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Disclaimer: The Power Ranger Characters & Villains are not mine, they belong to Haim Saban. However, Jannell Park, Steve Park and Molly York are mine. Please email me of course if you want to use her.
Time frame: After A Golden Homecoming and before Hawaiian Zeo.
Authors note: Story is also after The Power of Friendship. But this is not a series. I do recommend you read The Power of Friendship but that is not necessary.
Second authors note: I want to thank McLaughlin Junior (now middle) High School and South Medford High School in Medford Oregon for making us do earthquake drills. Without the knowledge I wouldn't know how to write this story.

by Dana

At Angel Grove High School, school is just ending. Jason Scott walks over to his locker to put books away. Someone taps him on the shoulder. He turns around and sees his best friend.

"I can't believe spring break is already here. This term seemed like it would never end." Tommy Oliver said. Then whispered so no one but Jason could hear him. "Course without having to fight Mondos robots it does make it seem longer."

"I know what that's like! So where are the others?"

"Tanya, Adam and Rocky already left for the Juice Bar, and Katherine said she would meet us at the exit."

"Well there she is." They both hurried over to Katherine Hilliard standing at her locker. Kat turned around and smiled.

"You guys ready to go?" She asked.

Before they could answer they heard a soft rumbling sound.


At the Juice Bar, Adam Park, Rocky DeSantos and Tanya Sloan are sitting at their regular table.

"So do you guys have any ideas on what to do next week?" Adam asked.

"I think we should spend some time with Tommy. Lately between Fighting Monsters and schoolwork its like we have not had any time for anything else. It must be tough on Tommy too." Tanya said.

Just then Ernie came over with their drinks. "Here you go. A great way to start your spring break." Ernie put them down and hurried back to the counter.

David Truhart walked into the Juice Bar. He saw Tanya, Rocky, and Adam. David waved and walked over.

"The others aren't here yet?" He asked.

"Not yet."

They heard a soft rumble.

"I think it's an Earthquake!" Rocky yelled.

"Everyone get under tables or in doorways quickly!" Ernie instructed.

Everyone in the Juice Bar did so as quickly as they could.


Jason yelled "Kat! Tommy! It's an earthquake!"

They all ran for doorways. Just in time to see the lockers they were standing in front of topple over. The rumbling grew louder. They heard glass shattering. And people in the distance screaming. Then the rumbling grew quiet. They all surveyed the mess from the doorways.

"In the short time I have lived in Angel Grove that was my first earthquake. Does Angel Grove get a lot of Earthquakes?" Kat asked Jason.

"There have been a few small earthquakes here, but that was a pretty strong one." Jason replied.

Jason was about to say something else when they were hit with an aftershock.


When the Earthquake had stopped. Adam looked around the Juice Bar from his spot crouched under a table. There was glass everywhere. Stools had fallen over. But it was not bad.

"Tanya? Rocky? David?" Adam called. He heard them reply from the tables on his left and right.

"Whoa talk about an earthquake!" Rocky said. Rocky started to move from his spot.

"Rocky don't go out! There's always..." David was interrupted by more rumbling. "Aftershocks."


The aftershock was as strong as the earthquake. Tommy and Katherine were knocked out of their doorways. Jason held on as long as he could. He saw a lighting fixture fall off the ceiling. He screamed and ducked.

When the shaking ceased once again. The school was a disaster.

Tommy sat up. "Jason? Kat?" He called.

"Tommy?" Jason asked.

"Yeah. Jase do you see..." Tommy stopped when he saw Katherine. She was laying in one of the classrooms unconscious. He got up and hurried over to her.

"Kat? Kat can you hear me?" He got no reply. "Jason, Kat's unconscious."

"Hang on bro I'll be right there." Jason got up and slowly headed to where he heard his best friend's voice was coming from.


At the Machine Empires moon base, King Mondo watched on with satisfaction.

"Mother Nature finally did something right. Those blasted rangers have been split apart. Four of the rangers are at that teen center, and the other two at the school. I think this would be a perfect time to send one down to the school."

He looked down at the school. "Even better! One ranger is unconscious. Klank!"

Klank hurried into the room. "Yes sire?"

"Do you have any monsters ready to send down to earth?"

"Yes sire I have just finished one. He is perfect for this too. He can make the ground shake."

