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Dragon Rangers: Beginning of a New Age
by Casia The Mage

"Brianna! Brianna!" The purple clad girl spun around, and found herself looking at her fellow mage and queen rider, Harmonia. "What is it, Harm. I'm busy enough with tracking Vimia, so unless-."

Harmonia grabbed her arm and pulled her over to a small veiwing window. "That's what I'm trying to tell you," the girl shrieked, pointing to a small ship on the screen. "Vimia is here. In this solar system. Heading towards Earth."

Brianna stared into the eyes of her dark haired friend.

She speaks the truth.

Leave it to Allaurenth to agree with Taith and her rider.

I only agree because Taith and I saw him, and anyways, you know Harmonia is right. I am coming on the ship. I will bring Taith.

A few moments later, the Gold Pernese dragons Taith and Allaurenth were onboard the large hyperspace ship that Harmonia and Brianna used for space travel. Harmonia was sitting at a computer console, and had activated the sensors, and looked up Earth on the computer. "Scanners say that Earth is a pretty advanced society. Vimia would be kept busy though. About 5 teams of superheroes are in the vicinity of California, which is where he will strike first, prob'ly, seeing as it's one of the most populated states. Should we head there?" Harmonia's grey-green eyes turned on Brianna, backed up by two pairs multi-facated jewels that belonged to the regal queen dragons, still present.

"Go to the middle of the sector. We'll need five.., no, six warriors warriors." Brianna walked over to a window, and silently summoned Gold Ninjetti armor to appear.

"Heading for Angel Grove," Harmonia announced.

_Good,_ thought Brianna. _Now let's hope we get there before Vimia._


"So this is Angel Grove," Brianna remarked. She and Harmonia had arrived in the city quickly, so they had decided to take a tour of the small town before they selected the new Dragon Rangers.

"A very small town. Scanners read that a team of Power Rangers already exsists here, but they're Turbo, and if we took one of them, the powers would be compatible with that of the Ninjetti." Harmonia paused, then began tinkering with the handheld scanner when it began to bleep. "Oh, great. Now the stupid thing says that there are Rangers nearby. Think it's broken?"

Brianna looked around, her brown eyes scanning everyone. "No, no, I don't think so. It's never malfunctioned before, has it?"


"Good. Keep scanning."

The pair walked on in silence for a few minutes. "The readings are getting higher. They're coming from that park over there." Harmonia's hand gestured towards a large clearing.

"You don't think some of those..mortals..are Rangers, do you?" Brianna looked shocked.

"No...couldn't be."

"Only one way to find out." The two picked up a jog as they headed for the park.


"Tommy," Adam muttered, "Those two girls have been watching us for the past half hour."

Tommy looked over to where Adam was pointing. "Yeah, I wonder what's up."

"Let's go see," Adam suggusted, gesturing for the others to come over.

"What's up, Adam," asked Justin,the latest addition to the team.

"Any of you noticed those girls over there staring at us?"

Six nods answered. "I think we should go take a look," said Kat, "and make sure that nothing fishy is up."

Everyone quickly agreed and started to walk over to the two observers.


"Hey,Harm, is that invisibility spell still working?"

"Should be, why."

"Because some kids are coming over to us."

"Where?" Brianna pointed to a small bunch of teens who were approaching the table.

Harmonia picked up the scanner she had been using. "Energy levels are through the roof. You think some of those kids are the Turbo Rangers?"

"Couldn't be. I thought Zordon had more sense than to choose kids to do the work of an adult," Brianna replied, taking the scanner.

"I did, too. Maybe there wasn't anyone else."

"Shhh, here they come." Harmonia and Brianna hopped of the picnic table they'd been sitting on and walked over to the group. Sticking her hand out, she shook hands with the 'leader'. "Hi. I'm Brianna Meyers and this is my friend...." She shot a worried glance to Harmonia. 'Brianna' sounded human, but Harm's name was pure Pernese.

Fortunatly, Harm made a quick save. "Joie. Joie Harmonis."

The boy shook 'Joie's' hand. "Tommy Oliver, nice to meet you. These are my friends Kat, Justin, Adam, Tanya, Billy, and Kimberly." The two mages shook hands with each of the teens. "We have a question," Tommy began. "Why were you watching us?"

_So they had seen!,_ Brianna thought. "Uh..watching you? Um..uh, we weren't watching you," she stuttered. _What I wouldn't give for Allaurenth right now,_ she wished.

"Yeah," Tanya answered sarcastically, "And we're the Power Rangers."

"You are? Hah! I told you, Brianna! I told you I was getting readings, even if they..are...kids.." Suddenly Harmonia realized what had been saying in her excitment. "Oh, crap."

"How do you know who we are," Kat demanded.

"It's a long story."

"So start telling."


"And that's why were here."

