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Alright, here's case 2, and it's not just about the X-Files anymore... (insert mad scientist laugh here) Rude, Elena, Tseng and Reno (The Turks) are not my original characters and belong to SquareSoft and have been edited and conditioned without permission, yes well, after allot of brainstorming and a lot of traveling I give you. . .

Case files of a Green Ranger
Case 2: "Breakdown: Crisis"
by Chris Jones

Of all the departments at F.B.I. Headquarters only one is located in the basement.

Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully sat in their new office. Ever since the re-opening of the X-Files, they had been frantic in trying to salvage materials from past cases.

Someone knocked on the door and Mulder looked up from the burnt computer tower. "Scully would you get that?"

The agent sighed and flung open the door, returned to her desk and left the visitor standing in the hall.

Agent Davis stepped in and closed the door behind him, "How's the work coming along?" He put his coat on the rack and pulled up a chair to Mulder's desk.

"So, Davis, how goes re-assignment", Scully looked up from her pile of papers. She still remembered him from Med School, her brother and he had been good friends until Davis flunked out and moved away.

Skinner popped his head in the doorway, "Mulder, Scully, we've got something."


Two lights blurred in front of a monolith. Both were blue and very long. The two met and Ninjor appeared in front of the structure.

An owl landed on top of the monolith and transformed into a tall dark-haired woman, "Why have you come, dear student?"

The Temple of Ninjetti shimmered around them as it cast the illusion of it's former self. The spires reached into the sky and tapestries of great battles appeared on walls that weren't really there. Ninjor kneeled in front of her, "Teacher, I have felt a disturbance in the Grid. The link to Earth has been disrupted."

"What is the threat?"

"The Zeo Crystal erupted power this morning."

"How? Haven't the Rangers of Earth been wielding it's power?"

"The Rangers have taken on Mega Powers, drawing on technological sources. The Zeo Crystal was left alone and untapped."

"What caused the eruption."

"The Rangers failed to regulate it's power, they probably didn't know the exact mechanics of it's energy needs.

Also I have seen the sign of the Dragon over a New Dawn." He wavered slightly.

"I see the Powers of Zeo are already breaking down your link as well, how much longer until you must return here."

"One week at most."

"I see, the other Ninja Masters will have to do on Edenoi and Eltar, we've lost KO-35 as well. You must return to Earth and help the Dragon to change."


Sam kept a low profile as he stepped into the Surf Spot. He looked to the center table, the one that Rangers of all generations seemed attracted to.

Five teens dressed in red, black, yellow, pink, and blue sat talking in hushed voices. The one in red, a dark-haired boy with contrasting blonde highlights turned to look at him.

_Ut-oh, telepath._ The boy eyed him and whispered something to his friends. They all turned to face him and the one in blue looked ready to pounce, slowly recognition dawned in his eyes.

His heightened hearing picked up the familiar tones of a communicator. Some things never change. They hurried into the hall.

Sam started to relax and began to ruminate on the events of the last week. Immortals, Watchers, and strange monsters. Just recently another creature had been discovered in Washington D.C. , he had learned that the man he had saved before was an F.B.I. Agent by the name of Jack Davis.

He had wanted to find out more about the attack and its outcome but he had to catch his flight. No more teleporting long range.


A black helicopter landed in the mountains outside of Angel Grove. Two men in black suits exited the chopper and walked up to the rubble of the Power Chamber.

The red-haired man tucked in his shirt tails as the bald man with sunglasses gave him a side-long glance. "Well, Rude. what do you make of it?"

"The eruption occurred here, underground."

The red-haired man kneeled and took a sample of the dirt and put it in a test tube. He flipped open a silver cell phone and pressed a button, "This is Reno, eruption confirmed, awaiting further instructions."

Rude looked around, "The Rangers protecting this planet may be a problem."

"Their leader is not an earthling, he will respect the company."

"His planet died trying to stop it."

"Rude, you always get me down, why don't we see if we can find a bar, I hear there's a drink here called 'Brandy' let's have a taste."


Davis paled as the monster clawed its way towards him. He was out of bullets and out of time. What he needed now was a miracle.

A cold howl ripped from the dark and Davis' eyes snapped open. Not another one. The figure he saw was something out of a comic book. He was dressed in a blue jumpsuit and shiny silver armor. A stylized helmet made in the image of a wolf covered his face the and eyes glowed with strange green light.

The wolf-man unsheathed a sword and kept the creature at bay. Davis saw his opening. He picked up a chair and crashed it across the creature's unprotected back.

It turned to claw him and then the smooth silver blade ran through it's side causing it to collapse in agony.

