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Hope For The World
Chapter Two Mission Lightspeed
by The Devious One

A House in Mariner Bay...
Sitting on the middle of the large bed with his back against the wall and a bottle of Mad Dog Twenty Twenty was Rocky DeSantos, who was once again reliving, in his mind's eye, the events that led up to losing the most important person is Rocky's life on his wedding night.

After deciding that Justin should remain the Blue Turbo Ranger, Rocky opened his first Karate Dojo in Angel Grove. He made good money and actually learned things about his students. All in all, life had not yet been better for Rocky. Then, he met her. Sarah Anne Garrison was a petite young red head about the same age as Rocky, give or take a few months. She had green eyes and a nice figure. She walked up to him about teaching her some defensive classes privately. Knowing he had better now, he ventured as to why she wouldn't do public classes. She explained to him that she had a very abusive and obsessive boyfriend who had tried to kill her when she tried to leave. The police managed to get him in time and she just wanted to learn how to defend herself. Even though it was against his better judgement, Rocky decided to give Sarah classes privately.

The first three months of classes went by and Rocky noticed that she learned more quickly than anyone else ever had. From a relationship of mentor/pupil to a friendship relationship ended up being formed between the two. As the months rolled by, Rocky and Sarah found that they were no long mentor/pupil nor were they friends. Somewhere along that line, they had fallen in love deeply with one another. So they started dating and the chemistry between them ignited to the point at which Sarah moved in with Rocky. It was one year later, after Rocky and Sarah's life was going perfectly when Rocky asked Sarah to marry him. At first, Sarah was surprised. But, after looking deep into her heart, she knew that Rocky was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. He was also the man she wanted to bear her children. She said yes and a date was set.

Rocky asked Adam Park to be his best man and Tommy Oliver to be his ring bearer. They both were happy to oblige. Katherine and Tanya were Sarah's maids of honor. The wedding day arrived and even though both were a little nervous, they knew that this was the right thing to do. They were wed man and wife and life couldn't be any better for either Rocky or Sarah. Then, tragedy struck.

The day the wedding took place was the same day that the Sweeper illness hit Angel Grove. After the wedding concluded, many people that attended the wedding collapsed. They were the first of the victims of the illness. Sarah had become feverish and even started vomiting that day. Rocky was extremely worried about his wife. Then, that night, when Rocky was about to go to sleep next to her, Sarah started screaming and thrashing about. Rocky tried to hold her down, but it was too late. Her last words to Rocky were something he would never ever forget.

"I love you, Rocky DeSantos."

Now, sitting in an empty bed, the same bed that she died on, Rocky began to think about the events that happened after Sarah's death. She was laid to rest three days later. Only Rocky, Tommy, Katherine, Adam, and Tanya were there. The illness had already killed most others. After the funeral, everyone gave their condolenses to him, but he couldn't hear them. All he could hear and see was Sarah Anne's face smiling at him and repeating the most enchanting words to him I love you, Rocky DeSantos. Through the next four years, Rocky's attitude and overall mood changed. Gone was the outgoing, easy to like, fun loving personality that made him an excellent Power Ranger. In it's place was a dark, easy tempered, bad attitude new Rocky who cared for no one and lashed out at even his closest friends. Adam came by to try to help him but he lashed out at even his best friend. There seemed to be no one who could help him with his heart filled with hate.

And now, sitting in the bed, their bed, with Mad Mad Twenty Twenty in his hand, Rocky DeSantos felt that there is no long a reason for his heart to continue to beat. He looked over to space of the bed next to his right hip and reached over and picked up the revolver.

Ring. Ring...

The phone began to ring just as Rocky had the gun in place. A quick thought ringed in his mind. Might as well pick it up and see what the hell they want.

Rocky placed the gun down and reached over to pick up the phone.

"Yeah." Was all he said.

"Rocky. It's Tommy. I was wondering if we could talk for a few minutes." Tommy Oliver said to Rocky.

"Sure, what do ya want?" Rocky said.

Tommy wasn't surprised by Rocky's tone. He knew that Rocky wasn't ever going to be the same after Sarah had died. He just couldn't believe that it ruined everything that made Rocky Rocky.

"Rocky, the Resistance Elders believe its time to form a new team of Power Rangers. The science team of the Resistance has just finished the construction of the new technology. And since they learned that I was a former ranger, the Elder behind the technology asked me to be their Red Ranger. I said yes under the notion that I could choose my team. They agreed and I would no one better than to have you as the Blue Ranger. What do ya say?"

Rocky couldn't believe his eyes. He stared at the revolver then into nothing, contemplating his options. He was ready to die, to rejoin Sarah in the afterlife. Then, out of the corner of his mind, he knew that that was the easy way out. He would not be proud, and more importantly, neither would Sarah. She would want him to do whatever he could to help humanity survive this terrible threat.

"Sure, Tommy. I'm in." Rocky replied, his tone a little lighter.

"Awesome, man. Listen, the team's been assembled now that you're part of us. There's me, you, Katherine, Tanya, and Zack...." Tommy said before Rocky interrupted.

