Defender had already left, never to be seen by Billy ever again.

And then, Trey came to Aquitar asking him to accept the responsibility of being the Titanium Ranger. He agreed under one condition. That he would be able to care for Dimitria until she was gone. He spent those years with her with pride and honor. Those were some of the best years of his life. He knew someday, she would die. But, he wasn't ready for her death to happen, and he was affected more than he let on to Xora. Now, looking at the video, he knew that he was indeed needed more now, than ever.

It will be good to be back, I think. Billy thought. He also knew that some of the Rangers would demand to know why he didn't come back four years earlier, when the Sweeper outbreak was released. Truth be told, Billy had his bags packed and was on his way to a ship to head back when Xora stopped him and told him that the second he landed, he would be affected by it. Because of his aging illness, he had become sort of a illness for any virus created by entities like Diabolico. So, he stayed on Eltare. And he also knew that he would have to tell them the truth about what and who really cured him.

So, here he seats, ready to face his former comrades in a new era of existance for the Earth. He was ready to face them and he was ready to right the one wrong he carried with him all these years, his feelings for Kimberly Hart. First things first, Billy. He chastised himself. He would have the chance to face Kimberly again soon, if it isn't too late. But, first, he has to deal with Demon Hunter and the two teams of Power Rangers.

Billy sped up the Megaship so that he could get to Earth quicker than he had originally planned. He just hoped he wasn't too late.

The Abandoned Angel Grove Power Plant....
Tommy and Andros arrived at the Power Plant ten minutes before the hour Demon Hunter gave them was up. They looked around the area for him but didn't find any sign of Demon Hunter. Just as they were going to go inside the Plant, an explosion erupted just a few feet in front of them and they both were knocked several feet away from where they were standing.

When the smoke cleared and fires cleared, Demon Hunter stood with his Demon Blaster in hand, ready for combat.

"Glad to see that you're early." Demon Hunter sneered.

"We're here to stop you, plain and simple." Andros said, rising to his feet.

"We'll soon see." Demon Hunter replied.

"Andros, ready for a fight." Tommy said.

"Let's do it." Andros said as they were standing side by side once again.

"Let's Rocket!"

"Lightspeed .....Rescue!"

Lightspeed Aqua Base....
"Rangers, come quickly!!" The guard said as he entered the lounge where Zack was talking with Tanya. Rocky was watching the television and Katherine was reading a book. They all looked up and ran over to where the guard led them, to the Lightspeed Control Room.

"Rangers, Tommy was activated his morpher. That means he has encountered trouble in Angel Grove. He is at the old Power Plant." Captain Mitchell said.

"Can we teleport there?" Zack asked.

"I'm afraid not. We use satellites around Earth's orbit for the teleportation process. The satellites are currently off line. Take the Hum Vee and use the Hyper Drive mechanism on it. You will get there in about twenty minutes. Good luck, he's dealing with Demon Hunter." The Captain finished before they left.

Astro Megaship....
"Guys, come to the bridge." Carlos's voice boomed over all the quarters. Minutes later, they were in the bridge to see why Carlos called.

"Andros has just morphed and is fighting some new kind of Power Ranger." Carlos said.

"Should we go help him?" Katie asked.

"No. I've learned that Andros will call when he needs help. Let's wait and see what happens. Besides, there's another Red Ranger there. Let's just wait and see what happens." Carlos said as they began to watch the battle.

Angel Grove Abandoned Power Plant....
"Lightspeed Hand Blaster!" Red Lightspeed called. He then fired a series of blasts that bounced off of Demon Hunter.

"Spiral Sabre, booster mode!" Red Astro called and continued to send a surge of incredible power into Demon Hunter, who merely shrugged before using his Demon Blaster and sending two different blasts, knocking both rangers down to the ground.

"This isn't working." Red Astro said.

"We've got to try something, he's beating us." Red Lightspeed said in reply.

"I've got an idea. Do you have a sword of some kind?" Red Astro asked.

"Yeah, my hand blaster forms one." Red Lightspeed replied.

