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Tea. The most unlikely person of all sends his daughter to save the future.
Old Friends Return. She's back.
Trouble in Florida. Kim isn't having an easy time in Florida.
Psycho Problems. Shopping is never easy.
Psycho Problems 2. Things just go from bad to worse.
Psycho Problems 3. More psycho troubles.
I Swear He Made Me Do It. Those muses insist on their own stories.
Back to Green. Tommy is in serious danger.

Defenders. Time for a new set of powers.
Defenders 2: Secrets and Lies. Evil will hold a captive as long as it can.
Defenders 3: Dreams. Dream a dream...
Defenders 4: Revenge. A dish best served cold...
Defenders 5: Aftermath. Time to go.

"Protectors of Space"
Visit. They couldn't stay away forever.
The Light of Hope. The injured Defenders get a wake up call!
Never Forget. Could they save their friend?
Please Forgive Me. Forgiveness must be earned.
Is This Love?. Two Defenders are finding love with one another.
Lightning Crashes. Danger threatens all around.
The Ties That Bind. Relationships change and appear.
If That's What It Takes. Petra tells Andros some very disturbing truths.
Trapped!. Some of the Rangers and Defenders are trapped.
Holiday Miracles. Holidays are here again!

Home For the Holidays. Death is a gift no one wants.
No Time For Tears. There could be two to mourn for if things go wrong.
Deirdra's Story. No one is born evil. ..are they?
Returnings. Time to come home.
Memoirs of a Dead Ranger. Tommy is dead... not gone.
After the Fall of Evil. Deirdra survived the Countdown.

"Zeo Disaster"
The Power of Friendship. Tommy can't keep any powers anymore it seems.
Earthquake. The city's shaking!
Katastrophe. The Pink Ranger is in danger.


Space Reunion
Space Reunion Part One. What if the rangers parted ways instead of remaining on Earth? May 7, 2000
Space Reunion Part Two. Andros and Zhane needed the Rangers' help to counteract the powerful force that is Lady Matrix. May 7, 2000
Space Reunion Part Three. Will Andros save Karone, or lose her forever to the side of evil? May 7, 2000
Space Reunion Part Four. Will this final chapter find the destruction of Lady Matrix, or the downfall and total annihilation of the Power Rangers? May 7, 2000

The Devious One

The Intergalactic War Saga
Faces From the Past. Zedd returns with a new body and incredible new powers and he has but one agenda, to control the universe. With enough power to make that goal become reality, former rangers will need to unite to defeat him. Can it be done? August 5, 2003

A Hope For the World. After Countdown to Destruction, the Hope for the World was lost when Diabolico returned. Can it be found again? November 24, 2001
     Chapter 1: Returning
     Chapter 2: Mission Lightspeed
     Chapter 3: Decisions
     Chapter 4: Secrets Revealed
     Chapter 5: Coming Together
     Chapter 6: Darkonda's Vengeance
     Chapter 7: Oblivion On Earth

As the Journey Continues....
A Friend in Need. The Zeo rangers go through some changes. June 22, 2001
The Zeo Completion. The saga continues. June 22, 2001
The Survival of the Rangers. The plot thicks. June 22, 2001
The Muranthian Journey. More stuff happens. June 22, 2001

Eileen (Tangerine Ranger)

The Stupid Series
Zordon's Silly Idea. Zordon decides the current Ranger team needs a new leader - but he doesn't exactly make the decision you'd expect...
Revenge of the Red Herrings. One by one the Rangers are calling it quits. What's up with that?
Zordon's Big Mistake. Zordon regrets the decision he made.


"Power Wars"
Power Wars: The Rising Force. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... September 22, 2002

Kay Enasni's Stories

The "Universal Judgement" series and other stories. ... And poems!