The five Turbo Rangers and their friends looked at the two girls, amazed. "So," Justin began, "You two are intergalatic mages from the future, in which Earth becomes too high-tech and 6000+ people from around the galaxy, or at least that colonized by the 'Federated Sentient Planets', go to some planet that gets attacked by something called Thread, and is defended by genetically enhanced 'fire-lizards', or dragons, and an evil mage named Vimia comes along and attacks you two because your on the side of good, or at least neutrel." He shot a quick glance to Brianna. "Meanwhile, 'Vimia' is coming to Earth, and you have to find 6 rangers who match the colors of the dragons, whatever the colors are."

Harmonia looked at Justin, then Brianna. "I don't think he believes in us, or the dragons. Should we prove it to him?"

Brianna shrugged indifferently. "Sure," she agreed. "Why not show him the Powers while we're at it."

Harmonia nodded, then both the girls shouted a familiar cry. "It's Morphin' Time! Ninjetti—Gold!" A brilliant gold light enveloped the two girls. When it dispersed, Gold Ninjetti armor had replaced their outfits.

Adam, Tommy, Kim, Kat, and Billy had surprised looks on their faces, while Tanya and Justin looked on confusedly.

"Now you get to see the 'dragonified' version of our animal spirits. Alaurenth!," Harmonia called. "Taith! The Command Center, please."


The teens stepped back, but the two Ninjetti in front of them merely waited impatiently. Suddenly, two large, golden dragons appeared in the Command Center.

They look frightened. This was obviously Brianna's dragon, it had the same voice as its owner.

Picking up this thought from the small group of Earthlings (Or Terrans, as Pernese would call them,) Allaurenth swivled her great head and focused on them with one large, gleaming eye. Taith and I belong to no one. We are hatched,and are Impressed, or 'bonded', as humans would understand. Also, we are not 'its'. We are she's, they's, and dragons. Queen dragons.

Wide-eyed nods answered her.

You go 'Laurie! You 'da dragon! You 'da dragon!. This had to be Harmonia's companion, the teens thought.

This one had the same carefree qualities to her voice as her human counterpart. Harmonia let out a giggle. "I take it you've learned the language while you were here, eh Tai?"

Brianna remained silent and looked at the teens again. "You still don't believe us, do you? What do we have to do, take you to Pern?," she said.

"It'd prob'ly help," muttered Adam.

"If it'll help so much, then lets go. There's someone you need to meet, anyways."


"So this is the great planet Pern," Tanya complimented, albeit sarcastically.

"Looks more like the Amazon," commented Billy.

"Personally, I think we should all just wake up," Kim muttered angrily. "I mean, dragons? Mages? Colonists going to other planets? Get real."

Brianna turned around to face Kimberly, her eyes, clothes, and the jewel on top of her staff flashing red. "If you want to 'get real', Kim, here's the truth. We aren't here to take a galactic tour, there's someone we need to talk to. And if you want to live, you'll come with me." Brianna turned back around and kept walking.

"What's up with her," Tanya asked.

Harmonia kept her eyes on her companion as she answered. "You guys had to make her come here, didn't you. Why couldn't you just believe her. She had some..relationship problems...with the son of the person we're going to see. Just stay out of her way, and keep quiet when we get to our destination. As long as we're here, pretty much anything will set her off."

The teens agreed to keep quiet, and the group set off once again.


"So, they think they'll be able to stop me, eh? We'll see about that." The black clad man turned around and walked over to an intercom, a long bony finger pushing down a button. "Castor! F'nar! get up here!" A few moments later, two young men walked into the room. "Castor, what do you know about the Ninjetti powers?"

The closer of the two stepped forward, keeping his black-shadowed eyes focused straight ahead. "The Ninjetti powers draw their power from the holder's animal spirit. The animal spirit differs from person to person. The only place to win ownership of the powers is a planet called Phaedos, and it is gaurded by Dulcea, the Master Warrior of the planet. Only one group of beings has survived the journey to the planet, a group of teens from Earth, three of which went on to become the Turbo Rangers of Earth." Castor stepped back when he was finished.

"Now. What do you know of the Dragon Rangers, F'nar," the man, Vimia, inquired of the second of the pair. F'nar stepped forward as Castor had a few seconds before. "The Dragon Rangers are a special group of Ninjetti whose powers originate from the six colors of the Pernese Dragon. The animal spirits are pre-chosen, so the bearer of the power must match up to one of the colors, which are Bronze, Gold, Brown, Blue, Green, and White. White is hardly used, which has allowed it to be harnessed by people other than trained Ninjetti, both good and evil." F'nar stepped back.

"Would these powers be strong enough to stop me," Vimia demanded, wanting to know if Brianna and Harmonia would finally have him beat if they allowed some of the teens they had found to possess the powers.

"In time, they would, but not for at minimum six months after they found them. The delay in defeat would be destroyed if the bearers knew your weaknesses, strong points, ect," replied Castor.

Vimia thought for a moment. If Casia and Harmonia were allowed to get these powers, it would be the end of him. If he lured them away, it would take longer and he would be able to destroy the teens before they made it to Phaedos. "F'nar, please prepare for a trip to Pern. Immediately." Vimia had a plan, and he would make sure that it worked.