"Get it ready. We'll charge him at the same time and see what happens." Red Astro said.

Demon Hunter, already expecting this, transformed his Blaster into his Demon Sabre and awaited their attack.

"Let's go!" Red Astro declared as they launched themselves in a group attack on Demon Hunter. Red Astro swung his Spiral Sabre in downward arc, hoping to make contact with Demon Hunter's chest., but was blocked and knocked several feet back by a fist contacting with his chest. Red Lightspeed swung his blade repeatedly at Demon Hunter at many different angles but was blocked at each and every one. Then, in a move that caught Red Lightspeed by surprise, Demon Hunter performed a spin wheel kick that knocked Red Lightspeed several feet back, contacting hard on the gravel ground.

Only one person has ever countered all my moves like that, but it can't be. Tommy thought inward. He then lost his nerves and charged at Demon Hunter. He performed the same sword thrusts at different angles and added arm chops and swift kicks and different angle spin wheel kicks, which managed to drive Demon Hunter back a few feet. Red Lightspeed then jumped high in the air and performed a cartwheel in midair, transforming his sword back into the blaster. Once his face was even with Demon Hunter's form, he blasted Demon Hunter, which knocked him to the ground. Red Lightspeed placed his blaster in its holster just as Red Astro caught up to him.

"Wow, I guess it's true. You really do have moves I haven't seen."

"Years of training." He replied.

"I'm not done, yet." Demon Hunter sneered, transforming his sabre into the blaster once again and blasting at them. They both jumped high into the air and double kicked him in the chest, the force behind the four feet contacting with his chest knocking Demon Hunter off his feet and the force of hitting the ground forced his face helmet to fall off to reveal Jason Lee Scott's face, eyes as black as hell.

Upon landing on the ground, they looked over as Demon Hunter stood, his back to them.

"Now, who are you under the mask?" Red Lightspeed demanding, about to be shocked beyond belief.

Just as Demon Hunter was about to turn around and face his enemies, the Lightspeed Rescue Hum Vee's tires spun around and a familiar voice was heard.

"Tommy!" Katherine called just as the Hum Vee stopped. The two Red Rangers looked over at them and then returned their attention to Demon Hunter, who was gone as well as his helmet.

"GOD DAMMIT! I WAS THIS CLOSE!!" Red Lightspeed said angrily.

Katherine, Rocky, Tanya, and Zack ran over to Red Lightspeed and Red Astro.

"What are you guys doing here?" Their leader said to them.

"We thought you were in trouble. Excuse us for being concerned." Was Rocky's angry comment.

"I'm sorry for snapping at you. It's just, we had the Demon Hunter's helmet off. We were so close to finding out who he is." Red Lightspeed said just before he demorphed. Red Astro followed suit.

"I believe you've heard of Andros." Tommy said.

"It's a pleasure to meet you." Katherine said as they shook has hands.

"I've heard a lot about all of you. Tommy here has told me a lot about you, especially Katherine." Andros said.

"Please, call me Kat. All my friends do." Katherine said in reply.

"If you're all willing, since you're here and all, why don't we all have dinner at the Megaship with my team." Andros offered.

"We'd be honored." Zack said.

"Yeah." Was what Rocky offered.

"Great." Andros said.

"First, let me go to the Hum Vee and let the Captain know everything's alright." Tommy said as he walked over to the vehicle and picked up the car phone.

"Tommy, is everything alright?" Captain Mitchell asked, concerned.

"Yeah, everything's fine. I was so close to finding out who Demon Hunter was when the guys show up. We'll get 'em soon. We've met up with Andros and the Space Rangers. We're gonna spend a couple days here. If there's trouble in Mariner Bay, call us." Tommy said.

"You got it. Take care Tommy." Captain Mitchell said as he cut the line off. Tommy returned to the group.

"Guys, I'm gonna go by Jason's old place. It'll be good to see him again." Tommy said to them. Katherine decided to go with him while the others went ahead to Jason's. No one saw the form of Billy Cranston watching them from the side of building behind them. Billy had landed early and was standing, in the shadows, a few feet in front of Demon Hunter when his helmet was knocked off.

