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Disclaimer: The Power Ranger characters are not mine they belong to Haim Saban and Suki Levy. However the characters of: Elizabeth and Jacob Scott, Charlotte and Ryan Oliver, Cory Oliver, Steve Park, Allison Williams, Dr. Josh Tyler, Kyle and Phil, and Dierdra are mine, please email me if you want to use them.

Authors note: Though the title sounds cheery, and a happy story, reader be warned that this story does deal with death and regret.

Second authors note: This is my first fan fic so enjoy and let me know what you think at Willow@grrtech.com.

Time Frame: After the Power Rangers take it to space, and around Christmas.

Home For The Holidays
by Dana

At the Surf Spot

Jason Scott walked over to Tommy Oliver, with a big smile on his face. "Hey Tommy, I just got off the phone with Trini, she said she'd be here tomorrow."

Tommy also smiled, "That is great. Can you believe it, all of us together again? I can't wait to see everyone!" his eyes practically danced at the thought of seeing all his old friends again.

Jason looked at his watch. "Now all we have to do is wait to hear from Kim. She said she'd be calling us about five our time."

Adelle, the owner of The Surf Spot, walked over to Jason and Tommy. "Jason, there is a telephone call for you, it's someone named Kimberly Hart."

"Why don't you answer the phone, Tommy? You are the one who keeps saying you're over Kim. Just go say hi!" Jason insisted. He had his own reasons for wanting Tommy and Kim to talk, but didn't want to say anything just yet. When Tommy didn't move, Jason rolled his eyes briefly, and almost jerked him over to the phone, Jason picking it up. "Kim?"

A happy voice answered him. "Jason! I got your letter, I called my flight agent and I'll be home tomorrow night. This was a great idea to have a reunion party. You would not believe how much I have missed all of you guys!"

Jason chuckled softly. "I know, I have missed everyone too. I've got someone here who would like to talk to you." there was an almost viscious glint in his eyes as he handed the phone over to Tommy, who mouthed, a faint grin on his face, 'thanks'.

"Hello Kim?"

"Oh my gosh Tommy? It's so good to hear from you! How have you been?"

"Pretty good, just been hanging out here in Angel Grove." Tommy replied. "How's your gymnastics been going?"

"My gymnastics has been going great! Everyone here is so nice! As I just told Jason, I can't wait to see everyone!"

There was a slight pause on the other end. "Kim, we better end this phone call soon. Adelle is trying to get me off the phone she needs to use it. See you tomorrow, OK?"

"Tell Jason good bye for me. Bye, Tommy!" Kim hung up the phone in Florida as Tommy gave the phone back to Adelle in Angel Grove. Both of them were wondering what was going to happen when they got back together

In Orlando, the apartment Kim shared with Allison William, her fellow gymnast and roommate, was a total disaster area. Two suitcases were on the bed, and clothes were strewn everywhere as the perky young girl tried to figure out what she was going to take with her. As she stared into her closet, a pensive look on her face, a blond young woman came into Kimberly's room. She took one look at the mess and shook her head.

"Hey Kim, everyone's headed to the cafe to grab a late dinner you want to come?"

Kimberly looking up from her packing. "Not tonight, I have to pack; my plane leaves at 2:00 PM for Angel Grove tomorrow. I haven't even started packing yet."

"I can see that, Kim. I bet you're excited about seeing all those people you told me about. My question is, are you to see Tommy again? You were a mess after you wrote that letter to him. Do you think you can handle seeing him again?"

Kimberly sighed, "Yeah I think I am ready for this trip. Last time I saw Tommy he was pretty close to Kat. I don't think that has changed."

"I was wondering, did you ever tell him who it was you broke up with him for?" Allison asked.

"No, I never told him. How could I have possibly been able to tell Tommy that the guy was Jason? I didn't want to ruin their friendship. It is not like we meant for it to happen! Jase came to see me right after I came here, it just sort of happened! Neither Jason nor I wanted it that way," Kim wouldn't have changed it, though. She had just barely been able to keep herself from telling Tommy when she and Jason had been in Angel Grove for the karate competition to save the Angel Grove Shelter. She hadn't been able to stop herself from giving Jason a strong hug, though.