"Perfect. Send him down to the high school immediately to finish off the Gold Ranger!"


Jason and Tommy looked around to see if anyone was around. Not seeing anyone they turned their attention to Kat. They heard a moan come from Kat.

"Kat are you all right?" Tommy asked.

"Oh me head. I guess I hit my head during the aftershock." Kat tried to sit up, and was hit by a wave of nausea and dizziness. "Guess that wasn't a good idea."

"Just lay down Kat." Jason said.

Jason got an idea. He took his communicator. "Zordon come in this is Jason." He didn't get any reply. "Zordon?"

"Let me try with mine." Kat tried her communicator. "Nope nothing. Too much interference I guess."

Jason was about to say something when he saw Tommy's startled expression. Looking over to what he was looking at he got his answer. In the hallway looking in was one of Mondo's monsters.


David got out of his spot under the table knowing that it was not a safe place any more. He looked around the room. There were tables on their side chairs everywhere. And a lot more glass. He looked over where Rocky, Adam and Tanya were.

"You guys all right?" He asked.

"Not too bad just some scrapes. How about you David?" Tanya asked.

"Not bad either." He replied

The others got out from their positions. Ernie came up to them after checking on the others who were in the Juice Bar.

"Everyone all right?" He asked.

"We're fine Ernie." Adam said. "You want us to help clean up?"

Ernie looked around the Juice Bar. "That would be great Adam. Could you and David check the boys' restroom? I hadn't gotten that far. And Tanya could you do the same with the girls restroom? Emily has already gone in there. I am sure she would appreciate your help."

"Sure thing Ernie." Tanya smiled and the three of them carefully went to check on the restrooms.

"Ernie do you need me to help with anything?" Rocky asked.

"As a matter of fact I do. Here's a broom, could you please sweep up the glass?"


"Man this place is a mess." Adam said when he came in to the restroom.

"Yeah I know. Adam be careful of that glass right there." David pointed out to Adam who was very close to the shards from the mirrors.

"Thanks David."

David decided to try his communicator. "Jason?" He got no reply. That's strange he thought. "Zordon come in."

"Hey Adam I don't think our communicators are working. I was gonna ask Jason how things were where he was and got no reply."

"That's strange. I am sure Jason, Tommy and Katharine are fine. Where ever they are."


Talk about bad timing Jason thought. He heard a scream in the hallway. Realizing it was Bulk he groaned. Check that talk about the worst timing you could have. Jason looked over at Kat and Tommy.

Kat struggled to her feet. "Jase we better morph." Kat said in a quiet voice.

"Kat we can't do that. Look," He pointed at Bulk and Skull who were standing less then ten feet away.

This is all just great. Tommy thought. Looking down at his left hand, which he had been hiding from the view of Jason and Kat. He thought it might be broken. Could things get any worse?

Just then he got his answer. The monster threw a blast into the room. Jason pushed Tommy and Kat to the ground to avoid the blast. Not realizing the monsters blast made the ground shake.

"Guess our earthquake gave Mondo ideas." Tommy said.

"Kat I need your help with distracting the monster. So that Tommy can get Bulk and Skull out of here." Kat nodded. Turning to Tommy, "Tommy try to see if you can find anyone else." Seeing that Tommy was going to protest, Jason beat him to the punch. "Don't even try to argue with me bro. When the monsters attention is diverted go!"

Tommy knew better then to argue with Jason in times like this. Tommy nodded and waited.


In the machine empire moon palace King Mondo was not happy with what he saw.

"The Pink Ranger is up. And that annoying former ranger is there to get the civilians out of the way, so the gold ranger and pink ranger can morph. Though it doesn't matter two rangers can't beat my monster even if they can morph."

He watched Tommy leading two other humans out of the way. "That's it! Cogs go down and take care of that former Zeo ranger. Either Katherine or Jason is bound to go help him. This will be better then I thought it would be!"


Jason waited to make sure Bulk and Skull were out of viewing range. He quietly yelled, "It's Morphing Time!"

"Zeo Ranger 1, Pink!" Kat called.

"Gold Ranger power!" Jason called.

Just then the monster threw another blast that knocked them both off their feet. They jumped out of the way when another locker almost fell over on top of them.

"This is going to be tough to do! Too bad we can't get a hold of the other rangers!" Kat said to Jason.

