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"Conversations at 3 am"
Late Night Friendships. A late night conversation in the Zord bay sparks the beginning of something between Billy and Kat. November 23, 2002
Someone Else's Story. During the ski trip with Tommy, Billy and Kat's conversation takes a more serious turn. November 23, 2002
Not on My Watch. Kat's concern over the amount of time Billy has been working, leads to a discussion of his place on the team. November 23, 2002

Georgia Peach

Intruder or Friend?. A stranger has broken into the Power Chamber. Is it friend or foe?
The Quest. The Rangers find parts of two powerful crystals which, when assembled, will create new Rangers! However, the potential owners must go on a dangerous quest to get their new powers.
What About Tomorrow?. Tanya goes on a strange trip into the future and finds it unsettling.
A Roller Coaster Ride?. Life as a Ranger is full of ups and downs...
The Heart of the Storm. Being a Ranger isn't only about saving the world — sometimes it's just about doing simple things that help others.
Keep The Faith. Several of the Rangers are struck down by a mysterious disease and it's up to the others to find a cure. Can they overcome their doubts and find it in time?
Back to the Basics. Even Power Rangers feel peer pressure. So how do Kat and Tommy deal with temptation?
Life is Puzzling. Zordon has disappeared and the team needs to find out what happened.
I'm Willing. Billy has a surprise for Leeza, but gets one of his own.
Why?. The end...

Adam Pearlman

Dark Awakening. Kimberly's cousin Scott is coming to Angel Grove.
Lucky Seven. Evil might never learn that evil rangers don't work....or for once could an evil ranger work?
Learning Experience. The Machine Empire is now after Scott.
Golden Dream. Divatox launches an attack on Aquitar.
Destruction Among Us. A new foe is now here, and troubles soon arise.
Love Troubles. Scott's Love life isn't going the way he planned it.
United We Stand. Five of the Zeo Rangers go to Aquitar for assistance. On Earth, Scott and Katherine begin to realize what Destroyer has up his sleeves.
Pink in Danger. Kat gives in to Destoyer's demands.
The Dark Queen. Saving another ranger is never easy.
Time Troubles. Destroyer has a new plan- this one includes time travel.
Final Act. The battle continues, but Scott suddenly begins to lose his powers. There's only one reason they can think that should happen and it isn't a pretty one.
Taking a Break. The Rangers try to take a break, so Cloak takes advantage of that. Can he be beaten?
Parallels. Another dimension has problems.
Silver Endings. Kat has had some disturbing dreams.
How Do I Live Without You. The Rangers mourn one of their own.
A White Mystery. Who is White Ranger?
Double Trouble. The more... the more dangerous.
Answers to the Questions. Answers at last.

Michelle Penning

The Dilemma. Rocky makes what could be the mistake of his life...and it cost someone their own.
True Brothers. Jason is having a reaction to the loss of the Gold powers.

The Defender Series
Purple and Black. When two sisters move to Angel Grove, life is anything but boring!


Once a Ranger. Tragedy strikes when one of the Rangers is turned against his friends. March 5, 2000
Catalyst. The Gold Powers left their mark on everyone they touched. May 18, 2001
The Wolves Within. Why did Billy really stay on Aquitar? June 22, 2001

"The Sun Goes Down"
Questing Wolf. Billy meets a young artist with strange powers of the mind.
Wolf in Darkness. When stress of being Powerless finally becomes too much for Billy, having a friend with psychic abilities could be dangerous for them both, or prove their only hope.
Spirit Warrior. Billy finally gets what he has been waiting for—but will it be in time to help the others?
Spirit Threads One: Severed Threads. The return of an old friend to Angel Grove brings the current team to the brink of destruction.
Spirit Threads Two: The Law of Wonder. With the Great Power anything is indeed possible, but is the price for a miracle going to be too high?
Twilight: Lengthening Shadows. A strange warning spells great change for the all the Rangers.
Twilight: Sunstars and Shadows. Billy and the others discover that even in the depths of space they cannot leave Earth totally behind.
Down to a Sunless Sea. Aquitar should have been the Ninjetti's easiest mission, but in some ways it may prove the hardest.
Lessons in Harmony. Will the Questing Ninjetti be torn apart before they can complete their latest mission?
What A Miracle. On a strange planet, Billy and Trini are finally made to face the truth. November 25, 1999
Nights' Swift Dragons. The first hints of the coming Darkness spells disaster for all the Rangers. January 21, 2000
Spirit's Knife. Disaster strikes and revelations follow as the ninjetti run out of time. June 11, 2000
Beyond the Dark Edge of Night. The Ninjetti make final desparate preparations getting their first glimpse of the Darkness Visible... October 29, 2000
The Sun Goes Down. End Game is reached and the final battle fought. March 1, 2002

