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A White Mystery
by Adam Pearlman

It is night in the City of Angel Grove and everyone sleeps peacefully, except for one person. In the home of one teen she sleeps in the grip of a nightmare. In the dream she finds herself running from something evil and suddenly it has her and she is being pulled from the light and back into the darkness. Suddenly there he is the Knight in Shining Armour as it was and he pulls her free and they begin the walk back to the light. Then they are once more in the light and she allows a smile to cross her face and she turns to her rescuer and screams.

The scream continues as Katherine Hillard wakes up and again she begins to cry. In the room next door Kat's friend and team-mate Tanya had been awoken by Kat's scream and could hear her friend crying. Pulling her dressing gown on she walks to the room and by the time she has got there the crying has almost stopped. Almost. Knocking on the door Tanya opens the door and start to step inside.

Tanya: Kat are you okay?

There is no reply from Kat who merely continues to cry and Tanya goes over to the teen and hugs hers and attempts to calm her down.

Tanya: It's all right Kat. Do you want to talk about it?

For a long time there is only silence and then Kat speaks.

Kat: It was just a nightmare Tanya I'm okay.

Tanya: If you're okay why are you so upset over it. It was about Scott wasn't it.

Kat: Yes, but it was different than before. In all the other nightmares I've had I've seen Scott clearly in this one I couldn't see him and when I reached for him he was gone. Just like before and once again I failed him.

Tanya sits in silence as the crying again begins and after an hour the crying has stopped and Kat has fallen again into a troubled sleep. Going back to her room Tanya wonders what she can do to help her friend. This is a question that plagues Tanya as she goes back to sleep and continues to plague her when she wakes up. She is still deep in thought when a figure grabs her from behind. Reacting with techniques taught to her by Tommy she grabs the arm of her assailant and then pulls him over her shoulder and onto the floor and then she stops when the figure speaks.

Adam: Good morning to you.

With a sigh of relief and a small smile she extends her hand and helps her boyfriend back to his feet.

Tanya: Sorry Adam I didn't realise it was you.

Adam: I guess not, didn't you hear me call out.

Tanya: No, I was so deep in thought.

Adam: About what.

Tanya: Kat I am so worried about her.

Adam: Is she still having nightmares about Scott.

Tanya: How did you know?

Adam: I asked what was wrong yesterday and she told me.

Tanya: So what are we going to do about it?

Adam: I don't know she won't really talk about it and we can't force her to do so.

Tanya: I know I just feel so helpless. Our friend is falling apart and there is nothing we can do about it.

Adam: Maybe if we both talk to her we can persuade her to tell us what is wrong with her.

Tanya: You hope she will you know how stubborn she can be.

Adam: Yeah and speaking of something being up what happened to Billy yesterday.

Tanya: I know he goes off to the Power Chamber and two hours later he comes back looking as if he had seen a ghost. What do you think happened?

Adam: Maybe it was something to do with the Gold Ranger Powers. Remember Jason couldn't handle them and they left him after a while.

Tanya: I know, but Billy has had them longer than Jason did and he hasn't shown any signs of the same thing happening. Why don't you talk to him?

Adam: Me!!!

Tanya: Yeah Billy talks to you and look there he and the others are.

Knowing that Tanya would probably bug him until he did so Adam nodded and with smile the two greeted the other Rangers.

Tommy: Morning guys. Where's Kat?

Tanya: She wasn't at home when I awoke I thought maybe she had gone for a walk, but I haven't seen her.

Billy: Curious where do you think she could be?

Justin: I think I know.

Tommy: Where?

Justin: Scott's grave it's seven months today since he...died.

The others remained silent for a few seconds and then Tommy spoke.

Tommy: We should go as well.

With that the group walked towards the cemetery where Scott was buried or rather an empty coffin was buried for Scott's remains would never be found. Dropping back Adam spoke to Billy.

Adam: So Billy what's up with you?

Billy: Nothing much just a little studying and repairs at the Power Chamber.