"Yeah I know, but we have to."

Just then Jason thought he saw a flash of light. He knew it was cogs. He waited for them to come out. When they didn't, he knew who they were going for, Tommy.


At the Power chamber the alarms went off.

"Oh ai yai yai yai yai, Zordon. The monster has Katherine and Jason trapped in the school!"


"Zordon there is too much interference. I can't get a hold of David!"


"I can try Zordon. Tommy doesn't have his communicator with him though."


"Your right Zordon. The computer has located him." The viewing globe showed the cogs sneaking up behind Tommy. "Oh no Zordon. Mondo has sent cogs after Tommy!



Down at the school Tommy was walking with Bulk and Skull through the remains of the school.

"Do you guys know if there is anyone else here?" Tommy asked.

"I don't know. We have only found you and that monster." Skull replied.

Tommy stopped walking and turned to Bulk and Skull. "Did you guys here something?" Before he could hear their reply a cog kicked Tommy in the back.

Tommy turned around and groaned. "Bulk, Skull run!"

Bulk turned to Tommy. "No way Tommy. Your hurt we will help you! Besides we have fought these things before, you haven't."

Tommy didn't want to argue. They were right about the fact that they had fought the cogs before. "Your right, thanks."

"You can thank us later. Let's take care of these cogs first." Skull said.

One of the cogs kicked Tommy on his left arm. Tommy spun around and kicked the cog in the head. It was easier when Tommy had the ranger powers to back him up. Course having two good hands would help too!

"I thought these things mostly took on power rangers!" Skull said while avoiding a kick from a cog.

"It's probably a trap to bring the Power Rangers here. Since there is a monster and all." Bulk said after throwing a garbage can at three cogs.


Emily and Tanya had just finished with the girls' restroom when they heard a broadcast on TV.

Jannell Park was giving the report. Jannell was a twenty-three year old news reporter for KZRL was on. She had only been doing news for a year but she had all the guys watching her. She was also Adam's cousin.

"Earlier today at about 3:10 PM Angel Grove was hit with an earthquake. We have not been told what it is on the Richter Scale. But we have been told it's above six. So far two aftershocks have hit Angel Grove. There are many missing. The death toll hasn't been given to us however. Since the rescue teams haven't gotten to such places as Angel Grove High School yet." Camera zoomed in on the once Angel Grove High School. "We will keep you posted."

"And now back to your regularly scheduled program."

Ernie came up to Tanya and Kat. "I hope no one was in the school during the earthquake." Ernie said nervously.

"It was right after school got out. There probably were people in there." Emily said.

"Yeah. Tommy, Kat and Jason were there." Tanya said quietly.

David came up behind Tanya. "I am sure they're fine Tanya. They are smart enough to stay out of the way."

David looked down at the arrowhead he was wearing. You better be all right bro. David silently said.

Rocky looked at them. "Hey! Grab a broom and help me with all of this glass guys!"

They laughed. And each grabbed a broom and got to work.

Adam was talking to a young girl who was probably only in junior high.

"What's your name?" Adam asked.

"Molly York."

"Are you hurt?" She shook her head. "You want to help me with cleaning up?" She nodded.

They both went over to where the others were.

"Hey guys this is Molly York she wants to help us out." Adam said.

"Hi my name is Tanya Sloan. We sure could use your help. Let me introduce everyone. Of course you know Ernie so no need to introduce him. Over there with the eagle on his T-shirt is David Truhart, the blond hared girl is Emily Johnson, and the one eating the sandwich while sweeping is Rocky DeSantos." Tanya said with a smile.

Molly laughed and grabbed a broom.


Jason and Kat were fighting the monster. It was a difficult battle. They were both taking a beating. Jason couldn't help but be worried about Tommy. He took out his gold staff and fired it at the monster. In doing so he knocked apart part of a wall.

The monster was growing tired of these games and shot another blast. This one strong enough to make the whole building shake.

Then it dawned on Jason.

The shaking wasn't from the Monster firing.

The monster wailed as a wall fell on him. Jason turned around to avoid the light of the monster blowing up.

When the aftershock stopped he looked around for Kat. "Kat? Kat?"

"Jase I'm right here!" She coughed. "Where did the monster go?"

"He was destroyed by a wall falling on him."

