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Disclaimer: Power Rangers and all related items belong to the wonderful Saban. We don't own the them, we never did. Please don't sue us; we aren't making any profit off of this. We just want to express our talent in a creative way, so we thought that this was the ONLY way.
Author's notes: Thanks SOOOOOO much to WhiteZeo for beta reading this for us, giving us the BEST tips on how to write a fanfic, and actually telling us to send this thing in when we were totally clueless. So, thanks! :^) The Oasis Rangers in our fanfic (Dolores, Ilania, Solaria, Lenora, and Briana,) the villain (Dark Spectra,) and the planet Oasis belong to us. If you would like to use them, please drop us a line first, OK? If we do tell you that you can use them (which we probably will ;^) please still put our characters in character, 'cause it won't do to have our characters out of character, OK? If you could do all of those (and we know it's a long disclaimer :^) we would really appreciate it. There are several things you could call this fic. What we call it is a short introduction to prepare you with what's gonna come. Well, enough talk. On with the reading!

The Beginning of the End
by Suzy Chen, Sarah Nie and Monica Kaskebar

Space. It's a cold, lonely place through my eyes. It used to be warm and full of laughter, but that was when my mother and my father were still alive. That was when I was still with my sister, Ilania, and my three best friends, Solaria, Lenora and Briana. But now all that laughter has died out. I guess that's why my heart is so barren and cold. I don't trust anybody now. Not when all that I have loved has been snatched away from me by Dark Spectra. Not when my four best friends in the whole world have died by her sword. I bet that villain is still boasting about how she killed them. One of these days, I will avenge their deaths. I swear. I swear on my honor.

So, how did they all die? How did the planet of Oasis perish? Well, that's really simple. Earth. Yes, Earth. Our neighboring planet. It's too bad. Earth is such a beautiful planet. But not anymore. Not when they were the cause of my planet's perishment. They could've helped us when we were in dire need, but they didn't. They didn't. Earth. I spit out the name as if it were a rotten spice on my tongue. Ugh. Well, I guess that's how my life is now. Rotten. But one of these days, I will have my revenge on that disgusting planet by us. I will destroy Dark Spectra and avenge my planet's death. I swear on my honor.

"I wonder where Dolores is now," Ilania said softly, brushing her long blonde hair out of her eyes. "She's probably still moping," Solaria whispered. "Sometimes I even wonder if she even noticed us while we were Rangers." Ilania's green eyes flashed. "How can you say that about my sister Solaria! How can you say that!" The Pink Ranger tried to shout, but her anger came out in a horse whisper. "How can you! Dolores was always by your side when you needed help." She looked down at her hands. "I'm sorry Solaria," she apologized. "I'm just in a bad mood. A very bad mood. We've been here for over six months." "It's the power," Lenora told them quietly. "That's what keeps us all alive for six months when all we've had to eat are scraps." Briana wrapped her yellow sweater around her arms. "We're all sick Lenora. You know that." "Our only hope is Dolores," Lenora sighed. "But she's probably thinking of ways to avenge our 'deaths.' I just hope she finds us soon." "That's what we all hope Lenora," Solaria coughed. Her usually chocolate-brown eyes that were so pumped were now dull and lifeless. "I wonder if she even knows where we are." "She probably will," Ilania's green eyes looked at her friends. "She _will_ find us, you guys, but Dark Spectra sure won't make it easy. And Dark Spectra's soldiers? Did you see them? They're twice the size of Dolores." "But we have faith," Briana said with more energy. "That's what we need to have," Ilania replied. In the silence of the night, she uttered a mental prayer to her sister; one that she hoped Dolores would get.

I look out the window of our subcraft. The Oasis Rangers have many weapons, and sea weapons are just a fraction of them. But as I teleport out of the subcraft and walk the grounds of Oasis' ruins, I remind myself that the subraft is all that I have at the moment. Sigh ... just how long before I get my hands on Dark Spectra? Sorry ... revenge is all that I can think about. But if you were like me, revenge would be all that _you_ thought about too. Why do things always have to happen to _me?_ That's a frequently asked question. I don't know. I may never know. But it doesn't really bother me. All the fullness and laughter in my life has just dissipated into thin air. All I can think about is revenge. Huh. I guess it's true what they say about revenge. Revenge is blind. But I'm not all that worried. I know that one of these days I'll get my hands on that so-called villainess, and I will make ... her ... PAY!

I look at something on the ground. It is an old morpher; the pink Oasis morpher that belonged to Ilania. I shake my head. It isn't a time to mope. Especially if you have business to do. The sun peeks out from the puffy white clouds surrounding it. I really wonder if there is a heaven up there. The sunlight surrounds my bare shoulders. I pull up my sweater some more. There probably is a heaven. And I'm sure that Ilania is smiling up at me up there, telling me to move on.

And I will move on. I will make her happy.