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Destruction Among Us
by Adam Pearlman

Somewhere outside a Solar System a ship approaches and heads for the small moon which orbits the third planet of the system and it takes a position above a castle and inside the occupants scurry around in surprise of the sudden appearance of this ship.

Rito: Hey where did that come from?

Goldar: Outer Space obviously dummy.

The figure in the centre looks up and as though he is staring into space and then he suddenly he stands up as though an electric shock has travelled through his body.

Rita: Zeddy what is it? You look like you've seen a ghost.

Zedd: It's him.

Rito: Who is him?

Zedd: The Destroyer.

As he said the name Rita's face turned several shades whiter and Zedd turned to a lovely shade of orange.

Rita: I thought he was dead?

Zedd: Obviously he's not and now he is out to rule the universe again.

Rito: Ah this Destroyer character doesn't sound so tough I'll take him with one hand tied behind my back.

Rita: Fine you do that. The rest of us are going to attempt a strategic withdrawal.

Rito: A Wha...

Zedd: It means run away.

Without another word the group of evil doers ran from the throne room seconds before the small ship launched a volley of energy that destroyed the throne room and much of the palace. For many minutes the ship floated there waiting to see if there were survivors and then he was satisfied there were none the ship left the moon and headed towards the third planet.

On that aforementioned third planet known to its inhabitants as Earth in the city of Angel Grove the seven teens known as the Power Rangers enjoy a quiet day. While the male members of the team spar with each other the two female members sit quietly watching them.

Tanya: So has anyone asked you to the lu-ow Kat?

Kat: No and I don't think anyone will.

Tanya: Don't be so negative in fact I know someone who would love to go with you.

Kat: Who?

Tanya: Someone in one of my classes at College that you never met.

Kat: So let me guess this straight. You want me to go to the lu-ow this afternoon and wait for a guy I've never met.

Tanya: That's it exactly.

Kat: A blind date. I don't know Tanya, I mean I've just come out of a serious relationship.

Tanya: And you need someone to take your mind off Tommy. I know for a fact this guy is crazy about you. Also if you don't agree, I will set Adam and his persistence on you.

Kat: Anything but that. When he gives you that look, you can't do anything but say yes.

Tanya: So you'll do it.

Kat sighed knowing that Tanya would probably not give up until she said yes.

Kat: Okay, I'll meet this friend of yours.

Tanya: Great I'll go and tell him now.

Getting up the Yellow Ranger walked down to join her Boyfriend Adam and his Best friend Scott.

Tanya: So Scott are you going to the lu-ow?

Scott: I don't think so.

Tanya: You have to. There is this girl who wants to meet you. I've told her all about you.

Scott: A blind date, you want me to go on a blind date.

Tanya: Yes. She will be sat at the centre table and she'll be there at two o'clock. So can I tell her you will be there.

Scott: You are joking, I've got better things to do than go and meet some strange girl who I've never met.

Tanya: Look Scott if you go I promise you, you won't regret it.

Scott: Neither of you are going to give up until I say yes are you?

Adam and Tanya looked at each other and then in unison.

Both: No!!!

Scott: Okay I'll be there.

Tanya: Great I'll go and find her and tell her right now.

Walking past Scott she kissed her boyfriend on the cheek and whispered into his ear.

Tanya: So far so good.

Adam nodded and then Tanya turned and left the Youth Centre. Looking at his friend Scott realised that Adam and Tanya were up to something.

Scott: Okay what are you two up to?

Adam looked at him and gave him his most innocent look the teen replied.

Adam: Who us?

Scott: Yeah you in the green and her in the yellow.

Adam: I can't tell you.

Scott: Oh god who is this girl that you want me to meet.

Adam: Don't worry she is really pretty, you'll like her.

Scott: Why doesn't that make me feel any better.

Adam: Trust me.

Scott: Well, that's a problem in its self Adam.

Adam: Why?

Scott: I do trust you.

Adam laughed and then the two joined their friends in sparring on the mats and continue to enjoy a quiet day unaware of the dangers they are about to face. Somewhere just outside of Angel Grove stands the Power Chamber the hidden base of the Power Rangers. Inside the little droid known as Alpha Five was wandering around the Power Chamber looking very bored.

Zordon: Alpha is something wrong?

Alpha: No, Zordon it just it's been so quiet lately that's there is nothing to do.

Zordon: I know although I have the feeling we will be seeing a lot of action soon.