"What, why isn't Adam part of the team?" Rocky asked.

"Adam and me, Katherine, and Tanya have sort of had a fallen out. I called him and offered him the position. But, he told me in no uncertain terms that he would rather rot in hell than be teamed with us again. And for the record, I don't think he means you man. Listen, Rocky. I don't know if you're up to it. But, the man who's presenting us with the powers is going to hold a meeting for us in about an hour. We're supposed to meet with him at the airport. You up to it." Tommy finished.

"Yeah, I think I am." Rocky said then hung up. Rocky took the revolver in his hand again and instead of shooting himself in the head like he planned to do today, he removed the clip and unloaded it. He put the gun in his drawer and showered.

Twenty five minutes later, Rocky DeSantos was dressed in a pair of black jeans, with black leather boots, a white shirt with blue stripes everywhere, and a black leather jacket. As he opened the door to go get some lunch before the meeting, he looked back into the room over towards the bed, seeing Sarah Anne Garrison DeSantos smiling a smile of a proud wife at him.

"I'll make you proud Sarah. I promise." Was the promise. Gone was the man whose heart was filled with self pity and hatred. In its place was that of a man who suffered a great loss but knew that life must go on, as he is going to do.


Astro Megaship....
Inside the Megaship, in the room where meals were served and eaten, Cody, Katie, Lizzy, and Sasha sat at one side of a rectangular shaped table. On the other side was Andros, Carlos, and Karone. Alpha 6 stood behind Carlos, who was in the middle.

"So, can you tell us what you know?" Karone asked.

"Sure. But, before we open the briefcase, we'll tell you everything we have learned about Johan Krennanburg and the Sweeper illness." Cody said before Katie continued.

"Four years ago, as you know, the illness started taking the lives of different people. We have learned that the illness was the result of a poison mixed in with Angel Grove's water supply. The same poison was mixed in with every type of food that Angel Grove had stocked. The poison has an ingredient that once introduced into a populated group, can spread outward through the air. Once a person is infected, the poison messes up every system in the body. The air that a person breathes is mixed with oxygen, carbon dioxide, and this poison. With the amount of people who were infected, the illness spread like wildfire and that's why it took out the world with the year." Katie explained.

"Why weren't we affected by it?" Carlos asked.

"Well, certain people have genes in their DNA that can fight the poison off. You three, us, and the other survivors are lucky." Lizzy replied.

"Now, let's explain to you how Johan Krennanburg and Biotech Industries fits into all this. Two years ago, when the four of us broke into one of Biotech's buildings, we discovered that that Johan Krennanburg was not only in Angel Grove when the Sweeper broke out, but, he and members of his science division were at the Angel Grove Water Revine Plant. We have no way of proving it, but we believe that Krennanburg and his team put the poison in the water." Sasha finsihed.

"So, Johan's responsible for Ashley's death." Andros said flatly. The truth of that statement hit home to Carlos and Karone.

"We think so yes. Six months ago, Biotech revealed to the public that they had discovered the cure for the Sweeper. We believe that that is a lie. We're sure that there's more to this than just a cure. Three months ago, we recieved a tip from one of our contacts that Johan and his team were coming back to Angel Grove to meet with someone. Obviously, that being was Darkonda." Cody said.

"So, Darkonda was doing business with Johan. But why?" Karone asked.

"We're not sure. But we're more interested in who Darkonda's master is and what connection that might have with all of this." Sasha stated.

"I don't think the Sweeper virus is man made." Andros said, getting everyone's attention.

"I've lived on earth long enough to study certain subjects. One of which is medicine. Humanity, as of right now, has never been affected by a virus that can be carried through the air. Not one that can kill anyway. I think that maybe Darkonda's master may be the one who created it and Johan was a contact to get it started."

"Well, let's open the briefcase and see what we've got here." Cody said as he reached for the briefcase, with contents of which will change everything.


Mariner Bay Airport....
"Thank you for coming. My name is Lieutenient James Howell. I'm to take you to the underwater base for Resistance Operations. Let's get into the helicopter and we'll take you over." The Uniformed gentleman said as they all entered the helicopter.

After making sure everyone was inside and seated, the pilot was given orders to take off and head to the drop off site.

Rocky continued to stare out of the window, keeping more to himself than he ever did before.

"Hey, Rocky. You ok." Zack asked. Upon hearing that Adam had rejected Tommy's offer, Zack left Switzerland and the idea of helping them in order to help the world on a grander scale. Tommy couldn't think of a better person other than Zack so he agreed.

"Yeah, I'm ok Zack. Just thinking, that's all." Rocky said in a low tone.

"About Sarah." Tommy added.

"Yes." Was the whisper.

"Rocky, can I tell you something?" Katherine asked gently.