The Heart's Desires. The team deals with romantic difficulties and a new power. March 22, 2002
Of Dances and New Beginnings. A mysterious Cog attack means serious trouble for the Rangers. March 30, 2002
A Rocky Path To Tread. Even if you're lonely, is getting involved with your friend's ex REALLY a good idea? March 30, 2002
First and Last. Tanya and Adam discover change is inevitable — especially in love. April 26, 2002

Kristin Fallon

The Darkest Dimension. Billy is injured by a strange monster and sent into the darkest dimension of all.

Jason Festa

Raising the Dead. As Andros parties away his first Halloween with the Rangers, Astronema decides to crash and make it a Halloween Andros will never forget!

The Syber Series
New Friends. When a new villianess takes command, nothing will ever be the same again.
Adjustments. Sometimes you just have to adjust.
Blue No More. No more Blue?
Adjustments 2: The Transfer. The adult Rangers must give their powers to the next generation.
Are You That Somebody?. Someone has a case of amnesia.
The Boy Is Mine. There's a fight going on for JC's body.
Return of the Ninja. As Angel Grove settles into peace, Dimitria feels that it is a perfect time for the Ninja Rangers to step up their powers.
A Purple Rising. JC must overcome his past before he can move on to a future with the Soldiers.
A Recharged Spirit. Kimberly has to deal with the shadows of her past before they destroy her chances of becoming a Ranger again.

Rain Fletcher

Snowbound. Billy, Kat, Adam, and Rocky go on a ski trip, and end up having a heart-to-heart talk.
Earthsiege. The Machine Empire and their new ally launch an all-out attack on the Earth, and this time it's armageddon.
Letters From Home. In the wake of the Littleton tragedy, one of Angel Grove's residents has a lot to think about.


"Power Ranger Transformers, Super Ranger Masterforce"
Transformation I: Transform Rangers!. What happens if you combine Power Rangers and transformers?
Transformation II: Arise, Ranger Pretenders!. The mission continues.

Daniel Furuya & Kyle Vega

Power Rangers: The Cal Rixxian Encounter. Grab some popcorn and a soda and get ready for movie action as the Rangers battle a deadly threat to Earth!

Galactic Moo

The Truth About Brianna. There's a little secret aboard Terra Venture.

Lanie Taylor Galupe

Who Invented Muses Anyway?. Can muses go on strike?
What's In It?. What do you do when a muse goes on strike...make him feel guilty.

The Dark Prophecy Saga
Helping Tiara. The Astro Rangers come to the rescue of a very strange girl.
Three Wishes. The Rangers receive a special gift from Tiara.
Destroyed. What happened while the rangers were away?
The Return of an Old Friend. With the Megaship gone, what will the Rangers do now?
Til Death Do Us Part. Can the Rangers help Karone in time?
Resurrecting Innocence. Why is Tiara trying to destroy the Rangers?
Gifts from a Princess. A new enemy appears, but the Rangers are caught powerless.

"Finding the Anoited"
Trouble at the Track. Acelos has his eyes on an ex-ranger... or two.
Fire Within. The first of Emiline's rangers is found.
Listen to the Wind. To win the battle, you must listen carefully.


Legacy. Jason, Billy, and Tommy thought things would quiet down after the Rangers... October 20, 2002

The Girl in the Red Jacket

How Did I Fall In Love With You. Trini and Jason are falling for someone; they don't know it's each other. June 22, 2001

Mandi B. Gordon

Chaotic Musings. Muses attack!
Rivals. Tommy faces an old Rival.

"Tommy's Song"
All Souls Night. A tragedy from Tommy's past comes back to haunt him. Literally.
The Old Ways. New Years Eve is a time to reflect on one's life...and one's losses.
That River. Some say love, it is a river...
Who Wants to Live Forever. Tommy is on his way to meet with Kim when his life is changed forever.
Winds of the Heart. Life without Tommy? Kim isn't sure she wants to go on.
Revenge Of The Soul. An enemy from the past comes back hunting for Tommy.
Once Upon A December. It's Christmas and Kim wants only one thing—Tommy.
Tommy Came Home. Even an immortal has to go home...eventually.