Before Zordon could continue the alarms went off.

Alpha: Ay, Yi. Yi. Yi. Zordon you were right.

Zordon: Alpha what is the problem.

Alpha: I can't get a reading according to the computer all of our orbital sensors are not working. This must be a malfunction.

Zordon: Alpha check the system carefully I want to be sure it is a malfunction and not some sinister force trying to prevent us from detecting it.

Alpha: Right away Zordon.

Zordon: For the moment Alpha we won't contact the Rangers, if it is just a malfunction then there is no need to disturb them.

Alpha nodded and turned to console and started to work. Meanwhile back in Angel Grove six of the Rangers were making their way to the Beach Club and upon arriving Kat sat down at the centre table to await her blind date. Across from her the five Rangers waited for Scott to arrive.

Tommy: Are you sure this is going to work?

Tanya: Well when Scott gets here and they start talking then I'll be sure that it's worked.

Justin: Well if you want my opinion on this whole thing.

Billy: Not really Justin.

Justin: I bet he chickens out and stands her up.

Adam: How can he stand Kat up he doesn't even know it's her. I think.

Tanya: What do you mean he doesn't know it's Kat I think.

Adam: He kind of figured out we were up to something.

Tanya: Adam you're useless at keeping a secret.

Adam gave her his best I'm sorry look and she smiled and gave him a quick kiss.

Tommy: Well, he's late.

Tanya looked at her watch and saw it was five minutes past two.

Tanya: He'll be here.

Tommy: I hope so because if he doesn't turn up I'm going to have some words with him about it.

The five settled down to wait for Scott unaware that above them the Alien ship that was causing the problems at the Power Chamber was making its descent towards Earth and Angel Grove. Meanwhile the seventh Ranger Scott was making his way quickly through the park to his blind date when there was a loud explosion and Scott was thrown to the floor.

Scott: Man what was that. I'd better check it out.

Changing his direction the teen ran to the source of the explosion and found an alien ship. Climbing into the hole that it had made Scott made a visual inspection of it.

Scott: Well, there doesn't seem to be any way in, so maybe it was unmanned.

Figure: It isn't.

Whirling around Scott found himself face to face with an Alien who was definitely taller than him and he was almost covered in armour head to toe.

Scott: So who are you?

Figure: I am called the Destroyer the once ruler of the entire universe and now I have returned to do so again and I am going to start with this planet.

Scott: I don't think so.

Destroyer: Really and who is going to stop me?

Scott: I will.

Destroyer: Really you hardly present a challenge, but I cannot let you live because you would warn the people for all the good it would do you.

Scott: I can stop you and I'll show you how. It's Morphing Time.

Scott: Silver Ranger Power.

At his command he was once more infused with the power of the Silver Power coin and then he dropped into a defensive stance.

Destroyer: Impressive. You serve that old fool Zordon don't you.

Scott: Zordon is my mentor and my friend.

Destroyer: Then I will enjoy this even more.

Before Scott could even react the Destroyer launched himself at him sending him spinning backwards leaving Scott in a heap on the floor.

Scott: Man good left you got there.

Standing up Scott retaliated with a combination of punches and kicks himself and the Destroyer stood there and laughed.

Destroyer: Was that meant to hurt?

Scott: You're going to be laughing on the other side of your face in a minute. I call upon the power of the Silver Ranger.

At his command Scott was surrounded by a glow of silver energy and the teen charged towards the Destroyer when suddenly the glow cut out and Scott felt a sudden weakness.

Scott: What the, that's never happened before.

As Scott puzzled over this sudden power loss. The Destroyer attacked and although the teen tried to protect himself he was no match for him. And then suddenly he demorphed out of his costume. Without his powers Scott was unable to mount a defence and then he felt himself being hoisted into the air and flung hard against a tree. As he lost consciousness the last thing he heard was the Destroyer's laugh and Scott's last thought was of Kat.

Back at the beach club the Rangers were now beginning to wonder where Scott was.

Tommy: It's thirty minutes since they were supposed to meet so where is he?

Justin: He's stood her up. That's what it is.

Tanya: Scott would not do that, unless he does know it's Kat and he's too afraid to come.

Billy: There is one other possibility.

The four turned to listen to their friend.

Billy: He has run into trouble and that's why he is not here.

Adam: If he has why hasn't Zordon contacted us?

Billy: I don't know it's possible...

Billy stopped talking as he saw Kat walk over to the table.