"When we were rangers before, we had no life. We got up, went to school, and fought evil on a daily basis. And after we each left our mark within the Power Ranger Legacy, we retired and our real lives began. And what is life exactly. Life is living not existing. For the past four years since Sarah's death, you've existed, not lived. You lived when you met her. You lived when you were a ranger. But, you've slowly deterierated into exactly what Sarah left. I talked to her once and she told me that her ex boyfriend was abusive because he lost loved ones before and he went with the thought that if he was abusive, he could have control of that person. You may not think so, but you have become just like him. You haven't become abusive yet, but, you have lashed out at all of us for no reason. Rocky, it's time to let go of her, it's time to move on." Katherine finsihed and watched the expression on Rocky's face. The playful Rocky wasn't quite there yet, but gone was the hater, the bad attitude. Before Rocky could even try to respond, Lieutenant Howell informed that they had arrived and a military van would take them the rest of the way.

They got into the van and watched as the light of the sky was replaced with the blueness of water as they drove along a large tube that took them deep underwater.


Astro Megaship....
Cody placed the files and other items that were inside the briefcase on the table in front of him. In the folder he was looking at, there was pictures of Johan Krennanburg examining different artifacts that were once hidden in the desert. Other pictures revealed writings on walls on what appeared to be temple walls.

"What does all this mean exactly?" Katie asked.

"I think that all these pictures, the papers, and especially this disc, all has to do with whoever Darkonda's master is." Andros said.

"Ok, let's take a look at the disc and then maybe we can piece some of this stuff together." Lizzy said as they moved to the bridge.

Once in the bridge, Andros inserted the disc and they watched as a video played itself out. It was Johan Krennanburg, describing the writings.

"According to the ancient stories, it tells the story of a war between a powerful wizard, a Sage, if you will and a dark, demonic entity known as Diabolico. The Sage and Diabolico fought a war with power and magic instead of brute force. Diabolico was about to destroy the Sage when a second Sage, a female, arrived and with that, the combined strength of the two were able to imprison Diabolico and all of his evil minions inside a tomb. This tomb." Johan paused in the video, showing the wall in its complexity. "The two Sages placed a spell on the tomb itself that would ensure that the demons would never be freed. They decreed that only an energy of purity, of goodness, could release the tomb from the spell at which Diabolico and all his forces of darkness could be released. I imagine that the Sages believed that because was so evil, that there would never be a being filled with goodness that would want to free them." The video ended.

Carlos looked over at Andros, who had this crestfallen look of horror on his face.

"What?" Katie asked after seeing Andros's face.

"Four years ago, when I was fighting Astronema, I found Zordon. He told me that the only way to rid the universe of evil was to sacrifice himself. So, I shattered his energy tube and a wave of pure energy of goodness spread throughout the universe. So, it's my fault Diabolico was released. I killed millions of innocents lives."


Deep Under the Mariner Bay Waters....
The military van carrying Tommy, Katherine, Rocky, Tanya, and Zack arrived at it's location. What appeared to be a small underwater city was there. The military van stopped. The closed vaulted doors in front of them opened and the van drove forward a few feet then stopped. The rangers found themselves in an elevator type mechanism, the van moving downward. After about thirty seconds, the movement stopped and the doors in the front of them opened to reveal a team of what appeared to be government specialists moving about many different computer systems. None of them looked over when Tommy, Katherine, Rocky, Tanya, and Zack undid their seatbelts and got out of the van. A gentlemen in a black blazer and black slacks with a black shirt walked towards them. The gentleman was slightly in the bald portion on his head and he had a mustache.

"Welcome to one of the only Resistance secrets. Welcome to the Lightspeed Aqua Base." The gentleman announced.

"Wow, this place is amazing. I've never seen anything like it." Katherine declared.

"Thank you. The past twenty years to build this technology have truly been worth it." The gentleman said.

"You know us, but who are you?" Tommy inquired.

"Oh, pardon my rudeness. I'm Captain William Mitchell." The gentleman said.

"You know, I bet Zordon would've loved this place." Zack said.

"Yeah, he would've." Tommy said a bit sadly.

"Well, shall we get going with the meeting. I have the conference room ready for us. If you'll follow me." Captain Mitchell said.

The five looked at each other, except for Rocky, then followed him into the conference room.

Astro Megaship....
"Andros, you are not responsible for what happened here. You did what Zordon asked. There's no fault in that." Carlos reasoned with Andros.

"You don't understand. Whether he told me shatter his tube or not, I'm responsible for all of this. You heard Krennanburg and we've looked at the writings. Zordon's energy wave disrupted the spell that held Diabolico in tact. Because I shattered his tube, Diabolico is free. Everything that happened up to this point could've been stopped if I hadn't shattered his tube." Andros admitted.

"You're wrong Andros. Look at it this way, what would have happened if you had not have shattered Zordon's tube. Astronema would be the ultimate ruler of the universe. She, me, whatever would've enslaved every living thing throughout the universe. You saved, not only the prospect of universal peace, but you saved billions of lives all over the universe by doing what you did. You nor Zordon could've predicted that this was going to happen. Stop blaming yourself Andros. Things happen, call if fate or destiny, whatever you want. Things happen because they're meant to. I don't know why all this is happening, but there's a reason why all of this is happening. It's not your fault." Karone said to her brother.

"Maybe." Was all he could say.

"Look, guys. We need to come up with some kind of plan. I don't know about you guys, but I want to be part of your team." Cody replied. Katie, Lizzy, and Sasha nodded their heads in agreement to Cody's statement.

