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Dust in the Wind. Tommy does not want his relationship with Kim to end. June 22, 2001


A Friend from Long Ago. Jason discovers a friend may still be alive...and only he can save her.

Chris Sedlacek

A Different Shade of Gold. Goldar learns valuable lessons.
Red Memories. An accident brings up a painful memory for Goldar.
Fading. Just why did Goldar's fighting ability decline so much during the second and third seasons?
Red Ashes. Goldar comes to talk to Kimberly.

"Requiem for Ecliptor"
Keep the Old. In the aftermath of Countdown to Destruction, Karone remembers a lost friend.
Enemy Mine. Andros hears a message from beyond the grave.
The Price. Dark Spectre is given Ecliptor's final words.

Aftermath. It's a meeting of all the evil that's left.
Vengeance. Payback time.
Fathers and Sons. Rito and Master Vile reflect on the events of "Vengeance"

A Matter of Faith. Angel Grove changed overnight.

Catherine Semerjian

It Runs in the Family. Adam finds out he isn't the only superhero of the family.


Dawn of Conquest. A story from long ago of a selfish act that made a universe. March 19, 2002
At What Cost Victory? In their own time the Machine Empire are defeated, but at what cost? March 19, 2002
Re-enter the Dragon. The Clone of the Green Ranger reappears. March 19, 2002
Back From the Depths. Sam breaks his promise again. March 19, 2002
The Third Son. Trey of Courage has to find his own way. But in a moment of desperate need he receives a second chance. March 19, 2002
Distant Danger. Events are unfolding in another galaxy. March 19, 2002
Tradition of Treason. Trey's homecoming is not what he expected. March 19, 2002
Dark Waters. Disaster Strikes on Aquitar. March 19, 2002
Moving On. Six months have passed since Trey left Earth and Rocky must say goodbye to Jennifer. March 19, 2002
Minion of Darkness Part 1 - On Whose Orders? Three Rangers are attacked and Jason is hurt. But just who is Anory working for? March 19, 2002
Minion of Darkness Part 2 - Flowers of Crystal. Tanya and Kat leave to find a cure for Jason. March 19, 2002
Minion of Darkness Part 3 - Fight to Live. Good can triumph over anything, but what about death? March 19, 2002
Minion of Darkness Part 4 - Out of the Darkness. At last he is free. March 19, 2002
Minion of Darkness Part 5 - Darkness Revealed. The Rangers face their new foe with disastrous results. March 19, 2002
Minion of Darkness Part 6 - Poor Replacements. Without the Zeo Crystal how can the Rangers fight on? March 19, 2002
Minion of Darkness Part 7 - A Plan Revealed. What is Minion up to, how can the Rangers find new powers and is the Zeo Crystal really destroyed? Find out. March 19, 2002
Minion of Darkness Part 8 - Flesh and Blood. Minion's plan to turn a father against son fails when the father changes his views. March 19, 2002
Minion of Darkness Part 9 - From Plans to Action. Minion starts his quest for the Infinity Crystals, Zedd starts his quest for
power, and the Rangers have a chance to reclaim, the Zeo Crystal. March 19, 2002
Minion of Darkness Part 10 - To Boil An Egg. Many things can occur in the time it takes to boil an egg. March 19, 2002
Minion of Darkness Part 11 - Rangers in Training. Minion is on the rise once more, but for eight Rangers on the planet Zyuella the main concern is proving they are worthy to be trained. March 19, 2002

Sheila (The Storyteller)

By The Saints. Rocky learns a special lesson when he goes on a nighttime walk to cleanse his troubled mind.

Silver Quantum

Memories: the Past. Tommy's cousin comes to visit, a secret she holds can destroy a friendship. October 20, 2002
Secrets: Part 1. Some truths are hard to handle, How will Jason handle it? October 20, 2002

Silver Tiger

Happy New Year!. Could the title be more right-on?

Derik Smith

Untitled. The old gives way to the new, but not without teaching an important lesson.
Also Untitled. Unable to sleep, Rocky decides to work out in the Command Center, where he finds an old friend with a difficult secret.
Goodbye, Old Friend. Skull says goodbye to an unlikely friend.

Al Solomon

"Shades of Green"
Armageddon's Refugee. A new Ranger arrives with old powers.


New Surroundings. What to do when you are in a new place?
Mixed Feelings. Emotions can be so different.


Hope Love. Adam meets someone special to him.
Days Past. Adam and his girlfriend fall deeper into love.
Birth. A baby is born, but not the normal way.