"Lost In the Shadows"
Into the Shadows. Tommy faces a new danger—one that could separate him from his loved ones, forever.
Between the Shadows. Everyone is beginning to wonder what has happened to Tommy—including some visitors from out of town.

Julia H.

Much Ado About...Nothing. Someone is imitating the Rangers and they're gonna get to the bottom of it!
Butterfly. Kat's home for a visit and comes to a painful realization.
Missing Person. Is Karone really the only one lost?
Ode to the Guys of PR. A brief salute to all the fellas who've been on the show <wink>
Love You More. In an apartment in London, two lives are about to be drastically changed.
In the Wake. Andros gets a call from someone he didn't expect.
Vengeance is Mine. The Magna Defender thinks dark thoughts.

"Shades of the Prism"
Higher Ground. Jason knows something is not right in Angel Grove. Bringing the team back together might be the only way to fix it—or will it make matters worse?
Infinity. The gathering of the team is complete. Now they face the greatest challenge of their lives.

"Shadowing Forth"
Baptism Of Fire. The children of the Rangers have been given the Power and face a greater evil than ever before.
Red Sky At Morning. Weird weather, strange sightings.... Angel Grove has always been odd, but it's up to the Rangers to find the trouble.
Red Sky: Ranger Take Warning. The Wraiths intensify their attacks on the Rangers — and this time it's personal.
Ruse. Jett lays claim to a team member, leaving the Rangers to face the worst threat yet.
Dreams. Will's having a rough night, but finds some solice in photographs and memories.
Maelstrom. A storm of change is raging across more than one reality.
Maelstrom II: Into the Darkness. Time for the Rangers to even up the score. They're taking the fight to Jett's Realm and ending this once and for all...they hope.

Kim Hamilton

What Were You Thinking. Why did the old Rangers bury the ectomorphicons so close to Ivan Ooze's prison? The answer is not what you'd expect.
Blue to Blue. After leaving the team, Rocky's feeling really down. But he gets comfort from an unexpected source.
One Long Day. School can be sooooooo boring!

Alanna Hanson

Silver and Gold. A visitor comes to Earth looking for help, but trouble has followed her.
Sister, Sister. Kat is having horrible nightmares. Are they just dreams or is there something more sinister to them?

Cassidy Harris

Everything Must Change. Rocky decides to get on with his life.


Mighty Saban Slicing Ranger. Sentai silliness.
Angel. Adam is in love.
Power Rangers Turdy. A turbo parody with bite.

Rahat Hussein

Stories removed at the author's request.

Ibonekoen and Edana

Eternal Flame. The Rangers meet a blast from the past. July 13, 2002

J_deathok and unicorn princess

Collision Course. Jason makes a huge mistake and Tommy must pay the price. September 27, 2003

"Element Rangers"
The Adventure Begins. A new threat comes to Angel Grove. September 27, 2003
Rangers United. Two teams of rangers team up to fight The Baron. September 27, 2003
Space Rescue. The element rangers go into space to rescue Aisha. January 1, 2005

Louise J.

Close Encounters. Tommy finds his friends abandoning him... but is that really what's happening?
Dreams Are Strange Creatures.... Tommy is finding some strange things happening in his life that he really doesn't want.
...And Cathar's are even Stranger. Tommy tries to find a way to free Jan.


Team Spirits. The rangers are down about losing their powers.

"The New Girl"
A Very Different Shade of Pink. A different ending to the "Different Shade of Pink" mini-series.
The New Girl: I. Tanis meets the rangers.
The New Girl: II. Tanis becomes the pink ranger.
The New Girl: III. Being a ranger is very dangerous.
The New Girl: IV. Some old friends return to help out.
The New Girl: V. Rocky is in trouble.
The New Girl: VI. Tanis goes on her Zeo quest.

Katelyn Johnson

After Thoughts. Kim decides where she wants to be.