Adam: Billy what happened yesterday, you went to the Power Chamber for a couple of hours and then you came back as if you had seen a ghost.

Billy: Did I?

Adam: Yeah you did. Look Billy I'll cut to the chase are you losing the Gold Ranger Powers.

Billy looked at Adam and then he laughed.

Billy: You think I am losing the Gold Ranger Powers.

Adam: Well are you?

Billy: No, Adam I'm not I'm just working on something and the results I got from it were not what I expected.

Adam looked at him and seemed to determine whether he was telling the truth. With a sigh Adam walked off to catch up with Tanya. Billy watched Adam walk off and he sighed regretting that he was lying to his friend. What he had seen yesterday had not just shocked him when he had seen it he had almost passed out from surprise. When he had recovered he had wanted to go and tell the other's but Zordon had sworn him to secrecy and he had promised.

Moments later the group had arrived at the cemetery and where slightly surprised to see not just Kat at the grave site but also Kimberly the former Pink Ranger and Scott's cousin. Looking up Kim gave a faint smile as the other's joined her and Kat in front of the grave.

As the group remained silent they did not realise that far above them on the Moon's surface they were being observed and that there lives were once again going to be turned upside down.

Zedd: Isn't that nice the Rangers have all gone to pay tribute to their fallen comrade the Silver Ranger.

Rita: I think now is the perfect time to finish them off.

Mondo: Indeed Rita now is the perfect time. However there is a more pressing matter to deal with.

Rito: What could be more urgent than dealing with the Rangers?

Zedd: Mondo is right. Yesterday there was that strong surge of good energy emanating from Earth and I want to know what it is?

Sprockett: Maybe Zordon created a new Ranger.

Mondo: Perhaps he did and if so we must determine who he is and destroy him.

Zedd: For the moment let us deal with the current Rangers. Rito get down there and take the Cogs with you.

Rito: Right away Ed!!!

Before Zedd could reply Rito vanished and reappeared on Earth a short distance away from the Rangers who were now making there way away from the cemetery.

Adam: Guys I just remembered I'm supposed to be meeting Rocky at the Juice Bar in about ten minutes.

Tanya: Well, we better hurry up.

Rito: I think you're going to have to postpone your little reunion for a little while.

Tommy: Rito!!!

Rito: And company.

Without warning and from nowhere Cogs appeared on everyside.

Tommy: It's Morphing Time.

Kat: Zeo Ranger I. Pink.

Tanya: Zeo Ranger II. Yellow.

Justin: Zeo Ranger III. Blue.

Adam: Zeo Ranger IV. Green.

Tommy: Zeo Ranger V. Red.

Billy: Gold Ranger Power.

Then the six teens were gone and the six Zeo Rangers were stood in their place.

Tommy: Kim find a spot and stay out of sight we'll take care of the Cogs.

Kim: Right.

Then she was gone.

Justin: Let's nail these metalheads.

Underneath his helmet Tommy smiled at the youngster's enthusiasm and then the Cogs were upon him. The battle raged on for several minutes and the number of the Cogs soon dwindled and as the Rangers began to believe this was the end of it more Cogs appeared and so did the Tengas along with Goldar.

Goldar: Ranger's you're having a party and you didn't invite me and the Tengas and more Cogs.

For a minute the Rangers continued to wade through the Cogs when the tide of battle slowly turned in favour of the Cogs.

Adam: Ah Man what is with these guys?

Tanya: I don't know, but I think we're in trouble. Kat look out.

The Pink Ranger turned her head at Tanya's warning but it was too late and from nowhere two Tengas knocked her flying to the ground.

Tommy: Kat!!!

Kat: I'm okay Tommy.

Even as she said that she picked herself back up only to watch as Tommy himself was pummelled by to the ground by several Cogs. Looking around Kat saw that the other Rangers were also in similar positions.

Then it happened there was an explosion and suddenly the Tengas and Cogs let go of the Rangers and gathered into a small group allowing the Rangers to also regroup.