Allison shook her head. "He might figure it out when he sees you with Jason this week."

"True, but he does have Kat, and he does seem to love her a great deal," Kim observed. She was glad for them too, but this week was going to be unusual, she had a feeling. Even for them. She glanced through her closet again. "Hey, can I borrow your Mickey Mouse T-shirt for the trip?"

Allison retrieved the T-shirt from the closet. "Here, don't ruin it. Have fun at the party, if I don't see you before I head to morning practice, goodbye and see you in January. Tell Jason I said hi."

Jason and Tommy were at gate 7 at Angel Grove International Airport. They were patiently waiting for everyone's planes to start arriving. Zack Taylor, Trini Kwan, and Katherine Hilliard were all on the same plane leaving London, and were the first to arrive.

Tommy saw them first "Jase, there they are! Kat, Trini, Zack over here!" as the three other former Rangers saw their friends, the Airport was treated to seeing five young adults crush each other in mutual hugs that wiped away intervening years and distance since their last meeting. They were all instant friends again.

Zack looked around, frowning briefly. "You mean we are the first ones here? Cool! So whose flight is next to arrive?"

Tommy glanced at his watch, frowning himself. "Tanya and Aisha's. We better get moving or we won't be there to greet them!" in a mix of arms, legs, and luggage, they headed off for the next gate. After giving up her powers to Ashley, Tanya had decided to go visit the young woman who had changed her own life so dramatically, and had went to Africa. Together, the two of them were still seeking the cure for the plague.

Later that night at Jason and Tommy's apartment in Angel Grove, everyone sat aroud drinking sodas and sharing stories, and enjoying being together again and at last.

"...and then the Fraternity President looks at Rocky and says; 'Hey you, I need a refill of coffee.' He thought Rocky was one of the caterers!" Adam wrapped up another story, pulling gales of laughter out of everyone, and causing Rocky to blush a deep red.

Aisha said, "Well Tanya and I have been pretty busy in Africa. She has really helped her tribe through the drought that they have been having. I have to tell you guys this much, though I love Africa, I missed being with you guys! Meeting you guys meant so much to me." she turned to Kat, raising an eyebrow. "By the way, Kat, how has your ballet been going? Tanya told me you were studying ballet in London."

Kat smiled. "It has been tough, the teachers there are a lot harder then they are here. It was also tough being away from all of you guys. But London has been good for me." Kat looked over at Zack and Trini who were sitting very close to each other on the floor. "Well I can see you two have gotten together."

Trini smiled. "Is it that obvious? Zack, I think we had better tell everyone," she almost laughed at the confused glances everyone else was trading.

Zack smiled. "Well guys, right before Trini and I left for home I asked her to marry me and... she accepted!"

Everyone starts hugging them and offering their congratulations. They were the first pair out of the entire team to go all the way to engagement, though from the looks Tommy and Kat were trading every now and then, they wouldn't be the last.

Rocky grinned at his friends. "Hey congratulations, you two! I, for one, hope you two are happy together. Hey, Jase, are there any more chips? I'm starving!"

Everyone groaned at Rocky's question, which proved beyond a shadow of a doubt he was still the same old Rocky, no matter what. Jason threw a bag of chips at him, chuckling as Rocky waved his thanks and then started eating voraciously. The Rangers were home.

In the Lunar Palace, Lord Zedd watched what was happening on earth with the former Power Rangers with a cold gleam in his eyes. "So those former Power Rangers think they're gonna have a party. Well, we certainly can not let them enjoy their little reunion."

Rito, confused as usual, asked "Ed they are not Power Rangers anymore what's the point?"

Lord Zedd growled; this was getting old after almost three years and more! "That's Zedd, you idiot! I'll tell you the point. Those former power brats have foiled too many of my plans, and have always given me trouble, especially that Tommy Oliver. Now is the perfect time to strike, they don't have the power and can't fight back! Goldar!"