Harmonia had convinced Brianna to take the Turbos and company to their destination a-dragonback, so the trip was much shorter. "Are we almost there?" Tommy yelled, straining to be heard over the deafening winds the dragons stirred up with their wings.

Yes, human, his mount, Taith, answered.

Why do humans always ask that 'Laurie?

I don't know, Tai. Why do they ask that Brianna?

"They ask it because they are impatient and annoyed with our delay," Brianna answered, through Allaurenth.

Delay?! We're making good time, Taith retorted.

"Look down there," Harmonia called, "And you will see our destination."

The passengers of the dragons did as told, and saw an enormous volcano before them, with many dragons flying around it, the dragons being of colors ranging from brown to bronze to a bright green. Kat's already nervous expression hardly changed as she looked down at the volcano. "This is probobly a stupid thing to ask," called Billy, "But is that volcano extinct?"

Harmonia turned around slightly to face him. "Yes, that was stupid to ask, and yes, the volcano is extinct. How else could we make it a Wyer, silly?"

Billy nodded, as if agreeing, then turned back to Kat, muttering,"What in the world is a 'weyr?'"

Kat shrugged.

Hang on! I'm going to try a dive landing!

Harmonia's calm expression turned to one of nervousness. "Tai? Tai, you know what happened the last time we did this. Tai!" The dragon's passengers started to scream as the dragon dove downward, the stopped and perched on a ledge.

Harmonia says we'll meet you in the meeting room, Brianna!

Bri says 'Okay.'

Harmonia dismounted, and signaled for Taith bend down so her passengers could dismount safely. "All she ever answers here is okay," the girl muttered. She turned to her passengers and motioned for them to follower her. "Go eat now, Taith. Sorry that took so long."

S'oaky, it was fun! The dragon turned around, and flew down to a pasture with lots of horse-ish looking beasts in it. Harmonia walked into a large cave, and headed towards a table. Sifling through some sheets of hide, then putting some of them into a small pouch at her waist, she looked back at 'her' group. "Well, c'mon! If we're going to speak to the Wyerleaders, we need to hurry. Luckily for us, Brianna got an appointment with them. Lessa'll be mad if we're late."

The teens got up and followed Harmonia. She lead them into a large chamber with a stone table and chairs in it. Brianna was already there, and had taken a seat in the chair at the head of the table. Harmonia took the seat to the left of it, and told the Turbos and their friends to sit down. "Better not let Lessa catch you there, or you'll be gone faster than Thread in a wing'a dragons!", Harmonia cautioned.

"Better not let Lessa catch who where?," a new voice asked.

Brianna half-smiled, and Harmonia grinned widely. "Hi F'lar. I was just giving Bri her weekly warning about staying out of Lessa's chair."

The man, obviously in his late thirties, had just come from riding as well. He placed his helmet on the table and looked around the table. "F'lar, these are our friends Tanya, Tommy, Kim, Billy, Justin, Katherine, and Adam. Terrans, to answer your coming question about the names," Casia announced.

F'lar nodded in acknowledgement. "So," he said, seating himself in the chair next to Harmonia, "What do you need this time?"

Brianna half-giggled, a sound that shocked the Turbos and company. "'What do we need this time?' You make it sound as if we come here for favors all the time!"

F'lar raised an eyebrow. "And you don't?," he said jokingly.

"F'lar? Are you in there? Is Brianna there yet?"

A small, dark-haired woman entered the room. "Ah, Brianna, Harmonia, nice to see you again. And who, may I ask are your friends?"

Brianna stood up and allowed the woman to sit down. "Wyerwoman Lessa, I'd like to introduce you to our friends, the Turbo Rangers, and Kat and Billy. They're here to find out about the Dragon Powers."


"Arrg!" Vimia slammed his fist down onto the console. "They've already gotten to Pern!" He flicked off the veiwscreen. "How will I be able to stop them now..."

He began to pace, then started looking through cabinets and drawers. "Aha!," he exclaimed. "Here's my chance at victory." He flicked the viewscreen back on, and popped in a disc. He fast forwarded, then pauesd the tape, and grinned maliciously. On the screen was a picture of Brianna, Harmonia, her 'boyfriend' F'nar (his newest spell-controlled henchman), Lessa, F'lar, and a young man, about 18. The boy had his arm around Brianna's shoulders, and both were smiling happily. The boy on the screen was F'lessan, the son first and only child of the Wyerleaders on the screen. It had been rumored by other beings of evil throughout the universe that Brianna's greatest weakness was kindness, the reason for which being that it was a thing she seldom gave and seldom recieved, also. It had also been said that the only person who was truly kind to her was, in fact, F'lessan, and the two had plans of getting espoused (married), which were ruined when F'lessan had begun to see another girl (hey, if you've been told your fiancee's dead, you gonna stay single for the rest of your life?). Brianna had since remained vulnerable to attacks which used F'lessan, or even a mention of him.

"You think you can stop me, girls," he began,"but I've only begun to fight! Hah hah hah hah hah!"

To be continued....