Justin: What was that?

Billy: I don't know but it's given us a chance to get our breath back.

Goldar: Your little distraction won't work Rangers.

Suddenly a very powerful voice broke the silence that had followed Goldar's comment.

Voice: That's not a distraction Goldar, this is a distraction.

Everyone be they Cog, Tenga, Monster or Ranger turned to look for the owner of the voice and then they saw him.

He was dressed in a White Zeo Suit and like the Gold Zeo Suit he wore an armour breastplate coloured gold and black and upon his helmet was the symbol of a Crescent.

Tanya: It's another Ranger.

Tommy: Yeah, but is he on our side.

Adam: Anyone get a feeling of deja vu.

Goldar: This doesn't concern you White Ranger.

White: Wrong Monkey Boy your evil and I am good and my mission is to take evil down.

Rito: Oh yeah well I would like to see you try and take all of us on just by yourself.

White: If you insist.

Rito: Attack.

At Rito's command the Cogs and Tengas attacked this new Ranger and he met their charge and even though he was outnumbered the fight was soon over and the Cogs were either destroyed or had fled and the Tengas had also gone leaving Rito and Goldar.

White: Well, it's you two against me. Guess the odds are in my favour.

Goldar: This isn't over White Ranger.

With that both Rito and Goldar vanished leaving the Six Rangers and Kimberly to stare at this new Ranger.

Justin: Well, let's introduce ourselves.

The seven stepped forward and went over to where the Ranger was stood.

Tommy: Hi I'm Tommy and you are?

White: I know who you are, but I cannot tell you who I am for it would put you in danger. For now I must go, but when you need me I will be there.

Before any could stop him the White Ranger had vanished leaving the Rangers even more puzzled than before.

Kat: That was strange.

Adam: Let's go to the Power Chamber maybe Zordon knows who he is?

Tommy: Agreed. Let's teleport.

Kim touched a button on her communicator and vanished and five of the Zeo Rangers touched their belt buckles and teleported. For a moment Billy stood there and for the first time since he had promised to Zordon not to reveal the identity of the new Ranger he was uncertain and then he to teleported.

Moments later he arrived at the Power Chamber to find the other's already there.

Tommy: What happened to you man?

Billy: Would you believe traffic.

Tommy laughed and then he and the other's turned to Zordon.

Adam: Zordon do you know anything about that Ranger that appeared in the park.

Zordon: I am afraid Rangers we are as much in the dark as you are. We were monitoring the fight when we picked up this energy pattern.

The group turned to see an energy pattern appear on the Viewing Globe.

Alpha: Upon a further analysis we've determined it's the same energy as you use.

Justin: You mean he is another Zeo Ranger.

Zordon: Yes.

Tanya: But I thought there were no more sources of Zeo power to be found.

Zordon: Originally the Zeo Crystal was in fact composed of seven pieces. As you know five of the pieces are the one's you possess.

Kat: What about the other two?

Zordon: One of the pieces was removed from the Zeo Crystal and it was fashioned into the Golden Power Staff thus creating the Gold Ranger. As for the seventh piece all that was known was that it was separated from the main crystal and then it vanished.

Tommy: Except now it's been found and it looks like it's in the hands of good.

Justin: You hope, how do we know that this was not some plot by Mondo or Zedd and Rita. Create their own Zeo Ranger make him pretend to be on our side and then when our guard is down.

Billy: He wouldn't do that.

The other turned to look at Billy surprised by his sudden outburst.

Tanya: How do you know he wouldn't do that. Unless you know who he is?

For a moment Billy hesitated and then.

Billy: No I don't know who he is. It's as if I could sense the goodness and besides White is the colour of light and goodness.

Tommy: That doesn't mean much Billy if the magic was powerful enough then even the White Ranger could be turned to evil and it has happened.

Zordon: Both of you are correct and for the moment I recommend extreme caution when you deal with this new Ranger until we have determined if he is good or not.