Goldar appeared in the room, read, willing, and hopefully able to carry out his master's orders. "Yes my lord?"

"I want you to contact Dark Spectre right now. Tell him we are in need of Dierdra's services right away." Lord Zedd ordered. He almost smiled when Goldar paled a trifle at the order.

Rita almost trembled a little at that, did her husband know what he was doing? "Zeddie, are you sure you want to use her? Have you heard what she's capable of doing?"

Lord Zedd was slightly annoyed by the question, glowing a dark red. "Of course I know what she can do! Why do you think I am asking for her? I know she will be able to make one of my plans work, unlike the rest of the henchmen in here. Those former power punks will not have a happy holiday this year! I will make sure of it!" his evil laughter echoed all over the palace. Lord Zedd was back.

At the Surf Spot the next day, Tommy, Jason, Kimberly and Kat are playing a game of pool. The four of them were enjoying being together at last; the last time they'd all been at the same place at the same time was just after the disaster on Murianthus. Thankfully this was far less stressful.

Jason watched Kat take her turn, then glanced over to Kim, curious about something. "Kim I forgot to ask you yesterday, what does your mother think of you not going to France for Christmas?"

Kimberly sighed. "She hates it of course, but what can she do? I told her I wanted to spend Christmas with all my friends."

Kat sank the last stripe, and glanced up. "Well my parents absolutely love the fact that I am home for the holidays. They told me that if I had not planned on coming home for Christmas, they would have taken a flight to London anyway. 8 ball right corner pocket."

They all watched as the eight ball went effortlessly in the corner pocket. Tommy leaned over and gives her a kiss on the cheek. "Great job Kat!"

Kimberly smiled, looking over at her best friend. "Kat I do believe Jason and Tommy owe us dinner! How does that new French restaurant by the lake sound to you?"

"Sounds great to me!" Kat said with a smile, as Jason and Tommy groaned. This wasn't exactly their idea of a great time, but for the women they loved, they would do it.

Tommy and Jason were getting ready for dinner at the apartment that night. Tommy fastened his tie and glanced over at his friend. "Hey bro, I noticed that you and Kim seem to have gotten close. You gonna tell me about it?"

Jason paused for a moment, thinking, before saying, "Well Tommy Kim and I did start dating awhile back."

Tommy doesn't seem to notice the pause, and smiled warmly. "Hey, I am happy for you guys. You do make a good couple." Tommy stood up, excitement pulsing through him. "Hey, Jase, can you keep a secret?"

Jason looked almost amused at his former leader and best friend. He'd been a Power Ranger, they were practically born to keep secrets!! "Bro, you know I can!"

Tommy went to his room and retrieved something, coming back a moment later with a small ring box in his hands. With eyes glowing with joy, he said, "Jason, you mustn't tell Kat this, but at the party I am gonna ask her to marry me."

Jason jumped up to congratulate Tommy "Oh wow Tommy! I really do hope you and Kat have a happy life together."

Tommy smileed. "I hope the same for you and Kim." Tommy took a look at his watch and groaned. The Oliver curse of lateness struck again!! "Oh, shoot, Jase we're late!"

They both run out of the apartment, eager to meet the ladies of their lives.

Finster entered into the throne room. "Lord Zedd, I just got word that Miss Dierdra will be arriving very shortly."

Lord Zedd nodded, pleased. "Good. This is looking better every minute."

There is a flash of light and a woman appears. She was about 6'2, red hair, and cold gray eyes. She glared at what she sees of the throne room. She turned to Lord Zedd "I was informed by Dark Spectre that you needed me for some plan of yours. May I ask what it is? My work goes much easier when I know what I'm here to do."

Lord Zedd smiled. This was going to be fun. For him. Not for the Rangers. He looked at the new arrival with a gleam of evil in his eyes, and stated "Here is what we need you for..."


Tommy and Jason walked through the park. Jason " I talked to Ashley Hammond earlier. Ashley told me that she, Andros, Zhane, Cassie, TJ, and Carlos will be all there. Unless of course something happens and they are needed. I wonder what Andros and Zhane are like?"