Kat: Well, it's been thirty minutes and this friend of yours hasn't showed.

Tanya: Give him ten minutes more Kat please.

Kat: Five more minutes and then I'm leaving.

Kat returned to her seat and the others turned to see Ernie standing at the front of the club and no-one heard Tanya whisper something.

Tanya: Come on Scott don't blow this.

Back in the park the object of the Rangers discussion is slowly coming around.

Scott: Man that guy packs a wallop. I'd better warn the others.

Touching his communicator to contact the other Rangers all he receives is static.

Scott: Great it's must of been damaged during the battle. I'd better go to the beach club and find them all.

Struggling to his feet Scott quickly makes his way to the Beach club. Meanwhile at the Beach club the Rangers are watching the Hula dancers that Ernie hired to play at the lu-ow and he has just come over to the teen's table.

Ernie: So what do you think?

Adam: It's going great Ernie. It was a good idea.

Tanya: At least it's better than the last one, no interruption.

Billy: Why what happened at the last one?

Tommy: Those metal things that the Power Rangers are always fighting appeared and trashed the joint.

Billy realised what he meant and nodded in understanding. Meanwhile Kat stood up and joined the other teens.

Kat: Well, it's been five minutes and I'm leaving. If you see your friend tell him thanks for nothing.

Without another word she turned and started to walk off and Tanya stood up to try and stop her.

Tanya: Kat wait.

Kat continued walking and Tanya started to go after when Tommy put his hand on her shoulder.

Tommy: Let her go she needs time to cool off.

Tanya hesitated and then returned to her seat. Just then the Hula dancers finished and the crowd applauded when everyone heard Kat cry out a single word.

Kat: Scott!!!

Without hesitation the five teens were up and running in the direction of which Kat had started to walk. When they got there they found her knelt over the bleeding and bruised form of Scott.

Tommy: Scott what happened?

Scott: I was blindsided by a tree.

At first the six didn't understand what he meant and then they realised that others who heard Kat's cry had come to investigate.

Ernie: Everyone give him some room.

Adam: Come on we'll take you home and get you cleaned up.

Scott nodded and Tommy and helped him to his feet. As soon as they were a short distance away the seven looked for some cover.

Adam: So Scott what did happen?

Scott: I'll explain at the Power Chamber.

Justin: Well, let's get there.

The seven teleported out unaware they were being watched by two figures who exchanged surprised looks. Meanwhile the Rangers had arrived at the Power Chamber.

Alpha: Ay, Yi. Yi. Yi. Scott what happened to you?

Scott didn't reply at first and as Kat began to try and stop the bleeding he spoke.

Scott: I was attacked by a guy who called himself the Destroyer.

Zordon: The Destroyer.

Justin: You've heard of him Zordon?

Zordon: Yes almost 15,000 years ago the Destroyer ruled the entire universe in a reign of terror. He was a cruel and sadistic ruler who tormented people. Many time's forces of good tried to stop him but failed. It wasn't until I formed an alliance with many of the forces of good that you know including Ninjor, Titanus and the Alien Rangers. We also allied ourselves with the forces of evil such Zedd and Rita and her father Master Vile.

Tommy: How come you did that?

Zordon: The Destroyer was so powerful that we need all the help that was available and Vile knew as well as I did that the Destroyer would eliminate them.

Tanya: Why?

Scott: Think about it, he wanted to rule the universe by himself and if there are other forces of evil then they would try to rule themselves.

Scott cut off as gasp of pain left his lips as Kat again put a damp cloth to the cut on his forehead in attempt to stop the bleeding.

Kat: Sorry Scott but I did warn you it might sting.

Scott gave a weak smile and Zordon began to speak again.

Zordon: Rangers these next few hours maybe the most critical in our defence against the Destroyer.

Scott: Zordon we have another problem.

The others all turned to look at Scott who was now shakily getting back to his feet.

Zordon: Yes Scott?

Scott: Well, I didn't mention it earlier but during the fight with the Destroyer my powers cut out and I demorphed.

Zordon: Scott please give your power coin to Alpha for analysis. If it is what I suspect then our problems may have got even worse.

Scott took out his power coin and placed it in the hand of Alpha who began to scan it. Moments later his scan was finished and Alpha worriedly glanced at Zordon.

Alpha: Oh no Zordon you were right.

Scott: Come on Alpha what is it?

Alpha: Your power coin is destabilising and losing its powers.