Chris Jones

Casefiles of A Green Ranger. Ever wonder what happened to Tommy's clone?
Casefiles Episode 2: Immortal By Any Other Name. Sam runs into Methos, and a whole lot of trouble follows.
Casefiles Episode 3: Breakdown Crises. Think Sam's life was complicated before? Trouble just seems to follow this guy!


The Child Within. Rita and Zedd are after Adam's new friend, but so is the Machine Empire. I smell trouble...
Friendship. Adam's been acting strange, and it's tearing his friends apart.


Twilight. An aged Ranger reflects in the twilight of his life.


Billy. Billy may no longer be a ranger...but that doesn't neccessarily mean that the Machine Empire is going to leave him alone!


The Nightchild. Finster's new monster is vicious and dangerous—and it's most at home in the dark.
Ay-yi-yi! (A short story). Alpha's malfunctioning... Ai-yi-yi!
The Forthcoming. Ever wonder how Finster ended up in Rita's service? Not by choice, that's for sure.
Subordination. Rita Repulsa is a merciless mistress, and Finster is learning that firsthand.
Garren's Release. Garren will escape from Rita... one way or another.
Betrayal. Rita Repulsa is never one to keep her word.


Star Crossed Lovers. Kimberly and Tommy are meant to be together forever. Or are they?
Do We Want a Second Chance?. Kim and Rocky are plotting a way to get things the way they want.
Strangers. It's tough being a Ranger, always adjusting to changing faces. Sometimes you make some great friends though.
A Christmas Wish Come True. Years ago Tanya wrote to Santa and eventually did get her wish. This time though, help comes long distance.
The New Girl. How would you like it if your parents broke the news that you had to move to Angel Grove to live with a cousin you didn't know you had?
Forever Friends. Katherine's life was never the same after she moved to Angel Grove....
Only One. Uh-oh. Kim's mad at Tommy!
Until the End of Time. A song has the words Ashley and Andros need to speak to each other.
In Another Life. Karone has done something horrible.
The Silver Introduction. Trouble begins to brew when a guy moves to town.
Vignettes. This series of vignettes examines what is going through the kid's minds after the power transfer. Includes new Rangers and old.

"Reality Hurts"
Reality Hurts. Things are confusing when Kim returns and Adam is in the hospital!
Golden Blues. Tanya makes a decision about her status on the team.


Gem Beginning. Lord Zedd has a sister who has just shown up on Earth.
Gem Breaking. Could Adam have found his destiny?
Gem Cracking. There's only so much some people can take.
Gem Discoveries. Something is found out...
Gem Dreaming. Tyler's been dreaming of the past. 11/25/1999

"Guardian Shadow"
Gathering of the Guardians. There are new powers arising, or are they old ones?
Alex's Past. Secrets are unearthed that are shocking, to say the least.
Surprises. New and surprising events occur that must be dealt with.
Getaway. Alex needs to get away for a while, but the forces of evil don't want to give her time to rest!
Secrets Revealed. New friends from way out of town arrive, just in time to help out.
Shadow Lords and Ladies. The Shades seek to corrupt Alex and use Tommy to do it.
Barrier's Fall. The Barrier is weakening and Rangers and Guardians alike must spring into action to deal with this.
Banishing the Shadows. The Barrier is to be sealed, no matter the cost.
Focusing the Shadow Nexus. Defeating the Shadow Lords did not bring an end to their troubles.
Lonely Among Us. The search for their lost friend continues, while Tommy begins to heal.
Murianthus Adventure. Divatox has arrived, but things aren't quite how some people are expecting them.
Wishing You Were Here. Tommy's been having odd visions.
Cause and Effect. When the travelling Rangers come home, they return to disaster.
Welcome Back. Tommy faces guilt over recent events.
Times of Change. Changes are arriving in Angle Grove. February 21, 2000


Kris' stories have been removed at her request.

Krista and Lesley

"Road Rules"
The Vegas Adventure. The old Rangers and a new friend do some serious travelling!!
When Ice Skates Heat Up. Relationships forged and relationships change along the route to adventure!

