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I assume that we all know that the Power Ranger characters belong to Saban (Who rules, except for that God-awful Sailor Moon trailer). The song "Share My World" is by Mary J. Blige (Lyrics provided courtesy of Shortyluv [shortyluv@geocities.com]). Please bear with me, as this is my first attempt at Power Ranger fan fiction!! This story takes place during Power Rangers Turbo.

Share My World
by Black Mercury

Late at night when all the world was sleeping (Sorry, not the song that this fic features - BM), Tanya sat in her bed, the silver moon glowing through her bedroom window like a diamond. Sleep was the least of her concerns, though. Her thoughts weighed heavily of him, her friend, her partner in the battle against evil. It had been just a few hours since she had seen him, his image burned into her mind as if he had only been gone a minute. She wanted so badly to hold him in her arms, to tell him that her heart was his until the end of time. And yet, she could not even fathom as to whether her love was requited or not, She had a crush on him since the first time that they met, since she arrived in America with Aisha's Zeo Crystal shard. One look into his innocent, puppy dog eyes and she was melted butter. She dreamt of him often, of them holding hands, kissing, of times that they would share together, of their white wedding, of the family that they would raise together in love, even of him in his all-too-revealing Turbo Power Ranger uniform. Sure, she had dated someone else, but she could not stop thinking of him, which is why she wasn't too broken up once she and Shawn went their separate ways. She never really told anyone, though the other Rangers (Particularly Katherine) could see it in her eyes when she looked at him. Tanya realized that it was about time that she express her feelings. But how?

Underneath the same amethyst sky, Adam sat on his bed gazing into the moon through the wide window of his bedroom. He found that sleep would not be attained that night, for his thoughts were consumed with a certain Nubian princess. He thought about how she was strong in mind, body, and soul. How she always spoke her mind, how she beat their enemy down, how she stood up for what she believed in. What a woman!!! He got attention from many of the girls at Angel Grove High, but he knew that she could be the only one for him. No matter what he tried, he was too distracted to even think right. He wanted to caress her skin, to taste the sweetness of her lips against his. But he did not want to risk losing his friend. What if he poured his heart out to her, but she did not love him in return. He had to know if she loved him or if his love would go unrequited. There had to be a way to tell her.

Since Tanya worked part time at the radio station, she got to hear all sorts of new and old music, many different genres. As she sat filing through CDs to decide which one to play, she came across one in particular that struck a chord with her. She remembered how difficult it had been for her when she first left Africa, and this artist's romantic ballads and upbeat style helped her through her adjustment. She remembered one track that made her want to fall in love - and that reminded her of Adam. She would listen to the song whenever she felt alone or if she missed him. Tanya took a chance and hoped that he was listening, because he would know how she felt about him.

Not too far away, Adam was in between shows at the stunt show and was talking to some of the other Rangers that had come down to see him. He, Tommy, Katherine, Rocky, and Justin sat backstage, talking and sipping on chilled sodas while they enjoyed that warm summer day. Adam looked somewhat destracted, but no one else seemed to mention it, until Kat brought up the subject.

"So, have you talked to Tanya yet?" she inquired.

"T-Tanya?? What do you mean?" Adam responded, feighning ignorance.

"C'mon, Adam!! We all know that you're completely gone on her!!" Justin replied.

"Yeah", added Tommy, "And the way you talk to her, you'd think that you were terrified of her!"

"Well, I guess you guys are right. I just don't know if she likes me, too. I mean, we don't seem to have anythong in common." he sighed.

"Adam, I live with the girl. Believe me, she likes you!!" Kat laughed.

"But I thought she liked that Sean guy!! Oh, man!!!" Adam uttered, happy and extremely relieved.

"Adam, I think it's time that you told her how you feel!!" Rocky said, somewhat jokingly. The others giggled, but Kat elbowed him in the ribs.

"Isn't Tanya on the radio right now?" asked Justin.

"Yeah, let's see what she's playing!!" Tommy said

"And I hope it's Jessica Simpson! She's so HOT!!", mused Rocky as the others just shook their heads and laughed. Kat turned the dial on the boombox that was lying around near them and set it to a particular station. Suddenly, a familiar voice could be heard on the air:

"...This next one is for a special boy that I can't stop thinking about. The title is 'Share My World' by Mary J. Blige. I hope that you can hear this, Adam!!". While Adam blushed a deep crimson, the others simply smiled at him as the music began.

Boy if you stay I'll always make sure
That you look to see a brighter day
Don't let our love slip away
The things you do, they always make me feel
Like there's no one else but you
Promise you'll be true

Share my world
Don't you leave
Promise I'll be here
Whenever you need me near
Share my world
Don't you leave
Promise I'll be here
So baby don't you have no fear

To be with you would be like paradise
So nice (so nice), so right (so right)
Joy you bring to me you make me feel so
Good inside
It's so right (so right), so high
Just thinkin about you
And my feelings I just can't hide

Share my world
Don't you leave
Promise I'll be here
Whenever you need me near
Share my world
Don't you leave
Promise I'll be here
So baby don't you have no fear

I don't know what I would do
(Would do)
Without you (you)
When I'm down and out
I think about
All the love you give to me
All the love you give to me
I'm so happy
So share...
Ooh, la la la
Won't you share my world
won't you share my world

Adam had been is a state of mesmerism the whole time. "She actually LOVES me!!!", he thought.

"So, Adam, do you want to share my world?" asked a familiar voice from behind him.

"Tanya?! I never knew you loved me!! Y-Yes, I want us to be together!"

"So do I!", she cried, the two exchanging a tender kiss. The others just looked at them and smiled. They knew that those two would be together for a long time.