Kat: How is that possible?

Billy: I don't know.

Zordon: There is only one person who can help stabilise Scott's power coin now.

Tanya: Who Zordon?

Zordon: Ninjor.

Justin: Who?

Adam: Ninjor the keeper of the Ninja powers which was from where our powers came from before we lost the power coins and got the Zeo Crystal.

Scott: So where do I find him?

Alpha: The Temple of Power in the Desert of Despair.

Scott: Can you teleport me there?

Alpha was about to respond when the alarms went off.

Tommy: Zordon what's wrong?

Zordon: Look at the Viewing Globe. The Destroyer has reappeared in the middle of city with his army.

The Rangers turned to look at the Globe and saw The Destroyer surrounded by a load of things that looked like.

Adam: Are those Putties?

Justin: Putties what are those?

Zordon: Before the Tengas, Zedd and Rita sent their army of Putties against the Rangers.

Tommy: They were a right pain in the neck both sorts of Putties.

Zordon: When the Destroyer first ruled the universe he created the Putties giving them minimal intelligence and the armour and they were almost unstoppable.

Adam: So when he was gone Zedd and Rita created their own version of the Putties but with no intelligence or armour.

Zordon: Correct Adam both Zedd and Rita realised how successful the Destroyer's Putties were and they created their own.

Tommy: Well, we better get out there and stop them.

Scott: I'll go and see this Ninjor and see if I can get my powers back to full.

Tommy: Good luck Scott.

Adam: I think we all need the luck.

Scott: I'll see you in a little while. Alpha if you would teleport me there?

Alpha: Teleporting now Scott.

Scott disappeared in a glow of silver light and then Tommy turned to the others.

Tommy: Let's do it guys. It's Morphing Time.

Kat: Zeo Ranger I. Pink.

Tanya: Zeo Ranger II. Yellow.

Justin: Zeo Ranger III. Blue.

Adam: Zeo Ranger IV. Green.

Tommy: Zeo Ranger V. Red.

Billy: Gold Ranger Power.

The six Power Rangers arrived in the middle of the city to find people running in every direction and much of the area around them in flames.

Justin: Man look at this mess. Those Putties have done some serious damage.

Tommy: I know and lets stop them doing anymore.

Before Tommy could issue any instruction's footsteps from behind them made them turn and the six Power Rangers found themselves face to face with the Destroyer.

Destroyer: Ah six more costumed kiddies I presume your friends of that Silver fool.

Tommy: We're the Power Rangers and we're here to stop you.

Destroyer: As I told your Silver friend you hardly represent a challenge, but try if you dare.

Kat: We can and we will take you down.

Destroyer: You humans are definitely amusing. Putties destroy them all.

At his command dozens of the armoured Putties appeared and raced towards the Six teenagers.

Billy: Okay guys we can do this.

Tommy: Spread out.

The six complied with their leader's suggestion and moved away from each other giving themselves room to attack the Putties. Adam quickly found himself under attack from the Putties and he countered with several kicks and punches that the Putties shrugged off and attacked him again.

Adam: Okay if your so tough try this on for size. Zeo Power Punch.

At his command the Power Punch came and the Green Ranger struck out sending Putties flying backwards and much to his delight only one got up. A short distance away both Tommy and Billy were meeting with as much as success as their team-mate.

Tommy: You know I never thought I would say this Billy but I miss Zedd and Rita's putties.

Billy: I know what you mean at least they did not keep getting back up.

Billy stopped talking and produced the Golden Power Staff and began to lay about the Putties with it.

Meanwhile in the Desert of Despair Scott had arrived at the Temple of Power to find it deserted.

Scott: Hello Ninjor are you here?

For a second there was no reply and then Scott heard a faint reply.

Ninjor: I'm sorry Ninjor's not here right now, if you leave a message I'll give it to him as soon as possible.

Scott: Look I don't want to leave a message I need to see Ninjor right now.

Ninjor: Very well stand back.

Scott stood back from where he was stood and then a blue light exited the jar he was stood in front of and it coalesced into the form of someone encased in blue armour.

Scott: Your Ninjor aren't you?

Ninjor: I am now what do you want?

Scott: My name is Scott Crane I've been sent by Zordon...

Scott trailed off as Ninjor bowed before him.

Ninjor: Welcome Chosen One. You have come for the power of Ninja.

Scott: Yeah how did you know?

Ninjor: Because I created the coin and knew that one day it's chosen bearer would seek me out to find the true Ninja power.