Krista and Leslie and Billy

The Casey Episodes
The Dangerous Romance. A new friend comes to town, turning Jason's heart upside down!
Dangers in Love. Mondo has a dangerous plan for the newest friend of the Rangers.
Casey's Aftershock. Casey's having a few reactions to being evil.
New Evil. Zordon has been keeping something from the Rangers, and the arrival of Divatox reveals it.
Slayer Times Two. Casey's been having weird dreams about... vampires?

Lisa L.

Mission to the Past. The Rangers find themselves in a very different place.

Justin Lam

Power Rangers Turbo: Ultimation. It's Ranger versus Ranger and who knows what the outcome will be?
Shards of the Mind. How many Tommys are there?

Jeremy Ray Logsdon's Stories

The Earth Crystals Saga and more, all on one handy page!
Last Updated: March 5, 2000


White Dimension. A stranger to everyone but Billy comes to town.
If That's What it Takes. Billy and Trini have an unexpected meeting.

"Innate Silver"
The Conquering. A new arrival comes into the Ranger's lives.
Cold Shoulder. Diana wants Adam to notice her, but he's wrapped up in someone else.
Divine Silver. It's Mother's Day, and Scorpina's got a surprise for Diana!

"Purple Power"
Purple Griffin. When you have a blank in your memory, it's never good.
Let the Phoenix Fly. The power of Thunder rolls...
The Leopard's Roar. The Power of the Ninja...
The Power of Unity. A magic crystal could restore Karla's memory.

"Yellow Panther"
Return of the Mantis. There's a mantis on the loose.
Eyes of the Feline. The perfect predator...
Challenges. The Rangers try to find the power they'll need.
If I Die. It's Trini versus Victoria in the fight to the death.
Viva Forever. Trini is falling. . .to her doom or salvation?


One Question Too Many. Dimitria's endless questions are getting out of hand.

The Masked Writer

The Angel in Angel Grove. A Buffy the Vampire Slayer/MMPR crossover.
Power Rangers Meet the Spice Brats. The title says it all.

Kevin D. McPhail

Cry of the Wolf. Billy suffers a tragic fall from grace, and he only has one chance to redeem himself.


Mother's Day. Sometimes the questions you don't ask are more painful than the ones you do.
Rocky: A Love Story. Even when tragedy strikes, true love will survive.
Identity Crisis. A teleportation accident causes personality displacements among five Rangers.
Betrayal. An alien race tries to destroy the Gold Ranger.
Choices. Billy faces a choice that will change his life.
Learning to Forgive. Tommy finally faces his past. November 25, 1999
Christmas Angels. Angels of all kinds help Billy find some Christmas joy. December 19, 1999
The Clone War: A Retelling. An alternate ending to the episode "Blue Ranger Gone Bad" February 21, 2000
A Small Act of Kindness. Even the smallest acts can make a big difference. February 21, 2000
Hero. There are many ways of being a hero. July 4, 2000
Shattered Dreams. Billy's tragic accident shatters more lives than his own. December 10, 2000

"Before and After"
Forged In Flames. A friendship this strong could only have been forged in flames.
Elemental Bonds. A sudden, violent storm stands the Rangers on a deserted island. December 10, 2000
Someone to Watch Over Me. Sometimes, not even death can separate loved ones.
That Which Doesn't Kill You. The original team learned harsh life lessons long before they became Power Rangers...
A Last Goodbye. An old friend comes back to Angel Grove.

"The Zeo Chronicles"
Gifts. Tommy finds himself on a strange quest in a strange land, where he learns a valuable lesson about life and himself.
Strangers With Familiar Faces. When Klank finds two storage containers in the old Palace, King Mondo decides to hatch a scheme that might defeat the Rangers before they even realize what happens.
24 Hours. This sequel to "Strangers With Familiar Faces" finds Billy laid up with a head injury and forced to remain awake for 24 hours, so the Rangers tell stories from their pasts to keep him awake.
48 Days. Billy is kidnapped by the Briardians as revenge for his defeat of their forces on Aquitar, and Jason, trying to protect him, gets taken along for the ride.
Male Bonding. Jason, Tommy and Billy have their relaxing vacation in the forest disrupted by murder....
Inescapable Destiny. Jason travels to the past in an alternate dimension to assemble the first team.
Friends in Faraway Places. Billy finds he has friends far and near in the wake of being kidnapped.