"Jason, why?" Billy whispered before walking back to his ship.

Adam finished placing all of Aisha's bags in the small white rusted volkswagon and began driving toward nearest airport. There was a silence in the air that neither of them liked, since they were such close friends. Aisha decided to break the silence.

"So, tell me, why aren't you married or at least involved with anyone?"

Adam was surprised by the question, but covered it up quickly. "The truth, I haven't been worried about it much. After Selena died, I sort of stayed away from girls. I know it sounds stupid, because she was my sister and all. But, it's the truth."

"I understand." Aisha replied.

"I know." Was the whisper.

The silence continued when both realized there was not much else to talk about. The ride to the nearest airport ended up with not much else being said.

Outside Jason Lee Scott's Apartment....
Katherine knocked on the door that was Jason's last known residence. There was no answer. She knocked again. Still, no answer. After about five minutes of knocking, Tommy reached for the door knob and discovered that it was unlocked. He opened the door and they walked inside.

The apartment was completely empty. There was no evidence that anyone lived here for a long time.

"Are you sure this is Jason's place?" Katherine asked.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure this was his place. Kat, something's not right about any of this. Why don't we go visist Emily's? Maybe he moved in with her." Tommy suggested.

"Alright. Let's go." Katherine agreed.

They left the apartment complex building and walked toward the neighborhood where Emily's house was. They did not see the figure who was watching them from the background.

Astro Megaship....
"And this is the bridge." Andros announced, concluding the tour of the Megaship for Rocky, Tanya, and Zack. Andros had already introduced them to Carlos, Karone, Katie, Cody, Lizzy, and Sasha earlier. Now, they were getting to see the entire Megaship.

"Wow, this place is amazing." Zack commented.

"Yes, this must be excellent in battle." Tanya added.

"Yeah, when we last used her, she did defended Angel Grove with honor. Haven't used her for four years though." Andros said.

"Andros, when will we be getting to dinner?" Zack asked.

"Well, once Tommy and Katherine finish with their business, I'll have DECA teleport them up here and we'll get started." Andros answered.

The group then went to the Holo Deck to proceed to show the Lighspeed team how to use it. Rocky didn't feel like messing with it so he excused himself and returned to the bridge where he sat in one of the seats and leaned back and closed his eyes.

He stayed there for the next few minutes just relaxing and thinking over the events of the past week. All within this week, he was ready to kill himself, he became a Power Ranger again, and he met the survivors of the legendary Power Ranger Team that defeated Dark Spectre. He heard footsteps behind him so he opened his eyes and stood and turned around to face Lizzy Morrison.

"You're Rocky, right." Lizzy asked upon entering the bridge.


"I'm Lizzy Miller, if you forgot." Lizzy stammered.

"It's a pleasure." Rocky reached his hand out. Lizzy took it and they shook hands.

"So, Lizzy. What led you to become a Power Ranger?" Rocky asked.

"Well, me, Sasha, Cody, and Katie have been investigating Biotech Industries for a few years now and just recently, we crossed paths with Andros, Carlos, and Karone. They saved us during a battle that broke out. In the same battle, we saved them as well. They offered to bring us up here, so we came. And they offered us the positions of Power Rangers, and he didn't refuse." Lizzy finished.

"Hmm, better than my story." Rocky said.

"And just what is your story?" Lizzy asked, smiling at him.

"I was lying in my bed a few days ago when Tommy called me, offering the position of Blue Lightspeed Power Ranger. I didn't have to think long. It was the right thing to do."

"Something tells me your life is complicated Rocky." Lizzy stated.

"It is." Rocky agreed.

"Well, I'm honored to have the chance to talk with you Rocky. Maybe, in months time, we can become really good friends, maybe more." Lizzy said, taking more of a chance than she originally thought when she saw the look on Rocky's face.

After a moment of looking Lizzy in the eye, Rocky answered.