Scott: You mean my powers were going to fail anyway.

Ninjor: Yes, I am afraid so. You see when the Rangers originally got there Ninja powers I linked them to there own physical being.

Scott: Why couldn't you do that to me?

Ninjor: Because your powers were given to you without you receiving the power of Ninja.

Scott: Can you help me?

Ninjor: Yes now stand before me Scott Crane.

Scott turned and stood before the Ancient Ninja Master. Ninjor began to mumble something about prophecy and then a beam of energy emerged from his chest and the teen was clothed in the outfit of the Ninja.

Scott: Man this is so weird I can feel the power inside of me.

Ninjor: Follow me Chosen One there is much I still have to show you.

Scott again looked surprised but turned and followed Ninjor. Back in the city although the Rangers had met with early success they were now being pressed back by the sheer amount of Putties.

Kat: Tommy I don't know how much longer I can hold out.

Tommy: We can't give up Kat if we do the Destroyer will win.

Kat nodded and returned to the fight. A short distance away the Destroyer watched the battle.

Destroyer: These Power Rangers are beginning to annoy me.

The cloaked figure beside him nodded in agreement.

Cloak: Yes, my lord they are most annoying. However I bear news of the seventh Ranger.

Destroyer: If you mean the Silver Ranger he is dead I killed myself.

Cloak shrank back in fear before he spoke.

Cloak: I'm afraid my lord it appear he lives and he has gone to the Desert of Despair.

Destroyer: Why would he be there?

Cloak: My sources tell me that is where the Temple of Power is and the Ninja Master Ninjor resides.

Destroyer: Ninjor he's gone to see the keeper of the Ninja Powers why?

Cloak: Possibly to enlist his help against you.

Destroyer: Send the Putties to eliminate both of them now.

Cloak bowed and then disappeared to find a group of Putties. Back the Temple Scott had followed Ninjor to the gardens and he now stood before him.

Ninjor: As with your friends you now have need of a new Zord and yours shall be the Hawk NinjaZord.

Scott looked to were Ninjor was pointing and saw the NinjaZord.

Scott: Man that looks amazing.

Ninjor: It is but now you must defend the Temple for the Destroyer's forces are attempting to gain access and they must not or all will be lost.

Scott: I'll take care of them.

Ninjor: Then go your Ninja powers are active and ready for you to use.

Scott nodded and then turned and left the gardens as the Ancient Ninja Master watched. Outside the Temple Cloak and several Putties attempted to gain access when a sudden noise disturbed them.

Cloak: Who's there?

Scott: Sherwood!!!

Cloak: Sherwood who?

Scott: Sure would like to kick your butt right out of here.

The Cloaked minion of the Destroyer looked up to see the Silver Ranger now covered head to toe in the costume of the Ninja with only his eyes showing.

Cloak: You must be the Silver Ranger.

Scott: Well actually I'm the Sky Blue and Yellow Polka dots Ranger.

The Destroyers minions looked uncomprehending at his joke and then they began to advance towards the lone hero.

Cloak: Destroy him.

Scott: Obviously you don't have a sense of humour.

Then Scott leapt down to the Desert floor and met the onrushing charge of the Putties. The first one leapt at him with a flying kick when the Silver Ninja disappeared and the Putty slammed into the ground and started to look around for Scott when he felt a tap on his shoulder.

Scott: Hi.

Slamming his fist into the chest of the Putty. Scott then turned and kicked the Putty across into a couple more of the Putties. Scott dispatched the rest of the Putties leaving the Cloaked Figure who had ordered them to attack him alone.

Cloak: Well, you've defeated the Putties but your friends will not be so lucky. We shall meet again.

Then the figure disappeared in flash of light and Scott turned to see Ninjor coming towards him.

Ninjor: Well, done my young friend the Temple is safe thanks to you but now you must go your friends need your help.

Scott: Right. It's Morphing Time.

Scott: Silver Ranger Power.

Scott teleported out in a flash of silver to the battle scene. At the battle scene the Rangers were now being pressed backwards and even the Gold Ranger was struggling against the Putties. One of the Putties launched themselves at Kat who was sent spinning to the ground, looking up she saw three of them coming towards her.

Kat: Somebody I need help.

Behind her Tommy heard her cry and turned to try and help her when several Putties grabbed him and held him back. As the Putties drew closer Kat tried to defend herself but found herself outmatched and then out of nowhere a dagger struck the first putty and it fell and the other two where then felled by a kick from.