"You wanna be part of our team. In what aspects exactly." Andros stated.

Carlos tapped Andros's shoulder. "Can I speak with you two privately for a sec?" And with that, Carlos got out of his seat and walked into the hallway. Karone and Andros followed suit, leaving the Renegades alone with briefcase's findings.

"What is it Carlos?" Karone asked once he and his sister were in the hall with Carlos.

"I think..... I think there's something we need to do." Carlos began the conversation he knew they had to have.

"What are you talking about?" Andros asked.

"Andros, I think it's time we become Power Rangers again. I think the Renegades would make excellent Power Rangers. They just need the chance." Carlos now said it out loud.

Ever since the Sweeper broke out four years ago, one thing that was never once discussed was the possibility of someone else being Space Rangers. Andros wouldn't consider it because he believed that they would be replacements and he never wanted to have Cassie, Ashley, Zhane, and T.J. replaced.

Still, Andros didn't respond. He just stood there with a blank expression on his face.

"Andros, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that if we give them morphers, they're gonna replace the guys. That's not ever going to happen Andros. All the Renegades are doing is continuing the Legacy that made Power Rangers Power Rangers. Andros, humanity needs protectors again. We can't let Johan Krennanburg and Biotech Industries get away with what they've done. And there's Diabolico who we've got to track down. Andros, look in your heart. What does it tell you?" Carlos ventured.

The blank look disappeared off of Andros's face and a look of understanding replaced it.

"You're right Carlos. As long as we carry they're memory in here." He pointed to his heart. "They'll always be with us. Humanity does once again need Power Rangers to protect it. And I think we've been gone for far too long. But, we do have a problem. With the combination of them and us, there's seven. Someone can't be a ranger." Andros said, the wheels in his head were spinning.

"Carlos, Andros." Karone said to get their attention. Once they looked at her, she continued. "I think a sacrifice has to be made and I'm willing to do it. Whatever position in the team I had, give it to one of them." Karone said proudly.

"Um, are you sure Karone?" Andros asked his sister.

"Yes, positive."

"Alright, let's get back in there and tell them." Andros said as the three of them walked back towards the bridge.

Lightspeed Aqua Base Conference Room....
"Well, let's get this meeting started shall we." Captain William Mitchell stated.

On one side of the table in the room, Tommy sat with Katherine sitting close to him. Zack sat a comfortable amount space away. On the other side sat Rocky and Tanya. In front of each of them was a black folder.

"Alright, here is what the Resistance knows. The virus that was introduced to Angel Grove four years ago was a genetic engineered toxin that was developed what appears to be three thousand years ago by a demonic entity of destructive capabilities. The demon, Diabolico, existed around three thousand years ago and was on a rampage. He was close to conquering the world before two ancient wizards, Sages, they were called then. The two Sages fought back and forth against Diabolico and his forces. In the end, the Sages were able to defeat Diabolico and entrap him and his dark forces inside of a tomb that's inside of a temple that's buried under the desert outside Marnier Bay. After entrapping Diabolico, the Sages cast a spell on the tomb. According to our knowledge, the only way for the spell to be lifted was if energy that radiated from a being of goodness and purity was in enter the temple." William Mitchell, Captain of Lightspeed Operations, finished.

"And Diabolico was released when Andros shattered his tube." Tommy said directly.

"Yes. Although I don't think Andros or Zordon could've understood that this would happen. That was an instinctive decision on Zordon's part." Captain Mitchell replied.

"It says here that Biotech Industries is involved in all this, how?" Zack Taylor asked.

"Biotech Industries is owned by Johan Krennanburg. We believe that Krennanburg, somehow, made a deal with Diabolico around the time that Zordon's energy wave released him. The deal was that Krennanburg was to be spared his life in return he would do whatever Diabolico asked of him. Lightspeed's theory is that Diabolico gave Krennanburg a small vial that contained the Sweeper virus and that he then mixed it in Angel Grove's water supply."

"So, Krennanburg sold his own race out just so he could live." Rocky said with disgust. The anger of losing his wife was rising again with the knowledge that Johan Krennanburg was responsible for her death.

"Yes, that's our theory. And, how does Biotech fit into this. Biotech Industries creates and improves vaccines that are cures and antidotes for different viruses and diseases. Six months ago, Biotech admitted to the public that they just developed the cure to the Sweeper virus. And the only way they could have done that was if they were in direct contact with Diabolico. The Resistance believes that Biotech's supposed cure is a mind control toxin created by Diabolico in order to complete his plan to rule Earth."

"Wait a second, the Sweeper is over. I mean, the people that were infected by the Sweeper are dead." Katherine said.

"Well, here's where things get complicated. The supposed cure that they have, according to them, can undo the damage the Sweeper did. Not in the long run, but the victims that died instantly from it could be brought back to life if the cure was given to them. The only price of that is that they would not have control of their own free will any longer, it would be under Diabolico's control. The members of the Resistance are the only people who know about this. But, there are still people who have the Sweeper virus that still live. Those people are in comas."