"Davis! Are you alright," Mulder ran up the steps followed by a S.W.A.T. team. He surveyed the damage, "Good thing we were watching the place."

Davis nodded and looked for the wolf-man but he was gone. His house was a mess! He mourned over some broken items.

Ada opened the back door and dropped the groceries.


The current team of Power Rangers appeared outside of the rubble that was once the Command Center and Power Chamber. Andros took a step ahead and looked back at his team, "DECA said that the strange anti-magic eruption came from here. What could possibly cause this?"

"The Zeo Crystal." Ninjor walked past them and winced as his armor began to blur and return to normal. "There have been many changes in ranks since last I met Zordon's Rangers."

Andros took an aggressive step forward, "I don't know who you are, but if you know where Zordon is. . . "

"My name is Ninjor, Blue Ninja Master, currently assigned to Earth."

"A Ninja Master, here?"

"You are Andros, correct? You studied under Caspian?"

"Yes that's right, he helped me develop my telekinesis."

"Good than I know I can trust your team, you see the Zeo Crystal is breaking down Earth's link to the Morphing Grid, if the Grid link is destroyed this planet will die in a matter of weeks."

"Is there any way we can help?"

"My readings say the solution rely's on the back of the Dragon."

"Dragon? What dragon?"

"A Ranger with the energy of the Dragon."

"Is he on Earth?"

Ninjor nodded and looked towards the rubble, "That's not the only problem, you see there is a large Corporation that regulates energy and power throughout the galaxies, it has a branch on almost every world, and taps into the world's magical energy source. They'll most likely be investigating as well, and they don't take kindly to Rangers."

Andros looked to the ground, "I know all to well."

The other Rangers watched silently as the two both held a moment of silence. The sound of a helicopter distracted them.

Two men in black suits stepped out. The one with red hair stumbled a bit. The bald one steadied his friend and held up his hand. The chopper lifted off and flew away.

Ninjor stood by Andros' side, "The Turks."

"Dishoo hear that Rude, wurr famous."

Rude said nothing then looked back to his companion and shook his head.

"Yurr alwace soo sober."

Rude put his hands behind his back and turned to face the six, "We're not here to pick a fight, I believe we both have the same goal. You are interested in restoring the link to Earth?"

Andros growled under his breath, "We don't want help from the likes of you."

Rude nodded, "Very well, if you are not with us, you are against us. Reno let's go."

Reno groaned, "Rude, I donna how you do it."

The Rangers watched them go all ready for a fight.

Ninjor doubled over, "I've been here too long, I have to go. Andros, take care." With that he disappeared.

Andros looked back to his friends, "I guess I have some explaining to do."


Sam paced nervously on the front walk of his brother's house. This was going to be tough, explaining always was. He raised his hand to knock then let it drop.

He ran his fingers through his short black hair. _Come on, you've out grown this, just knock._ Sam closed his eyes and knocked on the door.

A moment later the door opened. An old Native American man looked at him and smiled, "Hello Tommy, it's been. . ." His face hardened, "Who are you?"


Mulder and Scully looked away as Ada wrapped her arms around Davis' neck, "Come back to me in one piece, I don't know why those things target you but. . ."

"Don't worry, I'm going to the home of the Super Rangers."

"Power Rangers," Mulder corrected.

"Whatever. Ada, you know how I feel, so. . ."

Ada smiled and hugged him then stepped away as he climbed into the back seat.

Davis straightened his tie and looked at the agents in front of him, "So is there anything to this Super Ranger thing?

"Power Ranger," Mulder said crossly.

"Right, so what's the story?"

Scully turned around in her seat, "Well for four years the citizens of Angel Grove have been reporting strange creatures, like the genetically altered humans that seem to be after you, roaming their streets and growing to the size of buildings. They also claim that five or six, the number varies by some of the people's accounts, knights is colored spandex come around and destroy these things."

"Calling upon huge robots to destroy the big monsters," Mulder said continuing,

Scully nodded, "For years federal scientists have been doing tests on the people and have discovered a strange chemical in the forward lobes of the brain. This chemical causes Angel Grove Syndrome, or A.G.S. , we believe that A.G.S. may cause mass temporary dimensia. The chemical may be stirring memories that manifest themselves in these two groups of Aliens and Rangers. Other than this, there are no physical problems."

"Alright so why have I never heard of this?"

"Well, think about it, mass hysteria would strike the people."

"Dogs and cats living together. . "

"What was that?"

"Nothing, go on."

"Can you imagine the panic? A whole town infected with this strange disease?"

"Alright, but how did this whole thing get started?"