Tommy: Right Zordon well we're going to go.

The others all prepared to teleport except for Adam who was lost in thought.

Tanya: Adam what's wrong?

Adam: What... oh nothing I just thought of who the White Ranger might be, but I don't think so.

Tommy: Well, who do you think it is?

Adam: Rocky. Well, think about it guys, he was back in town today and now a new Ranger has appeared.

Tommy: If it was Rocky he would have told us and for another fact it did not sound like him.

Adam: Maybe he was disguising his voice so we would not know.

Billy: Guys we're clutching at straws here. I'm sure whoever the new Ranger is, he will reveal his identity to us in time.

Kim: Billy's right we shouldn't jump to conclusions.

With that the six teleported out leaving Billy alone with Zordon.

Billy: Why didn't you tell them the truth Zordon?

Zordon: As I explained to you yesterday Billy I feel it is important for his identity to remain a secret until we are able to restore him too normal.

Billy: I hope that is soon Zordon I really don't like lying to my friends.

Zordon: I know Billy, but hopefully Alpha and I will come up with a solution and we can resolve this situation. Now you should join your friends before they become suspicious.

With that Billy teleported out and moments later joined the other's at the Juice Bar. As he made his way over to his friends Adam looked up.

Adam: We were beginning to wonder where you had got to.

Billy: Oh Zordon asked me to look at something.

Tanya: Nothing important I hope.

Billy: Just a faulty scanner.

Rocky: So Billy how's it going?

Billy: I'm fine Rocky and more importantly how are you?

Rocky: As I was saying to the others my back is still not one hundred percent, but it's getting better every day and hopefully by next month I'll be able to start getting back in shape again.

Kat: That really good to hear Rocky.

Rocky: Thanks Kat now how are you doing?

Kat: I'm fine, just a little tired.

Nodding his head Rocky gave her a faint smile even though he knew from what Adam had told him it was more than just a lack of sleep.

Rocky: So what's happening with the Rangers?

Justin: There is this new Ranger.

Rocky: A new Ranger when did he appear?

Tommy: How did you know that it was a man?

Rocky: Just a lucky guess.

Tommy: Okay. So we were fighting Cogs when this White Ranger appears out of nowhere and takes down the Cogs but you probably already know this.

Rocky: What do you mean I already know this I wasn't there.

Tanya: Come on Rocky admit it you are the White Ranger.

Rocky: What's your evidence?

Adam: You're back in town today and suddenly a new Ranger appears.

Rocky looked at them and then he laughed.

Rocky: As much as I would want to be this new Ranger I'm not physically ready to be a Ranger again. So you're going to have to find a new suspect.

Justin: Well, if he isn't the new Ranger then who is?

Rocky: Could it be Trey? Somehow he's got the other Zeo Crystal and he's come back to help us...I mean you?

Tommy: It's not Trey.

Tanya: You sound pretty sure about that.

Tommy: I am, from what Scott told me when Trey gave the Gold Ranger Powers to Billy on Aquitar he said he would never reclaim those or any other form of Ranger powers.

Justin: Maybe he changed his mind.

Tommy: I don't think so from what Scott said he was pretty adamant on not doing so. Right Billy.

When there is no immediate reply the group turn to see Billy staring off into space quite oblivious to their conversation. Concerned Tanya places her hand on his shoulder and suddenly he moves.

Billy: Sorry what did you say Tommy?

Tommy: I was just saying that Trey was determined not to be a Ranger again when he gave you the Gold Ranger Powers.

Billy: Yes, he was quite determined. Why did you say that?

Tommy: We're just trying to eliminate the people whom we think might be the new Ranger. Any thoughts.

Billy: No, I have no idea at all? Well, look at the time I really have to be going, bye.

The Rangers again share concerned looks over the weird behaviour of Billy as he walks off.

Justin: What is wrong with him?

Kim: I don't know and I've known Billy since we were kids and I've never seen him act like this before.