"Where exactly do we fit into all this?" Tanya asked.

"As I told Tommy yesterday, the Resistance has asked Lightspeed Operations to activate Mission Lightspeed to fight against Diabolico and Biotech Industries in the public. In a effort to let the people know the truth. And through our contacts, we were able to learn that Tommy was a former Power Ranger. So, we asked him and he asked you."

"Ok, what happens now?" Katherine asked.

"Simple." Captain Mitchell said as he picked up a silver metal suitcase and placed it on top of the table. He unlocked it and opened the case to reveal five morphers with a black Velcro wrist covering. The top of the morphers was silver. On the left side was the Lightspeed signia and on the right side was four buttons, two on top of the other. "Each of you grab a morpher."

Tommy, Rocky, Katherine, Tanya, and Zack each picked up a Lightspeed Morpher and placed on their left wrist. The morpher acts as both the means to morph into Lightspeed Rangers as well as to teleport to different places. In addition to that, the morpher acts as communication device between the Aqua Base and wherever the Rangers are.

"Welcome aboard Lightspeed Power Rangers." Captain Mitchell proudly declared. A roar of applause surrounded them by the other officers.

Inside Mariner Bay....
The streets inside the city of Mariner Bay were peaceful and quiet. Four years ago, when the Sweeper broke out, the people of Mariner Bay didn't think much of it because they thought it would pass. Then, suddenly, the virus took much of the population of Mariner Bay. The survivors of Mariner Bay were certain that the Mayor would find a way to help them. Or at least the Power Rangers of Angel Grove would help them. But, nothing happened. The Rangers were never seen and weeks later, the Mayor died from the virus. The people had no where to go, so they stayed in Mariner Bay and tried to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives during the aftermath of the Sweeper tragedy.

And now, walking among the people of Mariner Bay is a man who, because of lack of memories, filled with darkness and hatred. This man, Jason Lee Scott, is here for a purpose. To destroy those that were once his friends using the gift given to him by Diabolico.

When Jason returned the Gold Zeo Power Staff and the powers that went with it back to Trey of Triforia, he had every intention of spending his life with Emily, his girlfriend at the time. But two months after that happened, he and Emily had an argument when he caught Emily kissing another man. Jason lost his temper at the time and said some hateful comments to Emily that he knew he shouldn't have. That night, he decided he couldn't face her nor could he face any of his friends. So, he packed his bags and headed out of Angel Grove. He drove out, not caring where he ended up, just so he would be away from Angel Grove, away from Emily.

He ended up near a city called Wilson Springs. He stopped at a local bar and hours later, ended up drunk. He returned to his vehicle and kept driving while under the influence. He drove out of Wilson Springs and up a hill, where he rounded a corner and the speed he was driving through forced his car to fall over the curve and his car flipped and flipped time and time again. Jason should've ended up dead, he knew it. But, for some reason, he didn't die. When the vehicle stopped flipping, the only thing Jason could remember seeing was a strange light coming towards him, not of another vehicle, but of a form of person.

Jason awoke weeks later in a strange room. A place he couldn't remember. He couldn't remember much about himself. He knew his name was Jason Lee Scott, but nothing else. When he looked around the room, he noticed that a man was sitting in a chair next to him looking at a file. The man was Johan Krennanburg. Krennanburg knew Jason Lee Scott was a former Power Ranger, a rather excellent one at that. One of the private projects that Biotech Industries had was a special technology that once used would have the capabilities to defeat any Power Ranger in existence. Johan only needed to find the perfect mortal to manipulate into accepting it. A former Power Ranger with amnesia was the perfect candidate.

So, Biotech trained Jason. Johan convinced Jason that the Power Rangers were leading the world into a destructive downfall. He told Jason that by accepting the Demon Hunter technology, he could prevent the Power Rangers from leading the world into another World War. Jason accepted the offer. For Johan, he only needed to wait for the perfect chance to send Jason after the rangers. When Dark Specter and Astronema began their reign of terror and destruction against Earth and the universe, he knew he couldn't get away with making Jason believe they were evil. So, he kept Jason busy so that he would not hear about it. Then, Diabolico was released.

After making the agreement with Diabolico, Johan informed the demonic entity of Jason and the Demon Hunter technology. Diabolico decided to finish Jason's training himself. Months later, Jason was as evil as Tommy, as the Green Ranger, was and more.

And now, walking on the streets of Mariner Bay, Jason Lee Scott, filled with the darkness of Diabolico and the lack of memories, looked around to find a place to begin his attack that would bring Tommy, Katherine, Rocky, Tanya, and Zack out of hiding. He found the perfect place. A business complex.

Jason walked to the center of the street and all the cars stopped and honked their horns at him. Jason closed his eyes for a second and when he opened them, he was morphed into his Demon Hunter suit. The suit itself was an impressive look. From the shoulders to the knees, the suit was black. Over the chest and back and shoulders were golden colored adamantium weaponry. It was a gold shield with a green gem in the center. The were lines in the shield that led outward in the form of an X where other green gems were held.