Mele and Dagmar Buse

What Price Duty?. The death of a teammate teaches the Rangers about Duty. January 21, 2000

Mele and Peregrine

Attack of the Yosties. The title pretty much says it all.... April 30, 2000

Mistri, Cho's Observer

Billy. A Ranger's view of the clique. August 6, 2003
Shortest. The SHORTEST fan fic in the universe! August 6, 2003
Where Be The Rangers? Where were the Rangers, at the dying of Zordon? August 6, 2003
T'was The Night Before Christmas. T'was The Night Before Christmas, When all through the Chamber.... August 6, 2003
Are There Power Rangers? In January 1994, the Editor of Angel Grove News opened a letter from a little boy.... August 6, 2003
9-11: Daddy's Day. A tribute to the Firefighters.... August 6, 2003

Yellow Chronicles
Trini. The chronicles of Trini. August 5, 2003
Aisha. The chronicles of Aisha. August 5, 2003

The Circle Draws Inward....
Dedication: The author would like to dedicate this series to seventeen people. An achievement in itself. They are:
Karina Goard and Michael Tyrpenou. Ebony Preen and Allan Costabile. Rebecca O'Neill and Matthew Werakso. Veronica Larkin, Aoibhe Tobin and Ivonne Aguilera. Luke Woods, Brendan Leslie, and Luke Timpano. Gemma Neal, Gesica Casanova, Ashley Saye, Dallen Peterson, and Brooke Huuskes.

The Gathering. The first Rangers are reborn. August 5, 2003
The Unknown. Nine Rangers should not have been forgotten. And history became legend; legend became myth. August 5, 2003
The Finding. The Giraffe, Eagle, Jaguar are made known. And the Four are found. August 5, 2003
The Prophecy. A prophecy unbound and four strangers meet. August 5, 2003
The Sword. A certain sword is giving Niamh and the Council a headache.... August 5, 2003
The Confusion. The Rangers want jobs, and she arrives.... August 5, 2003
The Fellowship. The Nine Walkers are not who they should be. An Eagle, a Frog, and the Evaelon have taken three places. August 5, 2003
The Unveiled. Two secrets revealed. August 5, 2003
The Towers. The Fellowship is now broken. Onwards will one part go to Fangorn, Isengard, Edoras, Minas Tirith. And from the White City—to Mordor. August 5, 2003
The Shift. Shift Into TURBO! August 5, 2003
The Return. The Quest lies with these three Walkers. August 5, 2003
The Ending. The three Rangers of the Fellowship have returned home. August 5, 2003
The Job. Several jobs and occupations are occurring within the Rangers. August 5, 2003
The Bear. Fierce and unstoppable, the Yellow Bear has returned. August 5, 2003

Muse Fics
Deadline. School and Muses do NOT mix.... August 6, 2003
What Was I Thinking? I AM BLOODY IIIINNNNSSSSAAAANNNNNEEEE!!!!!! August 6, 2003
Insanity Abound. Mistri finds an interesting way to get the Excruciating Eight out of a down mood. August 6, 2003
The Muse Academy. Just where did The Excruciating Eight learn their ways? August 6, 2003
The Origins Of The Muses. Interesting background infomation about both Muses in general and the Excruciating Eight. August 6, 2003
Questions. Many good questions - no good answers. August 6, 2003
Not Another Bloody Muse! The latest trouble. August 6, 2003
A Trip To Brisbane. Having nowhere to leave my muses, I have little choice but to take them to Brisbane with me. August 6, 2003