"Where's Tommy." She looked around and saw the rubble blocking the direction Tommy had gone.


The fighting between the cogs and Tommy, Bulk and Skull had stopped when they felt the ground shaking again. The cogs were teleported out of the school immediately when the shaking started. Tommy hit the ground when he heard a wall crash behind him. Then his vision turned black.

When the aftershock was over Bulk saw Tommy on the ground unconscious. Sighing he looked around for Skull. "Skull?"

"Yeah Bulkie?" Came Skull's reply.

"Well at least your conscious. Tommy's out like a light."

Skull went over to Tommy and grabbed his right wrist. Feeling that he had a pulse. He sighed with relief. "Good he's just unconscious."

They sat on the floor next to Tommy and waited.


Adam heard Molly scream. He turned to see what it was about and the shaking knocked him off his feet.

David pulled Molly under the counter. "Face the wall in case more glass breaks." He instructed. She did as she was told.

After the shaking had stopped, David stood up to survey the room. There was more glass. He ran over to Adam who was laying face down on the floor.

"Adam you ok?" David asked

"I've been better. But I will be fine. Where's Molly?"

"Right here." Molly said and sat on the floor.

Ernie came over and said, "No use cleaning up this place. There's way too much damage."

Rocky walked over shaking his head. "The floor over by the work out machine is a mess. The floor is uneven in parts. That last one really did some damage."

"I am so sorry Ernie!" Emily said.

Just then they heard voices outside.

Maybe it's the others. Adam thought to himself. Just then he heard his fathers voice.

"Anyone in here?" Steve Park asked while stepping in.

"Dad!" Adam yelled and saw his father and a few other officers.

"Adam! Are all of you all right?"

"Yes Detective Park we're fine." Rocky said.

"It's just the seven of you? Or are there more of you?" One of the officers asked.

"Nope just us seven." Ernie answered.

"Dad has anyone gone to the high school yet?"

"I believe Captain Oliver is in charge of that group." Steve answered his son.


Jason and Katherine were removing rocks from the entranceway. Just then Jason heard a familiar voice.

"Pink and Gold Power Rangers! What are you doing here?" Captain Oliver asked.

Jason forgot they were still morphed. "Sir, a monster was sent down and we fought him. I thought I saw a couple of teenagers go this way. We are trying to get the rocks out of the way."

Just then Ninjor appeared. "I thought you could use some help." He blasted the rocks away.

"I think our job is done here." Ninjor grabbed a hold of Jason and Katherine and teleported them out of there.

Soon, unmorphed, Katherine and Jason came walking down the hall.

"Captain Oliver?" Jason asked.

"Jason, Katherine there you are!" He said. He had become a pretty good actor lately. Having to pretend he didn't know whom the Power Rangers were.

"Captain I think I see someone." Someone called.

They all worked their way through the rocks.

"We're over here!" Bulk yelled as soon as he heard footsteps.

"Bulk?" Jason yelled back.

"Jason, yeah it's me. Skull and Tommy are also here."

Jason hurried over to Bulk. Tommy was just then beginning to stir.

"Tommy are you OK?" Jason asked.

"Aside from a really bad headache and my arm hurting I think I'm okay." Tommy answered. He opened his eyes to see a blurry and very relieved Jason.

"Hold on Tommy a stretcher will be right here." His father said.

"I can walk!" He sat up and then laid back down. "Okay maybe not."

He closed his eyes and only barely noticed himself being lifted up on a stretcher.


Two days later Tommy walked to the park to meet his friends. He had been released from the hospital that morning after being kept in for observation. He had a concussion and a broken arm.

Jason saw Tommy walking over and smiled. "Hey how are you doing Tommy?"

"Better now that I'm out of the hospital."

Everyone laughed.

"This has to go down as the worst way to start a vacation." Rocky said.

"So have you guys signed up to help with cleaning up the debris?" Tanya asked.

Everyone but Tommy said yes.

Tommy shrugged. "I would if I could. My arm stays in this cast for eight weeks. And then my doctor said not to do anything strenuous because of the concussion." Just then he saw Bulk and Skull walking around. "I'll be write back."

"Hey I just wanted to say thanks for what you did a couple of days ago."

"No problem Tommy. Hope you heal fast."

Tommy walked back to his friends.


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