"Red Sea" Series
Life Embedded in a Sea of Red. Will the truth of love be revealed? May 7, 2000
Black Sea to Yellow Skies. Wonders of truth are revealed. June 11, 2000

"Heart" Series
Heart's Decision. A mysterious girl in Kai's dream becomes reality. May 7, 2000
Heart Eclipse. Kai and Liz go on their first date. May 7, 2000
Heart Life. Kai might lose his true love. May 7, 2000
Heart to Heart. Kai has to talk. May 7, 2000

"Silver Cloud Blue Lining" Series
Cloudy Star. Watch the times go by through a Cloud of Stars. June 11, 2000
Cloud Lining. Every cloud has a silver lining. June 11, 2000

Shaun Stegall

Countdown to Destruction. The space saga with a few twists.
Days of Armageddon, part 1. The saga continues.
Days of Armageddon, part 2. More twists.

Symbolic Agony

Irony. What could possibly wreck the best day of Tanya's and Adam's life? Plenty. July 21, 2000
Another Place and Time. What happens when the bad guys make a serious effort to take out the rangers? What if they succeed? July 1, 2001
Everything Falls. Even the Power Rangers bicker. Just how bad (or funny) can it get? July 1, 2001
Solace. What happens when a ranger falls for another and she's too preoccupied to notice? July 22, 2001
Why Rangers Shouldn't Make New Powers. How did Kat manage that? July 22, 2001
Zordon and His Drugs. Zordon has gone insane.... Biiiilllyyy what are you up to? July 22, 2001
Encounter Innocence. The side of the ranger job nobody really thinks about. September 2, 2002
Eventually. Bulk and Skull. A sad, short little emotional piece. September 2, 2002

Naomi Tilley's Stories

Such tragedy, such angst! Go here if you feel like a good cry. :)


Her Homecoming. Kim returns to Angel Grove.


The Diva Crystal. Divatox wants the Diva Crystal.

Robert Torres

The Countdown. Tommy becomes White Ranger.


Affairs of the Heart. Carlos and Ashley are just good friends... right?
Whispers in the Dark. Life in Florida is harder than Kim thought. She's hiding a secret only Rocky knows.
Soulmates. Tommy's sister moves in and things heat up between her and Adam. She's about to find out life with the Rangers is dangerous!
Can the Heart Go On?. This is the sequel to 'Soulmates'.
A Love Like No Other. What happens when two people love each other but can't be together?
A Song Remembers When. Adam's in for a big surprise when a flame from the past comes to visit!

The Real World Series
What if MTV picked seven people to live together... who just happened to be former Rangers?
The Real World: MMPR Style
Episode 2: Wounded Hearts
Episode 3: Revelations
Episode 4: A True Lie
Episode 5: Hopeful Souls

Unicorn Princess

Collision Course. Jason makes a huge mistake and Tommy must pay the price. Dedicated to Jesse: may angels sing you home. June 28, 2002

Felix Velcro

Angel Grove Nocturne. On the dark streets of an abandoned Angel Grove tonight, a ranger will die, a deal will be made, and one Eugene Skullovitch will be forced back into action. December 31, 1999
Questions and Answers. With one dead Ranger on his hands already, is Skull's suspect another Ranger? April 30, 2000
A Step Closer. Skull is quickly running out of both leads and friends, could one last friend's good luck be Skull's as well? July 4, 2000

Kittie J. Verdena's Stories

No, this is not a matter of ego, there's a lotta stories here! :)


Turn of the Millenium. Time for the year and the century to turn.


Wanderer Among the Stars. What happened before Andros met the current team?
Vermilion and Salmon are Alike. Kat and Tommy have a heart to heart talk when the Red Ranger needs it the most.
Nothing Really Matters. Kat remembers when Tommy was there for her in a special time.

Wildfire K.

A Ranger With Two Faces. Lord Zedd decides to make a new Red Ranger, cloned from the Gold.
Everlasting Love. Tommy and Katherine consider taking their relationship to another level, while Divatox makes plans for the Rangers' destruction.
Total Annihilation. It's the end of the world as we know it.

Susan Zell

There's Electricity in the Air. Billy meets an extraordinary girl with genius to rival his own, but King Mondo's got his eye on her as well.
In The Company of Wolves. After giving up his powers, Billy's feeling a little displaced, so he goes to visit some relatives in the mountains. What he finds there is much more precious than he'd ever imagined.
Evening Falls. The Rangers are called to Phaedos to protect Dulcea and the Great Power from a terrible threat.
Circle of Souls. A tragedy in the ranks of the Rangers brings to light some disturbing truths about Zordon and the power he infused into the teenagers. July 1, 2001
Author's Note: This story exists outside the realm of my other stories. Alternate Universe, so to speak.


Doing Anything for a Friend. They were brave! Even as six-year olds! September 2, 2002

ZeoSaturn and DonsArtNGames

Jason's Nightmare. Jason's nightmares are just beginning. October 8, 2001
A New Beginning. "I'm supposed to be retired." November 24, 2001
Pick A Side. One way or another, Jason has his hands full. November 24, 2001
Proto Man's Major Malfunction. Something goes wrong with Proto Man. February 16, 2002
Seeing Red. Who is the new guy? September 2, 2002
Duck....Duck....Duck.... Goose! Tommy is dead poultry! January 25, 2003

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