"Four years ago, two astronauts discovered a strange jewel on the far side of the moon, we think this mineral may react to chemicals in the brain, like some of the contaminated elements on Earth. These astronauts were Angel Grove citizens and when they returned that's when things started happening. Until now, this problem has been contained."


"Tell him, Scully." Mulder smiled to himself.

"Agent Mulder believes that A.G.S. is nothing more than a government cover- up, and that aliens really are trying to conquer Earth. He also claims that Power Rangers, also probably alien, do exist."

Mulder pulled into the massive parking lot of the airport. He stopped the car and looked over his shoulders, "Welcome to the X-Files, Davis."

His door was opened and a tall man, probably no more than twenty-five shook his hand, "Good morning, Agent Davis, I'm Billy Cranston, I'm a Junior Agent at R&D, they've assigned me to show you three Angel Grove, it's my home town."


Ada slid the silver cell phone from its hiding place in the fruit drawer. "Reporting, Tseng."

"Ah, Agent Wong, just the person I was looking for. You're being reassigned."

"What? I thought I was with Davis indefinitely."

"Change of plans, we need someone to look into the theft of one our experimental viruses. You're to report to Racoon City in one week, you'll be contacted with further instructions."

"But I-"

"No 'buts' Wong, you do want to be promoted to a Turk don't you?"


"Then it's settled."


Sam looked at the old shaman nervously as he scanned him, "Your spirit is very old, but is not a hostile one. Enter my home in peace. You have a quite a tale to tell, I can see it in your eyes."

"Mr. Trueheart you're right, I'm not Tommy Oliver but. . . listen, I don't know who you are either, your magical energy is almost blinding."

"I see, I will tell you about me, and maybe you will understand."

The old man lowered himself into an old brown leather recliner. Sam uneasily sat on the couch.

"My name is Sam Trueheart, but I'm more than that. I am also True of Heart and Immortal."

Sam leaned back in his chair, stunned by this information, "But you could read my spirit, does that have to do with the Quickening?"

"Ah I see, you know of us, like I also said I am True of Heart, I've been a Shaman for two hundred years, True of Heart wasn't my name, it was my title, it was my duty to protect the line of the Falcon."

"So you have a connection with," his stopped as his vision blurred, "with the-" Sam tried to stand then fell to the ground.

True of Heart rubbed his temple. His powers were being stripped.


Alarms went off inside the Megaship. "All Rangers report to the bridge. Emergency! All Rangers report to the bridge."

The five Megarangers assembled on the bridge, and took their stations. Andros looked at the main viewer and DECA's red voice patterns appeared on the screen. "Rangers, the eruption that occurred yesterday morning has created an anti-magic shockwave."

"What does this mean for us, DECA?" Cassie walked towards the screen.

"We don't draw from the Grid directly. The Mega powers are fine."

T.J. looked over to Andros, "Maybe you'd better get to that explaining."

Andros entered the disk into the SimuDeck console and entered. The interior looked like the inside of a ruin. Walls were crumbling and there was a large fire pit in the center.

"This is the sacred Temple of Ninjetti, this is where all the Powers and even the Grid came from. This place is watched over by the Guardian of Powers, her name is Dulcea. She also trained six students to handle the Powers."

Carlos rubbed his chin, "Those students would be the Ninja Masters, but there are seven colors we know of that wield powers: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Black, and White."

Andros nodded his head, "The Green Master was given the task of guarding the Great Monolith, where the Great Power, the power from which all other are derived, was killed protecting it. He was the only Master that was not empowered, and died while the others were given their powers, needless to say the Masters had their revenge."

"So each Ninja Master was given a task, did they all have something to do with Powers?" Carlos sat back in his chair, he suddenly felt a close connection with his former Green Turbo Powers.

"Well Caspian, the Red Master, was given the task of instilling leadership and strength into potential Rangers, as well as developing latent mental talents. Ninjor makes Powers, he takes the many tendrils of the Great Power and shapes them into new Powers. He also makes Zords to go along with the Powers. White heals Powers and restores them and Yellow trains Rangers in the way of fighting. Pink tells the stories of Rangers of the past to keep their struggle alive. Black is the warrior the one who helped during battles."

Another alarm sounded and the image of the two Turks appeared on the viewer. T.J. summoned his morpher and stood up, "Let's see what our friends are up to today."

Ashley stood also, "Just who are they anyway?"

Andros frowned, "The Kronos Corporation's henchmen, they do all their top priority dirty work. The Turks are very powerful."

The Rangers made their way to the Jump Tubes, determined.


(Voice Over)Joe Dawson: Next time on Case files. . .

The Turks confront the Megarangers and The X-Files crew arrives in Angel Grove along with Billy, who's acting strangely.

Sam discovers something about True of Heart and David, and begins a quest.