Demon Hunter walked to the end of the street and held out his right hand. A double-barreled looking shotgun appeared and he began blasting, knocking buildings away.

Astro Megaship....
"Cody, Katie, Sasha, Lizzy, Carlos, Karone, and I have talked it over and we've made a decision." Andros began, waiting for their full attention. He got it. "If you're willing, we would like to give you the chance to be Lightstar Power Rangers. Think you're up for it."

Cody, Katie, Lizzy, and Sasha looked at each other before Cody stood.

"We'd be honored to carry on the Legacy that is the Power Rangers. We only hope that we can do your fallen comrades justice." Cody said, instantly getting the most intense serious stare out of Andros and Carlos that he'd ever seen. He'd seen many different emotions in their eyes: a slight anger, surprise, shock, but above all, respect.

"Then, all of you stand before us." Andros said. He gave Karone the signal to begin.

"Lizzy, you will carry on the mission for Cassie. You will be the Pink Power Ranger." Karone then handed Lizzy Morrison the Pink Lightstar Power Morpher.

"Cody, you will carry on the mission for T.J.. You will be the Blue Power Ranger." Carlos said then handed Cody Harris the Blue Lightstar Power Morpher.

"Katie, you will carry on the mission for my best friend, Zhane. You bill be the Silver Power Ranger." Andros stated then handed Katie Harris the Silver Lightstar Power Morpher.

"And Sasha, you will carry on the mission for Ashley. You will be the Yellow Power Ranger." Carlos finished then handed Sasha Miller the Yellow Lightstar Power Morpher.

"I'm the Red Ranger and Carlos is the Black Ranger. Now that presentations have been made, let's talk about what we're gonna be doing." Andros concluded.

"If you guys are up to it, I think we need to get some more information on these two Sages that entrapped Diabolico. We may have an easier chance at defeating him if we can learn from the Sages we don't already know." Katie said.

"Ok, so where is the underground temple where the tomb's at?" Karone asked.

"The temple underneath the desert outside of Angel Grove's sister city, Mariner Bay." Sasha answered.

"Then, it's to this desert then." Andros stated. No one knew that their conversation aboard the Megaship was overheard by Diabolico's scientific genius, Jinxter.

Lightspeed Aqua Base....
"CAPTAIN MITCHELL, WE HAVE A PROBLEM!" One of the Communications Officers came storming into the conference room.

"What is the problem Lieutenant?" Captain Mitchell asked in return.

"Some kind of enemy is attacking Mariner Bay. We think it was sent by Diabolico, but, we're not sure." The officer replied.

"Captain, I it's time for our first assignment." Tanya said excitedly. She was excited about being a Ranger again.

"Yes. Follow me."

Captain Mitchell led them through many different corridors before coming to stand before what looked like a yellow painted military van. Behind them on the wall was five leather jackets. Each one, on the left breast, had one of these names: T. Oliver, K. Oliver, DeSantos, Taylor, and Sloan.

"These are your Rescue Jackets. They signify your rank within Lightspeed Operations. Put them on." The rangers did as the Captain requested. "This is the Lightspeed Rescue Hum Vee. It will get you to where you need to be when your not morphed or even when you are. Get in the van Rangers." The Captain instructed. Tommy got in the driver's seat, Katherine across from him, Tanya sat behind Katherine, Zack sat behind Tommy, and Rocky sat in the middle seat behind them all. "The elevation terminal will take you to the exit. Follow the air tube. We will already have the doors that you will come across opened. Good luck." And with that, the Captain left as the elevation terminal began descending.

Location of Demon Hunter's Attack....
People were screaming for help. Cars were exploding along with windows and doors of various building complexes. Demon Hunter was relentless in his attack on Mariner Bay. In less than twenty minutes, he had already destroyed six blocks of buildings. And then, it happened.

A feeling. Two things happened in Demon Hunter's mind when that feeling came: the realization that his enemies had arrived and the realization that his friends had arrived. He heard the sound of a military van approaching and he knew his mission would soon reach its highest peak.

Demon Hunter turned just as the Lightspeed Rescue Hum Vee fired a blast of energy that knocked Demon Hunter off his feet momentarily. By the time he was on his feet, the newly assembled Lightspeed Power Rangers were standing before him, unmorphed.

"Who are you?" Tommy demanded.

"I am Demon Hunter. My mission is simple, to destroy you." Demon Hunter replied.

Tommy's mind was reeling. I've heard that voice before, but where? Jason's voice as Demon Hunter was muffled and in a lower tone. No one except for those closest to him would recognize him. That was the beauty of Biotech's Demon Hunter.

"Well, we're here. What are ya gonna do?" Rocky's arrogant playfullness was back, albeit momentarily.

"What am I gonna do? Simple, this!" Demon Hunter replied as he whipped his double barreled shotgun weapon, the Demon Blaster, and blasted a series of blasts at the unmorphed rangers. The blasts caught them off guard and they soon found themselves feet apart and on the ground.

"Guys, how about we take this joker out?" Zack suggested.

"Let's do it." Katherine agreed.