Adam: Yeah it's almost as if he is hiding something?

Kim: Maybe the true identity of the White Ranger.

Tommy: Possibly, but why reveal his identity to Billy and just Billy.

Adam: Maybe this new Ranger is an alien and needs help to monitor what is going in Angel Grove and he asked Zordon and Billy to help him.

Rocky: Yeah but if that's true and they know his identity why haven't they told you guys as well?

Justin: To protect whoever he is from Rita and Zedd I mean if they knew who he was then he would be in danger if he was out in the open.

Tommy: Well, he also did say that he knew who we were and that us knowing who he was would put us in danger. I guess we will just have to wait until he decides to reveal his identity.

The others nodded and then the conversation turned to other matters. On the moon Zedd and Mondo watched and knew that now was the time for a monster attack.

Zedd: Finster get in here right now.

Finster: I'm here my Lord what do you want?

Zedd: What I want to know is your new monster ready?

Finster: Yes, Firestarter is finally finished and he is more powerful than any before. You see I have used both Machine Empire technology and your magic and now the Rangers will be destroyed for sure.

Mondo: You had better be right Finster, but I think we should send in the Cogs to get the Rangers attention.

Zedd: Agreed Rito take the Cogs and attempt to defeat the Rangers.

Rito saluted and then vanished and reappeared in the centre of the city with the Cogs. Somewhere near the City an alarm sounds and the person still standing in the shadows looks at Billy who tells him to morph and then Billy teleports out in a Black & Gold light Then the figure brings his two Zeonisers together and then once more the White Ranger is stood there and with that he teleports out and to the city.

Meanwhile at the Juice Bar the Rangers are watching Tommy and Adam spar when they hear the familiar beep from their communicators. Quickly the five head into a deserted alcove.

Tommy: Go ahead Zordon.

Zordon: Please teleport to the Power Chamber we have an emergency.

Justin: We're on our way.

Rocky: Good luck guys.

Tommy: Thanks Rocky. Let's teleport.

With that the five were gone leaving Rocky and Kim alone. Moments later the five had arrived at the Power Chamber to find Billy already there.

Tanya: What's wrong Zordon?

The six turned to look at the globe.

Kat: That's the White Ranger, but who is he fighting?

Zordon: He is fighting Rito and the Cogs who appeared in the city minutes ago. We have also detected a monster about. The six of you must go to his aid at once.

Tommy: It's Morphing Time.

With that the six quickly became the Zeo Rangers and teleported to the city. Landing quickly the six took out several of the Cogs before they even knew the Rangers were there. Once the Cogs were gone Rito seeing he was now outnumbered quickly vanished. The Rangers watched him go and then turned half expecting to see that the White Ranger had also vanished but instead found him merely stood there looking at them.

White: Thank you my friends I fear had you arrived any later I would have been defeated and my powers in the hands of evil.

Tommy: No problem after you helped us earlier.

White: That was my pleasure. However the immediate danger has not passed their is a monster around here.

Fire: I'm right here Rangers.

As the seven started to turn around the monster threw a fireball knocking the seven off their feet and to the floor. Quickly the seven jumped back to their feet.

Justin: Will the mystery guest please sign in.

Fire: I am Firestarter and I am your destruction.

Tommy: We've heard that time and time again and we're still here.

Fire: Not for much longer Rangers, now burn.

Firestarter seemed to concentrate and then a massive burst fire flew out towards the Rangers sending them flying in every direction.

White: Talk about having a hot time on the old town tonight.

Kat: Well, let's cool this guy off.

White: Indeed let's. Pink Ranger, Green Ranger if you would distract our opponent I will cool him off as you say.

The two Rangers nodded and with that moved out of the small hiding place and attacked the Firestarter. Seeing their two team-mates attack the monster the other's soon pitched in leaving the White Ranger free to act. Diving out of the way of a fire burst the White Ranger flew up into the air and struck the fire hydrant. As he did the blow caused water to jet out and strike Firestarter leaving him drenched and dousing his fire bursts.