Mistri, Cho's Observer and Robert

Power Rangers: To the Tenth Power! When a new evil awakes, ten teens are given an extraordinary chance. September 27, 2003

Viva La Resistance! When Earth is taken over by the UAE, a crack resistance force is their last hope. Viva La Resistance! October 25, 2003

Stephanie Moffett's Stories

The Mild Universe and the Intense Universe... either way, this is high drama. :)

Melissa Morris

Holding True. When all is forgot, one shall hold true.... April 30, 2000

Spellbound. A miscast spell spells out serious trouble for the rangers... especially Billy. (The first "not-Kittie" story ever posted at the Shoppe!)
Boys Day Out. Adam and Billy spend a relaxing day in the park, and have a heart to heart chat.
Spirit's Spell. An ancient spell could prove to be Billy's downfall.
Generic Blues. Billy's color seems to be just about everywhere. Whether he wants it to be or not.
Cry Wolf. Lord Zedd decides to get into the act, causing the wolf in Billy to howl.


Dogs Howl At the Moon. Billy listens to some music.

The Family Series
It's All In the Family. Kat is not feeling a part of the team until a surprise visit from a relative makes her realise what she does is important....
A Family Adventure. Kat's cousin's returns to Angel Grove, but it doesn't turn into the happy reunion that Kat hoped....
A Family That Fights Together. ... Kat is prepared to go to any lengths for her cousin, including to the ends of the universe....

Kristen Murphy

Homecoming. King Mondo decides to make sure that Billy never makes it home from Aquitar. July 13, 2002

Chris Neumann

Power People Turkey: "Stichery Dickory Dock". A Parody of the episode "Stich Witchery".
POST-PSYCHADELIC POWER PEOPLE: The Shmuckstar. Gormet Night presents another parody for your viewing...er, reading...enjoyment.
Satellite Scorch. "Satellite Search", parody style!

Mandi Ohlin

Irreconcilable Differences. Rocky has had unfortunate bad luck with relationships after becoming a Ranger.
Don't Speak. Billy realizes he has strong feelings towards Trini, as she departs for the peace conference.
A Minute Without You. Trini realizes she's really missed Angel Grove... and Billy.
Lie To Me. Kimberly and a Pan-Global teammate try to deal with Kim's relationships.
Wherever You Are. Leo is distraught over Mike's apparent death, but what if Mike isn't as dead as he'd thought?
Time. Zordon's energy is still trying to wipe out all misery and evil in the universe... and he's got some work to do on board the Megaship.

Christina Ortega

The New Evil. Two evil forces join forces to defeat the power rangers.
Perfect Likeness. Six new warriors head towards Earth.
Blue Files. Rocky is charged with murder.
Golden Wars. A war for space reaches Earth.
Tension. Some old friends are back, how will this change things?
Resolution. Jamie and Tommy are under an evil spell.
Waterworld. The Earth Rangers help the Rangers of Aquitar.
Return of Old Friends. Old problems are solved, or are they?
Triple Ninja. The Rangers go to a world where Bulk and Skull are legends.
Split Battle. The adventures continue.
Clear Terrain. A look at how all of this is affecting the rangers.
Addiction. A new threat is sent the Ranger's way.
Zordon's Battle. Zordon's life is in danger, as well as Tommy's.
White Dream. The Rangers look for someone to replace Tommy, but he isn't quite ready to leave.

Kanji Osan

"The Terra Power Rangers"
Episode 1: Enter the Dragoons. A new ally for the Power Rangers arrives in Angel Grove, but his past continues to follow him.
Episode 2: Attack of the Dragoons. Kanji's got trouble as The Dragoons of Hades face off with him.
Episode3: Back to Action. Ninjor's back to help the Rangers seek new powers.
Episode 4: A Sixth Ranger. More trouble for Kanji shows up — along with a friend from his past.
Episode 5: Cherry Blossums in the Middle of Winter. Kanji's sister comes to Angel Grove, but there'll be no time for a peaceful family reunion!

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