The five of them stood together again: Tommy in the middle, Katherine on his right, Tanya on his left, Zack next to Tanya, and Rocky next to Katherine.

"Alright, guys. Ready!" Tommy stated.

"Right." They replied in perfect unity.


Energy surged through their systems as their morphers were ignited and the energy covered them in their Lightspeed Power Suites.

"Lightspeed Blasters, Fire!" Red Lightspeed declared as the five Rangers blasted Demon Hunter. The blasts bounced off of Demon Hunter's suit if a boy through little rock pebble against a brick wall.

"Blasters didn't phase him." Blue Lightspeed said.

"Ranger's, summon the Rescue Bird." Came Captain Mitchell's voice through the communicators.

"Right." They said.

"Rescue Bird!" Red Lightspeed ordered.

A device that was the combination of each of the ranger's individual weapons emerged in front of them. They reach grabbed their weapon and merged them together to form a new combination. The Mega Lightspeed Blaster.

"FIRE!" They all declared as a wave of incredible power surged from the new combination to blast Demon Hunter. Unlike before, this blast sent Demon Hunter flying back through two different building and landing on rubble he had already caused. The rangers returned their weapons to the Lightspeed Weapon Arsenal Bay and grabbed their hand blasters to search and finish off Demon Hunter.

Two buildings over, Demon Hunter was returning to his feet and getting ready to charge him when a loud thunderous explosion sounded above them all. Demon Hunter looked up and saw a Diabolico's upper body in the sky looking down at him and the Lightspeed Rangers. The Rangers, who were fast approaching him, stopped dead in their tracks.

"That must be Diabolico." Green Lightspeed hypothesized.

"Yes, I am Diabolico, the soon to be Ruler of the World. This, Rangers, is only the beginning. These four years have been nothing more than a prelude to my master plan. Your existence in this planet will soon come to a halt. Demon Hunter, return to base." And with that, Diabolico's image was gone.

They looked over and saw that Demon Hunter had vanished as well.

"Come on guys. Let's get back to the Aqua Base." Red Lightspeed said.

The Planet Eltare....
The former mentor to the Turbo Power Rangers, Dimitria, lie on her bed at her home on Eltare dying. During the aftermath of the events of Divatox's attack on the Power Chamber, something happened. On her trip back to her home world, a wave of energy surged through the teleportation stream and it knocked her off course and directly to Eltare.

The landing itself was pleasant, but what happened afterwards, was not. She was teleported to Eltare during the war between Dark Spectre and the people of Eltare. Dimitria tried to help Zordon, but she ended up being captured as well. Dark Spectre tortured Dimitria for months in an attempt to find out her reasons for being on Eltare. Even though she didn't know, she acted confidently and refused to tell him. In the end, a year after being captured, she was injected with some kind of toxin. Dark Spectre revealed to her that the toxin would slowly kill her. It would kill her in exactly six years. Just as Dimitria was going to be shipped off to a prison compound of Dark Spectre's, a Power Ranger appeared and attacked the ship that she was held in. This Silver Power Ranger, not Zhane, but someone even more mysterious than the Phantom Ranger, rescued her. He revealed himself to be the Titanium Ranger. But, during the rescue attempt, Titanium Ranger was wounded and his power would be destroyed forever if he did not unmorph and pass on his powers.

Upon returning to Eltare, Titanium Ranger unmorphed and gave Dimitria his morpher and told her to find someone that would do the power justice to carry on his mission. He then left without another moment's notice. She never saw the man who rescued her ever again. Now, lying here dying from the toxin Dark Spectre injected, she reflected the events that happened after that fateful event.

After he left, she sent a telepathic message to one of her closest allies and friends, Trey of Triforia. Trey came quickly and she explained the circumstances to him and Trey told her that he knew of someone who could become the new Titanium Ranger. Trey left and Dimitria didn't see him again for another year. He returned with someone Dimitria had never seen before but had heard so much about from listening to Tommy and Adam's continuous adventures as rangers earlier in their lives. The candidate Trey found decided to help Dimitria until the day she died. She refused but he insisted on the premise that he should earn the chance to be a ranger again. So, she agreed.

And lying here, with only minutes of existence left within her, she looked at the man who helped her during her most painful moments, but, who stayed with her no matter what. The New Titanium Ranger. She looked to her other side and saw her sister sitting there. The former villianess, Divatox, now going by the only other name she ever went by, Xora Divance.

Both, the man, and her sister had these looks on their faces that she understood all to well. This would be her last day on this plain of existance.

She turned to her sister again and spoke. "Xora, I have something I would like to give you before I go."

"What is it Dimi?" Xora replied referring to the name she called Dimitria.

"I would like you to take my throne as Queen of Inquiris. We both know that my dying is the only reason they haven't requested either of us return. This is the right thing to do."


"And you." She looked at the other person there.

"Yes." Was the familiar voice.

"When you leave with the Titanium Ranger Morpher, take this black box. It's contents will be of a great help to you and the other rangers on Earth."

"But, how did you know I was going to Earth?" He asked.

"I'm a telepathic. I know these things." She replied with a smirk.

He smiled and took the semi large black box from her hands.