Fire: How dare you I am Firestarter and no-one can do that to me.

Tanya: It's looks as if he already did.

Tommy: Let's finish this guy off. Zeo Cannon now.

The Zeo Cannon was immediately teleported to the Rangers.

Tommy: Okay Zeo Cannon charged and fire.

The energy in the Zeo Cannon charged and then fired a stream of energy and Firestarter was reduced to ashes. On the moon the Mondo watched and quickly turned to Klank and Orbus.

Mondo: Klank get down their right now.

Klank: As you command your Majesty.

With that the two were gone and reappeared a short distance from the Rangers and the now smoking heap of Firestarter.

Klank: I think it's time to heat thing's up hey Orbus.

Orbus: Just put me in.

Klank: Okay around and around and away we go.

With that Klank threw Orbus towards the smoking heap and using his growing power the monster was rebuilt and grew to Zord size.

Fire: Now I will turn this city to ashes in seconds and there is nothing you can do about it.

Tommy: Oh yeah. Let's do it guys.

All: We need Super Zeo Zord power now.

With the command the five Zords were fired from the Zeo Zord Holding bay and even as they landed the five Rangers teleported aboard.

Tommy: Okay guy's. Super Zeo Megazord power now.

At the command the five Zords transformed and seconds later instead of five Zords there stood was one Megazord.

Fire: One or Five doesn't make any difference to me. Just means a bigger target for me to hit.

The monster fired one of his fire bursts at the Megazord that struck it sending it crashing backwards. On the ground Billy and the White Ranger watched in dismay.

Billy: They need help. I think it's time for a little Pyramid Power.

Extending the Golden Power Staff into the sky and with a burst of energy Pryamdias was revealed and Billy teleported onboard.

Billy: Okay Firestarter let's fight fire with fire.

Touching a control a burst of energy fired from the Pyramid and knocked down the Firestarter but he immediately got back up.

Tommy: We need some extra fire power.

Billy: Right. Zeo Ultrazord Transformation begin.

The transformation was completed in seconds and then.

Fire: Oh dear this does not look good.

All: Zeo Ultrazord Fire.

With a concentrated burst of energy the Ultrazord fired and the Firestarter was destroyed and turned into nothing more than ashes. As soon as the Rangers knew that they had won they left the Zord and returned to where they had left the White Ranger only to find he was gone.

Justin: He's gone.

Tommy: When did he go?

Billy: He was still here when I called for Pryamdias. He must have gone once the battle was won.

Adam: I'd just like to know who he is?

Kat: We'll find out and I just have this feeling it will be soon.

On the moon the two evil beings watched in anger and then they turned to find Finster.

Zedd: Finster!!!

Finster: You yelled Lord Zedd.

Mondo: He did. You said your monster could destroy the Rangers.

Finster: Well, did it?

Zedd: No it didn't Finster. In fact it was useless. Now get out of my sight.

With that Finster scurried off back to his lab.

Zedd: I swear on all that is evil I will destroy the Ranger if it is the last thing I do.

Mondo: Indeed next time we shall destroy them.

Back on Earth and at the Power Chamber Billy was having a confrontation with Zordon.

Billy: Zordon I can't do this anymore.

Zordon: I understand Billy.

Billy: No you don't Zordon I am lying to my friends about something that they should know. Now either I tell them or you do. Which way is it going to be?

Zordon: Billy I realise your feelings on this matter but you know we cannot tell the Rangers the truth until we can restore the true condition of the White Ranger. If we were to reveal his identity he would be vulnerable to attack and in his present state he would be unable to resist.

Billy: I know Zordon I just hope we can help him soon I don't want to keep lying to my friends.

With that the teen teleported out leaving Alpha and Zordon alone.

Alpha: Oh Ay, Yi. Yi. Yi Zordon I hope we made the right decision.

Zordon: So do I Alpha so do I.