Julia Phares

Death of a Ranger. Danger threatens the team.
Aisha's Story. The Rangers are still reeling from recent events.

Kelly Pierce

Truth. A day at the pool goes wrong—will the rangers ever catch a break?

Alex "Trey Cash" Quierolo

Paying the Consequences. A bad decision by Adam is tearing him apart, but the team is facing an even more pressing problem.
Written with Kittie J. Verdena


"Across Borders"
Across Borders. Love knows no bounds... September 22, 2002
Green With Evil. The Green Ranger appears. September 22, 2002

"Dark Rising"
Onyx. Stranded and powerless, it's worse than they know. February 16, 2002
Edenoi. The Power helps those who help themselves. February 16, 2002
Old Earth: Part 1. A dream shared to the bitter end. November 18, 2002

"The Gathering"
Prologue. A Mistake... February 16, 2002
It Begins. A Kieroo captured, a Tiger returned, a Power discovered.
Cat Within a Cat. Loose ends tied, a feline uncovered, and other revelations.
Fading Light. A Dream Walked, Two Roses Healed, and A Light Released.
Mutual Malice. A Dual Attack, New Lights Promised, and A Quest Begun.
Time Stands Not Still: Part One. A Plot Remembered, Two Lights Strengthened, and a Dire Situation.
Time Stands Not Still: Part Two. A Triumph, A Failure, and Continuing Complications. February 16, 2002
Time Stands Not Still: Part Three. A Plan Revised, a Quest Completed, and Blades Awakened. February 16, 2002
Initiation. One new Team, Six evil Rangers, and Ten unlikely Heroes. February 16, 2002
One Hour. An Evil Released, The Ranks Swelled, A Truth Uncovered. February 16, 2002
The Ending. The Final Quest, A Setup, and A Judgment. February 16, 2002

"Grid Wars"
A Public Dissertation. A discussion on the defining characteristics of a Power Ranger. November 18, 2002
Grid War: Part 1. Plant the Seeds of Dissention. May 26, 2002
Grid War: Part 2. Nurture the growth of intolerance. November 18, 2002

Carlos and the Count. The death of a Ranger. May 26, 2002
World of Night. A taste of vampiric politics. May 26, 2002

Cheryl Roberts

Murphy's Law. Everything that can go wrong does go wrong, and that means a rough night for Billy.
Til Death. Kimberly Hart is back in Angel Grove, and she's brought trouble with her.
Dark Lady. Who is the Dark Lady, and why does she hate Kim? (Sequel to Til Death)
Falcon Daughter. This sequel to "Til Death" explains Tommy and David's mysterious past.
All I Want For Christmas. A long time has passed, they're not kids anymore, and their lives have gone in directions some of them never imagined.
Dallas. Kimberly reflects on her life.
Top Gun. Kimberly's piloting skills are put to the test when a determined opponent has the Crane Ninjazord in its sights. November 25, 1999
Pretty in Pink. It's time for Tommy to pay up as his teammates welcome the new Pink Ranger. (Sequel to Top Gun) December 19, 1999
Someday. When tragedy strikes, Kim and Tommy's love pulls them through. February 6, 2000
A Matter of Life. When you touch death on a daily basis, sometimes you need to touch life—as Kim and Tommy discover. October 20, 2002
From the Ashes. Tommy receives a cry for help through the Morphin‚ Grid and must travel to another dimension to save the family he never knew. November 18, 2002

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