"When was the last time you were there again?" Dimitria asked her friend of six years.

"About ten years."

"Then, it's about time you went back."

"You're right. I've been gone for far too long."

"I want you both to know that I think you are the best people in my life ever. These last years of my life have simply been the best, despite the circumstances behind them." Dimitria said as life began to fade from her body.

"Goodbye, my family." Dimitria whispered. And then, with that, she died. Their faces broke out with fresh tears as they witnessed the death of a sister and a true friend.

"Xo.....Xora, I'd better get going. Take care of yourself."

"You're heading to Earth already?" Xora was surprised.

"Yes. I don't think Zordon or Dimitria would want me wallowing in grief, so I'm gonna go. I'll return once Earth is safe. Take care of yourself my friend."

And without waiting for a response, Billy Cranston grabbed the black box Dimitria gave him and left.

"Good bye Billy." Xora said to an empty room.

Diabolico's Skull Base Palace....
"Master, why did you not permit me to finish off the Power Rangers?" Demon Hunter asked once he returned to the palace.

Diabolico, who currently sat in his throne with his sceptor in hand, looked at his pupil. Demon Hunter was very powerful, even as Jason Lee Scott he is a formidable foe. Diabolico understood that there would come a day when he and Demon Hunter would disagree. He also knew that one day flashes of memory would begin to enter his mind. That has yet to happen and Diabolico has taken advantage of that. Now, possibly, Demon Hunter does not see his side of things when he was taken out of the battle.

To Diabolico's right stood Loki, his right hand and leader of his generals. And to Diabolico's left was Darkonda, second in command to Loki. They both stood and awaited their master's answer to Demon Hunter's question.

"Demon Hunter, things are very complicated on Earth right now." Diabolico said at last.

"I understand the circumstances at work her, master. But, what does one team of Power Rangers mean exactly in the big picture."

"You know my plan Demon Hunter. For four years, we have reduced the human race into one forth of what it once was. The second stage of my plan must complete itself before we begin the destruction process. The chaos you caused was to let them know what is coming. They know about you. They know about Darkonda's existence. Before anything else happens, the next stage of my plan must be complete. And Johan Krennanburg had better not fail in his promise."

"Yes master." Demon Hunter agreed.

"So, what happens now?" Darkonda asked.

"Now, I want Loki to meet with Krennanburg to check on the status of the Sweeper Cure. Once the Sweeper Cure is out on the streets, it won't be long before we complete control of those earthlings. No matter how many Power Rangers come, the humans will be nothing more than mindless zombies when they take the Cure. Jinxter, you said you overheard a conversation that was taking place aboard that Astro Megaship."

"Yesss. master. They have learned the secrets that were within Krennanburg's briefcase. They are on their way to the desert outside Mariner Bay to find the tomb we were trapped in. It is their hope to find something about the two Sages that entrapped us to assist them in the war versus us." Jinxter said, stepping out of the shadows.

"It was disappointing in Krennanburg that the Renegades got away with the briefcase, but they must find out the secrets of the Sages identities. It could ruin everything for us. Jinxter, find a suitable Monster Data Card and give it to Darkonda. Darkonda, you will take a small array of Batlings with you to the tomb. Attack the Renegades and those three fools. Use the monster Strikening to finish them." Diabolico ordered from his throne.

"Yes, master." Darkonda said as he took the Data Card from Jinxter and left the Palace.

"Things are well in hand." Diabolico sneered.

Lightspeed Aqua Base....
The Lighspeed Rescue Hum Vee arrived back at the Aqua Base shortly after Diabolico arrived with his statement. They walked into the Conference Room where Captain Mitchell was awaiting them.

"So, that was Diabolico." Rocky stated.

"Yes, that was Diabolico. Rangers, all he is doing right now is testing you. Trying to find out what you're made of. My guess is when he was released and started his plan, he could sense all the humans who were former Power Rangers. I believe that none of you were affected by the virus because you were Rangers. And if that's true, then anyone who is a ranger now or who've ever been are still alive."

"That can't be. I know for a fact that T.J., Ashley, and Cassie are dead." Tommy said flatly.

"Then, there must be some reason why you were not affected by it. Needless to say, things are going to get much worse before they get better." Captain Mitchell said.

"Exactly how far is Angel Grove from Mariner Bay Captain?" Tommy asked.

"If you took a vehicle, you could be there in about within two days, why?" The Captain asked in response.

"There's someone I have to see before I can completely commit myself to being a Power Ranger full time again. I'll teleport back if there's trouble." Tommy said as the Captain gave directions for an officer to accompany Tommy back to the surface.

Katherine, Tommy's wife of six years walked over to him and slipped her arm around his waist.

"You alright Tommy." She asked.

"Yeah. I've just got to do this for personal reasons. I can't tell you where in Angel Grove I'll be going or why. I hope you understand." Tommy said.

"Tommy, I love you. You go do whatever you have to. We'll hold up the fort til you get back, ok." Katherine replied.

"Alright. I'll be back." With that, Tommy kissed Katherine on the lips once, then left with the guard who would accompany him to the surface.