Tommy nodded his head in agreement "Me too. It's great that they all can make it though. I talked to Justin this morning and he said he would be there. Believe it or not so will Bulk and Skull."

Jason laughed, shaking his head. "Well I guess it wouldn't be a reunion party without them." he was honestly surprised at how much the two former bullies had grown up over the last couple of years. Admittedly, their current profession of chasing aliens wasn't the most intelligent thing they'd ever done, but they had done worse!

Tommy also laughed "You got me there!"

Lord Zedd watched, nodding with even more pleasure. Things were going just as he wanted them to. "Ah, Jason and Tommy are in the park. Tengas, Putties, and Goldar go down there and bring them up here right away!"

Goldar, a half dozen Putties, and a half dozen Tengas teleported away, ready to begin Zedd's most evil scheme yet. Lord Zedd turned to Dierdra who stood there thinking over her own plans for this mission. "Dierdra! Go to the dungeon and get whatever you need ready! They will be arriving very soon."

"Of course, Lord Zedd," was all she said, vanishing even as she spoke.

In the park, Jason and Tommy were having a good time when in an all too familiar flash of light, Goldar, the Putties, and Tengas arrived to ruin everything.

Jason half-groaned, half-growled, "What the heck do you want Goldar? We are no longer Power Rangers why are you bugging us now?"

Goldar laughed, this fight wasn't even going to be a fight, it would be more of a slaughter. And that was just the way he liked it. "Because Lord Zedd wants to see you two again."

Tommy spat at Goldar, his eyes stormy. "Fat chance. Ready Jason?"

The only answer he got was a wild karate yell as the two of them started fighting. They were outnumbered, however, though not outclasses. But even superior skill couldn't handle the numbers, without their powers to give them the extra boost they needed. The putties grabbed hold of Jason, while the Tengas grabbed Tommy. Goldar teleported them all back to the Lord Zedd's dungeon. The Tengas threw Tommy on the ground, while the putties chained Jason to the back wall. Squatt came in with a syringe full of some clear liquid, and injected it into Tommy's arm.

Jason felt fear spurting through his veins at the sight of that. "Hey leave him alone! You can tell Lord Zedd he is not gonna get away with this!"

Goldar laughed evilly as he looked at Jason and spoke quietly, dangerously. "He already has Jason. He already has."

Dierdra walked out of shadows of the dungeon. She looked up at Jason smirked and then turned her attention to Tommy, who was still on the ground trying to get the cobwebs out of his head.

Dierdra laughed frozenly. "Lord Zedd told me you two were supposed to be two of the toughest Power Rangers that he has encountered. Looking at you two now, I see why he failed in conquering Earth. He just didn't know how to deal with teenagers. I have been doing this for years, and know exactly what has to be done," she turned to Goldar. "Goldar, you can leave now. You will be informed when I am finished in here."

Tommy tried to sit up, but Dierdra saw him doing so and kicks him in the head. Jason started yelling for her to stop. Dierdra ignored the pleas from Jason, all her attention on Tommy, who got up slowly, trying to kick her again. This time he succeeded, but she barely seemed to notice, returning it with a harsh kick to his legs. Because of the shot Tommy was given, his response time was slowed down; Dierdra had having no trouble at all.

Jason tried as hard as he can to get loose of the chains, but couldn't, they were stronger than he was. He closed his eyes and silently prays that the torture would stop, that someone would rescue them before it was too late. Even with his eyes closed he could hear Tommy's unberable screams. Soon Tommy passed out from the pain, having finally went to where Deirdra couldn't hurt him.

At the Surf Spot, everyone at the party was extremely worried. Jason and Tommy hadn't shown up yet, and while Tommy was chronically late. ..Jason had never been.

Tanya asked out loud "Didn't Tommy and Jason say the party started at 7 PM sharp?"

Justin was the first one to answer. "Yeah, they did. It is almost 8:30 now, I wonder where they are?"