"Yeah, maybe." Rocky said.

And, in the hallway listening to the conversation, was Tanya, smiling. Maybe things could work out for him, yet.

Streets of Angel Grove....
Tommy and Katherine walked down the familiar streets of Angel Grove after having a meeting with Emily. They learned some interesting details about the night Emily last saw Jason Lee Scott.

Emily told them of, at the time that they were together, a guy named Travis Donovan had kept making passes at her when Jason was unaware and each time Emily had told him to leave her alone. It cultivated to the boiling point when Travis came over to Emily's when Jason was working. He managed to get invited in when he said he was there to apologize. Then, he forced himself on Emily by placing his lips on hers. Emily was too shocked to push him away, so she didn't resist. That was the moment Jason came home. He lost it. He threatened to kill Travis if he came around again, so Travis left. Emily told them of much of the hateful things that were said that night, which resulted in Jason's leaving Emily's apartment and never being seen again.

Tommy and Katherine walked out of Emily's house surprised and shocked beyond belief. What could've happened to Jason after he left. Surely, he would have returned to try to patch things up between himself and Emily. There was new details about Jason that Tommy had never considered. One thing was certain for the leader of the Lightspeed Team, something was night right as far as Jason goes. And Tommy was going to find out, no matter what the personal cost.

Tommy and Katherine arrived at what appeared to be the park. Things were so much different here now. The grass had not been kept cut. The grass was as high as their knees. The swings and other park assortments were rusted, and some of them were broken. Life was never the same since Diabolico's release. Perhaps, things would never be the same for anybody ever again.

They stopped and used their communicator to contact Andros. Then, they were teleported to the Astro Megaship.

About ten feet behind them, behind a tree, was Billy. Billy had followed them Jason's apartment. After they left, he arrived to have a look at things for himself. He found about as much as they did. He went to Emily's after he was sure they had exited and recieved the same story Tommy and Kat did. Now, standing here, he knew a little more about why Jason was Demon Hunter.

But what Billy still couldn't figure out was what could have happened that led Jason to the point that he fought Power Rangers. When, Billy saw the eyes earlier during the battle, he saw not the eyes of his friend, but the eyes of someone who was lost and filled with darkness. One thing Billy knew for sure, Jason was not in control of his mind, someone else was and Billy was determined to find out what happened after he left Emily's.

Astro Megaship, two hours later....
In the Dining Quarters, the twelve new friends sat at the dining table after long ago finishing their meal discussing the recent events that led them to meeting each other. Andros told Tommy and his team everything they knew about Diabolico and the two Sages. In return, Tommy revealed everything they were told by Captain Mitchell about Diabolico and his master plan. They discussed Biotech Industries and Johan Krennanburg in general. And the possible scenarios of the Sweeper Cure when it's marketed.

"Tomorrow, we're going to the location where we believe Diabolico's tomb is. We believe it is located in the desert outside Mariner Bay." Andros said.

"Yes, we hope to find something on those Sages that enprisoned Diabolico there." Carlos added.

"Do you need us to come with you?" Tommy asked.

"No, we're just going in and looking and then leaving. No need for all of us to go. You guys spend the day in Angel Grove and relax before you have to go back to Mariner Bay." Cody said.

"Alright, we'll stay. But, you guys be careful." Katherine said.

"We will." Katie assured.

"I would to propose something since we're all here." Andros said.

"When the Renegades completed our team, we were sure that we would be fighting this war against Diabolico alone. Now, you guys are here and I propose that we form a group, a club if you will. A secret group that consists of only Power Rangers." Andros concluded.

Everyone present nodded their heads in agreement.

Then, Tommy whispered something and Andros couldn't understand him.

"What was that Tommy?"

"Legacy. The Legacy Club." Tommy said, a little louder this time.

"I like that. To a New Beginning for us." Andros toasted.

"To The Legacy Club." Tommy added to the toast.

The eleven friends toasted and new that this was the beginning of something far greater than themselves. This was a new beginning in the war against Diabolico.