Kat: Scott you've got your powers back.

Scott: Yeah and it's looks as if I got here just in time.

Tommy: As always.

Scott: Let's finish this.

Destroyer: Indeed let us finish this.

Suddenly to the seven's surprise the Destroyer grew and began to march towards them looking to crush them with one step.

Justin: Our troubles just got bigger.

Tommy: Not for long it's time for the Super Zeo Megazord.

At Tommy's words the Super Zeo Megazord was launched from the Zord Holding Bay and the five Rangers leapt into it.

Tommy: Okay we have go straight to full power.

All: We call upon the power of the Super Zeo Zord Sabre now.

At their words the two swords joined and the Megazord struck the Destroyer who merely laughed.

Destroyer: Is that all you can do.

Tanya: There is plenty more.

Adam: We need the Zeo Megazord and the Red Battlezord.

Tommy: Right let's call them in.

The four nodded and with that Adam and Tanya teleported into the Zeo Megazord and Tommy teleported to the Red Battlezord.

Destroyer: Oh good more toys for me to break.

Tommy: Warrior Wheel power up.

The Warrior Wheel at Tommy's command was thrown from the Zeo Zord Holding Bay and landed in the arms of the Super Zeo Megazord.

Justin: Let's do it. Warrior Wheel Engage.

The Zords quickly began to throw the Warrior Wheel around the Destroyer. And when the Destroyer was off balance the Super Zeo Megazord flung the Wheel at the Destroyer hoping it would destroy him and instead he merely laughed.

Destroyer: You fools nothing you do will stop me.

Billy: Okay see what you do with this one. Pryamdias power up.

At the Gold Rangers command the mighty Zord arrived.

Tommy: Zeo Ultrazord power up.

The transformation quickly began and finished.

All: Zeo Ultrazord fire.

The Zord fired and for a second the Destroyer was staggered but only for a second. Without warning the Destroyer launched himself at the Ultrazord sending it crashing backwards to the ground. On the ground Scott watched helplessly as this all happened and when the dust settled the Silver Ranger raced towards the Zeo Ultrazord and climbed inside to check on his friends.

Scott: Tommy, Billy can you hear me?

A sudden moan made Scott look up and he saw Kat slowly lifting herself back to her feet.

Scott: Kat you're okay?

Kat: I think so. Tommy are you okay?

Tommy: Man that guy is beginning to get on my nerves.

Adam: Tommy is okay.

Billy: Thankfully we're all okay except for our Zords.

Justin: Yeah they didn't even scratch the Destroyer.

Tanya: Oh no here he comes again.

Scott: I'll distract long enough for you to get the Zords back on line.

Tommy: Good luck.

Scott: I need Ninja Zord power now. Hawk NinjaZord Power up.

At his command the NinjaZord rose from its hiding place near the Temple and Scott teleported aboard.

Scott: Okay let's see what this new Zord can do.

The Destroyer turned to this new Aerial Threat and again he laughed.

Destroyer: Have you not learned you cannot defeat me.

Scott: Well, we will keep on trying until we do. Hawk laser's fire.

Touching the controls Scott activated the lasers hidden in the Hawks beak and feet and they fired hitting the Destroyer and pushing him back.

Destroyer: This is pathetic you Rangers are so eager to die and now I will oblige you.

The Destroyer reached out and as though he was swatting a fly hit the Hawk NinjaZord sending flying backwards out of control. At the Power Chamber Zordon watched and realised that the Power Rangers efforts were futile.

Zordon: Rangers this is Zordon please return to Power Chamber at once.

At the battle site Tommy acknowledged.

Tommy: Right Zordon we're on our way.

With that the Seven teleported out and away.

Destroyer: Run away Power Rangers I'll finish you off later.

With that he to teleported away. Back at the Power Chamber the Rangers were discussing their situation with Zordon.

Kat: Zordon what are we going to do those Putties were even tougher than the Cogs and our Zords didn't even scratch the Destroyer.

Zordon: I do not know Katherine.

Justin: Well, all I know is we are in trouble.

Tommy: Justin's right we should prepare ourselves this time we're in for the fight of our lives.

Zordon: I am afraid Rangers nothing you do will help you defeat the Destroyer.

Billy: Zordon's right we're going to need help.

Zordon: Then you must bring them here quickly or all will be lost.

The End... for now