Aisha sighed. "I'd expect this from Tommy but they are both really late. I'm starting to get really worried."

Kim realized what could have happened, and bit her lip, terrified suddenly. If any of our old enemies are around. .. Tommy and Jason are perfect targets. "Oh God I hope nothing has happened to them."

Bulk entered through the doors just then, and looked around at the somber faces everywhere. "Hey why isn't everyone celebrating it's a party isn't it?"

Billy glared at Bulk before saying, "Bulk, Jason and Tommy aren't here yet, we are really starting to worry about them. Give us a break, OK?"

Skull, after hearing Billy's reply, said, "That's strange that they'd be this late to their own party. Maybe we should go look for them."

Adam shook his head, he wanted to give them a bit more time. The traffic was heavy that night, it could just be something as simple as a jam. "No let's give them another hour before doing that."

Kat sighed, not liking it at all. "Whatever you say Adam. I just hope they're all right wherever they are."

Everyone nodded their head in agreement, but no one, not even Bulk and Skull, could escape the feeling something odd was happening. Something wrong.

Ashley whispered to Andros "Maybe we should go to the Megaship and make sure nothings happened."

Andros whispered back, "I agree," glancing up, he spoke louder to the whole group. "Trini, Ashley and I will be right back we have to go check something."

"OK." Came Trini's reply. The three of them left quickly, teleporting as soon as they were out of sight. They were going to find their friends.

Dierdra was no longer in the dungeon, but Jason knew she would be back shortly. He tried and failed often to see how Tommy's doing as well as he can from his position.

Jason urgently called out to his friend, "Tommy? Tommy, are you conscious?" Only cold silence answered him. "Come on, bro, wake up!"

Dierdra returned to the dungeon just then. "Ah, you're worried about your friend? Don't worry, it will not be long till I am done with what I am supposed to do."

Jason stared at her; he had never met someone this evil! "Why are you doing this? Are you under some kind of spell?"

Dierdra laughed at the questions; these humans were so foolish! "Me under some kind of spell? Guess again. I am sure you have heard of Dark Spectre. I work for him. So to answer your first question, I was hired for this job. I am one of the best at what I do. As you have seen and will see." Dierdra took out a knife that was carefully hidden in her boot. "One last thing to take care of." She threw some sort of dust at Tommy. Tommy opened his eyes, and saw the knife. Panicking, he tried to kick the knife out of Dierdra's hand. "Sorry Tommy that will not save you." Dierdra raised the knife and casually stabbed him in the heart, as clinically and brutally as if she did this every day. She looked up at Jason and says "See you Jason."

Dierdra vanished.

"What the heck? Tommy!" Jason yelled as Goldar reappeared and surveyed the dungeon casually, almost seeming to ignore Tommy on the ground.

"I see Dierdra has done her work." He looked at the still chained Jason and said, "I am surprised you're still up there. The chains were never very tight," Goldar laughed and vanished.

Jason uttered a profound and confused, "Huh?" With a bit more effort, he twisted the chains again, and this time they fell off the wall and he was free, rushing over to Tommy even as he did so. His best friend opened his eyes and spoke in a weak voice, all he could muster now.

"Jase, tell the others that I love them. Jason, you have been the best friend I have ever had. You were always there when I needed someone to listen to me. Don't blame yourself for what happened in here. It was Zedd and that woman's fault. I do not blame you for me losing my powers as the Green Ranger. Take care of Kim. I am gonna miss you, Jase." Tommy Oliver, former Green, White, and Red Rangers, leader of the Power Rangers through some of their tougest times, closed his eyes and died.

Jason screamed, his heart breaking at this. "NO!" he hardly noticed as they were teleported back to the park. When he realized where they were, Jason knew he couldn't live anymore. Without his best friend, even having Kim and all the others meant nothing. A broken piece of glass glittered near him, and he seized it quickly. "I am so sorry, Tommy," he whispered to the body, then slashed his wrists open.

Two guards were patrolling the park that night, having heard a report of two missing teenagers. One of them, Phil, turned to his partner.

"Kyle I don't think were gonna find anything here. We've searched this park several times."

Kyle replied, "I know Phil but it is the Captain's son and his best friend." He saw two forms lying in the grass a few feet away suddenly. "What's that over there?"

Kyle and Phil ran over to where they saw the bodies, Kyle checking the pulse on the taller one as fast as he could, with Phil going for the other one. The tall one was dead, but his friend was still alive, and as Kyle called for an ambulance, Phil did what he could to wrap up the slashed wrists, whispering words of encouragment just in case he could be heard. One dead teen was bad enough. Two would be beyond that.

Ryan Oliver is in the kitchen of his house when the phone rings "Hello...You know where Tommy and Jason are...Oh my God no! Yes, my family will be there shortly...Thanks for calling me and telling me...I wish it was not that way either...Bye!" He hangs up the phone and called up the stairs for his wife.

Charlotte Oliver came running as soon as she heard her husbands nearly hysterical voice. "Ryan what's the matter?"

Ryan looked at the ground, tears in his eyes. "They found Tommy and Jason. Tommy is dead."

Charlotte fainted. Ryan caught her and eased her on the couch, then picked up the phone and called Detective Steve Park, telling him the bad news.

"I'll tell Adam as soon as he wakes up...Thanks for calling me, hang in there," Steve Park sighed, he wasn't going to like telling his son this.

Adam was in the hallway and heard the last part of what his father said.

Adam asked "Dad, who was on the phone? What are you gonna tell me as soon as "I wake up"?"

Steve said quietly "Adam you know how you told me last night that Tommy and Jason never showed up for the party? Well I just got off the phone with Ryan Oliver, as you know Captain Oliver, my boss. He called me to tell me that they found Tommy and Jason in the park.

Adam asked, "Oh my god are they all right?"

Steve Park put a hand on his sons shoulder "Adam, you better sit down. When the guards who were walking through the park spotted two figures in the park not moving they ran over to check on them. Tommy...Tommy's dead. Jason has two slashed wrists; they are not certain what happened. They rushed Jason straight to the hospital. Mr. Oliver is contacting all your friends right now."

Steve Park hugged his son, and lets him cry on his shoulder. In all his years as a Power Ranger, Adam had never seen anyone die, and to have it to be one person he cared about as much as he did Tommy was devestating.

In the waiting room of Angel Grove Hospital, Trini, Zack, Kimberly, Kat, Tanya, Aisha, Rocky, Adam, Billy Justin, Charlotte and Ryan Oliver their seven-year-old son Cory, Elizabeth and Jacob Scott were all waiting for news on Jason. Everyone was distraught by the news of Tommy's death and Jason's attempted suicide.

Doctor Josh Tyler came into the room and walked over to them "Jason's wrists have been stitched up. Although his attempted suicide did not work, he did cut a nerve ending in his right hand. There is no telling if he will have any use of his right hand."

Kimberly asked "Doctor Tyler can we see Jason?"

Dr. Tyler nodded. "Of course. He is on painkillers don't be too surprised if he seems out of it."

Kimberly and the Scotts walked into Jason's room. Jason was lying on the bed with his writs carefully wrapped, but was fully awake. Elizabeth Scott gave her son a hug as best she can.

Jason looked at Kimberly with tears in his eyes. "I couldn't stop her. She was killing Tommy! I couldn't help Tommy! Why didn't I die too!"

Mr. and Mrs. Scott gasped, just as Jason passed out. Kimberly ran out of the room in tears. It looked as if the Power Rangers had been defeated at last, but by what or whom, only the unconscious Jason knew. . .

So what did you guys think of that story? Pretty sad right? Just to let you know, I do not hate Tommy. Tommy is one of my all time favorite Power Rangers. Just wanted to go this approach. There will be a sequel to this coming out sometime next month. Not sure on the name, and I plan on writing a story explaining exactly who Dierdra is. Email me! I want to know what you all thought of the story. It was my first fan fic. Email me at Willow@grrtech.com.